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    Ann Thiede says:

    Paul speaks some powerful words at the first part of the 3rd chapter. I would love you to expound on the meaning of ‘having a form of godliness, but denying its power,’ How does this show up today in the church, in society?

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    Maddi says:

    Beth I can’t wait for another one of your studies made available for us!! I really appreciate what one of the commentaries say; ” Effective leadership occurs when we lead from our identity.” (John Maxwell)
    To fan into flame our spiritual gifts is our privilege…..the fruit out of that is when we are most effective in that what we re called to do!
    It takes knowledge to understand our gifts…..it takes courage to believe it and it takes Holy Spirit power to ignite that flame!!

    Beth I lead many small group Bible studies (still have lots to learn as a leader!!) ….I mentor ladies and I often give spiritual direction. My question to you Beth is; what to you think are the most common obstacles in a woman’s life that cause us to doubt our call?? Self doubt keeps us from freely and confidently living them out….leadership is certainly one where woman shy away from!! From my understanding from reading many books and most certainly many of yours it is ‘serious’ if we do not walk in our giftings!
    Perhaps too we are more obedient to our call than we know?…..perhaps many don’t want to put a name to them?
    Beth I hope these question relate to 2nd Timothy!?

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    Donna says:

    Beth, as sisters in the Lord sitting across from each other, I would ask for your prayers for me, for my family, for my church.

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    Eleanor MacKay says:

    Eleanor MacKay, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Beth- I would sure love to have you comment on how grandmothers can impact their grandchildrens’ lives. 2Tim.1:5
    Lois must have been a remarkable woman (as was his Mom). You are also a grandmother.
    Tell us how to make a real difference in our grandchildrens’ lives

  5. 5
    Shannon Martin says:

    Yes, please talk about how we as Moms and Grandmothers can not only pass down our faith, but teach our children and descendants to claim Jesus Christ and their faith passionately as their very own! I am a 50-something year old Momma of teenagers from Spring, TX we have two teens who love the Lord but gosh, it is a daily uphill battle. We would love your insight on this from a biblical perspective of course!! 🙂

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    JulieB says:

    I’m a mom of two teenage boys and have been married 21 years to a hard working man. I thought I was a mature Christian, but recently something that we had prayed some very bold, audacious prayers about did not come to fruition. In fact, it turned out immeasurably worse than what we had prayed for with rejection and hurt. For the first time I find myself wrestling with God about this because I don’t understand it. If I could sit with you and have coffee I would simply ask how do I resolve the feelings of wondering how and why God allowed this? I feel like I know in my heart all the right bible study answers but I’m struggling to understand it.

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