Tenderhearted Toward You

My Dear Siestas, I can’t take long with this post because I’m pretty swamped with work and, besides, it’s almost time to go home for the day to my man. I wish I had a unique way to convey what I feel but by the time I think of just the right words, the emotion will probably pass. I’ll just take a messy stab at it before my heart cools off.

At the moment I’m writing this note to you, we’re almost at 1000 comments on the Siesta Summer Bible Study launch. A number of the comments are replies and MANY are glorious solo sign-ins but, even accounting for all of those, we already have several thousand women – in groups or as individuals – doing Bible study together… and barely 24 hours into our journey. Chances are, many others will join us over the next week or two.

You are literally from every corner of the country and from several other parts of the world. You are students, SAHMs, singles, marrieds, and widows. Many have been through painful divorces. Some of you are doctors. Several in med school. Many are teachers. Others of you are missionaries. For those of you who have pictures with your blogger names, you are as different as night and day but as darling as every other. Truly (and I’m not sure how to explain it), I never meet a woman I don’t think is darling. I love all the ages. All the shapes and sizes. Skinny behinds. Wide behinds. Long hair. Short spiked hair. I reckon it’s just because God suited me for women’s ministry.

Anyway, I sat in my bed in my pajamas this morning and checked the blog after finishing my quiet time. We’d had 297 comments come in over night. As I checked each one and read your sincerity and fervor and saw such humility in your self-professed lackings and needs, I shook my head and said out loud to our God, “You must love them so much.” As I watched you reply to one another and invite one another to join in, as I saw you reach out to all our solo girls to make sure they felt completely plugged in, share email addresses with one another and even ask to meet up in person, I nearly started crying. Even now I am choking back the tears.

In a strange sort of way I can’t quite explain, I had a Psalm 8 moment. “Lord, who am I and who are we that You would allow us to join together this wonderfully weird way and seek You? AND FIND YOU, for crying out loud????” The Internet has brought such harm and havoc to individuals and homes but this day I sit in awe of the beauty of several thousand women with hearts knit together in Scripture from all over creation with one lofty aim: to seek Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Our Kinsman Redeemer. Our Life and Breath.

We are every denomination. We are all sorts of colors. We come from every possible background. And here’s the part that makes me want to lay on the floor and bawl. (Honestly, I’m about to do the ugly cry.) We have been drawn into all these circles of relationships not based on looks, talents, finances, social status or even denomination. We have been drawn by God through our attraction to one another’s hearts conveyed in simple terms and short lines in blog comments, of all things. Something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. It first hit me when many of us met for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in January. I heard Siestas squeal when they met each other for the first time face-to-face and saw them hug like there was no tomorrow. I watched them huddle  for endless pictures and thought to myself as I savored all the differences in age and type, “Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs, and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?” Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think we are an odd composite study in sociology. What would happen if people could only see each other’s hearts first? Who, then, would become friends?? Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us.

It’s been different here in this strange little web town we call Siestaville. And if we’d just lean in a little toward the heart of God and close our eyes for just a moment, I think we’d feel His pleasure. No, it’s not perfect around here because we’re so imperfect. Lord have mercy, I’m so imperfect. Sometimes we misunderstand each other or hurt each other’s feelings but those times are the exceptions. Overwhelmingly, this is as sweet a congregation of women as I believe you could find on Planet Earth.

We are a snapshot of the true church. The girly half, anyway. All different kinds of people attracted strictly by spirit. One Body of believers. One perfect Savior. I do not know why on earth this terrible former pit-dweller has gotten to serve this beautiful community of women – let alone be called it’s mama! – but today I am moved beyond words.

And crying.


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  1. 251
    Meredith says:

    Hi Mama Beth and new sisters in Siesta-ville! I am a newbie to this bible study group and I’ll be flying solo this time. I just have to say how much I love you, Beth! I co-led your Steppin’ Up series last fall at my church and it was life-changing. I am bringing 3 of my closest sisters-in-Christ with me to see you in Richmond next month and I’m so excited I could pee in my pants! Thank you for what you do. I’m so excited to start this journey with you and everyone else in Siesta-ville! God is SO GOOD!!

  2. 252
    Tina says:

    Is it to late to jump in? I thought maybe the study was more for groups and since I’m not part of a summer group going on felt it wasn’t going to happen for me….but after reading the posts I see so many are “singles”… its funny because I have had this study saved in my favs for quite some time….Anyway…I would need to order my book still nobody local has it and I don’t want to be far behind everyone else….what do you all think…am I too late?

    Tina – KY

    • 252.1
      Amy :) says:

      No, no. Come on Siesta! Just print out the first chapter and get started while you’re waiting for your book. There’s a link at the bottom of the Bible study post. I’m doing the same thing. Better late than never, right? 😉

  3. 253
    cindy says:

    Oh Beth, I so understand what you mean. This part summed it up for me.

    “Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?”

    I am a recovering alcoholic. Six years ago I found an online group called, “Women For Sobriety”. As soon as I found it and read the philosophy I thought, “This will save my life” It did. Others scoffed at my online community because it isn’t “real”. But, we truly have grown to love and know one another. There is a yearly conference where we can meet each other face to face. We meet others when the opportunity arises.

    I haven’t been able to put my finger on it or explain it the way you have. Saying we knew each other’s hearts first is putting it perfectly. No, we probably would not have given each other a chance if we had met in person first. So, in some ways it is more real, not less, to have met their hearts first. I love that. I love how you put it. I shared the quote w/ my tribe over there and they loved it too.

    Because this group has grown so large over the years, we break off into smaller groups to feel more of a sense of community. My “home group” calls ourselves, “New Life Moms”. We’re just a group of moms who want to live our best lives free from the constraints of addiction. We are blossoming. We love each other even though I have not met many of them in person. It doesn’t matter.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You make such a difference to my life.

  4. 254
    Doreen Phillips says:

    Hey Mama, its great to have a spiritual Mama cause my Mom doesn’t walk with the Lord. I am a former pit dweller as well. God sent me a terrific lady to help me climb out and He used your book Get Out of That Pit! Now He is using your book So Long Insecurity. Praise God, I know how you feel, I feel that way when He uses me, so humble and so honored. See you in Sept. in Chicago!! Praying for those divine appts. May God use you, as He already does, in a mighty way.

  5. 255
    Dawn says:

    Your posts bring such joy to my heart. Thank you for your transparency and love that you give us in each and every post. We love you right back 🙂

  6. 256

    “What would happen if we could only see each other’s hearts first?”

    I got to “see” the heart of a man named Victor first, over the phone, before I ever met him in person or saw his picture. What happened? We’ve been married for 13 years this June, raising 5 beautiful princesses for the Kingdom.

    How awesome it is when God knits hearts together because of His Spirit and we become “kindred spirits” despite where or what we are in life. How great is our God, how limitless, how infinite, how unsearchable!

  7. 257
    Caroline says:

    I never would’ve met and married my man if I hadn’t seen his heart first! We were introduced by eHarmony. Yep. Been married 6 years. Just had an ugly moment yesterday, which resulted in me taking a long walk and telling God on him. And God spoke to me as He so often does, and then I remembered how to act 🙂 Love you much Beth!

  8. 258
    Amy :) says:

    Okay…I am doing this. Carrollton, VA :me, myself and I AM 🙂 I’ve seriously asked about 5 friends to do this with me, but nothing’s worked out. Instead of watching everyone go thru the study (via blog) I’m gonna go get the book and do it too! My immediate season should be leisurely (b/c it’s summer & no homeschooling responsibilities), but I was on the phone with my sweet hubby today WHINING about how out of control life seems and that I’m tired of merely EXISTING! (from one thing to the next) My goal in this study is to strengthen my core…which I consider strong…but it’s like I’ve plateaued…I NEED to go to the next level b/c it is too frustrating to remain where I am. My goal is my prayer life. I want consistency and priority…I want the fellowship with Him and the wonder of seeing Him in little things b/c He is faithful to answer my prayers for my husband, children, neighbors, etc. I just watched the Bible study video and teared up when you read the testimony that this SIESTA had prayed an hour out loud…that’s what I mean! Just to pray outloud by myself (for 5 min!) and feel comfortable not contrived…I would go for that! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a mentor Beth, and at my first LPL in Raleigh NC (about 5 years ago…Stepping UP) I felt like the Lord quietly spoke to my heart that He was giving me you. Granted, it’s been a very crazy five years (new baby, homeschooling (never dreamed I’d be doing this!) and just life in general, but here I am…He’s brought me full circle. Thank you for following close and being faithful Beth. I need to run buy a book! 😉

  9. 259
    Rebecca says:

    Dear Bloggers,
    Can I tell you how desperate I feel? Beth when you said “You must love them so much” I wonder where I fit in. I can’t find the bible study book you will be working on and I feel such a lack of joy in this season of life. My kids have left the nest and I am hopeless. Can someone suggest how to start reading the bible?It doesn’t make any sense to me now. After knowing God for 40 years I was never taught about his love and right now I feel so lonely. This is really a pity party or so it sounds like it. But no one can really touch how I am feeling and how sad and depressed I am. Love you Beth for your kind words…. I wish I had your energy…..Rebecca

    • 259.1
      littleladybug says:

      I don’t know if this helps Rebecca but I too have gone thru a major depression. I have always had a heart for God. But I have always felt this wall in my heart that I couldn’t explain. Like this proud, upright stone statue with its refusal to trust and let go of control. I vowed at a very early age to never be like my mother and never ever let any man have any control over me. I have spent so many years building my world around me making sure everything looked and sounded good then in the privacy of my own home have an emotional breakdown from time to time. Then I would pick my pieces back up and put it all together again not really knowing how to let God heal my heart. God has had to move me away from family and friends and isolate me in a way to break me. The last 9 months have been the worst and most surprising of my life. I felt so incredibly lost. So tired. So weak. So alone. And so very scared. So very desparate. I feel like I have been to hell and back in a fight for my life and freedom. I have always been addicted to something to keep going. But in facing my past I now have a better understanding as to why. Now maybe I can finally find that true relationship with my Heavenly Father that I am in so much need of. God kept quietly speaking to me thru this exprience. He would say I will Father you. I will re-parent you. Until now I had no idea how badly I needed a father and how necessary they were to little girls. I can’t say I know and understand what a pure relationship is like between a father and a daughter. But I feel now that I can finally learn. The breaking has been painful but now I feel and see the purpose. I am learning that I am really never alone. He loves me. He won’t hurt me. And it is finally safe to come out. He knows where you are and how you feel. He knows how you got there and He knows how to bring you out. Love Him and trust Him.There is a song that I love that has really ministered to me. It is from NewSong. Yes an older one.
      God is too wise to be mistaken
      God is too good to be unkind.
      So when you don’t understand
      When you can’t see His plan
      When you can’t trace His hand
      Trust His Heart

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you littleladybug. I just love lady bugs. Thank you for all your kind words. I too feel like there is a wall between God and me. I had a major breakdown 20 years ago when I “remembered” I had been molested as a child for years. I have never felt well since. In 2003 a crisis in a christian enviroment sent me into a “desert” time. I am not recovering. Do you know what it feels like to be happy and then tell yourself that there is nothing to be happy about? I don’t know where I am going or what the plans God has for me but I can’t keep living like this till the end.I am so tired and feel so fake. I put on the face to go outside and can’t wait to come home and hide. I can’t believe I am even writing this because I have such a big trust issue.
        I have started the book of John as you suggested.
        I know God won’t hurt me, but he has let other people hurt me. Psalms 139 says he has his hand before me and behind me. So where was he when I got so scared as a little girl and now a grown women? Chuck Swindoll says joy is to be above circumstances. It all sounds good but sinking fast I am.
        Thanks again for listening. I am from Canada, so I don’t get to see Beth when you other sisters do. It’s great to be able to talk. It’s 12:30 am so I should try and go to sleep. THANK YOU AGAIN…Rebecca

        • littleladybug says:

          I totally get you Rebecca. I have asked those same questions. When I was 8 my mother took off with my brother and I with another man. He and his son began molesting and raping me at that point. when I told my mother she married him. I quickly found out I was on my own no matter how much I begged and pleaded for her to leave him. I always dreaded and hated when he finally came home. Home is supposed to be safe. I remember the last time I asked her. I promised myself never again. Never again will I ask you for anything. I am now 38 and (I can’t believe I am going to say this) just got out of the psych hospital for the second time a couple of months ago. What is sad is I had to go there to find that little girl. She is still scared. Still hurt. Still in need. But at least now I understand her. I hated her for so long. I have spent years trying to punish her for not being worthy of love or affection. Not being worth of fighting for. I love my mom. But in a way she hated me. She told me that my real dad didn’t want me so I was pretty much on my own. The independence in me has been so hard to break. To totally trust a God who didn’t seem availabe in a world of chaos. I will get better. I will learn to know Him. I will learn that He wants me. Loves me. Doesn’t want to hurt me. And you will too. I was so scared to start blogging on this site. To be honest, Rebecca, I am kind of glad I found someone to relate to and pray for. You pray for me and I will pray for you. I hurt really bad too.

          • Rebecca says:

            Yes littleladybug I will pray for you. My heart breaks for what people, especially children go through. My mother keeps telling me I can’t fix the world. I guess if I can’t fix me I won’t fix the world.

            I feel like an outsider on this blog, because most people sound so happy, excited and “with it”. Queen Beth and her princess’s Amanda and Melissa are special to have a spot for us to talk. I hope those girls know what a great mom they have.

            I am not sure if I am under spiritual attack
            but today was REALLY bad. I will keep you in my prayers and we will speak again.. Jesus loves you , at least that is what the bible says to me….Rebecca

    • 259.2
      His Jules says:

      Oh Rebecca, I am so sorry you can’t find a book – try going here and you can order online:
      http://www.lifeway.com/product/005189427/. As for starting to read your bible, most people suggest starting at John. I love the book of John but I also love the Psalms of David and the entire Old Testament but if I were going to tell a friend where to begin in bible study (and after all you are a friend now right) I would say start with Breaking Free, I am truly convinced that if you do Breaking Free first everything else will fall into place afterwords because your relationship with God will be better than you ever dreamed by studying and applying the truths in this study to your life. I remember the depression that came after my first daughter left home, it was unimaginable but God is faithful and He not only healed my heart but gave me MANY things to fill those spaces. Would love to correspond with you if you would like. Julie

    • 259.3
      Barbi Brown says:

      May I ask where you are located? I’m in the Kansas City area, South of the city, but have friendships in the North too. If I’m anywhere near you I would love to meet. I’m so sorry you are going through a tough time. I will pray for you most certainly. I always love to read the Book of John. It’s in the New Testament, one of the gospels. John is considered Jesus’ “Beloved Disciple” and well it’s a good start for those who are looking for a place to begin. Any of Beth’s studies will impact your life, if you can find a group in your area to meet with that would be so good to do her study with other women. I’m doing Breaking Free now and we just started, that’s why I asked where you live. I have done, Beloved Disciple, Stepping Up, A Woman’s Heart-God’s Dwelling Place, and now doing Breaking Free, like i said before. All of them have impacted my life in such a powerful way. I’m from Illinois originally so if you are from the Springfield area my mom is a Christian and goes to a great church there. If I can be of any help please let me know. I really want to see everyone hurting have a “safe” place to go to share and be loved. God Bless, Barbi

    • 259.4
      Barb says:

      Dear Rebecca, I would also suggest Beth’s book: “Get out of that Pit”. Beth writes it as a sister who understands, not as one who is just instructing but one who KNOWS what you are feeling – the same kinds of feelings you have described.

      Hang on to the belief that God loves you (however slim your belief – it IS the TRUTH)!! 🙂

      I am reading a Psalm a day – I have been trying to get into the habit and wasn’t sure where to start – I have been blessed by what I am reading! See what you think.

      love, Barb

  10. 260
    Barbi Brown says:

    Thank you so much for your love for us.I have taken your studies and grow everytime I do. I have to share with you about the time I took your study “A Woman’s Heart-God’s Dwelling Place”. I had lost my sister from a drug overdose in 2004,10 family members that year,almost my own life after the birth of my 3rd son, and my church family(I was so hurt by things, my sister’s last conversation with me was she was hoping I would have a daughter of my own and my co pastor’s wife told me I was a bad example for being sad and she hung up the phone when i tried to talk to her and I never returned to that church and all my friends shunned me as I left the only “true” church) I was disappointed when God didn’t come through on my prayer and my husband left his relationship with the Lord, now 15 yrs ago.(our Bible talk leader was calling him asking for money at work and he asked them not to and they did the next day and he left) I was never sad to have a son, I always wanted a daughter. I was in your study I had 4 son’s at the time, Kyle, Luke, Seth,and Noah(lost my 1st baby in my 1st trimester). You kept saying “Do not give up hope, when God is about to do something in your life it will be evident to all it’s from Him”. Well, I realized I allowed having a daughter to be an idol for me, so I surrendered it to God and had peace with it. My husband said no more children. The next week after you said that, my son, Luke said to me “mom your tummy is getting bigger already” I said yeah, I need to lay off the cookies, he said ” no mommy you have a baby in your tummy, the angel told me to tell you before you find out because God wants you to know He is answering your prayer for a daughter before you find out next week, the angel said”(he was almost 6 at the time). He was right, I was not only pregnant, but our daughter Hope Elizabeth was born in Aug.2008. I was in a church that taught you have to be baptized into their church to be saved, etc. I just took “Beloved Disciple” and realized I was taught that it was my baptism that saved me, not by Grace through faith. Now that I’m in a healthy church I decided to get baptized this time into Christ, not a church movement. You speak truth into my life every time I take your studies( I’m taking “Breaking Free” currently. Thank you for all you do. Please come to Kansas City sometime. I would love to see you live. God Bless, Barbi

  11. 261
    daringtotrust says:

    Here goes nothin!

    I’m in Gainesville, Ga and this is my first time with the summer Bible Study. I’m also flying solo. I didn’t even decide until yesterday to join up. Still can’t even put my finger on what made me decide to do it other than it was just God. Before I knew what was happeing, I made up my mind to drive to our closest Lifeway Store (Buford-30 mins away) and get the book. It was awesome that the store clerk knew what was going on. When I asked her where to look, she replied, “are you doing the Beth Moore Bible study?” That let me know that there must be several other women in and around my area participating.

    My one word to describe my life right now: Whirlwind.
    My goal for this Bible study: To be faithfully consistent, and to trust God fully and totally without reservation. The thing that MOST stuck out to me during this first lesson of Ruth was “Going through religious motions doesn’t usually prove terribly rewarding in the spiritual realm.” I feel like that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 12-15 years! Going through the motions!! Sure there have been some victories, but mostly just discouragement and heartache because I’ve not been completely sold out. I’m SICK of going through the motions! I want to experience the fire and the passion that I see in you, Beth, and so many others on this blog! I want God to be the center of my universe! I want to trust Him no matter what is happening in life! But most times, I feel so blah…so out of it…so like He’s tired of messing with me. I’ve failed so many times in the past, so why would He want to do anything with me now? The other thing that got me was “Don’t let familiarity with something make us think we don’t have to give it our all.” When you’re raised in church since birth, I think it’s so easy to take what we have for granted. I’ve done that far too many times! I truly want God to do a work in my life, but I just don’t know where to start sometimes. I’m trusting that being led to this Bible Study has gotten me on the right path!

  12. 262
    Sylvia says:

    My Precious Siesta Mama,Beth
    Your heart for the LORD JESUS and Women’s Ministry blesses me beyond words.

    I wish I knew how to convey to you the amazing love of God I have received from listening and observing you over the years beginning in DaySpring then to WatersEdge. We share so many similar experiences growing up. Kimberly Meyer, Nancy Mattingly as LPM Staff and my neighbors and all the LPM staff are so precious as they exude the same love. In Christ is the love that brings us all together.

    It was not until WatersEdge that I really began to grow deeper with our God and you helped me so much through my issues when I observed unconditional love from you. Thank You.

    This Siestaville has blessed me beyond words. Being part of the SSMTC in January provided a rare experience for me that I defnitely desire MORE of. Hiding His Word in my Heart has provided infinite benefits to me. Thank you for allowing God to work through you at HFBC, LPM and Siestaville to provide so many God ordained experiences for me.

    I am a better person because of the Love I experience from Jesus through His People…following this blog almost since it’s inception has made a huge positive difference in my life.

    This is a Song I must Sing from http://www.SylviasSong.blogspot.com

    Grace and Peace,

  13. 263
    Country Fried says:

    Howdy Beth and Siestaville!
    Yes, I am a true country girl that says yeehaw, howdy, and git er done, and my city girl coworkers just crack up at me! But I love it!

    Anyway that was totally off the subject of why I got on here today! I just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words! It has been a blessing to be able to participate in an online community of women that have such a passion! I want so much to learn about this god stuff but I want to know if this is “real” or us this just something people do. I have such a passion for life and for learning new things that can in turn help me to better help the people I may come into contact with.

    Thank you Beth and Siestaville!

  14. 264

    Dear Beth,

    Unfortunately I am unable to commit to the Bible study this summer because I’m already doing your Revelation study with some of my favorite girls ever!

    I commented on the post last week about the friends I’ve met here. Three years ago when I started my blog I never dreamed I’d fly across the country to hang out with women I’d never laid eyes on, nor did I ever think I’d love some of them so deeply. I thought about the disappointment that I spoke of in the last comment, and started to do a little inventory as to why I had allowed the disappointment to come…I realized that when I jumped from blog to facebook/twitter with my siestas it became less intimate in ways. I spent several hours yesterday (crummy MI weather) reading the archived posts/comments on my blog and fell in love with this community all over again. I realized that a few of these women prayed me through a terrible time in my life, when my husband and I were making the decision to walk away from a ministry that we’d put our heart and soul into. These women were quick to encourage, quicker to pray, and not short on love for a fellow siesta. My heart swelled with emotion as I read their comments to me–it reminded me of a sweeter time in life when the kind word from a blog comment brought me much joy. This is truly a unique community, and I am blessed to be part of it.

    Sorry this was so long–I try to keep my comments short, but this one just needed more words.

    Blessings on you as you speak the anointed word to the women in St. Louis.

    Much love,

  15. 265
    Colleen Delbridge says:

    I decided not to sign on for the Bible Study because I can’t really join in as I am unable to get a book. It will take 2 months to reach me! But after reading all the posts I have changed my mind. Can’t quite remember the instructions so please forgive me if I give too much personal information.
    My name is Colleen, I am 49, have been married for almost 25 & i have 3 sons. O yes, I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
    My life in this present season is “Challenging”.
    I would like to learn to trust God more.
    It is dangerous to do my own thing as my heart is deceitful & can lead me into all sorts of trouble. However, if I trust God I will be blessed & my life will be fruitful.
    Will stay in touch as much as possible without the book & homework. Love being part of Siestaville.

  16. 266
    Michelle J Flynn says:

    i felt sad when i read this post because i’ve always felt like an outsider here, cant quite explain but maybe it’s because many are in the america’s & i’m way over in south africa, so when you’re all the SUMMER trip i’m freezing my bajinga’s, and when u talk events & bible studies, well often the resources aren’t here yet. But today i feel compelled to say Beth, we may not ever meet until eternity but as i am now at 28 years old i know that the work our Father has & is doing in me through your ministering is so deep & always so spot on, that i sometimes wonder if u haven’t been reading my mind. God has used you insanely in my life, I so greatly desire that He’d bless me with that genuiner love for every person as i see in you. Thank you for being real. Michelle

    • 266.1
      Elisabeth says:

      Amen, sister! Don’t worry. I live in Ca and feel like an outsider too. But I LOVE visiting Siestaville anyway. I’m your age exactly and would love to be friends. I LOVE Africa. What are you doing there?!?!

    • 266.2


      I’m with you, Girl! Just try to think of it as being nostalgic – and not necessarily on the outside. I know it can seem that way, living in another hemisphere and continent… the longing for camaraderie – or even the same weather, at the same time. At least we all have the same calendar, eh? (I console myself with this fact at key points throughout the year.) 🙂

      Just shrug off that outsider stuff – it’s probably just our [ever-attentive] Enemy trying to distract us from the tangible connections that can be made here. 😀

      Oh, and i feel you on the resources not being available – although “yet” is a while away… until the day that they are available in Portuguese, anyway. 🙂 There is really no demand for resources in English, here – so i have to wait until i can visit Home again, and the finances line up just right…

      I don’t think she’ll ever know until she gets to Heaven, the far-reaching family tree that stems from her real roots – now, Beth, you know i’m not talking hair! 😉

      It’s good to see a kindred heart that is simply outlying ~ but not on the outside!


      – Amaris

  17. 267
    Katie says:

    Beth, This is not related to women’s ministry, but your description of hearts being knit together without really knowing each other or even what each other really looks like reminds me of meeting my husband. We met on a college “club” website over 10 years ago. He was in the middle of the Indian Ocean on deployment with the Navy and I was in college in southeastern Ohio. I had photos on my profile so he knew what I looked like, however he did not have any photos on his because he didn’t have a computer or even a camera at the time. We met late March/early April and talked on the phone nearly every day for 2 months and I still had not seen his picture (mail from the middle of the ocean, literally on the other side of the world, took a LONG time back then). Around Mother’s Day is when I knew I was in love with this man. God used that time to knit his heart to mine so that when I did finally see his photo I thought, “so this is who I’ve been talking to and am in LOVE with.” We’ve had some rough times in the last 10 years, but the knit between us that formed so long ago is so strong that I can count on one hand the number of days in that time that we haven’t been able to speak with each other (due to military travel or other circumstances). Thank you for reminding me of that and I hope you enjoy our story!

  18. 268
    Dawn says:

    Can hardly wait to do this study with all of you, with Mama Beth guiding us all. Our God is truly amazing!

  19. 269
    Cindy Detro says:

    My name is Cindy Detro. I am leading a group on Skype in the Ruth study and we cannot wait to get started.

    We met for the first time on Skype on Friday night and there were 8 of us all told. From the start, however, Satan wanted to see what he could at best only delay! We had technical difficulty after technical difficulty until I, led by God, prayed for Satan to take his hand off of our meeting. Once that happened we were FINALLY able to get started and the meeting was absolutely awesome! We did the discussion questions and then I have a copy of the CD that Kelly recorded to go along with the study, so we played a couple of the tracks off of it. In the mean time, however, my fiancée had called my cell phone. He hasn’t been home from the hospital long but ever since about the week before he came home, he has been a very confused mess, I think, because of the medications they had to give him to stabilize him. He was so confused that our gathering to open up the Ruth study soon turned into an all-out prayer meeting! I have for so long through this just tried, so hard, to be strong, yet all I could do was break down and cry, and all my sisters on the call at that time just began to pray. It was the first time through this month of almost losing Raz and now seeing him so confused, that I really have let myself lose it like that. Though most of us didn’t know each other before meeting, it was no accident who God had around me at that time. I read Beth’s post about how she saw us all talking back and forth and joining in, and I just agree with where she said something to the effect of, what Satan means for evil in regard to the Internet, God is using for good to draw so many people together, in His name, for His glory! Our group has folks anywhere from their upper 20’s to 60! Again, no accident! And all of us are legally blind as well, ranging from having no sight at all to having just enough vision to get us in trouble! LOL.

    I’ll close out by referencing Roman’s 8:28 in that regard. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

    Cindy and guide dog “Mesa”

    • 269.1
      Barb says:

      Hi Cindy,
      I would love to join your Skype group, do you think you could handle one more? Please let me know how to “hook up” with y’all! I am in Prescott Valley, AZ and I haven’t been able to get a firm commitment from the ladies I asked to join me. I have already posted my comments as ‘solo’ but would truly enjoy being part of a ‘real-time’ group of women who love God!

      If my friend & co-worker does choose to do the study, she may want to also join the group.
      🙂 Barb [email protected]

  20. 270
    Leslie says:

    Hello fellow Siestas!

    I’ve started a blog that I’d like to share with all of you. I’ve created images of bible verses (text) that are free for you to use or to just read daily and pray about. They’re designed so you can print them and use them as home decor, scripture memory, etc.

    This is something I’m really excited about and I hope you’d pass this along to your friends…



  21. 271
    Lori says:

    Beth, I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and have only written once. I always feel like all of you have been ‘together’ in this blog for a long time and I’m not a part. I’m not even sure how you get to know people who are on the other side of a computer, especially when there are so many of them! But if you don’t jump in at some point, you’ll never find out if it’s possible. I read the posts and wonder how many of you are close by and I don’t even know it!

    Beth, you are an amazing person through Christ’s love. You are so willing to just be out there for all of us. We have 60 women at our church that do your bible studies together every Wednesday and we have grown in love for each other through them. Thank you so much that you are willing to put in so much time and effort for God and us. He blesses your time in a million ways.

    So. CA

  22. 272
    Elisabeth says:

    Queen Beth, Amanda, Melissa, Siestas, anyone else out there:
    thank you. For what you do. I love you. I’m already busy doing 2 other Bible studies so I have to sit this round out. I comment on posts someimes. And I was a part of SLI. But I haven’t gotten super connected with any siestas. Yet. I hope to! I’ve been reading this blog daily for a year. And it’s amazing how much of a ray of sunshine just peaking in on it has become! There’s been drama and some hard stuff goin on for me, and there’s this comfort way deep down that I have knowing that if I ever just got totally whigged out and hopeless I could scream “HELP!” and someone would probably respond. That IS so the church happening right there. For now I just adore laying in bed at the end of the day and reading all the interaction that’s taken place on here. It’s a healing balm. And I hope to know y’all better. I’m crazy ’bout ya!
    Princess Beth

  23. 273
    Rusty says:

    How well you put to words the “amazinglyness” of this blog your daugther started. I love watching it evolve.

    Thanks for sharing your moment of inspiration with us and I agree that it is a wonderful way to get to know someone through their heart first. Interesting and true.

    I remember I did not know what a blog was when this all started!

  24. 274
    Cindy says:

    I am in awe as I sit here and go over all I have read in my head! I just finished the book SO Long Insecurity. What timing. God is so good.He knew when to bring this into my life. A friend gave the book to me for my daughter who was in the midst of a marriage issue regarding her desire to adopt a little baby girl and her husband was not so desiring.He was scared to death. My daughter can not have her own children. My life is so full of stories that God has directed me over 9 months ago to write a book. I feel the least qualified to do so in my entire realm of friends, family, and aquaintances! But there ya go! That explains it doesn’t it. Thank you Beth so very much for following the path that God laid out for you. You will never know what I learned and how healing this book was for me. I blubbered and cried for hours as I read through the prayer and filled in the blanks.My bedroom that night was littered with Puffs plus from one end to the other. I thought I may not make it through this opening up pf my soul to God but I did.I was so sorry and so cleansed. I even found myself whaling to God at one point.( good thing my husband was asleep in the livingroom in the recliner as usual) My anguish was so deep that it was if that prayer was written for me.Just me, but I knew also in that moment someone out there understood. For the FIRST time in my life I felt understood. I had not even felt that of God.I must be honest! I have always seen God as more Male?! Why? I guess due to all of the religious “crap” I came up in as a child. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents for taking me to church ,but now that I am an adult I can see how so much that is in churches and their teachings can mess with one’s mind if you don’t truly know God and trust him to lead you as you learn of him and his word! Just this afternoon I gave it to my youngest daughter to read( who is a mommie and a kindergarten teacher, what good she can do with those many lttle girls who pass by her as well as teach her 6 year old son how to treat women)…who I must say had the insecurities passed to her by yours truly and I did this as well to my oldest daughter. Being a mother of two girls had it’s blissful moments and it’s heartwrenching ones also due to the “woman Child” issues in this life.Also being married to a man who was taught women are to be what you say or desire and are all hormones and he hated and I do mean hated his mother brought many mor challenges than I have time to say. Still married for 33 years and still he is not a christian or any closer to knowing what a woman is made of.
    Your honest ripping of the veil of womanhood and all of its ingredients was so needed in my world. I was a victim of child sexual molestation as a very young baby ,in my eyes,(4-5) and as much as I struggled and forgave my abuser, I still have the insecurities that came with that event and all that it held inside of it for the years I grew to be a very insecure and angry young woman.I had the fears of it happening to my girls and that was all consuming without even realizing it at the time. It is so very strange how wisdom finds you at the end of the road when you have run out of gas and read the dead end sign as you coast to a full stop only because you have to! God’s ways are definitely not ours..cause I would have just turned around and found another dead end road to go down as soon as I found more gas! When I had no gas, I had no choice but to look to him for what I needed all along. To get out and walk with him and talk it out! Thank you again Beth. I could go on forever because I am a talker and a writer nat ur al,( soon to be prof fes sio nal) but I have got to save it for my book which by the way God promises will be my healing.Now I can see how that would work. I have gotten off to a wobbly start and at times said who do you think you are, you can’t do this…you know, and the thoughts continue until I fall on my face and blubber some more to my father who picks me up yet again wipes my tears and says yes you can!
    I look forward to reading this blog and I know I will learn much more and feel better each day that I see others sharing their lives’ ups and downs too. God Bless, Cindy
    P.S. Yes, My daughter did adopt this beautiful little baby girl…through us her parents and she and the baby are in our home.He husband is so hooked now that he has been remodeling a house for his new family! She is 4 months old yesterday and was a “drug baby” . She came home on methadone. My daughter was with her when she was born and has not left her yet! Her final adoption ceremony is the beginning of July in a courtroom at our local courthouse which I think is a wonderful thing for the counties to do. They have given us a whole courtroom in which to invite individuals and family to experience this wonerous event. There is a story of the hand of God in her adoption and no one but God could have planned and carried this story through! Her name is Amarissa..look up that meaning! My daughter named her after finding out she was on her way to her. Amarissa Bella! Bella meaning beautful and boy is she! Aren’t we all ladies! Aren’t we all! God is so Good!

    • 274.1
      Barbi Brown says:

      Cindy, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I could relate to you in many ways. I’m also writing a book. It’s about the courage to overcome my grief through the storms in my life. I wrote my 1st blog this week. Wasn’t sure this is how to do it, but jumped in and wrote. I’m also reading “So Long Insecurity”. I attended the simulcast and it was great. However with school out and I have 5 kids I’m doing “Breaking Free” and have no time to read anything extra. I just can’t wait to finish “So Long Insecurity”. I’m still on ch.2. You have encouraged me though to pick it up and read it when i have a moment each day, thank you. I grew up in a very sinful home where pornography was readily available to me at age 4. I also was molested as a child. I have so much insecurity due to the things that happened to me at an early age. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home at all. My parents told us that the church bus, a local Baptist church bus would be there on Sunday mornings if we wanted to go. I did go and I believe that was when I asked Christ into my life, but I didn’t have anyone to help me grow in my walk so I got involved in sin myself as I got older. My parent’s divorced when I was 15 and well my Dad left for another woman, basically. She was married too, but he did everything with her and my mom had enough. My husband and I were met and studied the Bible when we were living together and I moved out and was baptized and he then also was baptized soon after me. However he left 6 months after we were married and I have been going on my own now 15 yrs.(we were not in a good church, you had to study and be baptized into their church to be saved) I could relate to you about the women thing also. They are to be what you say and do exactly as you say with no input that matters anyway. My mother in law had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized from it. She was expected to do it all and my sister in law said she was a robot growing up. Now she is so religious that my husband is so turned off of religion all together. He actaully told me his mom was fun until she became a holy roller. She gives all their money to T.V. evangelists to heal her and won’t see doctors anymore. They are only in their 60’s. That is young but they have no relationship with their kids really. I’m so saddened by this. I cry myself to sleep at night praying for his mom. She almost died 3 yrs ago and I had never seen my husband so messed up. He is really angry with his mom. He used to be angry that his Dad was so mean to her, but now blames his mom more for things alot. You can tell he can’t stand to be around her and it makes my heart so sad. It’s sad the choices that we make in life because of the things that happened to us from our past, but we do live in a fallen world. I’m so glad your daughter was able to adopt a little girl. My sister died from a drug overdose of methadone. It’s so sad the addiction’s we get ourselves into apart from Christ. That would be me without Him, for sure. I deal with my struggle with sin in my own life. It’s so hard to stay hopeful that my husband will come around and go to church with me again. It’s painful at times. I see my children and their behavior/character following this way of sinful behavior and I pray and cry out to God alot. I feel alot of pressure on me with 5 kids. I just can’t do it all and being spiritually single is so hard. I have no family around either. Anyway, thank you for sharing. It really has encouraged me that I’m not alone and I really need to finish “So Long Insecurity”. God is so good. When I read that your daughter and her husband adopted a little girl I felt so happy inside.

      • Cindy says:

        Barbi, I am so glad my words helped you in any way! I was a very mixed up teen with a background so varied in mixes also that I should have been a basket case.I also was involved in sinful events and thought processes and I am sure it was due to my childhood events. I met my husband as a young girl and he too was mixed up , but he was 5 years older and I know that God put he and I together. I often joke that no one else could stand either one of us! His mother was a very very religious woman who was abusive but then turned and made God seem to be the reason, to a very young tenderhearted boy. My husbands mother died before we were married and I don’t think he would have had a thing to do with her even if she had not. He has been to church with me and I have been in a lot seeking the truth for myself, so he at least loved me enough to hang in there with me while I searched. He is not a christian , but my family is promised to me as a believer and follower of his word. I will not give up…that would be giving him over to the advesary and I won’t do it. He has his sweet ways and is a good man and father! He is just blinded for now…but I know someday the blinders will be removed. My faith is strong. That does not mean my days are all rosy and God has made my way easy.I chose the path I am on and that God did not do, but I can count on him to help me see clearly now and I call on him daily to lead my family in the right way by my actions and words. I am writing my book as I promised God, But I don’t even know what he will have me do with it when I am done. I have a time limit with him as well because I tend to leave stuff unfinished. Another problem from childhood that needs fixin!
        I am sorry about your sister. I pray for the birth Mom of our little miracle every day! She was a vessel God used to get our little girl to us. My daughter and her husband so needed her. Even if they did not know it at the time, God did. It will always work out better when we let God take care of it in his own time and way. Sometimes I think My husband will never change.What is ironic here is that my husband too was baptized as I in a Church , but it was the wrong church for me as I found out later, and he did so just to follow me and due to pressures I feel were in this church and I felt guilty for that, but we must each find our own way to God through Jesus. No one can do it for you nor can you do it for anyone else.
        I feel so hopeless about us as a couple and then I think I should not be going by my feelings but by the word. So you hang in there and do the same! I have not suffered physical abuse ever from him, nor would I. I don’t think God feels that is the way for a marriage or relationship to be conducted ever! But we have both hurt each other with those fiery darts called words! My husband was the best. When he hurt he wanted me to hurt too! We have come a long way since our youthful marriage of need. And I have allowed God to lead me in my relationship even when my husband won’t.
        I bet you are a good mother! And five beautiful children! Wow, what a blessed woman you are…even on the days they do things that make you think cursed would be more like it!
        Please always know you are not alone. There are many women who have been in the same areas we are and have called out to God and he was always there and always will be. Don’t let satan trick you into thinking you are alone in all your struggles! And please do finish Beth’s book So Long Insecurity! I am a witness that this book was of God for many many women and men ,but mostly women I believe! My daughter is now reporting back to me about how she could so relate to what Beth had to say and the events and circumstances in it! It is so inspiring.It hurts too , but what change doesn’t? Take the time to call on God every day even with 5 kids! He is our stength. I talk to God all day. It helps so much to have him with me in all I face daily. What you said about being spiritually single really rang true! It is hard to not have a mate to talk to about spiritual thoughts, events, or just scripture!No one knows how hard that is not there! I do! My husband even hates the fact that I read the Bible or watch a show on Tv that is in any way religous. But mark my words when I say he is watching me! He may act as if he hates all I am doing and living but I know he is watching me and what I say and how I treat him is a reflection of God in my heart!
        I am disabled due to an auto accident in 1997 too and I am only 49! So church is difficult too , but I do go when I can and that helps. Finding a Bible believing and truth teaching church family is the best support you can ever have.Pray for the guidance to find the correct one. God directed me back to this site tonight and I am convinced it was to reply to you and see your reply to my post. I thought that everyone would think this of my post after I read what I had wrote…”this woman is a nut case and is ranting and venting in the wrong area”,but I am a very forward and emotional person .Sometimes to a fault…strike that….most times, but God is working on me in many areas and that is one of the biggest. Emotions and my mouth!I thank him my words of emotion that evening touched someone and I will be praying for you and your husband(& family). He is probably like my husband in regards to his Mom. Boys need their mothers much more than Dads early on in their young lives! I see this in my precious grandson who is now 6, also on July 9th!He and his mommy are so close. He loves his daddy too, but his mommy has been his guiding light for these past 6 years as well as his Nana,Nene, and Aunt Nicole. He would go with us females ten to one over his dad,Grandpa, Papa or paw any day of the week but that is beginning to change now.But now he is one strong confidnet little man because of all of the love and support from the women in his life!
        Same as girls need their dads early on too. This helps them form opinions about themselves and their worth with the opposite sex I think.I was a daddy’s girl too and still am, but that got wrecked early on by the man who molested me,thus the bad choices! Then a bad relationship with a Mom who was also wrecked by a childhood of neglect and pain. All seem to have had religion involved as well. I am convinced satan loves religion and we get God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit mixed up with religion so often!He loves for that to happen because look who gets the blame!
        Your husband is hurting just as mine is it seems. The anger comes out against what he felt took his mothers affections and admirations from him…GOD/religion happens to be my husbands mark for that abandoned feeling. The difference here is that your husband may be able to work with his mother and heal the realtionship in time.I have learned not to push or prompt though. I am leaving it totally to God to do what needs to be done. I also ask God to direct me in what I say and do regarding my husband and his actions which at times are very painful to me. Love does a lot. Not being selfish is a big move too. When I hurt I tend to want to hurt back and that is not of God. Don’t stop praying for them. I will too. God Bless you and I hope you see this post as it is late. Our adoption ceremony was held on the 9th in a beautful ceremony and she is legally a family member by name now…even though she was ours from before her birth in our hearts. Just as God adopted all of us gentiles into his family..we were really his before our birth also. I will be praying for you!

        • Barbi Brown says:

          Cindy, thank you for your reply. I have to say I’m the same as you. i too am very open and honest. An outward and open kind of person. Yes, emotional. I’m working on Beth’s book more “So Long Insecurity” i thought i was on Ch. 2 but i was on Ch. 5 when i picked it up and started reading again. God’s timing is so good. Taking “Breaking Free”, actually right before I started the study i started feeling insecure about things that bothered me when I was younger. i have so much to work through and with 5 kids i feel so overwhelmed by it all. My father in law is having heart surgery next week to replace a heart valve and it’s been tough on my husband. Our oldest went to “Youthfront” a Christian camp in the Kansas City area and he made friends with some boys from my church and now wants to start coming with me. My kids don’t want to come as my husband stays home so i prayed for him while he was at camp and he told me that when we picked him up. I was so excited to hear that. We have a new youth Pastor and he really likes him too.
          I think my husband’s hurt was from his past, but also when he was a teenager is when his mom became what he calls a Holy Roller. She cared more about Jesus and not about her family at all. That can bring about so much hurt. I also want to work on so much in my relationship with my husband to be a great Christian wife to him. I watched “Fireproof” twice last week. It gives me hope. I see how strong of a Christian woman you are by your words, thank you for replying. I wish I could meet strong Christian women like you who want to befriend me. I really have a hard time building friendships. i have no time 1st of all and feel left out. I went to the simulcast for So Long insecurity and i went to the bathroom and cried as i sat all alone. I was very sad. I just started at the church I’m at last August, so almost a year, but i have not built any good friendships. I just don’t fit in I feel. My husband has no friends and is not interested in having friendships together. For some reason he thinks he should have his life and me mine. I have become lonely as a result of this. I actually sit in my room by myself and am sad while my husband plays with his 4G phone, watching T.V. and playing games playstation, etc. I just do my Bible Study then and just pray. I know his parents live like this and always have and it’s not what i hoped for and wanted. But i just pray and ask God to fill me and I know He is the only one who really can anyway. it’s just hard to see everyone around you getting their desires of their hearts so easily and you are still and always the one waiting and waiting. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but it feels like I am. Anyway, thank you for your reply again. So glad to meet a friend on here. i love having a safe place to share my heart too. Congradulations on the adoption.Love, Barbi

          • Cindy says:

            Barbi, I am so glad to hear of your sons desire to go to church! Foster that in all the positive manners you can. Sounds like you have a wonderful church. Don’t be too hard on yourself in regards to friends. I have found that sometimes I am my own worst enemy due to my own insecurities. It usually is me that is the problem and not others.They may very well want to get to know me and I am the one who reads all the wrong signs into any and every thing they say,do, don’t say or don’t do! And don’t again be decieved about others having the desires of their hearts. Things are not always as they seem. satan loves to give us that emotion. “What about me? Why do they have it and I don’t? Doesn’t God love me as much? ” See where and how fast this moves toward undermining our relationship with our father and harming ourselves as well. Get you some upliftin verses and memorize them or put them in strategic places that you will see them and say them everyday when those feelings begin to show up in your thoughts. Tell satan exactly where he can go and that he has no place in your thoughts or your home or anything you are involved in in Jesus’ Holy name! Run him off! Often. Just as the scripture says …don’t give him a stronghold!Just jump in and trust God.Ask him to lead your words, thoughts, and actions in making friends.Too often I am so involved in my own life that I forget to include others in it. Notice that when you “feel” something it is usually just that.Emotions and not facts. Make time to do for yourself. I know it is not easy. But it is so worth it.I know how hard it is because I have been there and still have to watch my feelings when involved with others. I tend to think I know more than I really do about how others are “feeling” about me! Feel free to e-mail me and I would love to be your friend.Who knows maybe we can support each other and God will bless our socks off with friends! I am involved in a new church in my area and it is really hard but I am very determined. If this is where God wants me it will work out and I will be blessed there. So will you! Thanks for the Reply now go have a great and blessed week! Love in Christ, Cindy
            [email protected]

  25. 275
    Sarah says:

    Dearest Beth,

    More than a year ago now I found your blog and entered the scripture memory journey! I was set to have a “Jesus Year”. I then started your Esther bible study and found myself so excited to spend time in the word like never before! I got to the week where you talked about worst fears and how it is possible that when our dreams shatter that “….then God”. Within 2 weeks of watching that DVD my dreams shattered. Not in the ways I would have thought but they did. I was left feeling broken. I laid down on the ground in the spiritual realm and haven`t gotten up for a year!. I have barely touched my bible in months and have been lieing to myself and those around me that my walk with Jesus is ok. “Who am I kidding?”. Last night I found your summer bible study on here and I realised that is just what I need and I am so ready the “…then God” has begun!. Thankyou for inspiring me to get up and for leading me gently to Jesus….argh tears…, I want to inspire young women to know Jesus like you do. Thankyou for loving us.

  26. 276
    Laurie Tomascik says:

    I am just returning from a family missions trip to Costa Rica. We have friends down there who are missionaries to the Cabacer Indians. I was able to purchase “So Long Insecurity” for my friend and some of your other books in Spanish for her to give out. They love Beth Moore in Costa Rica!!

  27. 277
    Vicki Sandifer says:

    And you have us crying! I love you Beth Moore and your sweet heart. Thanks for doing what you do. Keep “doing the thing”.
    Love you, Vicki

  28. 278
    Carol says:

    OK, had to share. I am leading a summer study at church using Mary Kassain’s Conversation Peace and I borrowed your icebreaker of one word to describe your season. An older lady shared first and clearly did not follow what I meant by season and said, “summer”. No wonder God has me also in a study about transformed speech.

  29. 279
    Susan says:

    “The Internet has brought such harm and havoc to individuals and homes but this day I sit in awe of the beauty of several thousand women with hearts knit together in Scripture from all over creation … ”

    My heart was so blessed as I read these words. The internet, with its easy availability to pornography, was at the beginning of a very painful journey through the darkness of sexual addiction and abuse for my family, with my husband of 20 years choosing to leave me and our two teen-age boys rather than get the help that would be required for our family to stay together.

    What a joy it is to see all the GOOD that internet communication is doing through your ministry to help women grow in their relationship to the Lord.

  30. 280
    Sue Schwendemann says:

    Beth, I am doing the ugly cry, after reading this post. I was NOT going to do this study, for I been under the enemies wing for some time. He will NOT stop me from doing this now!
    Thank you so much for always being/saying the right words when I NEED them the most.



    P.S. Some people say when it rains the angels are crying, so in Siestaville are all our tears called Blessing from God?

  31. 281
    Fran McCurry says:

    My dear Beth and dear Siestas- I have been out of town and away from the blog- what a wonderful post to come home to! I gratefully receive the blessing of being in the “Siestahood” !! You all keep me so grounded and on track with why I am here in this world. I am so glad I share this journey with all of you.

  32. 282
    Cathy Davis says:

    Amen Mama Siesta!

    I’m working on Anointed Transformed Redeemed for small group this summer. We just started Week 3 (where you had us all craving Mexican food, except for one girl who doesn’t eat junk food…WHAT??) and David is asking God if He showers blessings on everyone like He is doing for David.. To drill it down a little more, Who am I that I can do anything for You? Amen and amen. He humbles me and my wildest imagination.

    I love our Siestaville community and have had the honor of doing life with many of the Siestas. God is SO amazing! Thank you for following God’s call on your life and leading us in the community. (That is for all 3 Moore ladies!)

  33. 283
    littleladybug says:

    Dear Beth,
    I have done some of your studies. There are things that you sometimes say that really make me think – wow – how does she know that? You don’t know how much I wish I could just sit and ask you questions. Hear your answers. I have written more than I have planned to when I started on this blog for the first time the other day. I don’t know why but I have just really been needing to unload. I apologize because I know this isn’t the place to do that. But i’ve needed it to go somewhere. I feel useless and tainted. Like it’s too late to have a purpose. What could He do with me now? I have spent so many years of my life living in a world that doesn’t really exist. A place where I created my own parents. A place where I didn’t have to hurt. A place to get justice. A place to be cared for and loved. An escape. This thing has been with me every moment of my waking hours since the time I was 8 and had to survive. I don’t know why I am telling you this. I don’t know what the point is.

  34. 284
    Samantha says:

    Mrs. Moore–

    You are amazing. I, myself, is one of those wide behinded girls…lol…I read these comments after your blogs and I’m always taken back. I feel honored to live in a free country where I am able to praise the Lord and write and not be ashamed who reads it. I am a single mother who is doing it all on my own. When I have had one of those days where I want to give up, where I scream Why to the Lord. Where I go back in my memories and relive the moment I found out I was pregnant that I knew that my sin has gotten me into this mess. But the whole time the Lord never left my side.

    I found that I do the Bible studies on my own. I get lonely, but knowing that there are other woman and many woman who are in the same shoes I’m in keeps me going.

    Thank you Mrs. Moore for all you do.

    God Bless,


  35. 285
    Country Fried says:

    As I’m sitting here reading the blog and comments, I’m beginning to wonder if my former cowokers were right about me. They would always tease me and say that I was ” too country” if I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Translation dumb. I even had the nerve to ask them one day to explain this god stuff to me, such as who is god, jesus, lord, father and christ. And what is a christian? The looks that I got from them made me want to crawl under a rock! They laughed and said that if I didn’t know that stuff then it was too late because I was too old to learn it now. I promised myself then to never ask again, but then I came across this blog. I do realize that there are many things I don’t know, but to me that’s just an adventure to learn something new. I love reading the blog and the comments! I thought that maybe reading the blog and comments would help me figure this god stuff out but I still feel so lost and confused. I’m beginning to think my coworkers were right! Although I don’t understand the passion the Siestas have for this god stuff, it is still exciting to be able to participate in some way with a group of women who have a passion for something!

    • 285.1
      Janet says:

      Dear Country Fried,
      You are not dumb! AND even if you have never open the pages of the scripture, you are not dumb! There are so many people out there like you that have never had the opportunity to open scripture or hear about it! (And so many that have open scriptures and don’t understand it!) The passion you are reading about on this blog is because of a living God and His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

      God is working a miracle in you! I know this simply because He brought you to this blog! He works mightily, so hang on for an adventurous, wild ride. You are at this blog for a reason, so hang in there….life WILL get sweeter as you learn about the Savior! He has opened yours eyes and I pray He will continue to feed you so you keep coming back for more!


    • 285.2
      littleladybug says:

      Ok Countryfried. When I read your blog my mouth hung open. I can not believe that they would have told you that. That is horrible. The shame is theirs not yours. If you want to get to know Him and understand this christian stuff then stick around and get into the Bible. Christ is the Word so when you read it you are reading Him. Experiencing Him. Seek him and you will find him. He promises that. You go girl. God has some exciting things for you. Just be encouraged and read the Word. You will get to know Him. He loves you and knows where you are.

    • 285.3
      Barb says:

      Dear CountryFried,
      Here is my definition(s) – I am sure there will be others-basically the same, I hope it helps & make some sense:
      A Christian is the name given to someone who professes to Love Jesus Christ. Jesus is God the Father’s son. God created this world. Jesus became man and died for our “sins” so that we could be with Him in heaven because the enemy of our souls wants us to believe that God doesn’t love us, but we have a choice to believe that He does. When Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our “sins” (basically not following God’s laws), He rose again in 3 days (as He said He would) and then ascended back into heaven to be with our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit at work in us, to remind us that God loves us and to soften our hearts towards each other. Actually He does much more than that!! The three are called the trinity (God) [can explain that more later, if you want]. You can look up a bible on the internet, if you don’t have one at home: http://www.biblegateway.com Look up John 3:16. Then look up John 14:9, then John 10:11-16, then Psalm 23 – that is a description of how much God loves us & how He takes care of us!! I would venture to say it is the Holy Spirit that led you to this blog and to the questions that you have!!! As well as the Holy Spirit who lights the fire for the passion you see on this blog!
      lovingly, Barb

  36. 286
    Felicia says:

    I soooooo enjoyed the conference this weekend in St Louis!!! I was a volunteer for the Lifeway Bookstore, which was a blessing within itselt! It was an overwhelming joy to be surrounded by 7500 other women that were together in one place at one time to learn what our dear sister had to share with us. It is so amazing how God uses you to share His word with other women and it is just what we need. We serve an awesome God. Thank you so much for allowing Him to use you. What a joy to hear you teach us that we were made in the image of God. Do you know how many times I had read over that scripture, but had never really thought about it much. I am 48 years old and have been in church all of my life, so I have read and re-read that scripture over and over. Thank you so much for teaching this truth.
    I purchased the “Ruth” study and look forward to join you each week as you teach. My word that describes this season of life is defineately overwhelmed! Just to let you know a little about me…..my 27 year old daughter left her husband and had an affair, got pregnant, lost custody of that child (2 years old now), is still living a life full of sin with another man that is not her husband. She has 2 other children, one 8 and the other one 5. My husband and I are raising them now. Neither my daughter or her soon to be ex-husband wants the kids. It just breaks my heart when I look into their sweet little eyes. They are very happy with Maw Maw and Paw Paw. My other daughter, 26, is soon to be divorced a second time with 3 children under the age of 5. Her soon to be ex-husband is a crazy man, he hit her when she was 9 months pregnant. They have been through counseling and he is just plain crazy. The judge gave her a 1 year restraining order against him and she is probably going to have to move into a safe house. Then my son, age 20, got married last July to his high school sweetheart of 4 years and moved about three hours away for him ande his wife to attend school. In January, his wife, drove him to our house and dropped him in the driveway and said that she didn’t love him any more!!! I just don’t understand all these things. But, one thing I know that my Jesus is right here beside me getting me through all these situations and I have been a testimony for His glory. But, sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed. I wonder what God is trying to teach me through these times. I am looking forward to see what God has planned for me during this season of my life. Thanks again for doing what you do. May God richly bless you and your family!

  37. 287
    jenny hud says:

    aw, i just love you ladies to pieces. i rarely comment but am so blessed by so many of you. just reading your hearts on this dusty computer screen warms mine. i love when God surprises you with friends that don’t resemble us. when He pieces together personalities that otherwise would’ve been such a turnoff in the natural. He is so amazing and His ways are so far beyond this simpleton’s understanding. what a mighty, mighty One we serve.

    beth – thank you so much for loving us how you do. i know it is completely a love that wells up from the inside and spills all over everyone you come in contact with. but you make it feel so personal. you make me want to love better, so thanks!

  38. 288
    elvira says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments here today, and feeling like I should have joined up.I haven’t got the book yet. I was so excited about this when I read it was going to happen,but didn’t have a group to join. Then my Mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer( she hasn’t ever smoked)and my world fell apart. I live a two day drive from her so that makes it doubly hard,I did fly to see her for four days last week. I love her sooo much!
    Thanks so much for your post here Beth, I was so touched and blessed. Thanks for letting God speak through you!
    My husband has been quoting Psalm 139:16 to me:
    “All the days ordained for me
    were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.”

    Love Elvira

    • 288.1
      Amanda says:

      Elvira, I’m so sorry about your mom’s cancer! I hope you will be able to find the book quickly and join us.

  39. 289
    Janet says:

    Am I the only one that is experiencing a keen sensitivity to spiritual warfare this year. Yes, I have experienced it at other times, but this year seems to be significantly more. I miss the Scripture memory verses. I did not participate last year, but was keenly aware of them and the many stories alongside them. They gave me something to think about, concentrate on and attempt to live by!

    Is there any way to continue that effort by starting on July 1st and do a half a year this year? Who doesn’t need some scripture…to memorize or concentrate on? And why not do a half a year instead of a whole year or none at all? PLEASE do consider this!!!!!!! July 1st is just Thursday!!


  40. 290
    Barb says:

    Dear Janet,
    I couldn’t wait either! So I started memorizing on my own. I am willing to be email pals to encourage and share OR there is also a Facebook page of Siestas sharing their memory verses in much the same way Beth encouraged last year – search Facebook for “Siesta SMT” and you will find their group. (I tried to paste their URL here but wasn’t getting the right URL).
    lovingly, Barb

  41. 291
    Tera Stanton says:

    I am not currently enlisted in this study, but I have to share this with you. As I was studying this morning ( I was recapping Believing God from a few years ago), at way a way too early 4 am, I had this thought in my heart. I’ve never commented on a blog. However,God told me to share my heart with you. I didn’t know where else to post it or how to email you so I made a bloglines account so I could be obedient to the Lord. LOL!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! Thank you for following God’s calling on your life. You have no idea how many times I’ve drawn strength from you’re willingness to work for Him and your outspoken love for Him. THANK YOU!

    May God fill your life with many many blessings for you have been a blessing to many.
    Love you sweet sister!

  42. 292
    Maryellen says:

    Amen dear Siesta Mamma!

  43. 293

    Aww, we love you too Siesta Mama! We are an odd bunch of ladies, but we do want to love our Lord with all or mind, all or heart, and all our strength-so help us God, Amen!:) I think it this is one of God most amazing, blessed displays of sovereignty to bring together such a diverse group of women. I like reading the other comments sometimes just to get their different perspectives on things, and God uses their comments to teach me all the time.

    Love in HIM, ((HUGS)) always, Blessings to you today Siesta Mama,


  44. 294
    Sparki200 says:

    We love you, too, dear Siesta Mama/Miss Beth ….

    But, moreso, I love to learn from our Lord and from His Precious Word with you ! And, now Miss Kelly Minter, too … 😀

    In Christ’s Love,

    Janesville, WI

  45. 295
    Praying Paula says:


    Wanted to share my scripture “spiral” story. My praying girlfriends and ladies from Bible study know how I love my sprial and I’ve pushed & pushed & PUSHED it on them, they are now loading them up with their personal scriptures and learning the Word!!!

    Here is goes: Long story made short.

    The Lord pressed it into my heart to take my sprial with me into a well known grocery store- God made sure I had a baby sitter that day when I was rushing through the store. A lady, I’ve known for years that I haven’t seen in years came walking up to me with her arms out (she was working) and she started crying in my arms.

    I held her in the middle of the isle- praying over her. Weeping she said she is in the middle of depression again and she has thoughts of taking her life. (she does have professional/medical help working with her, she is in the middle of treatment now)

    I knew the reason why God had me bring the scriptures. The scriptures were hers now, the sprial was a gift from God to her. We stood on God’s Word- putting her armor on piece by piece- calling off darkness. She had a fear of not being saved, feeling worthless, etc.. I had lots of scriptures for the “mind” just finshed labeling each page days before. Prayers were on those cards from previous Bible studies..

    I thank you for encouraging the scripture cards. I’m now apart of a accountability group and we go over our scripture cards each week.

    Praying the prayer of Jabez for your ministry. You are reaching so many people in the power of Christ. Keep on keeping on!
    1 Chronicles 4: 9-10

  46. 296
    Jess says:

    I want to be a part of Siestaville so bad!! Where do I even begin to start though???

  47. 297

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