Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up

Hey, Siestas!

Our six-week study has flown by, hasn’t it? And so has the summer and just maybe we lived it a bit more victoriously because we were in Bible study together! I have enjoyed every second of it and I trust you have, too. Kelly’s way on paper really speaks to me. I’ve heard many of you say the same thing. Like we’ve done in our previous summer studies, I will devote a post entirely to our teacher at the end of the week and let you tell Kelly how much you received from her tutelage through God’s Word. Try to save your direct feedback to her for that time so she’ll be able to read every single comment. Look for that post around Friday.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Final Week from LPV on Vimeo.

I hope you’ll be able to watch the video greeting but, as usual, I want to make sure you have your instructions for our final gathering also in print. So, here goes!

As you meet in your final gathering, you’ll discuss Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six:

The first two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Five:

  1. Turn to p.122 and review the paragraph in the middle of the page beginning with the words, “I wonder if your life can be easily explained.” Follow your review by sharing what you wrote in reference to the “Personal Response” portion just below it, if you feel led.

  1. Turn to p.136. Kelly wraps up Week Five by asking us to have a closing prayer time over the one thing that touched us most in that five-day unit. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share that one thing with your small group or, if you’re going solo, share it with me and the rest of your participating sisters.

The last two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Six:

  1. Turn to p.144 and look at the wonderful bold print at the bottom of the page. Review the answer to the question, “Who suddenly takes center stage and does this surprise you?” Then, glance up to the top of the next page (p.145) and share your answers to the “Personal Take.” Have fun looking over those next couple of paragraphs Kelly wrote about “you know, the women!”

(By the way, don’t you love the way Kelly had us go back to all those references that contained descriptions of Naomi? I thought it was so insightful.)

  1. Day’s Four and Five are so powerful that I cannot choose just one portion for you to review. Please glance over the entire ending to the Bible study, stretching over both lessons, and share what you have gleaned from God concerning LEGACY. God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?

Thank you, Siestas, for a great summer in God’s Word! I respect your relationships with Christ so much. I pray that He enjoys lurking here. He is everything to us.

Be thinking about how you’re going to stay in the Word this Fall! We’ll provide some accountability by asking you around the first of September about your plan for victory!

You are so loved and highly esteemed around here. Press on, Darling Things!


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  1. 101
    Denise says:

    Madison Al, Solo

    I have loved being in the Word with ALL of you this summer.

    1.Only with God am I even capable or do I even want to step out. My husband and I are making plans to really step out in the future and God has been laying it out. The big question is will we be completely obedient and go with HIM. The only way is with HIM!! We so don’t deserve the grace and mercy he has on us!

    2.This day was a very good study day for me. We had gone out on Friday night and visited the homeless in a city nearby. These were the sweetest and kindest people and we can so learn from them. But as I studied the next morning, what resonated with me was that God KNOWS our name. I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me ‘Don’t just pray for those people, pray for them by NAME’. It may not sound like much but it was so profound to me. I have them listed out and as one of them told me, ‘God has other plans for me’! Oh yea he does…Praise God!

    3.Yes, Naomi coming full circle did surprise me. But that is what God does, he restores! and not always in the way we expect. He does what we discussed in No. 1… the unexpected. I did find it interesting as we looked back at the passages about Naomi, that Naomi blamed God and it was ‘the women’ that proclaimed praise to the Lord for blessing her. Anybody else?

    4.Legacy… I hope that my child is left with the legacy to follow hard after Jesus, and to reach out and love because he loved us first.

  2. 102
    Jane says:

    Group of 8 women
    Houston, TX

    1. While we all agreed that we would like to think we do the extraordinary, but we think we do the expected more often. However, after much discussion and even on into the next few interactives, we realized that we do a lot of extraordinary things! An interesting insight was that one person had been asked that very day if we would act differently if we were required to wear a “Christian uniform” like a police officer or firefighter. Would we do more extraordinary things? We said YES!
    2. One person said the “waiting” mentioned on page 118 spoke to her as she and her family are in a period of waiting regarding unemployment. Another spoke of how knowing that God calls you by name is so powerful and several agreed. Another mentioned Isaiah 43:1-2 and actually places her name in the Scripture when she recites it! So moving!
    3. Our group was mixed about expecting Naomi to take center stage, but we had some delightful conversation about the church ladies and even realized that some of us are already “those women” 
    4. We had some great discussion about LEGACY. One of us started off with stating that “We should live the life we want our child to have.” This would apply in all things, our health, our careers, our family/personal life and our spiritual life – how can we expect our children to learn if they cannot see us doing it?

    We finished with a group blessing of Numbers 6:24-26 in light of what Kelly had mentioned that we could probably all use a spoken blessing (pg 130). Then we had a wonderful dessert of Chocolate Éclair Cake! We also started discussing what our Fall bible study will be – thanks for the accountability, Beth!
    The LORD bless you
    and keep you;
    the LORD make his face shine upon you
    and be gracious to you;
    the LORD turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.
    Numbers 6:24-26 NIV

  3. 103
    Linda Baron says:

    2 people – Bend, OR
    We are not able to meet until next week, but I justed wanted to add how much we have enjoyed and related to this study on Ruth. I’ve always loved the book of Ruth, and to study it in more depth was so helpful. I pray for obedience like the example Ruth gave.

    Thank you Kelly.

  4. 104

    For our final session we had 6 including myself
    Richmond, VA

    We were so sad that this was our last session but we all really enjoyed this bible study and getting to know each other. The meal format was amazing and really helped encourage us to talk to one another and build relationship.

    Here are our responses:

    Question 1 “If the Lord is calling you to do the unusual, illogical, or sacrificial?”

    K- God is calling her to do the sacrificial. Many years ago her marriage fell apart and her 16 year old daughter who was always a good kid and on the A honor roll got pregnant. Her daughter took great care of herself all during the pregnancy and up until about the baby was 6 months old. Around the 6 month mark her daughter was living with her boyfriend and was in a really bad situation. K had to make a choice a very sacrificial choice. She met with her daughter and had a heart to hear with her. Explained that she just couldn’t stand seeing her grandkid being raised in such poor conditions and she wanted to step in and raise him. To her surprise her daughter agreed and they went before a judge and K took custody of her grandson. She said she is thankful everyday to have him in her life she just never expected to be at her age and where she is in life with a toddler.

    A- God is asking me to go beyond myself. Go beyond how I feel and how qualified I feel and just do. Not to live in fear of what He might accomplish through me.

    Question 2 “Share your response to the closing prayer”

    K- Stepping out in faith and surrendering to God her worries about some issues with her grandson. Praying that she is doing all the right things in raising him. Making all the right decisions and choices in his growth.

    A- Thankful to God for choosing me.

    M- Surrendering to God some issues that she has been dealing with for some time. She is finally at a point where she is leaving it in God’s hands to mover her on or fix her situation.

    T- Being a single parent. Learning to trust God with finances and be willing to be made willing

    J- Stepping out in faith to do some things that God has recently placed on her heart. A project that she feels like she might not be qualified for but God is telling her to do it and do it now.

    We got so caught up in the last question that we skipped to the next question. “Glance over Days 4 and 5 about legacy and share what you gleaned from the most concerning legacy”

    T- Everything we do at this moment and every moment that follows leaves a legacy

    A- Seeing the geneology of Jesse and Rahab and the journey that Naomi went on. Such an encouraging story at this point in my life and the season that i’m in to know that God will turn this around and who knows where this path will lead.

    M- God is always with us and we need to get with God

    What an incredible experience for hosting my first bible study. I really enjoyed getting to know my wonderful group of ladies. The food was amazing and so was the fellowship. I posted some pictures and more about our experience on my blog

  5. 105
    Amy says:

    Amy checking in from Pacific, MO:

    1. Through this study my eyes have been opened. I feel like I am being led to share my story with young girls. I think young girls need guidance to realize where their value lies. They search for it everywhere but where it actually is and generations of women are growing up weak and with no confidence in who God is or who he created them to be.
    2. God opened my eyes but he also grabbed me and shook me pretty good too. I have been hit on every side with the message of surrender pretty much through this whole study. I have fought it and stayed away from it because of severe fear of doing so. I mean – I love God but surrender myself, my money and help me – my daughter. How do I do that? My head was willing but my heart was hanging on for dear life. Then Session 5 Week 2 came along and that is when God stopped shaking and pretty much said “Amy – stop panicking!!” This was the lesson about being willing. Where she asked us if were willing to be made willing. The paragraph on page 124 – between the two Personal Response questions – finally got me. Was I willing to be made willing? So I wrote the prayer in my Bible – Lord – make me willing to be made willing. Now it is a moment by moment choice to be willing to be made willing. But I will say – it is getting a bit easier each day.
    3. I think I am a Naomi – that is what I wrote in the margin on page 147. I went to a land far away from Him. I was living in bitterness and despair. But God redeemed me. I don’t understand why and I still haven’t grasped the reality of it most of the time – but praise God for Naomi. By ending the book of Ruth with Naomi I was given hope.
    4. I heard something the other day that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know the exact quote but it said something like – There are no good days or bad days – God has a plan for everyday. I think the same might be true when it comes to legacy. God used people – even in the blood line of Christ that mad very bad choices – to bring good even to us today. Those sinners’ legacies are still changing lives in 2010. How completely awesome and inspiring.

    • 105.1
      Lisa Palmer says:

      Praise you my neighbor, Amy. I’m from Ste. Genevieve, MO, just due east of Pacific. I love the youth age, girls and boys, and they so need lots of us doing what you are feeling called. Lifting you in prayer right now, yes, Father God, continue to bless her and fill her with Your knowledge, grace, and mercy. Amen.

  6. 106

    Hi, Beth Moore!
    We had a great time studying Ruth together. Here are our final session answers:
    1. We said adoption, quit job, short term missionary and being a good mother and faithful in what God has given me.
    2. To leave a Godly legacy – one that is long lasting after we are gone.
    3. We thought Naomi was honored at the end because she had lost the most and it was through the faith, perseverance, hard work and good character of Ruth and Boaz that God redeemed her and brought her to a place of honor.
    4. Legacy part….being a good wife/mother and faithfully do what God has given each of us to do at the stage of life in which we are.

  7. 107
    Kathy says:

    Shattuck, Oklahoma meeting with 8 ladies in a home.

    We celebrated our last Summer Bible Study with lunch that included Kelly’s recipes for grilled chicken salad with strawberries, Parmesan flatbread, and Mom’s ice cream dessert. We also enjoyed grown tomatoes, cucumbers and cantaloupe.

    We had a good discussion time and one of the main things that was discussed was “God can change your heart; you just have to be willing to be made willing.”

  8. 108
    Tiffany says:

    Okay I was really sad to be wrapping up Ruth with my gals this week….but so excited about what God revealed to each of us through this study.

    1. To be truly living a life of purpose and sacrifice. It sounds so broad and generic, but each of us had different definitions of what that truly looked like in our own lives and ministries. It is what we ended up praying about together as a group!

    2. The phrase..”To be Willing to be made willing.” It hit me to the core because so often I don’t want to serve or reach out or love I definitely have to pray that the Holy Spirit would move me instead of relying on my willingness.

    3. Oh fitting it was that the story began with her and then ended with her. How beautiful that God did not forget her, even if she did feel He had dealt “bitterly” with her.

    4. God can use anyone for His plan. It is whether we are obedient to the direction of the Holy Spirit is where we will either be “remembered” or “never heard from again.”

    Great study Beth! I loved Kelly’s writing. This fall I will be doing Priscilla Shirer’s study “Jonah”. Oh I am so excited!

  9. 109
    April says:

    Birmingham, AL; solo

    1. I have been interested in and considered foster care for several years. Recently, I volunteered with my church small group at a local group home for foster girls. After my volunteer experience, I have a deep desire to want to teach/mentor high school age girls in the foster care system. This great Christian facility is 40 miles away and in a bad neighborhood. I also work full time and often over time. Still, I am to a place now where I am open to extraordinary over expected. I am willing to be willing.

    2. I LOVE that Boaz made the choice to sacrifice his own name to preserve Elimelech’s. What does he get in return? His (Boaz) name is honored, celebrated, and revered. That is just so like God!

    3. What I love about the book of Ruth is that God never forgets about Naomi – no matter how impressive Ruth ends up being. God is faithful to Naomi, and even though she is flawed He always had a plan that benefits her – His child.

    4. Through this study and some other personal reading, I have given a lot of thought about legacy. As someone without kids, this seems ever so important to me. My end goal is to have accomplished things that glorify God with my time here on earth.

    Excellent choice for a Bible Study! This is my first time to be exposed to Kelly Minter. She is going on my list of favorites, and I will be going back at some point to do NOG.

  10. 110
    April says:

    *Sorry I’m jumping in here late. It’s been a busty week.

    Solo, Vermilion, Ohio

    1. I really cannot share a lot of my response. However, my final sentence sums up much of what I feel: “what I see as a problem God sees as His plan.” No life cannot be easily explained.

    2. The one thing that touched me most from the day five unit is continuing to follow God’s call to lay down my life for my husband and girls. For this season in my life I’m still asked by God to be a servant in my home. I often feel a lot of pressure from people to do something “more.” The bottom paragraph on page 132 was very powerful for me.

    3. Naomi…Did it surprise me? No. It is exactly what I would expect from God. He loved Naomi and care for all that she had been through. It would have been so easy to stay caught up in the romance of Boaz and Ruth. However, God made sure Naomi was remembered.

    4. I finished the last day at about four a.m. this morning and just sat and cried. I have a pretty crummy family line. Years ago while doing Breaking Free, God gave me Isaiah 61:4 and showed me that all it takes is one willing to follow Him in obedience to change a family line. Thank you Jesus for providing the way!

    It’s been an honor and blessing to have studied with you Siestas!

  11. 111
    Meggie says:

    Meggie, Winnipeg, Canada, solo

    What a blessing this Bible study has been. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. To God be the glory!!!

    1. It has been a real stretch for me to come out of my comfort zone and step up and be on the leadership team for the Women’s Bible study ministry in my church. But God has affirmed me over and over that that’s the place He wants me to be. And I’ve grown so close to Him and the other sisters on the team.

    2. I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know that God will have something special in it for me! I’m in the “transition” period in my life: my oldest daughter has already moved out, and it won’t be long until my second one makes this step, and my youngest is turning 17 this Sunday. So there are lots of changes happening, and I know God has a plan for me for each stage of my life. I trust Him.

    3. What a powerful day of study this was. Yes, I was very surprised when Kelly pointed out how Naomi takes centerstage again! And remember, she insisted on being called bitter?! God, you are soooo awesome!!! Only You can do this thing in our lives! I’m in awe of You!!!

    4. These last 2 days were very special to me. You see, I am a foreigner, no matter where I live, I speak 3 languages, but all with an accent. Yeah, I know, I’m different. I’m also a single mother. BUT GOD, that’s what I have to say. In His grace & mercy He invited me back to His table about 7 years ago, and I don’t ever want to go back. He is everything to me and I want my faith in God to be the legacy to my girls. This past Sunday our pastor quoted someone saying “I might not be perfect and some might see me as a hypocrite, but I’m a vast improvement from what I used to be”. And I have to say AMEN to that. I don’t always get it right, and I don’t want my girls to look at me, I want them to see Jesus, Jesus in my life, Jesus in my words, Jesus in my day to day things.

    I loved Kelly’s quote at the bottom of P. 161/162: “…we have no idea how the biggest and seemingly insignificant decisions affect our lives and those around us. This doesn’t mean we need to obsess and overanalyze and drive ourselves nuts… It only means we have to pursue Christ. He works all the other things out.” I’ve experienced it over and over again, that if I trust and wait on God’s timing, it’ll all work out. I take one step at a time and ask God to lead me and guide me. He has never let me down. Oh how I love Him!!!

  12. 112
    Carole Anne says:

    I’m sorry to see this year’s Siesta Summer Journey end, but oh my…what a JOURNEY!

    1. I had to give up work this year that I really loved because – I admit it – my dedication to the job and my co-workers was overpowering my relationship with Christ. It hasn’t been easy. I say with humility that the experience isn’t one I would have chosen for myself. I still miss the job at times and have lost many, many friends who don’t seem to understand that my only choice was to obey God in the matter of leaving the line of work. Despite my disappointment at basically “starting over,” God is faithfully carrying me through the situation and I am beginning, bit by bit, to see blessings from Him in many aspects of my life since I made the decision.

    2. Kelly’s illustration of Christ’s declaring His acceptance of me (top of p.128) moved me to tears. I realized – though there are days I think I haven’t quite conquered the concept – that it doesn’t really matter who accepts me here (see answer #1) because Jesus loves me unconditionally. I loved Kelly’s wording of His declaration of our redemption.
    “Today I am proud to redeem Carole Anne Hallyburton,
    daughter of Carole and Pete, with her tarnished past,
    her good days and bad, her brightest and darkest
    moments. I inherit her qualities, quirks, shortcomings
    and sin. I take all of her, and I am delighted to do
    it!” –Jesus Christ
    Oh Precious Savior, thank You. I praise Your Name eternally!

    3. In Naomi’s unlikely redemption, I am encouraged by the reminder that God readily redeems even those who step out of His will if they return and repent.

    4. As I reviewed the notes for Weeks 5 and 6, a major portion of what I gleaned from the study of legacy is directly related to Question 3 above. Naomi left Israel for a “better life” in Moab. When she returned to Israel, I’m almost positive she did so with head bowed and spirit broken. I’d also wager that she felt she had been stripped of everything, and I’ll tell you why: “as it happened”, that’s the very way I felt when we began this study. In fact, the word I chose to describe the season of my life in our first assignment was “stripped”. The correlation didn’t dawn on me until this week.

    You see, for three years I chose to pursue a “better life” in my own Moab. Six months ago, I returned to my Israel with head bowed and spirit broken, feeling as if I had been stripped of everything. For the first time in my life, I was so angry, bitter and ashamed at myself. It sickened me to look in the mirror and know I had wasted three years being out of God’s will. Looking back tonight, I’m beginning to see that beneath the anger, bitterness and shame toward myself lay a paralyzing fear. That fear was that, even though I had repented and returned to my Israel, God would no longer want to use me to serve Him. Forgive me, yes; but would He still want to use me…I wasn’t sure at all. After all, He had given me a wonderful opportunity and I’d blown it. Please understand me when I say with an open and contrite heart that I was never angry with God; only with myself. I do not deserve the precious grace of Jesus.

    Seeing God restore Naomi’s life and watching the curtain fall as she nestled Obed in her arms, then reading the list of those who came after her – the compassion of God overwhelmed me. I’ve read this book all my life; it’s one of my favorites, but never have I felt quite like I did at the end of this reading.

    Also, Ruth’s decision to obey God and her resulting impact on history has been a real inspiration to me.

    I came across this study – and you wonderful Siestas – “by accident”, but I will always believe it was no accident at all. Praise Jesus, His plan is always perfect!

    See you around Siestaville soon. My love to each and every one of you,

    Carole Anne

    • 112.1
      Carole Anne says:

      PS – Sorry my response was so lengthy this time!

      • gardenle says:

        Carole Anne, Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Your words have touched me this afternoon as I read them. May God bless you with a rich legacy as you journey with HIM.
        Blessings, Lee

  13. 113

    Moscow,Idaho (currently at Camp Grizzly outside Harvard, Idaho)

    Well, in my prayer I mentioned that I’m in a phase of life where I’m not real sure what is happening next and so I don’t know what is going to be asked of me, but that I want to be obedient in whatever that is. It’s just very hard to say how I really feel about that since I don’t have any specifics. I had to do something very unusual this summer, that it is interesting the reactions I get when people hear what my family has been doing. I’m at a very isolated camp, very much roughing it by most people’s standards. It’s a Boy Scout camp and it’s something I’ll be doing next summer as well. The women that come out here ask me if we stay out here all summer and when I say yes, most of them say, “I’m so sorry.” which I never know quite how to react to, since to my own surprise I’ve found it kind of fun. I don’t have to cook hardly ever and I get all my meals served to me at specific times of the day. I get to hike and read and do all those kinds of things I’ve always wanted to do and never had time for for seven weeks. Sure, I don’t have my own bathroom, but you can’t have everything! We live in a one-room cabin and we’re surrounded by teenagers and young adults who work here!

    From the prayer on 136 I was just overwhelmed with how gloriously stubborn God is, never giving up on me and always picking me back up again no matter how many times I fail, which is pretty much always in my case.

    I said that I think Naomi took center stage here because of how negative she was at the beginning of the book and now God is giving her everything she never thought she would have and more! I only hope that He will eventually do the same for me. I have had lots of time to reflect this summer and I’ve decided that I’m going to take my job of taking care of my home much more seriously when I return from this summer and I’m absolutely determined to do what God expects from me for me to be set free from my fears! I know it’s going to be scary and painful and my worst fear is how my husband and children and other family members will respond to me, but I have to! I can’t keep living such a useless, pointless life, just waiting to die!

  14. 114
    doo-dah says:

    Poplar Bluff, Mo; solo

    This study has meant so much to me this summer and the interaction on the blog has made me feel like a part of a group.

    I feel I am currently in a sacrificial ministry as a caregiver for an extended family member with Altzheimers. I try not to get ahead of God and wonder “how much longer”..”when will it end” or “what decision is next”, and just ask Him for wisdom and guidance.

    Kelly’s statement, “All I know is that laying down our lives for others, for the sake of Jesus, is never wasted.” (p 132) really spoke to me at this time in my life.

    Thank you Beth and LPM for the legacy you are leaving.

    • 114.1
      gardenle says:

      Having been where you are now, I am praying that you will be able to take it day to day, in fact hour by hour. God will bless your service.

  15. 115
    Kathy B says:

    Howdy Siestas!
    Finally checking in here from Hendersonville, TN. We wrapped up last night, but my brain function drops to about 50% power after 10pm. It seemed more prudent to wait and comment this morning lest I ramble a bit more aimlessly than usual.

    1. and 2. blended together beautifully as two different ladies shared that they felt challenged simultaneously by Kelly’s comments and the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. It was lovely to see how God had laid the same truths on Patti’s heart over the “life easily explained” section that He did on Christina’s heart with the “one thing” prayer. Lord, how much am I willing to be out on that limb with you? Tears from tender hearts.

    3. Naomi had mixed billing in our group. But we all appreciated that she kept things real with God and He never saw her as a disposable part of the plot. Afterall it was her story too.

    A precious lady that’s delightfully dancing through her seventh decade on this earth shared how when she was widowed in her mid-40’s God placed several “women” around. She told us that they watched and prayed with her to help her cross over that river of bitterness, lest she drown in it’s depths. A few more tears.

    4. Legacy: because we were blessed to have some daughters, mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, this seemed especially poignant. With the realization that Ruth probably never met King David, but kept living out that “long obedience in the same direction,” we felt assured that our daily grind can make a difference whether we see it this side of eternity or not.

    Our closing prayer was a blessing on several of our members about to embark on, continue on or complete their college experience. A bucket-load of tears. Aren’t girls the best?

    Love and thanks to you, my dear siestas, Siesta Mama, and Kelly.

  16. 116
    Missy June says:

    Knoxville/Maryville, TN
    6 women

    We have each treasured our time in the word and our evenings together -what a treat!

    1) Can our lives be explained? Some yes, some no. On gal, specifically said decisions made BEFORE she came to Christ made no earthly sense, but have been used for His purposes AFTER she came to know Him. Isn’t that special?

    2) We all gleaned so much from this week. It was challenging, it was inspiring, it was brought out many emotions. We certainly agree that mroe detail in that wedding-baby description would have been appreciated! One of us noted that in looking back over life, she has never been in a more culturally “low” status and felt stirrings of hope that the present will not be the entire story. There was a lot of discussion about the necessary components of redemption: nearness, ability, willingness. Two of us seem truly hampered by abilities and we all were prompted to be more willing.

    One word that continuously described my viewpoint of Ruth was that she was so willing to put herself in vulnerable positions! Kelly used this word this week to describe both Ruth and Naomi and I feel struck by their acceptance of their own vulnerabilities and yet that didn’t hold them back from risk. It’s amazing to me. I’m so self-protective that being vulnerable is extremely scary, yet I know I’ve been asked to be vlunerable. The descriptions of each day giving way to another where the rewards of obedience and faithfulness blend to blessing is so appreiciated.

    3) A couple of us were surprised by Naomi once again stepping to center stage, but we rejoiced that she was not overlooked, not forgotten, not ignored in her very normal, very human desires to be loved, part of family, community and grandmothering!

    We loved discussing “The Women” in our growing up years and then shuddered to imagine that we are now “The Women.” Oh my.

    4) Legacy – it was beautiful to know that while living in their present lives, these women didn’t know the greater glory of which their lives were a part. We just *know* there is more to the sweet stream of love that must of have flowed from Rahab to Obed to Ruth! Surely he recognized in Ruth the same vulnerability he heard from his own mother and he wanted to be the rescuer! What a promise to those of us who did not grow up with strong Jesus-centered heritage. We noted, that in order for Ruth and Rahab to enter into their part of God’s redemption, they turned completely from their past and adopted fully the ways of Israel.

    Surely, I have been guilty of judging the outsider…we want to be more aware and embrace those seeking to join with us in serving our Lord.

    We have thoroughly loved studying Ruth…some for the first time! This fall, we will join with our larger group in church for Bible Study.

    Many thanks and much love!

  17. 117
    Elaine Smith says:

    My first solo and I have enjoyed it so much. I have really learned a lot from the book of Ruth. Not only was she a facinating woman of God that we can all learn from, but the geneology was great to know also.

  18. 118
    tngirl says:

    4 out of the 5 of us met in Radford, VA

    1. We discussed the concept that God makes exceptions for his children when they make exceptional choices. We so want to be the exception like Noah, Joshua and Caleb, Joseph versus his brothers, Esther, etc…
    We discussed how hard and scary it can be to just give it all to Him. Especially when you have people around you telling you to just go back.

    2. That waiting isn’t a negative. It can be hopeful and positive. God has been priming one of our group for change for a couple of years now. It’s been in her thought life, but just now she’s beginning to talk about what God has laid on her heart. She’s feeling restless but no specific thing has been made known. She was encouraged to wait hopefully and faithfully on the Lord.

    3. We were not surprised that God brought it full circle back to Naomi. It reminded us of Philippians 1:6, God’s going to complete the thang! We loved talking about the women and realized that now we ARE the women!

    4. We shared about the legacy of our grandparents and parents. One of us has sisters that have suffered much with their children, but they do not attend church or have a relationship with God. The Grandmother constantly told all her granddaughters to keep their children in church. The one’s that have been in church and living for Jesus have seen the difference in their children’s lives because of it. Not that people in church dont’ have problems, but in this example with this family, you can really see the difference.
    One of us has grandparents and parents who were in the ministry. God has been faithful in the blessings of the following generations.

    And yes God is so much better to us than He has to be!

    Amazing and thought provoking study on Ruth, we have so enjoyed it.

    Dublin, VA

  19. 119
    Patti says:

    I completed my book. Can’t say I have finished it….how do you “finish” something so wonderful. I have completed the blanks, considered the “Personal Responses” and underlined in red (sometimes double underlined) May I never finish it but keep coming back time and time again, seeing each time the wonderful thread woven thru its rich theme.
    I have learned to “weep forward” with rejoicing!
    1. Illogical or sacrificial?
    We have made a committment to take responsibility for something we thought He would bail us out of.
    1. Even as Ruth was a Moabite, descendent with no favor-yet you used her and blesssed her for a greater purpose – even so Lord – look upon me. Would you too! find favor in me. Lord use me, give me a purpose in You.
    3. Her faithfulness to God. She did not take on “other gods” while away from Jersalem.
    4.Legacy- Will my children rise up and call me blessed?
    Will they see the power of God in my life? Will my “accomplishments” overshadow my faith?
    Lord, I need to make wise use of my life – to establish a lasting testamony to all I leave behind.

  20. 120
    Brenda Johnson says:

    Well, my group finished up the Ruth study last night, all five of us just loved it and plan to go on with Kelly’s study, “No Other God’s” starting the first week in September. We all agreed with Kelly, from page 51, day 3, of session 2 that…”we walk away with a heightened sense of what God is doing all around us, even in the seemingly mundane, and that we remember how purposeful He is, how intently He carves our paths, authors each stroke, and weaves our courses into others lives.”
    We ate lots of wonderful food together and shared some of our deepest feelings and concerns. We prayed with each other and became much closer as sisters in the Lord, it was a special time we will always remember! Thanks Kelly and Beth for sharing your gift of teaching God’s Word with all of us!
    Love and hugs, Brenda

  21. 121
    Laura says:

    Solo in Little Rock.
    #1: Although I would probably say that I have generally taken the safe path through life, I am not sure that I have been called to an extraordinary path as of yet. When the time comes, I would like to believe that I will be ready and willing to make that journey. However, I think we need to remember that sometimes it is not our time to be the hero in the story. Although the other kinsman-redeemer chose not to redeem the land, Naomi, or Ruth, maybe he knew they were not his to redeem. Maybe the Spirit of God moved within him to let him know that this story of redemption was Boaz’s to claim, not his…and he listened and obeyed and stepped back. His name did not go down in history, but maybe he had his own legacy to fulfill and he did so by not demanding the limelight. Sometimes we are so desperate to leave our mark that we forget that often it is our ordinary callings that will leave the mark. Our Savior knows our names and truly that should be enough.

    #2:I think what struck me the most was that (and this comes from day 3) the knowledge that my Savior knows my name and who I am should be sufficient. The world does not need to know my name. I don’t need to be recorded in the history books. My name is in the Book of Life and my legacy is to see that my children’s names are recorded there and that those that God places in my path also know the incredible freedom that comes from His redemption of our names…and our souls.

    #3: I was a little surprised to see Naomi as the central figure of the wrap-up. I believe that the book of Ruth is about redemption and the legacy that can leave for those that have been redeemed. Naomi experienced redemption and love from Ruth and thus showing her transformation at the end of the story only reinforces God’s redeeming love for us.

    #4: I loved seeing how Kelly ended with the story of Rahab and how, once again, every story in the Bible leads us to the main story-God’s reckless love for us as shown through the giving of His own Son for our sins. The Bible is chocked full of ordinary people leaving extraordinary legacies because they stepped out with faith in a God that loved them more than they would ever grasp. Was their faith perfect? No. Just look at Abraham, Moses, David, and the many others listed in Hebrews 11. We are all ordinary people saved by an extraordinary God. Sometimes He will call us to step out of our ordinary paths and do something extraordinary…for us. We don’t need to define “extraordinary” as the world defines it but as God defines it. By stepping out in faith and trusting the God we have given our hearts to, then we will leave extraordinary legacies for those we love.

    • 121.1
      Lauren says:

      I love your points about the other kinsman redeemer… how he, too, was fulfilling God’s will… I think sometimes we do seem to get caught up in thinking we have to “save the world”… when sometimes it is just our place to sit down, be quiet, and let someone else have the chance to figure it out!

  22. 122
    Lisa Palmer says:

    Solo from Ste. Genevieve, MO, is what my flesh wants to say, but He that lives in me says there have been four of us: me, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Thank you, precious God for joining me!

    Kelly’s study took me way past Ruth, to what I was called to do several years ago – teach other woman how precious and unique in God they are. I had become entangled in other things and not gotten very far. It is now clear that it is all because I’ve been very much alone on the journey. God has brought that to me through Kelly’s “nogs”, Beth’s Bible study buddies in her office, and even a recent sermon from my Pastor on how important his deacons are for his work in Jesus. Even though I have been aware of this for over a year, just who to include has been a struggle, but during this study, God has even given me names of women with whom I’ve already spoken. They are excited about coming along beside me in this ministry God laid on my heart so many years ago. THANK YOU, JESUS!

    Pray for the budding small group in Ste. Genevieve, Ladies. God’s faithful leading and supplying just overwhelms me! I love Him so much and so want to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant” when I see Him face-to-face in heaven. Praise You, Father!

    • 122.1
      Becky says:

      You go girl! God can do this in you I have no doubt! I will stand in faith and prayer with you as you follow our King’s lead.
      I am hearing daily from my friends, pastor, sermons, etc……live in today!
      love and blessings faithful servant of God.

  23. 123
    Monica Ciampa.. NY. says:

    1.) I’ll share my prayer..
    “LORD, my <3 is completely yours! Give me clear vision! Teach me how to wait & to not resent the wait. Wether it's like Ruth waiting in the passage of the night or the villagers of the Amazon, who don't see it as something to dread of rush. Give me the endurance, strength & noble character like Ruth. Thank you, that you are God & in control. Give me the faith to trust You no matter how costly, knowing that in my waiting, You will show me the next step & restore my Joy."
    I ended my prayer with one of siesta momma's prayers that I pray often
    "Lord, Enable me to see the things of the spirit. Fill me with your strength. Anoint me with your presence. Pour out your Power in my life."

    2.) One thing that really spoke to me was that Mary didn't recognize Jesus til he said her name(John 20:16). I cried that day of the study, knowing that even with my tarnished past, shortcomings, insecurities & sins Christ takes them all, all of me, unashamed & He is delighted to do so & REDEEMED me BY NAME!(Isaiah 43:1) & no one can snatch me out of His hands.(John 20:28) What a HESED Love! I'm in the Shelter of His Wings & He has my <3!

    3.) Naomi taking center stage was like a beautiful picture of My Redeemer's Grace. I was reminded of my own bitter "injured" heart @ times. God healed it & brought her completely back. (It's funny because when we started this study & Beth asked us to describe in one word this season of our lives, that was the word I finally decided on. God spoke to me tremendously through Jer. 17:14"Pick up the broken pieces & put me together again. YOU are my praise! " , that another siesta put on here. He is my Praise, My Redeemer, & Healer of my heart!

    4.) I'd just like to add that my middle name is RUTH & I grew up not really liking the name. All I can say after this incredible story of her life is How blessed I am to have such a beautiful name. I was named after my precious grandmother, who went on to be with the LORD last year. She lived a life like Ruth & like her she was a beautiful example of kindness, purity, faith, & hard work. She was one of my hero's & I pray to leave a legacy like she did & to LOVE WELL! Can't wait to see her again in eternity one day, to walk with her & chat with Ruth & Naomi. But most of all to lay my crown @ MY REDEEMER's feet! I love Him!

    "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are COMPLETELY HIS." 2 Chron. 16:9

  24. 124
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    Rachel in Tucson
    Going Solo

    I have to admit I cheated and finished early. Couldln’t help it. I love Kelly’s Bible studies! I don’t think I could answer your questions without being too wordy so I’ll just leave you with one word that sums up how I feel after this study. Inspired.

  25. 125
    Mary H. says:

    Our last gathering…so sad. Three of the ladies in the group came. We had a lot going on in our community with school starting next week. So several couldn’t make it.

    We enjoyed sharing our favorite part of the Bible Study…so long that it is too much to type!

    But we finished strong!!
    Praise be to our Lord!

  26. 126
    1gleaner (aka Judy from NC) says:

    Judy from Littleton, NC and Carolyn from Oceanside, Ca met via Skype to discuss our homework and answer the four questions from Beth.
    1. We both feel called to various ministries in our church and ladies Bible study. We hope we will always do the extraordinary and not just the expected.
    2. One thing touching in session 5 was the fact that Jesus is willing and able to redeem us and would never say no to our redemption request. Also the idea of speaking a blessing over someone. (Can’t wait to tell Kelly something regarding this!)
    3. Naomi takes center stage now. The book began with her sad predicament and ended with her going from bitter to better and then from having no family left to having a brand new grandson sitting in her lap. So not only Ruth but also she went through loss, love, and legacy.
    4. Discussing our own legacy was difficult for the two of us since Carolyn has never married and I am childless.
    But Kelly was kind enough to remind us we might just leave something behind like a beautiful garden…so I went out to lovingly tend mine this morning and pull weeds….

  27. 127
    Becky says:

    Becky Menke
    Fairfield IA
    God has redeemed my life in such fullness that for whatever reason I can say (for at least this moment)the last 10 years of my life have pretty darn good! I have been so blessed by a great family and church. My gifts in women’s ministry have been super successful over the last 10 years and now it seems so easy for me to tackle women’s ministry things.

    BUT, here is the BUT, our lives our about to change due to my husband’s job. I will be going back to work for the first time in years……I thought I would probably be working part time in Women’s Ministry in our church and a part time job elsewhere,,,,,

    WELL, last week the Lord placed in my path the opportunity to go to Massage Therapy School for 9 months. I tried everyway possible to not really believe it was HIM. I would have to take anatomy and psysiolgy (sp?), plus my body is not the strongest to be giving massages. My body works much better on the receiving end of massages. 🙂

    However, He has made employment already a great possiblity after I graduate and so, so, so many other signs from Him that this is the direction I should go.

    Ruth chose the hard and challenging way God was leading her. It would have been so easy for her just to walk back into her old life (with exception of possibly never being married), familiar community, etc.

    It would be so easy to stay in Women’s Ministry and not go back to school.

    But, her rewards and many blessings for doing the hard thing have been a huge push for me to do the hard thing. I do want what God wants for my life I just don’t want to have to work so hard at it.

    My life has been comfortable for awhile, seeking Him, needing Him desperatly is not so strong any more. I enter this new season with expectant hope. God and I are going to get-r-done and have a blast no matter how hard and I know His blessings will be like nothing I could have ever imagined. Just like I NEVER IMAGINED I WOULD BE GOING TO MASSAGE THERAPY SCHOOL.

    Thanks Kelly, Beth and most of all Ruth
    Praise be to our God and King who reigns over all.

  28. 128
    Dawn says:

    The three of us 20 somethings in Wisconsin have enjoyed this study so much, and are sad to say goodbye to it! I will treasure the things I have learned from the pages of the short book of Ruth for the rest of my life. God is so faithful.

    Here are some of our thoughts this week:
    Question 1: not be afraid of risk, don’t hold onto the things of the world, don’t always wait for a sign – step out in faith when you know you need to.

    Question 2: Some of the things that especially spoke to us this week were that God’s ways are higher than ours even when and especially when we don’t understand, and the simple revelation that God calls us by name – He claims all of us at the moment of redemption, our past, present, and future, just as Boaz did for Ruth.

    Question 3: Naomi – we hadn’t really thought about it before. It’s such a short statement in a really short book of the Bible – we miss so many of those little statements, don’t we!? The descriptions of Naoni showed the season changes in Naomi’s heart and life and the peace that came from God.

    Question 4: Things that spoke to us this last week were the definition of a divine legacy on pg. 157, the Gospel quotes on pgs. 162 & 158-159 (WOW!), and all of the information about Rahab blew us away. I hadn’t known that Rahab was likely Boaz’s mother or at least close to being.

    Thank you, Beth, for introducing us to this study and encouraging us to be faithful. This is the first time I actually completed every single page of a study I have done, and I am so blessed!

  29. 129
    Connie says:

    Solo in Shoerwood, IL

    I completed the study! This is an accomplishment for me because usually, when I start something on my own like this I get side-tracked or behind, and end up giving up.

    This study of Ruth was wonderful. So many times some of the things Kelly asked or said went straignt to my heart. She said things in such a way as to cut through all the “religious talk” and really hit home with me.

    Like on page 136 when she asked “Are you able but unwilling to listen to God and let him lead your life?” Ouch! I characterize myself as being “stuck” due to so many things that have happened over the past few years. But the way she worded that question made me realize, yes, I am able, but I am also afriad and somewhat unwilling, to do whatever it is He calls me to do. I also loved the followup on a different day that asked us to write out what God has brought us from. That exercise helped me to see that He has not abandonded me, He has always been right there with me. In good times and bad. This realization made me more willing to listen for his call.

    I have loved this study and treasure the way God has used this blog, and Kelly’s words, to bring me a few steps closer to wholeness and full dependence on God again.

  30. 130
    rebecca in etx says:

    wow – I can’t believe this study is already over!!! We had such a blast studying the Word and eating some Chick-fil-a!!! eat more chicken!

    here we go: (note: we were missing two key members of our group)
    1. adoption, witness in public school, wait, be extraordinary for the Lord

    2. slow process, not instantaneous – God’s timing, stay diligent – The whole thing was to provide a line for Elimelech, yet he is never mentioned again – and the fact that Ruth, not born an Isrealite, exhibited Christ more than Naomi.

    3. Naomi needed redeeming as much as Ruth did, she was returned to honor, she was the glue. The ‘women’ in all of our lives can either be a negative or positive, but it is always the ‘women’ who are hanging out, talking.

    4. diligence – Ruth did what she did well, and with diligence. We discussed how our children pick up on the things we do, and our legacy can be reflected in our children. Godliness, it’s importance, and the misconceptions surrounding what that looks like is a big part of our legacy. We also discussed adding to the legacy began by our parents and grandparents, and that our legacy goes beyond our families – to every one we come into contact with.

    We had so much fun, learned lots, and grew in many ways – can’t wait until next summer.


  31. 131
    Amy :) says:

    Me, myself & I AM

    This study has been timely. I have thoroughly enjoyed my FIRST Siesta Summer Bible Study (and first blog site 🙂

    1 & 2. “It’s by the grace of God,” is about the only way I can explain my life and I don’t mean that flippantly. There are a couple of paths I’ve taken that I feel are unusual, hopefully will turn out to be extraordinary…but each of those were only b/c of the Lord’s direction to begin with. And by His grace, I’m hoping the times I’ve done the expected (or less than) that He will weave it into something full of glory in spite of myself.(Ruth’s study has strengthened my confidence that He will indeed do this!) This day really hit home with my heart…this is the desire of my heart at this point in my walk and for my family… to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, that we might see Him work His miracles…that we may know His life abundant this side of heaven. If only my children can get a taste of this kind of life and be spared looking for life outside of Him.. “Let Thy work appear to Thy servants, And Thy majesty to their children. And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And do confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands. ” Ps 90: 16-17

    3. I have to admit, Naomi taking center stage was surprising. After pondering it I wonder if the story of Ruth was really about Naomi all along…God’s hesed toward Naomi by giving her a daughter in law like Ruth… Ruth was the vehicle of God’s blessing toward Naomi. Just imagine the “untouchables” like Naomi, who think God is far off , that we could touch (bring God near to) through lives faithfully, unselfishly (ouch!) lived out for Him. It shows His heart for Naomi…giving her a bundle of joy to love on …I love how Kelly put it, “Children have a way of refreshing our lives like nothing else.” I think it’s b/c they are so in the present …you have to experience them in the moment and that means we’re not looking back at the past or forward to the future.

    4. This study of Ruth has given me so much more confidence in trusting the Lord’s heart to do amazing things even through our family! I know that sounds really lame to not believe this from the onset, but it seems like such a HUGE thing to accomplish…LEGACY. It’s a desire of my heart, but it seemed like it’s only something accomplishable by like pastors or missionary families. The Lord’s changed my perspective on this through His word. It is all about Him…it is HIS doing, like Kelly said (p. 147),” But grace stuns our theories and carefully constructed notions of how things should go. It blesses those who don’t deserve it, redeems names that would otherwise have disappeared, and sets glory in the bosoms of once-forsaken widows…Yahweh is the true hero of the story and unmerited favor is His specialty.” You are so good, Lord! I am so excited to trust Him for this…I will not loose ground on unbelief about this anymore!

    One other thought…when my husband and I were first married we’d look at other couples our age with new homes, new cars, etc. and ask,” How do they do it?” Eventually we decided it had to be monetary gifts from family that allowed them to have so much at such a young age. Well, while we may or may not be able to do the same for our children monetarily one day, how much better would it be to “set them up” spiritually. I just wonder…if we are willing to fight the battles of selfish living, live obedience at any cost, seek Him with all of our hearts and live lives of joyful surrender, will their lives be the richer, the easier for it, b/c those battles have already been fought? If they experience His miracles, His majesty (Ps.90) while under our wings, the wisdom and love of God not so much taught, but caught…by HIS doing, the affects of our legacy will be exceedingly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. AMEN! ” Eph. 3:20-21

    “One generation whall praise Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy might acts. On the glorious splendor of Thy majesty, and on Thy wonderful works, I will meditate.” Ps 145:4-5

  32. 132
    Ana Cerrato says:

    New York, NY

    Thank you for an amazing study! God spoke to each of us and we pray for all of you too…may we all leave a legacy for the Glory of God!!

  33. 133
    Martha Helen says:

    Martha going solo in Brevard, NC

    1. Basically I wrote that I’m afraid so often I choose the ordinary and the expected. I’m not sure in this season what God is calling me to in terms of a life work. I know it seems ridiculous but sometimes I’m afraid I won’t like it so I tend to want to make my own way. But I long to trust Him enough to know that what He has scripted for me is the only thing I cannot afford to miss. I’m pregnant with my very first child, a daughter. I know there will be a long road of sacrifice ahead in parenting and want to be totally willing to follow the Lord through motherhood.

    2. I was just totally floored in week five so it’s hard to come up with one thing! But I think it would have to be how willing Christ is to redeem me. In Boaz to see Christ pictured as He claims me as His bride publicly and announces to many witnesses my name and His joy to claim me as His own beloved. It’s just too much to bear! We do not have a RETICENT Savior. And if He was so willing to lay down His life for me, can I not be willing to lay down mine for Him and serve Him with abandon?

    3. I think its marvelous that the inspired author brings the story full-circle. It began with Naomi—now we see how it ends with Naomi. We see that even an old bitter woman broken by life’s traumas and tragedies is not forgotten by God. That He loves to grace even those we think are discardable. He loves to bring their stories (our stories) full-circle. Redemption.

    4. It seemed like more than her sin being passed down, Rahab’s feisty pursuit of God was what made it down through her line. Maybe Boaz was raised seeing some proud stodgy Israelites reject his mother because of her foreign heritage and soiled past. Maybe she taught him to receive the outsider and foreigner and not to discount them. Maybe he grew up being ridiculed as a “half-breed,” and thus his heart was tender toward other outsiders who wanted in. Maybe his heart was tender toward another woman who reminded him of his mother; Ruth, a woman who also wholeheartedly pursued God. It’s just incredible to see that history’s don’t bar God from using even the most unlikely person. And OH it so got to me that Ruth’s decision to cling to Naomi instead of turn back was the hugest turning point in her life. She likely had no idea at the time what was at stake in that seemingly ordinary decision! It makes me think so much more carefully about the decisions I make daily.. to follow God faithfully and obediently? Or to serve myself/the flesh? WHO KNOWS but that destiny is at work and a huge work of God is at stake??

    Legacy is more and more on my thoughts as our first baby grows inside me. Often I think of it with fear.. all the bad things I’m afraid to pass down to my child. But Ruth has encouraged me that God is so much more faithful than I credit Him to be. He will work wonders in my ordinary and broken story. He will redeem, as long as I seek Him and follow hard after Him.

    Thanks for Ruth this summer! It was an unexpected joy and as usual, so fun to be a part of the blog community once again. May God continue to bring fruit from this study in all of our lives!

  34. 134
    Jenny says:

    Even though I have not finished with weeks 5 & 6 I thought I would like to add a comment to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed this study (so far). I too was really struck by the phrase “Willing to be made willing”. I thought it was very insightful and is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Within the next month, I will send my youngest child to Kindergarten and be looking for a part-time job. Changes are hard for me, and always make me want to cling to my comfort zone. I haven’t worked outside the home for 10 years…since being a stay-at-home Mom! I want to be willing to go to work wherever He wants me to…even if it means stepping outside of my comfort zone. 🙂 I can’t wait to finish the study in the next week or so! Thank you Beth for being our Siesta Mama and encouraging us to stay in the Word! Have a wonderful vacation and rest of the summer! 🙂

  35. 135
    Karen Wade says:

    Hallsville, Missouri. We finished our study of Ruth tonight, and every single one of us enjoyed, learned, and were blessed.

    In mid-Sept, our group will start Beth’s “Believing God” study. We can hardly wait–we all just love “being in the word.” We are a diverse group, but we are so glad to have found each other, and Beth’s teachings, and we feel we are so much deeper in God’s word, than with any other Bible study we’ve completed. Thank you, Beth, for answering God’s call in YOUR life.

  36. 136
    Kathryn Carpenter says:

    Hi Beth,

    I have really enjoyed this study on Ruth by Kelly Minter (thank you Kelly!) Week 5 and 6 really floored me! There is no one thing that I can pinpoint to answer your questions. Again thank you for another fun summer of being accountable to stay in the Word! Oh, my husband is doing better after the triple bypass and will be going back to work part time next Monday. Praise the Lord!


  37. 137
    Jennifer says:

    Our whole group was so sad to see this study come to an end! We loved both the content and the format. Despite that this book of the bible is named after Ruth, God is the one who captivated our hearts in the character of Boaz. Most of us were floored by his kindness. We also talked about our own family spiritual legacies; some had long histories of love for Jesus. And others, like myself, related more to Rahab. I wanted to share that God put it on my heart that we should all speak a blessing over each other during our final session. If you remember, Kelly drew our attention to the blessing the “women” spoke over Obed and Naomi. It was a beautiful thing to hear the blessings the women in my group wrote for each other. My group was blessed by this study, the fellowship, food, and each other. Please write some more Kelly!

  38. 138
    HeleddNest says:

    Solo. Bridgend, South Wales.

    1. At the moment I’m challenged to open up my life/ house to serve the young people my husband works with.
    2. For me, I got stuck on the idea of Christ calling my name and what a name means. A name can mean so much and yet sometimes I feel defined by my name. I spent some time in prayer thanking God for everything I have now but also for the new name I will receive.
    3. Love the focus being on Naomi’s restoration here and the fact that God gave her even more than she ever could have imagined or thought herself worthy of.
    4. We don’t have any children yet but would love to in the next year. I really want any children we do have to be passionately in love with Jesus and to know the exciting adventure it is to follow Him. Kelly writes ‘ nor do we always know our own legacies’ p152 and it made me aware of needing to serve faithfully in what I’m given to do now, not knowing what effect it could have.

    Thanks so much for leading us through this study.

  39. 139
    Jennifer says:

    Solo, West Linn, OR
    I can’t describe how God has used this study and the Work that He is doing in all of your lives to not only speak to me but also minister to my broken heart.

    1 & 3. God is asking me to do something sacrificial in just answering this question! I am in the midst of a horrible divorce. In “Christian culture” and in my paradigm, divorce is not an option. How could this be of the Lord? How could He ask me to break up my family? Because the physical and verbal abuse that has occurred over the past four years is not of God and breaks His heart. A legacy of abuse is stopping right here in 2010.

    2. Jesus delights in all of me! He wants all of me, even the parts that cause me discomfort or shame, which are not from Him! He wants to redeem it all and He is willing and able!

  40. 140
    twinkle says:

    Middle Georgia

    1. Calling me? Most definitely. He has commanded me to ABIDE in a situation that most people would have sought legal action. He has planted something in me to give me immeasurable grace through some of the most difficult days…now over a year…of my entire life. I walk by faith. But sometimes my legs are so trembly. Ruth makes it look so easy, but it is life in the trenches. The enemy fights ugly and he’s after something precious to me.
    ABIDE. AMEN. OUTLOUD. God gave me those three words waking me up from sleep at 2 am in the morning last fall. Only by His Grace. Only by His Grace.

    2. My closing prayer:

    Heavenly Father, is there hope for me? I really can’t see any right now. Help me to weep forward. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    3. I picture God’s Eyes on Naomi throughout this book. She’s the barren one. She’s the widow with no legacy. Her husband is the one who has now died and there is no hope for a line to carry on his name. His two sons are D.E.A.D. And she’s left with only Ruth, a foreigner. This book is a story of redemption. God is the Main Character, but Naomi is the leading lady. Now I’m reminded of Jan Karon’s Mitford series of books and the fact that the star of those stories, Father Tim, had pretty much given up hope on ever finding his soul-mate. He was in his sixties and it was looking grim. Hopeless. I won’t be a spoiler but I love it when God steps in to our hopeless situations…

    The women…don’t they sound like a Praise Team?!? I can just hear them singing in harmony over Naomi. Maybe they’re more like a Gospel Quartet. They are there to welcome her back home, listening to her as she’s crying the blues. And then, they are there at the birth of Obed. No blues here! Mighty Clouds of Joy!

    4. Legacy and a Prayer of Thanksgiving:

    Father, even though I am in a space where I see no legacy, physically, I am going to be honest with my feelings that it hurts. I’ve had some pretty important hopes and dreams stolen from me by the enemy. He has taken captive precious legacy links in my life right now. But I know You, Mighty God. I know that You have a way of making things come full circle. So, even with a heart of hopeless tears, I give thanks to You for what You are doing in my life to work legacy. I give thanks to You that You looked at Naomi in all her bitter and honest pain…and You chose her to be a part of Your Plan of redemption. Because of Christ, I AM kin to her as an adopted child of God by Grace. Thank You for HESED and for every promise You give about “mustard seed size FAITH.” That’s all it takes to see You move a mountain. Move mountains in my life, Lord. I weep forward. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  41. 141
    Janet says:

    What a trip we’ve taken with this summer study of the book of Ruth, a trip geographical and temporal. The geography ranged from Bethlehem to Moab and back to the House of Bread. And the time spanned many years, from the union of Naomi and Elimelech that produced two sons, through their marriages to Orpah and Ruth, to the subsequent deaths of all the males, and then to the marriage of Ruth to Boaz.
    These last lessons, focusing as they do on the heritage of this union, really led the two of us who have shared the study into some wonderful discussions about the idea of legacy – how who we are is rooted in our own personal lineage and how we in turn influence our children and our children’s children. So many little twists and turns in Ruth’s whole story led to her being a direct ancestor of Jesus who, of course, was born in the very town where her romance with Boaz blossomed. And so the story continued, both in time – reaching across multiple generations to Jesus, and by way of our being inheritors of God’s grace through him, to us – and in geography – spreading from that tiny village to the very ends of the earth. All of that in four short chapters!

    We shared sunny afternoons of Bible study and discussion while our husbands fished off the dock in my backyard, and then all of us enjoyed meals together, with the wonderful banana-toffee pie being our final dessert. Yum! Food for thought, food for the soul, and food for the tummy.

  42. 142
    Andrea Porter says:

    I moved this summer, so unfortunately I was unable to participate in the summer Bible study. Looks like I missed something great. Right now I don’t know what to do with myself and finding, once again, a new church family. My husband just retired after 20 years in the Air Force, and we are trying to give our two children some stability as they finish school. We moved close to family, which is a huge blessing. Now the kids will get to know their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. I was talking with my man about trying a new church tomorrow and was surprised by his answer of not really being interested, he feels like he doesn’t want to deal with church politics and enjoys his own quiet time with Jesus. I am perplexed by this attitude and don’t know what to do regarding myself and our kids. Should I go and take the kids and leave him home? He said he would go, but I think he is just saying that to me to appease me. Please Siestas pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance from our precious Lord, for me and my family. Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you wonderful women.

  43. 143
    Cheryl says:

    First, I just loved the bible study… and it changes my whole view of Ruth that before this was what people said at weddings. Wow what a powerful view and a great way to spend the summer was just a wow look at the world and me…I just love the living proof family and can’t wait to see you in Richmond at the end of the month.

    1- Yes, the Lord seems to always call me to do the most illogical unseal things. Right now I am at a crossroads at work where he is telling me to continue to preserve and work hard where any rational person would say run away. I just told someone that God had led me to a Ruth study and I was trying to figure out whom and where was I in the story – think I am in gleaning period. ( Smile)

    2-Trusting God to save– it’s like the movie the Last Crusade where Indy steps off a cliff and there is a glass bridge. Ruth’s life was like that and so is mine. Each day I am walking and hoping there is a glass bridge. My mom used to say we will cross that bridge when we get there and I hated that saying as many times there were no bridge. So I became a big planner. But God is really a master planner so all my worries,calculations and work plans are nothing and worthless. It’s All about the Lord and without his ascent and direction I am fruitless – So this study reaffirmed in my heart Listen and follow God – He has a plan.

    3-Yes Naomi makes a comeback… God took care of all major characters.. Who followed his directions…

    4-The whole legacy story just floored me… Rahab as his Boaz mom was the surprise…with that information of course Boaz was then ready to accept a foreigner with a past… and I loved how God orchestrated everyone to be get to Bethlehem .Oh my how perfect a plan was that!!! I now see connections everywhere – Solomon’s Prov 31 was probably fashioned after Ruth, it’s so rich and marvelous. Even later Jesus kindness to a prostitute.. All tying back to this legacy of women who were defined by their heart.. And I am glad God has accepted me broken pieces, shaky past, present and all….

    But it also made me think of my own legacy both in the people I deal with and my children. Made my prayers for my children richer and deeper… made me ask myself and them are we the best people we can be for the Lord.

    The bible study is real and alive . Just today I saw my daughter being kind to a younger girl and wanted to encourage her so I was able to paraphrase 1 Sam 16 and say Christine you are beautiful but God looks at your heart not just your face. And today He was pleased by your kindness. Isn’t that cool!!!.

    My only regret with the study is that I didn’t do the recipes but will do one tomorrow.
    Kelly you rock!!. Thank you Beth.

  44. 144
    Rose D says:

    There were 4 of us meeting in my home in St. John, IN every other Friday evening. We met together for dinner ( sorry, none of kelly’s suggestions), fellowship and study. This study group consisted of myself who has been a study leader for many, many years, a young lady who has been walking with the Lord for @ 5 years, and 2 other ladies who are very young in their faiths. It has been both a challenge and joy to lead these ladies through this study!

    For some reason, the questions from the blog did not seem to work with these gals. When I would toss them out, they just clammed up. However, we had some great conversations as well as answers when we left it open- and everyone was respectful of the others. Overall, the ladies felt this to be a good study which left them with a desire to grow more and on their one. That’s what it’s all about and my prayers are with them!! It’s always to see people growing in their faith!!

    Our fall study will be Annointed, Transformed and Redeemed.

    Thanks for the joy of being part of the whole! I’m already looking forward to next summer’s study! God bless y’all!

  45. 145
    Linda says:

    Johnstown, PA

    I did this study solo because my small group (4 ladies) was involved in some different activities this summer. But I have really been blessed by the ‘Ruth’ study and being part of this online group.

    1. At this point in my life I don’t feel that God is calling me to anything unusual, illogical or sacrificial right now; life is pretty ‘ordinary’. But I am praying for guidance and if He has anything like that for me, I pray I will hear His voice and be obedient.
    2. The thing that touched me the most is that I am special to God; I am chosen by Him and He delights in me. He had my life planned before I was even born and He knows all about me and He approves of me, even with all my faults.
    3. I was not surprised that the story ended with Naomi. It started with her and it seemed fitting that it would end with her, especially having her bitterness removed and being blessed to share the life of this new baby who will carry her husband’s family legacy.
    4. Even though I don’t have children of my own, I can still make a difference to others whose lives I touch.

    Thank you Kelly, Beth and all the Siestas! God bless you.

  46. 146
    Susan says:

    Hi Siesta’s!
    Chicago, 7 Siesta’s.
    I know I’m soooo late posting this but wanted to add our group’s info to the finale.

    We all felt that Kelly led us on a journey with Ruth and with Jesus! The insights into our life with Christ that were shared just kept us so enthralled with each other that we didn’t want to leave!

    The biggest encouragement was the idea that we aren’t just plodding along if we are in Christ and following His Word! Hallelujah! This was a release of a weary burden, the thought that we weren’t “doing anything or enough” for God’s Kingdom, but we are!!!! By doing the ordinary in His presence and by His Grace we are doing His work. His hand is upon us. This lifted up each woman in our group, young and mature, single and married, professional and homemaker.

    This trip with all of you Siestas has been a wonderful journey of discovery and rich with fellowship. Thank you for sharing and caring. See you all when you come to see Beth in Chicago in September!!!!

  47. 147
    Susan says:

    Chicago, 7 Siestas.

    OOh! I forgot about the accountability Bible study question.

    There were some deer caught in the headlights looks when this question came up! :-0 !!! But I have seen many of the Siesta’s in our group that have signed up for two of our Corp’s upcoming Bible studies which are Beth’s study of Esther, and Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges.

  48. 148
    Ruined 4 Him says:

    Littleton, Co

    1.The last 5 years have been unusual; but none more than this year. As we move a family of 6 (mom&dad plus 4 kids ages 2-9) people thought we were crazy. Maybe we are; many times people have said “I couldn’t do what you are doing” and i want to ask them why not? My prayer in this days’ lesson is to keep moving “me” out of the way so I’m willing to do the unusual, outside the box thing He’s called me to do, even when it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.
    2.One of the many things that moved me is the fact that I could not or cannot redeem myself. I made such a mess of my life, that I needed a miracle. I would have never dreamed I could have this amazing, blessed life. I would have never done this for me, but thankfully I have a Kinsman Redeemer who only looks at me with grace and love. I thank Him daily…He slays me.
    3 & 4. The message of legacy hit me hard, I lost my Mom this year and her legacy was one of faith, hope, love, grace…she LOVED Jesus and His Word. My parents (dad passed away 8 years ago) were amazing, helping small churches get built, handing out Gideon Bibles in prisons, on college campuses, in hospitals.
    As I think about the legacy God is weaving in my life, it’s going to look very different than that of my parents in how I lived it out. I hope they know the miracle God worked in my life and that of my family and it gives future generations hope. What a mighty God we serve!

    I LOVED this study…did not expect all of the “meat” that came with the many courses. Thank you, Kelly!

    Blessings to the LPM group…thank you for all that you do and the many ways you serve the Kingdom.

  49. 149
    Cheryl says:

    One more sharing point post study – my 12 year old son who is short in stature told me that he was being taunted in camp for being short. And God was so good -again I came back to 1 Sam 16 . I had him read with me Samuel first impressions of Jesse sons. And I told him that God looks at his heart not his size. And then I used David as an illustration… I asked was David a good king? Yes? Was he talented in music? Yes And was he a good warrior and leader ? Yes Was he able to get married and have children? Was God pleased with Him ?Yes Was he tall… No… And then I said Matthew God looks at your heart and sees greatness in you. Big smile and hug from son.
    But what also tickled me is that the bible study got me there…I had the right word and Matthew saw it in the Word which reaffirms to him that the Word is life giving .. thank you .God bless you ..

  50. 150

    Ahhh!! I keep forgetting to leave a comment on our group’s behalf, so I’ve got to do this before going to bed or I’ll forget about it again!

    Our group of five ladies met in Round Rock, TX and for dinner last Tuesday, we had taco salad. Some of us had seconds. 🙂

    The last couple of months doing this study together have flown by; we all couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed. We felt like we’d just started meeting and all of a sudden, we were meeting for the last time this summer.

    Most of us felt challenged to live our lives more open to His Spirit and His calling, to live more sacrificially and obediently. We expressed how in many ways, being mothers and caring for our children, training them in the ways of the Lord was unusual and sacrificial, especially in our culture. I think that was encouraging to some of us younger moms to hear.

    We had a great discussion about legacy that took up most of our remaining time. Some of us are the first Christians in our families. And some of us come from Christian homes that have spanned generations. Most of us have biological children and some of us do not, but we all recognized the impact of legacy. There were heartfelt concerns shared about the fear of a family’s Christian heritage fading. There were also other fears expressed about the huge undertaking that leaving a legacy feels like. But we were all encouraged by talking through Ruth and the lessons we gleaned from the study…encouraged to see the Lord’s sovereignty at work and the truth that He sees our hearts. There was a special time at the end of our meeting where we got to pray for our families.

    We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this study and to get to know each other. Only the Lord could bring a group of women together who really don’t know each other well or not at all, and knit our hearts together and bring us to a place of open, vulnerably sharing. We’re grateful to have been in the Word together!

    Thank you and much love to you!

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