My Favorite (Fill-in-the-Blank) EVER

(OK, I’m coming back on here about four or so hours after putting up this post so that I can tell you that it turned out to be one of “My Favorite Comment-Sections EVER”! I’m not kidding. You guys are the world’s biggest blast. But, I’m now in the shopping mood again.)

Good Monday Morning, Sweet Things!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you were able to observe some Sabbath rest and be still for a few moments, knowing that He is God. I had an usually wonderful weekend with unexpected joys. For starters, this was a weekend off. That means I got to awaken slowly on Saturday with no plans whatsoever then had an impromptu call from Amanda saying that she had a few hours to hang out. Turned out Melissa did, too. (The joys of having her back are too many to count!) As we were trying to think of what we wanted to do (and were shopped out and grossed out at the thought), Amanda said, “Let’s go see Aunt Gay’s new apartment!”ย  I’m hoping it won’t be long before you get to know my big sister here on the blog. She has a story that might hit those of us presently slogging around in faithlessness with a fresh bolt of lightening. Her boys (25 and 15) also headed over to her new place at the same time and the thought of us all being together was better than a bubbling plate of cheese enchiladas with chili gravy running all into the rice and beans. (Man, I hate that I just did that to myself.) The six of us were inseparable in the early years when my mom, our Queen of Everything, was still alive and in complete control. (I say that with great affection…and without deception.) I have almost as many pictures of my sister’s boys as I do my own girls. Then a whole lot of life happened and that’s a story for another time. We had a blast together Saturday and laughed our heads off, which has always been a Green (my maiden name) family trait. What we lacked in emotional health, we made up for in humor. As my older brother, Wayne, says, we all have a keen sense of the absurd. And I might add, we earned it.

If you only knew the whole story…but, then again, you could say the same thing to me. Some whole stories don’t need to be told in public but they do indeed need to be redeemed. (To me, the line is drawn where the glory to God and the good to the listeners profoundly exceeds the pain of the testimony. If the listener will likely be left with graphic visuals and oppressive thoughts or pervasive sadness, we need to refrain from telling it in detail. In those occasions, generalities are best. We don’t have to tell people everything to tell them an important something. We also have to be very sensitive to the other people – often family members – whose secrets are inadvertently told as we tells ours. These are HUGE issues that need to be worked through with great sensitivity. Mind you, I’m talking about audiences here. I’m not talking about counseling sessions. We do indeed need to find someone trustworthy and mature in the faith, with a gift for counsel, to hear our whole story.) All this to say, if you’re alive enough to read this blog, you’re story is not yet finished and you’ve got time for a really great turn in the narrative that leads to a brilliant finish. I know that for a fact.

OK, can you switch tracks really fast? I thought we’d do something fun today. I was thinking again yesterday while I was putting on my make up and getting ready for church how ticked I am that L’Oreal discontinued the mascara Melissa and I used to use. It was our favorite EVER and no other mascara does lashes like it did. It’s so annoying when that happens. And what a double whammy after my favorite pen got discontinued! Some of you remember that nail biter. No wonder it’s been such a hard year. (Of course, I’m being ridiculous. I don’t want to insult those of you going through tremendously hard times. Like many of you, last year actually was really rough but, oh, that it would have been over pens and mascaras.) I decided it would be fun today to share your favorite ___________ ever. By all means, don’t share something that’s been discontinued or you will dangle a plastic carrot in front of your Siestas. Beyond that, it can be anything! (Suitable to this blog, of course) It can be your favorite mascara. It can be your favorite book. It can be your favorite recipe. It can be your favorite meal. It can be your favorite memory. It can be your favorite song. Share ONE FAVORITE THING of yours (only 1!) with your Siestas today. It may mean that some of us find a new favorite something this very day.

Start it like this: My favorite (fill-in-your-blank) EVER is… (then, for crying out loud, tell us)

I think this is going to be fun. I’ll start with a really stupid one.

My favorite lip plumper EVER is Sally Hansen “Lip Inflation.” It’s dirt cheap and it feels like you’ve rubbed Tabasco all over your mouth. If it plumps like it hurts, move over Angelina.

What’s your favorite something, Siestas??


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  1. 351
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

    My favortie thing is to float in the pool all day long

  2. 352
    Susan says:

    I love the Almay makeup where you match what you pick to your eye color. It really works! Green eyes are greener, blue bluer, hazel…well hazel! Haha!

  3. 353
    Bejoyfulbetty says:

    My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. I “rememberized” it a few years ago, recited it to two Sunday School classes, a friend who was dying, and a portion in church. What a precious gift God gave to me in my old age to want to memorize His Word. I am a member of SSMT!

  4. 354

    My favorite coffee ever is, A medium McDonalds coffee with 1 creamer on the side. I like to add it myself.

  5. 355
    Chris Gould says:

    My favorite thing to eat is a Jake’s (Houston, TX) steak and cheese sub with pizza sauce and hot Italian peppers. And if I can have it on a clear sunny day with the Beach Boys playing on my radio – pure bliss!!

  6. 356
    Dawn, Pottsville says:

    My favorite item of make-up EVER is Mally Poreless Face Defender. My friend bought me a Mally make-up starter kit for my birthday (do ya think maybe she was trying to tell me something?). Anyway, this stuff is MAGICAL. I am addicted. It comes in a compact with a sponge and is clear! You just dab the stuff all over your face…over your make-up…and your pores disappear! It’s amazing and it makes your face feel so soft. Love it. love it, love it. Try it. You will not be disappointed. QVC sells Mally and they have some good specials. Now, PLEASE HELP….I CANNOT find a good mascara the does not smudge and flake off after a few hours. Any suggestions Siestas?

    • 356.1
      Leann Burns says:

      Lancome Definicils. It’s worth the extra money.

    • 356.2
      Sarah says:

      Lash Architect by L’oreal is great!

    • 356.3
      Debra Hanson says:

      colossal volume express by maybelline is pretty good and cheap,

    • 356.4
      Sara H says:

      I have tried soooo many mascaras it’s just not funny, but I settled on Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara and have used it for several years. I wear contacts & don’t have any trouble. I’m a mascara brush snob & this brush does a wonderful job of giving you good coats of mascara & still dividing your lashes. (I hate mascara that makes you look like you have 1 lash!) It doesn’t flake off on me & seems to last all day. I’ve converted several of my friends to this mascara & now we all have fab lashes!! :)) Hope this helps!

    • 356.5
      Diane Bailey says:

      Lancome – Hypnose Drama. For me it goes on like silk and really shows off the lashes!

    • 356.6
      Aletta says:

      I would suggest the Almay intense I-color mascara or Glam Eyes by Rimmel. I wear contacts, and both do well by me. I’m running to for a poreless face!

  7. 357
    Yanna says:

    My favorite thing is a walk in the rain, without an umbrella.

    • 357.1
      Beth says:

      WHOA. I respect you so much.

      • Yanna says:

        I have fine hair and have never had a big hair day in my life, wet hair is flattering on me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously as a child my favorite memory was walking in the rain with my dad. I still love to walk in the rain.

    • 357.2
      Casey says:


      I am soooo with you on this! My husband thinks I am crazy for how much I love being in the rain.

      Bless you!
      Fort Pierce, FL

      • Yanna says:

        Casey if I am ever in Fort Pierce, FL I’m looking you up and we will hold hands and splash in puddles! Or we will meet at the East Gate I just know heaven will have rain and puddles. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 357.3
      r says:

      Me too!! Me too!

      • Yanna says:

        r it will be so fun splashing in puddles with you too! By the way bless you back Casey and r!

        • Deirdre says:

          my first time running (as an adult) was in the rain and it just set a great pattern. Now i love it. there is a point at which you are basically as wet as you cna get, so you may as well keep going. there is something so elemental about running in the rain.

  8. 358
    Hannah R. says:

    I have way too many favorites. BUT my favorite instant coffee is Starbuck’s VIA. It tastes like a fresh brewed cup of coffee everytime. And there are several different kinds/flavors.

  9. 359
    Valerie says:

    My favorite pet is – Maggie, our 3 yr old yorkie poo. Her full name is Magdelyn Mae Milkdud Shamineau TupTup Beck but we usually call her KiKi. No wonder the dear thing doesn’t come when we call her – she has no idea what her name is!

    Maggie was a direct and immediate answer to prayer. God showed up in a huge, undeniable way when He brought Maggie to us. Also, I can now see how she is a big part of my restored, new life in Christ. He is so Good to have allowed me this blessing.

    One thing we love to do with Maggie is hold her little paws in the air and sing “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. Yep, a little nutty over here too! Thank you, Jesus!

  10. 360
    Amanda says:

    My favorite pastime/hobby is reading – I love getting lost in a good book, relating with the characters and living their stories with them.

  11. 361
    Carisa SD says:

    My favorite fruit is pineapple…especially grilled pineapple in the summer. My guy sprinkles some cinnamon and sugar over it, tastes so good it’s making my mouth water right now!

  12. 362
    Whitley says:

    My Favorite song is East to West by Casting Crowns!! Its such an amazing song. I listen to it ALL the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 363
    Emily D says:

    My favourite date-night EVER is Christmas eve. Girls in bed early, Sat on the sofa with my man watching ‘It’s a wonderful life’ eating cheese and crackers with grapes and clementines and having diet coke in a glass bottle. I am not sure life can get any better than that!

  14. 364
    Marilyn says:

    My favorite dessert is key lime pie.

  15. 365
    Amanda says:

    My favouritest thing to do in the world and my most favorite memories is when I laugh until I cry with my friends or my hubby….Laughter makes my soul sing.

  16. 366
    Katie says:

    My favorite thing ever is warm coffee on a cool day.

  17. 367
    LuAnn Barton says:

    My favorite thing is a sunny, summer morning with a good book and the birds singing. And the smell of lilacs.

  18. 368
    Karen says:

    Karen ~ Laconia, NH
    My favorite thing is time with my two sisters who are also sisters’ in Christ. When the Lord coordinates a “sisters’ weekend” He never misses a beat. We always find the best food to eat and oh the laughter! I love my husband of almost 21 years, but there is much to say about being with my beloved sisters. It was at a “sister retreat” that my middle sis came to Christ. PRICELESS!

  19. 369
    Heather says:

    My favorite candle right now is “Silver Bells” by Yankee Candles out of Massachusettes. It smells like Christmas time and clean rooms, if that makes sense. Love it!

  20. 370
    Candy says:

    my favoritest place to shop EVER is Chicos….love it love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 371
    Bobbie says:

    My favorite new song is Mandisa’s new single “Stronger”! Love the message, I’ve really struggled with my surgery recovery and wish I had had this song 6 weeks ago. The waves have tried to take me under during my nights of sleeplessness, but I’m holding on and letting Him hold my hand! The pain’s not going to last forever and I will be stronger–I can’t wait to raise this arm in praise to Him! The saddest part is missing Tuesday night Bible Study with you!

    • 371.1
      Elaine says:

      Praying for you at 4:00 am Bobby – that you are sleeping soundly! Love, a Siesta in Missouri

    • 371.2
      Anita says:

      I love your name.. it is my mom’s name also. I saw Mandisa on the Made to Crave webcast online singing her new song a few weeks ago. She was wonderful and is very blessed.
      Also, the Made to Crave book by Lysa TerKeurst is wonderful!!!

  22. 372
    Abraham's Daughter says:

    My favorite Bible teacher is Beth Moore. Yup, I’m goin for teacher’s pet!!

  23. 373
    Angie says:

    My favorite place is the beach—any beach, but really love the white sugar sands of the Gulf of Mexico!! Each time I go, the first moments of walking to the edge of the water, seeing/hearing the waves, feeling the breeze—it’s a true God moment for me!! I always think of the Nicole C. Mullen song “Redeemer” because of the line about “who tells the ocean how far it can go…” Just so amazing to stand there and experience His creation and awesome power!! LOVE IT!!!

    • 373.1
      Beth says:

      I relate! After walking the beach I have to go back and bring up the old hymn “here is love vast as the ocean” on YouTube…

  24. 374
    Katalla says:

    One of my favorite sensations is when the sun is warm and I turn my back to it…just feeling the heat on my shoulders – helps me to melt and relax…

  25. 375
    Carla says:

    I think my favorite thing EVER is to sit and read any Francine Rivers book. WOW, that lady can write!

  26. 376
    Alece Newell says:

    My favorite snack is corn nuts (plain dont like those fancy flavors)and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

  27. 377
    Sandra says:

    My favorite candy is Hershey’s SugarFree Special Dark
    Chocolate. Why? Because I am diabetic and this is the only way to enjoy chocolate candy.

  28. 378
    Sharon says:

    My favorite way to spend time relaxing is reading a good book while soaking in some vitamin D on the beach. I will even share that my favorite beach is on Lake Michigan – Tunnel Park in Holland, MI.

  29. 379
    carla says:

    My favorite thing in the world is pedicures with my hubby, I hooked him on them a few years ago and we go together.

  30. 380
    jenn says:

    my favorite lipstick ever used to be a loreal color that they discontinued without telling me–the nerve!

    my husband found it online ON EBAY and bought 3 tubes of it for me for Christmas a few years ago!!! so, go check out ebay to see if someone has your mascara for sale. just might make your day. do the same for the pen. you never know!

  31. 381
    Val in KY says:

    My new favorite thing is “Nail Bliss French Wrap” manicure kit. It’s only $35 from Sally Beauty Supply (not sure if it’s a chain store or not, but I could get lost in there) and I have done 6 sets of french tip nails that have brought so many compliments on how they look and “where did you get those done, girl?” It is the easiest, most cost-effective way I have found to save money on my nails and still have them look at nice and pretty.

    Louisville, KY

  32. 382
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    My favorite movie EVER is The Sound Of Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 382.1
      Kathy B says:

      Me too! If you ever find yourself in Salzburg, Austria, you must go on the Sound of Music tour. Several to choose from, but I strongly recommend the bike tour. Even my husband said it was one of the highlights of our trip. I actually put my face through the iron gate at Nonburg Abbey and said, “But we just want to see Fraulein Maria.” A sweet young man from SE Asia asked me, “Just how many times have you seen this movie?” Countless ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Volleyball Ginger says:

        been there! Every time during the carriage ride in Salzburg where she is teaching the do-re-me song, I always look at the little shop (she is using the whip for a baton at this point in the song) where I bought several things to bring home. Loved, loved being there. Too cute about you asking to see Maria at the Abbey!!!!!! Very clever!

    • 382.2
      Deirdre says:

      Heaven for me is going to HAVE to involve me getting to participate in the Salzburg montage…over and over and over again. my two year old blesses my heart when she askes for ‘do-a-deer-movie” and then proceeds to sing a long with every song.

  33. 383
    Katie says:

    Hummmm….. my M.A.C lip gloss (ohhh baby) is the color- they have the best names! I simply can’t live without it!

  34. 384
    jennlandrew says:

    My Favorite shampoo & conditioner EVER is Oribe Signature, a daily indulgence…comes in the best looking bottles, and leaves hair so shiny!
    My Favorite hair dryer EVER is Rusk Speedfreak…it does just that, pulls this head of curls straight out and fast!!
    And, My Favorite combo EVER is dark chocolate and anything!!!!! It makes everything better…always!

  35. 385
    Marilyn says:

    My favorite fiction writer ever is Francine Rivers. The Mark of the Lion Triology and Redeeming Love are my favorites that she has written.

  36. 386
    Valerie says:

    My favorite movie is “Anne of Green Gables” but there are so many other good ones out there as well. I usually don’t do well with “favorite” because I have a tough time narrowing things down. ha!

  37. 387

    My favorite lazy afternoon activity is to curl up next to a sleeping or purring cat.

  38. 388
    Kathy C. says:

    I have a brand new favorite, an entree from The Cheesecake Factory, and it isn’t cheesecake, it is their Chicken Bellagio, it is crispy crusted chicken breast served with basil pasta with a creamy Parmesan sauce, Prosciutto and Arugula salad.

    But I do love their Red Velvet Cheesecake!

    Are you hungry now?

  39. 389
    Rosa says:

    Favorite things…One of my favorite things, living the the great State of Texas, is waiting in anticipation for the bluebonnets to start showing their familiar shades of blue and white in mid-March. It reminds me that spring is here and God makes all things new. There is nothing like seeing a Texas hillside covered in a sea of blue and white!

  40. 390
    Tammy says:

    My favorite tea is Chocolate Raspberry Truffle from Culinary Teas. It is an online shop. I have decided that their teas sound like dessert without calories or guilt. My other favorite is cheese pizza. PUt the two together and I am happy siesta.

    love to you all

  41. 391
    Beth Rhodes says:

    My favorite scent ever is Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar! When I wear the body mist, I usually get someone telling me,”Man, you smell good!” It doesn’t hurt that my husband loves it too…..

  42. 392
    Abbie says:

    I live more than halfway across the country from my family. My favorite is my ritual of talking to my mom on my commute home from work every day of the work week. This week she was overwhelmed with tax preparations for my parents’ small business so we didn’t get to talk that much. It made me realize how much I have come to love and depend on those 30 minutes each day!

  43. 393
    NurseRae says:

    Favorite feeling: my toes in the sand at the beach—summer here we come!

  44. 394
    Yolanda says:

    My favorite things is….Tina Turner’s voice.

    I put something very similar on my FB last week, and shocked some of you that have become dear friends of mine. But it’s true, I heart her voice!!!!

  45. 395
    Sheryl says:

    My favorite skin care product ever is my Clarisonic. I received it as a gift a year ago, and my skin looks amazing. I just love it!

  46. 396
    Brandi Hayes says:

    Ever felt the need to speak something. Or in this case, write something. Well, my favorite anything today is my dad, John Hayes. Today, we celebrate 2 years of his homegoing. He had my favorite laugh, my favorite hug…he was my favorite person, hero, confidante. If you knew him, he was a favorite friend.

    Thank You, Jesus, for my favorite dad, John Hayes!

  47. 397
    Royana (aka - Isaac's Mom) says:

    My favorite thing EVER is to take a trail walk in the woods with my dog Sophia, my man and my two children. True GREATNESS!!!

  48. 398
    Laura Smith says:

    My favorite chocolate candy is “Cadbury Mini Eggs”!! My mom even put some in the freezer (along with a few other seasonal favorites ie. Thin Mints, Grandma’s Christmas Cookies etc.) for me to enjoy on my wedding day! While we were getting ready she came out with a big tray of all of my favorite treats!

    • 398.1
      Beth says:

      What an amazing mom! Those cadbury eggs are the best. I et them with a precise ritual. You suck on the egg…it’s breaking the rules to bite it…you suck it until the shell gets o thin it collapses and the chocolate is warm and smooth as it breaks over your tongue from the process ๐Ÿ™‚ a delight!

      • Laura Smith says:

        She is an amazing mom! I love to eat them the same way…but its oh so hard!!(I feel so happy to have this “normal” conversation with BETH MOORE!)I love you so much!

    • 398.2
      Telly says:

      Mine, too!

  49. 399
    Heather Smith says:

    My favorite Italian Resturant EVER WAS…WAS…WAS…as in PAST TENSE…was Pasta Mia in Pacific Grove, CA….where I had my first sun-dried tomato that tasted like candy, and when they stopped offering that dish, realized they had THE BEST lasgana made with becshemel sauce and marinara…..tear

    • 399.1
      Sara says:

      That’s funny because my favorite Chinese restaurant in the world is Mandarin Gourmet in Pacific Grove! I never tried that Italian restaurant unfortunately. It sounds like it was good!

    • 399.2
      Heather Smith says:

      My name is Heather Smith, too, and I also LOVE italian food… and I have a great Lasagna roll-ups recipe with a becshemel sauce!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 400
    Patty says:

    My favorite thing is a week vacation in Destin, Florida. Walking on the beach, floating in the pool all day and eating fresh seafood for dinner.

    • 400.1
      Bobbie says:

      Patty, don’t you love the White,white beaches in Destin! The most beautiful beaches in my opinion!

    • 400.2
      Dawn, Pottsville says:

      Patty, we love Destin, too! What’s your favorite restaurant and where do you guys stay?…if you don’t mind my asking.

    • 400.3
      Gerri S. says:

      Oh, I am so there with you! I love that beach… and it’s such a treat leaving the Indiana cornfields for a little white sand between my toes!

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