Want to Chime in with Questions to Work into 2nd Timothy Series?

Hey, you guys! I bet you can guess what my head’s down under right now.



Oh, man. It’s a ton of work but I love it so so much. Researching then writing in-depth Bible study curriculum is still my happy place. I’ve never gotten over it. Every few days I get a tweet from somebody who has just started or finished A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place and I think, often with a lump in my throat, what an invasive virus I caught from that very first journey. There in the pages of Exodus and in the detailed construction of that Old Testament Tabernacle and then in all that flipping to the New Testament to see it fulfilled, I fell so in love with Jesus and the Scriptures that I knew I’d study them in pursuit of Him for the rest of my days. Gah, I love it. I know so many of you do, too. The divine brilliance and beauty of the Bible still slays this woman right here.

The series I’m working on right now is on 2nd Timothy and will carry the title Entrusted. It will hit the shelves in September of 2016 so it won’t be a long wait at all. You will be so glad to know that Melissa is jumping in on this one with 2 articles a week like she did in the James series Mercy Triumphs. She also has a huge stack of resource books for her part of the study but the difference is, neither you nor I can read most of the titles of her books. I mostly point at her resources and say, “Man, that must be a real nail-biter.” But, boy, do I love what she does with them.

We won’t complete the written part of the series until June but the taping for the six sessions I’m teaching takes place next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I cannot beg your prayers loudly enough. Please ask God to pour out His Spirit on every part of the taping and on every participant and upon me as I serve and teach. WE WANT JESUS. We are seeking such a powerful and fresh work of His Spirit in this series. We’re looking for an Ephesians 3:20. Please intercede for us!

One of the concepts we will develop throughout the series is the profound connectedness between generations so poignantly illustrated in the relationship of Paul and Timothy. Our effectiveness for the sake of the gospel dramatically increases when our journeys overlap and our spiritual gifts converge and we learn with one another and from one another. We will be challenged to become vastly more deliberate in equipping and encouraging one another, on cheering one another on, and helping each other navigate difficulties and get back to our feet when we’ve been thrown on our backs. These things are invaluable in the journey of faith. They can be the difference between us staying the course and quitting.

Needless to say, our biggest objective will be to thoroughly study the verses of 2nd Timothy, deliberating on each exhortation and taking note of the process of connectedness between Paul and his son in the faith. But as an older woman who gets a huge charge out of seeing what Jesus is doing in fellow servants my age and watching Him raise up mighty servants in younger generations, I’ll also be weaving in whatever I have to give from my own experiences and my own journey where it seems appropriate. Things I learned the hard way. What’s been hardest and what’s been the most gloriously rewarding. Lord help me, there’s so much I don’t know and much I did wrong and much I can’t offer but, what I have, I want to give to this study. This is where you come in if you’re willing. I don’t just want to share aimlessly. I’d love to know what you wish I’d address.

So, here’s what I’d like for you to do. Think about what you wish you and I could talk about if we could grab a Starbucks together. Form it into a clear question – just one – and present it in a succinct blog comment to this post. You might even tell me very briefly why you’re asking. (For instance, I’m a 22 year old who feels called to…) Your question can be about walking with God in general or about leadership in particular or about teaching or communicating or about navigating ministry or family. What would you, a person of faith, ask of a woman of faith who’s been around the bend a few times? Anything’s game if it’s genuine and I’ll consider questions from brothers in Christ, too, if any feel like pitching one my way. I will carefully go through your questions and answer as many of them as I can through the process of teaching and writing this study.

If you read the comments and see that someone has already asked your question, tell me that you wanted to ask the same one. That will make it stand out in my selection. I’d love to be able to mention your first name and the city you call home when I share your question and my response if that’s okay but, if you’d rather I pose the question anonymously in the series, just say so and I’ll gladly do that.

Sound like something you’d like to take part in? I’d be so grateful! I want to serve. NOT JUST TALK. I want to know what you’d find most helpful from a woman of my sort, whatever that weird sort may be. This blog community proved absolutely invaluable in the Esther series (The Red Book!) and in So Long Insecurity through the surveys I offered to fit those themes. Your input would be solid gold in this one.

I’m so grateful for your help! Honored to serve you. Please pray for me as I prepare for next week’s taping! Bless you today!







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  1. 101
    Bev Brown says:

    Do you believe we have seasons of friends?

  2. 102
    Pam Luschei says:

    I have the opportunity to work with younger women in a Sunday School class and in the counseling office (I’m aging, let’s just say) I love being able to direct them to finding their identity in being a child of God. With the competing messages in the media,, as well as in the church (being good enough), it’s difficult to break through their own misconceptions. What else can be utilized to bring the focus of their value back to what the Word says? Breaking through their own shame and “not good enough” mentality? Thank so much Beth.

  3. 103
    Carolyn Dodds says:

    Hello beth, my name is carolyn i live in Scotland and firstly i want to thank you for your dedication to seeking God and your level of honesty has so encouraged me to keep pressing on no matter what.My question to you
    Is how did you manage being a mum,wife,friend leading a ministry etc when being confronted with the weight of many years of wrong thinking and faulty beliefs about who you are without acting on these things then to live in regret and condemnation further segmenting your original faulty beliefs? My heart aches to do right but the things i dont want to do i keep on doing

  4. 104
    Tamara says:

    I’m 32 and single. God has called me to and given me opportunities to lead in women’s and prayer ministry. I lead and teach women of all ages in my church. As I’ve stepped more into this, I’ve realized more my need for a mentor for me, but it seems hard to find that person when others see you leading things. How do I find someone to mentor me when they seem to think I’m somehow “ahead” of them because I lead something?

  5. 105
    Jaime says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am a stay-at-home mom who has started writing books over the past six years, but I can’t seem to finish one. How did you get your start? I would love to live a life like yours in writing books, but I seem to lack the self-motivation.


  6. 106
    DeeDee says:

    Now that kids are gown and gone, how to handle struggle of church attending and activities by myself when husband doesn’t go? It was easy to do it with the kids but hard by myself.

  7. 107

    Thank you Beth for giving us this opportunity to ask a question. In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages Tim, but also warns him of people that cause trouble. I read 2 Timothy through as if you were talking to me, and so my question is —
    Beth, Who do I need to watch out for? When I am leading a ministry, or teaching Bible studies, who do you need to warn me about? Where is the biggest danger coming from? I value your advice, Beth.
    Love you, and praying for you,
    Janet from Daytona Beach, FL

  8. 108
    Diane says:

    Same question as others above, how do I break the bondage Satan’s has on my life? I pray daily–I do not feel Christ’s power within me.

  9. 109
    Phyllis says:

    How did Paul-Timothy relationship develop? Paul is asking Timothy to do some very hard things. Paul must have known Timothy would take them to heart.

  10. 110
    Amy Livingood says:

    Hi Beth! LOVE LOVE LOVE the title “Entrusted”! ???: How would you advise a Timothy to navigate & nurture a healthy, loving, respectful, honoring, life-giving relationship with a Paul that may have a vision or expectation that differs or seemingly contradicts what Timothy perceives the Holy Spirit is speaking or doing within her? Upon expression or manifestation of my spiritual gifts, I find myself invited to participate in serving wonderful ministries that edify and encourage the church, but I feel a strong sense that God would have me invest myself in other areas. I’d love to be welcomed to pray honestly and transparently with Paul, but seem to continually find myself encountering Paul’s personal visions and agendas for what I believe God has “Entrusted” to me. I find myself feeling awkward in Paul’s presence and am tempted to avoid church gatherings that I fear may lead to an uncomfortable conversation. How do I celebrate Paul and encourage her endeavors faithfully & joyfully while “guarding my good deposit”? (vs 1:14) GOD BLESS YOU & MELISSA & THE ENTIRE LIFEWAY TEAM!!! Loving you & praying for you from a snowy Colorado 😉

  11. 111
    CRUSH says:

    BETH! It’s so incredible to be sitting down over coffee with such a sister! YES!
    So let’s just get to it! I am a 34 year old mama of 2 (+1 on the way) – love the river, the mountains, my husband, but most of all LOVE the LORD. I am currently facilitating a thriving group of women (20) in Bible Study at my local church. My desire every time I lead and open my mouth is to have Jesus speaking through me. Not me. Not my words. Not my opinions. Not my thoughts. But HIS for these women and myself. It is my prayer and plea! He is answering my prayer. But how do you, my sister, do this again and again, year after year? I don’t want to get in His way – I just want Him to use me as a vessel! Thank you! Oh, you have some latte foam on your nose… 😉

  12. 112
    Danielle says:

    Beth, above, asks a good question about generations ministering to and with each other. I’m coming from a different direction, still recovering from some older women who I thought were very good friends and trustworthy who shot me down and hurt me deeply. How do I find cross-generational brothers and sisters that I can trust to share everything with? How do I open myself up to teach those who are younger than I?

  13. 113
    Heather Gerard says:

    Hi Beth! This question comes from a mother of teenagers.
    How would you encourage your teen’s walk with Jesus when they really don’t want to engage with you about it?
    Thank you Beth.

  14. 114
    Tabitha Deller says:

    I am an “almost 40-year-old” homeschool mom of four boys. I have been on a very personal and intimate journey with the Lord over the past 20+ years. I crave God’s word and its deeply profound meaning in my own life. However, over the past several years, I have written and taught several Bible studies. I love receiving all that God has for me personally so that I can pour out and lavish His love on others. My journey has recently led me to a season of “waiting” after seasons of “obedience” and “bravery” that resulted in the completion of my first manuscript to be considered for publishing. It is a book/Bible study entitled “Called.” As I wait to see if it will ever be published, I I am living out every single word of it…every single day. While I wait, I am worshiping Him. While I wait, I am worrying less and trusting more. While I wait, I am watching in anticipation to see where this faith journey will lead. So, in light of my season of waiting, my question is (similar to Kerri’s and Jodee’s above): How do you go “all out for Him” and answer the call He has placed on your life with bold action when you are in a season of waiting on Him? My deepest desire is to serve Him with grace-based action, not pride-tied action. I never want to run ahead, manipulate, or push for something that is not God ordained and orchestrated. Oh, to know Him and make Him known…that passion burns down deep in my bones!

  15. 115
    Mary says:

    Dearest Beth,
    You said anything’s game so here goes. You often tell of surviving abuse. I too have not only experienced sexual abuse & also physical abuse to the point of attempted murder more than once. I still feel an incredible amount of shame about it. You share freely about having been abuse w/o any embarrassment or shame. I am completely slack jawed over this. How did you get to that point? I know my therapist says that it is their shame not mine. My head hears that, not my heart. I confided to on of my coworkers and now everyone knows. I feel like I am wearing a scarlet letter. I wish I knew how to get where you are in being okay with other people knowing I even had a coworker get in my face that heard about it and tried to force me to talk about it with her. Horrifying! Forgive me dear heart if this is too long or not what you were looking for, but this a question I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time. Love, Mary

  16. 116
    Karina Allen says:

    I’m 35 years old and just feel like I finding my footing in regards to my calling of writing and teaching/communicating. In so many ways I feel so far behind and inadequate compared to others who may be younger and/or more knowledgeable and experienced. How do you spiritually and practically combat that?

    Baton Rouge, La.

  17. 117
    Samantha K says:

    Ooops sorry, 2 Timothy 2:16 girl is from American Canyon, CA.

  18. 118
    Midwesterner in Asia says:

    I’ve been “on the field” for a number of years now. The last five years have brought more deliberate attacks of the enemy than I can count. I’ve been used, deceived, abused, and failed by the church and those I was serving alongside and under. I hunger for the true Body of Christ, those who love Jeus and love each other with His love. But I don’t know who to trust anymore. Or how. Paul and Timothy had their share of challenges, how did they continue to minister and be ministered to?

  19. 119
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Beth! I’m so glad to see you! I was just thinking last night that I miss you on the blog….although I know you are surely busy! I’m 57, from NW Ohio, wife of a retired pastor. I have gone to church all my life. I feel like I have been “chasing God” (as Angie Smith would call it) all my adult life and I’ve yet to catch up. Like I’m doing something wrong. I can’t seem to discern his calling for me….I keep waiting….and listening, going about my life, but feeling unfulfilled, spiritually. What advice would you have for me, at this stage of my life?

  20. 120
    Cindy says:

    Focus….what area of my spiritual life should I build first….as my foundation. Prayer, reading the Word, studying in depth Bible studies, ministries/serving others. I try to do all the above but I feel like I’m not doing justice to any one of those areas. I’m just rushing trying to fit it all in.

    I love the ministries I’m involved in. I feel like my prayers for those families are being answered. I see the Lord work miracles. But if I focus on that, am I not pleasing the Lord because I’m lacking in other areas?!?

    Cindy from Little Rock, AR

  21. 121
    Rebecca from Woodbridge, VA says:

    Beth, I would love to actually be having coffee with you right now. I have a similar question as Lucy. I am almost 57 and have been writing my own retreats for the past 3 years. I want to do more, but I don’t know how to promote myself. I have let others do the promoting, but I feel like it falls flat. I don’t want to sound boastful by doing myself. Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

  22. 122
    Laura says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m almost 29, and in the growing margin of women who are still unmarried in their late twenties (and in my case totally good with that right now) and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the following: How do tap into that inter-generational goodness like Paul & Timothy while in a model of Women’s Ministry that caters so heavily to mamas and wives and separates us out?

  23. 123
    Becca Williams says:

    Becca Williams – Irvine, Ca

    Hi Beth! How can I as a 35 year old Christian woman grow into being an older woman younger women (future daughter-in-laws, nieces, grand daughters) look up to and at times, just plain like? It seems so difficult to have healthy female relationships within the family and beyond…
    Thank you!

  24. 124
    Kristen Wyatt says:

    I am 34 years old, joyfully married, and mother of three year old Zoe. I have been mentoring, discipling, and teaching women’s bible study since I was about sixteen years old.

    Lately my heart has been so heavy and broken for my women. They are struggling through such heavy sorrows and battles. Every few days I find myself in conversations with hurting women of various ages and circumstances. It’s overwhelming for my heart to know their depression, discouragement, family problems, and horrific marital circumstances. I LOVE the women, and I want to have longevity in ministry, but, Beth, my heart hurts!

    How do I keep my heart refreshed in Jesus and deal with the weight of walking alongside the women through these painful paths long term?

  25. 125
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Dear Beth,

    My question: How do you navigate life and purpose when your husband is preoccupied with a very demanding job, you’re empty nesters, you’ve moved away from family & friends recently and health issues prevent you from working outside the home?
    Just being this vulnerable is bringing me to tears!

  26. 126
    Betty M says:

    Just am having a real time posting a question so if there have been others from me please ignore I am sorry! In earthly years I am older than you and sometimes feel like a mentor to you but in another area you are eons older than I. I am retired and have met you personally twice this past year and loved our very short visits. Wish they could be hours long but some day!! I am just getting into writing and though I feel strongly led to write my life story and have written several short Bible studies to use on a limited scale. Every time I send something to be published it either gets lost or once a rough draft got sent ISO the final copy! Horrors! Just crazy things happen.
    Here’s my question:
    Have you ever had a book idea or even a Bible study that just didn’t get off home plate. If you did, could you tell us about it and what you did?
    I hope this post gets through it has been a trying day here and best His blessings as you ready yourself for this big project.
    Betty M

  27. 127
    Joy McGuire says:

    Forty-three year old mother of five, SAHM. . .question: How do you consistently (read daily), authoritatively (meaning “I know that I know that it is He”), specifically (not in a general way) hear God’s voice about real, specific issues? If you know any advice on how to pray more effectively, that’d be great to know as well.

  28. 128
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am 47 years old, and my question is about my adult children. They were both raised in a solid Christian home, and are both not walking with God. When I get together with friends and hear how well their children are doing, I feel like I messed up somewhere. My man and I have good relationships with both our girls, which I think is important that they know we love them. And they are also aware that we don’t approve of the choices they’re making. I feel like I am missing something somewhere, any advice? We and our family and friends are praying for them to return to a relationship with Christ. Thanks.
    Joan, MI

  29. 129
    Lisa Newbore says:

    Hi Beth- You are amazing! I am 41 from Portland, OR. If our purpose is to glorify God and we have a desire to do great things for Him, how do we know what to do? Aside from serving our husbands, families, church, etc.

  30. 130
    Linda H says:

    Hello Beth & Staff,
    Thank you for your ministry very much appreciated!
    Do you have any tips in how to renew and refresh yourself with a group of individuals in which you have been serving God with for 20+ years, where a stigma is apparent? Even though one is slowly going through that sanctification process. Your just not able to arise above your fellow brethren’s opinions. They are merely content with the every service hi’s and bye’s nothing much deeper. Church no longer becomes a refuge but a place full of loneliness. Psalm 43:3-4

  31. 131
    Eileen says:


    I am 50 years old and have loved Jesus ever since I can remember. I always believed in him but yet, after all these years, I have not totally turned all my trust over to him. I want to so badly, but somehow I still obsessively feel I need to have some control. How do I fully and completely turn it all over to him? I desperately want and know I need to. Why I fear that I do not know.

  32. 132
    Juli Garrido says:

    Hi Beth!
    I am 29 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working with youth groups since I was 18 years old. I have a small group of young girls age 18-24. I love Jesus and I love studying His word, I have experienced the mighty work of Jesus through studying the Bible, but I am not able to get all my girls to be as excited as me about Bible Study. They usually begin super excited but most of them drop out halfway in.

    How can I get through to them?


  33. 133
    Kim says:

    Hi Beth – if I was able to have coffee with you there would be more than one question! I am in my late 40’s and have never been married and desire it so much. How do I keep faith that it will happen before I’m like really old? I believe that I have met him but he is going through depression and is making some very poor decisions and has cut everyone out of his past from his life. How do you keep faith?

  34. 134
    Nancy Dal Pian says:

    I lead two small group Bible studies for women. Asked to do a brief teaching for the whole congregation each week at church, I feel conflicted because of 1 Timothy 2:11-12. How should women interpret this scripture?

  35. 135
    Amy says:

    Hi dear Beth! I second Jen Andrews question about having/finding a mentor. I’m 25 and have DESPERATELY (how can I put any more emphasis on it?!) wanted a mentor for years and years. I go to a large church that has a fairly younger demographic, but I know for a fact that there are “older” women in the church. I’ve resisted walking up to them and just flat out saying, “Hi, I’m Amy, want to be my mentor?!” but have wanted to so badly. I feel like having a mentor and an older sister in the faith is so important…but how can you find one? I work with the Jr. High students at church and love pouring into them, but also wish I could find someone to pour into me.

    So excited for this new study! Love to you!! Amy (Dayton, OH)

  36. 136
    Beth J says:

    I attended LPL Reno and have been praying for your upcoming Bible study filming, since then. I told my friend who attended with me, “it would be so fun to just sit and have coffee with Beth Moore.” A few days later, I came across this blog. With each day older I get, I find more joy in conversing with other believers, than most other things I could do. I’m from a Bible belt area of West Virginia, but my job has allowed me to travel most of the country, often spending at least a few months at a time, in each place. I’m currenlty in Reno. Throughout my travels I have encountered people from all walks of life. I have built good relationships with many who are not believers. My heart aches for their salvation. I believe God is using me in some of these lives, while others seem to just treat me differently once they realize that I’m a Christian. I believe the answer to maintaining good relationships with these people, is to just love them to pieces and pray for them. So I guess my question would be, “How can I feel more peace while waiting?” I trust God and expect Him to move in the lives of friends, co-workers, etc, but the flesh in me, feels so ansty and impatient at times. I just want my friends to experience Jesus!

  37. 137
    Nancy says:

    Please take my last name off my post above. My computer filled it in! Then delete this post. Thank you!

  38. 138
    Kristen says:

    Hi Beth, I’m a 30 year old who feels called to teach, but struggle with the current pull to “market one’s calling” online.

    What advice do you have for those of us just beginning to lead/teach/disciple when it comes to allowing a community platform to organically grow vs. building it on Twitter or a blog?

    With great respect & love to you in King Jesus,
    Kristen, Long Island, NY

  39. 139
    MAM says:

    Beth, how do you combat being rejected in your church for being a strong woman? I was at my home church for 12 years and God called me to do a church plant out of state. I was rejected by the pastor and his wife who was my best friend.I truly do not have any desire to attend church anymore. I have forgiven them but the pain still is there when thoughts come up. I have asked repeated to the Lord to take it away…show me where to go…silence…

  40. 140
    Natalie says:

    Hey, Beth!
    I’m 21 years old and I feel that God is calling me into some type of ministry. I have been seeking his face and following where He leads me. I already help teach in children’s church at my church. It’s so rewarding to see my girls learn more and more about the Lord.Just seeing them understand what I have prepared is such a blessing. Then hearing them pray the sweetest most sincere prayer brings tears to my eyes. My question is, how did you know what part of ministry God was calling you into?

  41. 141
    Ruth says:

    I am a 39 yr old homeschool mother of 2 amazing boys. My husband was on staff at a church and we were blindsided by it ending very badly…in fact he resigned when I was 7 months pregnant with our second son. God has clearly told us that He has us in a waiting time and that we need to trust Him. We are now approaching the 5 year mark of him resigning and God has still not opened the next door. Financially we are trusting Him to meet our needs for the past 5 years. My question for you if we were having coffee would be, how do you keep holding on and trusting when months turn into years turn into 5+ years. We never thought it would be this long and we are weary in the journey.

  42. 142
    Annette L says:

    What person has had the most influence on you spiritually and why?
    Are you currently “discipling” someone in your life? It’s something I’ve been praying for…
    That God would allow me to be a “Paul” to someone!

  43. 143
    Shari-Lynn says:

    I am concerned about how the Christian community is adopting the philosophy of “my truth” and “your truth” when there only is one truth – God’s truth which is not subjective. I see the insidiousness of this philosophy permeating the Christian community where ‘not’ stealing and ‘not’ lying are very loosely observed. Example: my church has a license to show movies, multiple conditions of the contract absolutely forbid advertising yet the church keeps posting ads on their website, one person even printed tickets to hand out to the neiboring community. Even after having respectful conversations, repeatedly, with guidance on this matter, illegal advertisements keep being printed. Question: How will the world ever know/see what it means to be dedicated to the Sovereign Lord if these kinds of actions continue by the church at large?
    Shari-Lynn from Saskatoon, Canada

  44. 144
    Natalie says:

    My name is Natalie and I live in Kirksville, Mo.
    How can you stop letting your past consume you? How can you let go of hurt and anger because of the past?

  45. 145
    Amy says:

    Hello Beth,

    I am a public school teacher at the high school level. I was not one of those who always wanted to be a teacher, life events led me here. I am currently learning so much about the Bible after just completing “Living Beyond Yourself” and starting “Breaking Free”. My question is how can I share God’s message/love in a public school arena? All I know to do is love on my kids, without mentioning where it comes from. Does this sound right, will God understand?

  46. 146
    Kathy Etter says:

    IHi Beth,
    I am 50 something years young & my name is Kathy from IN. I love to read your tweets, Beth. My husband & I are workers in our church & try to live a Godly life.
    You & I are at Starbucks drinking coffee. My question to you would be: do you think it’s ok to have wine occasionally? I struggle with this simple yet complex question. I know God doesn’t want us drunk on wine or cause our brother to stumble.

    Thank you!

  47. 147
    Sarah says:

    Any wisdom you would like to offer on boundaries particularly in a work setting and friendship setting. Thanks and good luck to you!

    – Sarah from Franklin, TN

  48. 148
    G says:

    What I would love to know from you, Beth, is how is it that you love the Lord so much? You’ve spoken about how He romances you and it is obvious you have great intimacy with Him. I’ve known the Lord for many years, spend time in the Word, do Bible Studies, etc. and confess that I still don’t feel in love with Him. I should – and I realize on an intellectual level how much He has done for me not only in salvation, but in so many other ways. He deserves the best of me. I want to have a passion for Him the way others seem to. But most of the time, I view my relationship with Him as a duty and not a desire. Could you please recommend or share some of the things you do to maintain such a vibrant and loving relationship with the Lord?

    Thank you for all you do, Beth

  49. 149
    Rosalie says:

    Beth—love you and your God given Bible study teacher talent. I have taken many of the studies and have attended many Living Proof events through the years. You inspired me to study and to get into the Word like never before. It has become my passion and I now lead Bible studies at our church. Many of us who have studied with you for years are feeling that the studies are being “dumbed down.” We do not feel the videos or the Living Proof events are changing and they are as challenging as ever. Are publishers encouraging writers to make things easier and shorter? Looking forward to 2 Timothy. I have never felt the same way about that book after the Living Proof event when you talked about Paul sending for his books and his cloak. I start crying as soon as someone says 2nd Timothy.

  50. 150
    Carrie says:

    Hi Ms. Beth,

    I am a 26 year old, who is called to worship ministry and a question I have over and over again is:
    How am I supposed to trust fully God and take His word at face value when I look around me and see sisters and brothers dying of disease, little ones dying of thirst, others being be-headed, raped, starved, etc. when His word says otherwise. I’ve been walking with the Lord since I was in the 8th grade and this is a question I can’t seem to answer or come to a resolve.