Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up

Hey, Siestas!

Our six-week study has flown by, hasn’t it? And so has the summer and just maybe we lived it a bit more victoriously because we were in Bible study together! I have enjoyed every second of it and I trust you have, too. Kelly’s way on paper really speaks to me. I’ve heard many of you say the same thing. Like we’ve done in our previous summer studies, I will devote a post entirely to our teacher at the end of the week and let you tell Kelly how much you received from her tutelage through God’s Word. Try to save your direct feedback to her for that time so she’ll be able to read every single comment. Look for that post around Friday.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Final Week from LPV on Vimeo.

I hope you’ll be able to watch the video greeting but, as usual, I want to make sure you have your instructions for our final gathering also in print. So, here goes!

As you meet in your final gathering, you’ll discuss Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six:

The first two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Five:

  1. Turn to p.122 and review the paragraph in the middle of the page beginning with the words, “I wonder if your life can be easily explained.” Follow your review by sharing what you wrote in reference to the “Personal Response” portion just below it, if you feel led.

  1. Turn to p.136. Kelly wraps up Week Five by asking us to have a closing prayer time over the one thing that touched us most in that five-day unit. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share that one thing with your small group or, if you’re going solo, share it with me and the rest of your participating sisters.

The last two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Six:

  1. Turn to p.144 and look at the wonderful bold print at the bottom of the page. Review the answer to the question, “Who suddenly takes center stage and does this surprise you?” Then, glance up to the top of the next page (p.145) and share your answers to the “Personal Take.” Have fun looking over those next couple of paragraphs Kelly wrote about “you know, the women!”

(By the way, don’t you love the way Kelly had us go back to all those references that contained descriptions of Naomi? I thought it was so insightful.)

  1. Day’s Four and Five are so powerful that I cannot choose just one portion for you to review. Please glance over the entire ending to the Bible study, stretching over both lessons, and share what you have gleaned from God concerning LEGACY. God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?

Thank you, Siestas, for a great summer in God’s Word! I respect your relationships with Christ so much. I pray that He enjoys lurking here. He is everything to us.

Be thinking about how you’re going to stay in the Word this Fall! We’ll provide some accountability by asking you around the first of September about your plan for victory!

You are so loved and highly esteemed around here. Press on, Darling Things!


259 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up”

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  1. 1
    diana wynn says:

    Beth, Our group finished up a few weeks ago (our summer is short!!) But I wanted to say that we finsihed strong and got a ton out of this study! Thanks for encouraging us to stay in the word and live victoriously.
    This week we will begin your study Here and Now There and Then. We are so excited we expect to have a bout 25 women!8 of us have been together in study for the about 8 years, we started meeting in each other’s homes, now we meet in a local church but, we are a non denominational diverse group of women who LOVE Jesus…you would love us~ and we LOVE you!

  2. 2
    Delta Dawn says:

    1. I’ve been a sacrificial place and am now seeing Joel 2:25 come to fruition. The Lord is redeeming the time.

    2. I think the most touching part of the week was on Day 3 where it talks about Christ knowing our names. It just makes it so much more personal and intimate to think about that He calls us each by name. When I was teaching in the classroom, one of my favorite icebreakers was to have the students tell me the story behind their name. For the girls I would have them tell me what they would name their children (99% of them had a name picked out already.) The fact that the God of heaven and earth knows our names is staggering to me.

    3. While Naomi was the earthly instigator for Ruth and Boaz being together, I think it is interesting that there is a real possibility that she wasn’t biologically related to Obed. If she was, it was distantly. That fact reiterates that it is all about relationship. Just like Naomi was given a place of prominence in Obed’s life because of the relationship and love she and Ruth had for one another, we have a place of prominence in God’s kingdom because of our relationship with Christ and his love for us.

    4. What stands out to me is the names of the women recorded in Matthew’s genealogy-Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Mary. These are such exceptional and diverse women, women we probably wouldn’t have picked. I liked what Kelly wrote, “our stories too are part of a divine whole” and “The central ingredient to a divine legacy is godliness, to know God, to walk in His ways, and to teach future generations about who He is.” While I think we should definitely be intentional about our impact and legacy, if we aren’t careful about just pursuing God and leaving the results to Him, having what we conceive as a legacy can become an idol.

    • 2.1
      Lauren says:

      Excellent point about Naomi not really being related to Obed… Boaz would have been related to Naomi through marriage. Somehow, that never hit me… but to think that Ruth would then allow Naomi to have such a huge role in his life shows that love truly can make all of the difference! And though we, as Gentiles, are not really “bloodline” per se (as the Israelites), we are covered by the only blood that matters and as adoptees we still receive an inheritance! Thank you Lord!

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    I was so sad to do the last of this study. It has been wonderful and I have really looked forward to reading everyone’s posts.

    1. Sometimes I feel a little ‘small’ in the body of Christ, not because I’m not doing anything, but because what I’m doing is so typical. My mission field is here at home, raising a little boy (at least it is my deepest desire) to be an instrument of the Lord, my service and gifts are shared as I help at church in small ways and in our MOPS group. But God has reassured me countless times that this is where I’m supposed to be, especially when He reminds me of how far He’s brought my heart. So my response to the question: “I am willing LORD, send me!”

    2. Day 2 touched me the most. I think when Kelly wrote, “This may be one of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life: In the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart.” I want to be made willing and trusting enough of my God that I will go where He sends me. I don’t want to live a sad and regretful life, rather one where God is the center and everyday is an exciting adventure b/c God opens my eyes to see Him everywhere! This expanded into seeing Jesus as our willing redeemer. I loved the entire middle paragraph on p. 125, “He (Jesus) was not only close and able but He was also loving willing.” Closing this with Romans 8:1-4 . . . all I can say is THANK YOU AND AMEN!!!!!

    3. Naomi takes center stage. My response was that Boaz and Ruth were caring for Naomi and Naomi loved her tremendously. After all Naomi had lost and all her bitterness, God was still working, He still intended everything for good and He was faithful to the end. I loved the ‘women’ that Kelly talked about b/c we all have them and thank God for them! I just hope that I can be a ‘woman’ to others as they grow in Christ.

    4. God is better than He has to be!!! Amen Beth!!! To everyone who doesn’t think God can used their messed up, broken hearted, impossibly difficult life . . . THIS IS THE GOSPEL (p. 159)! God is so good!

    God studies our hearts, He saw how faithful and loving Ruth was towards people she didn’t have to be. He saw her hesed. I think God saw this as something He wanted as part of His Son’s heritage. Something that Joseph would have towards Mary and live out for Jesus. And Jesus would have towards all and live out to the cross.

  4. 4
    Denise says:

    I did the extraordinary and am so blessed. I chose to stay in my marriage when I had every right to leave…and am reaping the benefits. I have told my husband that he is my Boaz on earth. We have grown through some turmoil and now are closer than ever. I can’t imagine missing the joy of watching our 4 children grow up together. Today I will find out the sex of my first grandchild.

    I am an only child and both of my parents died early, (48, my mom and my dad, 60 along with his wife)… being known by the Father is extremely important to me and being called by name. Nothing is too big for the Lord.

    Naomi’s story is one of returning to the Lord. Another redemption story. The contrast of her attitude from the first to the end. It is also precious that her grandchild renewed her youth. I have been through a time of extreme tiredness etc. That along with my parent’s early deaths has left me thinking that why do anything else or plan for any future. I am 59. Those years that they died have been tough. Probably my mother’s the hardest. So I am hopeful to renew with the birth of the new baby like Naomi.

    Since my children didn’t really know their Grandparents on my side, I have made it my responsibility to keep them alive for them with pictures and stories. The legacy God gives is precious as well.

    and Oh.. the women.. I did not grow up in a church.. but bless the women that are my friends that have come around my children, connecting with them.

    Thanks for the study and I enjoyed Oakcliff Bible Church last weekend. Loved the dancing!!

    • 4.1
      April says:

      Denise, your post really touched my heart. Congrats on that first grandchild that’s on its way!

      Blessings in Christ,

      • Denise says:

        Thanks, April. We just found out that it is a girl! God knows just what we need.

        • Siesta OC says:

          Wahoo, a siesta-in-training!

        • April says:

          That is so wonderful! What an incredible way to finish our study with such precious news. I pray that your heart and life will be renewed with the birth of your granddaughter. So happy for you and your family!

    • 4.2
      Becky says:

      Thanks for sharing about fighting for your marriage. We have fought the good fight more than a few times in 22 years, but God has redeemed us to a place of love I never knew possible. And, our friendship is growing more each day!

      Its not been easy, but it has been worth it.

  5. 5
    aussie monica says:

    just watched and was blessed here on my break at work. i really needed to hear i am loved! enjoy your vacation, Beth!

  6. 6

    Beth, our online group is finishing their study and we stayed strong with all 150 women growing in faith and touched by the Spirit. It was exciting to read their comments and take the journey together. A few times I sent accountability emails to remind some women to stay current, and they all replied and worked hard in their efforts. We’ve launched a study of Jonah today and more than 60 women are now following this Priscilla Shirer study because we’ve all agreed- “why stop learning now!” Our 11-week Beth Moore study begins in September. LOL, we’ve calcualated that we can complete ALL the Beth Moore workbooks in just over three years from start to finish-and that includes your new book as well. Thank you for leading women to intimacy with Christ. You are treasured by the precious Father and respected by the women who read and learn from you. God’s blessing over you and your family for generations to come. With love, Christine

  7. 7
    Diane says:

    I just finished the study this morning (going solo) and as always I feel a little sad for the journey to be over. Thanks for this opportunity to stay in the Word over the summer and to be accountable!
    1. I don’t know that I’ve been called to do anything sacrificial right now – I am in a place of contentment with where God has placed me so I don’t feel that living my current calling is a sacrifice. I do know that more and more I am willing to do what it takes to live completely according to God’s will.
    2. That God calls me by name really hit home with me during this session. As many times as I’ve read the passage in John 20, it never hit home with me that Mary only recognized Jesus after He called her by name. That He calls ME by name and is MY Redeemer too is mind-numbing.
    3. It seemed poetic to me that the story started with Naomi and came back around to her. While Ruth showed a certain faithfulness throughout the story, Naomi struggled with her faith through the ups and downs in her life – just like me!
    4. I have moments of wondering if what I am doing is of value and I’m always reminded that raising kids, volunteering at my church, caring for my husband, etc. is God’s purpose for me now – as ordinary as it can often seem. I may not ever see the good my children – or their offspring – will achieve, or know the lives I am impacting by doing things at church, but God has the big picture. As Kelly said on pg. 118, “Even while we’re waiting and it seems like nothing is happening, God is still working.” I just need to be faithful to Him in all the seasons of my life and He’ll see to it that there is a wonderful legacy from that!

    • 7.1
      Lisa says:

      Oh how I can relate to wondering if what we’re doing is of value with raising kids, church, husband, etc. Thanks for reminding me that God DOES have the big picture.

  8. 8
    Julie says:

    1. I tend to go through the day to day without seeing what might be going on on a larger scale. For the most part I enjoy helping or being there for those I love even if it means sacrificing myself – it really doesn’t feel like sacrifice. Do I sacrifice myself for strangers? I don’t know. Do I have the opportunities presented to me? Not that I can think of. Do I seek out the opportunities? For the most part, probably not. Do I long to live such a life? Most definitely!

    2. Being Faithful = God’s Blessings; if we stick with Him and seek out His will for our lives, then we will only be blessed and we will bless others. It may seem difficult to die to self and depend on Him, but really, who of us has found ourselves better off or even happy when living for ourselves and our needs?

    3. I think Naomi took center stage here because it helps us to see her transition from a bitter woman to a loving grandmother. She could have never seen what the future held, but she grew in her love for Ruth, they took care of each other, and out of that love and caring came a wonderful future for them both!

    4. I think that the main aspect of legacy that really hit home with me is the fact that it doesn’t have to be through offspring. I am not currently married and will not be married or having children in the foreseeable future. If I do get married one day, I still may not be able to have children. Legacy does not have to be about those who carry on the family name. My life, devoted to God, can be a legacy. It can change the lives of others, and those things can be what remains after I am gone.

    • 8.1
      Sarah says:

      Amen! I didn’t find happiness when living for myself! God will bless those who surrender their lives to Him. Thanks for your comment!

  9. 9
    Michele says:

    Michele M
    Liverpool, NY
    Solo Siesta

    One of my goals at the beginning of this study was to discern God’s direction for my life. I don’t see it yet. He’s put on my heart a growing desire to be a Bible teacher. Yet no door has opened yet for ministry or a new engineering job, and sometimes I feel stuck because my sweet dog needs a lot of care. I feel like I should be doing something but don’t know what.

    God has given me a lot of ideas about Adult Christian Education, mostly in my church but also things like maybe I could help coordinate a Lifeway event up here (there are NONE in the northeast in 2011!). But relational issues with my pastor have limited my serving at church. I am meeting with him this afternoon about that, so maybe God will clarify some things then.

    The thing that stood out to me most was the gentile blood in David’s immediate ancestry. Neither Rahab nor Ruth were Israeli, yet they were grafted into the family in prominent and important places by their faith. We hear Paul teach of the inclusion of the Gentiles in the NT, but this shows in the OT how God redeemed, adopted, and blessed foreigners whose hearts were right.

    Beth, have a wonderful vacation! You know we love to hear from you, but please don’t ever feel obligated. You are a wonderful servant of God and you give us so much here. Take full advantage of the time off to rest and enjoy quality time with Keith and your puppies.
    I love you so much.

    • 9.1
      Lauren says:

      Prayers that God will help you find your direction, and bless you and your dog!

    • 9.2
      Sarah says:

      Sounds like God is working in your heart. Will be praying for direction and for the door to fly right open when your opportunity presents itself.

  10. 10
    Stephanie says:

    Fort Collins, CO – solo
    Whew hoo!!! So, glad to have gotten the fullness of Ruth & yet so sad to have to let it go! Can’t wait for the next study and the next one…god is so good!

    1. Father, I realize I have not been listening to your voice and responding to your call. Convict my heart & open my ears, Lord. I want to live an unusaual and illogical life following you, I want to be willing & open even in my fear.Help me to live the life YOU have planned for me.

    2. Father, My worry has been about not being able to have children – and surprise! today there were 5 scriptures to prove you have your hand all over my concerns! Thank you for the reassurance you send in so many inexpected ways, thank you for never giving up on me in all my wavering. Thank you for engraving my name on the palm of your hand and telling me I am always before you.

    3.Naomi! I was at first surpirsed she was front and center after this story of Ruth. BUT, how great to be a story not just about the strong faith of Ruth but about the woman I can be so much like! Naomi who feels bitter, who feels the Lord afflicted her, Naomi who He never left! I was so touched by the way the Lord redeemed HER, the one who was not always strong. This day was the most touching for me.

    4. What I learned, and took to heart about Legacy is that our stories are so very universal. We are all so much the same for as much as we are different. Ruth and Naomi’s legacy spoke so much knowledge into my life today – how amazing is that?! And even if the people we are now aren’t remembered by name 2000 years from now, we are not forgotten – because we are all God’s Legacy. And because we touch the lives of everyone we meet in maybe insignificant way to us, but you never know the moments that solidify your personal legacy with someone. Ruth and Naomi didn’t set out to create a legacy, they lived their lives, and the legacy was all in the hands of God. He did a good job with it too.

  11. 11
    Jennifer says:

    1. I’ve really been challenged lately with a more radical walk with Christ. So my prayer was, that I’m willing to sacrifice. I’m willing to give to him whatever it is that he needs from me. I’ve been in a place of doubting whether or not you trust me enough to ask me to sacrifice for you. I make myself available to be used by you.

    2. The king of glory made himself like me in order to redeem me and was totally willing to redeem me even though he knew the price he would pay to do so. I have no choice but to live the life he wants me to live. When we truly understand who he is and what he gave we have to lay ourselves at his feet.

    3. I was surprised at Naomi’s return just because she had kind of been out of the story for a while. I think she’s there at the end because the story is also about her redemption. She was every bit as saved, blessed, and restored at Ruth was. It’s the same with our redemption, it’s not just for some of us, it’s for everyone.

    4. The term legacy makes me nervous to be honest. It just seems like such a huge responsibility to leave a God honoring legacy that I can get bogged down in it. Then I realize it’s not about what I do in my life that builds my legacy, it’s about what the power of God does through my life that builds my legacy. Ruth’s legacy lands her in the line of Christ from a very discouraging beginning. It’s not where I’m from but where I go with God.

    • 11.1
      Kristi Walker says:

      “It’s not where I’m from but where I go with God.”

      Amen,Jennifer! I so love that about God. I’m not doing this particular study this summer (my family is doing a devotional book together along with study time!!!Lovin’ it, too!!!), but I have been glancing over the comments when I can and this line touched my heart! I love Him so much and I’m always amazed at what He can do.


  12. 12
    Gina says:

    * I’m not sure how to answer this question because I am in a bit of a grey area right now. Some days the shade of grey becomes darker, some days it seems lighter. To some, my recent life decision seemed illogical and selfish, to others, I am portrayed as a hero. I don’t know… I often say that I am a book filled with blank, white pages.

    *I am sitting here watching the cursor line go…blink…blink…blink. This pretty much describes where I am…dunno…dunno…dunno. Being in limbo is not a comfortable place to be.
    Ruth’s character has made quite an impact on me. She moved away from everything familiar and comfortable by faith. Even though Naomi did become bitter, Ruth must have seen something in her to cause her to want to sacrifice all to live with God’s people. She must have been so scared at first yet she got up each day and went to work. We do not know how long she had to do this. It seems like days but it might have been months, even years. Yet, she took her choice “by the horns”…not expecting to be rewarded… only resting in the choice she made. Therefore (smile), the lesson about being willing (lesson 2)caused me to ponder for several days. It is a choice each day to live for the Lord God, whether anyone notices or not.

    *Noami – honestly, she had the right to go through a period of bitterness. She was grieving. Understanding the culture and life of the women during that time, she must have also been scared and devastated. Obviously, she had walked through her grief process (with the help of her friends)by the time Ruth gave her a grandson.

    Spotlight! Noami did deserved it! Those women had listened to Naomi’s bitterness, encouraged her in her faith (I’m sure she needed it after living in Moab for years), and prayed with her. She needed a group of women to surround her and rejoice with her for what the Lord God did for her personally. Can’t you just hear them!

    *Legacy – I cried on the way to my grandmother’s funeral as I realized that because she chose to give her life to Jesus (it was at a Brush Arbor tent meeting – isn’t that fun!), it turned a generation of her people to pursue Him. Her choice even changed her husband, a godless, hard man. My grandfather saw her joy in the Lord and decided he wanted “some of that”. Well…he got it and as a child I often saw him get “happy in the Lord” during the welcome/handshaking time on Sunday mornings. He would get so happy about being around God’s people that he would take a moment and dance a joyful gig. (giggle)

    Beth, I was so glad to hear that you were finally getting to take a break. May the Lord God restore and refresh you during your time with Keith. Roll the windows down, sigh with the wind in your hair, and make it a personal goal each day to say something that will throw Keith into an incredible gut laugh that even brings tears to his eyes. And…may he do the same for you.

    • 12.1
      Sarah says:

      Thank you for your comments and insight. I too feel that sometime my life is in the dunno…dunno…dunno…part too. I feel that I’m not really working for and serving Him, then it seems He’ll speak a Word through a teacher, scripture or in my heart to reassure me. He’s such a great God! I hope you feel the peace of a direct calling on your life, it will come if you keep seeking Him.

      Also enjoyed your thoughts on Naomi. Especially the needing encouragement after being in Moab, I hadn’t thought of it like that. God bless!

  13. 13

    Real quick I promise-loved the video! You about to make me tear up there at the end, Siesta Mama! Also quick two cents on your travels with your man: If ya’ll happen to drive through East TN, there’s always the Great Smoky Mtns Natl Park, but there’s also some other less traveled places to see. TWRA has an elk preserve near LaFolette if you want to see elk (that’s for Keith:), and there’s a fantabulous BBQ place on the outskirts of Pigeon Forge called Tony Gore’s BBQ; and if ya’ll really get a wild hair, there’s an exotic animal viewing farm of sorts out in Newport, TN. Strange, but true:) Love ya in HIM! Have a super blessed vacation:)

  14. 14
    Kimberly says:

    Solo in Idaho….Kimberly at my kitchen table-IHAVE LOVED having company this summer, when at times i could have felt so alone, i have had many ‘sisters’ this summmer. i have looked forward to every Tues! and everyday to join Ruth and Naomi!
    1. At first, when i read this personal response all i could do was draw a huge smiley face underneath! how could i even begin to describe the unusual and illogical life that Jesus has called me and my family to?!?! and thinking about it more, i’d started with LEGACY from my parents passed down to me and then extended when i married and have 2 little girls. My parents always taught us to ask ourselves this question whenever we had a decision about an activity to be involved in, etc. “How will “this” effect Eternity?” it made me choose things wisely and use my time to glorify God starting as a teenager into my life as a stay at home mom.
    2. one thing that touched me most.
    “One of the most tragic ways for a Christian to spend her life: In the right place with all the right resources but without a willing heart…a heart unyielded to the Lord Jesus.” i couldn’t get this quote out of my heart since then.
    3. i had never thought about how it ends with Naomi, but it made it so much more meaningful! it helps to know that you CAN weep forward, trust that God is faithful! and He can change your mourning to dancing, and your weeping to laughter!
    4. i must say, from the beginning i was so hoping for Kelly to bring out who gave birth to Boaz!! God sees the willing and uses them!!! that means the world to me, He is our Redeemer! He redeems my life from the pit!
    Legacy, there was so much to take in about this…and still i can’t quite write it out, but i know i was impressed to pray even more so that i would leave a legacy of faith for my children! right now, my 3 yr old is playing dress up and dolls with her 16 month old little sister. as i watch them play, i can feel the hope in me rising as i think of how Jesus has so much in store for them! and it starts with me and my husband being faithful and being UNUSUAL in front of them…i so enjoyed having Ruth challenge me, see how Naomi came back ‘home’ empty and was won over by HESED from Ruth and her God….

    • 14.1
      Sarah says:

      I pray for the legacy of my 3 year old son as well. I want him to have such a powerful relationship with Jesus from the start! I don’t know if you’ve found any scripture to pray over them, but if you have would you mind sharing?

  15. 15
    Living4Him says:

    Janae – solo – Riverside,PA

    1. I have found that I have recently been challenged to seek out the less comfortable, the challenging, the unusual. Learning to hang on with the Lord directing.

    2. I simply prayed for the Lord to remind me that my life is about building a Godly character and not about building a good and comfortable life.

    3. I found it highly unusual yet refreshing that Naomi was again reintroduced to us….she, too, needed redeemed for she had lost not only a husband, but 2 sons.
    4. These last days were a powerful reminder to keep pressing on in the sometimes seeminly unimportant daily tasks that the Lord has called us to. Our children are watching and learning and I pray seeing Christ as an all consuming part of my life.

    Loved this study beyond words…made my summer.

  16. 16
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    Laura & Joan
    Portage, MI

    1. We weren’t sure if this is what was meant by the question, but Laura thought that being married and having children was her sacrificial life. That is not meant to be sarcastic or anything, for when you get married, you are sacrificing some of your wants/desires for your spouse, and the same with having children. I referred back to page 121 for this question because it asked a similar question. For me, it was the decision to homeschool our daughters and later to put them in public school. Both were “foreign” to my family and our church family.
    2. The fact that God cares about EVERY detail of my life. He is intimately acquainted with everything about my life as He was with Ruth & Naomi’s lives.
    3. Like Beth said in the video, the transformation of Naomi from the beginning of the book to the end. She wasn’t in the same place at the end as she was at the start. I also said that it started with Naomi & all that had been taken away. There were glimpses of God’s provision for her throughout the whole book & now, new life is given to her once again. God’s faithfulness is overwhelming.
    4. We both have been blessed with a legacy of faith around us all of our lives, and are coming to realize that now we are the ones who are to help younger ones on their faith journey. I liked talking about someone in my life who was godly and the impact they have had on me. The godly women who have influenced me make me want to follow hard after Jesus, to stay in God’s Word consistently, and for people to say,”There’s something different about her, Jesus’ light is shining in her life, & I want that, too!” Not so I can be puffed up or think how great I am, but so people will be drawn to Jesus, just like my mentors. Thank you, Marian & Beth!

    • 16.1
      God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

      P.S. Have a wonderful vacation with your man, Siesta Mama! Come on up to Michigan to Rykse’s Restaurant for some real mashed potatoes! Yes, we have air-conditioning.*grin* Joan

  17. 17
    Kathy says:

    1. Yes, however it is a personal journey that I would am not comfortable sharing on a blog. I have often wondered if this “scarifice” has been a form of safety or perhaps even a bad decision- I pray I will have the opportunity to “see” the legacy in my life time.

    2. The journey through loss- Oh, that trust thing….. again, I pray to be a “Naomi” in my family- I like that she had real feelings and that her God given best qualities won out

    3. I was very convicted by Kelly’s quote” Grace stuns our theories and carefully constructed notion of how things should go”- I believe God once told me ” I am too dangerous with any sort of method” and for me I would not have a clear cut way to figure out how he brought healing to my family, myself or anyone else except that it was through the power of Christ

    This was an excellent study- thanks and blessings to you and Kelly for bringing this opportunity to us this summer.

  18. 18

    Vermont solo

    1. I found this hard to answer because I wish my answer was more like that of Gloria Santos, the woman she described a page earlier or the paragraph before the question talking about doing the expected or doing the extraordinary…
    I think all I can think of now that I am doing that is unusual or illogical that God is calling me to do is hanging in there in my marriage.
    I don’t know if I feel it is the expected thing to do, but it is not necesarily the extraordinary. well maybe some days…;)

    2. What struck me I think the most was on page 128 when she talked that we all have a name…and to hear Jesus proudly state my name and say He is proud to redeem me…just really hard to take in and grasp hearing it like that.

    3.The first time I ever studied Ruth I was surprised to have Naomi be back so much in the story. But now after really have gotten into this book I think it is so beautiful to see Naomi in this light at the end of the story. It is such a beautiful picture of God’s grace and redemption as Kelly so beautifully describes on page 147 in the sidebar.

    4. Legacy…this whole lesson this week was so powerful. It had me in tears at how overwhelming the grace and redemption our God is. Reminded me (again)that He is always at work to work things out for good. My legacy is not dependant on me if I am trusting Him.
    And I just love the sidebar note on page 153 that says “our own stories too are part of a divine whole”…How amazing is that? Even if I don’t have a clue as to why or how or what…just keep trusting in Him. Maybe I will never know, it doesn’t matter as long as I know Him.

    Loved this study!
    Have a great vacation Beth! May great diner food find you along the way.

    Love to you and all the siestas,
    michelle in VT

    • 18.1
      Sarah says:

      “My legacy is not dependant on me if I am trusting Him.” WOW! Thank you for sharing . . . my biggest fear is that my son (3 years old) will not become a believer. I actually just made a comment on a another poster’s answers about praying for our children. Your words just completely answered my prayers and calmed my heart. Reminding me that I can’t have faith in my prayers (still need to pray though), but faith in God. Thank you.

  19. 19
    Debbie says:

    Thank You for bringing this Bible to us! We have meet in a small group of 4 each week from our church. Through this, we have seen our church so clearly. Not to mention the timing for my self of working on Family History and Chruch History this summer. We are more aware that God wants to do more with our little church and we can’t help but to feel like he is planting that desire in us. Please all my Siestas Pray for our little church in Alabama that we will grow and change to be what God wants us to be for Him!

  20. 20
    Dionna says:

    Your road trip sounds like such a blast. Our family has taken two 3 week road trips. One this summer and one two summers ago. We love it. I love to be on the road as well and to see the diverse country and people in the USA. Can’t wait to see your updates! Be safe. 🙂

  21. 21
    Shanelle says:

    Shanelle in Phoenix, AZ – going solo
    1. Can my life be easily explained? I know Beth said the resounding answer in her group was “Yes” and my first response would be that too. But I’ve been thinking that what I really want is for my life to easily be explained in as many words as would fit on a tombstone. I want others to say “She was faithful to God and she handled her life’s challenges with grace that could have only come from Him.”
    2. I love that I “have been called by God by name.” I want to point others to Christ and show them what He’s done and is doing for me. He has given me a life situation which has increased my opportunities to tell of what He’s done and to give Him honor and glory for continuously giving me strength to take the next step. Perhaps that is how I can make an impact – by encouraging others to have faith that God will not leave them and that He IS the god of miracles!
    3. The book of Ruth was really about Naomi. It started with her and ends with her. God did not abandon or have any retribution for Naomi’s expressing her feelings that God had a bitter woman. Instead He saved her in a big way! This wasn’t just about Ruth picking up scraps in a field- it was about how God has given us all a second chance at livin’ the dream…eternity with Him.
    4. Kelly said “We have no idea how our decisions affect our lives and those around us”(pg 61). The legacy we leave behind is not about the things we say, but the way we live. My grandma left a legacy that I want to follow. Her commitment to Christ and her faith in His love and comfort and knowing He would give her the strength she needed to make it through the day (she suffered with colon cancer for over 20 years), well–she lived that out, without a single complaint. Her life has given me the encouragement and confidence to lean on God. Just as I remember how much she relied on Him, I want others to think about how God has been with me all the way and will give them exactly what they need as well – they need only to believe.

  22. 22
    marisa says:

    WOW!! what a wonderful summer spending time in the word. In june I had no knowledge of the siestas this blog or of Beth or Kelly now I have so much catching up to do so many wonderful bible studies to use and share that I never knew existed. I read every blog and they each touch me in so many ways. I feel so blessed to be a part of it all.The one thing I will take with me because of this study is my deeper understanding of Gods grace being extended to me on such a personal(by name) basis. I feel so loved words cannot express . And so I also love all of you.Life is good.

  23. 23
    Ginger/Silver Sass says:

    Loved going thru this study and reading everyone’s comments! Terrific study!!

    Wetumpka, AL

  24. 24
    Noelle says:

    I found it wonderful and marvelous that God wrote His Story, through women who could have been seen as unworthy. We are now in a history where God is writing more of His legacy through us. No, we will not be part of bringing in the Savior of the World, but we may be part of bringing someone into the kingdom that will make a huge difference in history. He can use a prostitute, a “faker”, someone who is not walking with God right now…someone that the Christian world would look down upon…He can use US!
    We were also shown how Naomi was redeemed when she was dry and out of faith, and Ruth was redeemed through her faith. Both were redeemed. God sees the end from the beginning, He knows our gifts, He knows how He has prepared us for where we are right now…today. He has plans for us…plans to prosper us…plans to bless us…and yes, plans to use us!

  25. 25
    Eposi says:

    Houston, Tx (but hanging out in beautiful San Diego this week with my twin. This is “my other twin,” Rebekah :)).

    1. Co-workers, family, and friends have said this statement to me enough times to convince me that God has done a work in my life that cannot be easily explained. They would say, “I don’t know how you do…” such and such, or ask, “How in the world do you do…?” Of course the answer is, “Only Jesus” because without Him I AM NOTHING (1 Cor 15:10 & 13:2 [in the sense that God is love]), I HAVE NOTHING (Psalm 73:25, & 16:2) and I CAN DO NOTHING (John 15:5). I haven’t heard this as much in the last couple of years, but this year I sense that God is renewing my life again to one that demands explanation. And I am not only talking about the big things or decisions in life, but more so the every living with family, friends, work, and church. I am willing. My prayer is, “Lord, You know I am willing. Please help my reluctance or fear.”

    2. For me, this kind of went with the #1. Since returning FULLY to the Lord has been the theme of my walk with Him lately, what Kelly said in p.124 spoke to me most. She said, “I long to live the full, adventurous, and impacting life that God desires for me to live. I don’t want to miss out on this because I am afraid to entrust myself to Him.”

    3. My take on why Naomi took center stage at the end of the story is that despite her times of struggle with her faith, it seems like it was her faith (even though shaky and as tiny as a mustard seed) that God used to point Ruth to Himself in the first place. (I too, like Kelly, was pleasantly surprised [and encouraged] that it ended with her in the lime light). AMAZING GRACE!

    4. LEGACY. Kelly said this on p.157, “The central ingredient to a divine legacy is godliness: to know God, to walk in His ways, and to teach future generations about who He is.” I agree, and I will add that I believe that the mark of godliness is love- to love God and love people (Matt. 22:37-40). This is the legacy I want to leave: to be known as one who loved God and loved people. A song by Nicole Nordeman titled, “Legacy” sums it up so well for me. I often sing-pray this song, and did so a lot last week as I did that chapter on Legacy. Here is the chorus from the song:

    I want to leave a legacy,
    How will they remember me?
    Did I choose to love?
    Did I point to You enough?
    To make a mark on things
    I want to leave an offering
    A child of mercy and grace
    Who blessed Your name unapologetically
    Leave that kind of legacy

    By His grace I will believe God to work that out in me for His glory.

    I have so enjoyed doing this study with ALL you women. I am especially thankful that although I started out solo, the Lord gave me people to journey with along the way. He gave me names that I have thought of and prayed for (even though I have yet to meet one) as I went through this study: Rebekah, Kelli, Stephanie, Rene, and Hannah. My journey has been so much richer because of you. Thank you.

  26. 26
    Connie says:

    You just so rock….


  27. 27
    Crystal says:

    1. I read this as we were getting ready to go to Brooklyn with 23 high school students for a missions trip and wrote a prayer that God would give us courage to do the uncommon, extraordinary, sacrificing thing that He wanted from us during the week. My heart is willing to live such a life every day, but I get caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness and fail to usually do much more than survive.

    2. It was special to me to know that God was and always is working “behind the scenes” – even when we’re not aware of it. His plan is so complex and so perfect, and it was a blessing to think about that as we got ready to go serve Him for a week. There were so many unknowns, so to take comfort in the absolute perfection of His timing and plans was wonderful (I just loved really focusing on where Ruth started and how her life was more than a move to a new town & a marriage – it was redemption and grace for generations – and the heritage of Jesus!).

    3. I was not surprised that Naomi took center stage again – the story started with her & her journey, so it seemed natural to bring it to a close. LOVED the paragraphs about “the women” – especially since I think I’m becoming one of them!

    4. I think what Kelly wrote on pg. 156 was especially important to me: “…I thought about how blessed I would be if the one word someone used to describe me was godly.” It makes me tear up every time I think about it – what a beautiful legacy, to have your family & friends consider you godly, above all else. The last two days of this study were done while we were in Brooklyn, so it was incredible to consider that my legacy and story don’t end with my life – what I choose to do for God during my lifetime could impact my family for generations. I loved on page 159 where Kelly asked us to pray for “eyes to see the outsider.” I connected more with Ruth than ever, as I at times truly felt like a foreign woman in an unfamiliar city desperately wanting to be known by her love for others.

  28. 28
    Rachel says:

    Hi all,
    Solo in Columbus, Ohio…

    1. For me, pastoral (vocational) ministry has been a thing in the back of my head for quite some time now. It gives me mixed thoughts, thought, because I fear being one of “those people” who goes around telling people, “I’m called into The Ministry!” because it’s just the thing to do. (And plus, aren’t we all?) I’m more than willing to do it, I just want the Lord to confirm that it’s Him and set it up for me (you know, like we want Him to set up everything for us). I’m willing to follow in leading. I’d love to.

    2. Kelly described the journey of Ruth and asked us to thoughtfully consider what the Lord has brought us from, as He turned around Ruth’s life situation and placed her in a position of favor. For me, it was most resoundingly “from death to life”. One of my favorite pastors to listen to was talking the other week about how often we get confused about the true transforming work of the Cross. He basically said that God’s salvation made us alive after we were dead, not just made us good after we were bad. I think we forget that sometimes.

    3. This story, we forget, started with Naomi’s family. The tragedy in the beginning of the story hit her the hardest because presumably, she lost the most. The bulk of the story also takes place in her hometown. It’s also interesting to consider the impact that all these events have on her. A couple of years ago I read Larry Crabb’s book Shattered Dreams. He uses this very book to talk about how God can redeem the deepest of tragedies, but used Naomi’s story within the book to illustrate this. This is easy to overlook, that Naomi’s story in this narrative is also one of redemption.

    4. Here’s the deal here. I knew Ruth before this study as a woman submitted to God and blessed with a great husband and son, who also ended up being one of the only women to show up in the genealogy of Jesus Himself. However, I failed to consider until recently that none of that would have happened unless she had been left tragically widowed and childless (which, of course, was tantamount to worthlessness in ancient Eastern culture) earlier in her life. I’ve been thinking about this so much lately because of a recent terrible tragedy in my family, and sometimes all that can be held onto in such painful situations is the knowledge that God, our God, God VERY God, is the Master at buying back (redeeming) very broken things and turning mourning into joy. And in the end, legacy comes down to this: ALL. WE. HAVE. IS. JESUS.

    • 28.1
      Donna Benjamin says:

      Rachel–very well said! Thank you for the reminder that Christ truly did raise us into a new life, not just make us good. I would add that in the end ALL WE “NEED” IS JESUS, too…

      • Rachel says:

        Amen Donna. 🙂 I’ve gotten into the habit lately of thanking the Lord for this too, that in making us totally dependent on Him, He made it beautifully ironic that even though He’s all we have, when we have Him we have everything we could ever need and more. Hugs to you, sis!

  29. 29

    Louisville, KY – flying solo

    1. Of course not, my life cannot be easily explained. But looking back over the course of my 42 years, I can clearly see God’s hand as He has guided me, disciplined me, wooed me, and taught me. I would say that most of my decisions have been based on what’s expected of me and what is most comfortable for me. Now, I do feel like I am somewhat of a risk-taker, but even that can be selfish, if that makes sense. This season of my life is one I have not ventured in before and it is forcing me to sit still and trust God. He is not allowing me to control this one, or even try and manipulate the circumstances to my comfort! I am uncomfortable! I am having to trust that He is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do because I am who He says I am. So I pray that on the other side, my life is evidenced of a faith that shows God Word is alive and active in me.
    2. I felt for Ruth, wondering what the future would hold for her, knowing someone else was deciding that for her. And that’s kind of where I feel I am in my season. I’ve been asking God what does the future hold, what does it look like? Because the talks that are in motion and the decisions that will be made over the next few months will have a huge impact on that. Then I realized through this week’s lesson that Christ is willing to redeem me, secure me a name and a future…Hallelujah!
    3. It was a surprising turn of events, but life had been hard on Naomi, she had doubts too about her future. I feel God was allowing her to see that He was the God of Redemption and Restoration and He brought her life full circle…what a beautiful picture.
    4. Pg. 157 – I’m sure I’ve heard it before, but not until this week’s lesson did I put together that Rahab could have been Boaz’s mother, that made a huge light bulb come on for me. If this was the case, I feel it is without a doubt how he was able to look at Ruth, a foreigner, with different eyes than the unnamed “goel”. He knew how God has blessed his mother, a foreigner, because of her obedience and here was Ruth doing the same thing.
    Pg. 162 – Ruth’s trust and belief stemmed from a God she had heard about through her mother-in-law and she had the guts to risk everything for it. I am blessed to say I have a relationship with God and have experienced His grace and mercies and I have a hard time sometimes risking all to trust Him – Lord forgive me! May He rise up in me a faith that is willing to trust in Him – my Redeemer! May my faith someday be looked back on by my nieces and nephew and be a legacy of a God who is willing to redeem.

    Beth – thank you so much for this journey – it has been refreshing. Have fun on the road!

  30. 30
    Cheryl Hinerman says:

    Huntington, WV (solo)

    2 – What touched me the most about Session 5 is the realization of how God pursues us and desires to swiftly settle the matter of our redemption. He then goes far beyond redeeming us with His lavish love! Hallelujah, what a Savior!

    3. I think Naomi got significant billing here because God wants us to know how each of us are significant to Him. He didn’t leave her in her despair. Even when we’re saved, He keeps redeeming us. How precious is our God!

    4. Thinking of days 4 and 5, the legacy. How thrilling is the Word of God and more so how he includes His people in His plan. I’m so thankful for the legacy He used which led to the genealogy of Jesus (and me as an adopted heir). This, and Kelly’s description of her grandfather’s legacy, got me thinking about my own family. I’m just praying that from me and my children, none of your descendants will be lost from now to the end of time, but all make it into God’s kingdom through the blood of Jesus and have a profound impact for his Kingdom. To God alone be all glory and praise!

    Beth and LPM Staff – Thanks for inviting us into this community of Bible study. It’s been wonderful! I’m praying God’s safety, joy and new revelations as Beth and Keith are on the road. Blessings!

  31. 31
    Sharen says:

    This Bible study has been so wonderful in so many different ways. The story of Ruth has always been a favorite of mine (a faithful woman, a handsome man, they fall in love, etc.). But, the take away after this 6 weeks has been so much more than a good love story.

    To wrap up week 5, my closing prayer was a thank-you to God for how faithful He is even during those times when we doubt and stumble in our faith.

    It is wonderful that Naomi takes back center stage and I had never thought about it before but Kelly brought it out so beautifully. Naomi’s life and faith were a wreck and she had lost her identity. Yet, God redeemed her and gave her a new identity and a purpose.

    Concerning legacy, the thing that really struck me and left a lump in my throat is the realization of how many pieces of the chess board God moved around and what became of it. Not only that but all hope looked lost at the beginning of the book (leaving Moab)but at the end of the book look how many people became blessed by what these faithful people did.

  32. 32
    Valerie says:

    Solo from NJ.
    * I am not sure what God is calling me to do now. I am still recovering from cancer surgery, our relocating to South Carolina has been put on hold until I get the doctor’s OK and I am at a standstill–maybe that’s it!! Maybe I need to be still now and wait for the Lord’s direction.
    * What touched me the most in session 5 was on page 132 when Kelly says, “no matter how quiet, how humble, how thankless, God is making a name for you-one that will last an eternity”.
    * How wonderful that life came full circle for Naomi and now she had a grandchild to love. Life went from bitter to beautiful.
    * If I have a close relationship with God, follow Him and obey Him and live my life the way He wants me to then that will be my Legacy. To God be the glory!
    I am honored to have been able to share in this wonderful study with all of you.

  33. 33
    Yolanda says:

    1. Adoption; home schooling; women’s ministry. ALL are not easy and “norm” situations.

    2. Thankful that God looks past the “generational curse”/heritage of parents & grandparents.

    3. Women are the heart of the home, and how awesome of God to bring Naomi back full circle.

    4. Amazing at how Ruth as confident and secure in her role as a mother to share their child back with Naomi. ON page 161, that was a pivotal moment, what if Ruth had turned back and went to Moab? What caused Ruth to not do that, was it Naomi being the real deal with Ruth in Moab? Sharing her God with her daughter-in-law in a foreign country with lots and lots of foreign Gods.


    group of 3

  34. 34
    Marilyn says:






  35. 35
    Jessica Myers says:

    2. During this particular week I highlighted, circled, and underlined the part where she talks about how the more we get to know God, the more we trust and serve him. This has been my experience this summer. 
    3. I was a little surprised that Naomi took center stage. Like Kelley, I wanted some more info about Ruth and Boaz. I realize, however, that God brought Naomi back to center stage to show us how he is capable to turn any situation around and make those who are called bitter blessed. It was esp. good to know that God turned her situation around even when she didn’t have the best attitude. He’s relentless. 🙂
    4. When I was considering the theme of legacy, it made me think about what kind of legacy I will one day leave. Up until this point, I hadn’t really given it much thought. I’ve been a busy college student up until this point, and in the future I intend to be a busy wife and mother. It is my goal to leave a legacy of love and faithfulness behind even through the business of life.

    When I started this Bible study this summer, my season word was “fragile.” I must say that being consistently in the word has brought a time of refreshing .

  36. 36
    deborah says:

    Solo in Sawyer, KS

    1. I don’t feel called to anything unusual or illogical, but I feel like my life has many sacrificial opportunities as a wife, mother and friend. Too often my own selfishness gets in the way of my sacrificing for others.

    2.God knowing us by our name really stuck out to me. We all desire to be wanted for who we are. Too often I fail to realize that God is there doing just that!

    3.I wasn’t surprised to end with Naomi. Naomi is one of the main characters when the story begins. We see her transformation and the name of Elimilech being carried on.

    4. I was really struck by Tamar and Rahab and Ruth all being in the line of Jesus. I think God can give us an awesome legacy no matter what might be in our past when we are repentant and willing to follow Him! That in itself is the best legacy-to be known as a follower of Christ!

  37. 37

    Rachel ~ Fullerton, CA ~ solo

    1 ~ I truly desire to live a life of faith that shows the illogical can truly be blessed if it’s of God. My head sometimes gets in the way though.

    2 ~ The end of day 4 of session 5 was really encouraging as a mom of four kids, 6 years old and under. I know so many of us probably thought so. For me, doing one more load of poopy laundry can just about do a body in. And then I see something of this child’s character demonstrated that makes my quiet life worth it.

    3 ~ I was surprised. But looking at the Bible in a big picture and realizing how perfectly poetic Revelation is, I shouldn’t have been shocked. God is very tidy =) and those loose ends all get taken care of.

    4 ~ last summer, I was first touched by Legacy. Someone in my family line believed God. I don’t know who, but I have been blessed because of them despite some ugly extras. And now, I am really understanding my spiritual investments may not be seen right now (like I want them to sometimes) but could definitely impact my great-great-great grandchildren. What an awesome responsiblity and priviledge.

    So grateful for the Summer Siesta Bible study! I look forward to it every year!
    Have a great vacation!

  38. 38
    Annette says:

    This study has so blessed the small group which meets at my home. I think we’ve all wept doing our homework and we tear up as a group.

    Can you imagine the day when we are no longer bound by our finite minds and totally comprehend our Father’s love for us!

  39. 39
    Big Fat Mama says:

    Hey Beth!
    I think your summer Bible study was a great idea!!

    I have 4 children ages 6 and under, so honestly it can be difficult to find time to read my Bible. I started my own blog where I write devotionals daily (at night after my kids have gone to bed and it’s quite :), and it’s become my own devotional time, as I read through the Bible and search for scriptures.

    The other day I was praying and just thinking about how it can be overwhelming to go through the day and wanting to be with God, but not knowing where to find the time, and this thouht came to me: “take me with you.” It was a light bulb moment and now I talk to God throughout the day, as I’m playing with my kids, doing the laundry, driving my car…thank you Father for this moment, protect us Father in this moment, tell me what to do Father in this moment, I see you more clearly Father in this moment.

    I pray you have a blessed day Beth!
    Big Fat Mama

    • 39.1
      Lauren says:

      I know exactly what you mean about taking God with you. I have conversations with God in my head during meetings, class time, etc., etc. I never really thought about how to pray (even though I have had the Lord’s Prayer memorized since a young age) but when my little boy started school he was very afraid and I told him, “Talk to God just like you would if Mommy was there. He can hear you no matter what” I’ve taken my advice… prayer is definitely one area that I need to work on, but I am convinced that God loves my little “chats”, too!

  40. 40
    Laura says:

    Our 5 neighborhood ladies in Littleton, CO finished strong and so much closer as neighbors and friends having shared this Ruth journey together. Thanks to Living Proof and Kelly for providing the material and “groupness” for our summer together! It’s been rich beyond what I imagined 6 weeks ago.

    Our answers this week seemed to kind of flow naturally from conversation and questions from the studies. I hardly even had to prompt direct questions. These things were just the things on our hearts to share!

    We all pretty much feel in the same boat as far as living life in the extraordinary realm. Mostly for us, it is – and will continue to be through commited prayer for each other – about being willing to be willing to identify and then step out in those areas we are being challenged to live out of our comfort zones. For one, it’s becoming more comfortable opening up to others and for another it is continuing to be amazed at God’s provision financially for her family even as she continues to seek employment. And another reminded us that sometimes the extraordinary just naturally flows out of our giftedness, and while it doesn’t seem extraordinary to us at the time, it is received as an extraordinary gift.

    Two of our ladies had pretty cool insight to Naomi’s role in the conclusion of Ruth, and that is that her faith and her life had come full circle…and we needed to see that! Ruth’s story is amazing and beautiful, but we all needed to see Naomi’s conclusion as well!

    We weren’t able to get to the legacy part…time got in the way this week. But it certainly will be fuel for future conversations…at the bus stop, the next block party, standing in the yard after dinner watching the men mow the yards or wash the cars…!

    Happy end of summer to our fellow Siestas, and Happy Trails to Mama Beth and Her Man,

  41. 41
    Julie in Idaho says:

    Idaho – solo

    1) “If most of your decisions are simply based on what benefits you and your life…” this statement struck me hard. My personal response was in the form of a prayer: This is my life, Lord. Do something extraordinary, Lord. Please don’t let my life be a waste for your kingdom. Amen

    2) The statement “Let us not forget that it all began with a woman who left her home to live in the land of the God under whose wings she had come to take refuge” really spoke to my heart. It reminded me of relocating to a new town 10 years ago to marry my husband and leaving behind my family (whom I miss dearly) and taking a job that I am miserable in. My personal response was again in the form of a prayer: How many times have I chose safety, Lord, over personal sacrifice and love? Forgive me for being ordinary and for doing the expected. Help me to do the extraordinary for YOUR glory and in YOUR time. Amen

    3) When I first read this question, I thought Ruth. As I read it over and over, the next thought I had was the baby. I never really saw the reference to Naomi as her being center stage. I don’t want to miss the importance of Naomi and how the story came full circle to God blessing her however I can’t wrap my brain around where she is ever fully center stage of the story. No disrespect intended. I look forward to reading what the other Siestas have to say in response to this question.

    4) Page 118 spoke of how they wait and wait and wait. They don’t see it as something to rush or dread. I think God was speaking directly to me with these words. Page 157 spoke of childbearing not being the only way to leave a legacy. This encouraged me. Satan often attacks me on this issue making me feel insignificant for never having children. Page 162 jumped out at me when it said to pursue Christ and He will work all the other things out.

    One final thing (sorry for taking so much space, but I can’t let this one go by without sharing): The most powerful moment of this entire study came to me in the last two days. I was listening to the radio when Pastor Graham was speaking on the book of Ruth. Of course I was paying extra attention because we have been studying Ruth for the past 6 weeks. He related the shoe exchange in the redeeming process like this: as humans we are not able to redeem ourselves so we give our shoe to Jesus Christ who wants to redeem us, who puts the shoe on, and then walks “in our shoes”. I immediately thought of Christ’s life on earth in human form and how Christ redeemed us of our sins as only He can. Powerful! I’ve read the book of Ruth over the last 6 weeks but the imagery here was incredibly vivid in my mind when I listened to that.

    Thank you for this journey, for giving me a place to participate in the study of God’s word, and for being the loving, supportive, sisters-in-Christ that you all are. A special thank you to Mama Beth for hosting this study and encouraging us to stay in the Word. Love y’all!

    • 41.1
      Lauren says:

      I am using the King James Bible, so your wording may be different… but in verse 14, the women said that Naomi should bless the Lord because He had given HER a kinsman redeemer ( rather than Ruth)… and focused on the fact that Obed would restore HER youth. It goes on to say that Ruth immediately gave the child to Naomi to “nurse”… now we know this isn’t actually nursing the child, but Naomi would have a significant role in caring for Obed and nurturing him as he grew. Also, in verse 17, the women said that “a son was born to Naomi” (not Ruth).
      I think that God is showing us that he will make a complete transformation in our lives… no matter how bitter we are, we can be restored and nourished if we trust in Him.
      Hope this helps! I had never looked at it from the perspective Kelly presented it, but I loved the new view! God bless =)

  42. 42
    texatheart says:

    Topeka, KS Group of 12 from mid 20’s – on up there

    I’ve been out of town for a month and I can tell you it was a joy to be back home with my sisters to finish this Bible Study.

    1. We discussed how we, too many times settle for the expected thing, the much easier thing. We need to be bold enough to step out on the limb and really make a difference by being extraordinary. The scripture memory team kind of reminded me of this. I have never been one to memorize scripture, just figured if I needed it I could look it up. That experience has changed my life forever! It has given me a bold faith. We agreed that too many times we settle for way to little when God is waiting there with the grand prize, but we are too afraid or too busy to accept it.

    2. Like Ruth and Naomi, when the going gets tough sometimes we need to hang in through the dry times, the hard times and wait for the good times. God is faithful and will be there for us if we will trust Him. Sometimes it is easier to quit and do something else, because we may ruffle someone’s feathers and take some heat. I need my feather’s plucked every now and then, with love of course.

    3. Naomi takes center stage. We felt that Naomi was bold enough to return after a dreadful lost even angry at God. She no doubt was not easy to live with, yet she exhibits God’s redemption and presence in her life as we see her miraculously change from that crabby old woman who either needs a double dose of coffee or chocolate or maybe both, into a woman of great faith. She could have remained bitter for the rest of her life. God change us like you changed Naomi’s heart.

    4. We thought and discussed quite a bit how Boaz’s mom, Rahab had been a prostitute who God chose to use. She was changed from the inside out. Perhaps Boaz had been the kind of gentle and kind man because he had seen his mom live this way. God used an unpleasant situation to mold him into someone he could later use to redeem, someone special and important to God.
    God is definitely better than he has to be!

    Thanks Beth for leading us and loving us. We love you right back!

  43. 43
    Rachel says:

    Spokane, WA – 7 ladies today (11 in our study).

    Thank you SO SO much for keeping me in the word this summer Siesta Mama! Our group finished strong with a wonderful final meeting. To a person, we agreed that this study has impacted our lives in new and unique ways. I think our most resounding, and repeated statement is that God can use ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANY time, especially if they are seeking to please Him. What a wonderful study.

    And the Banoffi Pie was delicious. 🙂

  44. 44
    Lauren says:

    Is it really over? I have so enjoyed this study and being in the Word, reading over everyone’s posts… even though I don’t know what anyone but Mama Beth sounds like, I can picture you in my head on some of your comments.
    1. I think it depends. I try to do the extraordinary, but get tired too easily and give up. I am willing to serve, but am still struggling with my humanness. This study has opened my eyes as to the importance of being completely willing, not just in word but also in open mindedness.
    2. I loved it that he called us by name- it brought to mind a song we sing at church based on Isaiah 43. Thank God that He chose to redeem me personally, despite all of my faults.
    3. I did find it surprising, even though I have read the Book of Ruth several times. However, I never noticed it, because I was too caught up in the love story of Ruth and Boaz! To be honest, I had never really even thought about Naomi at all when reading this study. Her past, her struggles, her bitterness, her triumph… to me, these make the story. This has helped me so much see the importance of getting along with my mother-in-law, who is a little overbearing! She does not attend church; she had a bad experience when she got divorced from an abusive husband (my father-in-law) with a church actually asking her to leave and so I think she is bitter, not with God but with the institution… Seeing how Naomi responded to Obed made me see that when she is offering her opinions about my little boy, it is ok for me to accept her and love her because he, too, is her legacy and he may just be the one to draw her closer to God. My little boy has a heart for God and I can see her softening as he gets older.
    I believe it is fitting it centers back on Naomi. Kelly helped us see the transformation that occurred in Naomi’s life, especially after she and Ruth were redeemed. Our redeemer also causes a transformation in our lives.
    4. God is always faithful. Romans 4:21 “and being fully persuaded that what He had promised He was also able to perform” And as we have seen from the qualities of a kinsman redeemer, not just able, but willling! Looking at the genealogy (?spelling… I am bad) of Christ, it makes me not feel as bad about my imperfections. He used a harlot, an adulterer, and a liar to present the King of Kings to this world as an infant… what can He use me for? The key is to confess your sins, and believe on him… and He can do marvelous things in us! As David Crowder sings, he makes everything glorious, and I am HIs… so I have to be glorious! Thank YOu Jesus!
    Again, thanks so much for this site, this study, and all of you Siestas! I’ve enjoyed it so very much! =)

  45. 45
    KMSmom86 says:

    Our group met this morning for the final session of the study. There were 10 of us – usually we have 13-15. We had meaningful discussion and sharing. We talked about how God used the painful circumstances in Naomi’s life for her good, and that He was faithful to her just as He is to each of us.

    We have met in my home for the study. Several have commented that meeting here has led to more sharing and a relaxed atmosphere. We had our discussions in the living room, and afterward everyone crowded around the table in our den/kitchen area for snacks and fellowship. We tried a couple of the recipes in the study, and they were wonderful! We REALLY liked the ice cream/Oreo/fudge sauce dessert. This morning I served apple burritos and oyster cracker snacks – an odd combination, but they seemed to complement each other.

    We all had FUN studying Ruth and were sorry to see it end.

  46. 46
    celeste hill says:

    Celeste & “the women”
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Blessed and sad to see this come to a close. Oh so very glad to have been in this summer study.

    Life easily explained; The resounding response and facial expressions were hilarious. We have all experienced a moving out, and on during the course of this study. One lost a job, one who is self employed took a part time job, one worked in a solo environment and is now surrounded by numerous co-workers. So much change and pushing personal boundaries. We all reflected on His goodness, provision, and a gentle pushing of his daughters forward. And we all expressed hearts that so want to be willing, and not be stopped by fear.

    Center Stage; Seeing Naomi take center stage in the story was a suprise to some and anticipated by others. Some expected Naomi to be spun into the ending because the story started with her returning to Israel and the legacy that ensued would be wrapped up in her cultural heritage. Others were delighted to see her at the end restored and taken care of by the birth of Obed, her kinsman redeemer.

    Legacy; This part was and is profound. To be a small part of legacy as we live a life for our Jesus. He will work it out for us if we chose to be his daughters and hold fast to his living word. To know that He knows our names, engraved us into the palm of his hand the overwhelming love that washes over us when he whispers or shouts encouragement to us. And the times that he dries our tears and is the lifter of our heads. I pray that each one of us desires to live out the legacy He has planned for us.

    Thank you Mama Siesta for spurring us on and chosing Loss, Love and Legacy for our summer study. We so enjoyed loving Jesus through Kelly’s spunky style.

    PS I am so happy that you and Keith will be traveling together with your canine girls. Enjoy the road.

  47. 47
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Donna Benjamin
    Solo in my new hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL 🙂

    Questions 1 & 2: In order to get to the meat of these questions, I need rewind a couple of years to the spring of 2008. Shortly after my husband returned from Sather Air Base, Iraq, (aka Baghdad International Airport), where he had been the Deputy Commander, he exclaimed to me that he was ready to retire from the Air Force. Initially, I wasn’t sure if he was talking in his sleep, or had lost his mind, since this was the first time he’d uttered the “R” word in his entire career. His decision not only impacted us and our children, but also the largest operational squadron on the air force base where he was assigned, since he was also the commander of this squadron. But after several weeks of private conversations between the two of us, and God, he convinced me that his passion for flying was greater than his desire to remain on the track he was on. It was only a matter of time until the demands beyond flying would hinder his ability to continue to fly. So, with my blessing he traded in that green flight suit for civilian clothes, and began the process of resume writing and interviewing to become a civilian corporate/commercial pilot. Then we all know what happened to the economy, which had a direct impact on the ability of airlines to hire and train new pilots. Almost a year transpired, when one evening, my wonderful husband shared with me that he had been offered a “sweet deal” which afforded him the opportunity to once again fly “full time”. Funny thing, he would have a “contract” for 3 more years as an active duty Air Force pilot…in a very small town about 7 hours from where we were living at the time. This time I KNEW he had lost his mind! There was no way I would agree to live in a town with very limited resources for our girls, especially for our youngest daughter, who needed additional support at school, due to developmental delays. So for a good two months we went back and forth only looking at the one option of living in that sweet little town. He refused to accept this final offer from the Air Force if I didn’t support him 100%. Then, literally the day before the deadline, a cousin of mine suggested checking out Tuscaloosa, a town about an hour east of where this new job was located. Desperate to make this work, I began checking out the schools and other activities, and much to my delighted surprise, it was a good fit! Still not sure of this decision, thinking that perhaps a 7 hour weekend commute wouldn’t be so bad, I began to pray and ask the Lord for signs that this decision was in line with His will. Next thing you know, I literally began seeing “signs” for Alabama all over the place, especially on the backs of many car windows and bumpers! 🙂 In the midst of this, our oldest daughter applied to the University of Alabama and within a matter of weeks, had an early acceptance letter! The signs of affirmation that we were on track with where the Lord wanted us continued on a daily basis. Still there were times during this past year that I would try and convince myself that it’d be so much easier to stay put, since the girls were well connected in their schools, at our church, and other areas in the community, (I was also the chairperson of women’s ministries in our church). But then I would realize the strain this was putting on my husband and our girls as he would arrive home late on Fridays, then turn right around and leave on Sunday afternoons to go back to work. So I explained to folks in Panama City, that while I/we loved it there, I loved my husband more. Fast forward to today, we’ve been in Tuscaloosa now for 1 ½ weeks, and will move into our new home in exactly 9 days! YES LORD! Here I am– I AM WILLING!

    Question 3: It didn’t necessarily surprise me that Naomi took center stage. I think it was important to see that God had His almighty hand in all of their lives, and He didn’t forget Naomi–a nice reminder for us today, that even though there are times when we all feel “invisible” God is always ALWAYS watching over us all.

    Question 4: Days 4 and 5 WERE so very powerful, going back over the lineage of Christ and being reminded how choices made hundreds of years earlier all led up to Christ’s arrival and impacts us to this very day!

    For me personally, (re: my story in questions 1 & 2 here), as I read the intro into this final weeks study, I began to literally sob, as Kelly referenced the passing of her grandfather…she mentioned his love for the University of Alabama!…and ended with ROLL TIDE! I took this as another remarkable sign that I’m exactly where the Lord wants me, at this time in my life…in Tuscaloosa the home of the University of Alabama, where our oldest daughter will begin her freshman year in just a matter of days! ROLL TIDE ROLL…and thank you Beth for choosing this study. Happy Trails to you and Keith!

  48. 48
    Ruth Anne says:

    1. I feel like I am barely keeping up with doing the expected – I can’t even process the thought of doing anything else! Perhaps the answer is in not viewing doing the unexpected as taking on a monumental task that is tons more work but as looking for doing the unexpected and unusual in my day-to-day interactions with people.

    2. Knowing way too many people who think size 4 is fat and all women need to look like they’re 20 forever, I needed the reminder that the Bible never says Boaz was attracted to Ruth because she looked like a supermodel, but he was attracted to what he knew of her character. I feel like I will never find a man who wants me because there is always someone else who is prettier and thinner who he’ll want instead; I needed the reminder that no matter what I might hear from some people, not all men are that shallow. Not sure I’ve processed it completely yet, but I’m working on it!

    3. Naomi – I loved that we came back to Naomi because it showed that we are never too old to have our attitudes and our circumstances redeemed!

    4. The study on legacy reminded me so much of my grandma. Through difficult circumstances the last few years I have been reminded at times that her prayer follow me throughout my life – what a wonderful legacy to leave your grandchildren!

    • 48.1
      Ruth Anne says:

      Forgot to say that my banoffi pie was FABULOUS! That carmel from the Eagle milk is the best, and by the second day when the bananas had kind of mooshed into the carmel it was wonderful. I will definitely make this again!

    • 48.2
      Lauren says:

      I love what you said… barely keeping up with the expected- AMEN to that! I’ve been looking for ways that I can make every day “extra”- ordinary just by doing the small things!

  49. 49
    Bet says:

    our group met last night, and I am so glad to say that we all finished strong!

    The majority of our time was spent talking about legacy and the godly people in our lives.

    I also asked each women to give me one word to describe where they are now, compared to their one word at the beginning of the study.

    The words this time were healing, content, full, anticipating, and grateful.

    I also felt that God was leading me to talk to our group about spoken blessings, and for me to speak a blessing over each of my dear friends (which included my sister, and this was our first-ever Bible study together!). So, that’s what I did. God gave me the words to speak over each woman, that I hope and pray was personal to them. What an incredible privilege it was to speak blessings over them; I am so honored to have been able to do that!

    All in all, we had an incredible time of fellowship over these past weeks that I’ll not soon forget. I’m sorry to see it end, but we are hoping to get together next summer and do it again!

  50. 50
    Tara G. says:

    Kyiv, Ukraine (on vacation in the States for just 3 more days)

    2. I found the quote at the bottom of p. 123 in the margin stunning. I’ve been in places of disobedience and since it didn’t work out too well for me, my heart’s desire is to obey the Lord unconditionally. Of course, the reality of it is that I still have those struggles of willingness and the journey of fighting the battle between self and getting to the “being willing” point. It’s so exhausting mentally and I’m sure the Lord could ask me why I’m kicking against the goads?!

    3. The book began with Naomi’s story- her struggle with understanding God, her bitterness and insecurities. In a way, it seems like good literature to bring resolution to the conflift even though the sub-plot was so much more interesting (along with all those details that were left out!). We’ve spent a month in the States and were able to visit the church I grew up in- it’s always fun to be met by “the women” as they ooh and ahh over me and the chidlren!

    4.Kelly’s statement at the end of the first paragraph on p. 157, “the central ingredient to a divine legacy is godliness…” resonated with me. This study has reiterated several things the Lord has been speaking to me about. I had been in the process of changing my environment {daily schedule/activities} in order to obey and make sure my time with the Lord was protected- it brings me to tears to think that I might live in a way that would NOT make my children want what I have with God. That is not the legacy I wish to give them. I have been overwhelmed by the Lord’s ‘hesed’- life with 3 children in a foreign land is busy and sometimes I wonder if I’ve really heard him speak or if I’ve let my walk slide so I can’t hear- He’s been so tender to restate it through Kelly and confirm in my heart that I’m on the same page.

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