Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up

Hey, Siestas!

Our six-week study has flown by, hasn’t it? And so has the summer and just maybe we lived it a bit more victoriously because we were in Bible study together! I have enjoyed every second of it and I trust you have, too. Kelly’s way on paper really speaks to me. I’ve heard many of you say the same thing. Like we’ve done in our previous summer studies, I will devote a post entirely to our teacher at the end of the week and let you tell Kelly how much you received from her tutelage through God’s Word. Try to save your direct feedback to her for that time so she’ll be able to read every single comment. Look for that post around Friday.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Final Week from LPV on Vimeo.

I hope you’ll be able to watch the video greeting but, as usual, I want to make sure you have your instructions for our final gathering also in print. So, here goes!

As you meet in your final gathering, you’ll discuss Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six:

The first two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Five:

  1. Turn to p.122 and review the paragraph in the middle of the page beginning with the words, “I wonder if your life can be easily explained.” Follow your review by sharing what you wrote in reference to the “Personal Response” portion just below it, if you feel led.

  1. Turn to p.136. Kelly wraps up Week Five by asking us to have a closing prayer time over the one thing that touched us most in that five-day unit. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share that one thing with your small group or, if you’re going solo, share it with me and the rest of your participating sisters.

The last two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Six:

  1. Turn to p.144 and look at the wonderful bold print at the bottom of the page. Review the answer to the question, “Who suddenly takes center stage and does this surprise you?” Then, glance up to the top of the next page (p.145) and share your answers to the “Personal Take.” Have fun looking over those next couple of paragraphs Kelly wrote about “you know, the women!”

(By the way, don’t you love the way Kelly had us go back to all those references that contained descriptions of Naomi? I thought it was so insightful.)

  1. Day’s Four and Five are so powerful that I cannot choose just one portion for you to review. Please glance over the entire ending to the Bible study, stretching over both lessons, and share what you have gleaned from God concerning LEGACY. God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?

Thank you, Siestas, for a great summer in God’s Word! I respect your relationships with Christ so much. I pray that He enjoys lurking here. He is everything to us.

Be thinking about how you’re going to stay in the Word this Fall! We’ll provide some accountability by asking you around the first of September about your plan for victory!

You are so loved and highly esteemed around here. Press on, Darling Things!


259 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up”

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  1. 151
    Sue Mullins says:

    Solo in SW Virginia

    1) In some ways I think my life can be easily explained as I am a stay at home mom with a precious daughter that requires total care for her. She is not a burden but such a blessing that God has given me. It has made me take in and look at the simple things in life so much. A way different life than I would have chosen or that most people can understand but one that has made me “Cast all my care upon him”. Thank you Jesus, I want to be a godly woman, a Ruth.

    2)I thank God that he knows my name (I love that!) and he has a plan for me just as God had a plan for Ruth and Naomi.

    3)It was very interesting that Naomi did take center stage. She showed such a human part at the beginning saying that God had dealt bitterly with her but at the end the women were blessing her and what a tremendous story of God’s redemption!

    4)I loved this study and being a part of this group. It is so wonderful to know that God can use us if we are willing.

  2. 152
    Julie says:

    Ruth Study Final Week
    City: Porterville, CA
    #: solo
    What touched me most in Session 5 is that Boaz accepted Ruth, unashamedly. He didn’t care she was a Moabite; he didn’t care that she dressed differently than the Israelite women. And neither does God. He accepts us just as we are. That’s amazing to me. Even though we know that, sometimes we skim over the most amazing of details such as this.

    Yes, I was surprised that Naomi suddenly takes center stage. Yet, how like Ruth to not forget her mother-in-law. This was her grandson Ruth presented her with. Someone to love and keep her in her old age. Someone to love her unconditionally, just as Jesus loves us.

    Legacy. God uses us for His Will. We see that in the lineage of Jesus. Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba, and Ruth – a Moabitess. All had a desire to worship God. My lineage comes from a family of faith. I want that to continue through my children and beyond.

  3. 153
    Hollie says:


    1-I feel that as I’ve left college and moved into my adult role that my life has become more expected. I pray that if the Lord has a desire for me to do the unusual, illogical, or sacrificial, that I follow the Lord willingly.

    2-God loves us so much. He can use me no matter what I’ve done or where I’ve been, how smart I am or what I look like. Go delights in us…thank goodness!

    3-Naomi takes center stage. Ruth’s kindness towards others has not changed. Naomi continued to trust God and we must do the same. I can’t turn my back on God when things get tough. He will be there through everything.

    4-I found myself listening to Nichole Nordeman’s, Legacy, as I worked through this session. That song fits so perfectly with this week! I was also touched by Kelly’s statement that, “Childbearing is not the only way to leave a legacy.” I would love to get married and have a family one day, but God has given me a purpose for today: to know Him, to read His Word, and to share how much He loves us.

    Loved this Bible Study Beth and Kelly!
    Thanks and Blessings!

  4. 154
    crissy says:

    Solo somewhere in North Africa.

    I SO valued this study on Ruth. I love Ruth, love Boaz and Naomi. I love the way God redeems situations for His glory. That every situation that I live is known by Him.

    As a preface, God used the book of Ruth to speak to my heart when I came to this country met my husband and got married. The verse in Chapter 1 v.16 ‘Your people shall be my people’ was significant to me in God bringing my husband and me together.

    1.God reminding me of his calling to live in this country with my family. The verse that God used to encourage me was Boaz’s response to Ruth ‘ how you left your father and mother and your homeland and came to live with a people that you did not know before. May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge’.
    Throughout all the difficulties, tears and joys of living and ministering here God is and will be faithful. He knows of what I have left behind to come to a ‘people I did not know before’ and he understands!

    2. Coming to serve to not be served. Whether I serve my husband and my children or others around me God SEES. I live in a culture where thank you is a word that is not commonly said and I have at many times grown bitter for service without being thanked. God reminded me that He gave His only Son for the whole world yet so few choose to accept and to thank him. I So needed this!

    3. I so appreciate the way God changed Naomi’s heart. I need my heart to transformed daily that I would not remain bitter in circumstances but to trust by faith that God will do much more than I possibly ask for.

    4. Legacy. What a powerful word. I live in a country that many people have worked in for many years without seeing fruit for their labour. But again faithful service to the King is a Legacy. Bringing up my children in a culture that distains Jesus and helping to love Him is a legacy that I want to continue with His grace.

    Thank you Kelly and thank you Beth! God bless you!

    My other bible study ladies will be back in September and we’re going to be studying Breaking Free. Looking very forward to it.

  5. 155
    Charissa says:

    1. For me, to do the illogical was to stay home with my children. It has turned out to be the best place for me.

    2. The question on page 134: how has God changed your life? There are just too many ways to list. One of the biggest was bringing me out of a bad relationship and finding my husband.

    3. I think Naomi got significant billing because the story started with her.

    4. I am amazed at the strength of Ruth. I want to have that kind of strength and determination.

  6. 156
    Tracy says:

    Solo. Surrey, BC Canada –
    1. My personality is to look for the safe way to do things and not rock the boat. My current circumstances are stretching me beyond this and even though it is not comfortable, I see God’s hand and know His peace. I just want to be obedient.
    2. God can use me no matter what I come from or have been. I can be the beginning of a new start in my family line. It takes a lot of prayer and hard times but it is worth it.
    3. Naomi was an integral part to the beginning of this story, just like each of us has a story that begins with us and how God will use our lives if we let him. I can relate to Naomi’s bitterness over her circumstances, we are all human, but can continue to trust that “God is good”!
    4. I am thankful that God can use anyone to accomplish His plans & purposes. All He needs is a heart that is willing. I have two older children who are struggling with their faith and with church at this time. I can only pray and trust God for the outcome, that they may one day be passing on their own legacy of faith. They are great kids whose hearts have been broken.

    Thank you for this study and for the hunger & thirst for God’s Word that you have helped to nuture in me. What a blessing!

  7. 157
    Sharon says:

    College Station

    I have not responded to the last one, but I have done the total Bible Study. It was awesome!!!! I love it.
    It never ceases to amaze me how much more I get out of the book in the Bible, when I do a study.
    1 I feel there is something I need to do, but right now I am praying and waiting on the LORD’s direction.

    2 The thing that touched me most is how much non Israeli people believed and were used by God in the old testament, it kinda always bothered me about others that seemed to be left out. It helped me see how non Israeli people could be close to God also.

    3 It kinda surprised me, but God brought her through a lot,she lost her husband and only 2 sons. I have been doing a Bible Study on Job and I cannot imagine being away from my home and loosing my family. Naomi came around to GOd’s way. I think she felt God deserted her and I have felt that way from time to time and I have not lost my family.

    4 Our God is such an awesome God. I hope to leave the legacy of being a Bible Study believer. I was raised Catholic and was not taught to read or study my Bible. I was was saved and believed Jesus is the Christ and my Savior, but I did not know the depths I could study and become closer to God.

  8. 158
    Nesha says:

    Solo in Mechanicsville, VA

    1) I so want to live such a life as this. In a way, I guess my life is hopefully exhibiting all three (unusual, illogical, and sacrificial) due to the fact that I am the first generation to raise my family in a christian home and church and totally stepping out of the comfort zone of my biological family.

    2) I thanked God for actually knowing my name and that my future is really in His hands so I can relax so much more and trust in Him. My whole life has been feeling unnoticed but am just overcomed with the fact that my Father does know me.

    3) It did surprise me, but now thinking it over, that is so God; to remind people that He has been there through it all! Naomi felt forgotten due to what happened but all along with helping Ruth was doing His plan and was rewarded with being so close to Obed.

    4) I am still meditating over all the verse on pg 162. As a mother and doing the everyday mudane things for my family (which I love!), and with a father-in-law that lives with us and tries to manipulate things; it is too easy for me to get into that trap of thinking that nobody is noticing anything. Now after this study, I am more at ease with, that is okay, they may not appreciate all the hard work but He does!

    Thank you for another wonderful SSBS!

  9. 159
    Linda says:

    Bartelso, IL
    1. Lord, let me do what You ask of me, let me over come my fears.
    2. I am trusting in God for His time, His plan.
    3. I seemed to think that Naomi had to be the one who shared her God with Ruth.
    4. It is hard to think how our lives affect the future which tells me I need to seek Jesus and let my life reflect Him.

  10. 160
    Gail says:

    solo in central WA

    I have always tended toward the camouflage route. Keep quiet, blend in, don’t draw attention to yourself. Ponder things in your heart, but keep it to yourself. But I feel the Lord is calling me to be brave in some new areas of life to be ready and willing to take a stand that might not be exactly like the rest of those around me and be bold for the truth when called for. To be reachable to those around me. To “tell ’til all the world knows that You’re my God, You are my King, You are the Lord of my life!”

    I think what stood out to me was God’s protection and preservation and provision. How no matter what was going on, He had a shield of protection over them because He knew what was coming on down the line. And His ability to redeem anything and mold it to His purpose and His glory. We may have no clue what significance our life has on down the road, but we have the potential to leave quite a legacy. So live like it!

    It did surprise me that Naomi suddenly took center stage. But I’m not sure why. The story started with her and so much of it is how God turned her life, her bitterness around. That is what I want. Turn from bitterness to a life of purpose. Don’t accept defeat.

    I keep having a song and a poem play over and over through my head. One is “I am ready and I am willing” and the other is “Pour on me Your Spirit.” They both go hand in hand, and they are the theme of my heart right now. May it always be so!

    I have been so abundantly blessed, impacted by this study. It has come alongside the events of my life and has resonated in my heart with an echo that will carry me through! I AM ready. I AM willing! Thank you, Jesus!

  11. 161
    Denise says:

    Denise, Solo
    Jefferson City, TN

    1) God, sometimes I am afraid of WHAT you might call me to do, but I am willing to do what You want, to be obedient, to honor and please You. I don’t want to succumb to fear or miss Your calling to me. Help me to make the most of every opportunity to listen and KNOW Your voice, to KNOW Your thoughts and to see, hear and follow where You lead, where You are calling me to work for You, where You are calling me to BE, WHO You want me to be! Help me to trust and obey and fear not! I love You and thank You. Amen

    2) It wasn’t just one thing, there were three- 1) that “one of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life: in the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart.” I am willing, I say I’m willing, I feel I’m willing- but am I REALLY willing to do all that He asks?; 2) “we see in Scripture that we have been called by God by name.” I’ve heard that, and ‘known’ it, but it finally clicked, especially regarding family and my precious little grandchildren; 3)”What an inspiration to keep going knowing that God will give the increase.”

    3) The story starts with Naomi, and it’s so wonderful to see how God did give the increase, and how He used Naomi- even when she thought her life was basically over and she had no purpose- to bring about a powerful part of the redemption story.

    4) I was really impacted by the lessons on lineage and legacy- I realize I’ve always been here in the now and I’m sad to say I have never really given much thought to MY role, MY story, in our family’s legacy, what future generations may learn from me, how they may benefit from circumstances in my life, even the ones that seem unbearable and have no purpose. I was a good mom but see where I did make mistakes BUT out of the ashes of my messy, inept mothering comes beauty, and YES, God is just better to us than He has to be!! Sometimes I just beat myself up with mom guilt, thinking I should have done this, if I had done that, why did I do this? My children are good young men but they have not turned out exactly like I thought they would- turns out they have minds of their own- and some of their decisions make me anxious. I so want to be careful and make sure y’all know they’re good ‘kids’, they just don’t always do things exactly like I would like for them to! 😀 This study gave me some peace about what God has in store for our family in the future by reminding me of what kind of people He uses in His plan- He can even use a lowly little wormy person like me. It takes me back to my favorite scripture, Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” He REALLY does have a plan for us, and it is more far-reaching than I ever dreamed of. I don’t have to control, I don’t have to beat myself up. I think I am finally at the place of Let Go and Let God- why has it taken me so long to get to this place?! 🙂

  12. 162
    Kim Eshelman says:

    We finished!!! Our group of 4 ladies PRAISE God that we know we are different than when we started this study of Ruth! There were 2 of 4 that attended the last session.

    I did not respond about our 3rd session- but all were here. An amazing story from our college graduate of a man’s unexpected kindness I need to share. Her tire blew out on her way back to college. While on the cell with her dad a man stopped to say he would fix the flat. Then another man stopped and also helped. Both men said to her that she needed 4 new tires and they would buy them for her. She was in awe. One man gave her $40 and left while the other had her follow him to Walmart’s ATM(in town of her college)and he gave her $120. She got new tires for $140. Both men gave her their cards and she quickly wrote them both a thankyou plus a check to repay what they had given. It has been about 2 years and neither of the men CASHED the checks she sent back to them!

    We are all re-evaluation the Legacy we want to leave.

    What we learned: Bottom line is that God can use anyone at any time for any thing. We may not always know who is affected by our choices.

    We PRAISE God and this study for continuing to give life lessons in ways we could never imagine. Also a teacher who let us find things we wouldn’t have on our own. Seeing Naomi’s life come to a circle hit all of our hearts. Ruth being a small Book of the Bible but oh so full!

    So 4 ladies with 3 saying yes to study with me came together this summer and we quickly opened our hearts to each other. It is something none of us will forget.

    BONUS Kelly Minter is coming to a church in our area to speak about the Ruth study this September and I am hoping my group can go. Does God have perfect timing or what!And Isn’t God kind and yes Bigger than HE has to be.

    So a huge Thanks to all involved in making this happen. May we never stop learning and keep those hiking boots close!

    BELIEVING HIM with you, Kim Eshelman Lewisburg, PA

  13. 163

    Mosinee, WI
    Solo, 36, Married

    I too did not check in on our last post, but did do the study. It has been hard to keep up as I have been mourning the loss of someone who has been like a father to me…. but I have been able to persevere through it and really enjoyed it!

    1. When I wrote the answer, I felt at the time that I wasn’t being called to something illogical or sacrificial – but now looking at it, maybe I am in it and that’s why I didn’t see it. We have taken into our family a young lady who needs to learn how to live out on her own- she is renting from us and learning how to budget, etc. We have a small house, so sacrificing the little breathing room we had and helping her has been “illogical” to most others.

    2. The “one thing.” That I can entrust myself to Him, and ask Him to give me the willingness to be willing to surrender fully to him – in the process of grieving, in the process of loss, in the process of letting go to grow up in Him more.

    3. It had to end with Naomi because it started with her. There would have never been a story without her. Just as a good story teller, we had to know what happened to her, not that she just faded out. No one ever “fades out” of the story that God weaves.

    4. Over and over I have been reminded to press on. To keep going. To persevere. If Ruth hadn’t pressed on and into God and kept following Him, God would have used someone else, but she was meant to be there. I am meant to be where I am. No matter what, I have to keep going, keep striving to heal. I don’t know who is watching, or what kind of legacy I am leaving for my children – neither did Ruth, and only generations later and thousands of years later can we look back and see her place in history… in HIS story.

    • 163.1
      Lisa says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      And if you haven’t been thanked, I want to thank you for taking in this person into your household. I believe this is what God meant when He said others will know us by the way we love each other.

      I live in Wisconsin too! Menomonie here.

      God bless you siesta!

  14. 164
    Stephanie says:

    Fruita, CO, 5 in our group today

    P. 122–We talked about how we would all like to live the sacrificial, extraordinary life, but fear gets in the way and sometimes it is hard to know if God is calling us to do something or if we are over-responsible and wanting to take on something that we should not.

    P. 136–We talked about how easy it is to forget that God is always at work-even when it seems like nothing is happening.

    P. 144–Yes we were surprised and no we weren’t (because we have read the story before). We all thought it was a little unexpected for the story line to go back to Naomi, but one woman stated that she knew that Naomi would not get squeezed out of the picture, because Ruth loved her so much.

    P. 145–Most of us have moved around the country a bit, so we lamented not being near extended family or having the solid history with those “church women” or just “women”.

    Days 4 & 5–We all want to leave a godly legacy. We discussed that Ruth, Boaz and Naomi (as well as about every other human) did not know what the outcome of their legacies would be. Likewise, we will probably never know about our own. We just need to do our best to follow God, so our legacies will be godly, too.

  15. 165
    Lourdes says:

    Washington, DC. 10 in our group.

    We all enjoyed doing this bible study and getting to know each other better. It has been an amazing journey. We were not able to get together for the last session (most of us were out of town) but we are planning to have a wrap up session in September.

    We have been so blessed by this bible study. Thank you so much Beth and Kelly for allowing God to use your gift of teaching to be a blessing to us.

  16. 166
    Lori, Love2Praise says:

    Mapleville, Rhode Island

    8 Women attended tonight 8/10

    We just finished our last Bible Study session. I honestly wish you could have been here. We have had the most blessed time together.

    1. Many of us felt we are answering God’s call on our lives. Diana made a great point of how she is always willing to do anything for anyone but when God calls her she sometimes is afraid to step out. I think we have all felt that trepidation at times.

    2. Some things that touched us about this portion of the study were as follows: God’s faithfullness and that He had a plan for Ruth from the very beginning. How personal our God is. HE knows my name! That Boaz was willing to take Ruth regardless of all that she was, just as Jesus is willing to take us. That we have to be willing to be used, just as Ruth was. That we need to have patience and wait and trust in HIM.

    3. For most of us it did not surprise us that Naomi suddenly took center stage. We discussed how we felt she must have been a faithful follower of God due to the fact that Ruth stated “your God will be my God”. We beleive that the 10 years Ruth was married to her son, Naomi must have shown her through her own actions how important God was to her. We could see how God used Naomi also in sending Ruth to Boaz. We thought that “the women” recognizing Naomi as she returned to Bethlehem must have also signified that Naomi was a well thought of, perhaps even a pillar of the community at one time. After she had been gone for at least 10 years we thought this was of significance. Of course this is all our own thoughts but we loved speaking about it.

    4. Wow! The legacy that Naomi, Ruth and Boaz left was amazing!!!! We all felt the same that the legacy we wish to leave behind is that of Godly women! We want our friends, family and anyone who knows us to understand that we love our Lord and Savior. We spoke of others we have lost that have left such a legacy. Beautiful.

    Joyce said it best when she said that this study encompasses the same as our journey to coming to know Christ. That just as Ruth followed Naomi, we must follow Christ, just as Ruth sacrificed and was faithful to Naomi, we must do the same for Christ, and just as they were blessed with the legacy left behind, so shall we. This is my prayer!!! What a beautiful study.

  17. 167
    MMMom says:

    Sharon, solo, San Antonio

    1) I’m the one who plays it safe. Praying for courage to take the risk and step out in faith.

    2) Do the right thing even if it’s hard and humbling. God will bless your faithfulness.

    3) Naomi. She was the beginning. If it weren’t for her and her sons their would be no Ruth.

    4) It is so important to stay in God’s path because you don’t know the legacy He has in store for you. I don’t want to be a Ruth who turned back. I pray God gives me the wisdom to move when and where He wants me to.

    I loved this study and staying in the Word this summer. Thanks Beth. Praying for travel safety for you and Keith and of course your four legged children as well.

  18. 168
    Angie Ehrenreich says:

    1. I’m not sure what the Lord is calling me to do in the future- but I know he called me to something a few yrs back that certainly was not easily explained. He asked me to obey and follow my husband in a decision that quite frankly I wasn’t real crazy about. Once I agree to obey and follow I thought things were going to be pie in the sky but it turned out that we lost a business and our home. However looking back I know it was exactly what God needed to do on our lives to bring about humilty and brokeness. As for what lies ahead- I want to be where God is working – whatever that may entail – even if it is unexplainable. I pray my fears will be overcome by my faith.
    2. What has touched me is simply that God is our redeemer and He can redeem anything and everything about us- whether we are outsiders, insiders, failures, successes, pit dwellers, non pit dwellers, it doesn’t matter. All we have to do is “be willing to be made willing”
    3. I would say it surprises me that Naomi takes center stage again- I was all about hearing more of Ruth and Boaz….and their new life together.
    4. The concept of legacy touches me deeply b/c I am desperately trying to carve out a legacy for my daughter that is completely different than the legacy my parents left for me. I want her to know that I had faith in the one true God and that He is real and alive and personal.

  19. 169
    gardenle says:

    Beth and Kelly,
    Thanks so much for this Bible study that helped to keep me in the word this summer. I will soon be starting a new study by Jim Cymbala on prayer with my women’s Bible study group at my church. I missed the face to face fellowship this summer but sure have enjoyed the online fellowship with all the sisters here!!!! Thanks again.

    1. I want to be willing to do the extraordinary, sacrificial and loving things that God has for me. I have the gift of mercy so am often doing things for others but I realized thru this study that often I am doing this out of a sense of duty and not God’s love thru me. I am praying that I can be more loving in my service for Him.
    2. God as my Redeemer. Our SS class was studying the book Prodigal God by Tim Keller at the same time as I was doing this study. His discussion on the True Elder Brother as our Redeemer combined with Kelly’s discussions on Boaz as a redeemer have helped me to see God’s personal love for me in a new way. PTL!! HE is my Redeemer!!!!
    3. Naomi, yes, it seems that it should be more about Ruth and Boaz’s relationship, yet, the book began with Naomi’s story so it is fitting that it ends with her relationship to her grandson and the legacy this leaves for us.
    4. I did day 4’s study with my 3 grandsons on the deck with me. this made these studies very real. I so want to leave a Godly legacy for them and for the students that I come in contact with as a school nurse. God is soooooo Good!!!!!
    Thanks again for a wonderful summer in the WORD.
    Blessings to all the siesta sisters and Mama Beth and Kelly.

  20. 170
    Jody says:

    1. I never realized that maybe why I struggle with understanding or seeing God’s plan for me is that I don’t have a willing heart. I may be afraid… But, I don’t want to be afraid.
    2. So, I guess what touched me the most is this “willingness” issue. I am praying to be made willing to have a willing heart.
    3. I thought the scene of Naomi with the baby in the end was so… GOD. Our story started with Naomi feeling so separated from God, and ends with God showing us He never abandons us… He is always working and weaving… amazing!
    4. I want God to be the Author of my life. I want to leave a Legacy of Hesed… if that makes sense. I want to be made willing.

  21. 171
    Misty says:

    OKC, OK – group of 4 (1 was ill) from 30s-60s

    Our meeting was postponed for a week due to our hostess’s little guy becoming super sick. Praise God he is now on the mend and is doing well…but even with a week-long postponement, life got in the way and some were behind in homework.

    We had some wonderful time to talk about our favorite parts of the work and even shared some praises and prayer requests – things that were both related and not related to what we had been studying in this Kelly Minter study. We all loved the study and agreed that this would be an amazing study for some of the young girls in our church – and even some of the older ones. We discussed realizing our value through God’s eyes so much more since beginning this study.

    I wanted to share a funny “the women” kind of moment that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I grew up in church, but the churches that I attended were very small and though we remained for quite some time, there were not really any of those women as I could truly relate to them. And there was also the fact that my mother was quite unfortunately much alone as far as friendships were concerned. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve witnessed some of “those women” but sadly, it was often in situations that were not very becoming. Fast forward to our “new” church…we’ve been here for over 5 years now and it is amazing. We have been so blessed by numerous godly people and many godly women since coming here. I’m nearly 9 months pregnant with a miracle baby and went to church a couple of weeks ago and sang on the praise team as I often do. I went to church that morning looking rather pregnant. My husband’s parents attend our church and later that evening there was to be a southern gospel quartet blessing us with a concert. When we got there, my in-laws were already in the sanctuary and they had a funny look on their faces as they looked at my big belly – we had just seen them at lunch, but they looked at me like something was different. As we got closer, two of “the women” in the church looked at my belly and asked with big eyes, “She dropped, didn’t she?!” I looked down – lo and behold I realized that my belly was not quite as large as it had been earlier that day. It was such a funny moment that I will cherish for ages to come. I am now surrounded by “the women”…and CHBC would just not be the same without any one of them. Praise God for the women! 🙂

  22. 172
    Lisa says:

    Menomonie, WI
    solo-stay at home mom of three kids (8,10,12)

    1. My life can be easily explained, glory be to God! He redeemed me! I was the typical, textbook girl who was lost, grew up with no Christian roots to speak of, went wayward with boys, drinking and chaos. Now I am a living, breathing example of God’s grace, yet still human, still making mistakes. But He lovingly, gently walks by my side, carrying me when needed, lifting my eyes to Him, yet keeping me humble.

    2. One thing that touched my heart was that because of God I can leave His legacy through my children. He blesses me so with each of them and they get to witness two parents who love them dearly walking with God.

    3. God chooses who He chooses.

    4. That God chose and continues to choose me is a mystery on which I love to ponder. It gives me such joy and faith to look at my life and see that He truly does choose me and is and was with me always.

  23. 173
    Brie says:

    1. My life can not be easily explained! Easiness is far far away at this moment. This question was absolutely huge to me. This pregnancy has been so hard and I’ve been thinking how illogical it is. It is a huge sacrifice on my part, my girls part, and my husbands part. God absolutely revealed to me throught his paragraph that this pregnancy is righ! I’m choosing sacrifice and love so that the legacy of this child will be left insead of never heard of. What I’m doing isn’t the Amazon but its MY Amazon.

    2. I feel like I finally stepped out in faith with this pregnancy and said “ok God, this is right and this is true, do what you will.” I also called my OB many times and am hoping to be on the way to healing through my lovely fanny pack and zofran pump.

    3. I believe that it was to show how her life had been redeemed!

    4. I love the sentence that is in this questions, “God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?” And that is really what has impacted me. Learning about Rahab being the presumed mother of Boaz, such a man of character really hit home as a mom. My legacy that I leave is up to GOD. GOD wrote Ruth and Boaz’s legacy and is writing mine. Just as Ruth was required to, I know there are steps and actions that I must take in obedience and love for Jesus, but trusting Him to write my legacy has been huge!

  24. 174
    Vivian says:

    Birmingham, Alabama

    Week Five
    1. I wrote my response as a prayer…Lord, You know missions comes to mind when I think of sacrificial service. I want to be serving You aright here. Now it is only monetary and prayer service…lead me to know if it should be more…

    2. I have a Father who calls me by name…and He sent me the Redeemer: Jesus. He is at work in my life and is making a name for me…(amazing!)

    Week Six
    1. Naomi had shown care for her daughters-in-law and they had grieved together for the men in their lives. There was a bond there. Then, Ruth’ story happened because of her relationship to Naomi. Naomi had looked out for Ruth and encouraged her in the way to approach Boaz. Despite the hardness in her life she was a “good” mother-in-law. So it is good to see the blessing this grandchild brought to her life. Naomi was growing in the hard times of her life and God was faithful to her through it all. She, too, was redeemed by His amazing grace. What better way to end a story!

    2. The story of how Samuel was looking on the outward appearance for the new “king” and God looks on the heart…brought a wondrous moment of reflection to me. He showed me He looks at my heart – the good and the bad — and still He loves me…still He wants to use me…still He leads me…He gives me the desire to live for Him so that I may leave a legacy of faith for my descendants.
    How can you not love and devote yourself to such a God! to such a Father! to such a Savior! He “is just better than He has to be”!

  25. 175
    Ginny Wilson says:

    GinnyLou, solo
    Ooltewah, TN

    1. Ah, you caught me…I never wrote an answer to this one, either because a baby woke up or because I couldn’t think of anything at the time… However, I am learning more and more that staying home with my babies is certainly sacrificial at times! I know it looks unusual and illogical to people who know exactly how many years (23 to be exact!) I spent in school to earn a doctorate. And my husband, while supportive, also struggles with the responsibility of being Mr. Bring-Home-the-Bacon. But, even though I often feel like I’m sacrificing a part of my life that I never intended, I have never felt more confident that I’m where God wants me to be right now.

    2. I was really struck by how the historical women Rachel and Leah were held up as women to be admired and emulated. They certainly had their share of issues, but they still earned their place in history.

    3. I just felt that it was nice symmetry to end the book right where it began. Since Naomi had all the loss to begin with, it just seemed appropriate to end the book with her happiness. Guess I’m a sucker for a happy ending!

    4. Legacy is such an amazingly important concept to me. I’ve always wanted to be remembered for “doing something”. Truthfully, that may not be what God has in mind for me. I have a feeling that for every Ruth, Rahab, Naomi, and Tamar who are enumerated in Scripture, there are countless other imperfect-but-faithful women who made their own mark in their own way. And, that’s a wonderful place to be, too!

  26. 176
    Shannon Costanzo says:

    Shannon (Solo)
    Kissimmee, Florida

    Pg 122: I prayed that my life be used to advance the Kingdom of Heaven! I also prayed that my husband and I could have a ministry to share… and in a day we were brainstorming on how we can feed the homeless.

    Pg 136: Believing that I CAN trust God with my future. That it’s ok to be 33 years old and not have another baby. I am ok! God has his wings over me! I have a Kingsman Redeemer!

    Pg 144: Naomi, Hello.. Only a “mother-in law” steel center stage of a love story. Ha
    Legacy: I want to leave an affective legacy of Christ’s love. Not just to my daughter but to all I met and will meet.
    “You can tell the character of a person by how many people attend their funeral.”

    Love ya siestas!

  27. 177
    Pam says:

    Pam, solo…Campbellsburg In.

    I am way late in posting but wanted to stick with the program and finish 🙂
    I don’t know that I can answer the questions very well but one in the book about godly people that have impacted me and I could think of lots and lots through the years. I think my Grandma on my Dad’s side is the first I remember. I probably didn’t relize it when I was a kid but looking back she most surley was and I have her mothers old bible and there is a prayer written in there she had written about the kids and grandkids that weren’t even born yet. I think that is pretty amazing and glad she was my greatgrandma 🙂 I will be praying for my greatgrandkids I don’t have yet !!.
    I kind of feel a little connection to Ruth even though I’ve not had to follow my Mother-in-Law ( she is just a few mile away) But she has lost two sons, one my husband and one my sister in law’s husband and then she lost her husband ( my father in law) none of us moved anywhere but me and Barb try hard to keep close to our mother-in-law I know because we feel like that is what her son’s would want and that we just feel like that is what we need to be doing. Besides we love her.
    Thanks for your encouragment and accountability.
    Looking forward to the next journey 🙂

  28. 178
    Deirdre says:

    Skychair group
    Snellville, GA

    the biggest impact point for us was really looking at the line of Christ and realizing how many flawed people it contains! personal confession – geneaologies make my eyes glaze over, so although people had mentioned before that so-and-so was in the line of Christ…..seeing it all in a row, wow.

    sort of made all the sins and the past I have been hanging on to as an excuse for why “I can’t possibly be called for ministry”…well let’s just say I fit right in.

    Thank you Beth for picking this study.


  29. 179
    Tara says:

    Tara reporting for Living in His Design online bible study group 3 of us responding.
    1. (J) I feel like following Jesus – as the Bible describes and not as American Christianity teaches – is completely unusual and illogical in today’s culture and society. Truly following Jesus flies in the face of our culture. I am learning what this looks like because I have “blended in” far too long. One “calling” we feel is towards adoption. We are willing, but don’t sense any clear direction from God at this time. We continue to pray about it, because we want to be obedient in what God is asking of us.
    (K) I’m a transplant from the East Coast to the MIdwest. I,too,left my family and that which was familiar to live among my husband’s people. It was in the new surroundings that like Ruth, the Lord made Himself known to me. The more I study His Word, the deeper and richer the understanding becomes; the closer I walk with Him, keeping the focus upon Him, I have learned to let go and trust more wholly in Him–being willing, making myself available to what He calls me to do.
    (T) Using the bible study “Experiencing the words of Jesus” to witness to both my aunt and my friend. I felt called to invite them to do the study with me and I am so glad I obeyed and didn’t shy away from the opportunity. Both studies are going great and my aunt is really searching and wanting to learn more. She started the study as just a courtesy so to speak but after day one found it so interesting that she is digging, searching, asking questions…Truly God is in control and it is His hand guiding us…how wonderful and awesome!
    2. (T) For me, I just want to be willing to follow the Lord.
    (K) Dear Lord, my God,I am reminded that there are no surprises with you, that you are the One who fits the pieces of the puzzle of my life together perfectly–There are no missing pieces. O Lord, help me to remember that your thoughts are holy, your timing is perfect and your way is true. Amen
    (J) . I just love the idea of praying that I would be willing to be made willing…that is my prayer.
    3. (J) The story of Ruth begins with Naomi’s losses and ends with Naomi’s gains. Naomi blames God for her emptiness and bitterness and then praises God for his provision. We see a complete reversal of Naomi’s situation – ALL at the hand of God, and all part of a much bigger story.
    (K) . Naomi takes center stage which in our society would be surprising but not in days of old when parents were honored, cared for, and looked to for wisdom and counsel. Naomi was the one who guided Ruth in the ways of God and His law. She may have been the mother-in-law, but I believe that when Ruth made the choice to stay with her, their relationship changed to a loving mother, daughter union.
    (T) . I think it is great that Naomi comes back into the scene. The book of Ruth starts with Naomi leaving Bethlehem and ends with her back home in Bethlehem and with an heir to the family name. Truly amazing how the hand of God works and guides and directs especially if we are willing to follow Him.
    4. (T) The things that stuck out to me most from the days on Legacy was the people who God put in the legacy line that would lead to His birth. Some were foreigners, some were harlots or played the harlot once, others made great mistakes, but all found a trust in God and found His forgiveness and all were willing to follow Him. This is the legacy I pray to leave, a willingness to follow the Lord, but also the actions of following the Lord.
    (K) Legacy–something from the past that still exists. The Bible, God’s Holy Word is His legacy to all people,but to us, who call Him Lord and Savior it is a special treasure. From Genesis to Revelation; from creation to eternity Jesus is revealed in the characters who are like Him in their compassion, forgivesness, strength and redeeming love. Just as we see changes in the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Peter and Paul from having met the Master, so ought we to see significant changes in our lives when we take that step to follow Jesus. The legacy I desire to leave my family, friends, children and grandchildren (Lord willing) is that they would see Christ in my actions, hear His wisdom in my speech, and know His love in my relationship with them.
    (J) . These are some thoughts I got from John Piper’s book that help answer this question…Everything we do in obedience to God – no matter how small – is significant. When we follow God, our lives always mean more than we think they do. I’m sure Ruth had no idea she would someday play such an important role in the lineage of the Messiah…yet God prompted her to stay with Naomi and go with her to her (Naomi’s) homeland. This small act of obedience (and all the others we read about) are so significant to God’s overall plan.

    We would all like to thank Beth and Kelly for doing this wonderful study. We have enjoyed it so much and gotten more from the story then we had before.

  30. 180
    Village Sister says:

    1. At attempt at explaining my life as a whole in one sentence: “I know God’s miracles are real because I am one.”

    2. The one thing that touched me most from Week 5 comes from pg. 127- “Our heritage is not a deal breaker for Christ.” This means more to me than there is space to write here. :`)

    3. I think it’s cool how God highlights Naomi at the end. Like Kelly said on pg. 147, I too am “much more of a Naomi than I’ve been a Ruth” – I can relate to her in a lot of ways. It blessed me in reminding me of God’s complete provision. He is with us, loving us in every detail of our lives right up to our final breath.

    4. MY choosing faithful obedience to Christ will bless my children & grandchildren and beyond! What a wonderful Father we have! He is indeed better than He has to be!!! How great is the love the Father has LAVISHED on us, that we should be called the children of God!

  31. 181
    Nicola says:

    Wow! Talk about doing the extraordinary and not the safe! Talk about leaping into God’s arms from the edge of a cliff! My brother died last week, unexpectedly from a long term condition we didn’t know about because he wouldn’t see a doctor and he hasn’t talked to my parents for 14 years. I spoke to him 3 times in the last 3 months but not for 10 years before that.
    So for the first time in my life I went alone to a strange city, into an ICU ward, drove a smart car back and forth picking up sibling and parents from a strange airport, helped with the decision to unplug life support, held his hand as he drew his last breath, planned his funeral among strangers. None of it was safe (most of the driving was at night)(at first there was no where to sleep, not that I could) or comfortable or simple. I am very small in stature and usually leave an impression of fragility and dependence. People are now looking at me thinking ‘who is that?!’ And all I can reply is, a daughter of the Most High. I was in His arms every moment and He made every moment count for eternity. I am profoundly affected by the experience, humbled to the dust. I am now going to do Kelly’s study all over again from a completely new perspective. All Glory and Honour and Power and Praise and Wisdom be to the Lord Almighty.

  32. 182

    Hi Beth! My friends did the Esther study this summer. It was so fabulous that we hated to see it end. We were all so challenged and encouraged and changed by it. Thank you! I wanted to show you how we celebrated Purim our last night together.

  33. 183
    Michelle says:

    Mom and Daughter
    20s and 40s
    Oklahoma City and Colorado

    1. Mom shared about the jail ministry that she is praying about. She is surrendering her will and asking God for His. Would this be a way that she can serve him and other women?
    I prayed about my passion for missions and that I would chose sacrifice and love over comfort and safety which are so much easier and more natural to want.
    2. Mom really enjoyed the words on pg 123 and found herself adapting them into a prayer. I also enjoyed those words (we are so similar that we compare notes and realize that we are underlining the same sections! Like mother like daughter!) but I also loved pg. 124 and asked “Lord, may I be willing to be made willing” and that I would surrender the “security and safety” I cling to, although I don’t really have it in the first place. Interesting thought for me!
    3. We talked about “the women” who are mom’s friends at church that I was blessed to grow up with. “The women” were/are always involved and up to date on the latest happenings in the kids’ lives.
    Mom was surprised at the late mention of Naomi because she has done studies on Ruth before and has never caught that. Also she thought the book didn’t revolve around Naomi so it was interesting to end with her. Mom also pointed out that all of Naomi’s friends praised God for the birth of Ruth’s son, but Naomi isn’t quoted as doing so. Was this a reflection of her bitterness?
    Personally, I thought that it was only natural to end with Naomi, as that is who the book started with. The original problem was that Naomi had lost everything she held dear so I enjoyed the conclusion of her becoming fulfilled by family and her Lord.
    4. Personally HUMILITY and the THRESHING FLOOR stood out to me in the study. I loved the confrontation that the threshing floor presented with our problems and the humility we need to come before the Lord.
    Mom had a great long list of the things that she “starred” and enjoyed from the study. Here are a few: while Ruth was a Moabite, God still used her; we have a chance to weep forward; the kindness David showed Mephibosheth; labels don’t define us; surrendering brings freedom.

    Thank you Kelly and Beth for giving us the chance to complete this study this summer! We’d love to do another Kelly Minter study!

  34. 184
    Sarah M says:

    Late again…but here! Finish strong (even though late)!

    1) Reaching out to someone who some (in the church) think should not be reached out to (because of choices they’ve made).
    2) The fact that Boaz was not ashamed to call Ruth the “Moabitess.” Where some may have looked down on her, Boaz had no problem boasting in who she was. What a great reflection on us that God knows where we’ve come from – every bit of our past – yet he doesn’t hold it against us. He has called us by name!
    3) To show completely – COMPLETELY – how God worked in the situation. His purposes were accomplished. His plans were carried out.
    4) His hesed has been given to us! He uses sinners to accomplish his purposes. Grace. God’s amazing, matchless grace.

    I must say that this study was VERY timely in my life as my dear sweet Granny passed away the week that I started week 5. Loss, Love and Legacy…I covered them all. At her funeral, she specifically wanted the Gospel message presented because she knew there would be those who would come to the funeral…and it may be the last time they step in a church. That’s just a part of her legacy – to never miss a chance to tell someone about His great love for them. She left a legacy, one large enough there’s not room to tell you all about it. Big shoes to fill…

    Thank you Siesta Momma – for all your wonderful work and encouragement along the way.

  35. 185
    tonya m. says:

    Hi! My good friend, Kristin, and I began this Ruth journey together at the beginning of the summer and finished up on our own, as she had to return to FL. I’m a little behind, obviously, but God has been right on time, knowing exactly what was coming in my life.

    My grandmother passed away this past week and God had me right in the middle of the last week’s homework: legacy. Thank You, Father, for Your sovereignty, comfort, and hope!

    #1. I’ve wrestled with the definition of an “unusual, illogical, or sacrificial life.” What does that look like? I don’t think it means overextending ourselves. Doing more. I’m a stay-at-home mom, which in our society, can oftentimes seem illogical, or unusual, and is always a sacrifice. I have really been challenged by this. I do want to live an extraordinary life, but one that is only extraordinary because God is all over it.

    #2. What touched me most: “…we have been called by God by name. This very fact gives indefinable value to our names.” (pg. 129)

    #3. God has been really been working on and in me to love others well. To drop the busyness of life and focus on people. He’s put it everywhere: in music, in looking at my grandmother’s life, in this study. So, much so, that one of “the women”, the very first actually, Kelly mentioned by name was a Mrs. Mitchell. My last name is Mitchell. I’ve never heard His audible voice, but reading that paragraph, that particular day, was pretty close to it!

    #4. In light of my grandmother’s passing and the legacy she left and how God particularly had me in this study for this time, I could write and write and write about what I’ve learned and am learning about legacy. I will say that it is my hope, prayer, and confidence in the Lord, that someday my children and children’s children can look back and see God’s redemption, faithfulness, and glory all over my life.

  36. 186
    Becky says:

    I just realized I never “finished” our summer Bible study by posting the final entry!!!
    Our little group of 3 finished in 2 shifts last week and the over-riding theme of our parting was LEGACY. As 3 stay-at-home Moms it was exactly the message we needed and one I have personally been thinking about ALOT. With a little one heading to kindergarten in a week I’ve been a little sad (okay, I’ve been bawling like a crazy woman whenever no one’s looking) and I can’t believe my Heavenly Father loves these babies more than I do…Or loves me like that. I hope my legacy can be that my babies feel His love better than I do and can respond to it with that warm feeling of love for others. I am so thankful to God for the capacity to love. It is only by His grace.
    Thanks to Beth, Kelley and my group for a blessed summer that could have been a summer in the pit!!! And most of all to God for not being done with me yet-or ever!

  37. 187
    Lisa Rose says:

    Lisa Rose in Moyock, N.C.

    Our last night we decided to have a wedding theme (since we had no details of Ruth’s wedding) I decorated the deck with tulle and we shared our wedding pictures as well as one story of our wedding before finishing up another great bible study. I made a slide show (animoto) and here it is. Enjoy our fun!

  38. 188
    Cindy Detro says:

    Hello ladies,

    I am indebted to each of you, with moving and some things going on in my personal life right now I have totally forgotten that I needed to post on the Bible study blogs! Oh yes, we’ve been doing them, though we’ve been a very small group some sessions, please know that! Ruth has just been so exceptional! We were sad to see it end but decided as a group that we wanted to continue in Bible study. So this Friday at 7:00 PM, at our normal time, we are beginning a journey through the latest Deeper Still study, “Faithful, Abundant, True”. It’ll probably overlap with the beginning of fall sessions for us in our churches but we really wanted to stay in the Word! Please pray for us as we begin this journey!

  39. 189
    Diana says:

    Our group of four from Fayetteville, GA met late last week. We all have enjoyed our bible study this summer. It was the first time three of us had every done the LPM Summer Bible Study. We learned a LOT about ourselves and each other throughout this study. We all LOVED the ending of the study discussing LEGACY. Thank you so much Kelly Minter and Beth!!

  40. 190
    Jennifer says:

    Jennifer – Texarkana, AR

    1. Staying home with the girls and homeschooling is difficult and sacrificial, but I feel that this is my calling. (My younger daughter also has chronic health issues that require a daily regimen of medications and many doctor appointments.) It often doesn’t make sense for me to stay home because of our financial situation the past several years, but God is our Provider and has not failed us.

    2. I can trust God with my future. Like He did with Ruth, He is writing a greater story for me than I can imagine. I just have to learn to let go and be the character instead of the writer.

    3. Naomi got significant billing at the beginning of the story, and now the narrator wants to wrap up her story too.

    4. In studying the final week of Ruth: loss, love & legacy, I am most amazed at God’s willingness—His desire, even—to use ordinary people, even society’s outcasts to do extraordinary things and live amazing stories. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Naomi—they weren’t perfect women. But God used them. They were in Jesus Christ’s lineage. That gives me so much hope for my legacy!

  41. 191

    Sandy Lawrence – solo – Northwest Houston (five minutes from offices of Living Proof Ministries)

    1.I love marketing – passionate about helping people, businesses, churches. Illogical as it may seem, especially to me, I believe God has called me to use my passion to help others. I’m not sure how. I am not sure where this gift will lead me (not sure whether or not to say “calling”) and I am taking it one day at a time. I want to be used by God and will enjoy the journey.

    2. The thing that touched me from this lesson was the “being willing to be made willing.” I have a tendency to glibly say, I’ll go where He leads, then when the going gets rough I want to retreat – forgetting the commitment. I want to hide. So, I am willing to be made willing even in the tough times, when the going is sometimes rough.

    3. There are many reasons why Naomi should take center stage again as we come to the end of the book. I think it shows completion – coming full circle. Naomi left Judah when times were tough and then returned with Ruth. She was a bitter woman, yet God used her to bring home to Judah the person who would be used to demonstrate the kinsman redeemer and one of the most emotional and heart warming stories of the Old Testament. What better opportunity to show this bittered woman who has been given a new lease on life! Naomi is a great example for us all in trust, patience, faith!

    4. I loved the story of the legacy that led to the birth of our Saviour, our Christ, our Redeemer. God used so many people that we would have ruled out – an adulteress, a harlot, a Moabitess – all to play a part in the legacy which is ours. How is God using me to leave a legacy? I pray to be used by God.

    Loved this study! Love you Beth! Love you Kelly!


  42. 192
    Marianne Foriska says:


    We met on August 10th but just getting around to posting answers to Bible Study of the Ruth Wrap up.
    We enjoyed a delicious meal of lasagna and for dessert fresh peach pie:-)

    1. All 3 of us talked about making sacrifices and decided the 3 of us are like the goel; choosing safety over sacrifice.

    2. Teresa & Marianne: The message on being willing or willing to be made willing. We need to trust God and take that leap of faith to His calling.
    Stasi: identified with Ruth-love, loss, love again but Stasi doesn’t fell redeemed. She says she is hanging by a thread.(Bit of background on Stasi..She was physically and mentally abused by her mother. She fell in love with John, married him then 4yrs later he died in an accident. She received a substantial amount of money and moved from PA to CO. Ten years later she moved back to PA with her new husband. She came home broke and battling illness. Three years later she is still broke and still having health issues.)

    3.All three of us were not surprised that the book of Ruth ended with Naomi. Because of Naomi Ruth came to Bethlehem and met Boaz. They bore a son to redeem Naomi who was bitter at God.

    4. That the legacy of Christ, God used a non Israelite woman-showing that God loves us and wants us a part of His family-no matter of our heritage, line of work, or culture. He Loves Us All!

    We closed in prayer and thanked God for our wonderful Bible study teachers,Beth & Kelly. Also prayed that God would make us willing to made willing.
    We also enjoyed the music Kelly suggested for the study sessions.

    God Bless,
    The “3” Siestas from Saegertown

  43. 193
    Ann Ludeke says:

    Sweet Siesta Mama Beth…
    I just had to tell you about my bible study group the “WATDL’s”
    Waiting At The Door Ladies
    We are five women who met at 1st Baptist Church, Houston, TX while ‘waiting at the door’ from 3:30-6:00 PM every Tuesday rain or shine to be let in for your glorious studies!!
    We would sit & chat & discuss David, Revelation, our Inheritance, or girlie things until we were let in to get our all important seats to get a Word!
    I decided the Ruth study would be a perfect way to continue our new friendship this summer & it was! I made up the name (which hopefully has a heavenly meaning also).
    love you so much!!!

  44. 194
    Tracy Miller says:

    no – could only be lead by God

    Life is not just about me. As I go through my soul searching midlife crisis, I must ask God to guide me and give my life to others for His legacy

    Naomi – She lead Ruth to God and His Legacy

    God’s legacy is everything. We must stay in the Word, take Bible Study’s like this and Beth Moore’s to remind us to pray and ask for God’s guidance.

    Thank you Beth for recommending this Bible Study. I took it by my self and through it I have gotten a world of Bible info and LOTS for personal guidance. I plan to lead Inheritance this fall and I can’t wait!

  45. 195

    We just finished our Ruth study. Tonight’s lesson lasted 3 1/2 hours. We didn’t want to say goodnight. We will be having dinner together next week, same time, different place.

    We loved this study, so much more to think about and a lot of questions we still need answered. Someday.

    Thank you Beth and Kelly. We all needed an indepth study for the summer and this one was just what we needed. Kelly would love to hear you in person. Beth will be seeing you via satellite on the 18th of September and in the fall when we do your Revelation study.

    Again thank you for your dedication.

  46. 196
    Carol Walter says:

    Salem, MO

    We gathered for our last session Tuesday with a carry-in dinner with recipes from the book. We also made it a “wedding feast” since we didn’t get to attend Ruth and Boaz’s wedding. We all brought our wedding pictures and daughter’s wedding pictures, if we wanted. We had a wonderful time! We laughed over 40+ year old styles and oohed and ahhhed over our beautiful daughters. We enjoyed our summer study so much. We reminded ourselves that a life spend not in the word, is spend in the ditch (thanks, Beth). We look forward to our next study together this fall. Thanks for a great summer in the word!

  47. 197
    sepik-meri katie says:

    oh i’m late siesta mama…
    1. about life being easily explained. not really. i’m so thankful, by God’s grace alone to be an ambassador of Christ at the ends of the earth, in the deepest jungles. it’s an honor to me and there’s no other way on earth i’d rather pour out my life.
    2. the beauty of Christ’s redemption of me… meant so much. that He can bring a new day and turn a history of ashes into a crown of redemption. not coming from “the right kind of family” doesn’t have to define my life.
    3. i loved how the story started with Naomi, and came back around to her. it showed that she didn’t just get pushed aside and “forgotten”, that God brought her full circle and showed me His faithfulness to her. i’m so glad she didn’t just fade off into the background.
    4. oh it all just meant so much!! one woman who i greatly admire in one of our tribal villages is nayen. she is an incredibly godly woman who is leaving a legacy in the village that has never been left there before. she comes to mind when i think of legacy; where she comes from is the dark belief system of animism and where she walks NOW is in the light of life in CHRIST. the whole village sees it. thank you Jesus!

  48. 198
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Hi Beth,

    I’m very late!! Oh well… 🙂

    1. The Lord has called me to serve Him in Haiti.

    2. Kelly’s comment on page 123 really touched me. “One of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life is to be in the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart.” Life in Haiti is not easy and I still struggle daily! My prayer is that I will not miss out on all the Lord has for me here because of my selfish, prideful, and unwilling heart!

    3. In the beginning, Naomi told the women not to call her Naomi, but to call her “Mara” because the Lord has made her life very bitter.

    4. ? I love the fact that the Lord can use me, a single woman. Leaving a legacy is not just about being married and having a family. As long as I love Him and have a willing heart, He can use me for His glory.

    Much love to you,

  49. 199
    Hulaheart says:

    Beth and gang,
    A big ole Texas thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing these summer Bible studies and inviting us along! I have enjoyed it sooooo much! 🙂

    1. Letting the Lord know that I’m willing. Fearful, but willing.

    2. The legacy I’m leaving. I’ve been looking at that for many years. Our current family situation puts a new light and new perspective on the topic. God’s been leading me to study legacy and heritage and inheritance and to know the difference between them.

    3. God changed her circumstances???

    4. By following Him down the paths of righteousness, He will take care of the legacy.

  50. 200
    Jill Sayles says:

    Jill Sayles, solo, Puyallup, WA
    1. So many times when I’ve been willing to do the sacrificial, the Lord rewards that so abundantly that it truly is “beyond what I could ask or think!” I love giving testimony to the fact that my life could only be explained in the context of telling about His power!

    2. Lord, your having a hand over conception really spoke to me today. your hand has been so obvious and especially miraculous these last 2 conceptions. Thank you for allowing me to conceive 3 times with a “zero percent chance” from the experts! You are the real expert! Help me to raise them to love and obey you and to continue being a real life loving example of what that means.

    3. Naomi takes center stage. It surprises me because Ruth is the one the book is named for, but it doesn’t surprise me because Naomi started the book and appropriately ends it. (like coming full circle)

    4. Because Naomi is the only original character still around from the beginning of the book and she had a major attitude change

    5. I pray over my legacy all the time. I pray the Lord will turn my family legacy from the abusive, legalistic, striving and hiding one I grew up in to one that is transparent, life-giving and genuine. I love that the Lord can do it: he can redeem any legacy and I pray the tide will turn with me!

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