Siesta Summer 2014 Bible Study: Anybody Game for “Children of the Day”?

Hey, Everybody!

It’s almost May and, around here, that means it’s time to announce our Siesta Summer Bible Study for those who are itching to take a journey together. In all these years of doing summer Bible study together here on the blog, we’ve never gone through one I’ve authored. The biggest reason is that I really love to go through other authors’ courses with our blog community. That’s a refreshing blast of Holy Spirit-breath to me and you can count on us doing that again next summer.  The other reason is that the launch date of one of mine never coincided well with the beginning of summer.  With Children of the Day (an in-depth study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians) coming out in May, the timing works out perfectly. I ask you to trust my heart on this and know that we’re not doing the study this summer so that I can drive up sales. I can’t prove my motives to you but I give you my word. That’s all I know to do. Any of you who still find it uncomfortable can, by all means, choose another Bible study by a different author and feel completely welcome to formulate your group right here in the comment section to this post. Just start your comment with the words in all caps “ANOTHER OPTION” and get together on line and choose which Bible study you’d like to do. There are so many fabulous ones available. You have my complete and joyful blessing to use this community to put your group together. Any way we can serve you is a tremendous honor to us.


For those of you who would like to do Children of the Day with our community this summer, here are a few important facts:


* We’ll start Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Around here at Living Proof, we formed the habit of Tuesday Bible study over the years so that’s why we choose it as our gathering day but you are welcome to commit to any day of the week that works for you. Simply adapt the instructions to that particular day.


* Children of the Day is an 8-week study so we will wrap it up on Tuesday, July 29, 2014.


* As we’ve done in past summers, we’re only asking you to commit to “gather” with us and/or with your group every other week since summers are so busy. We will still stay on schedule for each week’s homework but you’ll only need to check in once every 2 weeks.


* I will put up a short video greeting here on the blog by 8:00 AM every other week on our gathering days, starting with Tuesday, June 3rd. The greeting will include instructions for discussion in your small groups or with the blog community at large. Your “discussion” with the blog community will take place through your response-comment to that post.


* We strongly recommend forming small groups for the pure camaraderie and accountability of it but you are also very welcome to go solo. The best small groups of all meet face-to-face but, if that’s not possible, try to formulate one on line. You might even Skype. Do whatever would benefit you the most and offer you the fellowship we all need so desperately.


* You only need the Children of the Day workbook to participate in the summer study. You don’t need to download the video sessions. All discussion questions will be based on the written work alone, as we’ve done in past summers, so that no one is forced into the extra expense. Each week we will put up a link to that week’s COTD video session for those who also want to include those but I will leave that option entirely to you. There will be no pressure whatsoever. People often ask if the video sessions and homework portions are the same lessons. They are not. They are designed to complement one another for a comprehensive approach to 1st and 2nd Thessalonians but they are not redundant. They are on different segments and concepts found in the 2 letters.


Does that answer many of your questions?  OK, now for the schedule:

Between release date (first week of May) and June 3rd, acquire a workbook of Children of the Day but don’t start it yet! No homework needs to be done before our first gathering. The workbook looks like this:



You can find it at your local LifeWay Christian bookstore by the first week of May, or click here to order online at any time:  COTD workbook


GATHERING ONE: June 3, 2014 – Our summer Bible study launches! By 8:00 AM that morning, God willing, you will find a brief video greeting from me and instructions for that day’s participation/discussion. Again, you can do it any day that week. We’re just choosing Tuesday as our official gathering day. You will “register” for summer Bible study by leaving a comment on the June 3rd post with your name and city and whether or not you are participating in a group or going solo. I will give you the specific instructions at that time. At the bottom of the post will be a link for that weeks’ full-hour Session 1 video if you choose to add on that option.


Do Weeks 1 and 2 of homework for Gathering Two.


(June 10th – link will go up for COTD Session 2 video for anyone going for that option.)


GATHERING TWO: Tuesday June 17, 2014. Brief video greeting from me and instructions for that day’s gathering or discussion. (Link for COTD Session 3 video for anyone taking that option.)


Do Weeks 3 and 4 of homework for Gathering 3.


(June 24th – Link will go up for COTD Session 4 video for anyone taking that option.)


GATHERING THREE: July 1, 2014. Brief video greeting from me and instructions for that day’s gathering or discussion. (Link for COTD Session 5 video for anyone taking that option.)


Do Weeks 5 and 6 of homework for Gathering Four.


(July 8th – Link will go up for COTD Session 6 video for anyone taking that option.)


GATHERING FOUR: July 15, 2014. Brief video greeting from me and instructions for that day’s gathering or discussion. (Link for COTD Session 7 video for anyone taking that option.)


Do Weeks 7 and 8 of homework for Gathering Five.


(July 22 – Link will go up for COTD Session 8 video for anyone taking that option.)


GATHERING FIVE CONCLUSION: July 29, 2014. Brief video greeting from me and instructions for that day’s gathering and closing. (Link for COTD Session 9 video conclusion for anyone taking that option.)



Here is the above schedule in diagram form thanks to my beloved assistant, K-Mac. You can enlarge it to see it better or copy and paste it to a document and print it out if you’re that kind of weird person…because I am, too:









Sound fun??!? Yep, it also sounds like a bit of work but not a single word of Scripture will drop to the ground. We can  have confidence in advance that the pursuit of Christ through His Word will completely alter the summer of 2014. I’m ecstatic to have the privilege of spending these 8 weeks with you in Bible study. You are a tremendous joy to me. Our God-given emphasis right now at Living Proof is on stirring up women who are less-discipled in Scripture to come to love Christ through His powerful, living, relevant Word. We would be thrilled for you to help us by inviting some women along who have never before done this kind of thing. Take the chance and ask them! So many women have a hunger for God. They just don’t know exactly how to identify it. Bring them along if God opens that door!


Can’t wait to get started! Dearest love to you all!





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  1. 601
    Amanda says:

    Just started tonight with a group from my church. The intro was awesome! Heading to Biloxi at the end of the month to see you, Beth! Can’t wait :0)

    • 601.1
      Amanda says:

      Now that I have read the instructions! …. I am in Panama City, Fla meeting with some friends from church at the church. I love to participate in bible studies and stay really focused in a structured study but sadly, I fail to remain committed to daily study once the study ends. As far as quirks … Too numerous to name ;0)

  2. 602
    Alesa says:

    Solo. Malvern, AR.

  3. 603
    Kim says:

    We have a group of about 10 in placerville , Ca. Watching the video at home and meeting to discuss.

  4. 604
    Aimee says:

    Studying by myself but excited for the flexibility!

  5. 605
    becca says:

    first formal bible study ever. curious to see how it can work on-line. looking forward to it.

  6. 606
    Dana Bittner says:

    I am going solo in Elko, GA. Excited to be joining this Bible study.

  7. 607
    Valerie Johnson says:

    Solo for now, gonna bring this to my Women’s study to do :)in MN

  8. 608
    Sheri says:

    Sheri from Littleton, Colorado with 2 boogie sisters.

  9. 609
    Lynn Gilliam says:

    1. Lynn
    2. Lubbock, TX (See you in July!!)
    3.I think I’m going solo!
    4. I had purchased the workbook and videos when they came out, talking with some close friends about doing the study. But after moving the end of March, spending most of April and half of May in Oklahoma due to my Dad contracting pneumonia (along with his dementia), and his death on April 30th, I have had to “live” in what God has taught me through the years. Now, it is time…to soak in His Word again. I love it so.
    5. After reading some of the other comments, I realize that what I thought were normal characteristics – are actually QUIRKS! HaHa!! I guess what’s funny is that I love colorful dishes, but won’t buy anything new because my white dishes are so functional and classic!

  10. 610
    Sallie says:

    Going solo in Tupelo MS unless others want to join

  11. 611
    Candi D says:

    Going solo in Gilbert AZ. Looking forward to this summer study.

  12. 612
    Vivi says:

    I will be doing this one alone, but am looking forward to it.

  13. 613
    Ernestine S. Bonicelli says:

    Studying alone but don’t have intelligence enough to find the video. Help!!!

  14. 614
    Judy says:

    1st ever Bible Study

  15. 615
    Sherry Kilbarger says:

    Lancaster, Ohio
    Solo, but recruiting!

  16. 616
    Timber Ross says:

    Going solo in Marion, IN. Excited to do a bible study during the summer

  17. 617
    Christa says:

    Going solo from Aviano, Italy!

  18. 618
    Deborah says:

    Scottsdale, AZ
    Oh how I need to be in God’s Word!
    Staying up way too late at night.

  19. 619
    Edie Oakley says:

    Hi Beth!
    I am a part of a group of women from Durham, NC who are going through children of the day with you this summer. Please add me to your list so I can begin watching class on line!!
    Thank you!!!

  20. 620
    Heather O'Donnell says:

    Mom Susie and I are doing the study this summer from Georgetown, TX!

  21. 621
    Christine says:

    Going solo in North Port Florida.

  22. 622
    Cathy says:

    Going solo

    Been awhile since I have done an in depth study. Excited about this one.

    Writing in workbook has to be nice and neat with new pen! 😉

  23. 623
    donna says:

    We have a group of two here in Stafford, Va. Can’t wait to get started! donna

  24. 624
    Shannon says:

    Hi i’m going solo, i really want to get to know the Lord and have a relationship with him that i can share with everyone.

  25. 625
    Cassandra says:

    A group of 3 inJasper Florida.

  26. 626
    Dianne says:

    Lebanon, TN
    Solo for now. Looking for girlfriends to join me.

  27. 627
    Joyce Taylor says:

    This is answered prayer! Having back issues and cannot make it to the church every session. So excited!

  28. 628
    Joyce Grimes says:

    1. Joyce
    2. Pace, FL
    3. Solo
    4. I serve as Director of Children’s Ministry and rarely het to participate in Bible Study with a group.
    5. It drives me nuts when people make noise, talk or rattle paper during a movie-at the theater or home. My quirk drives my husband nuts, because he loves to talk & eat during movies.

  29. 629
    Diane Joosse says:

    I. Diane
    2. From Chillicothe, OH
    3. Going solo.
    4. Just had my ninth baby in December and have been having a HARD time getting back in the Word with my crazy busy life but I yearn for it. Baby is finally a bit more predictable and the structure of this study will work well for me.
    5. I cry at all weddings and births!

  30. 630
    Bridget Beaver says:

    Palisade Colorado
    Hopefully will be studying with my daughter
    I hope to get closer to God and start my day off with him first thing and not tv
    One quirk about me is that I love green tea lattes only from starbucks and with no sugar added.

  31. 631
    Ellen says:

    Really relate to your studies
    Toilet paper rolls from the top of the holder

  32. 632
    Cynthia Hancock says:

    Going solo in Hobart, OK. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Beth Moore study, & I love them. Great topic too.

  33. 633
    Donna T. says:

    1. Donna T

    2. Miami, FL

    3. Solo

    4. Going through a dry, uncertain period in my life. Need more of the Word in me.

    5. I have to have music playing in the background in order for me to focus.

    I am so happy I found this link!!

  34. 634
    karen says:

    Will be participating alone. My regular bible study group takes the summer off..

  35. 635
    Helen says:



    Solo, for now…

    Looking for renewal and direction away from my current drought.

  36. 636
    Jennifer says:

    2. Augusta,Georgia
    3. Studying with Kristen and Jessica
    4. Just finished the study of Gideon and want to stay in the word this summer.

  37. 637
    Rosemary says:

    I’m going solo! So excited to walk this journey with you
    I live in Irving TX

  38. 638
    Cindy Spaedy says:

    Love to join

  39. 639
    Noreen says:

    Online alone in San Antonio, TX

  40. 640
    Stephanie says:

    I’m going solo, I love doing the study in the evening after work outside in the summer evenings.

  41. 641
    Paula says:

    Grand Rapids MI
    Going it alone! Can’t wait to get started on another study of Beth’s! I need it!

  42. 642
    Renee Robertson says:

    Me and my sweet friend, Jenny, are doing this study together this summer from Lufkin, TX.

  43. 643
    Melanie Ford says:

    Melanie Ford

  44. 644
    Melanie Ford says:

    Melanie Ford, going solo in Maple Valley. BSF ended in May and starts back in September. I don’t want to waste 3 months NOT studying God’s Word. Unfortunately, I am not self discipled enough to do it on my own, especially when the sun is shining outside which is a rare occurrence here in western Washington. Got a sample of this study in the mail and LOVED it…Thanks for offering this to us.

  45. 645
    Tessa Mae says:

    Jumping in and riding solo…I got the book yesterday and I am PUMPED! 🙂

  46. 646
    Dina Hart says:

    1. My name is Dina
    2. Hartsville, SC
    3. I will be doing the study with a small group, about 6 to 8 women, that meets at my step-daughter’s home.
    4. I am doing the study because it helps me to stay in the Word by being accountable to others.
    5. My quirk is that I am very detailed oriented, I do not always see the big picture until someone points it out to me. This is another reason I like studying the Bible in a small group,it helps me to not get bogged down in the details.

  47. 647
    Debbie says:

    Going it alone and getting a late start. I just ordered my workbook but I’m hoping I can get caught up.

  48. 648
    Becky says:

    1- Becky
    2- Spartanburg, SC
    3- Solo
    4- I need to re-establish a daily Bible study habit.
    5- I just got a new puppy – it’s all I can talk about right now!

  49. 649
    Pam says:

    Pam from Warren MI. I’m going solo but asking some friends to join me. Each Beth Moore study I do is a life changer for me and I can’t wait to do this one. When I”m not in a group I do them on my own and download the video off the life way site. I love to do the study when we go up north camping, I grab my coffee and go outside to do my homework and I feel so blessed. Thank you Beth and keep them coming !!

  50. 650
    Kathy Schroeder says:

    I am doing this study on my own from The Woodlands, TX in June and from Steamboat Springs, CO in July!

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