Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!

Ok, Sisters, your replies to the previous post have inspired me to pen this one. As I read through your comments to our walk through the woods, I was stricken with a fresh sense of awe over the lovely grace of God to tie our lives together in Christ from so many different locations. We are a clickstream from a spider web in thousands of ways but this screen can also become a coloring book of connect-the-dots for people who love Jesus. Last night when I did Bibby’s Secret Closet with Annabeth and Jackson, I gave Annabeth one of those CraZArt Spiral Art sets. You know what I’m talking about:


Since I talked in the previous post about where I live, lots of your comments referenced your own surroundings. By the time I’d noted the locations of the first six, I practically had a lump in my throat. The gift I gave Annabeth last night popped right back into my mind. Your comments swirled the page like geographical Spiral Art, and of the sacred kind, bright and multicolored. Just take a look at a smattering of them and behold a glimpse of you. Each of these sentences are copied and pasted from comments to the last post that took us on a walk through the country.


I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are just waiting for Spring.


I’m here in the Mid Atlantic on the shores of the Delmarva Peninsula where the winter won’t loosen its grip and we still have snow on the ground when we should be about ready to cut grass for the first time this season.

Next time, let’s do a walk in New Zealand!!

I have been out enjoying our Spring weather too because before we know it we will be trapped indoors with the air conditioning
here in Az. (Arizona)

We are still waiting for it here in Ohio—it snowed yesterday!

My family has the privilege of owning a cabin in the NC mountains and it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.
(North Carolina)

Wave surges are shockingly high – my fair Island
will be swallowed up in the storm surges. So thank you for the glimpse of Hope in Spring.. -6 C wind chill feels like -29 just in case we thought we might like to put our face outside tonight… 
(I loved this one because I don’t have a clue where it is but it’s a “fair island” and COLD. Thank you, Iris! You took me there through your words without my even knowing where I’d gone!)

I love long walks in the country, but being from Illinois, I don’t quite have the same scenery you have (and might I say in a whining voice…I also don’t have your TexMex), especially those slithering things (except the black snakes).

l appreciated, being a California girl, all the references to various snakes, and remember the “rattlers” we used to see all the time…now living in Costa Rica, snakes have taken on a whole new meaning: we have some deadly AND aggressive snakes here, not shy, like the rattlers, but snakes that will actually “hunt you down.”

Living on the Portage River for nine years in MI, I experienced lovely spiritual moments: our giant blue heron flying low down the river, a white mother swan swimming down stream with a baby swan on her back, a shy deer family eating apples from under our apple tree. precious moments I’ll treasure now that we are living in the desert in AZ.
(She goes on to identify Fountain Hills, AZ)

Thanks for the refreshment…still feels like winter in PA…longest winter ever!

Your back woods look alot like mine up here in Central Saskatchewan – except for the fact that we’re still layered in a few feet of snow.

Loved taking this walk with you! I love your wild woods! They remind me of the woods around here in TN

AHHH where were those boots last night? We had a black snake on our porch and here in my neck of the woods in Uganda…


Come on, somebody! Give the Lord some praise! Is that gorgeous, or what??

So here’s what I want you to do if you feel like participating. Leave a comment telling us where you live and, if you don’t mind, add a description heavy on adjectives so we can picture ourselves there with you. I am looking so forward to this!

I’m so blessed to serve you, Sisters. The beauty of sisterhood in Christ is a work of divine art.  I kept thinking that last week at the Colour Conference in Sydney because my friend, Bobbie Houston, has been so phenomenally used by God to gather a sisterhood of servants around the world to aid the poor, the oppressed, and the abused. We are a part of the same sisterhood because we are also in Christ and called to do some good in this weary world.

What an honor to seek Him with you. Unity is not about lining up on 100 points of doctrine. It’s about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, and returning to take His Throne. If that’s what you believe, you’re blood to me. I think sometimes the stuff of unity is all the sweeter to Christ – not when we already see eye-to-eye on all our doctrine but – when we don’t. Sometimes just agreeing that Jesus Christ is Lord is bond enough. When we only agree to love people and walk with people just like us, that’s tantamount to making our goal to become more like ourselves. Ick. Somebody else can have that. I’m trying to figure out how to forget myself, not make a mirror out of every woman of God I see. I want people to sharpen me, to cheer me onward when I’m discouraged or harassed, to make me think, and to keep me growing. A mirror can only make me more like me.  Give this girl a seat by the window and let her capture the features of Christ gathered from the faces of many.

OK, rescue us all before I get sappier. Let’s hear about your locations!



854 Responses to “Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!”

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  1. 651
    Margaret says:

    Windy night in Denver, Colorado. Winds howling with 40mph gusts. Lord,please blow in Spring soon.

  2. 652
    Ashlie McDonald says:

    Hello from snowy SLC, UT where we have bipolar weather. Last week we were in the 70’s in full Spring and today it’s been raining and snowy all day and in the 30’s!!! Hope you all are blessed and doing well wherever you are!!!

  3. 653
    Aimee says:

    Hi there from Grand Rapids, MI! It’s been such a roller coaster ride for us here. Cold weather, warmer weather, cold weather, warmer weather. My sinuses can’t keep up. We are in transition. Today was warmer (in the 50’s :)) and with that comes lots of muddy grounds. That’s ok tho , because we just break out the muck boots and go on our merry little ways! Have a blessed week! Thank you!!

  4. 654
    Joyce Watson says:

    I live in a small town, smaller than Mayberry, S.C. I never dreamed a traveler like me would be living in such a little, bitty place like Cyril, Oklahoma. The town was named after a Indian girl.
    There is no McDonald’s, no Walmart, and no bowling alley. Yes, most of the people here know each other and a lot of them are kin to one another. There are several churches and I attend the First Baptist Church of Cyril.
    The schools are small and when I first moved here, I thought it was nice for my boy’s to attend a school where most of the teacher’s were Christian.
    The longer I stayed here, the more I wanted to reach out to others and do something for the Lord. It is lonely being away from family and not having many friends. So, I started having a church brunch every year. I saved my money and used some of my tax money to help pay for some of it. I reached out in the surrounding areas, in the counties nearby and contacted the churches. I begin to seek out speakers, music, etc. The Lord began to open doors. The Lord began to lead me in the direction to go each step of the way.
    This year was the first time we had over one hundred precious ladies attend. We were able also to give and help support a missionary in OKC who feeds little children and ministers to their families. Each year I choose someone we can give to and bless. God has blessed others in so many ways.
    We have fellowship, music and a speaker, but we also have a time for the ladies who are hurting and need God. We had a time of prayer if anyone wanted to come share with one of the ladies from our church and pray together. It was so wonderful.
    You see, I am a NOBODY…but I just know an Awesome God whom I trust and love. It is through Him, for Him and in Him that all is done for His honor and glory!
    This little town may be small, but the people here have a big heart to reach others for Christ.

    • 654.1
      Karen says:

      Joyce, your story really touched me and encouraged me to trust God for something amazing. I also feel like a nobody, with few friends and I sometimes feel it will always be like that. But your words have sparked a hope in me Thank you and thank you for growing where God has planted you and reaching out and loving others! May God bless you!!

      • Joyce Watson says:

        You are such a blessing and I am going to pray God will bless you extra special. Thank you for such kind words.
        Trust in the Lord and lean not own your own understanding…Proverbs 3:5,6
        Let Him direct your paths.
        You are special. We all want to be loved, accepted and feel secure and God is the only One who can give us all that. I am still learning to lean on Him daily.

  5. 655
    Mindy vG says:

    Guten Morgen from beautiful Munich, Bavaria (Germany). This city is more like a big village; safe, beautiful and people from all over the world live here. Thankfully 90% of them speak English! 😉 Spring has come early and the daffodils are in full bloom & the trees are budding green. In front of our apt. bldg people ride bikes on their way to work. They are so common here there are special bike paths alongside the sidewalks. Mid-day everyone will be at one of the bajillion cafes having their kaffee & kuchen. Ahh Germans know the importance of such things! If the weather is clear and you are up high enough…you can see the Alps in the distance. Last weekend we drove out of the city and the rolling green fields and snow-capped mountains and darling Bavarian churches made our hearts sing. ** This Friday I begin the “Believing God” study in my home for 10 beautiful ladies. Praying that our workbooks arrive in time from the UK!! Cannot wait to share some Beth passion, love & wisdom with my sisters. Hugs & Love from a MI expat

  6. 656
    Riana says:

    I have just returned from an early autumn morning walk at the beach along the (chilly!)Atlantic ocean, with majestic Table Mountain as a back drop. So much TEXTURE going on – the rocks, moss, foam, froth, sand, water … with the sight and sound of the gulls going for the washed up mussels. I am busy working through Breaking Free solo at the mo and I check in here daily! Riana – Cape Town, South Africa xxx

  7. 657
    Melissa crutchfield says:

    My name is Melissa, I am 25 years old and live in Bologna, Italy. I am currently riding a train back to Bologna from northern Italy. I am looking out onto some vineyards and blue skies which are finally coming out after a dreary winter! I am a missionary here and last night helped to host a Texas/American two-stepping party for the Italians as an outreach event. We hosted it at a little church in a small town near Venice. We were so grateful for 70 degree weather, the smell of hamburgers and the bright sun shining overhead. Praying for the flowers to continue blooming and for the incredible spring weather to remain!

  8. 658
    nanette lynch says:

    Kingwood, Texas.
    It is heavy on the pine/oak tress and PLENTY of pollen this past week!
    All of my surroundings are covered in a golden yellow powder!

  9. 659
    Lisa says:

    I am at work at 7:10am on this chilly Monday morning looking out on a beautiful pink, purple and blue sky in Spartanburg, SC. Later in the day we will be enjoying 70 degrees, my kind of weather!! God is so good, and yea I’m thinking He painted the sky just for me this morning. His mercies are new every morning!! Just about to finish up the To Live is Christ Bible Study. Last night Beth told the “Michael – Sunflower” story. What a beautiful challenge to not settle for less but to seek Jesus to the fullest – to know Him as intimately as we can know Him this side of Heaven. I’m really feeling like I’m seeing Him in the beautiful sky this morning. Thank you for letting me share.

  10. 660
    Christa Smith says:

    Plant City, Florida….the winter strawberry capital of the world. The weather is beautiful today with a low of 50 and a high of 78. The view front my front porch and to the left is nothing but strawberry fields. Visions of red and green surround me. I have such fond memories of my (2) boys picking berries and their faces being painted red with strawberry juice. Why save them for later when you can eat them right off the bushes…LOL! The first time my oldest ate straight from the strawberry bush, I was horrified. I thought about all the dirt and germs that needed to be washed off with great care first. But they were eating them faster than I could chase them down and pull them out of their little mouths. So …..if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I am happy to report that no one in the Smith family died from unclean berries!

  11. 661
    Tina Harrell says:

    Our home is in Chesapeake, VA. My husband, two weimaraners and I have been searching out our town in the last year for walking trails and boy have we found them – each unique and inviting. Our favorite is along a canal where we can see the boats and the sunshine through the trees. The path leads us to a sandy spot underneath a huge overpass. As we stand along the canal bank, we can hear the cars zooming hundreds of feet over our head. The dogs always take a little swim as we snap pictures and wonder what it might be like to live on one of those house boats floating by.

  12. 662
    Roxane says:

    I live in NE Pennsylvania. The song birds are visiting and preparing their nests. The horses are out and about in the farm behind me. My spring daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and grape hyacinths are peaking through the ground.

    I too am enjoying the view from my sunroom with my kitty, Ginger. She loves to watch all the critters like bunnies, squirrels and birds come to visit. Now I anxiously await the budding of the trees when all things become green again. Awaiting the time to garden and see all things become new again. And though we aren’t having sunshine right now, I can picture it. Good day to everyone!

  13. 663
    Lorraine Draper says:

    My home is in Marysville, Washington. I am surrounded by beauty – the Cascade mountains to the east and the Puget Sound and Olympic mountains to the west. From my back porch I can (sometimes) see Mount Rainier. We have had record rainfall this year, and while I know it keeps all our trees and plants lush and green, I am looking forward to some sun soon…..

  14. 664
    Kerry P says:

    Nederland, Texas, down in the far right-hand corner. Nothing much to look at – just flat and humid. No wild animals except the occasional possum. On the other hand, the azaleas and other spring flowers look really nice at the moment. Yards are full of blooming weeds, too, if the owners have not mowed yet.

  15. 665
    Jaime says:

    Here in Eastern NC we are typically in the throws of Spring. However, this year seems to be the winter without end. Looking out my window the trees are just now beginning to spring to life. Soon I’ll be heading home from work and get stuck behind a tractor on the highway! Yes I live in a small rural community but wouldn’t change it at all. I love riding down the road and seeing all the crops gradually make there appearance known. One day it will be a freshly tilled plot of land and before I know it there will be a field full of corn, wheat, soybeans, you name it. I can’t wait to be outside with the smell of fresh cut grass and see the occasional black snake slither through our back yard. I look forward to sitting on the backyard swing as the birds sing me a love song. The red birds will fly by as the hummingbirds eat the sweet nectar from the bird feeders. I just hope the heat doesn’t get to be too unbearable this year. I may regret enjoying the cold and snow from this winter if the heat tries to make a roaring come back.

  16. 666
    Ashley says:

    I live in the great plains – Omaha, NE, where we had a beautiful weekend, full of sunshine, and when/where it was a delight to watch my children gathering the leaves we hadn’t managed to gather last fall, and digging up some dirt for a garden (a little early, perhaps, but who would want to stop a boy from something in which he was clearly reveling). Week-day mornings, on the trip from home to school to work, I have the joy of driving through some cornfields. Some days I can catch a glimpse of some deer eyeing the road suspiciously. More often than that, I see (always 2) Canadian Geese. And many, many mornings, I am stunned by the amazing color of the sunrise God paints for all of us.

  17. 667
    Selena says:

    During the week I live in Cordele, GA to be closer to work. I live in a nice little apartment complex in the middle of a pecan orchard and so close to the railroad tracks (really busy railroad tracks) that, at times, the whole place rattles, but I still like it. 🙂 On the weekends, I head an hour south back home to Albany, GA to spend time with my family (so I don’t get too used to just having myself for company). Their house is surrounded by huge, old live oak trees that I have always loved. The last couple of days here have been just beautiful with skies the color of sleeping beauty turquoise, bright sunshine, crisp mornings, and warm afternoons. Perfect weather that, allergies permitting, I’ll enjoy as much as possible before the heat and humidity of summer arrive.
    Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  18. 668
    mitzi says:

    it’s dry as dirt here in the midwest where I am. The grass is trying to get green, but the ground is hard as a rock. Praying daily for lots of rain this spring, and looking forward to the great smell that brings. With thunder and lightning and hopefully, no Tornadoes. I love the spring in Nebraska.

  19. 669
    TraciG says:

    I’m looking out the window this morning from my home 40 miles from town and 5 miles from the nearest neighbor as the crow flies in Eastern Montana, a little spot near the “town” of Rock Springs. The wind is blowing little dunes of snow around, making the 4 inches we received last night look like a foot! I roam around the house every few minutes trying to spot my husband out on the side by side, as he is checking to see how many baby calves need to be rescued from under snow banks and taken to the barn to be blown dry in the warmer. Praying that the mama cows have hidden them in the bottom of the creek under sage brush and the banks of the creek. I can see a splash of green and yellow through glaring white that hint at the tractors and planters, waiting for sunshine and dry dirt to put the seeds in the ground for a wheat crop. It’s been a terribly long winter around here! Looking for the hope of spring!

  20. 670
    Kathy says:

    Kathy – Fort Smith, Arkansas
    Hello from the Arkansas River Valley where we are experiencing Spring big time! Daffodils are beautiful, the grass is needing mowing and the trees are budding out everywhere, especially the flowering trees in all their glory. God is giving us beauty as we wait for him to “make all things new”. There is a robin’s nest in the bedroom window! Thank you Lord Jesus for Spring!

  21. 671
    Yvonne says:

    Palatine, IL is where I live. It is a beautiful day. It felt like winter would never end. LOL

    I love sunshine and the weather is simply amazing! The sky is the brightest blue accompanied by a beautiful breeze ~ so this morning I let the window down, took the ponytail out and let my hair blow in the wind as I made my way to work.

    May God bless you as you bask in the beauty of his creation today!

  22. 672
    Suzy E. says:

    Atlanta, Georgia here (I really live in a suburb – Smyrna – but no one would know where that is!)

    Anyway, spring is finally popping through today, temperature-wise, but my daffodils have been up in my front yard for a good two weeks. That’s why I love them so – they tell me spring is right around the corner!

    In the back yard the birds that stayed through the winter are being joined by those who migrated south, but are returning. One bird, particularly, has become family to us – my husband named him “Hose-head” because his body is shiny black, but his head is brown. He is not beautiful outwardly, but he has the most stunningly beautiful warble. Not the usual “chirp” or “tweet”, but a deep, throaty warble. Anyway, he comes back every spring, and he brought some relatives last year. We feed them plenty and they stay until fall.

    I am working a patch of ground to put out some veggies – tomatoes, peppers, onions, and maybe some garlic. I have lilies and iris popping up around a man-made water-feature in the back yard. But my husband’s favorite place is the hammock down under the maple tree. 🙂 I can find him there most weekend afternoons.

    I live in the city, but I try to make every space count. 🙂 Love the outdoors! My dream is to retire to a place like yours – with some space. And chickens. But I’ll see what the Lord provides – I’m sure I’ll be happy wherever that is!

  23. 673

    I live in the pastoral valley of Mooresburg, TN. (Founded by the Moore’s…any relation?) It is an unincorporated, no stop light area nestled between the lake and scenic mountains. The beauty of GOD is gloriously reflected and enjoyed in HIS creation here. I’ve found “so much more” of GOD in Mooresburg. The welcome mat is out and the lamp light is on.

  24. 674
    Pamela McDonald says:

    Good Morning from Hendersonville NC. Today is a gorgeous sunny day with plenty of clear blue sky! We are located in Western North Carolina, and our town is lovingly known as the “city of four seasons”. We really do enjoy four distinct seasons here, and I am so happy to report that we are finally seeing signs of Spring! As I look out
    my kitchen window I see the weeping cherry tree in bloom, daffodils smiling at me, and all sorts of birds gathering for a bite of food. I love the early morning when there are no distractions, and I am greeted by so many birds singing and chattering. This is my quiet time, and the time that I feel closest to God. It is just like He is whispering in my ear! Happy Monday to all:)

  25. 675
    Meg Ebba says:

    It’s slushing here in southern New Hampshire and my kids can’t decide if they should wear their winter coats or their bright yellow rain slickers. I’m going to wear MY bright yellow rain slicker, though, so odds are there’s going to be a row of ducks heading out to the grocery store in a minute…

  26. 676
    Gae says:

    Beth~You are my strength! My family experiences God’s love and blessings in New York….a home in the Shawangunk Mountains and a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains. Perhaps you could host an event at Camp-of-the-Woods!

  27. 677
    Fuzzytop says:

    I’m here in Jasper, TN, just west of Chattanooga, which is aptly named “the Scenic City”. As Amy Beth posted, Chattanooga is the home of Moon Pies, which are made at the Chattanooga bakery just north of where I work downtown. We are FINALLY seeing Spring arrive here. The daffodils have bloomed, and the redbuds just started blooming. And this morning I saw a tulip in my flower bed. I lived many years in AZ before moving to TN, and I love it here!


  28. 678
    Becky says:


    I am from Maple Grove, Minnesota! The end of March is an interesting time around here. We are all desperately hoping for Spring- some of us pretend its Spring and wear flip flops and short-sleeved shirts even though there is snow on the ground at 35 degrees! Pathetic, aren’t we? 🙂

    Spring is around the corner (it better be) and we are grateful for that!

  29. 679
    Pam Nelson says:

    Brighton CO


    Winter and spring are still battling some days, but for the most part, spring is winning (except maybe the wind). We hardly had any snow this year here (near Denver) and not it is warming up. This morning I went out and checked on my rhubarb plants bursting forth! This is my last day of spring break and it has been so refreshing! I am glad that God gives us times of rest and refreshment. I have also done some good reading. I think it’s time for a “roll call” on what everyone is reading!

  30. 680
    Linda Clingan says:

    I live in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky (Go Cardinals)…in a small town of Sonora (no stoplight, just a stop on interstate 65) where no matter what time of year it is, you’ll see Amish in their black carts being pulled by beautiful horses. Love to hear the clippety-clop of the horse shoes on the pavement, also love their fresh veggies in the summer! It’s been a long, cold winter and I see glimpses of spring. Cannot wait to take my dog Lily (she’s a weimaraner) to the park for a nice long walk. Spring in Kentucky brings college basketball and the Derby and the wind blowing through the bluegrass over the hills and valleys. God’s beauty is so present here in the spring and summertime.

  31. 681
    Kelly says:

    Yay!! Greensboro, North Carolina here. Where it’s a balmy, Carolina-blue-skied spring day. The pollen hasn’t yet blanketed everything, including decks, cars, plants, yard toys, and dogs, in its golden “splendor,” but it is threatening. You can see that the trees are heavy with it. “Nature’s first green is gold,” indeed, Mr. Frost. Our fair city is small (for a city), but packed with colleges and new residents from all over the world, and enough hipsters to ensure a handful of trendy restaurants. We’re blessed with caring people, but enough of them that there’s still the opportunity for anonymity at Target or Harris Teeter, and I’m so grateful to be home.

  32. 682
    Lisa curtis says:

    Good morning, I live in a small town called Jackson, Missouri. I happen to live on 7 acres right in the middle of our little town. We have a quarry and woods that my grandchildren and I go on “adventures” when they visit. In the past week I have witnessed groundhogs and deer in the valley between our house and quarry. And over the weekend the forsythia have turned a little yellow on their tips and someone has a rooster that is very happy spring is in the air. He has literally crowed all weekend long. Though the March winds are still fairly strong the change of seasons has begun and it is delightful. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. If you haven’t seen the movie, God is not Dead, please do yourself a favor and go see it. Happy Spring!

  33. 683
    Delanie Trusty says:

    Oak Grove Valley Farm – in Hillsboro, MO – lovely piece of heaven complete with the beginnings of a workable farm – guineas, turkeys and chickens.

  34. 684
    Diana says:

    I live in the small town (population approx. 3,000) of Arcadia, WI. We just enjoyed our warmest and most beautiful day of the year yesterday with temperatures above 60. The town is nestled in a valley, surrounded by gorgeous bluffs and ridge-tops still covered with some snow, but now showing beautiful signs of life and spring. Many living in this area appropriately refer to it as “God’s country” – a very beautiful place on earth filled with simple, traditional Americans. I have a commute to work each day that brings me home along a breath-taking ridge. If I take the time to look around as I approach my community, I am taken aback at the beauty of the place I call home! At the top of this ridge-top, I can see for miles in any direction and what I see are countless trees and beautifully cared for family farms. And when you add a sunset to that view on any day, any time of year, it is a reminder of God’s glory and artistry at work!

  35. 685
    Wilma Mansfield says:

    I am sitting on one of two decks looking at beautiful Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Ar. These is a combination of ducks frolicking, geese honking and an occasional fish jumping about 200 feet past a clover filled flat yard. The pontoon boat is gently swaying as the water comes into the cove from the main channel. This is where I meet God every morning about 4AM. We talk a while, walk a while and pray for my brother and sisters in Christ. I love to “be still and listen”. Sometimes I hear and other times I just feel a peace. I am looking forward to “being with” all of you in your space. God bless!

  36. 686
    Lynn Greig says:

    I woke this morning to a bird chirping that I haven’t heard before. Looked out the window and the gray skies with scattered showers that have given us the wettest March “since records have been kept”, were gone. As I looked out my front window to gaze at the pine trees, my eyes drifted over to daffodils, crocus and tulips stretching towards the sun as they lined up in front of my nieghbor’s house across the street. I must go thank her for planting them. grin. Spring is here.

  37. 687
    Maddie says:

    Sending love and gratitude to you all in Christ from Flagstaff, Arizona.

  38. 688
    Teresa Prefountain says:

    Greetings from Central Illinois. We currently are planted about 4 hours Southwest of Chicago and 2 hours North of St Louis.

    We have had an extremely snowing winter, every time we thought the last snowflake had fallen and the snow would melt we were again dumped on with feet of snow.

    We had promises of 60 degree weather today, I’m thankful at the moment I sent the kids to school with their winter coats with high winds today and a sprinkling of rain the 64 degrees does not feel like 64 without their coats they might get windburn.

    I had a meeting this morning and no more than got out of my car and into the building and I found myself with bangs jacked to Jesus! I truly gave the windblown look another meaning. As I hear the winds howl I half expect to see Pooh Bear skipping across my yard.

    I found myself thanking God for the wind of His Spirit which I pray ushers in – to refresh our souls!

  39. 689
    Kay Wammack says:

    I live in Muscle Shoals, located in northwest Alabama. Muscle Shoals is surrounded by three other cities and combined we are known as “The Shoals” or “The Quad Cities”. It is a beautiful area along the Tennessee River. We have great trails to walk and wonderful parks along the river. We’ve had such a cold, rainy and dreary winter, but TODAY, as I look out my window at work, we finally have sunny weather with temps in the 70s! The dogwoods are finally beginning to bloom and our campus, University of North Alabama (in Florence, one of the quad-cities) will be beautiful within the next few weeks. YAY! Great for taking a walk during lunch. Haven’t seen a snake – EVER, thank goodness. Can I say “YAY!” again???

  40. 690
    Carol says:

    Carthage, NY – way upstate!

    We too are anticipating the promise of spring. Today the sun is shining & we are thankful for temps above 32 :-)! The weekend brought a freshening of heavy wet snow on top of the mounds that have yet to melt; our trees & bushes were glazed over with ice – pretty as the sun came out but not quite springy! Spring will have be in our steps only for a while yet!

  41. 691
    Marianne Driscoll says:

    I live in central Oregon. Everything is exploding in color. The trees are all in bloom in all shades of pink and white. The fields are the greenest green dotted with daffodils and best of all… they are full of baby lambs! I didn’t even tell you what’s happening in the forests or at the ocean!

  42. 692
    Becky Wade says:

    Here in the Adirondack Mountains of Minerva, NY, we still have about a foot of hard snow that needs to melt before we do much walking around at all. I am amazed at how impossible it is to even walk to the neighbors house or around our own yard because of the deep, deep snow. I look forward to it every year, though. Only God could do such a thing.

  43. 693
    Stacy says:

    Good Afternoon from the Cradle of the Confederacy! It’s a gorgeous day with sunshine flooding through the windows today. There is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is a wonderful 72. The azaleas and dogwood trees are in full bloom awaiting the arrival of Easter. The oak and pecan trees are breaking through with new growth ready to cast shadows on the grass that is turning green as well. Our God has painted such a gorgeous picture with his creation!

  44. 694
    Barbara says:

    I’m from Clarence, NY. It’s Western New York just outside of Buffalo. I can’t be descriptive about it now because the weather has been so schizophrenic. This hot weather lover is so done with winter!

  45. 695
    Priscilla says:

    I am one of your sisters living in Cornwall, England. We are the southern most county in the UK surrounded by water; the English channel on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. Spring has arrived here with hedgerows and verges on the sides of our roads covered with bright yellow daffodils. We do not have the woods you took us for a walk in, but we have our rugged cliffs on the sea’s edge. The scripture from Ps 91 becomes real when watching the birds nesting in the cliff face…“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

  46. 696
    Tammy Pritchett says:

    Hi there – I am Tammy from Fayetteville, Georgia which is about 35 miles south of Atlanta. Although this is the south, we were not exempt from the cold, icy weather this winter and spring is taking much too long to get here also!! We would normally be in the 70’s now and would have seen 80 a time or two. But this year 50’s and 60’s with an occasional 70 to bring the rain is our lot in life – haha!! Can’t wait for summer and I promise never to complain when it is in the 90’s……NEVER!!! Thanks for all you do and God bless you much!!!

  47. 697
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Woke up to beautiful pink rays of sun peeking through a gray sky. It was a very chilly 32 with a cold wind blowing in off of Lake Martin, now it is a very beautiful 68 and you can almost smell spring coming in…. dogwoods beginning to bloom, pink, white, and red azaleas budding and yellow daffodils pushing up through the Alabama soil. So much to be thankful for… thanks for the reminder.

  48. 698
    Karen says:

    I loved taking the walk with you! I live in San Angelo, Texas. I know you know where that is!! Deep in the heart of west Texas!!! So, you know that we are in a terrible drought here! The lakes and rivers are drying up in the blink of an eye! But, there’s no place else I’d rather be! The wind is blowing every day and our skies are gray, but I still love this part of the world! My sister lives in Lubbock and their wind is MUCH worse than ours! They have haboobs there!! Yes, that is the name they have given the giant wall of blowing dirt that covers their city. One passed over that area the other day and they said it was 1000 feet high and 200 miles wide. Still, our hearts are in west Texas, where the wildflowers are scattered in the fields and along the highways (even with the lack of rain!) There is beauty even in the dust! God shows us so much beauty here and I love it. Thanks for letting me share!

  49. 699
    Kathy S says:

    It has been a long,cold winter in North Carolina with several snow/ice events interspersed with a 70 degree day here and there. Spring is making every effort to make an appearance. The weeping cherry tree in our front yard seems to have bloomed overnight. This afternoon I sprinkled the plants with fertilizer, just after spraying them with Deer-Off, to keep our four legged friends from making them their dinner salads. We live in Pittsboro, a small town on the edge of the Research Triangle. It is growing, but still small enough to see someone you know at the grocery store every time you go. Most folks’ daffodils and forsythia are showing off their golden blossoms. Tulips are about to pop open and the lenten roses are rejuvenating. I am most thankful that in God’s grace He has made me a Tar Heel born and bred.

  50. 700
    Diane Farquhar says:

    Mu husband and I retired to Costa Rica, where it is sunny and beautiful! God’s creative handy work here is truly breathtaking: The tropical landscape, the colorful wildlife, amazing and weird looking insects (show God’s terrific sense of humor!), breathtaking sunrises, and awe-inspiring sunsets..many times my daughter and I marvel at His creation and speak of the hope of Heaven and the beauty that surely must be there! I have any wonderful sisters-in-Christ, and right now we are doing “Breaking Free”—and we are indeed, breaking free, right here in Paradise—Thank You, Jesus!!!!

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