Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!

Ok, Sisters, your replies to the previous post have inspired me to pen this one. As I read through your comments to our walk through the woods, I was stricken with a fresh sense of awe over the lovely grace of God to tie our lives together in Christ from so many different locations. We are a clickstream from a spider web in thousands of ways but this screen can also become a coloring book of connect-the-dots for people who love Jesus. Last night when I did Bibby’s Secret Closet with Annabeth and Jackson, I gave Annabeth one of those CraZArt Spiral Art sets. You know what I’m talking about:


Since I talked in the previous post about where I live, lots of your comments referenced your own surroundings. By the time I’d noted the locations of the first six, I practically had a lump in my throat. The gift I gave Annabeth last night popped right back into my mind. Your comments swirled the page like geographical Spiral Art, and of the sacred kind, bright and multicolored. Just take a look at a smattering of them and behold a glimpse of you. Each of these sentences are copied and pasted from comments to the last post that took us on a walk through the country.


I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are just waiting for Spring.


I’m here in the Mid Atlantic on the shores of the Delmarva Peninsula where the winter won’t loosen its grip and we still have snow on the ground when we should be about ready to cut grass for the first time this season.

Next time, let’s do a walk in New Zealand!!

I have been out enjoying our Spring weather too because before we know it we will be trapped indoors with the air conditioning
here in Az. (Arizona)

We are still waiting for it here in Ohio—it snowed yesterday!

My family has the privilege of owning a cabin in the NC mountains and it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.
(North Carolina)

Wave surges are shockingly high – my fair Island
will be swallowed up in the storm surges. So thank you for the glimpse of Hope in Spring.. -6 C wind chill feels like -29 just in case we thought we might like to put our face outside tonight… 
(I loved this one because I don’t have a clue where it is but it’s a “fair island” and COLD. Thank you, Iris! You took me there through your words without my even knowing where I’d gone!)

I love long walks in the country, but being from Illinois, I don’t quite have the same scenery you have (and might I say in a whining voice…I also don’t have your TexMex), especially those slithering things (except the black snakes).

l appreciated, being a California girl, all the references to various snakes, and remember the “rattlers” we used to see all the time…now living in Costa Rica, snakes have taken on a whole new meaning: we have some deadly AND aggressive snakes here, not shy, like the rattlers, but snakes that will actually “hunt you down.”

Living on the Portage River for nine years in MI, I experienced lovely spiritual moments: our giant blue heron flying low down the river, a white mother swan swimming down stream with a baby swan on her back, a shy deer family eating apples from under our apple tree. precious moments I’ll treasure now that we are living in the desert in AZ.
(She goes on to identify Fountain Hills, AZ)

Thanks for the refreshment…still feels like winter in PA…longest winter ever!

Your back woods look alot like mine up here in Central Saskatchewan – except for the fact that we’re still layered in a few feet of snow.

Loved taking this walk with you! I love your wild woods! They remind me of the woods around here in TN

AHHH where were those boots last night? We had a black snake on our porch and here in my neck of the woods in Uganda…


Come on, somebody! Give the Lord some praise! Is that gorgeous, or what??

So here’s what I want you to do if you feel like participating. Leave a comment telling us where you live and, if you don’t mind, add a description heavy on adjectives so we can picture ourselves there with you. I am looking so forward to this!

I’m so blessed to serve you, Sisters. The beauty of sisterhood in Christ is a work of divine art.  I kept thinking that last week at the Colour Conference in Sydney because my friend, Bobbie Houston, has been so phenomenally used by God to gather a sisterhood of servants around the world to aid the poor, the oppressed, and the abused. We are a part of the same sisterhood because we are also in Christ and called to do some good in this weary world.

What an honor to seek Him with you. Unity is not about lining up on 100 points of doctrine. It’s about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, and returning to take His Throne. If that’s what you believe, you’re blood to me. I think sometimes the stuff of unity is all the sweeter to Christ – not when we already see eye-to-eye on all our doctrine but – when we don’t. Sometimes just agreeing that Jesus Christ is Lord is bond enough. When we only agree to love people and walk with people just like us, that’s tantamount to making our goal to become more like ourselves. Ick. Somebody else can have that. I’m trying to figure out how to forget myself, not make a mirror out of every woman of God I see. I want people to sharpen me, to cheer me onward when I’m discouraged or harassed, to make me think, and to keep me growing. A mirror can only make me more like me.  Give this girl a seat by the window and let her capture the features of Christ gathered from the faces of many.

OK, rescue us all before I get sappier. Let’s hear about your locations!



854 Responses to “Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!”

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  1. 101
    GJ says:

    This Georgia girl is in the middle of the state, the “Magnolia Midlands” (read in your best Southern drawl). We live on 80 acres out in what we fondly call “the piney woods.” Although I do actually have 2 magnolias that I admire from my front porch where there is a swing or 3 rockers – take your pick.

    If you look out my back door you can see black angus and hereford cows grazing, and 7 or 8 sheep running through the pasture too. There’s also a nice pond out back that is full of bass, catfish and bream. We have lots of tall Georgia pines – the wind sounds so sweet blowing through those pines. Of course there’s lots of oaks too, and even some swampy lowlands where you can see great blue herons looking for supper. We have so many bluebirds – lots and lots of Eastern bluebirds and lots of blueberries in our garden too. And about 70 pecan trees. Do you say pee-can or pah-kan? 🙂

    I sure love you friend! Remember last summer when we did our “iPhone tour” of each other’s gardens? I hope your daylilies fare well this spring, mine are coming up!

    I love you my sister sojourner…

    • 101.1
      Lindsee says:

      And one day I WILL come visit you, GJ! You’re the best. Hugs your way!

      • GJ says:

        I hope you do sweet Lindsee Lou! I have a lovely guest room. And I can attempt to return the hospitality you extended to us “Georgia girls” at the very first SSMTC! Sweet memories abound…and that cupcake place stands out!

        • Lindsee says:

          I still think of that time so very often, but more so when you told our waiter at Pappasito’s why y’all were in town…because we loved Jesus. His love flows out of you, Sister!

  2. 102
    Jennifer Winner says:

    I am signing in from Madison,OH which is on the edge of still frozen Lake Erie. We are begging spring to come. Today is a little warmer but gusty and rainy…my daffodils are stubbornly poking through the ground! Your post reminded me of one of my favorite bands Over the Rhine and their song Meet me at the edge of the World. That is my wish for all of us siestas! Walk me to the edge of the world.

  3. 103
    Patti Reavis says:

    I live in Clemmons, NC. It’s about 15 minutes from Winston-Salem, NC. We are considered the Piedmont which the area in the middle of NC, between the mountains and the sea. Our home is surrounded by Bradford pear trees which are now blooming white flowers. The pollen is bad, but the places from which it comes creates a most colorful setting. Behind our house is a creek that creates a haven for birds, deer, fox and lots of other wild life. It rises and falls with the rains, but never freezes. Yes, we also have snakes! ugh…we have a black snake that hangs around from year to year. My husband calls him “Blackie”. I think there are other varieties, but we don’t see them much.
    I love you, Beth!! Facilitating Daniel again.
    Patti, Clemmons

  4. 104
    Jill says:

    I’m Jill from the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado! You can’t drive through the canyons and not give glory in the work of The Lord.

  5. 105
    Reneé Kelley says:

    Reneé Kelley

    From Houston, Tx

    I don’t know that my area is very scenic, but I will do my best! Since it’s Houston, it’s full of houses, buildings, & busy streets! We are back in a little neighborhood. However, when we take walks, we walk down to the end of our street as go north up the street to a little bridge. We go over the bridge and keep going till the street dead ends and then wind around another street that’s in the neighborhood next to ours. We come to an end at a local school playground that is close by here in our neighborhood. My girls play and I sit on the park benches and enjoy! And walk back home when we are through. There are a lot of pine trees along the way and we love to take our miniture dachshund with us on a leash. He loves it! It’s a nice little area very near HCH/BCF-SB.

  6. 106
    Joy says:

    Joy from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada! We’ve had an abundance of winter this year and the anticipation of spring is heightening my excitement to see some “green”. I live in the city, about a 5 min drive to both my sisters homes as well as 5 min away from my precious 88 year old mom and my church. I’m all about family here. Even though I’m located more “north”, the breeze from Lake Ontario can still find it’s way to tousle a great hair day! Currently raining, so my view includes a fireplace, a hot drink, and a Bible Study! Mmm…that sounds like it needs a little chocolate too…I think I will…

  7. 107
    Kathy says:

    Spring today in Oklahoma City. Earlier this week it was in the 40’s. . . now it is 80 degrees. Will Rogers was right-if you don’t like the Oklahoma weather, wait a few minutes.

  8. 108
    Tara says:

    Here in Springfield, MO we went from snow last week to tornado watches this week. We are approaching that time of year when we in Tornado Alley become amateur meteorologists and full time prayer warriors. But, ah the sunshine feels wonderful.

  9. 109
    Jen Wellman says:

    We are in the height of dry season and the hottest part of the year here in Managua, Nicaragua. But we still enjoy the lushness of the palm trees and gorgeous tropical flowers. We can also take an hour drive down bumpy, dusty roads to enjoy a day at one of the beautiful, serene beaches of the Pacific Ocean where we can cool off in the refreshing water and enjoy a glass of fresh watermelon or passion fruit juice at a nearby restaurant!

  10. 110
    Tracey says:

    What a wonderful trip this is! It feels like vacation when you imagine being in these places! I live at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Littleton CO and spring is sprouting up all over. The nights are still quite cool but the sun rises with beautiful rays across the mountains. I love when the snow begins to melt from those mountain tops and the cool water rushes down the many creeks and little rivers – it fills the lakes and you can feel summer in the air! Looking forward to getting back outside after the cold winter and sinking my toes into the warm spring grass!

  11. 111
    Shawna says:

    I am in beautiful Idaho Falls , Idaho. We are nestled in the middle of a desert, with lava fields and sagebrush. We can drive about an hour to be in the evergreen forests .of Yellowstone National Park. There are places in my town where I can see the Grand Tetons peeking up in the distance; they look about one inch tall from here, but they are breathtaking when I get closer. I love the variety in our scenery here. God is so creative!

  12. 112
    Margie by the Sea says:

    I live on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, where the smell of the ocean greets me each morning and the roar of the waves lulls me to sleep if the winds are just right.

    On my walks, I can be standing on a beautiful beach in 5 minutes, and meandering along the shore, picking up seashells and starfish along my way. If I perch myself on the sand it’s also the perfect place to pray and watch and wonder.

    The vastness of this ocean never ceases to remind me of the majesty of our God. To Him be the glory. I am so blessed.

    • 112.1
      Lindsee says:

      One day I hope to visit Hilton Head. I have always wanted to! Sounds lovely.

      • GJ says:

        Lindsee – after you stay with me at the farm, we will road trip over to Hilton Head, SC It’s not that far. And we may as well go to beautiful Savannah GA on the way!

        I also met Margie at the original SSMTC! She is a lovely person – I like to read her responses here on the blog!

        Margie – Psalm 95:5 is one of my favorite passages… “The sea is His for He made it…” GLORY!

  13. 113
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

    Arkansas – Ozark Mountains
    Beautiful green mountains, National Forest filled with Dogwoods, my yard filled with Lilacs, Crepe Myrtle, Honeysuckle, Magnolia Trees, Crab Apples, Peach Trees, Pear Trees, Apple Trees, lined with Cedars and Pines.
    Two major lakes filled with Catfish, Crappie, Bass and two major rivers filled with trout.
    And lest we forget – snakes too.
    Come with walk with me in my woods

  14. 114
    Elaine says:

    Hey Beth! I’m Elaine in Acworth, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. I love you and your ministry! Keep it coming…I praise God for the work He is doing through you!

  15. 115
    Jessica says:

    Rural Southwest Virginia mountains. I saw a few deer this morning on my way to work. Turkeys are out this time of year too. Looking forward to that green grass in the pastures in a few weeks and spring making all things new again.

  16. 116
    Beth says:

    Hi Beth! I’m an American living in Germany. My husband and I live in beautiful Bavaria where there are amazing castles and majestic ruins. The Alps are nearby, and no matter how warm and sunny it is, there’s always some snow up on the mountain tops. You can’t see them without being in awe and wonder of God’s creation. Everyone walks around here. If there isn’t a sidewalk, there’s a path, complete with benches for relaxing to enjoy the views. We enjoy clear mountain lakes, sunny meadows full of wild flowers and plenty of cloudy, dreary rainy days. Of course, that’s why everything is so green, too. My ladies Bible Study group is studying James with you right now. We are loving it. Several of our group are even memorizing the book. So neat!

  17. 117
    Jen H. says:

    Sitting here in Arizona with the back door open, enjoying our beautiful weather. We didn’t have much of a winter, which I LOVED, as a fourth-generation native. The people who seemed to complain about the lack of winter are the transplants. :). I’m loving having the breeze blowing through and watching my new puppy run in and out, take a roll in the grass, and capture little bugs in her paws. The pool looks inviting, but the water is still too cold for me, though my youngest braved the waters a few weeks ago. :). Arizona is just about as perfect as can be this time of year, and has been beautiful since January.. 70’s & 80’s. Before too long we’ll be sweating it out and swearing it is the hottest summer we’ve ever had. :). Love it here…

  18. 118
    Ondrea says:

    My family and I have the privilege of serving in South Mississippi. It is just as humid as it sounds! I am excited because the crawfish festivals are starting. Just the right combination of spicy and enough soul to knock out what’s lingering of winter.

  19. 119
    Teresa Cruse says:

    Hi Beth,
    So nice to get a feel for life in other places. Here in Eastern NC (Middlesex, NC, to be exact) Spring is starting to show itself. The cherry trees are blossoming, and there are small leaf buds on the trees. You can juuuuuust begin to see a little light green in the woods if you squint your eyes and imagine……There is a warmth in the breezes that are blowing in this March-wind weather, and the sun seems to shine a little brighter. I, myself, am a little more careful to watch out for the slithery things when I take the dog out….and….he only gets to make short trips at night ’cause the moon don’t always shine that bright when it’s dark in the country……

  20. 120
    Paula says:

    Beth, thank you for taking me on a walk with you. It was so much fun! I feel like you and I have been friends for years (even though we have never met) and one thing I did not know about you is how brave you are – you know, the whole snake thing. I would just pass right out. I live in Eastern Connecticut. Our home is a small cape that sits smack dab in the middle of 2 acres of land which I believe God bestowed on me and my family! When you walk out our front door the birds great you with all of their lovely song. My husband has taught the mocking birds how to make their song sound like a man whistling. It is such an experience to hear what you believe to be whistling then realize it is the birds saying, hello, good morning. These birds have reminded me for the last 17 years that God is with us and that God will always provide for us. (Matthew 6:26) so now that our ears have heard, then our eyes see…we have beautiful flowers and bushes lining our property. The snow has finally melted and we have buds everywhere. Some buds are purple, some are white, and some are bright yellow just peaking out at us, teasing us. Soon we will have grand color for all to see. We have a dairy farm up behind our house so you may smell the country air if the wind is blowing in our direction. At the end of our walk we will look up towards the old barn on that farm and just wait. Once we have stilled ourselves(because I am sure I would have talked your ears off by now) God will meet us in the sky. God has used the sky over our house and over our fields to paint in bright pink, orange and purple. When our boys were young we would lay a blanket down and wait for our evening painting to start. Now today, 17 years later, my boys will still say “Hey Mom, have you seen God’s painting tonight?” How I love that ! Thanks for walking around the property with me. Have a great weekend.

  21. 121
    Angie Call says:

    Hello Mama Beth! I live just 20 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO and the weather here has been a tad bipolar. We have gone from 30 degrees with flurries during the week to having a beautiful 70 degrees on Saturdays and Sundays. We may not have beautiful mountain tops or oceans, but I get excited when Spring and fall does get here because the trees have such a beautiful color on them you think you are living inside a painting. Especially when the sky has a pretty Grey color like today, it makes you want to grab a blanket and sit outside with a nice cup of coffee and just admire God’s amazing creation all around you. It truly is something.

  22. 122
    Jenifer says:

    I enjoyed the walk through the woods yesterday! It reminded me of times when I could do such things. I’m an army brat, born and raised all over the US, although I was born in Texas! Now I serve our Father in Astana, Kazakhstan. Astana is the coldest capital city in the world. Our temps in the winter are never higher than -20 and we enjoy -40 regularly. It gets so cold here that the moisture in the air freezes and starts to sparkle. We get beautiful sun in the dead of winter so the sun hits the sparkling bits and it’s like you’re in a snow globe. It’s not really snowing so it’s just sparkling all around. It’s incredibly beautiful for the 20 seconds you can be outside before your skin freezes…not joking 🙂 I have come to love the winter. We see God’s beauty in the winter when the world is cold and things move slowly. The beauty in each individual and unique snowflake, the frozen rainbows we see, the spectacular winter sunsets that we enjoy every night all testify to his love and power. And he also blesses us with people to serve. We serve a mighty and loving Father.

    I am going through Beth’s study of Paul right now with a fellow tent-maker. Just this week we read Beth’s encouragement to pray for tent-makers. My friend and I both wrote a simple “thank you” next to the words in the study. So, I’ll take the time to say thank you for praying for us and remembering us. It was a blessing in our week.

  23. 123
    Bernadette says:

    hi Beth…..I’m in central New Hampshire on lake winnipesaukee…it’s Georgous anytime of year…last night we had three big black bears at our kitchen window…taking down the bird feeder….we actually thought someone was breaking into our house….they were standing upright with front paws on the window,,,,!!!! What a site…..bernadette

  24. 124
    jeanette Dahm says:

    Hi Sisters, I am looking out my window from Tualatin, OR. It is pouring rain and has been for 5 days. But because of that I have budding Hydrangeas that will be full of blue blossoms in May, Lenten roses blooming in white and rose colors, green grass, trees blooming, birds chirping and looking for worms for breakfast, and people running to their cars with hoods on and umbrellas over their heads. It is a day to see God’s resurrection power in nature. I have hope that the sun is shining somewhere and the SON is shining everywhere.

  25. 125
    Anna says:

    I have LOVED the last two blog posts! They’ve been the perfect distraction from grant I need to be writing for work right now… (Every writer NEEDS a break now and then.)

    Although I am originally from Fort Worth, TX, my dear husband is from Alabama, and I now live in Mobile, AL. Our weather has been picture perfect lately. Sunny, crystal clear skies and highs in the low to mid seventies.

    Today, we’ve had a steady stream of thunder/rain storms — I’m enjoying every minute of this dark, cloudy, and COZY weather. I don’t know why, but I love days like today as much as I love a perfectly sunny spring or fall day.

    Ok, back to work… Thanks for the fun question!

    P.S. Your recent tweet with the pic of gorgeous TEX-MEX almost brought a tear to my eye. Lord, please bring Mobile a Pappasito’s or some other acceptable form of Mexican food. In JESUS name I pray… Amen.

  26. 126
    Susan says:

    Midtown Atlanta. In the winter I love looking out our upstairs bedroom windows at night through bare trees to see the twinkle of a city lighted skyline and on summer mornings those windows let me appreciate the greenery on the same trees with small glimpses of buildings between. God’s beauty abounds in every season.

  27. 127
    sharron says:

    I’m a “GRITS” girl raised in the south, from Harrisonburg, Louisiana. I live in small town of less than 500, nestled on the beautiful Ouachita River surrounded by beautiful pine trees. Our dogwoods are just waiting to burst open in full bloom, and the azaleas and purple wisteria will be shouting out, it’s spring in the south. Yes we have lots of yellow pollen right now, but last night was blessed with a rain that helped wash it away. Temperature will be in the high 70’s this weekend and after a very cold winter, (it snowed here 3 times in 2 weeks in January) I will be ready for a flip-flop weekend to fly a kite with my grand-daughters. Plan to enjoy the spring weather because with our Louisiana humidity during the summer our temperature will be in the 100’s and snakes love to move in our area with the warmer weather. But so blessed to be living in Harrisonburg, Louisiana, where we have 4 seasons that truly shows the hand of God. His colors are magnificent. Loved your walk in your Texas area, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  28. 128
    Linda Lawrence says:

    I live in Pasadena Maryland where we have all 4 seasons and experience cold snowy winters,hot humid summers, beautiful blooming spring and fabulous fall colors in the trees of autumn. We have the Appalachian Mountains,the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay and we are considered America in miniature. Maryland is known for steamed crabs, oysters, rock fish, and Old Bay Seasoning. You won’t find a better crab cake in all the world! I am blessed to call Maryland my home and happiest when out on the sparkling Chesapeake bay! I am so excited about what God is doing now in this time & to be a part of a generation of women making a difference in the lives of others! Jesus is my Everything! Thank you Beth for all that you do & all of your work! YOU are making a difference!

  29. 129
    Nancy D says:

    I’m sitting here in what my husband and I call two-weeks-from-everywhere, aka the rural swamps of South Carolina, somewhere between Charleston and Savannah. Far enough away from the city for it to be inconvenient, but close enough that we can get there when we need to (but not via Interstate; back roads are the only way in and out). We’re surrounded by the ACE Basin, which is 350,000 acres of an undeveloped wetland ecosystem, much of it a protected refuge. I think there is more wildlife than humanity here.
    We and FEMA are still working on clean-up after winter storm PAX in February. Lots of limbs and trees still on the side of the roadways. Reports say it will possibly be June before the clean-up is complete.

  30. 130
    lynda rickey says:

    Hey guys from sunny Ocala, Florida, officially the horse capital of the world. We have the convenience of a small town with wide open green horse farms sprawling to the edges of our county. It makes for a wonderful Sunday drive. I live in the center of Ocala. I’m literally 2 minutes from every convenience which I love. However, I live in my dream community which is a 2 block by 3 block little green patch in the midst of the city. There is one way in and out of our community past a cute little guard house, no guard though just for looks. All the houses look the same but if you look closely you will see that they are all different. It is kind of like that game look again. Out my back door I overlook a giant retention pond. It is huge and green. Plenty of yard and very park-like. In fact, it just looks like a small pond surrounded by a green park lined with beautiful trees which are all currently in bloom as spring has sprung in these parts. Many homeowners walk around the retention pond after dinner or walk their dogs. I have a small front yard with a stone patio and an outdoor rocking chair and small table. Nice enough to sit in the evenings and watch the neighbors stroll by; great neighbors in this neighborhood. We all know each other, look out for each other and have community gatherings several times a year. Love walking the dog in my neighborhood, well lit, flowered landscaping, no through traffic and many other dog lovers. I have a great life! Here in Florida you have to enjoy your 2 weeks of spring because summer is a comin’ with temperatures high enough to make the devil cuss. In fact, just heading out to walk the pup and enjoy it while it lasts. Love from FL, Lynda

  31. 131
    Aida says:

    I live in Ashburn VA, around 20 miles from DC. Originally from the beautiful and hot Island of Puerto Rico. This area is so beautiful, I have behind my house wet land with deers and foxes, and in front less than a mile Redskins Park. Tell me about contrast. The sunset is beautiful, life is nice, and above all a wonderful church right here . I miss the year round 75 degrees from home but that is something of the pass.
    God Bless

  32. 132
    Debbie says:

    Although Texas will always be “home,” northern Utah is where the Lord has placed me for the past 34 years. It is a beautiful place! I can see the Oquirrh Mountains reflected in the Great Salt Lake as I drive into my neighborhood. When the lake is calm, there is a mirror image of the mountains. Sunsets here are phenomenal–blues, grays, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows fan across the evening sky for our viewing pleasure. To the east, the Wasatch Front mountains are set ablaze with those sunsets. “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Ps. 104:24 (Message)

  33. 133
    Denae says:

    Well right now in Ferriday, Louisiana, it’s a very humid 78 degrees out. We had almost 8 hours of thunderstorms last night so my front yard literally looks like a pond. The freshly mowed grass clippings are floating around in the water. Although the rain was more than expected, it was great because I just planted some seeds in my garden two days ago, and they needed a good watering!

  34. 134
    Erin says:

    I am writing from Missoula, Montana where we are awaiting spring. We are seeing glimpses of green grass poking out and a few tulips and daffodils are starting to emerge. It has been rainy (and sometimes snowy), but our moods improve as the sun peeks from behind a cloud and I quickly move to let it warm my back. I am so thankful for the seasons we get to experience in Montana and I love the new life and growth that comes with spring.

  35. 135
    Robin Lamont says:

    Okay, oKAY! I SO have to do this: because we don’t EVEN have enough company around to enjoy this wonderful and peaceful place where we live. Whatever you call adjectives, I’m going to try them here. 1. We manage property here in Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island. (woo HOO let’s hear it for Island DWELLERS!) 2. Our boss, originally my husband’s boss, developed much property here in Oak Harbor. He has developed this ocean – cove neighborhood, Mariner’s Cove, where we live. Reclaimed some of the salt water which was struggling to form a cove anyway (read: now no ecologically minded city government would allow it) and “improved” what was already in the making by nature’s accomplishments. Our back yard, as such, is reclaimed pseudo pasture land. It’s flat and lovely and absolutely becomes a POND when we get our fall and winter Washington rains here. We get birds of all KINDS! I’m talking – herons, quail, woodpeckers, redwinged blackbirds, geese from Canada, seagulls, BALD EAGLES, and DUCKS! Ducks are the major inhabitant to this lovely environmental loveliness! (There’s an adjective for you!) They fly in and just swooooooosh across the pond before they land. I watch and wait in a bit of a panic to make sure there is going to be enough water for them to land in every year. The salt water table is fairly high underneath, so it always fills up, then sloooooowly drains into the cove across the other side. We’re on a corner, one side has a cove across the street, the other side has open salt water across the street. But I digress from the outstanding bird action. One year I actually counted 100 ducks! YAY!!! Yay GOD! 🙂 And as well, you will have noted the reference to bald EAGLES! This Southern California city girl can’t get enough of them. Well, this morning I was enjoying yet another one of these amazing and HUGE birds out back (there’s another adjective) and thinking about how many of those amazing birds I have been close enough to, living up here, to throw a ROCK at! (And if you knew how poorly I can throw, you would know this was truly a CLOSE encounter.) We’re talking: on the railing to our back porch, one pushing OFF the FRONT of my TRUCK (!YES) one morning as I drove to work when there were two of them fighting over some road kill (!), one bedraggled one just standing on the side of the road one day looking like it needed to be taken home and nursed. Hope I’m making some sense here.
    Nearby us in the San Juan Islands I remember seeing six of them in the sky at one time. This is very common. Okay, so I’m truly rambling. Just thought you’d maybe be blessed by this. Thanks for asking us to share. Loveyou.

  36. 136
    Sissy says:

    I am living on the edge. The edge of the Great Okefenokee, know in the Indian language as the Land of the Trembling earth. My home is surrounded by 40 acres if woods. I like you need to wear boots for a walk in the woods. And I also have to look overhead in the tree limbs for those slithering snakes. In the creek are plenty if moccasins and a gator every now and then. But
    I live the sounds if these woods. The owls that echo each other in the evening is a glorious thing! The Lord has blessed us with beautiful sunsets and nature galore. The beginning of Spring has brought blooming Azaleas and Dogwoods and lots of pollen! The temps are way to cool for south Ga but it will be 100 degrees soon enough! Thank you for your blog posts!

  37. 137
    Robin Lamont says:

    O my goodness I didn’t know this would all be posted “as is” here. Meh. Would you please take off the little cutesie ‘loveyou’ on the end? Sounds so corny to me. I assumed you would all take a FEW comments from what I sent! Thank you so much. 🙂

    • 137.1
      Sandy Bowers says:

      LOL. Now you know it goes on the blog as written! Don’t worry about your cutsie “love you” at the end. We ALL love Beth and Lindsee and all the lovely siestas who visit the blog. No worries dear sister! Not corny at all!

  38. 138
    CoraLee says:

    Spring is here! Yesterday, rain, crazy snow, today sunny,! Miss Beth, you have to come to Nebraska for the Sand hill cranes. We watched the lift off of the Sandhills Cranes at sunrise in the blinds on the Platte River. We were there last Sunday morning 6:00am. We were layered with every piece of clothing possible (no heat in the blinds) and waited for sunrise, 7:45am was liftoff. The sight and sounds of the hundreds & hundreds cranes were incredible! The sight was beyond words. I kept thinking the heavens declare the Glory of God. I keep watching wanting to savor each moment. Then we had a hot breakfast & hot tea with my family! (Google SandHill cranes if you can’t make it up.) they are only here 6 -8 weeks each spring. I am a great cook and the quest is always open. Bring your hubby… Put it on your bucket list for next spring:) Cora Lee

  39. 139
    Sandy says:

    My family and I live on an acreage just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Out my back window is a glorious view of the Rocky Mountains to the west. I saw 5 deer this morning, and a few coyotes roaming about. As I look out my window, I feel like I’m living inside a “snow globe” the snow can be a beautiful thing….but not when you’re ready for spring to come!! The Canada geese have been flying by a lot today, so I know spring is coming!!

  40. 140
    Shannon says:

    We live near Charlotte NC-moved here almost a year ago from Texas. We are another region where winter and spring are fighting it out. There were two nights this week with a low of 27, but the trees are blooming and the air is warming up. Coming from a very flat area of the country, I love driving our rolling hills and being surrounded by tall trees. Anticipating a host of blossoming trees and bushes in the next few weeks (and taking my Zyrtec to be prepared!) Blessings to you in Texas-it’s my home state forever.

  41. 141
    Ashley Beth says:

    Home is Grand Junction, Colorado where we are surrounded by mountains and the artistry of God is exclaimed through creamy sunsets and boastful mountain peaks. However, as I type this, I am traveling with my husband and our three children in our motorhome through the desert landscape of Arizona. We are making our way from a week-long mission trip to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico to the Grand Canyon. God’s majesty is evident in unique ways every single mile of the journey. As a family that travels often and far, we can attest to the truth that “home is where the heart is.” When God directs our path the journey is forever captivating.

  42. 142
    Lisa says:

    I live in Rootstown, Ohio….not far from Kent State University. This is rural farm country south of Cleveland. We enjoy three kids, five acres, four dogs, two guinea pigs, two rabbits, two turtles, and a bearded dragon!

  43. 143
    Karen Di says:

    I’m a Jersey Girl! I live on one acre in the town of Martinsville. There are protected Green Acres behind us and the whole backyard provides the best views of the four seasons. There’s a vast sky above tall deciduous trees interspersed with evergreens. Deer roam freely and spring always brings new fawns. Hawks swoop overhead and songbirds frequent the feeder. There are fox, a groundhog, gray squirrels, bunnies and I’ve even seen a coyote. It’s a very quiet town, but has all the conveniences of NYC, shopping malls, theaters, colleges, historical sites, parks and cultural events, and for us, friends, family and a church, Zarephath Christian Church very nearby, which we adore!

  44. 144
    Deed says:

    I live in gorgeous Windermere Fla a typically beautiful “resort-ish” golf & tennis community.
    Among the breezy Butler Chain of Lakes. Affluent, quiet,privileged Gods country . In the last 6 weeks (2) young 30 something God fearing men serving in law enforcement were
    Murdrered here in this picturesque,palm tree waving small town. Murdered in cold blood
    Orange County deputy sheriff Scott Pine 34 yo father of 3 itty bitties & husband killed in this private gated community. Died in our driveway Feb 11th. we watched from our second story Window praying God Please save this man who came to protect us from evil. Praying all through the night. Later we discovered the suspect shot himself ,his accomplice caught A 18 yo girl a run away both from Maryland. This week a 18 yo boy & 17 yo girl shot & killed 31 yo Robert German of the Windermere police dept. moments later the pair commited suicide
    We know both privilege & hard work in this community where fear & evil have come BOLDLY Starting everyday now With determined accomplishing prayer walking LORD JESUS BE GLORIFIED in this town. The Light came to do battle on our behalf in this manicured oasis. The Light of Christ is as bright as the sun here . We are changed & will not be the same again.

  45. 145
    Jan says:

    Hey Beth,
    I bet you can totally envision my neighborhood. It is Katy TX, a suburb of Houston. It happens to be a gated community but it is still a suburb. Unfortunately, about every 4th house looks just alike. There is yellow pollen covering all the cars and other surfaces. People have been planting flowers in their yards that will last until about June, when they will all fall over dead. Some of the trees have put out. The Pecans as usual are waiting until last. There are squirrels scurrying all about. We have cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, and tweety birds. I don’t think we will have Purple Martins this year. The humidity makes it feel like it is already in the 90’s. Blah. I loved our prolonged “winter”. So here’s sneezing with you.

  46. 146
    JoAnne says:

    I live in Victoria, BC Canada. We are enjoying spring here (finally) – the plum and the cherry trees are in full bloom and my camellia tree started blooming just this week. The birds are singing and at night I can hear the frogs in the nearby lake. There are a number of deer that wander through the treed neighborhood – they are cute but I wish they would leave my plants alone! If you want to go for a 5 minute drive we can go down to the ocean, walk along the beach and see the snow-capped mountains of the Olympic range in Washington peeking through the clouds.

  47. 147
    amybhill says:

    Hi Siestas! You can find me happily living in Cherry Hill, NJ. Cherry Hill is located less than 20 minutes outside of Camden, NJ (the most dangerous city in the country). We are just over the bridge from Philadelphia, PA, and about 2 hours to NYC. We’ve got high taxes, high cost of living, traffic everywhere, liberal politics, corruption, you name it. And so, although I grew up here in South Jersey (and am surrounded by friends and family), for awhile, I was set on living somewhere else. In fact, I tried to leave so many times it wasn’t funny. But God… (He is so amazing) has completely changed my heart on ever wanting to leave what I now lovingly call my “Bedford Falls.” South Jersey – I’m here to stay. I love NJ and I’m convinced God loves NJ too. I mean, I know NJ is the butt of a lot of jokes, but think about it… doesn’t God always seem to have a special place in his heart for the underdog? And here’s the most exciting part – God is working here! God is working in my heart and my family – God is working in the lives of people I’ve known since I was a kid – God working in my church – God working in amazing ways in Camden (especially through a ministry I love http://www.seedsofhopeministries.org). It’s just so cool to know we’re all exactly where God determined we should be at this time in history so that we would seek Him and reach out for Him and find Him. Acts 17:26-27 Thanks for asking us to share Beth. Its so neat to see the tapestry God is weaving through this unique sisterhood. So much love to you in Christ, Amy

    • 147.1
      Karen Di says:

      So cool to meet another Jersey Girl here!(I’m from a town called Martinsville in Somerset County.) And yes, God does know just where to place us for His glory. Teens from our church, Zarephath Christian Church, minister each summer in Camden and love it.
      Thanks for posting, Amy!

      • amybhill says:

        Ahhhh! I love it!!! Are you on Facebook? If so, friend me: Amy Bx Hill. Who knows, maybe our paths can cross one day 🙂

  48. 148
    Beth says:

    I live in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, north of Ardmore, south of Norman (Go Sooners)! We have an oil refinery in our small little town, not the prettiest of sights, but at night if you are driving down I-35 we look like a big city with all the lights shining. We lived in the country with plenty of rattlers (I even killed one myself) for 3 years before moving to town. We have a corner lot and I love to go out in the back yard with my two dogs, Annie & Marlie and just wave at whoever goes by. We have a huge pecan tree that produced really well the past two years, so we have been able to share with our family & friends. We are in a drought, but God blessed us with 3 inches of rain last week, and now my husband actually needs to mow. We are getting ready for a yard sale, so things are cluttered, but I will be so happy to get rid of this stuff I just had to have at one point in my life. Life is good…God is the Best! Thanks for this fun post…

  49. 149
    CoraLee says:

    Kearney Nebraska, home of the SandHill cranes. Watched incredible liftoff last weekend in the blinds on the river. It needs to be on your bucket list of things to see in the spring!
    Yes, it is cold, but you dress for it and the liftoff of hundreds & hundreds of the cranes from he river is spectacular!

  50. 150
    Talley says:

    As a native Atlantan, March is always the hardest month of the year for me in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Snow remains on the grass, but it is brown and dirty, alternately freezing and melting during what the natives call Mud Season. While I still pine for the Easters of my youth in sundresses, the likelihood of wearing my parka as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection is high. But rather than complain, I’ll head up to the White Mountains tomorrow with my snow-loving Yankee husband and babies and have one more winter backwoods cross country ski adventure in the falling snow and be reminded of how God continues to cover us all, even our dark and dirty, in His grace and righteousness.

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