Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!

Ok, Sisters, your replies to the previous post have inspired me to pen this one. As I read through your comments to our walk through the woods, I was stricken with a fresh sense of awe over the lovely grace of God to tie our lives together in Christ from so many different locations. We are a clickstream from a spider web in thousands of ways but this screen can also become a coloring book of connect-the-dots for people who love Jesus. Last night when I did Bibby’s Secret Closet with Annabeth and Jackson, I gave Annabeth one of those CraZArt Spiral Art sets. You know what I’m talking about:


Since I talked in the previous post about where I live, lots of your comments referenced your own surroundings. By the time I’d noted the locations of the first six, I practically had a lump in my throat. The gift I gave Annabeth last night popped right back into my mind. Your comments swirled the page like geographical Spiral Art, and of the sacred kind, bright and multicolored. Just take a look at a smattering of them and behold a glimpse of you. Each of these sentences are copied and pasted from comments to the last post that took us on a walk through the country.


I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are just waiting for Spring.


I’m here in the Mid Atlantic on the shores of the Delmarva Peninsula where the winter won’t loosen its grip and we still have snow on the ground when we should be about ready to cut grass for the first time this season.

Next time, let’s do a walk in New Zealand!!

I have been out enjoying our Spring weather too because before we know it we will be trapped indoors with the air conditioning
here in Az. (Arizona)

We are still waiting for it here in Ohio—it snowed yesterday!

My family has the privilege of owning a cabin in the NC mountains and it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.
(North Carolina)

Wave surges are shockingly high – my fair Island
will be swallowed up in the storm surges. So thank you for the glimpse of Hope in Spring.. -6 C wind chill feels like -29 just in case we thought we might like to put our face outside tonight… 
(I loved this one because I don’t have a clue where it is but it’s a “fair island” and COLD. Thank you, Iris! You took me there through your words without my even knowing where I’d gone!)

I love long walks in the country, but being from Illinois, I don’t quite have the same scenery you have (and might I say in a whining voice…I also don’t have your TexMex), especially those slithering things (except the black snakes).

l appreciated, being a California girl, all the references to various snakes, and remember the “rattlers” we used to see all the time…now living in Costa Rica, snakes have taken on a whole new meaning: we have some deadly AND aggressive snakes here, not shy, like the rattlers, but snakes that will actually “hunt you down.”

Living on the Portage River for nine years in MI, I experienced lovely spiritual moments: our giant blue heron flying low down the river, a white mother swan swimming down stream with a baby swan on her back, a shy deer family eating apples from under our apple tree. precious moments I’ll treasure now that we are living in the desert in AZ.
(She goes on to identify Fountain Hills, AZ)

Thanks for the refreshment…still feels like winter in PA…longest winter ever!

Your back woods look alot like mine up here in Central Saskatchewan – except for the fact that we’re still layered in a few feet of snow.

Loved taking this walk with you! I love your wild woods! They remind me of the woods around here in TN

AHHH where were those boots last night? We had a black snake on our porch and here in my neck of the woods in Uganda…


Come on, somebody! Give the Lord some praise! Is that gorgeous, or what??

So here’s what I want you to do if you feel like participating. Leave a comment telling us where you live and, if you don’t mind, add a description heavy on adjectives so we can picture ourselves there with you. I am looking so forward to this!

I’m so blessed to serve you, Sisters. The beauty of sisterhood in Christ is a work of divine art.  I kept thinking that last week at the Colour Conference in Sydney because my friend, Bobbie Houston, has been so phenomenally used by God to gather a sisterhood of servants around the world to aid the poor, the oppressed, and the abused. We are a part of the same sisterhood because we are also in Christ and called to do some good in this weary world.

What an honor to seek Him with you. Unity is not about lining up on 100 points of doctrine. It’s about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, and returning to take His Throne. If that’s what you believe, you’re blood to me. I think sometimes the stuff of unity is all the sweeter to Christ – not when we already see eye-to-eye on all our doctrine but – when we don’t. Sometimes just agreeing that Jesus Christ is Lord is bond enough. When we only agree to love people and walk with people just like us, that’s tantamount to making our goal to become more like ourselves. Ick. Somebody else can have that. I’m trying to figure out how to forget myself, not make a mirror out of every woman of God I see. I want people to sharpen me, to cheer me onward when I’m discouraged or harassed, to make me think, and to keep me growing. A mirror can only make me more like me.  Give this girl a seat by the window and let her capture the features of Christ gathered from the faces of many.

OK, rescue us all before I get sappier. Let’s hear about your locations!



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  1. 151
    Teresa says:

    Snow was flying just a couple of days ago here in West Central Indiana….then it just turned to rain. We have consistently been 15-20 degrees below normal these past couple of months. We are just shy of reaching the all time record of snowfall for the year. We have met and passed it for the winter season.

    I am so looking forward to bright sunshine and warm – do I dare say – HOT temperatures to come sliding in to Indiana. I love taking my Beagle on walks in the woods along the trails. I love looking at my flowers in full bloom all summer long. God is amazing in His creativity!

  2. 152
    June Greenstreet says:

    I live in history laden Bradford Ontario – an accumulation of various cultures that became a village in 1857 and a town in 1960. Home to 22,000 souls but only 40 minutes north of Toronto, a city of over 2.5 million. We have glorious sunrises and sunsets over the Holland Marsh and boast the world’s greatest Carrot Festival. This agricultural area annually draws migrant workers from Mexico – and, thus, has one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants around – Mexicanada. We are 10 minutes from a major mall (after all there is an Apple store there) yet minutes from a beautiful conservation area where you can hike, walk or picnic in amazing beauty. We have a woman’s Bible study that is attended by women from many different church backgrounds and who love Jesus. So blessed.

  3. 153
    Anna says:

    Hi Beth,
    I live in a little village called Limehouse,outside Toronto, Canada. It was just last week I got to see the ashphalt on the streets around my house. They were snow and ice covered from December on. The snow is still atleast 2 ft deep in the yard but the temperatures are above freezing this week. Yes! I cant wait to see the baby green leaves on the trees and the daffodils shaking their golden
    happy faces at me and the tulips and hydrangeas poke their pretty, colourful faces through the cold earth. Soon!

  4. 154
    Diana A. says:

    A Comment from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

    I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, known as Surrey. To the north of us is the mountain range, and to the west of us is the Pacific Ocean with loads of opportunity to see wild life, whales, seals, bears, coyotes, also to ski the mountains and fish the ocean! We have had a good winter, sorry to the Eastern portions of Canada & USA! We had a dry winter mostly with a small portion of snow, and then some rainy days like today. We’ve had a lot of sunshine and some colder days… but nothing like the blizzards that have hit others.
    I live beside the freeway, but only 5 houses away is our park that is small, but just enough squirrels, birds, trees to forget the noise of the freeway. Rosie and I walk and get enough fresh air and for her, good sniffs that we are content to once more head home and await the next walk. We have another park in the opposite direction that is smaller, more like a greenspace, but it has swings, slides and a tennis court; offering another option for a walk, to meet neighbours and maybe get treats (doggie) for being good and friendly.

    Vancouver city has lots of opportunity to shop; the
    mountains to hike, ski, bike; the ocean to kayak, ski, fish, splash; so come for a visit and there is different opportunities to get your “Outdoors On!” We have mild weather, hot summers, friendly folks, and lots of Beauty of GOD all around! Hope you make it north of the boarder… you came once before, maybe this time could be a Holiday both for yourself and Keith! Hunting, fishing, hiking… what more could he want?! And no Ugly Snakes!!!

  5. 155
    Iris Linkletter says:

    I live on “the fair Island” That Beth quoted. It is on Garden in the Gulf of St. Lawerence Off the Coast of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada. Fully and truly named after the royal Prince Edwar of a couple Centuries ago. It is Prince Edward Island, home of the little red head many love named Anne of Green Gables.
    I live just about 50 Meters from the water the Ocen that had storm surges happening all across the North Side of this little Island.
    It is un-seasonably cold here this spring for some reason and we are all feeling it the lates storm hit us Wednesday afternoon and while I was replying to you meander in the woods the storm hadn’d fully ramped up the winds peaked at 163 Kilometers an hour and were sustained at 85-90 kilometers an hour for 24 hours.
    We were cold and were were hemmed in on all sides with howling winds blinding us with snow. Taking our little Mia Noel out to do her business was a challenge only my husband could handle the winds were taking her as she tried to settle. She is a little miniture poodle with legs that make her look like a baby fawn our last dog was a Hungarian Kuvas he was 183 lbs and rested his head on our table or in your car window, Mia is 12 lbs and well when we downsized in the house we downsized with the dog as well. ( if it wasn’t so miserably cold for him while she tried again and again to get positioned we both would have had a good laugh at it.)in the end she found a moment and did it and flew into my husbands arms the winds half carrying her up. (We could all learn a lesson here and turn and run and leap into our Heavenly Father’s strong safe protecting arms rather than running around looking for a safe harbour by ourselves but I digress,I have learned so much from my dogs…).
    My fair Island is a wonderful green lush place that is usually peaceful and serene and country lanes abound as do pave Highways, we have a small population per capita and it is a truly Idelistic place to live. I was a city girl til I married my farmer and he has taught me so very much and I am so grateful for family and the strength of the family on this little piece of green heaven surrounded by the bluest of blue oceans that has 4 completely differnt season each one as breathing taking and as wonderfilled as the one just leaving but we embrace each one with passing regrets at the season closing but open un-abashed joy at the embracing of the next one.
    So Winter Hurricane storms like the last 48 hours had in it are in many ways common yet so not desired as much as a snow storm Christmas week is. We want flowers and Flocks of geese and bird nests and hummingbirds and green leaves budding on the now stark limbs of the trees. The only color yesterday was the blue the brillent blue of the sky and the blinding dazzeling dozen shades of white the storm had dropped on us from the sun’s light so bright it hurt when you went outside even with your darkest glasses on you felt like a mole coming to the earths surface eyes tightly closed against the almost painful invading beams of pure white sun. But the deafening quiet of the calm after the storm. Where small birds churip sounded amplified.
    When I moved here two things are forever burned in my memory: 1 the fighting of the smothering feeling of trying to fill your lungs with the cleanest freshest air my city girl lungs had even tried to breath and 2, the pressure of the silence. My home was back to back to a fire station in Toronto and I lived in the Bloor West Village ara of Toronto, a busy buzzing place of activity, so to move into this pastural green silence. I thought my ear drums were going to rupture with the pressure of the silence pushing in on all side. Those would be the thoughts and memories I would want to be sure to tell you about if you visited and ask you how your lungs feel and how are your ear faring. Yes this is a vacationers dream from May to November, but December to March or April can leave you feeling somewhat over whelmed with the endlessness of cold and wind and the shocking surreal feeling of standing on the red cliffs watching the waves crash and surge as the waters try to settle from the pounding that the wind pushed the waves to.
    Yet even here God’s finger drew a line in the rocky cliffs and the miles of sandy beaches that the mighty tides hardly dare to cross and it reminds me of how awesome His power and Love is.

    • 155.1
      Sandy Bowers says:

      Oh Iris! PEI is on my bucket list to visit. Now I know it will need to be a SUMMER vacation! Sounds lovely!

    • 155.2
      June Greenstreet says:

      Oh my…when I read Beth’s quote of “my fair Island” my heart was drawn “home'” to what I have called “my island” for 47 years since I left in my mid-teens. Somehow I new it was PEI I grew up around Kensington and come ‘home” as often as I can – bringing my daughter with me. She has lost her heart to the Island as well – both of us bringing friends every time we can. Thank you for sharing…I will just have to head “home” again this year.

  6. 156
    Dawn Edgell says:

    I live in Pottsville, Arkansas, about midway between Fort Smith and Little Rock off of I-40. Living in Arkansas you may be wearing snow boots one day and flip flops the next! I’m actually wearing my old snow boots today, not because it’s snowing, although it is very cold, but because I helped my special needs 23 year old son haul off a possum this morning. It’s a hobby of his; catch and relocate! It’s supposed to be beautiful this weekend so I’d better get me some flip flops ready!

  7. 157
    Melinda Hohenberger says:


    I live in Eugene, OR. A year ago at this time, I was priveleged to spend time in prayer each week with like-minded sisters praying fervently for you, Travia, your collective staffs and the team from Living Proof.

    I have worked on many of your Bible studies, attended several simulcasts and been immensely blessed doing so. I have been known to break out laughing in the midst of the videos because I so bonded with you and many of your southwest colloquialisms. Though I have been on the west coast for over half of my years on this earth, I still miss Oklahoma and Texas where I grew up.

    Please know that your message on time was exactly what we needed to hear. Thank you so much for coming. I never in a million years thought that I would have the privelege of attending a Living Proof live event much less to attend one in my own community. God is so good!

    The color of spring green has returned to Eugene and tulips and daffodils are in full bloom in case you wondered. We have had a lot of rain this week and the rivers are up. Oh, that Jesus would water my heart and refresh me inwardly with the beauty that I see in HIs creation around me on my daily prayer and praise walks with my little Pomeranian-chow, Flower. I did not name her that as I “inherited” her from my son’s roommate but it sure is fitting. This is my favorite time of year.

    You watered our souls when we were so thirsty for a word from God. Please know that you and your ministry are remembered fondly and prayed for often.

    Melinda Hohenberger

  8. 158
    Pamela Shaw says:

    Hey, I’m in Bangor, Northern Ireland, on the east coast looking over the Irish Sea about 13 miles from Belfast. It is definitely spring here – still a bit on the nippy side, but the daffodils and grape hyacinths are out in force, as is the beautiful bright yellow forsythia, the cherry blossom is just starting to come, and the days are getting longer. 🙂

    • 158.1
      Punky Tolson says:

      Pamela, I have seen such spectacularly beautiful pictures of Ireland and would love to visit your land one day…and explore my Irish roots. Your home sounds so lovely. xo – P

  9. 159
    Nancy says:

    Hi Beth! I am In Lakewood, Colorado and live up against the foothills so we have plenty of spring wind. I especially love the early mornings and nights when I can look out of my west windows to see the lighted cross up on the mountain above us…such a sweet reminder of Jesus and his loving sacrifice for us!
    We are beginning to see some spring — green grass, robins, and a few iris and tulips are pushing their way up through the sod! Right now the sky is beautiful blue with puffy whites clouds over the mountains. We love Colorado and God’s beautiful creation!
    Love you!!!

  10. 160
    Marie says:

    We live in the tiny town of White Pine, TN , forty or so miles east of Knoxville. The county next to ours had Spring Break this week, and in true East TN fashion, they enjoyed 3 of the 4 seasons in one week. It snowed one day, was a beautiful 68 degrees yesterday, and spring rains came today. No boring same old weather around here.

  11. 161
    Cyndi says:

    Here in Western Washington the rain is pouring down on my small community. Outside my front door there is no where to step without going ankle deep in water. A mudslide took out an entire community nearby and the sadness lingers for so many lost and displaced. Signs of spring but this year spring seems dark. At my daughters the tulips and daffodils remind me that God is still here, the light that overcomes. So grateful for Him and the life He gives.

  12. 162
    Susan in Indiana says:

    Indianapolis, IN… Where it’s grey and damp and dull. But spring, it is a comin’ and oh, how glorious it will be!

  13. 163
    Connie Capps says:

    My family and I live in Pine Level, North Carolina. Just a little country town. We are 4 hours from the mountains and 2 hours from the beach. I love you and your ministry. It has blessed me and the ladies in my church more than you will ever know. Keep spreading HIS WORD with Bible Studies and Simulcasts!
    Connie Capps
    Pine Level, NC

  14. 164
    Susan Lawrence says:

    Central Illinois calling out to ya’ll! Well, actually I’m in Tucson AZ wrapping up a women’s conference and I’ve enjoyed the warmth and views (and have learned AZ fans are SERIOUS about their college basketball!). It been a fantabulous week pouring God’s love onto these beautiful women, but I’m looking forward to waking up in my own bed tomorrow and bundling up in a coat to take my 2-year-old chocolate lab, Della (short for Giradelli), on a brisk walk!

  15. 165
    Punky Tolson says:

    I live deep in the heart of Texas in the hustling, bustling city of Dallas. As the saying goes, I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. I think. Born and raised in sunny, tropical Florida, the Lord up and moved us to Texas 10 years ago and I’ve never been the same… and it’s all good. Dallas is… dry, and hot, and cold, and sometimes we get a hit of ice and snow here. Therefore, I now own 9 pairs of boots, plus 3 pair of cowboy boots (I think that’s probably too many). You would be more than welcome to wear a pair of my boots, but they are a size 10 and something tells me you have smaller feet. We could go for a walk to my favorite coffee shop, Drip… or to Starbucks for some “clover” coffee (have you had it???? WOW!).

    On Sunday I would take you to Reunion Church in the inner-city where we worship with the most colorful and diverse group of brothers and sisters in Christ you’ve ever met! It’s a blast!!!

    Around my house there are…more houses. But it’s a lovely area with beautiful trees and parks, and a little “creek” where I like to take my dog, “Miss Gigi” for a walk and to chase birds, squirrels, and ducks (she’s a French Bulldog who thinks she’s a bird dog…she’s a hoot and would love Queen Esther to pieces). Miss G is the best Bible study buddy ever; she loves to curl up in my lap every morning, talk to Jesus with me and read the Word. Sometimes she lays her head right smack dab in the middle of the page I’m reading.

    Just this afternoon I noticed that some random Blue Bonnets had popped up in our small-but-sufficient back yard! I think I will go grab us a cup of coffee and you, me and Miss Gigi can sit out on the back patio and stare at the little Blue Bonnets… and talk about how great our sweet and ever-loving God is (now I’m so choked up and teary I can’t see the computer screen).

    Come for a visit soon, Beth! Bring the dogs!!
    xoxo -P

  16. 166
    Sandra says:

    I live in Naperville, not far from Wheaton, IL. God’s beauty is all around us. Sparrows have been singing in the trees, eating the crab apples and waiting along with us for spring. Even though we live in a large suburb of nearly 150,000, we are close to the natural area along the DuPage River and we have frequent visits from Coyotes, Hawks, Deer and often see rabbit prints in the snow. My last walk in the woods was following a spring snow storm and the huge dark Oak trees were coated with a gorgeous streaked cover of white. Sillhouetted against the stormy sky, it was like being in God’s cathedral.

  17. 167
    Carol says:

    I live in a small town in Mid-Missouri. I (literally)run the streets at 5am every morning, where everything is dark and quiet (except for my fun running friends next to me). It has been a colder-than-usual winter and we are looking forward to spring, although the cold winds just keep us hoping. I then drive through rolling hills 30 minutes everyday to work, seeing all kinds of wonders of God’s creation – fog, sunrises, frost, snow and the occasional deer, coyote and skunk! God is good!

  18. 168
    TJ says:

    Lovin East Tennessee with all the flowering trees, jonquils, hyacinths, and early blooming wild flowers that God has planted in His flower garden here in these hills!

  19. 169
    Olivia says:

    I’m from the South Coast of England, from a city called Chichester which dates back to Roman times. The large walls which surround the city were built during that era and can be walked along today. Perfect for getting away from the buzz and having time to think and pray. Another place for reflection is Bishops Gardens, tucked behind the city’s cathedral located at the heart of the city. At the moment the grass is carpeted with daffodils and snowdrops; a welcome sight after the unprecedented flooding we experienced this past winter. Come and visit!

  20. 170
    Jennifer Bast says:

    My city of Cincinnati is abuzz with excitement for the Red’s opening day on Monday. It’s a holiday here complete with parade and all manner of fun even if you’re not into baseball or attending the game. We’re rejoicing in the fact that they’re calling for sunshine and a high of 67 that day, considering the long winter we’ve had and the fact that just yesterday we watched my nephew’s little league game in winter coats, hats and gloves. Cincy has made several lists in the last few years for being a great city to visit and live for sports, arts, food, museums etc.

  21. 171

    Michelle Bentham, (formerly of Fort Worth, Texas faire – home to the world’s Largest and Most Famous Honky Tonks …though I understand Houston’s original “Gilley’s” was perhaps the pioneer of what Billy Bob’s is today… But I digress, where the west begins. It is home to cowboy boot stores like “Leddy’s” downtown where you can git ya’self a pair of handmade boots fit right to your foot. Sure enough. I personally love the arts and cultural district there, with the Amon Carter and Kimball Art Museums featuring some of the most fabulous art and artists ever to walk the planet. But that the visual artist in me talking. And, I have totally digressed…) But today, I am in Oklahoma City visiting my daughter and my hubs, our sweet little terrier mix dog and I currently reside at my family home with my parents in Granbury, Texas while we decide on where God is moving us next. This home is the one my parents, brothers and I helped to build with our very own hands. With Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Facility at the height of its construction in the late 70s and early 80s my father went to the Army Corps of Engineers and asked them what kind of structure could withstand a nuclear meltdown in nearby Glen Rose or a nuclear bomb attack whichever came first (since we were in the height of the cold war as well!)

    We had a little help here and there with constructing the home, but my daddy mostly designed, constructed and occasionally hired a friend or family member to contract pieces he could not or would not do himself. The bottom floor is might near hurricane proof though I doubt one would ever blow across Lake Granbury and up the cove to my parents three inches of waterfront property. 🙂 My daddy literally built his house upon a rock. He blasted out the side of a hill and cut out two anchor posts in the narrowest side of limestone bed (that by the way also anchors the local railway that runs through town just a few miles away.) He inserted two 50 gallon drums into those hollowed out spots and when he poured the foundation – he built his forms right around them and poured them full of concrete. Nothing is taking this house down or moving it. We shall not be moved! In early 2000 he began to build what is now their driveway and carport, which also was a major undertaking mostly worked by family. People used to stop by and ask what he was doing and I would laugh, “He’s building an overpass.” He had to build concrete supports and foundation for the drive over a nine foot drop just outside the downstairs living room.

    As a child I walked the nearly acre of land and romped in the creek behind our house. That wooded creek that could be only a few inches wide in the height of summer could seem like a river in days gone by when the rains came and saturated the entire county filling the lake and giving us places to fish, and hunt tadpoles. One of my favorite spots is a small waterfall that drops into a pool cut into limestone by that very stream of water. You have to climb over the fallen cedar trees and rocks to find this little treasure. The white limestone is the perfect backdrop for the crystal clear water to fall into. In the spring we’d find all manner of dozens of swimming tadpoles and pollywogs – and we would capture them in a red solo cup and pretend we made a great discovery. I had to overcome fear to jump the 10-15 ft. cliffs into the emerald colored water below where my daddy encouraged me to just let go and jump in… I would later learn there were water moccasins or “cottonmouths” as we call them in these northern parts in that cove and never stuck a toe in it again. AND YES, HE is ONE BAD DUDE and not a bit pretty. He is called a cottonmouth because when he opens it to strike his white mouth and throat are a strong contrast against his black scaling skin. I get a creepy shiver just thinking of that one daddy found in the fish trap one afternoon. He chopped that sucker up with a garden hose and those squirmy pieces slithered around on the warm ground until the sun went down. UGH!

    We also might find a Copperhead or Rattlesnake hanging out around the house. My brother was a toddler when we moved to Granbury and he would often play just outside the hollow structure of a house with my dad working inside. He happened upon 5 baby rattlers sunning themselves on a big hunk of limestone where he went to play. He went back and reported to my dad that he had found the snakes. My daddy said, “Don’t you be messing with my snakes.” Thinking my brother, who was prone to tell a tall tale or two was just joshing him. But, then my dad thought I better check that out and sure enough, there were five baby rattlesnakes out there. YIPES!

    We have big old black snakes we call “Bull Snakes” or Rat Snakes. They are harmless to humans, but man, oh man… If you find one coiled up in the yard or on the creek yeah, you would have a panic attack there, too. My daddy left a dead one on the front steps once and when my momma found she almost sent daddy to join the snake… Not Kidding. We are in no short supply of a need for snake boots here either.

    You know as an adult I went on a walk with God down to that wooded creek that seems so small compared to my vivid childhood memories and imagination. I had an intense encounter there where I asked God to allow me to experience His presence over and over again, marveling at the wonderful things I found. As I stepped out on the red clay mud, where the creek pours into the dark green cove water I felt the sun grow intensely bright on my face, and a sharp brisk breeze picked up and blew right through that little place carved out in the rocks and trees. I was so overwhelmed I broke out in laughter and tears and fell to my knees by the sheer force of it. God and I had a really good talk about that day. These days I walk the road down to the boat dock where the drought and our Brazos River Authority have created a lower lake level – but I still live in wonder at what I see Butterflies dancing between the Live Oaks and Cedars. Little lake cottages and huge summer homes as well as long times residences lining the streets overlooking the mouth of the cove. And Beautiful GEESE and Egrets, maybe even a few ducks and teal swimming around on the lake, calling out and dancing atop the water in their graceful flight.

    We venture down to the old town square where the limestone studded buildings from days gone by have been updated ad renovated, but still hold the allure and charm of something old and well loved. Art stores dot the canvas of streets that roll in and out of the sleepy, historic town known for being the possible burial place of Jessie James and even a possible abode for an escaped John Wilkes Boothe using the alias last name of St. Helen. I was an adult before the storefront bearing that name closed down. We might even take in an off broadway musical at the local Opera House which has been renovated in grand style.

    On the last weekend of the month they have art on the square with live artists demonstrating their craft and an artwalk tour of gallery spaces and the art association available for anyone who will take the time to see it. It is a wonderful place full of life and a slower pace of life. I love it here and am grateful that Scott and I are coming to agreement that God may be settling us down here for spell. It feels like home again. That’s nice – realy nice. Ya’ll come see me anytime. 🙂

  22. 172
    Debbie G. says:

    ~ALASKA! It’s beautiful here. The sun is shining, birds are singing… and the bears are waking up! :-`) yikes….;)(being a little more careful when out walking;)


  23. 173
    Donna Spiegelman says:

    I work in Carmel California. If you go to the beach here you have died and gone to heaven. Just from the walking path above the beach is the most spectacular view in the world of the pebble beach golf course , blue skies, sandy beachside and benches all along a two mile walkway to view all of this. Just an amazing gift from God to live near here and never have snow or heat. Just spring and fall.

    • 173.1
      Punky Tolson says:

      Donna, Carmel is one of my very favorite places in the USA!! I always feel like I’m in another country when I’m there. It’s absolutely beautiful. God showed off there with some of His most spectacular work on the Monterey coast!! Heavenly! Did you ever know John and Becky Brodersen (Carmel Car Wash)? They are friends of ours here in Dallas. xo – P

  24. 174
    Kim Emmerich says:

    Hi, I’m Kim from Dickinson, ND – out west in Roughrider Country. FYI, Dickinson is the 3rd fastest growing micropolitan in the nation!

  25. 175
    Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful spring days here in Northern Ireland. Sun is shining, sky is blue, air is freezing!

  26. 176
    debbie says:

    I live in Newmarket, Ontario Canada
    It is suppose to be spring, and yes some signs of grass. but still lots of snow to disappear and still cold. Today I believe is about 7C. And very dark day, some rain.

  27. 177
    Cassia Glass says:

    We are happy to have a big dose of spring here in Spring, TX, pollen and all! Sadly, no rambling woods for me–my little yard is tame and mostly filled up with a swimming pool that’s still too cold for a dip. But I am laughing at the sight of my dog blissfully rolling in the MULCH where the spring day has made what for a dog must be the perfect back-scratching, dirt-rolling, sun-soaking happy place. Love Texas in the springtime! And love that I got a flier from LifeWay today featuring our lovely Miss Beth and Children of the Day!!

  28. 178
    Juli says:

    Hi! I am Argentine and I live in Buenos Aires. It is a very bussy city full of houses and buildings, but every morning across from the hospital where I work I can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful parks we have. It is full of trees, and has a lot of green areas where you can sit and relax. And is always full with kids playing with their dogs (which I love because I am crazy about dogs).
    Every time I have a little time off I cross the street, sit on the grass and just thank God for giving me a place that constantly reminds me of His presence.
    Sorry for any grammatical mistake that I am sure I have written, it is my first time writing something in English, but all of you bless me so much that I could not help but reply!!
    Love you all from all the way back in South America!!!


  29. 179
    ginger says:

    In my neck of the Alabama woods, we savor nostalgia like a tall glass of sweet iced tea. Hence,I’m seated at my upstairs study table, the one that belonged to my beloved grandmother at least 50 years ago. As I sit at this table where a “whole-lotta” family holiday meals were once served, the view out the window to my left is completely covered by the bashful pink blossoms of the cherry tree in full bloom. Then I look out the window to my right and see the beginning buds on the three dogwood trees. They are stuck somewhere between winter and spring, with bare branches still in view, but tips covered in – soon to burst open – buds. The street is still wet from the morning rain and the birds are flitting everywhere in the woods across the street. Oh, life here in central Alabama is sweet, as sweet as the smell of the tea olive shrub at the corner of the driveway. Our God is so creative!

  30. 180
    Susan says:

    Tennessee is my home but today my heart is on a farm in Mn staring at the box containing my Mothers ashes.

    • 180.1
      Diana A. says:

      So Sorry for your loss and grief.

      I will pray that your memories will be full of the good times, the sweet times, the dear times and the joy of knowing one day you will meet up again.

      Take time for yourself, cry when you need to, but also allow yourself to laugh at memories that tug at your heart.

      Tough day! Lean in to Jesus, He will carry you!

    • 180.2
      Amy in Hawaii says:

      I couldn’t pass over this. There’s an entire lifetime in that one sentence. My heart aches at that scene you find yourself unwantingly in, Susan…

  31. 181
    Kristi says:

    My daughter and I are in North East TN. The weather here is crazy like any typical Spring. It was cold and windy the almost 70 and now is cool, windy, and raining which will probably not stop until our yards are mush.Spring time is always soooo unpredictable.

  32. 182
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    I live in Waukesha, WI, west of Milwaukee. Half way to Madison, home to the UW Badgers!! We’ve seen more cold than snow this winter. Woke up to snow on grass today. Sunday should be upper 50’s, WHOO HOO!! That means walking at Frame Park around the river. A great place for prayer walks, can’t wait. Waiting for our local Farmer’s Market to open early May. Great place to watch people. Definitely do not want to do a repeat of this next year. Happy Spring:)

  33. 183
    Jennifer Dalenburg says:

    Columbia,SC. But my first study was in Thies,Senegal.

  34. 184
    Michelle says:

    Hi! This is Michelle from “right here” in Houston…except, as you know, Houston is so large “right here” encompasses many worlds! We are in the North East – Humble/Atascocita area. Today is gray and h-e-a-v-y with humidity, but I refuse to complain. There are Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes blooming everywhere and it is so lovely. If you don’t know these wildflowers, google them! They are a sight to behold.

  35. 185
    Jamie says:

    It is the beginning of fall in lovely Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. When my husband and I go out to walk at dusk, we see the hundreds of large fruit bats flying in to join us in the botanical gardens. Thank you for letting us virtually walk with you, dear Beth!

  36. 186
    Alesa says:

    I am in Little Rock, sitting in Arkansas Children’s Hospital ER and watching the sky get darker as the first of our spring storms roll in. I am reminded that God is good all the time…. Even when I do not understand His ways, I will praise Him in this storm….. The one inside and the one rolling in from the west.

    • 186.1
      Alesa says:

      I have to share! I called on my prayer partners and my grandson s pain left! We are now home and God is to be praised!

  37. 187
    Melissa says:

    Here in south central Kentucky we are still a little wintry. Today, it is a cool 50, but Tuesday there was SNOW swirling all around. The Saturday before? 70! Crazy stuff.
    Many farmers have turned their fields awaiting the seed to be planted soon. Beautiful calves are frolicking wherever you go. March lilies as in abundance as well. Love them! Spring is coming (I pray!).

  38. 188
    Sandi says:

    Getting ready for youth Impact this weekend at First Baptist Lawton Oklahoma. We live just outside of the city.On my walks I enjoy the horses, cattle and other lovely creatures with a beautiful Oklahoma sunsets. (Lawton Oklahoma)

  39. 189

    I’m penning from Overland Park, KS. A Texas girl living here 8 yrs. now; and no closer to adjusting to the midwest cold and snow than when I first arrived. But you know what? I had never seen four actual seasons before moving here. I am beside myself at the anticipation of Spring and Summer soon to arrive. I planted all sorts of flowers here when we first arrived that absolutely THRIVE because of the very four seasons I complain about so much. Looking out my window I see red robins actually bob, bob, bobbing along. Nests soon to be hidden in the bare branches that, if you were to time lapse daily, would see the leaves literally grow out of what looks like a dead branch. The dead resurrected to life at the Easer season is not wasted on me! And I know the days are com’n for a gentle breeze, warm sunny weather, and the fragrance of fresh cut yard flowers all over the house.
    My goodness, the good Lord preaches to me through the seasons. Just one of oh so many reasons he sent us here. grin.
    Love to you all on these pages and at LPM. xo

  40. 190
    Vickie says:

    I’m in western Pennsylvania. It’s been a long cold winter but spring is beginning to break forth. I see buds on the trees, the Tulips are beginning to stretch up out from under the dirt and reach to the light, the Robins have returned, the Juncos will head farther north soon. I see life… How Glorious! I walk in the woods near my house as often as I can. It’s a beautiful and special place. I’m continually amazed by the creatures and all creation of my precious Lord surrounding me. Holy Spirit always walks with me… He showing me, teaches me, guides me has we walk and most of all He loves on me… Oh yeah, And He kept me from falling into the creek today as I stepped on a slippery rock… Thank you Lord! Well that’s a little glimpse into moments here in Pennsylvania. Love you and praying for you and your family Beth… You’re truly a blessing and special gift from Papa God!

  41. 191
    Peg Suveg says:

    Here in Naperville, IL, I am looking out my window at the last little patch of snow that refuses to melt. My, what a winter. I love the seasons, though. They remind me of my spiritual walk with Jesus. How I am looking forward to one of those fresh spring days, when the sky will be powerfully blue, the buds on the trees will foreshadow the brilliant greens, and the breeze will whisper “new life”.

  42. 192
    Carolyn says:

    North Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada, Beth. Mountains, lakes, skiing, vast vineyards and grazing pastures…in just a few more months we will have succulent berries and vegetables available then such amazing tree fruits (peaches and pears, etc.)! The only place better is BC’s Pacific Rim!

  43. 193
    Virginia says:

    I’m here in schizophrenic Nebraska. Wednesday was gorgeous with a high of 71 (71F!!!! Unheard of!), Thursday dawned with a blizzard, today, it’s back to sunny. I’m dying for slip-slop weather!!! (Yes, I said “slip-slop” my youngest daughter (now 11) christened them, “because when you slip, you slop.” spoken with a tremendous amount of 3 year old wisdom.)

  44. 194
    Michelle O'Banion says:

    Hello!! And Greetings from a very small town of 1,500 – Grandview, Texas! We live on 10 acres and although we only have a few trees we planted, our view has a huge hill of farm land/cattle – the sunsets are beautiful. We only have one grocery store in town, 5 miles away, a Subway, Dollar General, and 2 gas stations. A stark difference from the Houston I visited for the Siesta gathering!!

  45. 195
    Carol VanderWal says:

    My dearest Beth, I do wish I could take you for a walk and see what my eyes see daily. It is in Kersey, CO and I am privileged to live on the South Platte river. We would take 3 dogs on our walk…pass by the cows with 5 baby calves( 2 born this week) and then down the path to the river. It was a beautiful walk, however, in Sept, we had quite the flood so now there are piles of debris all over and much fence needed to be re-fenced so come in the fall when we hope to have all cleaned up and the leaves will be changing. The river is a fun time for tubing, just watching, goose and duck hunting, canoeing and wading. You and that man of yours would love it. If you decide to come earlier bring gloves and chain saws:) Love you, Ma VW ps you can bring the grandbabies…to the west there is a play yard complete with a very large slide and merry go round

  46. 196
    Sheila Johnson says:

    I grew up and now live again (I moved back after living in Maryland and North Carolina) in Beckley, West Virginia and love the seasons here. However, I think winter may be outstaying its welcome. We are just now seeing the temperatures stay above freezing overnight and it is glorious. I can’t wait to walk and see the bright blue sky, trees budding with fresh, green leaves and bright, colorful flowers! It truly is “almost heaven” in West Virginia. Feel free to visit any time.

  47. 197
    Marcy Larance says:

    Hi My family & I live in Amarillo Tx. We are in the windy season here. During the month of March we usually are just dirty & windy. Thankfully looks like winter is behind us and we are headed towards spring. Thankful to see the shoots of green grass coming up in our yard. The wind isn’t fun this time of year but Amarillo is known for it’s friendly people so that’s a plus.

  48. 198
    Lindsay says:

    My family and I live in Science Hill, KY. It is in the southeastern part of the state. We are a small community that is surrounded by rolling hills, cow pastures, and trains. We have at least a dozen or more trains that pass through on a daily basis. Right now we are trying to break into Spring. We had snow earlier in the week, but this weekend we might see temps close to 70. I can’t wait to turn the heat off, open the windows, hang some clothes on the line and play in some water.

  49. 199
    Lindi says:

    My name is Lindi all the way from Marble Hall in South Africa!! What a priviledge to be part of a “Sisterhood in Christ” that makes a difference for the King of kings wherever we have been planted – spreading His wonder fragrance of Love to all we come in contact with!! Thanks for being available Beth to make such a HUGE difference with the Word you spread!! Just LOVE your teachings – and your humour, well, it has me in stitches every time!! Stay so real and many Blessings… Big Hug from afar!!

  50. 200
    Irene says:

    Born and raised in Charleston, SC…love everything about our beautiful city. We are ready for winter to leave and spring to come! 🙂

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