So Long, Insecurity…and a giveaway!

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Hi friends!
We have a fun giveaway for you today!   After watching Beth’s video below, leave your comment (one per person) to be a part of the random drawing. Comments will close Friday morning at 8:30AM CST, and 32 winners will be posted soon thereafter.  We hope you win!



817 Responses to “So Long, Insecurity…and a giveaway!”

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  1. 751
    Michelle Meszaros says:

    Beth – I would love a copy of this book to read and then share within my small group. Letting go of this stronghold is something we all struggle with. The devil likes to find those weaknesses and just wiggle his way into the situation and cause us to doubt our Great God’s strength and power within ourselves!

  2. 752
    Mona says:

    Beth-I was blessed to get to borrow this on disc so I could listen to it. I would love to pass this on to my daughter and future step daughter. It’s such a great word.

  3. 753
    Cecilia says:

    I’d love to win a copy to read then pass it around! Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. 754
    Nancy Minor says:

    I would love a copy! Prayers for my family going through very hard time!

  5. 755
    Ellen Winkler says:

    Everyone should read this book. It might be your “breaking free” as it was for a friend.

  6. 756
    Cathy Smouse says:

    You described me perfectly in your video. I did not realize how powerful this stronghold is in my life. I’m encouraged….maybe there’s hope. Please enter me into your drawing.

    Thank you!

  7. 757
    pterronez says:

    You are such a blessing, just hearing your excitement for what the Lord has brought you through and how you are able to relate to where we are in our journey. Our ladies at church have a bookclub and once a month we are going through a different book. This would be a great one for our group to study. They are all different ages..and stages of life! This would be a blessing for each of us. Would love to win a copy and share with someone!
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  8. 758
    Deborah Jensen says:

    God has greatly used the teaching He does through you to minister to and grow me over the years, Beth. After I read “So Long Insecurity”, I had to give a copy to every woman who is special in my life. I am now part of a very new church plant in Pennsylvania, and have become friends with and ministering to a woman who so desperately needs the message of “So Long Insecurity.” We just sat in the parking lot where she works last night talking for a long time, as I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to speak to her. Now I open your post this morning and yelled to my husband, “THAT’s what I have to give to [her]! She has to read this book.” So, win, lose or draw, I will be giving her this book as I continue to pray that she will allow God to work in her life. Please pray for her.

  9. 759
    Kari says:

    Wow. This is what I needed to hear right now. I am in the middle of a stronghold in my marriage that I have had to deal with for 25 years – and I’m sick of it. Seeking the Lord’s will in this, and he keeps bringing me back to where do I find my security – in my hurtful, unfulfilling marriage or in my relationship with HIM? I would be so blessed to win a hard copy of this book, Beth. You have spoken a lot of truth into my life over the last few years as I have worked through your Bible studies. Thank you.

  10. 760
    Janet says:

    Your ministry is a blessing to so many women. I’m grateful for all the molding God has done in you life and the gifts He has given you. I’ve not read this book and it would probably make for a good small group study.

  11. 761
    Candy Redel says:

    I would love, love, love to have your book!! I have always struggled with insecurity and have heard great things about your book! Ive done so many of your studies and have learned so much. Would love to add this!

  12. 762
    Phyllis says:

    God’s perfect timing…. He is so sweetly reminding me of the truth once again that I have allowed Insecurity to come sit at my table lately. Even after being a minister’s wife for over 40 years and leading women of all ages, I still find myself listening to voices of my past and feeling that I still can’t measure up. Time to read your book and listen to its truths. Thank you for sharing your journey and providing light for the path out of this crippling place!

  13. 763
    Jill Sullivan says:

    I could so use this book! I was just telling my husband how I’ve never been secure in my career. Despite excellent annual reviews and feedback, I always felt I was “less than.” As I embark on a new position for a large international ministry, I am trying really hard to be secure – to be confident that I have something valuable to offer. Goodbye Insecurity! It just plain needs to go away! No matter what, I’m getting this book (but I hope to be one of the 32).

  14. 764
    Janice Calfee says:

    Beth, thanks for the journeys you have led so many of us on for many years. Thanks even more for allowing God to lead you so that you could lead us.

  15. 765
    Anne says:

    Beth, thank you for your ministry! God continually speaks through you and I am grateful for your servant heart!

  16. 766
    Tasha says:

    I’m so on fire for Jesus right now and thankful to be a part of His plan! Thank you for your videos, books and show. I’m growing daily in God’s Word.

  17. 767
    Jeanne Cummins says:

    I’ve ever read this book but know I need to! I’d love a copy!!!

  18. 768
    Wimberley says:

    Time and time again I’ve diagnosed myself with insecurity as a terminal illness that keeps me from loving others well. Only Jesus is the cure! Our security rests in Him and Him alone, and helping others find His freedom, and being able to LIVE in it… is so refreshing!

    Thank you for sharing your journey and helping us ladies experience the freedom only found in Christ! YAY! 🙂

  19. 769
    Melody S. says:

    Good morning, Miss Beth. What a fun giveaway! Thank you!!!

  20. 770
    Marlayne Staley says:

    I would love to win this book.

  21. 771
    Beth says:

    I would love to change like you have – how kind of you to give away the books!

  22. 772
    Karen says:

    Beth, God has used your studies to impact my life in a powerful way. I am so thankful for you and your Bible studies. Many blessings to you!

  23. 773
    Marsha Householder says:

    Desperate Grandma. Thank You.

  24. 774
    Karen Newby says:

    So excited to see the paperback. If I get the book, I will ask my husband to read the paperback and I’ll read the hardback and we will work through it together. Men also deal with insecurity.

  25. 775
    Faith Ragsdale says:

    WOW girlfriend. God has blessed me, you can’t imagine how much, through your books and studies! Yet another book I am anxious to read. I thank Him for placing your excitement for the Word and Him right before me. I desire to be as excited over God and His Word as you are. What a mentor to women you are. Thank you Siesta Sista.

  26. 776
    Carisa H says:

    So excited to hear the book is now on paperback….May God bless you and your ministry!!

  27. 777
    Lisa Chadwick says:

    I so enjoy watching and listening to you Beth. Insecurity is something I still struggle with in some areas even though I’m older. I would love to break out of this stronghold once and for all. God bless you and your ministry.

  28. 778
    Annette says:

    Beth, you are my beacon of light. When I need a pick me up I turn to your devotionals or bible studies. I actually have So Long Insecurity in audio and hard copy. It has truly opened my eyes. My daughters suffer from anxiety and I know this book will help them. Thank you for being such a strong woman of God and sharing a little of yourself with all of us. God Bless!

  29. 779
    susan says:

    I have not read the book, but am at a stage in my life that I can wholeheartedly agree with what you said in the video. God saved me 3 years ago (at the age of 58) after 50 plus years of church membership. My salvation has taken most of my insecurities away, so I think I would just be having a revival reading this book. I thank God for your ministry.

  30. 780
    Nightingale Ngo says:

    Thanks for your ministry, and sharing your journey with us! Excited about this giveaway!

  31. 781
    Alice V. says:


    I have benefited greatly from your books and from your Bible studies. I have not read So Long Insecurity, but I know it would be beneficial to me and my 18 year old daughter.

    Thank you!

  32. 782
    Rachel says:

    I am excited for the opportunity to receive this book! I have struggled with insecurity for years!

  33. 783
    Alyson says:

    Oh how I would love to have this! I loaned my copy out to someone and I didn’t get it back! I know I would be blessed to read it again and again. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. 784
    Lucretia says:

    Thank you, Beth. You are always a joy to have in my home. I’m honored that you pray for me, and I will reciprocate with prayers for you.

  35. 785
    Becky Scott says:

    I have read an excerpt from this book, and would love to dive in to my insecurity issues with a copy of the book! So long insecurity!

  36. 786
    Dana Qualls says:

    I have struggled with insecurity all my life. About the time I think I have it licked, it jumps up from behind me and grabs me again. Sigh. Thanks for writing, Beth. You always seem to have a book that answers a question either I have or one of my sweet ladies in my group has.

  37. 787
    Lois says:

    What a great read for spring break coming up! I would love to be blessed further by your ministry, for which I am so grateful ;^)

  38. 788
    Joy says:

    Always inspiring and life changing — Beth, you have been a life changer for me. I would love to be blessed with your book!

  39. 789
    ginnyre94 says:

    I have always struggled with insecurity. I am grateful that there is a resource out there to help over come it.

  40. 790
    Christine says:

    Insecurity robbed me of a good job I had held for 8.5 years recently. A job I really liked. It may have been God’s plan based on the circumstances, but it has left me with very little confidence to go forward. BTW Beth, I am loving your TBN show. Since I cannot go to all your LPL’s, I LOVE that I can get the messages on the show! Thank you!

  41. 791
    Carol Mims says:

    Would love to have a copy of your book.

  42. 792
    Ann Martinez says:

    Do a woman going hough a divorce I have insecurities that I have not felt in a long time. This was a surprise to me and I am working with the pull me out and work on this aspect of my life. Would love to read the book. Thank you Beth for being so honest and sharing with women to encourage and lift them up. Appreciate you :)!!

  43. 793
    Marilyn Hunt the says:

    Beth thank you so much for being an inspiration to so many women and to myself. I am thankful that God has inspired you to raise up a woman who has so much love and compassion for women to share your God given talents in speaking and writing. I would LOVE to win this book!!! In my life I have gone through many insecurities. It’s a very sad and scary place to be!I know this would help me understand about insecurities

  44. 794
    Leslie Huff says:

    Thanks so much Mrs. Beth…love your written words, love your speaking, and love how you love to serve. Have a blessed day!

  45. 795
    Nikki says:

    I would love to read this book! Thanks for the opportunity

  46. 796
    Cindy Power says:

    This book has been such a blessing in my life Miss Beth. When our Small Group studied from this book several years ago our lives were changed forever. I have learned so much about insecurity…both my insecurities and learning to recognize and come alongside others with insecurities. This is my go-to book to give away and I have given several away over the years. Many blessings to you and yours!

  47. 797
    Virginia Rust says:

    I have given several of these away as gifts. I cannot part with mine with my notes in it though :).

  48. 798
    Syneva Mullins says:

    So happy to see this amazing book in paperback! God placed it in my life at a crucial time in my life when I felt like I was drowning and so hopeless. He used it as a lifeline to Him. I would love for my cousin to have this book!

  49. 799
    Diane says:

    I know GOD loves me. Would like to read this book and copy for my daughter.

  50. 800
    June Greenstreet says:

    LOVE love love this book and how it changed my life. I have purchased a couple to “give-away” (I love to give away too) because I can’t LOAN my original…there were places to write and I DID I WRITE as I worked through SO much junk!!! I was helping a young single mom friend just this week and told her about this book…and purposed to purchase it for her. So…one way or the other she will be the blessed recipient of this life-changing book. (BTW…I know ONE comment, but – I simipy LOVE the Teen magazine version…I have given away MANY of those. Just sayin’!)