Siesta Summer Bible Study 3 Launch

Hey, Siestas! It’s time for summer Bible study! For the sake of rich fellowship and vital accountability, we hope as many of you as possible are meeting with small groups and on every other Tuesday or as close to Tuesdays as possible. You are absolutely welcome to join us solo but try to stay as involved as possible in the discussions so that you’ll feel plugged in. This is what you’ll do every other Tuesday:

1. Watch the video so you’ll have your instructions for your gathering or for your solo experience. I will always put the bare bones of the instructions in writing on the post just in case there is a video malfunction.

2. (You will find these instructions reiterated in this post because it’s fundamental to the experience.) If you are in a small group, designate one person who will write a comment to this post briefly telling us about your group and your discussion. It can be a different person each week or the same. START THE COMMENT WITH THE CITY, THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND LOCATION THEN DESCRIBE YOUR GROUP AND ADD SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DISCUSSION. For instance, I am meeting with my Monday staff members so my comment will begin with:

Houston, Texas; 8 of us; Meeting at Living Proof Ministries. Our group is primarily made up of…The main part of our discussion was about…(And so forth).

3. If you are going solo, your comment will become the way you complete the assignments. In other words, you’ll see that I ask you to describe this season of your life in one word. In your comment, tell us what that one word would be.

Make the length of it one good, descriptive paragraph. Try not to write too much or readers will tend to skip over it.

This clip is to give instructions for your first gathering – the one you are hopefully having today or in next 24 hours. You can watch this together or your leader can watch it and pass on your instructions.

Summer Bible Study – Week 1 from LPV on Vimeo.

I so hope that makes sense! Now, here are the written instructions for your gathering just in case you can’t get the video to work. Welcome aboard! May God take us on a journey that we’ll treasure for many years. Let’s find the Ruth in us, Siestas!

Today in your small group, here’s what I am asking you to do:

1. If you don’t know each other, spend a few minutes finding out some basic biographical information about one another.  (Single, married, still in school, or in a career. Children, no children. The regular stuff. Keep in mind that everybody fits in Bible study. You don’t need to all be alike. In fact, the more alike you all are, the less you may sharpen one another.)

2. Each of you in your small group characterize your life in this present season in ONE WORD.  Have the leader record these.

3. Each of you in your small group share one specific goal you have this summer for being in Bible study. Have the leader record these, too.

4. Look at the very last verse of the Book of Judges (Judges 21:25) because of its placement just prior to the book we’ll study together this summer. Discuss several specific reasons why doing what each of us sees fit at any given time could be dangerous. After several minutes of discussion, read Jeremiah 17:7-14 and talk about how this segment relates or contrasts to Judges 21:25.

Leader: this is very important. You get back on within 24 hours of meeting and write a brief summation of your group time as a comment to this post. Tell us how many came, your city, and something about your group or your group discussion.

Here’s a link to the first chapter of Ruth in case you don’t have your workbook yet.


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  1. 1301
    Melissa Richardson says:

    Savannah, GA
    I’ll be doing this study alone but meeting on the phone and getting together with my friends in Charleston and Atlanta whenever we’re able.
    One word to describe my season: Transition

  2. 1302
    Lee says:

    Just returned from vacation where I started the Ruth Study solo. WOW, do I ever need this right now. I’m from Central PA and would describe this season of my life as “hungry”. I turned 60 this year and just want so much more in my relationship with God. I’m looking forward to the combined wisdom found in Siestaville. I too want to be the woman who learns to rely on God and not on myself.
    Blessings to all!! L

  3. 1303
    raganbvm says:

    Good Morning Siestas!

    Our group last night consisted of Kessie (Abbeville, LA), Stacey (Lafayette, LA), Tula (Houston, TX), Tanya (Katy, TX), and myself (Ragan – Houston, TX). We met via conference call and really enjoyed our time together! This is our FIRST Summer Bible Study and we love it so far!

    One Word Description:
    Kessie: Stressful
    Tula: Discovery
    Tanya: Kinetic
    Stacey: Hectic
    Ragan: Introspective

    Goal for This Summer’s Bible Study:
    Kessie: desire to go deeper; to be fed
    Tula: reconnecting w/ friends; to be fed
    Tanya: build clarity/focus & confidence in self; trust in the Lord
    Stacey: simplicity; less chaotic life;
    Ragan: build community; dive into the Word!

    We spoke of how the Judges Scripture brought words like “loneliness, sadness, emptiness, depression, & lifelessness” to mind. We also shared how our lives felt at times where we did whatever we wanted to do without allowing the KINGSHIP of the Lord lead us.

    Regarding the Jeremiah Scripture: We related well to the verse about the human heart as well as to the tree who’s roots were STRETCHING to be in the water! The security of the Lord’s presence in our lives is soothing and builds confidence in us. The complexity of the human heart is intriguing! We noted how hard it is for us, esp as women, to really “get ourselves” due to this complexity.

  4. 1304
    Pam Cummings says:

    I am from Littleton Colorado, married and teach high school. The word to describe the season I am in is “Turmoil” . I want to better understand the Bible and have a closer walk with the Lord.

  5. 1305
    Pam Cummings says:

    I am doing the study with a friend her name is Sylvia. Our age range is from late 40’s-early 60’s. We have never blogged before, so not sure if we are going about this correctly. We are not sure if we are supposed to write more. We are a little behind, but we will eventually catch on.

  6. 1306
    Linda Dameron says:

    Hello fellow Siestas, We are in beautiful Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, NC. We are meeting in each others homes. We have 9 total participating. We all either love to Carolina Shag dance or was invited by one who does. So we are the dancing Siestas. We are divorced, single, widowed, married and have the desire to study God’s word together. The main part of our discussion was about this season of our lives. There has been tremendous loss and blessings among us. Glad to be participating in our first Siesta Summer Bible Study.

  7. 1307
    Cindy says:

    A group of 15 met Monday night at Mansfield Baptist Church in Mansfield, GA. Ranged in age from 20’s to 50’s. Our seasons of life run the gamut from blessed, content, transition, searching, off-balance, hectic, trusting. You name it, somebody is there! The theme of our being there seemed to be a longing to stay close to God through Bible study this summer and to hear from God so we can be just who He wants us to be in our various stages of life. We’re wanting our roots to seek the Living Water and be firmly planted!

  8. 1308
    Kimberly says:

    Kimberly age 35 s.a.h.m of two doing this study solo in Leander, TX

    • 1308.1
      Lisa says:

      Solo here too and also s.a.h.m.! I’m 38, not too far apart, even though in physical distance we are. I’m in Wisconsin.

  9. 1309
    Heidi says:

    Plant City, FL; 6 of us; our group is made up of my mom, grandmother, my three sisters and myself, meeting in our homes. Originally, I was going to do this study with some friends from church that did the siesta study last summer and we were going to start a week late because of VBS…but at the last minute God changed my plans. I had mentioned the study to my mom & sisters at different times, one by one they each expressed an interest in doing the study…long story short, we made plans to meet and jump in to this study together. I am so excited to share this with my beloved family! Our first meeting was last night…
    We cover just about all stages in life: 19, single, working; young wife with a new baby; newlywed (only 2 weeks into their marriage!); stay at home, homeschooling mom of 3 little kiddos; stay at home, homeschooling
    mom of 7, married 35 years; 72 year old, matriarch of the family, a mother of 3, grandmother to 14 and great-grandmother to 7!

    We characterized our lives with words like: adjusting, searching, crazy, blessed, abiding, content…

    Our purpose in doing this study is: to find a routine, deepen relationships with God and those in our group, build & maintain a habit of Bible study, finish a Bible study and for consistency in study & seeking God.

    We also read the intro to week one and really enjoyed the analogy of strengthening our physical core to strengthening our spiritual core. We have decided to commit 1 Timothy 4:8 to memory and to encourage each other to strengthening both our physical & spiritual cores over the next 6 weeks. We are ready to be challenged & changed!

    Another note: I started day one today, it took me four hours thanks to multiple interruptions! It was so good! Perfectly timed too. If I had started last week with the rest of the siestas, or even yesterday morning like I was tempted to do, it would not have meant as much and effected me as deeply. I’m so glad my God is in control! For I am “looking to the reward!” (Heb 11:26)

  10. 1310
    Michelle Harrison says:

    North Georgia (Ellijay)
    First Beth Moore bible study…”A Heart Like His” in 1996. Have journeyed along with Beth, inviting women to join me along the way. Going solo this time, but know I am not alone. Thank you Kelly and April, for the study book.

  11. 1311
    Cathy says:

    Going solo (decided at the last minute to do this study after hearing it was on the book of Ruth, which I love!) ….from Lincoln, Nebraska….I’m in my late 50’s and have been retired for a few years. My description for this season of life seems to be “waiting” — a most familiar place for me to be! My goal is to firm my focus on Jesus.

    (I didn’t see my post so I’m doing this again, in the event I did something incorrectly, so my apologies if this is redundant….)

  12. 1312
    Kim Cosby says:

    Corpus Christi, solo participant along with other 2000+ women…..My one word right now is gasping( or grasping)
    for the presence of God in my life. I need the discipline of study in God’s Word to keep me on track because of and in spite of my life’s circumstances….

    • 1312.1
      Lisa says:

      I pray God will be your Provider of all you need in the midst of your circumstances Kim. I am solo here too, yet it is quite cool that we are part of a group of 2000+ women, isn’t it!

  13. 1313
    Candice says:

    My name is Candice and our bible study group, Women of the Word in Sheridan, Wyoming, are doing this Living Room Series in Ruth together. We enjoyed our time last week going over goals, etc. There seemed to be a tendency for each of us to have more intimacy with Christ.

  14. 1314
    Stephanie says:

    Fruita, Colorado, 7 participants (only 5 today), meeting in my living room.

    Our group will be doing the study a week behind, so we will be meeting on the “between” Tuesdays. Our ages are 45-63. Of the 5 able to attend today, 4 are married, all have kids. Our jobs/careers range from caring for a grandchild to waiting tables, to photography, to arranging mortgages. Most of us are new friends-having met within the last 2 months.

    Our “One Word”: Overwhelmed; Growth; Quiet; Transition; “On a New Journey”

    Discussion: Judges 21:25–If we do as we see fit and have no law/king/God ruling, there is chaos, terror (thinking of towns without a marshal in pioneer days) and a higher risk of physical death. Proverbs 14:12 was mentioned (“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death”). Jeremiah 17:7-14–We can’t do as we see fit and consistently have a good outcome, because our hearts are deceitful. We have a choice to make: Confidence in God leading to blessings and health or confidence in self (or anything other than God) leading to curses, foolishness and shame.

  15. 1315
    Stephanie says:

    Solo, Idaho, hopeful, learn more about The Word and apply it to my life. It is dangerous to just do as we see fit because the heart is deceitful and we will be lead astray following our own “wisdom”.

  16. 1316
    Jenny says:

    Military :), 2 participants, (Jenny military headed to Belgium and Donna in WA doing this online together).
    We are both in desperate need of doing a bible study and finishing it with NO excuses. We both need to grow closer to God.

  17. 1317
    Kim Beechem says:

    8 moms ranging in age from late 20’s to early 40’s, Malakoff, TX. We’re meeting every other Monday night because that is the only day of the week that would work with all of our crazy schedules…so we’re about a week behind you.

    However, we had our first dinner & discussion last night & it was FABULOUS! We enjoyed sharing our 1-word descriptions of our lives & our goals for the Bible study. We have all decided that we want or group to SERVE in some capacity in our community instead of just meeting to soak in what we can. Our church has started a bus ministry for children this year and we all feel very compelled/convicted to figure out a way to reach the parents of these children as well. Any suggestions? We don’t know what that will look like but we are DETERMINED to DO instead of just SIT & SOAK.

  18. 1318
    Diana says:

    Sorry… our group got started a little late. We just met earlier this evening. We are a group of 4 women in our 20’s and 30’s in Fayetteville, GA. We all discussed Bible Study in general and thought that this was a great way for each of us to be accountable. One in our group has never done a Bible study before so she is very excited as are the rest of us!!

    • 1318.1
      Beth says:

      We’re thrilled you’re in! Especially happy about the one who is brand new. I LOVE THAT. May Christ blow her mind and steal her heart.

  19. 1319
    Marie says:

    Lebanon TN
    Southside Baptist Church
    7 women so far, ages 26 thru 62

    1. Since we all knew each other, we told something about ourselves no one in the room knew about. Very enlightening.

    2. Season of life ran from Fearful to Joyful and all things in between.

    3. Reason for the study ran from becoming closer to the Lord to knowing more of His Word.

    We will meet again next week on Tuesday and will then be caught up with the other Siestas. VBS put us 1 week behind.

  20. 1320
    apurefire says:

    Our group meets in my home in Virginia Beach, Virginia and there are 8 of us

    1. We had our first meeting last night, Monday, June 28 -we couldn’t meet last week because it was VBS at our church. There were 6 of us last night (2 couldn’t make it this week) all in our late 30’s-40’s. We’re all married with kids and go to the same church – but we’re all very different women with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Five of us have been together since the first Summer Siesta Bible Study! It has been an amazing fellowship and we each treasure our time together.

    2. Our one word descriptions were as follows:
    Gwendolyn – adventurous
    Kathy – dependent
    Liz – dependent
    Vickie – stressed
    Elizabeth – waiting
    Karen – searching

    3. What our goals are:
    Gwendolyn – To know God more intimately
    Kathy – More of God’s grace and mercy to flow thru me
    Liz – To continue what God’s doing in my life; have experienced more growth in the las year than my whole life and just want it to continue
    Vickie – After the SLI study I was brave enough to go on a cruise – wonder where I’ll go after this study!
    Elizabeth – To be together again as a group!
    Karen – To hear God and to KNOW that I’ve heard Him

  21. 1321
    Amanda says:

    Woo-Hoo! Our Loganville is going stronger than I imagined. After a little challenge, our SS class is doing this as a group! This is an awesome group of women, truly seeking God’s will for their lives and desiring to impact others. It is a group of women who have been through so many issues that I am strengthened and encouraged each time I am with them. I am so excited that we are all doing this together. Now that everyone is working to “catch up,” I am getting emails from them confirming how God is already working. I am so excited to see us grow through this study. Thanks, Kelly…and thank you Momma! Blessings.

  22. 1322
    The Bettys says:

    Fletcher, NC. 13 of us. Representing 36 kids. Group of friends who call ourselves “The Bettys”. The name is in honor of one of our mother’s, Betty Jean, who also called on a group of friends for love and support. We have a Betty Boop, Betty Rubble, Betty Crocker, Betty White, etc. – each representing our personalities. We are excited to dig into Ruth and out of the ditch!
    Sister Season Goal
    Lori Happy Closer Relationship
    Karen Chaotic In Word Independently
    Leeann Treading Confidence To Share
    Sally Anxious Serenity
    Merit Broken Whole
    Anita Gasping Application of Ruth
    Lisa Tired Relax
    Tracy Content Finish School
    Michelle Peaceful Hear God Clearly
    Julie Searching Hear God’s Answer
    Anna Optimistic Hear God’s Voice
    Misty Transitioning Stay in Word, Draw Closer
    Julie R. Transforming Know Him Better

    Living as we each see fit will never work…we are so grateful for our Savior!

  23. 1323
    Rochelle says:

    Our 5 little “Ruthies” met tonight in Pella, Iowa, in a room at our church with comfy cushions to recline in during our study discussion, but also equipped with a table for mealtime.
    Each of us have known at least one other person in the group for a number of years, so we decided to share college info and unknown facts with each other. We are all in our late 20’s and early 30’s and have 9 young children between us, ranging from 1 yr to 8 yrs old.
    BG went to Northwestern College in Orange City, IA where she majored in writing & rhetoric and minored in religion. Her fun fact was that she had 6 pet raccoons and 1 pet turkey growing up. Her brother actually walked Cletus P. Hucklebuck (the turkey, of course) on a leash around the neighborhood. The baby raccoons were named Miles, Melvin, Rudy, and the other 3 names escaped her. Her one word was “unsettled” and she longs to connect with God in a real way because she just can’t right now … and is a bit disgruntled with God about that right now.
    SP went to Mt. Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, IA and then U of Minnesota for grad school. She was a track stud and besides running in college, she pole vaulted. She claimed she wasn’t good and though she won conference her jr year, it was a “bad” conference of pole vaulters. Her one word is “distracted” or “very little time to herself” and her goal is to be intentional in her time with the Lord.
    RD went to the U of Iowa in Iowa City and has 2 unusual medical facts: at 4-ish, doctors believed she was going blind (but she didn’t) and she has a number of birthmarks covering her torso/back – a rare skin disorder that doctors photographed and paraded many residents in to see/observe. The Ruthies decided she was a “almost-blind spotted miracle.” Word is “unsettled/distracted” and wants meditation and fruitful time with God.
    DR went to Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa and was also a track stud in HS. Her sophomore year her school’s girl’s track team won state and her 4×100 relay won the championship as well. She thought she was on her way to track stardom until a knee injury in volleyball her junior year. Her word was “chaotic” and wants “intentional time with the Lord.”
    BS went to the U of Iowa. She shared many stories and a deep thought: “I’d rather be lost and choose to be found, then always be found.” (Referring to her decision to go to a large university.) Recently, she fell off a treadmill and got a nasty burn. Her word is “distracted” and her goal is to be able to learn to focus on God with all the worlds distractions swirling around.

    Another fun facts: 4 of the 5 worked at a Dairy Queen type establishment.

    BG and SP were softball rivals as girls (Bombers vs. Slick Chicks)

    And DR babysat SP’s little sister’s husband back in the day.

    And BS and RD are sisters.

    In response to the passages: the Judges verse describes chaos, is what the US seems like today (do what you think is right and that is right for you) and it seems like socialism is back with the government trying to take over everything.

    The Jeremiah passage is in direct contrast to the Judges verse. It tells us to BE ROOTED because everyone else is doing as they please and we do not want to fall into the mindsets and philosophies of this world.

    (Sorry so long!)

  24. 1324
    Casey says:

    Henrietta, TX; 4 of us; Meeting in different homes. Our group is made up of 4 ladies who attend the same church, 3 in 30’s & 1 in 40’s. Our 10 children range in age from 3 months to 21 years! Our discussion centered mostly on where we want to go with this study, wanting to grow more in His Word, being refreshed and finding rest in Him. Also, just the basic when and how do you have a GOOD quiet time with small children?

  25. 1325
    Emily Moore says:

    We are one of four groups from Fuquay-Varina Baptist Church in Fuquay-Varina, NC. We have groups from our church meeting on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights and Wednesday during the day. Our group is the Tuesday night group. We are a week behind because our VBS was last week and it was every night until 9pm so we had to start a week late. We had 12 folks there tonight and we have some more who are doing the study with us and will be there next time.
    We are a variety of ages and stages, which is neat. I can’t wait to see how God is going to work! We only got to the first two questions tonight because we ran out of time…we will try to talk faster next time. 🙂

  26. 1326
    Dottie says:

    Going solo this summer. I am married with 2 daughters that are 5 and 2 years old. We live in Rolla, MO. The season of my life is frazzled/stressed. I wanted to do this study to help me stay focused this summer on Who is important and draw closer to Him during this time. I attended Living Proof Live in STL this past weekend and I am revived for this summer journey.

    • 1326.1
      Carol says:

      Dottie, You are welcome to join our group in Salem, MO – 30 miles south of you! I was at St Louis LPL also. Carol Walter

  27. 1327
    Debbie G. says:

    #1) Jacksonville, FL. Going solo, since I have been traveling like a mad woman with my job and will continue until September. 49 year old widow as of 18 months ago.

    #2) Heart-broken

    #3) Goal is to get back in the word and continue to process my grief with the Lord. I did Scripture Memory last year and that sustained me through the 1st year without my husband. However, I changed jobs in February, and I’ve allowed the travel and crazy hours to replace/interfere with my relationship with the Lord.

    #4) These verses are relevant and a good reminder for me in this season of my life. I need not do what is right in my own eyes (aka let my job take over my whole life) – but instead, trust in the Lord and make him my hope and confidence.

  28. 1328
    *Lindsay* says:

    Bangor, Maine

    One word (well, two): Scary hope

  29. 1329
    pambhm says:

    There are 9 of us in Birmingham AL. We’re an age-diverse group of women from church. Our first meeting was on Tuesday, but one week later than the kickoff. We’re going to be moving along on a week-delayed schedule.

  30. 1330
    Jennifer says:

    Murphy, TX; 2 of us; meeting at each other’s houses (we live less than 5 mins from each other). We met at church several years ago and have not had the opportunity to do another bible study together in the past two years so we are excited to join in this summer with you all. We are such good friends and can talk about everything and anything:). We are so excited to be back in God’s word together!

    The One word that would describe the present season of my life is challenging. For my friend, her One word is change.

    The specific goal for both of us is to come back home to Christ. To lean more on Him and His ways and not our own and to know in our hearts continually that He is with us always. God we love you and are so grateful that you loved us first!!

  31. 1331
    Tarrah says:

    Hi! We are a small group of women in Redmond, WA doing this study together. Today we had three wonderful ladies, but we expect 6 total over the summer. We are all in our 20s/early 30s, some married, some single. During the off weeks we also socialize together. Our words were: renaissance, seeking and hopeful/trusting. Goals: fully do the study and the workbook, discussions about topics and get something new out of the word, being diligent in the word, more than just verses. Looking forward to a great study!

  32. 1332
    Barb Friesen says:

    I wasn’t sure where to sign up. I live in Salem OR and I am doing this study on my own. Along with a sister and niece who live in California.

  33. 1333

    I’m sorry to be jumping on the wagon late!

    I’m Julie in Charlotte, NC. I’m doing this solo, and am a teacher off for the summer.

    One word: transition!

    Goal: to ensure that I am seeking God first this summer and not making other things a priority instead.

    Judges 21:25 — This is the “cafeteria” style of living where each person chooses the paths that suit their tastes and disregards things that don’t suit them. The problem with this is that our choices may conflict and hurt others, or conflict with God’s will and ultimately hurt ourselves. Any time spent following our own desires instead of His will is time wasted.

    Jeremiah 17:7-14 — This is the opposite of the passage in Judges, and shows the results of trusting in God in storms and calm, famine and plenty. This is a person who is not blown about by their desires as in the former passage.

  34. 1334
    sepik-meri katie says:

    2 of us in gig harbor, washington

    katie’s (me) one-word description: bruised
    amy’s one-word: searching

    we got together a week late, but we’re on track now! i made the mexican enchiladas tonight (are you kidding? i couldn’t wait any longer) and we had a good kick-off. we seem to be in similar places in life, even being made to leave a foreign mission field we weren’t anywhere NEAR ready to let go of, and the heartache of that loss, along with losing “a relationship” we both thought was going somewhere. anyway, i think God might have something to show us of Himself -and a blessing to give through each other this summer. sooo looking forward to Him, my Treasure in the darkness… how is it that He can be dearer and dearer to me as the days go by?? and i love you siesta mama beth. goodnight!

  35. 1335
    Brooke says:

    Joining you from paradise – Honolulu, Hawaii! Our group consists of three ladies, and we are long-time friends and sisters in the Spirit! Two of us are in our early 30s and married with small children. The third is a beautiful single siesta who is about to turn 30 this year. Amazingly, God has brought all three of us to a very similar and blessed season in our lives. We are all seeking a deeper knowledge and relationship with our great Creator, and seeking to find out what it really looks like to “walk in the Spirit.” We haven’t been able to get together yet because I just found out about this study over the weekend. I have ordered our books though and we are so excited. We love you so much Beth, and God has used you over and over in the last few years to speak to our hearts and help us make life-changing decisions for Christ!

    • 1335.1
      Beth says:

      Talk about a place we need to have a Siesta Fiesta!! We love you, too, Brooke. You guys keep studying! Jesus is so worthy!

  36. 1336
    Julie Hodges says:

    Psalm 118:8 it is better to trust in the LORD than to trust in man. Amen! Thanks so much for your Prayers we met last night and God showed up in a big way I am bless to have so many beautiful woman of God in our home. I am blessed among woman!

  37. 1337
    Lisa says:

    Hi..I am coming on late, but school is now officially out for summer, I work in the education field. I am going solo this summer. I live in Ontario, Canada. I am married to a great man and have been blessed with three sons (18, 16, 12).

    I would describe this season of my life as “chaos”. Through this study I hope to return to the close relationship I once had with my Lord and Saviour. Although he never leaves me or foresakes me….I have been prone to wonder and have been doing that as of late….hence the chaos (I think!!)

    Looking forward to getting started!!

  38. 1338
    Kayleen says:

    We met last night for our first meeting.
    There are 7 of us meeting in Show Low AZ. Our ages range from 25-44, single & married all of us have children. We noted that all of our words were about transitions. Our goals ranged from “to gain insight” to “just to be here”. It is a precious group of ladies. I am so excited to learn about their hearts as we pray for each other and discuss the lessons. I find it amazing how God put each of the ladies there.

  39. 1339
    Carol says:

    Salem, MO United Methodist Church started our Ruth Bible Study last night (we had to put it off one week due to scheduling). We will meet every other Tuesday night. There are 6 of us and 4 of us met for the first time. We are 50-something, 60-something and 70-something. 🙂

    The seasons of our life are contentment, change, uncertainty and unfocused.

    I was at the St. Louis Living Proof Live this past weekend, so we not only watched the opening Ruth segment, but I made them watch the St. Louis LPL video. It was so wonderful!

    Our reasons for being in bible study are to stay in the Word, to study a beloved book of Ruth and to meet new friends in a new town and new church. Pretty good reasons!!
    Thanks for encouraging us to stay in the WORD this summer.

    Carol Walter – Study leader, minister’s wife and child of God, trying to remain in His word, work, and GLORY.

  40. 1340
    ohbcgirls says:

    Last night was our first meeting. We had 6 ladies in attendance in Powder Springs, Ga. We mare primarily made up of “Naomis!”
    The main part of our discussion started after reading the last verse in Judges about how this generation coming up seems to have a disconnect between the things of God and having a personal relationship with Him.
    We are looking forward to finishing this study victoriously and closer to Him!!

  41. 1341
    Erika David says:

    So there are 4 ladies in our group in Oregon and we are all married in our 30’s. All of us have kids, or are expecting.
    The words that describe our lives at this moment are: surviving, change, tired, and chaos. Our goals for the bible study are, accountability with quiet time, studying through good and bad, continued growth and gathering of knowledge, and to get out of a strong hold/change some behaivors.

    We are all excited to learn more about Ruth!

  42. 1342
    Jess says:

    Greetings, siestas! My group is going to stay a week behind, but we are so very excited to be a part of the bloggy community. We have 4 ladies from Columbia, MO. Each of us, while similar in age, are very different in seasons of life. Our words to describe our life were hectic, uncertain, insecure, and needed. We are comprised of a single siesta, a married siesta with no kids in grad school, a siesta who’s pregnant with her first and a siesta mom of 2. The main part of our discussion hinged around not living like the last part of Judges in a world that is prone to do as they feel. We’re excited to keep pressing through this study and learn from each other.

  43. 1343
    Sarah M. says:

    Port St. Joe, FL
    Flying Solo

    Word: Bothered.
    Goal: Change. I think it’s what I hope for most in any Bible Study. If I’m not changed by the Word of God, then why do I study it? His Word is life-changing!

    Judges 21:25 – Ummm…I’ve done what I’ve seen fit. It’s dangerous because I put “self” first – making me selfish. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t listed in the Fruit of the Spirit.
    Jeremiah 17:7-14 – Contrasts: The Lord says blessed are those whose trust and confidence are in Him. The man who trust continuously in the Lord will seek to honor Him above all else. They will not seek to put self above others. They will be like a tree planted by a stream drawing from the stream with confidence during hard times (when what we really want to do is uproot ourselves and run for it – only wearing ourselves out). Being rooted in God in place of just doing whatever I want.
    Relates: The heart is deceitful and ‘desperately sick.’ All who abandon the Lord (doing what WE want instead of what HE wants…) will be put to shame. Over and over in the OT we see those who turned away from Yahweh ‘put to shame’ in various ways because of their turning. Those in Judges 21:25 were at it again…

  44. 1344
    Sue Heimer says:

    I am going solo. I leave in Colfax, IL. Season in life is peaceful and at rest. It has not always been this way…so I am thankful!! Looking forward to the journey, through Ruth, together with you all!!

  45. 1345
    Katie Reno says:

    Hi Siesta Momma!

    This is Katie from of Jackson, MS. Last night, I met with 8 other girls to start our journey through the Ruth bible study. We are a week behind you but excited about being a part of this! We had a great meal together last night, Chicken Enchiladas, and we talked about Jesus. Nothing better than that- Jesus, Girls, and Mexican food!! We loved being able to say “one word” answers to what we are currently going through in our lives.. it was interesting for sure.
    We are all in our 20s and go to church together. Can’t wait to see them again to talk about Ruth!


  46. 1346
    Robin M says:

    Solo in Alexandria, VA. (Single, 30s, in career; My season: cautious expectation, to quote Jaime above). I have a wonderful church home and lots of amazing Christian friends with whom I could do this but I really feel like going solo and focusing on listening to God quietly. I’m overcoming a “hard & bitter season of sifting” (thanks again, Jaime!) of 7 months of unemployment but God blessed me beyond measure! God gave me peace thoughout and I was able to complete the revised version of “Breaking Free” which totally changed my life! (Thanks, Beth!) I’m more joyful than I thought possible but I’m also too scared to take anything for granted. I am afraid I’m holding back and I don’t want to do that. I want to be liberated fully in Christ and to trust Him without reservation. I know His plans for me are better than anything I could come up with on my own!

  47. 1347
    Jan Moser says:

    4 moms in Corrales, NM, Heidi, Jan, Gina, and Patty; who try to meet every 2 weeks…we are a little out of sync with the group…we did the enchiladas and yummy whipped cream and intro 2 weeks ago..but met yesterday and did Beth’s questions. Our answers were:
    Season of life: Giving, too busy, anticipating, and confused
    Reason to Study Ruth: contentment, peace in the midst, consistency in the Word, and connection

    Just a comment to the many “solos” out there… you are with us in spirit…keep posting… we’ll pray with you and keep a chair open for you!

  48. 1348
    Susan says:

    Hi. We are in Massillon, Ohio. My 12 year old daughter & I are doing this study together. This is our first mother/daughter Bible study and we are really looking forward to it. We are using this study to spend some much needed special time with God and each other as our life can mainly be described as “hectic” consisting of chasing my 10 year old son around at travel games while caring for our two – 2 year old daughters we adopted from China over the past couple of years. Linday & I have always been close & I am praying to continue that closeness as our relationship grows & changes into her teen years along with the added pressures of dealing with all the attention her younger sisters seem to attract.

    • 1348.1
      Lauren says:

      Awesome that you and your daughter are doing this together… may God keep her strong as she enters those tough teen years!

  49. 1349
    andrea t. says:

    1.Three of us are meeting:
    2 in NY, 1 in Maine (yupp that’s right,the phone lines help)

    2.We have a diverse group (that’s good)
    So our words that describe us are:
    Waiting, Really waiting, Knee-bound

    3.We began looking for:
    Fellowship, Consistency, Accountability, Searching for God’s will, Refreshed to wait longer
    (well, that was being honest)

    4.What a great reminder to stay in the WORD!!! We cannot afford not to be!! 🙂

  50. 1350
    Christie says:

    League City, Texas; 11 of us; Meeting at the home of one of our group members. This is brand new group brought together specifically for this study! Our group has a wide variety of women. Divorced, single, married, kids, no kids, 20’s, 30s’, 40’s. Several of us lead groups of teenage girls in our church’s youth group while some are the mom’s of our kids, and some are just friends!

    Our meetings are a week behind. Since several of us were at camp with the teens last week we weren’t able to start our meeting until last night (6/29). The main part of our discussion was about how destructive we are when left to our own devices (Judges) but what our life looks like when we allow our standard and moral compass to be set by God, especially during dry seasons (Jeremiah).

    The one word description of our present season was interesting to hear. I can’t wait to see what word they use to describe their life after the study is over. :o)

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