Want to Chime in with Questions to Work into 2nd Timothy Series?

Hey, you guys! I bet you can guess what my head’s down under right now.



Oh, man. It’s a ton of work but I love it so so much. Researching then writing in-depth Bible study curriculum is still my happy place. I’ve never gotten over it. Every few days I get a tweet from somebody who has just started or finished A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place and I think, often with a lump in my throat, what an invasive virus I caught from that very first journey. There in the pages of Exodus and in the detailed construction of that Old Testament Tabernacle and then in all that flipping to the New Testament to see it fulfilled, I fell so in love with Jesus and the Scriptures that I knew I’d study them in pursuit of Him for the rest of my days. Gah, I love it. I know so many of you do, too. The divine brilliance and beauty of the Bible still slays this woman right here.

The series I’m working on right now is on 2nd Timothy and will carry the title Entrusted. It will hit the shelves in September of 2016 so it won’t be a long wait at all. You will be so glad to know that Melissa is jumping in on this one with 2 articles a week like she did in the James series Mercy Triumphs. She also has a huge stack of resource books for her part of the study but the difference is, neither you nor I can read most of the titles of her books. I mostly point at her resources and say, “Man, that must be a real nail-biter.” But, boy, do I love what she does with them.

We won’t complete the written part of the series until June but the taping for the six sessions I’m teaching takes place next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I cannot beg your prayers loudly enough. Please ask God to pour out His Spirit on every part of the taping and on every participant and upon me as I serve and teach. WE WANT JESUS. We are seeking such a powerful and fresh work of His Spirit in this series. We’re looking for an Ephesians 3:20. Please intercede for us!

One of the concepts we will develop throughout the series is the profound connectedness between generations so poignantly illustrated in the relationship of Paul and Timothy. Our effectiveness for the sake of the gospel dramatically increases when our journeys overlap and our spiritual gifts converge and we learn with one another and from one another. We will be challenged to become vastly more deliberate in equipping and encouraging one another, on cheering one another on, and helping each other navigate difficulties and get back to our feet when we’ve been thrown on our backs. These things are invaluable in the journey of faith. They can be the difference between us staying the course and quitting.

Needless to say, our biggest objective will be to thoroughly study the verses of 2nd Timothy, deliberating on each exhortation and taking note of the process of connectedness between Paul and his son in the faith. But as an older woman who gets a huge charge out of seeing what Jesus is doing in fellow servants my age and watching Him raise up mighty servants in younger generations, I’ll also be weaving in whatever I have to give from my own experiences and my own journey where it seems appropriate. Things I learned the hard way. What’s been hardest and what’s been the most gloriously rewarding. Lord help me, there’s so much I don’t know and much I did wrong and much I can’t offer but, what I have, I want to give to this study. This is where you come in if you’re willing. I don’t just want to share aimlessly. I’d love to know what you wish I’d address.

So, here’s what I’d like for you to do. Think about what you wish you and I could talk about if we could grab a Starbucks together. Form it into a clear question – just one – and present it in a succinct blog comment to this post. You might even tell me very briefly why you’re asking. (For instance, I’m a 22 year old who feels called to…) Your question can be about walking with God in general or about leadership in particular or about teaching or communicating or about navigating ministry or family. What would you, a person of faith, ask of a woman of faith who’s been around the bend a few times? Anything’s game if it’s genuine and I’ll consider questions from brothers in Christ, too, if any feel like pitching one my way. I will carefully go through your questions and answer as many of them as I can through the process of teaching and writing this study.

If you read the comments and see that someone has already asked your question, tell me that you wanted to ask the same one. That will make it stand out in my selection. I’d love to be able to mention your first name and the city you call home when I share your question and my response if that’s okay but, if you’d rather I pose the question anonymously in the series, just say so and I’ll gladly do that.

Sound like something you’d like to take part in? I’d be so grateful! I want to serve. NOT JUST TALK. I want to know what you’d find most helpful from a woman of my sort, whatever that weird sort may be. This blog community proved absolutely invaluable in the Esther series (The Red Book!) and in So Long Insecurity through the surveys I offered to fit those themes. Your input would be solid gold in this one.

I’m so grateful for your help! Honored to serve you. Please pray for me as I prepare for next week’s taping! Bless you today!







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  1. 51
    Sallye says:

    Beth, Who was your Paul? Did they find you or did you find them? What qualities did you see that drew you to them? How do you then transition from being a Timothy to being a Paul? I know, I know more than one.

    Paint Rock TX

  2. 52
    Kandi Eberle says:

    Hi Ms. Beth! Thanks for this opportunity. Duonna’s question is sort of where my heart is at as well. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot make someone value me. But I do I grieve that and still live myself without being negative on the people that have not seen my value. Forgive them and value me feels like a tough balance.

  3. 53
    Marsha says:

    Knowing you’re called and feeling like you’re being held back.

  4. 54
    Beth Wayland says:

    Hi Beth! I’m 41 and just launched a nonprofit ministry in August called With, Inc. based on the name of God, Immanuel, God with us. How do you keep the vision before you and stay true to God’s calling with so many competing voices? What do you do with criticism?
    Grateful for you.

  5. 55
    Sarah Marion says:

    I am a 41 year old married mother of four children ages 18 to two (and one Newfoundland dog). What one action would you encourage me to take (something you might have done different)?

    Sarah from Wenatchee, WA (Esther from Wheel of Favor says, “Hi”)

  6. 56
    Jodee says:

    How do we keep true in our teaching/preaching, so that we come from a place of God driven and not applaud/approval driven?

    I am about to start my degree in Christian Ministry, and I know it is easy to get caught up in the hype of the applause. What can I/we do to keep from vein filled with a false sense of worship, so that I/we keep our words truly His and not my/our own

  7. 57
    Beth says:

    Hi Beth!
    I’m a wife and mother in my late twenties. I have a wonderful group of women of similar age and life stage that I am able to seek Jesus with – and we are so in love with Him! His Word and how He’s moving just keeps our minds blown! He is SO GOOD. We would desperately like to join up with older and younger women to grow in our walks with Him. (Plus, we know we need their companionship and mentorship because we’re headed into territory that older women have already faced and the younger women are going to be the ones helping to teach our children!) So my question – and I’m sure theirs would be too – is how do you keep from getting discouraged and losing love for others when you so badly want to join together with them to pursue Jesus and grow closer to Him, but they constantly don’t seem to have any interest or just flat-out keep shooting you down??

    • 57.1
      Tenina says:

      I in the 50s range and I so want the unity with the younger, middle age, and older. But kinda opposite from where I am in that the younger don’t seem to want to hear from the older. How can you connect without going along with every whim and encourage in a positive way?

  8. 58
    Kelly says:

    I am 57 and have been a Christian my entire life (with peaks and valleys, of course). So many good questions already!

    I’ve seen too many friends and family members turn from their faith or become lukewarm because of the hypocrisy they see around them. It concerns me when I see Christian friends on social media condemning others – particularly when they are picking and choosing what they see as sinful. (thinking of that “log” in my eye!)

    I find the older I get, the less judgmental I have become and the more I hear God’s command for me to LOVE others. I know we are supposed to instruct those who stray and should share our beliefs, but in reality most non-believers (or former believers) are totally closed to being “preached at”.

    I guess my question would be, what are your thoughts on just living our faith (through love) rather that trying to speak it?

    • 58.1
      mslivingston says:

      I would ask a similar question to this one that Kelly’s asked.

    • 58.2
      Tenina says:

      I have this same concern.

    • 58.3
      Sandie says:

      My question is almost the same as Elaine’s. Is just trying to live your life as a witness of Jesus love enough? Not always being very verbal about it. Or is that a “cop-out”?

    • 58.4
      Cathy says:

      Beth, I have the same questions as Kelly. I’m 61 and have a son and daughter in law who don’t walk with the Lord, although he did, before his first wife divorced him. Thanks for your insights!

    • 58.5
      Marian says:

      Kelly’s comment resonates with me. I am a 53 year old mother of three, two adults and one teenager. I am so very grateful for the years of bible studies that have been tools to develop a love of God’s Word. They have all been wonderful but the one study that I have found to be the most transforming is Loving Well. I used to have a terrible habit of trying to “fix” loved ones, because I knew that obedience would bring a more abundant life for them. It was usually not well received. Now I understand that after loving the Lord, our greatest call is to love. I have finally learned to shut thee up, love, and pray for my people. My question would be, what is the greatest thing that you have learned? What stands out as transforming your interactions?

    • 58.6
      Linda Lorring says:

      Linda, 58, in Reno, NV, has the same concern with family members. Sometimes it feels like my husband of 32 years and I have drifted apart spiritually. I’m finally learning to live from the tender heart Jesus gave me while he seems to be getting more cynical and disillusioned in his faith.

  9. 59
    Elaine says:

    Hi Beth,

    How can I break the bondage that Satan has on some of the areas of my life.

    • 59.1
      Angie says:

      Dear Elaine, Have you studied Breaking Free, Living Free or Believing God bible studies by Beth? How about Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer? I did Breaking Free twice & also led a group through Living Free after studying it myself. Believing God has 5 foundational truths that will help you to accept yourself for God says you are who God says you are. I hope this helps. Read Isaiah 63.

  10. 60
    Sonya L says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! Question: Why do we as women (or men) have a hard time of letting go of the shame and guilt of a sin, even after we have asked for forgiveness. What would you recommend to help letting it go.

  11. 61
    Alisa says:

    Hi Beth, I am 50 something. Over coffee, I would share how excited I am learning about Jesus and how to live a servant’s life. (saved 27 yrs ago) When you counsel that new believe which book from the Bible do you suggest they read and study first? I suggest Eph or Phil.

  12. 62
    Jan says:

    I”m 58. My daughter (30) formerly had a close relationship with God. She has gone through many hard times lately. Joblessness after working to get a college degree, relationship breakups, Bipolar disorder. She states now that, “God just doesn’t work for her anymore”. I know your girls have been through difficult times over the last couple of years. How do you get them to not give up on God or think they have lost God’s favor?

  13. 63
    Samantha says:

    I’m here in Texas. Married to a wonderful man with one almost 2 year old girl, and another girl on the way. She will be here this month! First, thank you for this! I so miss your blog posts. Thank you for caring and serving. My question is, how can someone break free of the cycle of doubting salvation and truly trusting God and His promise? It’s a hard one to talk about, but I know many others who struggle with this as well and would love to see some light shed on this. Thanks so much.

  14. 64
    Lucy says:

    Greetings from the UK 🙂 I love teaching others about the bible and writing about God. I’ve even had a book published. But I really struggle with promotion, because I worry I’m promoting myself instead of God. So what I say kind of fades into the background… Maybe because I’m British, but I struggle to break free of this worry…have you ever had that problem? How do you make sure that glory goes to God and not you?

    • 64.1
      DaLee says:

      I too am a newly published author (52 years old) of a Bible Study on Joy and thought that would be the hard part. But this next part of promotion is very hard. I want to make sure that the glory is on the work that God gave me not on me. I would ask you how to promote the book and keep the glory where it belongs? Blessings on your new study! Have facilitated many many ladies groups where your books have been such a blessing.
      In your backyard – Kingwood

    • 64.2
      Michele says:

      I love this question! My husband has been published to, and we’re dealing with the same tension. Maybe it’s b/c were Canadian! Nice to have a nationality card up our sleeve! Thanks for asking this question.

  15. 65
    Jen Andrews says:

    I adore your studies and am currently doing Breaking Free with my best friend and it is life changing for sure!! I am a 37 year old stay at home mom of two young children and I feel like I’ve always been in church. It was just where I grew up. I don’t feel like I’ve ever really had anyone that could help me along the way to understand things and pray for me and be that encourager. I’ve had so many friends talk about having a spiritual mentor… I pray often that God would show me a mentor in my life and maybe I’m just missing His answer. So how do you find a mentor and ensure that she really is a Godly woman and going to guide you in God’s will and plan?

  16. 66
    Abby Laughter says:

    Hi, I’m a 27 year old mom from North Carolina. I’m going to second Tara’s question about finding balance between service/ministry and family. I would take it a step further and add fellowship as well. Whenever a ministry or bible study opportunity comes up it is usually weekends or evenings. Sometimes I feel guilty having my husband watch our two children, 2 and 5 years old or I feel guilty that it’s during precious family time. How did you manage when your girls we’re young?

  17. 67
    Nancy Minor says:

    Beth I want to thank you for all your Bible studies and books! I have done all of them except this new one! I am so excited that you are now on TBN! I am praying for Jesus to be with you always! I would like to ask you for prayers about my life. My husband has been unfaithful. He has attempted suicide! He has also survived a heart attack. He continues to loose his job! He has been diagnosed with bipolar with anger and depression! God has been my strength! Being a woman is hard. Thank you Nancy

    • 67.1
      Susie says:

      Lifting you and your husband in prayer!!

    • 67.2
      Michele says:

      I love this question! Your husband’s life sounds so like my own life not too long ago. Hang in there, b/c if God can pull me out of the mire and set my feet on solid ground, I know He will do the same for your husband. Keep seeking Jesus in your life and submit your husband into His care. He really does care about this, and loves you guys.

  18. 68
    CC says:

    I’m a 32-year-old newly married full-time collegiate minister. My husband is not in full-time ministry. Will you talk about how to be a wife in this type of marriage relationship? When you’re a ministry leader it’s hard not to want to take on the spiritual leadership of your marriage (at least, it’s hard for me), and I don’t know many (any?) women who can relate.

    • 68.1
      Joy Urlaub says:

      I like this question. My husband and I are in full-time ministry together, but we have struggled so to connect spiritually. His walk with God looks very different from mine (as it should since he’s a guy). But I have often wondered what it is like spiritually between you and your husband, Beth. What does his spiritual leadership look like in your home? How have you learned to let your man be himself and let go of expectation of what “spiritual leadership” looks like?

    • 68.2
      Tonja says:

      1. How do you manage to have your husband be the spiritual leader when there is imbalance in what I believe vs what he believes? During “Believing God”, I just fell in love with the bible and decided to trust God’s word as much as I trust God, but my husband isn’t there yet, so I don’t really feel like he can be the leader. Maybe I don’t know what spiritual leader of the family means.
      2. How do you deal with unsaved family members and their very different lifestyles/choices? Do you shield your children/grandchildren or expose them? So far, I am exposing them, loving the extended family, and then in our home teaching what God says and that we follow God’s teaching because we trust God.
      3. Do you ever wonder if you are too wrapped up in the bible? Sometimes I feel like my head is in the clouds, thinking about the bible, and I have a hard time really relating to the culture around me. Is that something I’m supposed to balance? Am I supposed to be culturally relevant? Because I am totally not keeping up. I would say I’m not very hip or cool. I think that gets worse as I age.

    • 68.3
      Colleen says:

      Greetings from sunny cape Town (South Africa). I am a 55yr old married woman with 3 grown sons and this question also interests me because I have always been more vocal and more passionate about my faith than my husband who never really took a spiritual leadership role in the family.

    • 68.4
      Tiffany says:

      I wanted to ask the same/similar one!

  19. 69
    Ellyce says:

    I am 45 years old. I feel called to teach the Word. I am currently one of the Bible Study teachers in our Women’s Bible Study at Church. I am also on staff at our church as Office Manager. My heart is passionate about both ministries. What advice would you give me in the best way to balance competing/parallel ministries?

  20. 70
    Fuzzytop says:

    Hi Beth,

    So many excellent questions in the comments above….

    I’m struggling through a difficult season where a family member has hurt me so deeply, and while there has been some repentance on their part, I don’t think this person comes even close to understanding the depth of my pain, and the crushing sadness and betrayal I feel. I struggle between wanting to forgive (seventy times seven!) but not wanting to “…cast my pearls before swine.” How can I love someone who has hurt me without poisoning myself with bitterness?


    • 70.1
      Amber Moon says:

      Amber, Lincolnton, NC – I could second Adrienne’s question but I think I may be a little farther along in the process of God healing the pain of the hurt I was dealt by my family member. However, I read something the other day that says “I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry and accept and apology I never received.” Of course, our strength comes from God alone.

      My question would be a piggy-back to hers – how do you pray (more specifically, WHAT do you pray) for the person who has deeply hurt you, especially when they think YOU were the one who betrayed the relationship? I pray for God to change their heart (because they have drifted far from Him) but that’s all I know to pray. Can you provide any other insight?

      Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions, Beth. (Praying for you Adrienne!)

      • Fuzzytop says:

        Thank you Amber! That is a good word, and I second your question: How are we to pray in this situation.


    • 70.2
      Angela says:

      I had a similar situation with a close friend. I second the question. How do you forgive yet still guard your heart in the future? This is a person I still see and even socialize with sometimes. The best I can come up with is is to make Jesus my absolute focus and goal, and my best friend. I just wish he was more tangible and this was easier.

  21. 71
    Rhonda says:

    I volunteer with the co-dependent & abused women in our Celebrate Recovery program at church. Which Bible person’s story can I introduce to some broken young women who truly believe God created them to live in brokenness and misery? These 19 -29 year olds ladies struggle because their mom and dad broke them, abused them and left them with nothing but hurts.

  22. 72
    Brittany says:

    I’m a 33 year old Jesus lover who wants to do what He commands because I know it will set me free. He tells us to forgive and I want to be obedient. So my question is, how do you know when you’ve truly forgiven someone?

  23. 73
    Cindy Colombaro says:

    I’m 55, been a Christian for most of my life. Any advise or tips on how to stay “in-step” with my husband’s ministry as things seem to be changing for both of us. Our roles have changed over the years and we both seem to be moving to a new season of life. Thanks!!

  24. 74
    Tracy says:

    Hello! I am a “40 something” and desire Jesus more than the air I breathe. I love spiritual disciplines and see them as a source of joy and strength vs. drudgery. How have you incorporated fasting (for your ministry, for yourself and/or your children) into your life? Who has modeled that behavior for you? I see fasting as dropping an atomic bomb in the enemy’s camp Thanks!!

  25. 75
    Lainie Gresham says:

    Lainie, age 40ish from Carrollton, Ga – How – like literally, how – Step 1, Step 2, etc… do I, we, live out 2 Timothy 3:16 to a world that finds this judgemental, offensive and un-grace-filled (I know that’s not really a word). I have resigned to a “if they didn’t ask, then don’t tell them” mentality and big shocker here, I rarely get asked!

  26. 76
    Nora says:

    I know God has called me to a teaching ministry. I’m not afraid of public speaking and feel lead to help younger women. What I know about myself is that I’m very compassionate, my heart aches when others ache. However, I’m one who believes in picking oneself up, brushing off the dirt from ones knees and get moving. I want women to stop “drinking milk” and eat of the meat that the Bible teaches. How does one balance not being too overtly ‘in your face’ teaching of the bible and still show you care without enabling?

    • 76.1
      Tenina says:

      I have this same concern.

    • 76.2
      Kendra Berry says:

      This is a great question that I would also like to know the answer too. Also, I like to study and teach from God’s Word and feel called to write my lessons, how do I get them into the hands of people who want to use them?

  27. 77
    Lisa says:

    How do you stay on fire for the Lord when you keep getting “unplugged” from places you are serving in your church? Especially when those you are helping want your help but other staff members are preventing you from serving. Trying to persevere through the staff politics and staying focused on serving where God has called me is not easy.

  28. 78
    Kay says:


    I’m a recent Bible college grad who is not currently in vocational ministry but feels like she will end up there again.

    What do you do when your relationship with your “Paul” changes? Are there seasons where maybe God doesn’t want you to have a Paul, or do you need to find yourself a Paul again ASAP?

    Thanks! God bless!

  29. 79
    Melany says:

    My question is: How do I balance praying in confident faith for a family member who is on a destructive path with the knowledge that he has free will/choice? This question has grown out of the past three plus years in which my brother, once one of the Godliest people I knew, has made some devastating choices. Since I’m single (a whole separate issue), I have watched the destruction of my only family. Seeing my sweet parents (who have prayed for us since before we were born) celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, not only with no grandchildren, but also without the son they dearly love, broke my heart. I would like to remain anonymous out of respect for my once happy family. Thank you!

    • 79.1
      S. Lee says:

      Hi Melany, I sent this message before unsuccessfully. Let’s try again…

      Have you ever read Beth’s book, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things? It speaks with crystal clarity satan’s tactics on the family. It’s is an excellent read. May God bless and keep your family and may your circle be unbroken. (((Hugs)))

  30. 80
    Kerri says:

    {Similar to Jodee’s topic above: applaud driven vs. God driven}
    I am 42 and have always felt that God has placed a calling on my life, however, for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. Although He has yet to reveal His plan, He has shown me *numerous* times that I am not ready because I would make it about me and not about Him. (I have the tire marks from the Fool Bus to prove it.)
    How can I get to a place where I will truly lay it all down, die to self, and let it be all about Him?
    Praying John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.”

    • 80.1
      Jodee says:

      Hey Kerri!!!
      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. Growing up in a generation of social media it hard to not post something and want everyone to like it.
      I felt God put a call on my heart almost a year ago, I also am not sure exactly sure what it is he wants me to do. At 27 I have decided to go back to school, finish my B.A. and he had opened the door to Christian Ministries degree (summer2017 grad) and cannot wait to see where it take me. The unknown is a scary place but I know that where he leads me is going to be amazing. People/my parents continuly ask where are you going to work, what at you going to do, etc, but that’s the beauty of Gods plan.
      I’m praying that He continues to bless you as you head into the unknown as his faith servant. Jeremiah 29:11

    • 80.2
      Deb Mott says:

      Thank you for your honesty. I think we all need to guard our hearts on this one! Above all else, guard our hearts…it is most important. Making it about us is agreeing with satan and being in his camp!

  31. 81
    Samantha Koekmoer says:

    Hi Beth, I thank the Lord for you. Your teachings are straight from God’s Word and have encouraged and challenged me often. I am born and bred from Zimbabwe and South Africa so my perspective of life isn’t always very American. I have loved Jesus and still do since I was a child. My husband is the senior pastor of our church and also a full time chemist. I share being a youth leader with a friend of mine. I am also the women’s ministry leader, most of the ladies in our church are grandmothers, I am a mom to 2 teenagers. Another lady on your blog asked a great question about how we lovingly and truthfully share Jesus in a world where apostasy is so rampant? My question for you, and I’d love to have a cuppa with you :-), is 2 Timothy 2:16 tells us to stay away from “godless babbling” (Complete Jewish Bible) “godless chatter” (NIV). I’ve looked up the Strongs reference but the original Greek doesn’t help. In the same scripture it says that “those who engage in godless chatter will become ungodly and their teaching will eat away at people like gangrene”. In my ministries we do a lot of laughing and joking – not mocking God – but enjoying life. So what is considered as godless chatter or babbling?
    Many thanks. I am praying for you for next week. God bless.

  32. 82
    Lara McCay says:

    I am 47yr old women and mom of 2 grown daughters. How do I mentor and help bring up younger women in the faith? What tools are most effective?

  33. 83
    Patti Johnson says:

    How do you encourage someone who has expressed a desire to lead out for Christ but seems to be blocked by circumstances every time they stepped out to lead?

  34. 84
    Angie says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to ask a question “over coffee” with you!
    How would you answer when your twenty something daughter(lives on her own) who loves the Lord very much, asks how are you ok with having such a comfortable life? (We are middle class family. Average life style)She wonders if we are sacrificial enough, (choosing the narrow path)?How can we be sure to follow Jesus in the true way and not the “Americanized” way?

    • 84.1
      Vicky McP says:

      I’m a 30 year old SAHM in Canada struggling with this right now – how do I balance enjoying the Lord, my “comfortable/consumerist” life, in suburbia with my husband, two kids, two cars, etc. and not feel guilty, with all the injustice and suffering in the world and not feeling worthy of all that I have? I struggle with feeling like I have a superficial faith because we appear to have it all together.

    • 84.2
      Mary in NH says:

      I’ve been hit with this too. Our middle class life is very perfect compared to the lives of people several miles away in the city. I’m appalled by the level of poverty that exists, while so many of the middle class consider life “not worth living” without a new car, spacious home, vacations, etc. Are we who have the most doing enough or even anything to help those who have nothing?

    • 84.3
      Michele says:

      I really like this question! My husband and I are very comfortable and generous; yet this question gnaws at us regularly.

  35. 85
    Marissa Burt says:

    Hi Beth!

    I’m so excited about this new study! I suppose one question that’s on my mind, particularly regarding calling, has to do with listening to God. Often I can be a duty-driven person, so “ought-to” can be a big motivator for me. Add this to all the overwhelming needs that come across my radar – locally and globally – and often I feel like that should be shaping calling. But my heart also knows the importance of listening to the Lord, being led by desire, and waiting for his calling. But how does one balance these two? Surely sometimes he leads us through the needs before us, but those can also turn into legalistic ought-tos. What if there is no clear direction from Him? There is a lot of need as well and practical help I can do. Any practical tips for how to navigate this? Thank you so much!

    Marissa from Seattle

    • 85.1
      Sandy Bowers says:

      Great question!

    • 85.2
      Kerry says:

      My question is similar -how to know if you are listening to God or if you are just trying to do what you think is the best solution? I pray and ask for direction, but in the absence of God’s audible voice, I end up choosing the “best” solution and hoping He gave me the wisdom I prayed for.

  36. 86
    Fran Dockins says:

    How do you give your heart to God and His service as you now need time for your own heart to heal from loss?

    It has been a struggle these past months with the sudden loss of my stepfather of 40 years (I am 51) two days before Thanksgiving. I trust God through the grief and know the best is yet to come. Healing takes time. I have supported my husband of 28 years as he has endured Bipolar Disorder. But as I grieve I have nothing “extra” for him.

  37. 87
    Jeannie says:

    Our society has not done a great job of creating godly “rites of passage”. Too often they few ” rites” we have are connected to sex or power. What are you thoughts (and maybe some examples) on godly “rites of passage” into adulthood?

  38. 88
    Dee Dee says:

    My name is DeeDee, I’m 44, and currently live in Columbus Indiana. In the last 4 years God has led me to and through some pretty incredible life changes, which has caused my life to be pretty unrecognizable from where I was just 4 years ago! It started with me saying to God, I wouldn’t tell Him “no” anymore. This extremely introverted person had no idea where I was about to be led or called. I laughed three years ago when I felt God’s first call to full time ministry. A lmist 2 years later I met and married my “Amazing Man” who is an ordained minister who stepped away from the pulpit for a season. Now, this man of mine is feeling the call to plant a church again (who would ever thought I’d be a pastor’s wife? Ha!) I know The Lord is not done pushing and stretching me to do more.

    If you and I were to sit down for coffee, I’d want to know, how to just make your self step into boldness, and just do what He has called you to do. I have this passion for woman’s ministry that keeps growing and I have no idea where to go with it or what to do with it. I keep pushing the thought away and God just won’t let it go. So, I started blogging. However, I fear He’s asking for more. I said I wouldn’t say, “no”. So, how do I just do it?

    BTW I’m on week 3 day 2 of A Woman’s Heart, my fifth study. LOVE IT!

  39. 89
    Crystal says:

    I’m a 32 year old stay at home Mom to 4 kiddos who would love to ask you how you nurtured a thriving relationship with the Lord, and stayed in tune with the Spirit during the day in day out grind of young motherhood. And if allowed 🙂 my follow up would be how did you pass on/encourage your kids to pursue the Lord in their own lives.

    • 89.1
      Erin says:

      Me too! I’m a mom to 3, 3 and under.
      Would love how to balance “ministry” and being a mama. How did you do it? And the best way to cause my child to Hunger after God?

    • 89.2
      Ashley Lewis says:

      I would echo the questions about being a young mom and wanting to have a REAL communion with God when I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself, or how do I really love my husband but I think God is telling me those answers and I just need to listen . . . and since I only get one question, I would ask about Michael – do you know how he is doing?

  40. 90
    Katie says:

    What a great opportunity, one I’ve wished for before… to be able to ask Beth Moore a question.

    I am a 47 year old recently married. How do I overcome poor self body image and jealousy. I am considered good looking and in ok shape but I have lots of room for improvement.

    Our society is inundated with images of scantily clad women almost everywhere and I literally get anxiety increased heart rate and breathing) when I’m around it with my husband. I have prayed about it and seeking healing from the Savior and also have wondered if one of your bible studies deals with it, like “Breaking Free”.

    Thank you.

    • 90.1
      Tonja says:

      Her book on Insecurity is very good. Also, I cancelled cable TV about 18 months ago, and much of my insecurity about my home and my body have evaporated. I think TV feeds insecurity because it gives an unrealistic “goal”‘and constant comparison. Yay freedom fromTV!

  41. 91
    Terri says:

    Hi Beth,

    How do you combat worry when it comes to your children? I do trust God but the mother in me is tough to quiet. Especially, when my children are going through a particular hard and painful time in their lives.

  42. 92
    Susan Gilliam says:

    I would love to be a “Paul” to my adult daughter and daughter-in-law, but need guidance as to the best way to share and influence without being overbearing or intrusive. Any advice is very much appreciated! I love them both dearly!

  43. 93
    Nichole H says:

    My question is regarding how to handle the physical stress of obeying God and having really hard things happen. When I look at the examples in scripture I am not comforted. Good grief, these people were imprisoned and flogged for their obedience. Of course nothing even close to that had happened to me, but the PTSD is real. A person’s mental health is fragile. I have really wrestled with what I thought was a pretty solid faith in Christ this past year because my circumstances kicked my rear. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally. You name it. Thanks for asking.

  44. 94
    Carol says:

    I work in a Christian ministry (pregnancy center). We ‘re all believers so we should all be in sync with each other, right? What are ways we can work on our relationship so that when discord comes we know how to handle it? Three of us are doing a bible study together and now we are thinking of starting an exercise time. Unfortunately not all the staff can participate.
    Thanks, Beth!

  45. 95
    Tami says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for loving Jesus so much that it just pours out on all of us each time a new book or study comes out. I have the Wednesday’s with Beth collections from the good old days(precious DVD/CD library;-). I am 57 and would love for you to address how we mid year ladies can set ourselves up, yes that’s right, to attract “Timothy’s” so that we can not just be a”Paul” to them but that they can in turn teach us as they grow and feed off what we serve. I am always amazed when someone tells me I am an example and influence , it really blows me away because I don’t know what I do to get that kind of response from folks. I want to know how “we ” can feel and recognize the “Paul” in us , so we are aware of the influences that Jesus shines through us. So we can nurture it and keep it flowing.

  46. 96
    Pam says:

    I am 57 and my children are grown and now out of the house. I was a full-time homemaker and now kind of feeling the empty nest. I’m wondering if God can use me for something more, even at this age. I’m still happily married, just not knowing what “my thing” is anymore. – feeling restless.

  47. 97
    Christie says:

    I LOVE your studies. I believe God wants me to “walk” with other women and grow in our faith together. I’m lacking a strong desire that I want so badly. How can I love the Lord, yet not be willing to spend time in his word. I actually volunteer to lead groups just so I will be forced to accountability with him. He never disappoints! But when that study is over I seem to fall back into the lazy way. How do I set myself on fire – a fire that will never go out – like yours? I’m sick of being a lazy Christian!

  48. 98
    Soniah says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you for the opportunity to provide input for your new series. I have not done all your studies, only four, and I’ve loved them all. I know I will enjoy this one as well. Bless you for your obedience and passion to teach us. I feel that the gift I have been blessed with is teaching the word. I am 55ish and my question is, how do I appropriately transfer some of the things I’ve learned to the younger women? They just seem to be so wrapped up in themselves and, I’m not quite as technology astute as they are…as you say, Gah! You have permission to use my name and I’m from Canada. Thanks for your time.

  49. 99
    Jerri Reimer says:

    My husband and I have/are parenting eight children; three biological sons, five adopted children . One is with the Lord and we are looking at group home placement for another. I would love a study on how to keep on trusting even when God’s plan can change so dramatically ; even from adoption to group home placement.

  50. 100
    Deanne says:

    Hi Beth,
    For the past 10 years I have struggled with knowing the difference between what God allows to happen and his will. Does what he allow equal His will? Is this a crazy question? I am thankful that God has helped me in the past 10 years have peace with the things I know for sure about Him. He has given me your bible studies which have taught me so much but this is one question that I can’t seem to get past. Maybe I’m not supposed to?! Anyways, coffee with you would be oh so lovely. I can think of a thousand things I whole talk with you about.
    Thanks for your faithful service to our Lord!

    • 100.1
      Deanne says:

      Forgot to mention that I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. And if you ever thought of coming her me we would be over the moon.