Want to Chime in with Questions to Work into 2nd Timothy Series?

Hey, you guys! I bet you can guess what my head’s down under right now.



Oh, man. It’s a ton of work but I love it so so much. Researching then writing in-depth Bible study curriculum is still my happy place. I’ve never gotten over it. Every few days I get a tweet from somebody who has just started or finished A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place and I think, often with a lump in my throat, what an invasive virus I caught from that very first journey. There in the pages of Exodus and in the detailed construction of that Old Testament Tabernacle and then in all that flipping to the New Testament to see it fulfilled, I fell so in love with Jesus and the Scriptures that I knew I’d study them in pursuit of Him for the rest of my days. Gah, I love it. I know so many of you do, too. The divine brilliance and beauty of the Bible still slays this woman right here.

The series I’m working on right now is on 2nd Timothy and will carry the title Entrusted. It will hit the shelves in September of 2016 so it won’t be a long wait at all. You will be so glad to know that Melissa is jumping in on this one with 2 articles a week like she did in the James series Mercy Triumphs. She also has a huge stack of resource books for her part of the study but the difference is, neither you nor I can read most of the titles of her books. I mostly point at her resources and say, “Man, that must be a real nail-biter.” But, boy, do I love what she does with them.

We won’t complete the written part of the series until June but the taping for the six sessions I’m teaching takes place next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I cannot beg your prayers loudly enough. Please ask God to pour out His Spirit on every part of the taping and on every participant and upon me as I serve and teach. WE WANT JESUS. We are seeking such a powerful and fresh work of His Spirit in this series. We’re looking for an Ephesians 3:20. Please intercede for us!

One of the concepts we will develop throughout the series is the profound connectedness between generations so poignantly illustrated in the relationship of Paul and Timothy. Our effectiveness for the sake of the gospel dramatically increases when our journeys overlap and our spiritual gifts converge and we learn with one another and from one another. We will be challenged to become vastly more deliberate in equipping and encouraging one another, on cheering one another on, and helping each other navigate difficulties and get back to our feet when we’ve been thrown on our backs. These things are invaluable in the journey of faith. They can be the difference between us staying the course and quitting.

Needless to say, our biggest objective will be to thoroughly study the verses of 2nd Timothy, deliberating on each exhortation and taking note of the process of connectedness between Paul and his son in the faith. But as an older woman who gets a huge charge out of seeing what Jesus is doing in fellow servants my age and watching Him raise up mighty servants in younger generations, I’ll also be weaving in whatever I have to give from my own experiences and my own journey where it seems appropriate. Things I learned the hard way. What’s been hardest and what’s been the most gloriously rewarding. Lord help me, there’s so much I don’t know and much I did wrong and much I can’t offer but, what I have, I want to give to this study. This is where you come in if you’re willing. I don’t just want to share aimlessly. I’d love to know what you wish I’d address.

So, here’s what I’d like for you to do. Think about what you wish you and I could talk about if we could grab a Starbucks together. Form it into a clear question – just one – and present it in a succinct blog comment to this post. You might even tell me very briefly why you’re asking. (For instance, I’m a 22 year old who feels called to…) Your question can be about walking with God in general or about leadership in particular or about teaching or communicating or about navigating ministry or family. What would you, a person of faith, ask of a woman of faith who’s been around the bend a few times? Anything’s game if it’s genuine and I’ll consider questions from brothers in Christ, too, if any feel like pitching one my way. I will carefully go through your questions and answer as many of them as I can through the process of teaching and writing this study.

If you read the comments and see that someone has already asked your question, tell me that you wanted to ask the same one. That will make it stand out in my selection. I’d love to be able to mention your first name and the city you call home when I share your question and my response if that’s okay but, if you’d rather I pose the question anonymously in the series, just say so and I’ll gladly do that.

Sound like something you’d like to take part in? I’d be so grateful! I want to serve. NOT JUST TALK. I want to know what you’d find most helpful from a woman of my sort, whatever that weird sort may be. This blog community proved absolutely invaluable in the Esther series (The Red Book!) and in So Long Insecurity through the surveys I offered to fit those themes. Your input would be solid gold in this one.

I’m so grateful for your help! Honored to serve you. Please pray for me as I prepare for next week’s taping! Bless you today!







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  1. 351
    Carol VanderWal says:

    Dear Beth, to have an hour with you….Don’t think that would be enough time. I would love to know how you fit everything in in a day. I am 62 and have so many questions. Love your studies and can’t wait til fall so our group can start a new one:)

  2. 352
    Michele says:

    I’m 29 years-old and have spent the past decade+ healing from two pretty broken and harmful relationships. The fact that I allowed these to impact me so negatively caused me to withdrawal and sort of coil inwards in shameful isolation. Now I find myself nearly thirty and so very confused about what I am called to do and feeling very alone. I’m moving to Chicago to try and start fresh, but I am so very scared and nervous, trying to rely on God’s promises and strength and audacious love. But what I would love to have is some specific direction. Just one, even. Just something specific I can do to get me on the right path.

  3. 353
    Diana A. says:

    Do you know how profound the idea of having coffee with you, would be to me?

    I think it would be the same as you having coffee in the Oval Office with President Obama.
    I am not sure I would be able to even spout out my name; little else of having any discussion with you. I mean it as I am in awe of your studies, your teaching, your giftedness. Not in worship, but it would be difficult to speak, I would only want to listen!
    I have only respect for you.

    Surrey, BC, Canada

  4. 354
    Linda Matsko says:

    Linda from Indio, CA – Aside from reading the Word of God itself, the Bible, what is your favorite resource for study and preparing a lesson?

    Linda, Indio, CA

  5. 355
    Kay Wammack says:

    I would ask you how you stay motivated to pray for a young adult family member who has no relationship with God. One who was raised to love, worship and pray to Him. One who is surrounded with a Christian family but only focuses on “those hypocrits”.

  6. 356
    Briana says:

    Hi Beth! I’m a 26 year old wife and mom, and I’m wondering…what is the most effective way of instilling in your children a Godly legacy? i.e. praying together at night, reading the Word together, including them in your ministry activity, etc.? Thank you so much!

  7. 357
    Elizabeth B Harris says:

    Beth am enjoying watching you on Wed night just more time
    please, need prayer on my Health love going to church but
    have bad time sleeping so that makes for me missing church
    it always starts at 10:30 not complaining know that my God has this just praying for better health love my book Audacious
    thank you so much
    will be praying for you as you travel and study. Love in Christ Elizabeth

  8. 358
    Martha says:

    Hey Beth!

    My name is Martha, I’m a 31 year old stay-at-home momma to three little ones ages 5, 3 and 1, and live in Asheville, NC. MAN what I wouldn’t give to sit down and have coffee with you and chat. Then again, I’d probably be struck dumb for all the things I’d want to say. One question I’ve wanted to ask a more seasoned woman in the faith would be how do you reconcile the things you sense and believe God is calling you to do when your (believing) husband isn’t necessarily in agreement or on board? Not that he is against it, but that you seem to be raring to go with ideas and direction and desire to serve, and he is not with you on it? Maybe he is hesitant, maybe when you share these ideas with him, he feels insecure about his own walk with the Lord. What is the line there — with obeying the Lord but also submitting to and respecting your husband, seeing as how submitting to your husband IS obeying the Lord?

  9. 359
    Anony says:

    How do you balance humility, not being so motives obsessed that you hide or withdraw, nor so oblivious that you indulge the flesh?

    For those of us who may not be called to teach but still love to study, how do we fight the guilt that says our time is better spent in less “selfish” ways (more directly serving others, spending time with our spouse or kids, etc)? Sometimes I feel frustrated by the self-focus and wonder if I should be out doing something more tangible to serve others. Yet I’m compelled time and again, to pick up the books.

    And this!!! I’m dying to know, you look at people with such tenderness, nurture, blazing intentionality, and kindness in your eyes. I am lacking for better words but there’s something in your eyes and the way you love people and I want to know how I can have it to. Is it just how God made you or can this be developed? (Am I out of my mind or does this make any sense!?) Not everyone who loves Jesus, even for a lifetime, has what I’m trying to describe. It’s like a fullness of the Holy Spirit that fills your face with love. What is it and how can I have it too???

    I know it’s too many questions but I just can’t help myself.

    • 359.1
      Mandy says:

      I too love and crave spending time reading my Bible and studying and often struggle with how to spend my time. As a stay at home mom it was easier… He spoiled me so often I would be letting Him minister to me for hours. I recently started working part time and do feel God’s hand is in my work. But I desperately miss my time with Him.

  10. 360
    Brooke says:

    How do I pray with belief and hope without being completely crushed when my prayers are not answered?
    My son has been sick for months, and it’s hard to keep praying for the same thing over and over and over.

  11. 361
    not letting go till blessing comes says:

    After 25 hard years of marriage.. If God’s best plan in covenant marriage is for two to become one and their callings and purpose are intertwined within, how do we create fulfilling, joyful marriages that honor God, each other, and become a blessing and inheritance to our children (instead of a curse..) in an age where such a thing is nearly extinct? Prayers appreciate 🙂

  12. 362
    Kristi says:

    Hi Beth,

    My name is Kristi; I’m 36 & live in Nashville, TN. I grew up smack in the middle of the Bible belt in a strict Baptist church. As I’ve grown I’ve adjusted my views slightly about what is & isn’t wrong for a Christian, i.e. drinking, women in leadership, etc. The one thing I have never strayed from is that God sent His son Jesus to be the saviour to those that accept him into their hearts. I have a very diverse group of friends from all different backgrounds, many who don’t believe as I do. How do I stay true to my convictions, minister to my friends (as my heart aches for them bc they don’t believe the same & I firmly believe that means they will go to hell) but also hold onto compassion for them as a person & their actions? I suppose what I’m asking is what is the best way to be in the world but not of the world?

  13. 363
    Mindy says:

    I’m 52 and have appreciated and grown from your ministry for years. THANK YOU!! (My husband and I are presently doing your David study together. He is teaching a small group on the Psalms, and I told him it’d be good background information. He is loving it!) My question involves church…Our church recently had a pastoral change and half of the people have left, along with 2 very godly elders. When is it okay to change churches? Besides heresy, what are some biblical reasons to do so?

  14. 364
    Pam Young says:

    Beth, I dearly love coffee and Jesus. Looking way back from 59 I can truly say some of my first memories are made up of being in church and knowing I could count on Jesus.
    I can relate to so many roads and statements in this section of comments. I have been on many of the same journeys! I can look back and relate to the young mother who faces the daily challenge of being mom and still grow spiritually- not for the faint of heart! I relate to the challenges as we grow into more responsibility and know just enough to become dangerous! Haha! Growing up a little further in life I find it exciting and humbling to to recognize in my adult children ( how did that happen so quickly) the experiences they are are facing and the faith they will need for the road ahead. All I can ask is for you to just keep showing us how to stay faithful, keep our light visible and trust in Jesus. It’s really a pretty good road map!

  15. 365
    Emily says:

    Hi. One question that comes to mind is, when you are teaching and you know you are really hitting it home, how do handle that? Of course you give God the glory! But what about your heart? How do you Gaurd your heart from being puffed up. Is it okay to feel good about what you’ve taught and feel joy that you think you did a good job or is that kinda infringing on the glory? I’d love to hear how you deal with it since no doubt God has gifted you and we all love you! And how you handle the praises of people.

    I am truly thankful to The Lord for you and your ministry. I told my husband that we have to move to TX, so I can be on your team ;). I was denied but, never hurts to ask!

  16. 366
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Beth,
    Just curious, why 2nd Timothy and not 1st Timothy or a study of the two together?

  17. 367
    Monica says:

    Hi Beth – Monica here from Abbotsford, BC in Canada. I’m 55 and fell in love with studying the Word in January 2008. Did my first bible study after my husband left our family after 23 years of what I thought was a good marriage – a friend invited me to ‘A Woman’s Heart’ – It changed my life – literally – ask my kids! Have either studied one of your studies alone or led one with other women since then. I’ve had the privilege of introducing many woman to your studies – and they all thank you for your faithfulness, honesty and giftedness!
    Here’s my question – how do you come along someone (a sister in Christ) who’s willingly embracing a sinful path and speak truth to them in LOVE and they NOT feel like you are judging them! You are not – you’re distraught about where they are heading and pleading with them to turn back to Jesus but they’ll have none of it – it feels good so it must be ok – they say they have peace – but according to Scripture they are heading straight into destruction. Any words of wisdom you can offer would be so appreciated!

  18. 368

    I’m 63, retired from my job as a school principal, on fire for the Lord and ready to put that time and energy into full time service for my Jesus while I’m still young! Yet here I am, repeating the much younger Martha’s Q, from 2/05: “How do you reconcile the things you sense and believe God is calling you to do when your (believing) husband isn’t necessarily in agreement or on board? Not that he is against it, but that you seem to be rearing to go with ideas and direction and desire to serve, and he is not with you on it? Maybe he is hesitant, maybe when you share these ideas with him, he feels insecure about his own walk with the Lord. What is the line there — with obeying the Lord but also submitting to and respecting your husband, seeing as how submitting to your husband IS obeying the Lord?”
    So my heart goes out to this young woman. My husband doesn’t want me to spend the money on international mission trips, although I’ve been called to this all my life and finally have time to go. I already do volunteer work here with refugees and with foreign language students. Love you Beth!

  19. 369
    Lesley says:

    How do you balance your life to be able to do all the ministry you’re called to do as an individual yet maintain a great marriage relationship with your husband? What are the guidelines you follow before committing to an assignment?

  20. 370
    Shadow says:

    Hey there Beth, I’m from Idaho and of course I would love to learn from you and your experiences, the good and the bad. We all have them don’t we? I have done several of your bible studies because I feel like I can relate to you because you’re a woman. One area and it seems like I’m not alone here, is the area of praying for the same thing over and over again and just getting plain tired of praying for it. Do I stop praying and just let God do His thing and let His will be done, because it will no matter what? How do I pray without ceasing and believe if it’s not His will? How do I know what I’m supposed to be doing? ie, I am 52 yo and have been divorced for 10 years now. I would have like to have found a Christian man by now have been married, but have not. I just feel like God doesn’t want me to, yet everybody around seems to be able to find someone. It’s those kinds of prayers and more that I just get tired of praying when absolutely nothing is happening. It gets very frustrating and is very disheartening. I’m not trying to come off as poor me because I have a lot to be grateful for and am. I have kids that still haven’t come to Christ due to unhealthy lifestyles so that’s another ongoing prayer. Where does the trust in God come into play? I know He is at work, but if a person doesn’t want to come to God, God won’t force them, so there again it gets tiring praying. I won’t stop praying, because right now that is my strength, but this has been on my mind for a while and you asked! 🙂 Thank you Beth for being you and I look forward to this next bible study that you are working on.

  21. 371
    Cindy says:

    Hi, I’m a 54 year old woman with no children of my own by choice having come from a dysfunctional upbringing. My little sister, 15 years younger passed away in 2014, leaving behind a very damaged 7 year old. My husband and I felt compelled of God to step up to the plate. 18 months have passed and I hate my life. I do not enjoy parenting at all. So my question is: why does God call us to do things He knows we will be miserable doing?
    Thank you. Cindy

  22. 372
    Brittney Zimprich says:

    I’m 26 years old, living in Brandon, Suffolk England. I’ve been married for two and a half years and my husband is in the Air Force. As a military wife, I have big dreams for myself; but also recognise the boundaries of mobility, constant travels and picking up my life and moving often.
    How do I dream big and not be afraid to do big things for Christ when I am constantly inside of change?

  23. 373
    Donnie says:

    Hey Girlfriend!

    You are an amazingly gifted lady of out Lord, and I cannot begin to thank you for blessing our hearts.
    I have been called to go into the ladies’ prison and teach bible study. I love each and every one of these ladies, love on them, pray for and with them and desperately want God to work thru me to reach them. I want them to know their worth, and how God is protecting them, and preparing them to be stronger when they get out. What verses of the Bible, and books would you suggest I read that truly made an impact on your life? I loved So Long Insecurity and have used clips of Beth Moore wisdom often.
    Help me step out of the box Beth.

  24. 374
    Carolyn says:

    I am 64, and living in the mountains of NW GA after 30 years in Florida. The culture here, as it relates to women in leadership, is soooooo different than anywhere I have been.I’ve been in ministry, in business, and led within the church. At the end of II Timothy, Paul sends his greetings to Priscilla and Aquilla, who labored side-by-side with him for the sake of the Gospel and instructed Apollos. I would love your insight on women in leadership in the church and women teaching men and women together. HELP!!! The legalism is strangling me.

  25. 375
    Natalie McGary says:

    Hi Beth,
    I want to love God with the same passion you do! I do love Him so, but I want to love Him more! I will be praying for you! You are a tremendous blessing to me, Natalie

  26. 376
    Lori says:

    Hello Beth,
    If we’re having a chat over coffee me with my white chocolate mocha with nonfat milk and you with your coffee I would ask you, what scriptures I could go to to learn how to forgive myself from the life I lived before Christ? The damage I did to myself and my kids are always before me because I live out the consequences every single day and the evil one like to remind me of them. Is the process the same as forgiving someone who has wronged me? I know that Christ has forgiven me but how do I forgive myself?

  27. 377
    Diane says:

    Beth, I am challenged with keeping true to the word of God. Knowing His truth of what is sin in our lives yet the world is trying so hard to rewrite and interpret God’s word to fit their needs. I am not to judge but how should I be accepting of what I know to be sin?

  28. 378
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Beth, I am 63 and getting ready to retire later this year. My question is how do I find an outlet to serve the Lord? I have a small Bible study I have had the joy of leading for 3 years now (blessed so much by many of your studies) but nothing else. I pour into my grandchildren, love God’s Word, participate in miision trips at church when I can but being fairly new in this area, don’t have close friends and spend most days off by myself. (Husband passed away) Want to live a life pleasing to the Lord:) Stephanie from La Habra

  29. 379
    Jenny says:

    Beth, I am loving your bible studies and I love being in the word. But my husband has a harder time finding bible studies for himself. I want him to keep on walking with me and grow in his faith and I don’t want to leave him behind, but I’m busy running towards Jesus that I hate to slow down. Do you have any bible study’s for men, you’d recommend? Any recommendations to help get my man into the word. His heart is there, he just doesn’t know where to start.
    I’ll be praying blessings on you as you get ready to film.
    ~Jenny from Montana

  30. 380
    Gail says:

    I would rather my name not be shown.
    I am around your age Beth, and my question is: Though you seem to connect with women so Wonderfully, at any age, I do not feel that connection, though I love the younger women so much. Even with family, things have changed so much, that even though I do care for their problems, and continue to pray for them, how do we get this across with out seeming to interfere? Even though many times we see things that make our hearts hurt, how do we know When to step out and when to remain silent? I Do trust the LORD, but want to do it right, not my own way. So hard to explain my feelings. Thank you for all the years of study you and your daughters do for us. It is amazing how the younger ones just Get it, at times, when I at least take longer to just rest in the arms of our Lord! God bless you and your family. You have blessed my heart more than words can say!

  31. 381
    Annette Baal says:

    Why have you moved away from clear Biblical teaching on gender roles?

  32. 382

    Thank you Beth for this post and for asking for questions from us. That alone shows the beauty of your heart for others running their races. I love words and I have been teaching Bible study for 6 years. And, in an early Bible study, I was talking about those moments with God that you just can’t describe. As I was struggling to find the right word to describe those awesome God-moments, I ended up stammering a bit and then jokingly coining a new word to describe those moments….and that word was “inarticulatable.” Many God moments are that for me and your desire to answer questions for us is also that…what your heart for God’s Word and for His daughters means to me Beth, is inarticulatable.

    Now to my question…as I mentioned, I am a Bible study teacher. I was a college professor & researcher at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore when God called me to use my skills for Him. He moved me from the beltway to the backwoods when in 2010 I moved to a small town where my best friend lived because she and I felt God was calling us to do women’s ministry together. We had NO IDEA what God had planned, but we said yes. And it has truly been Ephesians 3:20. We’ve taught Bible study for 6 years together and authored a small Bible study. Last year, we started a community quarterly conference to join women of all denominations in our area together four times a year to worship, study God’s Word, and just encourage each other throughout the year. It has truly been exceedingly abundant!

    I absolutely love serving women. L-O-V-E IT. I have stumbled a lot in this new call and God’s grace has just oozed all over me as I have found my legs in this new life. My desire has always been to just live my life & my love for Jesus in front of them and just share with them pieces of my journey with Jesus to encourage them on theirs. I struggle, however, when I am in a particularly refining or dark season with knowing what to share. I am learning to truly find joy in those trials b/c of the sweetness of the moments with Jesus in those seasons. Oh the moments I’ve had with Jesus in His Word when the waters were deep. And oh the fire in my bones I have when I’m on the other side. But during the trial, when Bible study teaching and leading still has to happen, I feel like a blubbering mess sometimes. Jesus is so close in those times and oh how I want to share how awesome He is, but the struggle is real and can be messy before its completely resolved. So, how do handle those seasons when you have to teach and lead and minister, but you personally are “going through it?” How much do you share? I am in such a season now and I know it is simply the grace of God that is carrying me through, but leading feels so hard when the trial is long.

    Thank you for reading this question (sorry it ended up a bit verbose). I appreciate you sweet Beth. I esteem you. And I look forward to a cup of coffee in heaven with you one day. Save me an eternal afternoon, if you will! 🙂 Sweet blessings to you and yours…

  33. 383

    If I could meet with you, I would want/love to pray with you. To pray… spend time with our Heavenly Father. Your studies, books, teachings have meant so much to me. I guess I would love to sit and pray with you.

    I am praying for you and are so very grateful for you!

    Thank you.
    Lisa Buffaloe

  34. 384

    Hi, Beth! My name is Adrienne and I currently live in Valdosta, GA. I am a wife and currently a stay at home mom of 3 kids. What I wouldn’t give to have an hour of your time! I feel called to write and to minister to young moms but with 3 kids (one of which has high-functioning autism), distractions happen so easily. How did you balance your time between being a wife, a mom, and ministry? What did that look like in your life when your girls were young?

  35. 385
    Bill Nichols says:

    Hi Beth, I’m a retired Seminary teacher and pastor. I’m writing a book that’s designed to help people develop a healthy faith. Over the years, I’ve appreciated your ministry to women and your excellent insights into scripture. After all my years of working with and counseling women, I still wonder, “What is the main reason some women completely give their hearts to Jesus and other never seem to be able to make that choice?”

  36. 386
    Beverly says:

    I am 45 years old. I was saved by the grace of God at 30. Before knowing what a Christian was I thought my husband was. He believes God exists but outright refuses that he needs to submit to him. He believes being a good person is good enough. We have 2 teenage boys who now have taken the same beliefs. My question to the seasoned believer is How do I make it through the day to day? How do I battle the enemy in my own home? How do I stay married to an unbeliever? I love him, I love God but I’m weary.
    Thank you Beth. Your studies have changed my life beginning with Breaking Free 15 years ago. God bless you all.

  37. 387
    Denise Wallace says:

    Beth, when I read your blogs/bible studies/devotionals, I am set on fire. I am very active in leadership at my church. I am 61 and work full time. I want to know how does one keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning all of the time. Sometimes I feel like I can’t hear the calling of God and I so desperately want to. I lookk forward to reading your new book.
    Thanks for being you.

  38. 388
    Anon says:

    Hi Beth – I want to keep this Anonymous; so, I suppose we could call me Anon from Ammon (I’m not really in Jordan – but I do love a good rhyme).

    Q: “Beth, how’s your Starbucks?” (just to be polite)

    But then my actual question: “Beth, what advice would you give someone who has been in a couple back-to-back environments of significant spiritual abuse and who is trying to move beyond the searing pain of those people/places — when the sin was never addressed publicly (although it was universally regarded privately)?”

    I so want to be freed from the residual yuckiness of what happened; but what hurts is to see others, still in those spots, or new to them, who are living similar versions of the grief I lived. Since nothing was done to address the underlying root causes of the sin – just a few cosmetic changes – the sin (lying, slander, rage) continues to hurt the Body in my area; and when I hear of new scenarios (and it’s difficult not to given the small population demographics of where I live) it seems to rip open the wound I’ve desperately prayed for the Lord to heal once and for all. Am I simply resigned to limp my way across the Jordan (when my time comes) and request a bandage – or some surgery? I want healing on this side. I guess the whole issue of unaddressed sin on behalf of spiritual leaders will just always floor me. And I say this as someone involved in leadership for years. Such a sad taint on so many who labor with such diligence and such constant love and kindness.

    Thank you for asking for feedback.

  39. 389
    Wendy says:

    Hey Beth! 54 in Colorado Springs here. (age, not temperature! It’s stinking COLD!!!) Oh, to enjoy a venti vanilla latte with you for an hour…don’t even.

    One question? Just one? So within the past year…actually less than that…three families I know…in my own state…have lost a precious teen son to suicide, as well as our nephew a couple years ago. I have two sons. One about to get married to a beautiful, Christian woman he fell in love with in high school, and the other a junior in high school. My boys have had a wonderful life. They have lived in the most beautiful city in the world (you have been here….you know!). They have grown up without need or want. Their parents have worked hard. We have broken terrible cycles in our own families to raise them in the very best way we have known how. They grew up in church nurseries. Attended Sunday School for life. Went to AWANA for years. Still attend church every week. They do well in school, quite well. They are honorable. They know all the answers to every question we ask. They don’t drink. They don’t smoke. They will tell you drugs are stupid. One is even still kind of afraid to drive. Everything is and almost always has been perfect. So why would a mother even worry about such a thing as losing one of those beautiful children. Because…all of those other families were JUST LIKE MINE.

    Beth, how do mothers go to sleep at night without waking up in fear that their beautiful boys won’t wake up too? How do we trust that the God who is watching over all our children cared just so much for those three who are gone? How do we not doubt His sovereignty? How do we continue to press on without fear, doubt, anger, mistrust…that the God of these families is the same as the God of mine…and why did He let that happen? Have we done all the right things? Didn’t they? How do we know what is right or what was different? My faith has been rocked and I’m living in fear I know is of the enemy…but can’t seem to shake it as it occurs again and again.

    I just looked into 2 Timothy and found the verses for one of my MOST FAVORITE HYMNS of the faith nestled right there in chapter 1, verse12…”I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able, to keep that which I’ve committed, unto Him against that day.” I have, and am daily committing my children to Him. How does a mother rest that they are His children, not mine…and that He is faithful to them…no matter what?

  40. 390
    Lori says:

    A burning question..along the line of in the world but not of the world..my church (Presbyterian) is promoting a series of workshops at an all day conference and one of the workshops is titled Welcoming the LBTGQQ+ Community which, whatever, the workshop synopsis states the speaker will explain cisgender, intersex, MTF, etc. I don’t know what that acronym stands for nor do I know what the other two terms mean. Honestly, I don’t want to know. What is the church afraid of? Why are we considered small minded or bigoted the instant we wonder or even question the wisdom of promoting sin? Is sin the right word? I know sin is sin and one sin is not worse than another sin. Is the church going to promote repentance? If not, why not? I’m thankful for God’s grace…but there is also repentance?

  41. 391

    Hi Beth, First of all, thank you so much for your willingness to let God use you as He’s done. I’ve been so very blessed by the Bible studies you’ve written. I did my first in 2001 – “A Heart Like His,” and I was hooked. It was the type of Bible study I’d been searching for years to find. Praise God! I’ve done almost every one of your studies and our group is now doing “Daniel” for the second time. I’ve been privileged and blessed to be their leader for these last 15 years — and we’ve only just begun!
    My question for your study is this: What does it look like to walk with God throughout an entire day? An entire week – and beyond? I feel like I fail so frequently. Thank you again! A sister in Christ, Sandra Barker from Chesapeake, VA.

  42. 392
    Lynda Rickey says:

    Hi Beth, My name is Lynda and I live in Ocala, Florida. I am 45 years old and have been a Christian since I was 9. I struggle so much with how to pray. For instance, a friend of mine who is a long time Christian, an incredibly loving wife who works with her wonderful husband and the mother of a toddler with downs is dieing of cancer. She is so frail and heaven is right around the corner by the looks of her. I have been praying for a miracle because so many need her, love her, aren’t ready for her to go but so much of me has trouble believing in the miracle for which I am praying. Am I supposed to pray for a miracle that I don’t think is coming and what do I do with this heart full of disappointment with Jesus because it doesn’t look like the miracle we are all praying for is coming? Thank you Beth for every hour you have labored over each Bible study. They have meant so much to me and strengthened my walk with Jesus. I love you!

  43. 393
    Mary says:

    I feel that I have been given an assignment, but it’s so vague that I don’t know how to do anything with it. I want to respond, but I don’t know where to step next. Is it OK (meaning: wise) to find anything that fits the category and try, or should I wait until I have more clarity? Seems wrong to just sit when I’ve had direction, no matter how general, but I’m afraid that I’ll move and try to do it in my own strength!

    PS: Thanks for all you do to remind us to keep Jesus as our #1!

  44. 394
    AnnaRuth says:

    Hey Siesta Mama!

    My question would be this – I have recently been doing some hard work with God to accept the Truth about a painful relationship and family dynamic. This impacts nearly every part of our daily life. How do I go forward in this truth? Knowing that it’s not going to change (God has made that clear to me!), and wanting to be Godly and healthy myself? I’m accepting that this is how things are, but just can’t seem to figure out how to go forward in it.

    Love you. Can’t wait for the new study!

  45. 395
    Gwen says:

    Hi Beth. I’m a 42 yo mom of 4 (13 down to 5), blessed beyond belief, and yet I lost my joy years ago in the process of trying to “do Christian motherhood” well. How can I get my joy (and sleep and sibling harmony) back in the midst of midlife hormonal imbalances, heaps of condemnation, and the daily challenges of homeschooling when we move every 1-3 years due to my husband’s job?

    I am so thankful for you, Beth. You have been a “distant mentor” for 17 years (since A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place). Thank you for being strong and steady to encourage all of us year in and year out!

  46. 396
    Gwen says:

    Hi Beth. I’m a 42 yo mom of 4 (13 down to 5), blessed beyond belief, and yet I lost my joy years ago in the process of trying to “do Christian motherhood” well. How can I get my joy (and sleep and sibling harmony) back in the midst of midlife hormonal imbalances, heaps of condemnation, and the daily challenges of homeschooling when we move every 1-3 years due to my husband’s job?

    I am so thankful for you, Beth. You have been a “distant mentor” for 17 years (since A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place). Thank you for being strong and steady to encourage all of us year in and year out!

  47. 397
    Fay says:

    Beth, I am a pastor’s wife. This last year I experienced the MIGHTY GRACE of GOD personally. Life changing! I won’t go into detail but it has been marvelous to experience God’s renewal and love FOR ME! I do have a dilemma, though. We are at a new church. We have already discovered that it is divided. Today, my husband was in tears. He is so down, defeated, and disillusioned (our last ministry was spiritually exhausting). We both hunger for a group of believers to worship with who love each other so much and just want to minister to each other and outside the doors of the church. Gut, honest, truthful, repentant love for each other and Jesus. Does that exist ANYWHERE in the US anymore?? We have only been here two months and he is thinking of resigning. What is happening to the church?! Is it just a sign of the times? Are we headed towards house churches like persecuted Christians in other countries? Is it just us or are other pastor’s/wives experiencing discouragement and disillusionment? There has GOT to be a reason that so many minister’s are quitting every month! What do we do, Beth? NEVERTHELESS, to GOD be the Glory!! “Momentary Light Affliction – MLA”

  48. 398
    Lynne says:

    An hour at Starbucks? I’m afraid I’d need an entire morning. To start with, I’m 60 years old and long for a group of friends. I’ve always wanted someone to mentor me but never had the courage to ask anyone. I can’t imagine being a mentor myself. I don’t feel as if I have anything to share that would help someone.

    I’ve prayed for a prayer partner; someone I could trade requests with and know she was praying for me, just as I would be praying for her. For years I tried to start or join a Moms In Touch group but either they met at a time when I was at work or no one was interested.

    Just before I came here to this site, I got upset over a facebook post from one friend about how much another friend had meant to her over the years. It ended with “Love you always my dear friend.” If only someone would say that to me.

  49. 399
    Allison says:

    I would love to know more about Timothy’s imprisonment. Was it before Paul wrote 2Tim?

  50. 400
    Ashley says:

    How does one win the battle over repetitive thoughts that they desperately don’t want to think on? I’ve claimed scriptures, prayed, prayed for others, etc., but it seems peace comes for a couple of days and then the battle rages again. It’s exhausting! I don’t want to be idolizing my painful situation by focusing on it so much!