Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!

Ok, Sisters, your replies to the previous post have inspired me to pen this one. As I read through your comments to our walk through the woods, I was stricken with a fresh sense of awe over the lovely grace of God to tie our lives together in Christ from so many different locations. We are a clickstream from a spider web in thousands of ways but this screen can also become a coloring book of connect-the-dots for people who love Jesus. Last night when I did Bibby’s Secret Closet with Annabeth and Jackson, I gave Annabeth one of those CraZArt Spiral Art sets. You know what I’m talking about:


Since I talked in the previous post about where I live, lots of your comments referenced your own surroundings. By the time I’d noted the locations of the first six, I practically had a lump in my throat. The gift I gave Annabeth last night popped right back into my mind. Your comments swirled the page like geographical Spiral Art, and of the sacred kind, bright and multicolored. Just take a look at a smattering of them and behold a glimpse of you. Each of these sentences are copied and pasted from comments to the last post that took us on a walk through the country.


I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are just waiting for Spring.


I’m here in the Mid Atlantic on the shores of the Delmarva Peninsula where the winter won’t loosen its grip and we still have snow on the ground when we should be about ready to cut grass for the first time this season.

Next time, let’s do a walk in New Zealand!!

I have been out enjoying our Spring weather too because before we know it we will be trapped indoors with the air conditioning
here in Az. (Arizona)

We are still waiting for it here in Ohio—it snowed yesterday!

My family has the privilege of owning a cabin in the NC mountains and it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.
(North Carolina)

Wave surges are shockingly high – my fair Island
will be swallowed up in the storm surges. So thank you for the glimpse of Hope in Spring.. -6 C wind chill feels like -29 just in case we thought we might like to put our face outside tonight… 
(I loved this one because I don’t have a clue where it is but it’s a “fair island” and COLD. Thank you, Iris! You took me there through your words without my even knowing where I’d gone!)

I love long walks in the country, but being from Illinois, I don’t quite have the same scenery you have (and might I say in a whining voice…I also don’t have your TexMex), especially those slithering things (except the black snakes).

l appreciated, being a California girl, all the references to various snakes, and remember the “rattlers” we used to see all the time…now living in Costa Rica, snakes have taken on a whole new meaning: we have some deadly AND aggressive snakes here, not shy, like the rattlers, but snakes that will actually “hunt you down.”

Living on the Portage River for nine years in MI, I experienced lovely spiritual moments: our giant blue heron flying low down the river, a white mother swan swimming down stream with a baby swan on her back, a shy deer family eating apples from under our apple tree. precious moments I’ll treasure now that we are living in the desert in AZ.
(She goes on to identify Fountain Hills, AZ)

Thanks for the refreshment…still feels like winter in PA…longest winter ever!

Your back woods look alot like mine up here in Central Saskatchewan – except for the fact that we’re still layered in a few feet of snow.

Loved taking this walk with you! I love your wild woods! They remind me of the woods around here in TN

AHHH where were those boots last night? We had a black snake on our porch and here in my neck of the woods in Uganda…


Come on, somebody! Give the Lord some praise! Is that gorgeous, or what??

So here’s what I want you to do if you feel like participating. Leave a comment telling us where you live and, if you don’t mind, add a description heavy on adjectives so we can picture ourselves there with you. I am looking so forward to this!

I’m so blessed to serve you, Sisters. The beauty of sisterhood in Christ is a work of divine art.  I kept thinking that last week at the Colour Conference in Sydney because my friend, Bobbie Houston, has been so phenomenally used by God to gather a sisterhood of servants around the world to aid the poor, the oppressed, and the abused. We are a part of the same sisterhood because we are also in Christ and called to do some good in this weary world.

What an honor to seek Him with you. Unity is not about lining up on 100 points of doctrine. It’s about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, and returning to take His Throne. If that’s what you believe, you’re blood to me. I think sometimes the stuff of unity is all the sweeter to Christ – not when we already see eye-to-eye on all our doctrine but – when we don’t. Sometimes just agreeing that Jesus Christ is Lord is bond enough. When we only agree to love people and walk with people just like us, that’s tantamount to making our goal to become more like ourselves. Ick. Somebody else can have that. I’m trying to figure out how to forget myself, not make a mirror out of every woman of God I see. I want people to sharpen me, to cheer me onward when I’m discouraged or harassed, to make me think, and to keep me growing. A mirror can only make me more like me.  Give this girl a seat by the window and let her capture the features of Christ gathered from the faces of many.

OK, rescue us all before I get sappier. Let’s hear about your locations!



854 Responses to “Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!”

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  1. 401
    Sue R says:

    Here in Magalia CA..in the pines with the snakes, bears and lots of deer and turkeys…and currently lots of rain…Lovin’ all that God brings this way.

  2. 402
    Valerie says:

    We live in Yucaipa, CA. When we lived in Lake Arrowhead for 9 years, I told my hubby that if I ever saw a rattler, I would be moving the next day. Thank you, Jesus, I never saw a one! Where we live now there are a lot ,but after 10 years, I have still never seen one! We did have a pretty good earthquake tonight though. Hubby is a firefighter and he is NEVER home for any emergency! It’s kinda funny. Been though this for too many years to not know Jesus is more than enough! Beth, missed you something awful when you were so busy, but not one day ever goes by without me thinking of you and praying for you and thanking God for you. Your heart and work has blessed me and made a difference in my life. Love you girlfriend!

  3. 403
    Pat McBain says:

    I am pleased to have survived another bitterly cold winter here in the sleepy town of Swampscott, Massachusetts. As I emerge from my queen-sized cocoon each morning, I wonder how the pilgrims could have survived in this area without things we take for granted today such as an abundance of food, sturdy homes to shelter us, and clothing to keep us warm. Better yet, why didn’t all of them leave? But then I walk through my front door and witness a series of small miracles – flower buds beginning to rear their vibrant heads through the soil, the soft sound of a train whistling in the distance, white-capped waves dancing all the way to the horizon. And the answer to my question becomes clear. I love the beautiful world that He has created, and because I have learned to endure the harshness of these winter months, I have come to appreciate the seasons ahead of me so much more…

  4. 404
    eileen says:

    Loved my walk with you, Beth! Today I walked on a dirt path along rocks and a sandy beach. Saw pelicans flying low over the beautiful Pacific blue. Was thanking God for the ability to enjoy this walk.

  5. 405
    Colleen van Nieuwkerk says:

    Living in Grande Prairie in northern Alberta, Canada. We have had a total of ten feet of snow this winter, and there is still quite a bit to melt away. I have been surprised in the past couple of days to see my tulips peeking out of my front flower bed, which faces south, right beside a snow drift that is still at least three feet high. Gave me happy thoughts of hope to know that spring IS coming… Thanks for sharing your walk, Beth. You are a courageous woman living in the midst of all those critters…God bless.

  6. 406
    Marki says:

    If you stopped by my house in Fairbanks, Alaska I imagine we’d sit on my porch around the fire, listening to the chicadees and my kiddos sledding in the yard as its been a beautiful 40 above and bright and sunny! Spring is in the air. Of course I’d make us a cup of coffee 🙂 Thanks for all you do Beth. God bless you!

  7. 407
    Bonnie says:

    Here in Port Orchard, Washington, nestled in the Giant Douglas fir forest on the edge of Puget Sound, we walk down mud-puddled paths amongst the trees. We find clumps of daffodils struggling to hold their yellow trumpets high, under the weight of bejeweled raindrops. (Lovely, but yes-we are celebrating the wettest March in history-and that’s saying something for Washington!

  8. 408
    Mindy Seekford says:

    Mindy Seekford, Shreveport, La

    Well I’m only three and a half hours from y’all, so my
    description won’t be all that exotic. Lol:) So humid of course, but I love
    the piney woods, full of critters(snakes, coons, possums, deer, and yikes! a bobcats)
    Lots of ponds too, full of bass. The summers are hot, but it’s nice
    to have mild winters. Love you miss Beth, I almost hopped in my car and drove to Houston for a visit since you were on vacation;)

  9. 409
    Joyce Bailey says:

    Grand Junction, Colorado: there’s a crispness in the air that makes you grab a sweater on your way out the door; then the sun warms your skin and you think maybe you’ll leave that sweater in the car. Sky so blue that the jet streams look even more white..is more white possible? Iris and daffodils straining to grow tall and blossom to show off God’s creative skills. The mountains to the east displaying snow and more snow…hopefully enough to make water abundant in our valley this summer. And the Colorado National Monument mountains to the west…oh, so red and majestic! The globe willows with their lime green leaves reminding us…ah, yes, spring is here. I am thankful anew for where God has “planted” me.

  10. 410
    Karlien says:

    Dear Beth!
    I live in Melkbosstrand, about 30km’s from Cape Town’s city centre. I am lying in my bed and incan hear the cold Atlantic ocean waves crashing onto our huge white powder beach. Over here the ocean’s aroma is wonderfully strong. We just had a lovely summer, but winter is coming early this year. Luckily for us, Cape Town has lovely winter days. I often go for a run on our beach with my praise and worship tunes in my ears and the praise and worship of creation infront of my eyes, because from the beach I see the powerful waves and the strong and sturdy Table Mountain in the distance. There I feel like Jesus is coming any second, and I can’t wait. I am attending the Colour Conference here next weekend and I am s excited to do so. May God bless you and may you be super aware of His great love for you! Much love and blessings!xxx

  11. 411
    Shanley says:

    Waking up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our Autumn has started, so the leaves are beginning to change. So far, its cloudy, but the sun will be out soon promising a gorgeous day. God is good, and His mercies are new every morning!

  12. 412
    Cathy K. says:

    I’m in Jerusalem, Israel. From my apartment balcony, I can watch the sun rise over the Jordan mountains and look out over the plain where the Children of Israel gathered before crossing the Jordon and taking Jericho…by faith, not force. It is a unique place to live…NOT a spiritual high, as might be expected, but a raging spiritual battle. Living here is not easy…but that is God’s plan. As Deuteronomy explains, “For the land, into which you are entering to possess it, is not like the land of Egypt from which you came, where you used to sow your seed and water it with your foot like a vegetable garden. But the land into which you are about to cross to possess it, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the Lord your God cares; the eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year.”

    Here, water (the literal and the spiritual)comes from heaven, not easily accessible streams and rivers. And oh, how that causes a person to look up and cry out!!! And when I do…I choose to believe, and then I see, that the eyes of the Lord are always on me, from beginning to end, and he cares.

    Praise You, LORD! Give me strength to stand firm, believe and possess the full spiritual inheritance that You apportioned to me before you laid in the foundations of this world or this city.

  13. 413

    I grew up in the dusty desert of southern California so moving to Denver, Colorado has been thrilling for me. I live in a condo with my husband and little boys at the top of 52 steps on the third story right close to the city itself. But the best thing about living in a city that loves outdoor recreation is the many miles of trail woven through the city and suburbs. A couple years ago I trained for a marathon on those paths, sometimes waking up in the cooler hours of the day in the summer, some snowy frozen days. I saw wild turkeys, coyotes, deer, the changes of the seasons, the green filling up the trees, the snow melt filling up the canal. We would walk these paths, theyre still pretty brown now, but one day you walk out and there it is…spring. Wild purple and yellow flowers along the path, the butterflies and bunnies flitting between bushes. The air, the temperature, the stopping moments seeing snow still on the mountain tops. I adore living here, I cant even begin to tell you my obsession with the sunrises, sunsets and my favorite, thunderstorms! Its past midnight right now and wish I could go walk right now!:)

  14. 414
    Susan says:

    I am writing from Munich; it is my new home since moving from Zurich, Switzerland 10 days ago. My husband works for an international company, and we came to Europe from the Chicago area. My roots are deeply embedded in Anchorage, Alaska.

    Munich is enjoying an early Spring and the sun is shining today. The Tulip Trees are in bloom and folks are drinking their coffee (and other beverages!) Outside as much as possible 🙂

    Thanks for this space,this ministry.

  15. 415
    Patty May says:

    Spring has sprung here in middle of the Kentucky Bluegrass. The grass is turning green, flowers and trees are budding. And all the beautiful horses are out in the fields. Love the Bluegrass of Kentucky I call home Every where you look you can see God’s handy work and glory.
    Blessings, country girl at heart
    Patty May
    Lexington, KY

  16. 416
    Angie Miller says:

    I’m in Macon. The one in Mississippi, not Georgia! From the backyard, you can see our cows with their heads down grazing in the getting-greener-every-day pasture. In the backyard, my 2 boys play with joy on the swing set next to our garden in need of tilling when the ground dries a little. I prefer the inside, but my family of guys has me out here every day!

  17. 417
    Nancy Massey says:

    I would love to take you on a walk with me in Jakarta, Indonesia. We would have to be careful to stay out of the way of the motor bikes that fill the streets. You would be amazed to see just what the Indonesians can fit on those small bikes. A family of four, brooms, mops and whatever else they may be selling. Their balance is amazing. We would probably choose to hop a ride on a small cart that looks like a bubble, brightly painted, on bicycle tires. We would pass by the beautiful fresh flower markets that are on the corner in my village of Kemang and buy some flowers to take home. We would also enjoy all the different tropical plants growing inspite of the polluted air. Truly makes you appreciate some green. My favorite part of our walk would be taking to our church. We go to an english speaking church and it thrills my soul every Sunday as I look around and watch and listen as people from all over the world gather to sing and worship. Such beautiful smiles and for a little while we will be reminded of the fact that we are all truly brothers and sisters in Christ no matter where in the world we happen to be. Since I am from your part of the woods Beth, it was so fun to go on that walk with you. I especially loved your bench on your porch because that is where we would enjoy such a good chat.

  18. 418
    Corinne says:

    Spring has arrived with lots of rainy days as well as sun-peeking-through-the-clouds days, here in Chehalis, Washington. We are blessed to live 90 minutes south of Seattle, 90 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, 90 minutes from the Pacific ocean beaches and 90 minutes from Mount Rainier. Our walk would definitely require a good pair of boots and a rain slicker. No snakes but the frogs are making themselves heard again and the slugs are on the move. Our lawn is now more moss than lawn and the sogginess can chill you through, so plan to bring along a strong cup of Starbucks (or just about any other coffee known to mankind)!

  19. 419
    Sara says:

    Hi, I live in central Serbia. The city I live in is beautiful and today the sun is shining so bright on this fresh, new and lovely morning. Looking out of my window I see the wonderful high mountains surrounding the city. Just at the tips are white as it’s even snowed at little on those mountain tops. I pray for the many people here who need Jesus in their hearts. Looking at this beautiful morning how can we not see the amazing creation God has made.Spring us here! Beth I read your books and blogs and love your openess to share how to live real for God. Your teaching inspires me. As a Pastors wife I blessed to have your spiritual input through books, blogs and teaching. Thank you and may God bless you.

  20. 420
    Kimberly Orr says:

    Zionsville, Indiana: small, but ever growing Norh-west suburb of indianapolis. In indiana,where it has been a very white-covered winter with lots of gray skies…but Spring is coming so we are eagerly awaiting a magnificient display of a plethora of colors to explode! A brick street runs through the center of our town:)

  21. 421
    Sheila says:

    It’s hot here in Bangkok, Thailand and it will only continue to get hotter as things build up to the rainy season which should arrive in about a month. And, then it will remain hot, but just with tropical rain storms added to it! However, last night there was a beautiful breeze, and we had a yard full of friends celebrating a three-year old’s birthday with lots of laughter and joy, in spite of the hot temps and the political climate which is also heating up. It’s definitely not the weather that keeps us here year after year, but rather the grace of God that we see continuing to transform our hearts and the hearts of others.

  22. 422
    Donna Timmons says:

    Enjoying a leisurely walk along Long Beach, CA and listen to the waves splash on the shore….so relaxing….come along and join me sweet sister…love to spend some time with you…♡♡♡

  23. 423
    Rachel P. says:

    Well, I am in Vienna, Virginia this place in new to me, not what I am used to(just moved). It is not as bad as I expect it feels more country than city. I have been fortunate to experience 1 day of spring, I have theory that my flip flops determine the weather so they go on my feet and spring here we come! We expect rain all day so it is a good day to read or unpack a house 🙂

  24. 424
    beth says:

    Greetings from Zenica, Bosnia-Hercegovina! Enjoying a gorgeous sunny morning here in the Balkans. The sky is blue and the apple trees are all blooming. Our lovely valley is showing signs of spring, as the mountains around our city are turning green. Even though the winter was so mild this year, we are welcoming warmer weather and Springtime! Springtime means that we can now get ICE CREAM and that is a reason to celebrate!

  25. 425
    Glenda says:

    Hello from Newcastle, an hour north of Sydney, Australia,,,,and west from my verandah is a lake with a back drop of mountains, and from the eastern verandah is the Pacific Ocean! We live in a magnificent part of the world but the summer heat is relentless aNd although there is an autumn tinge in tonights night air, the days are still Very hot. The sun has set now, and there is pretty silver grey cloudless sky mirroring a silver lake! Everything is still, the water looks like glass and the crickets sing loudly…and the heavens shall declare……all glory to Him…… And with a grateful heart and a Miriam spirit I want to sing and shake my tambourine!!!! Thanks Beth for that message at colour….it’s had a huge, and will have an ongoing impact on me!!!!!!!

  26. 426
    Glenda says:

    My email address was incorrect…..above

  27. 427
    Gwen says:

    We’re here in Stuttgart, Germany, where we have had the most unusually mild winter I’ve ever experienced in this beautiful country of year-round rolling green hills and black and white timber homes. So sorry to our Stateside sisters, who got just the opposite this winter!

    Spring is indeed here though, and my children love counting the daffodils popping up and blooming in the yard. Are you ready for this? The German word for daffodils translated into English is “Easter bells”! How’s that for a great harbinger to the coming Resurrection?

  28. 428
    Kathryn says:

    I am blessed to live along Florida’s east coast and enjoy soft breezes, warm weather, and sunny days. I grew up in upstate New York with harsh winters. God had a plan for my life and I am so grateful in included service in this beautiful part of the world He created.

  29. 429
    Joan sattizahn says:

    I live in beautiful northeast Pennsylvania, from my back porch where I love to sit and visit with God, I can see over hilly fields the breath taking beautiful Blue Mountain where the Appalacian Trail still exists. Spring is knocking on our door today!

  30. 430
    Michelle Turner says:

    There’s a saying where I live and Beth, you’ve probably heard it being where you’re from. “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it’ll change”. This is a very true statement living in Texas. I live in a very pretty part of Texas, it sometimes reminds me of places I’ve seen in Colorado, where I grew up. If you ever make it over to Austin, keep driving until you pass Hwy 35 and hit the far west side, it’s gorgeous! My family and I moved here 7 years ago and we were living in a community on the east side of Austin. At that time my son was 17 and itching to explore and drive. Well, he came home one day saying, “Mom, you’ve got to see west Austin! Boy was he right! There you will see luscious, green hills, with beautiful full trees. Curvy, winding roads that go up and down. You can even see deer in the neighborhoods in some parts of Austin, (I sure wasn’t excepting that one). There have been some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I have ever been blessed to see while living here. God even put some rock cliffs and a Mountain called “Mt. Bonnelle”, (sorry, I may have misspelled that) that overlooks the Colorado river on one side and the Austin skyline on the other. This spot is breath taking in the fall, so colorful! When you add all of this to our ever changing weather, you can feel as if you are traveling the world living here in Austin. It’s a neat place and I’ve really grown to like it a lot!

  31. 431
    Livia Wallbridge says:

    Dear Beth, I just caught your blog email. It is Saturday morning here in the far northeasterly tip of the British Isles. Here in Scotland I live in a small village called Watten with a lovely peaceful loch (that’s lake to you). A ten minute drive from home castle ruins dot the cliff-lined coastline overlooking the North Sea. Though the skies are often gray, as it is today, we can rely on the fresh cold winds to break them up allowing the sun’s rays to play peek-a-boo and dance across the surface of the hills and water. There’s the hope of spring in the blooming daffodils and lambing season even though the biting cold still lingers. Coming from Southern California I’ve come to appreciate this diverse landscape and climate with wonder in my eyes. Thank you for the walk in the woods. It brought such peace to my day. Much love x

  32. 432
    Christine Thompson says:

    Seminole Florida, has beautiful content mild 70’s with refreshing rain sprinkled throughout the week. Cooler in the morning for a quick run and walk, warm enough to sit outside in the pj’s in he am and cookout with friends in the evenings . And don’t forget the great walk evening with the dog and kids on the golf course. And that only less than two miles from the beach.

  33. 433
    Sue Muoio says:

    From NY to MI and now near Cleveland, OH…finding one thing in common around these Great Lakes that is a lot like our earthly journey ~ change 🙂 57 degrees yesterday and saw some beautiful purple crocuses that were brave enough to stick their little heads up out of the earth ~ like a warm hug from the Creator Himself! And today you ask? A winter advisory (again). I better go warn my little purple buddies, don’t ya think?! I’m reminded of something I read by a favorite of mine (John Piper)…as he looked out the window at the sunrise and said to his wife ‘Look honey, He did it again.’ We know our faithful God will bring our beautiful spring again 😉 Love you Beth…thanks for all the blessings (but next time you could skip the snake part)…just sayin… 😉

  34. 434
    Denise Cothran says:

    Hello Sisters, I am here in upstate South Carolina, and we’re still waiting for Spring to lift her lovely head and smile down on us. Yesterday it was a cold dreary day with rain. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and seethe sun to shine down on us and warm our faces with its radiance. Beth, I would love to take a long walk through the woods with you and just talk about the goodness of our God. I stand in awe of His goodness and mercy on my life.

  35. 435
    Bethann aka Bubba. Marchionna says:

    My backyard in Rochester Hills, Michigan looks like the movie Frozen! I love our JESUS and I stinking love The color PINK!

  36. 436
    Mandy Parker says:

    Sitting on my back deck I notice the weeping willows are beginning to bud as are the oaks. Just past the first tree line I can see the sheep, goats and llamas wandering around looking for breakfast. Yes, I have llamas in my backyard… and I live in Metro Atlanta!

  37. 437
    Danette says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to take a sister’s trip to all these different locations? We all pile into the car and discover all these new places!
    What an adventure!
    When we arrive at my house you’ll be a stones throw away from three states. I live in Angola, Indiana.
    Right in the northeast corner of the state. I can practically see Michigan and Ohio at the same time!
    I have a large front porch with big white rockers and a swing that looks out over a beautiful meadow my Lord created for me! We can enjoy a lovely afternoon together before we start off again on our travels!
    You’re all invited to my house in Indiana!

  38. 438
    Joy Cravens says:

    Beth….I live right up the highway from you….about 3-4 hours in Whitehouse, TX (outside of Tyler, TX). So we are finally enjoying spring weather too. Big storm last night. I didn’t lose power like others,,,for which I’m thankful. It’s been a long winter for this east TX girl. Don’t do well in the cold. But thankful for a nice warm home and the promise of Spring. Today should be beautiful. I’ll be at work on a Saturday since I work for an accounting firm and it is tax season…but I will enjoy the sunshine later in the day. I didn’t mention it last time, but I didn’t like the snake pictures in your post!!!! Ha I skipped thru the pictures quickly, but loved the rest. I have “new to me” patio furniture this year, so as soon as April 15 is over, I will sit out there on Saturday mornings for my Bible study and drink my hot tea. Can’t wait. God is good….even in the stormy nights. Thx for all you do. (And your staff. They must be amazing.)

  39. 439
    Rhonda says:

    I love my log cabin in the Upstate of SC. We built it in the middle of my family’s “Hundred Acre Woods”, Winter is my favorite time here because the view through the woods is so open and clear. The well-travelled paths through the woods are enjoyed by me and my two dogs and oft times by my sisters, kids, and their dogs will join us. Last weekend we had an impromptu and unofficial walk through them to raise money for ALS — six people, six dogs! A wonderful time in the beautiful Spring weather! You never know what creatures will show up in my woods. Deer, turkey, fox, coyotes, many species of birds, possum, bats, rabbits AND snakes are not uncommon here. I love to travel and see God’s beautiful creation, but nothing is better than my little slice of heaven right here at home!

  40. 440

    Georgetown, Texas…thankful to be surrounded by bluebonnets & cedars, serenaded by mockingbirds and cardinals, hoping to avoid scorpions and the occasional snake…holding on to spring and asking our God for more rain!

  41. 441
    Kristin says:

    I feel for you all trapped in the snow, I am from Wisconsin and remember as a child digging for that glimpse that the grass was still there under the snow.
    We are in Tennessee now, no snow and the Bradford pears are blooming with their beautiful white buds as well as the pink flowers of the dogwoods and I am reminded of God’s promises and His attention to detail. Those trees will bud out soon and turn to all green leaves, but God chose to show those beautiful blooms first to remind us that He is still here and He still brings us spring sooner or later. I used to miss this first bloom beauty, but there is so much meaning behind God’s creation. He doesn’t want us to miss it!

  42. 442
    Gwyn Sartin says:

    We recently moved to Hot Springs AR and have experienced our first winter. While it has been extremely cold, it has been extremely beautiful with the snow capped mountains in the background surrounded by beautiful woods and “hot springs”. Spring time has been gorgeous so far, with the Bradford pear trees blooming along with the plum trees. Just breath-taking but we’re excited about the beauty of our neighbors. All ages, young couple next door with two small boys, widow across the street and many others which we can’t wait to meet while taking our “stroll” in the woods. Thank you LORD!

  43. 443
    Dawn says:

    Good Morning the small farm town of Dorr Mi! We have about 5,000 peeps in our town and I think that includes livestock ;). I am getting ready to have 12 of the most precious young ladies come in a few for a meeting at work, they are of high school and college age and keep me young at heart. We are going to be blessed by God giving us a warmer, sunnier day then the past few. Actual spring weather I believe is going to be teasing us today. I am excited to start running outside in our small town, past all the cows in the field that look at you and I am sure think “what is she doing around here again” 😉 So bring on the day and let us do what He has planned for us and all the people He is going to put in our path today. Thank you Beth and crew for all that you do! Love Love Love the training and the equipping that you give us to serve our wonderful Father in Heaven. Enjoy where ever you are at and have a blessed day!!

  44. 444
    Nancy from Atlanta says:

    Hi Ya’ll from Atlanta, where the Lord and all his creation is showing off. The red bud and cherry trees are in full bloom and so are the daffodils and tulips. What a beautiful color scene. Outside my window is a view I love or from our screened in porch. The woods behind me are so beautiful even if the trees are just starting to bloom. I am keeping careful watch for the deer that often come close. This morning the birds of the forest are singing His praises like a choir and I am loving it. The rain is gentle on my roof this morning and I don’t even mind that, it sounds so beautiful. Sorry to say dear Beth I am not brave like you to walk where you do. I think I would need metal boots up to my hips! I prefer the comfy lounge chair in my porch looking at the woods from afar but I loved going with you on your walk. I was much safer 🙂 Have a blessed day everyone!

  45. 445
    Sandy says:

    Up here in Rochester, Minnesota, there are hints of spring. We actually had rain a couple of days ago, which turned into beautiful, huge, mesmerizing snowflakes around nightfall. As much as I’m tired of winter, sometimes it’s breathtaking! I am learning to enjoy the moments. If I don’t, I look around at once-lovely snow which is gray and ugly all around. A few more birds have made their appearance, but I have yet to spot a robin! Looking forward to warmer weather tomorrow (around 60 degrees!!) before more rain and snow arrive next week. Midwest living. . .gotta love it!

  46. 446
    Connie says:

    Colorful Colorado here! We can be 30 degrees one day and 70 the next. We have had trees budding for over a month and although we have had plenty of moisture this winter we are not greening up as fast, as I would like. It is supposed to be 63 degrees here today and 73 tomorrow but we still have snow capped mountains. Praying for a slow melt this spring to avoid further damage to the areas flooded out last fall. Hate snakes and where I live in Longmont, CO we mostly deal gardner snakes (thank goodness!).
    I love seeing spring arrive because Easter is right around the corner and I love celebrating the promise it holds!
    Happy spring!

  47. 447
    Jenny Nel says:

    Hello beautiful Beth! I am so grateful to have met you at the Colour conference in Sydney. I’m the lady who met you at the elevator after the Network tea. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person after journeying so many years with you in your studies and books. You are as beautiful in person as you are over the DVD teaching series and on the pages of your books!!! I am sending greetings from a very warm and humid Brisbane, Australia! It is evening now and I can hear the geckos making their funny calling noises outside our bedroom window. I love how Bobbie has knitted so many hearts together and I am sure you will find you have done the same with the many lives you touch through your teaching. Thank you for the wisdom and teaching you have deposited into my life!!! Jen xxxx

  48. 448
    D'Anne McMillen says:

    I live in beautiful northeast Georgia. The trees and flowers are blooming despite the fact that winter wants to linger. Just driving down my street is an explosion of colors! Gorgeous barely pink cherry trees. Fluffy white Bradford Pear trees. Shocks of flaming yellow forsythia. Bright royal purple phlox. The dogwoods are beginning to peek out too. I love spring here!

  49. 449
    Mona says:

    My favorite fishing hole has beautiful cypress tress draping the lake with Spanish moss. We do have to watch for those pesky water moccasins walking to the dock. You might also keep your eyes open for an alligator and very likely a crane or two. The sound of the water with birds calling back and forth and bees humming by your face. Peaceful and calm here in Bossier City, La.

  50. 450
    Tiffany says:

    My town is Summerville, SC (right outside of Charleston). Spring is approaching slowly but the evidence of it is everywhere! I sit most evenings on a stadium seat with the fresh air blowing around me watching my boys play ball. The crack of the bat, sounds of cleats rounding bases, the umpire making calls, and the sound of fans cheering and boys chattering surrounds me. The smell of fresh cut grass and concession popcorn fills the air. The sights around me include the glorious sunsets that turn the warmer days into cold nights. Slowly you see jackets and gloves appear and blankets wrap fans who are faithful until the end. Oh how I love this season of my life! Summerville is beautiful in the spring!

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