Siesta Summer Bible Study 3 Launch

Hey, Siestas! It’s time for summer Bible study! For the sake of rich fellowship and vital accountability, we hope as many of you as possible are meeting with small groups and on every other Tuesday or as close to Tuesdays as possible. You are absolutely welcome to join us solo but try to stay as involved as possible in the discussions so that you’ll feel plugged in. This is what you’ll do every other Tuesday:

1. Watch the video so you’ll have your instructions for your gathering or for your solo experience. I will always put the bare bones of the instructions in writing on the post just in case there is a video malfunction.

2. (You will find these instructions reiterated in this post because it’s fundamental to the experience.) If you are in a small group, designate one person who will write a comment to this post briefly telling us about your group and your discussion. It can be a different person each week or the same. START THE COMMENT WITH THE CITY, THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND LOCATION THEN DESCRIBE YOUR GROUP AND ADD SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DISCUSSION. For instance, I am meeting with my Monday staff members so my comment will begin with:

Houston, Texas; 8 of us; Meeting at Living Proof Ministries. Our group is primarily made up of…The main part of our discussion was about…(And so forth).

3. If you are going solo, your comment will become the way you complete the assignments. In other words, you’ll see that I ask you to describe this season of your life in one word. In your comment, tell us what that one word would be.

Make the length of it one good, descriptive paragraph. Try not to write too much or readers will tend to skip over it.

This clip is to give instructions for your first gathering – the one you are hopefully having today or in next 24 hours. You can watch this together or your leader can watch it and pass on your instructions.

Summer Bible Study – Week 1 from LPV on Vimeo.

I so hope that makes sense! Now, here are the written instructions for your gathering just in case you can’t get the video to work. Welcome aboard! May God take us on a journey that we’ll treasure for many years. Let’s find the Ruth in us, Siestas!

Today in your small group, here’s what I am asking you to do:

1. If you don’t know each other, spend a few minutes finding out some basic biographical information about one another.  (Single, married, still in school, or in a career. Children, no children. The regular stuff. Keep in mind that everybody fits in Bible study. You don’t need to all be alike. In fact, the more alike you all are, the less you may sharpen one another.)

2. Each of you in your small group characterize your life in this present season in ONE WORD.  Have the leader record these.

3. Each of you in your small group share one specific goal you have this summer for being in Bible study. Have the leader record these, too.

4. Look at the very last verse of the Book of Judges (Judges 21:25) because of its placement just prior to the book we’ll study together this summer. Discuss several specific reasons why doing what each of us sees fit at any given time could be dangerous. After several minutes of discussion, read Jeremiah 17:7-14 and talk about how this segment relates or contrasts to Judges 21:25.

Leader: this is very important. You get back on within 24 hours of meeting and write a brief summation of your group time as a comment to this post. Tell us how many came, your city, and something about your group or your group discussion.

Here’s a link to the first chapter of Ruth in case you don’t have your workbook yet.


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  1. 1401
    Angel Varney says:

    Dayton, Ohio-SOLO

    The word to describe me right now is busy. I have two beautiful children under the age of two. I was a participant in a wonderful RUTH bible study last year and am looking forward to this one as well. Time doesn’t allow me to leave the house much so I hope this online thing works, I am really excited and hungry to get back into the word of GOD again.

    Judges 21:25….Lord help me not to do that which is right in my eyes, but what is right to YOU. Not my will, but thine oh Lord….

  2. 1402
    TFT-S in STL says:

    2 Trivial Friend Talk-Siestas in Chesterfield, MO; Both married – one with 3 children, one awaiting a little blessing from God (hopefully!) – both working. Previously worked together right out of college, now have become close Siestas in our study of God’s word and His work in our lives, not to mention being Trivial Friend Talk-Siestas (TFT-S)! We both felt that we are in a season of waiting, treading water, not sure what God’s plan is next in our lives. We both are looking forward to being focused on studying God’s word every day and being held accountable in our Summer Bible study – and who better to do it with than a Siesta!

    P.S. The Living Proof Live was awesome this weekend in St. Louis – I hope you enjoyed your time here! Thanks for coming, Beth!

  3. 1403
    SimiValleySiestas says:

    Simi Valley, California; 4 of us; Meeting in our neighborhood at Sonja’s house.
    Each one of us is in a different place in life and we LOVE that, as Beth said, “the more alike you all are, the less you may sharpen one another.” We’ve already felt that and are so appreciative of one anothers perspective. We all live in the same neighborhood and are trying to reach our neighbors for Christ. We actually don’t even know each other very well so most of our discussion was just getting to know one another. We all did have in common that none of us could think of just ONE word to describe our current season of life. We all had TWO, a cause and an affect, like “Alone” and “Hopeful”, for example. The weeks in between, we are going to walk and invite more ladies from the neighborhood. Who doesn’t like to exercise, right? We’re looking forward to our next time together!
    God bless all of you siestas.

  4. 1404

    Grove City/Slippery Rock, PA; 16 women from a fairly new church plant. We started a week later than the rest so we’re just jumping in this week. We had some really good sharing as we introduced ourselves to the group. The question about the goal each of us has for summer Bible study brought out how every single one, without exception, is hoping for deep FELLOWSHIP and connection and intergenerational relationships in Christ. May the Lord bless us with that!

  5. 1405
    Michelle Thomas says:

    So sorry to bother you but I went to my two Christian book stores and Barnes and Noble and no one seems to find the book. Is it brand new? Maybe one of the Christian stores can order it for me… or maybe you know a way that i might be able to order it online. Just very excited to get started! Thank you if you get to this…
    God Bless!
    Michelle in Northwood, NH

  6. 1406
    Michelle Thomas says:

    Ditto, couldn’t have said it better! Just need to find out where i can buy the book in that three stores had never heard of it today, any ideas anyone 🙂

  7. 1407
    Kim zerbe says:

    Leesburg Virginia-Our group met last night much later than you all but I wanted to include our post anyways. I’m excited to see the Lord show himself faithful in each woman’s life this summer. Our words were balance, crossroads, busyness, and loss. One of the ladies lost her father, husband and mother all since January! The study of Ruth enticed her as she navigates this new direction that her life has taken. Our goals are basically the same but unique for each individual. Isn’t the Lord good to be able to speak to each of our seasons and circumstances. Some in our group have never done a Bible study. Others of us are seasoned. Please pray for us to carve out the time for study and encouragement in the midst of a busy summer. Thanks!

  8. 1408
    Brenda says:

    I just started last night. I have done Beth moores bible studies before and love it. I am late, but thats ok. The Lord ha his reasons. Im so excited about this one. Im from Hickory, NC

    • 1408.1
      Melissa O. says:

      I just came on here to post about our meeting last week and noticed that you are in Hickory, NC. So are we! Don’t know if you are interested in participating with a group or not, but if you are please let me know. We met last Tuesday evening for the introductory session, but will not meet until next Tuesday evening to discuss sessions 1 and 2 of the study.

  9. 1409
    Lisa says:

    We had 11 of 14 ladies together last night for our first night. We are a bit behind. . but plan to meet every week going forward. Our words were Desperate to Sweet and everything else in between . . busy, chaos, overwhelmed, emotional, impatient, evolving, and crazy. The goals to finish well, not just completing the study, but changed to be more like Christ. So many just are hungry to be in God’s word. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do as we stand open to receive His instruction to us all. We plan to meet each week.

  10. 1410
    Eleanor says:

    Memphis, TN

    Late posting, but actually ahead…….:)
    I couldn’t wait to start the study so I am just about done with the study…..2 days left. I have loved it and I am planning on going back through with the Siestas. (It usually takes me a couple times for things to sink in this brain.) I am looking forward to the discussions!

    Blessings to you all!

  11. 1411
    Jeanette says:

    We’re a week behind in Mansfield, Texas. Eleven of us met this past Tuesday – 1 grandmother, 4 moms of teens, and 6 moms of elementary/preschool kids. I invited women via my facebook page so we have a random group and I’m the only person who knew everyone. But, we had a great time of discussion and found out that although we are in different life stages we have a lot in common. I’m looking forward to a great Bible study group!

  12. 1412
    Susie Fancher says:

    Columbia, South Carolina,there are 4 of us meeting in my sister-in-law’s home (also my temporary home). I just moved here from Arkansas, because of my husband’s new job. I have done many B.M. studies (sorry,Beth for how that sounded). Doing this study was a great way for me to get in the word and make new friends. Our words were: loss, frustration, turmoil, and faith. We are a week behind, but chose to spend our first meeting getting to know one another.

  13. 1413
    Mary Lou says:

    Some of the ladies in our office staff have joined together to study the Ruth series this summer. We have 12 ladies committed and we had 8 present for our first meeting June 29th. Had a good time of fellowship and sharing.

  14. 1414
    Kristi says:

    Wow! We are starting late!! Today was our first meeting… 4 of us in Telford, PA (close to Philly). We will take turns meeting in our homes. We have been friends for a long time, however, in these past few years have fallen away from each other. Here, we find out that we each have been struggling down our own paths and feeling very much alone. We have children ranging in age from 11 – 30, every one of us has at least one young adult. (Material for a support group in and of itself!!)

    Our desciptions were “learning”, “confused”, and “unsettled”. Two of our group shared almost the same exact feelings, both being in difficult marriages and having almost no hope. In fact, one dear sweet sister has no hope at all right now. However, I can see the place of surrender that she is in and fully believe that there really is hope there. Our time was mostly spent just catching up and sharing tears and heartaches, and trying to encourage our dear sister. At one point, we were all sobbing… But it was so good to be together. We cannot wait to meet again. Somewhat hopeful and fearful that our fragile bond will hold. (If you think of us, please pray. There’s so much pain in our small group.)

    I am encouraged, though, because I can clearly see the Hand of God in this! This is my first SSBS, and when I first considered doing this study, I had pictured a completely different group of women!! But God had something else in mind, and like I try to keep saying… He doesn’t need MY ideas!! His are far superior!!

    • 1414.1
      Beth says:

      Not too late at all! Welcome!!

    • 1414.2
      Kelly says:


      I am praying for your group!! God has given me a heart for marriages in trouble. My sweet man & I have just celebrated 20 yrs together. Those years were full of joy, fear, the unknown and a ton of prayers! I’m not comfortable posting any details here, but suffice to say they included a lot of forgiveness too.

      I’d like to share with you the single most important lesson that God taught me about my “pre-Christian” man (this applies to ALL husbands). For a long time I believed that the closer I got to God, the further I would leave my man behind. This came from that old lesson for newlyweds using a triangle illustration where God is at the top and the closer each spouse gets to God the closer they get to each other. It was constantly on my heart that this lesson didn’t work in my situation. It got to the point where God would hold out His hand to me and I hesitated as I thought about my husband.

      One morning as I was wrapped up in a quilt on my back porch where I love sharing the sunrise with my Father, He told me something that still brings me to tears. He told me that I was believing a huge, fat lie! He told me that the closer I get to Him the closer He can get to my man. As I climb that ladder closer to heaven, my husband is able to see ever more clearer the One who loves him more than I do. God said that the more I sacrifice my own desires in order to just love on my man – unconditionally as He does, the more He can love on him too! After all I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me – if my being is all wrapped up in “me, me, me” then there is no way for God to minister to my husband because I’m not letting Him out (so to speak). Of course all that God shared me with me agrees with scripture in reference to our inner man (Rom 7:22-25 & 1 Pet 3:4).

      BTW, God has made it abundantly clear to me that He is able to minister to my husband even more through my physical touch. I know that I’m releasing the Holy Spirit in me to have even great access to him through our hugs, simple touches, love and kisses.

      Its my prayer that this will bring some of the hope your group needs – I think it can apply to all husbands, no matter where they are on the scale with God. May God provide ministering, healing, and counsel to your group that will result in long marriages!

      Email me if you’d like – [email protected]

  15. 1415
    Judy says:

    Baldwyn, MS
    Meeting on Sunday for now at our church, First Baptist Baldwyn.
    We have 5 women. We are all moms – 1 single mom, 2 widowed moms and 2 married moms, from ages 35 to 56.
    The main part of our discussion was about why we want to study about Ruth. Answers were to find healing and know more about God so we can become more like Jesus. We all agreed we don’t want to just learn something new, or old for that matter – we want to experience it and practice everthing God reveals to us. By studying Ruth we believe God will show us how to love one another more deeply and sacrificially.

  16. 1416
    Kelly says:

    Rapid City, SD; 3 of us met last nite at my house, 2 of us are in touch via email (a local friend recovering from surgery and my Mom in Syracuse, NY). We range in ages from 44 to 65 yo.

    Our seasons included summer :), frustrated, adjustment, waiting, and peaceful.

    Our goals included sharing; learn to trust God with her husband & sons running the ranch (that they won’t get hurt – they’ve had a few serious accidents in the past) and to be content and not critical of them while they take care of the home so she can recover from surgery; to get closer to God; to continue to learn more about God and be closer to Him; to enjoy fellowship and absorb God’s teaching.

    We discussed how our actions affect others and that our “righteous” acts are sometimes wrong if not directed by God. With our thoughts on Judges we referenced Amos 4 to see how God tried to get their attention – noting the repeated “and yet you have not returned to Me”. We related this to calamities that are happening now. Concerning Jer we talked about the state of our heart – are the hearts of believers wicked? We agreed that we must guard our heart everyday so that we don’t fall away and allow wickedness back into our heart.

    We enjoyed yummy enchiladas with grilled, shredded chicken, Hatch green chili sauce, topped with cheddar & rings of sliced jalapenos. Along with fresh veggie salad of corn, cukes, grape tomatoes, onion, grape seed oil, lime juice and red wine vinegar. All followed up with blueberry/strawberry filled wine glasses topped with whipped milk, cinnamon & agave!

    Beth, thank you SO much for this awesome opportunity for us to gather and allow God to do His mighty work in each of us individually and all of us as a group where His love is so evident!

  17. 1417
    Kim says:

    Well, we met finally for our first session! Woohoo! There are four of us. There is our “mama” – who is in her 50’s, a 30-somthing and two 40 year olds. What a precious time in His presence! We will be meeting on Thursdays from 10 until noon in Edmonds, Washington. The four words that describe our season of life: Growth, Anticipating, Swiftlies, and Waiting. Our goals are: growth in the Lord, richer relationships and friendships, finding the special word from God in this study that He has promised, and intimacy with Him. We are amazed at how many people around us are doing “what they see fit”. Both in the church and out. We long to be planted by the Lord and unafraid of drought! Thank you Lord for this amazing plan for the summer – can’t wait to hear from You! Thank you Beth for encouraging an opportunity for God to speak to us. 🙂

  18. 1418
    Hillary Humberson says:

    Hi Beth!

    Okay my siestas and I want in a.s.a.p. but I need to know how to register or login;-D

    The Lord is my Rock and Redeemer but girlfriend, He’s used you to help me through some rough patches! Praise God and thanks to Him for you! P.S. Saw you in Denver three weeks ago with Priscilla and Kay…you ladies crack us up and by the way, our group wants you to come and hike with us the next time you visit the Mile High City! We explore mountain vistas and enjoy yummy snacks along the way!

    So please let me know how to register. We all have our books so that’s covered!

    Blessings, Love, Hugs and Thanks,
    Hillary Humberson of Castle Rock, CO.

  19. 1419
    Pamela says:

    I was a bit confused and been hurrying to get the first 2-wks done thought I was behind but just found out I am up to date with the study. I am doing it by myself as my Yadah Prayer Sisters all are signed up for thier Beth Moore studies this summer and were already booked up. I am doing God’s Dwelling Place study but also want to become a Siesta Sister too! I am married, 2-daughter and 4-grandsons 2-from each daughter. My husband and I have owned our own businesses for over 10 yrs loosing one 3-yrs ago which devestated our lives. Running very small business right now and enjoying life and family much more. My goal is to become closer to the Lord and to know His will for me. I look forward to joining this group. I love you Beth and can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

  20. 1420
    Erin Taylor says:

    I am so excited about this study! It already is rocking my world. God’s hand is totally in this. I am humbled as this is the first bible study that I have ever led and may I continue to be humbled. My constant prayer is that I decrease and He increases because Lord have mercy, I have nothing to say without Him.
    7 of us, soon to be 11 (five more to come because of the holiday) in Highlands Ranch, CO through Jubilee Fellowship Church’s Transit Young Adult Ministry and meeting in my home. We meet every Tuesday night from 7-9pm. (I know it’s been more then 24 hrs but I had crazy ministry stuff going on this week! eeekkk) We range from 18 to 25. Most of us are single, some dating (none are married). Some are in college and others are waiting for God’s calling.
    The seasons that we are in are Rebuilding, Blessing, Growth, Challenge, Restoration, Preparation, Courageous and Identity. These girls are all so beautiful and I am so excited to get to know them more. It is amazing how God has lead us together.
    The goals for this summer bible study are building a deeper more intimate relationship with Him, having a deeper faith, friendships and fellowship with women who love God, exploring Ruth (one girl has been studying this book for months on her own).

    We are calling our group WWJD “Women, Wine (non-alcoholic hehe), Jesus and Dessert” we enjoy our study over yummy dessert and a glass of sparkling non-alcoholic wine and coffee. I can’t wait to see what God does this summer! Thanks Beth! I am learning so much from you and these ladies on here 🙂

  21. 1421
    Noelle says:

    thank you; thank you; thank you. to whoever changed the website so we could go directly to the last page of comments…you are awesome!!!!! I am so excited!!!

  22. 1422
    Krissy says:

    I just wanted to drop a note – I have a couple of friends back in the States doing this study, and I will be praying for this whole community of online women as you work through this summer! I am currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Africa, so unfortunately can’t get the workbook and do it with y’all, but look forward to reading your comments…Blessings! Krissy

  23. 1423
    Roselawyer says:

    Bolivar, MO,
    It is just me!
    My word is “tired.”
    I am seeking a a deeper relationship with my Savior.

    • 1423.1
      Beth says:

      Welcome here, Sweet Thing! I pray that God speaks some fresh life into your weary soul.

    • 1423.2
      Kim says:

      You’ve chosen a great way to ‘charge up’! Glad you’ve ‘plugged in’, sista!

    • 1423.3
      Dawn says:

      Hi Rose,
      I’m from Clever. We aren’t to far from each other. My sis lives in Pleasant Hope. So I’m very familiar with Bolivar.

      I’m doing this study with some friends on my blog. If you’d like to join us for our discussion, we’ll be on at 7:00 pm (CST) on my blog this Tuesday in the comments sections. You can find us at

      Have a Blessed 4th of July,

  24. 1424
    Rachelle says:

    We’re the late birds. School doesn’t let out until almost the end of June up here, so we had our first meeting yesterday. 4 women – between 32-42 years old. Our words to characterize us: hopeful, seeking, frustrated, and unbalanced. We really want to go deeper with Him; to know more and learn more; to discern His call and purpose for our lives; to have this Word become applicable and part of our lives, not just head knowledge; and fellowship.
    Blessings and thanks so much for doing this!

    Ogensburg, NY

  25. 1425
    Cheryl Halliburton of Brownsville, TN says:

    Our group of God loving –
    God seeking women is from Brownsville, TN. We met for the first Thursday, July 1. There is 6 homegrown girls and 5 shipped in girls (women) in our group. We range from 30s to 60s in age. Five of our women have military connections in their families. We want to say thank you to all our military families for the sacrifice they make every day for all of us. You are appreciated. We have 5 stay at home moms and we have 55 grandchildren combined connected to our group!! We are blessed. Our group discussion was great and we know we are glad that God is sovereign.

    • 1425.1
      Eleanor says:

      Hey Brownsville, TN..:)

      I am in Ladeland, TN and my step-daughter is marrying a Brownsville boy and probably moving there in Sept….:) Small World! Do you know Sammy and Brenda Stanley and their son, Wade?
      It sounds like you have a wonderful group going!
      Blessings to you!

  26. 1426
    Elaine Till says:

    Temple Ga , going solo, 50 years old , married 21 yrs we have 5 grown kids 20 to 28, 8 grandkids with number 9 due in Nov.
    This is the first time I have posted on this blog and my first SSBS!
    I have more then one word to describe the season of my life right now, Changes and awed by my Father in heaven!
    He has blown me away with his Goodness and mercies this year!He has really moved in my life the past few months
    My goal is to stay in the word and grow and learn more and understand more about My heavenly Father!
    Its great to be here!

  27. 1427
    Courtney says:

    Kansas City, MO; 3 and hoping for 5; meeting in living rooms and on decks; a mix of single, single again, and married…together we’ve got two teens, two under two, and babe on the way.

    Such a group! Everyone has some connection to another from years and years ago (i.e. grew up together) and everyone is connected to another someone more recently (i.e. roommates from college or now).

    And we are blessed, blessed, blessed to have an older woman bravely joining us young gals and embracing us as we embrace her knowing for the difference in years and circumstances, God is working out very similiar issues to remind us women are so important to Him and important to each other.

  28. 1428
    Joan says:

    Flying solo in Hudson, FL and this is my first Summer Study. Just started the study while camping in Georgia – a great and majestic place to begin my journey. I would describe my season as “seeking” – for some reason, I feel there is more that I “just don’t get” so hoping to really dig in and be dedicated in my study and praying those doors to my soul will open. How I desire the passion & excitement for my Lord. So far have been thoroughly enjoying the slower pace and daily life application. Looking forward to this experience!

  29. 1429
    Jessica says:

    Westminster, MD/Hanover PA
    Two People

    I am soooo sorry to be posting this so late. We got a late start due to some scheduling issues, but we worked hard all week to catch up, doing two weeks of lessons in three days!

    There are two of us meeting together. We are meeting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to work on our homework as it’s the best way to be sure we’ll keep up. Panera Bread and Bible Study is a winning team!

    Although we live in two different states, we only live about half an hour from each other. I am on full-time staff at our church and am looking forward to this study because it will be fun to do something that I am not writing or planning! Stacey is looking to grow during her summer break (she’s a media specialist at an elementary school.) She has had a difficult year, finding out last December that her 25-year-old sister has a rare form of a serious cancer. Her sister began a fight for her life as a three-week newlywed! How blessed is God’s Word during these times!!

    When we described our lives in one word, we actually knew the answer right away. Stacey is in a time of “new” where she’s branched out and is trying new things, some by force and some by choice. And I am in “transition” where some serious health issues in the winter have forced me to make some difficult changes in my life. We are both happy to be in God’s word together and at this time.

    So we are caught up and ready to start with ya’ll on Tuesday morning. I’m the happiest girl in the world with my coffee, my Bible, a jalapeno cheddar bagel, and my workbook. Is it Tuesday yet??

    – Jessica, Westminster, MD

  30. 1430
    Tracey Lewis says:

    Athens, GA, solo

    devastated and walking by faith. I just want to continue growing closer and closer to my Savior. Doing what you want opens yourself wide for the enemy to throw you into the pit.
    May it never be my way LORD, but yours.

    • 1430.1
      anonymous says:

      I am so sorry for your hurt. Devastation of any kind is painful. Praying for you today. Hang in there and focus on His face. I an learning it the hard way.

  31. 1431
    TFCollins says:

    Franklin, North Carolina, age – 60, going solo because I work at a ministry and our summers are quite busy and full of wonderful people. However, I need some alone time with my Heavenly Father in a study !! Just got my book today! OOPS …

  32. 1432
    Michelle says:

    Beth — I am a bit ADD — and delayed — ha! Vacation and the summer heat has our group starting about two weeks AFTER you have started — but that is AOK!

    We are in Okeechobee — there are about 10 of us, but I believe that when we meet next week — there will be 5 of us here. We did the Jennifer Rothchild Me, Myself and LIes in my classroom – afterschool from mid April to late May and the we dismissed for summer.

    We are doing the RUTH one — each of us already ‘know’ each other so when we meet, we will catch up with what God has showed us since we last met on June 7th!

    We are anxious to see your next video as we will probably watch the ‘launch’ one on the 13th and then meet each week to ‘catch’ up to the rest of you all!

    Thank you.

    Michelle Pritchard
    Okeechobee, Florida

    We don’t have a name for ourselves — just teachers on summer break!!!

    • 1432.1
      Kimberly says:

      Teachers…how exciting! I am a teacher as well. What a wonderful idea to have a bible study after school. I love it! I am the women’s ministries leader at my church and we have been doing studies written by Beth for several years each fall, it had not crossed my mind to seek out other teachers and have one at school. God has told me over and over that my calling is in public school. I know it is my ministry, I just realized that I was only focusing on the students though. Christian teachers as so important.

  33. 1433
    Melissa says:

    I’m going solo this summer in Sulphur, LA. I am married (13 years), and I have two children (ages 8 and 5). I decided last-minute to join in, so we made a quick family trip to Beaumont to the nearest Lifeway store. We had a little fun and some great food, and now I’m ready for a great time in the Word! In one word: hopeful

  34. 1434
    Kim says:

    Hattiesburg, MS
    Loose confederation of a few women doing the study independently–due to summer travels, etc.–but reserving the right to phone, visit, email each other when we find things brought up that we want to discuss.

    So excited about Summer Siestas! Loved the study last year and looking forward to this one.
    Thanks for a way to stay in the word over the summer without the stress of juggling everyone’s schedules!

    • 1434.1
      Kim says:

      Sorry. Forgot to list the season of my life now. Would have to be Spring–RENEWAL(of SO many things in and of my life). What a great state to be in!!!

  35. 1435
    Amy Newberry says:

    There is a group of 3 from Oklahoma City excited to jump into the study.
    our thoughts regarding your questions;
    Cissa “unexpected” her goal is to stick with the study this summer
    Taunda “craziness” To find more balance
    Amy – “progressive” to connect with my kids heart everyday all summer long.

  36. 1436
    Cindy Detro says:

    Our Skype group met this past past Friday, just as we did the first one. We decided we wanted to do that, if nothing else, to keep prayer and accountability rolling throughout the study. Not only am I facilitating the study, but some who knew I sing for the Lord wanted me to do some form of praise and worship, so after prayer I opened up with Revelation Song – by the way is that not an awesome worship song! Since we didn’t have week 1 summary questions from Beth we picked out a few of the questions in the back of the book and talked about those. I have the CD that goes along with the study, so after discussion we ended with Arriving as an intro to Week 2 and then prayer of course. Also, I haven’t been able to read replies to my comment from last week but, for those wondering, Raz (my fiancee) is doing much, much better – thank you all SOOOOOOOOOO much for prayers. Also, thanks to Amanda for posting the comment last week – as I think I mentioned all of us in our group are legally blind, and my screen reader totally was telling me that I was somewhere on the page that I wasn’t, and every time I went to post the comment I’d get a WordPress error … grar! I love you all and we’ll see you on the next post.

  37. 1437

    Well, I guess better late than not at all. We are a group of ladies from Bayside Life Church in Rancho Cordova, CA and this is the Thursday AM group. We are a young church plant and have been doing Beth studies for 2 years and thought this would be really fun and light for the summer. Our group ranges in ages from young 20’s to 50’s and these are 12 of the most God loving amazing ladies you will ever meet. We are meeting every other week and will have a big food party day at the end making all the recipes in the book. We are all so excited about getting into the word this summer instead of just kickin it and being lazy.

    Jamie Burleson
    Bayside Life Church
    Rancho Cordova, CA

  38. 1438
    Jennifer says:

    Texarkana, AR

    Right now, I’m going solo, but I know two women who have already bought their books and are planning to meet with me for discussion. I’ll be working along with the group here. My discussion group IRL will be a bit behind.

    The word that describes where I am right now: longing. I long for a deeper relationship with God and to fulfill His purposes for me. I long to be a better wife, mother, etc.

    My goal for this study is to draw closer to the Father and see what He has to say to me through His Word during this season of my life.

  39. 1439
    Jennifer says:

    Oops! I forgot to mention that I’m in my 30s, married, SAHM to two girls. We homeschool, so this will be my recharge before we start lessons again!

  40. 1440
    Sarah says:

    We are a group of 4 best friends from Nashville, TN. All married, most have small children and all work outside the home. We are very busy and trying to make this Bible Study come together. Time is a real issue and babysitters and time away from children can be difficult. We all want to go deeper with God and spend time in the word. We are meeting at restaurants and homes- whatever works for that week. I know God is pleased by our desire to know and serve Him. I look forward to reading and hearing about everyones’ journey through the study of Ruth:) God Bless You Beth for your work to further His Kingdom- Amen!

  41. 1441
    Julie Hodges says:

    Hay Eden Texas here, there were 9 as we shared our hearts and a meal here are our words, we are in a place of change, lonly, renewal, routine, waiting, direction, wanting (more of Him), (needing)peace, and frazzled.

    Judges 21:25 nothing good has ever come from any Human doing what seemed right in to them…

    Jeremiah 17:7-14 (GOD’S WORD Translation)

    7 Blessed is the person who trusts the LORD.
    The LORD will be his confidence.
    8 He will be like a tree that is planted by water.
    It will send its roots down to a stream.
    It will not be afraid in the heat of summer.
    Its leaves will turn green.
    It will not be anxious during droughts.
    It will not stop producing fruit.

    9 “The human mind is the most deceitful of all things. It is incurable.
    No one can understand how deceitful it is.
    10I , the LORD, search minds and test hearts.
    I will reward each person for what he has done.
    I will reward him for the results of his actions.
    11 A person who gets rich dishonestly is like a partridge
    that hatches eggs it did not lay.
    During his lifetime, he will lose his wealth.
    In the end, he will be a godless fool.”

    12 Our holy place is a glorious throne,
    highly honored from the beginning.
    13 O LORD, the Hope of Israel, all who abandon you will be put to shame.
    Those who turn away from you will be written in dust,
    because they abandon the LORD,
    the fountain of life-giving water.

    14 Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed.
    Rescue me, and I will be rescued.
    You are the one I praise.

    So much in these verses, vs 9 tellls us to be careful for even our mind can and is deceitful
    I will as vs 7 instructs trust in the LORD
    and find hope in Him…
    Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed.
    Rescue me, and I will be rescued.
    You are the one I praise.

    • 1441.1
      Julie Hodges says:

      Oopsie, we had many reasons for taking this Study and I will try to keep this from getting to wordy. frendship/fellowship, to get back into the habit of study,small group, something diffrent,better relationship w/In-law, More a deeper walk with Him,and a disicpline to establish quite time. sorry for being such a scattered brain In Christ Julie in Eden Tx.

  42. 1442
    Melissa O. says:

    I am late posting this, but our group of five ladies in their 30’s and 40’s met last Tuesday here in Hickory, NC. I know of at least 3 or 4 more who will be joining us next Tuesday. We have ladies in many stages of life, some single and some married, some with small children, some with grown children, and some with no children at all.
    Our stages of this current season in life varied as well. We had some women at the weary, frustrated, disgusted stage and others at the blessed and thankful stage. It is awesome to me how God orchestrated this summer Bible study group by putting such varied people together to pray for one another, be accountable to one another, and be an encouragement to one another.
    Our goals were pretty similar. Some said their goal was to finish the study and others wanted a renewed desire to study God’s word regularly.
    I have enjoyed the sessions so far and I look forward to meeting again next week to discuss our responses and enjoy some chicken enchiladas and mexican ice cream!! 🙂

    • 1442.1
      Lora says:

      What church are you all from? I am in Hickory also but doing the study solo.

      • Melissa O. says:

        We are actually representing 4 or 5 different churches. It is actually a group of people that I know through various means like work, church, and other activities. What church are you a part of here in Hickory?

  43. 1443
    Cheryl in Cincy says:

    My friend Mary and I will be meeting together every other Saturday in Springdale, Ohio for this study. We were a little late getting started due to our schedules. We are both excited to be doing this study and want to grow closer to God through it. Searching and waiting were the words that described us. We are excited to see what God has in store for us.

  44. 1444
    Paulette Prescott says:

    Paulette, Magnolia, MS going solo. My word is unsettled. My husband has just finshed radiation for prostate cancer – doctor says completely free of cancer. A lot of side effects we’re dealing with and a few health problems of my own. My goal for this Bible study this summer is to stay in God’s Word. I know He is in control and I delight in a study that shows that in every way and in everything.

    • 1444.1
      Glenda says:

      Glenda,Walhalla,SC going solo.
      Paulette, I find myself with some of these worries also, My husband has been on diability for several years because of Congestive heart failure and he is v big man so I have been the little “nagging wife” for a number of those years to lose weight and keep it off and it neve happened. I finally said Lord You have to do this I can’t so I just shut up. @ weeks ago his VA dr. told him he now has Diabetes and boy oh boy is he dancing a new tune so in saying all of that what season am I in at this time is” WAITING on THE LORD” .
      I have always loved the book of Ruth and so excited
      to be doing this. I may fall a little behind as we don’t get a Disability check until the 14th of this month but I will catch up. I am so glad to know that my Lord is in control.
      Love in Christ,Glenda

  45. 1445
    Jeani Waco says:

    There will be about 25 of us meeting on Monday(starting July 12th) evenings in Coeurd’Alene Idaho.We will also be starting late due to a much needed 3 wk vacation.I have been in prayer concerning which summer study to do and this one just kept popping up on my computer- I’m so glad God understands that I’m pre menopausal(figures that would start with men) and just keeps faithfully leading me. We all just finished Beths revelation lecture series WOW was that good. I love you beth and pray for you and your family. Please keep the teachings coming

  46. 1446
    Pam Morrison says:

    I am late in posting – we are late in getting started but SO GLAD my daughter posted the study on her blog so we’d know about it!! 9 women in our group – Faye, Annette, Donna, Karen, Pam Mc, Pam Mo, Angie, Marilyn and Mariam, ages early 30’s to late 60’s … Faye hosts us in her home way back in the woods – nearest town Trenton FL – our Church is Pine Grove Baptist – best comments from our discussion questions – how you feel about Summer Bible Study – OH GOODY!! Happy to be in God’s Word again together – reconnecting, drawing closer to God and each other! Where we are at this time in our lives in one word – Busy, Grateful, Frustrated, OK!, Accepting… thank you Beth for bringing us this study – looks like another good one!

  47. 1447
    Joyce Bailey says:

    Colorado/N Carolina; 2 of us; me, mom, in CO and daughter in NC; daughter came into my life when she was 19; difficult to sustain relationship where miles separate; we will do this study together via IM online, hoping to work on closeness

  48. 1448
    Bettye Ann Grice says:

    We are a group of 5-10 very young 50ish to 60ish ladies from Southlake, Texas. We are a part of a larger group that began about 8 years ago as a neighborhood of ladies from different churches and denominations who, each fall and spring, love to study the Bible and pray together. We have studied under different teachers, and now look forward to our first Kelly Minter study.

    Words to charaterize our lives in this present season are: reset, content, hectic, grateful and hopeful. Our goals for our first summer Bible study are: keeping God before us, feeling God’s presence, staying in God’s spotlight, keeping grounded, seeking to keep God first, abiding and delighting in God’s fresh words for us, and continuing to support each other, our families, neighbors and our country, and every tribe and nation through prayer.

    Thank you, Kelly, for writing about Ruth’s ancient story of Loss, Love and Legacy, with applications for today. Thank you, Beth, for additional words of wisdom. We look forward to our next meeting together tomorrow!

  49. 1449
    Ellen says:

    I often read the blog, but I have never partcipated in one of the summer bible studies. In Columbus, Georgia, going solo. I’m in my 30s and a school teacher- enjoying a relaxing summer. I would say the word for my season is searching as I am searching for how best to serve God through the gifts He has given me.

  50. 1450
    Susan says:

    I am studying solo and was feeling a bit embarrassed about getting a late start. But I see that I am not alone. The 1 word to describe myself right now is GROWING. Praise God. My family has seen a lot of troubles in the past year, but God has been good and I am beginning to see His hand in many situations. And am trusting Him for the ones where I don’t see anything – yet. I was so excited to see this Bible study, because our ladies group decided to take the summer off and I didn’t want to stop and get out of the habit of searching God’s word daily. I am from rural Northwest Oklahoma and so excited to be a part of this group. Anyway, I am a bit behind, but will catch up.

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