Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!

Ok, Sisters, your replies to the previous post have inspired me to pen this one. As I read through your comments to our walk through the woods, I was stricken with a fresh sense of awe over the lovely grace of God to tie our lives together in Christ from so many different locations. We are a clickstream from a spider web in thousands of ways but this screen can also become a coloring book of connect-the-dots for people who love Jesus. Last night when I did Bibby’s Secret Closet with Annabeth and Jackson, I gave Annabeth one of those CraZArt Spiral Art sets. You know what I’m talking about:


Since I talked in the previous post about where I live, lots of your comments referenced your own surroundings. By the time I’d noted the locations of the first six, I practically had a lump in my throat. The gift I gave Annabeth last night popped right back into my mind. Your comments swirled the page like geographical Spiral Art, and of the sacred kind, bright and multicolored. Just take a look at a smattering of them and behold a glimpse of you. Each of these sentences are copied and pasted from comments to the last post that took us on a walk through the country.


I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are just waiting for Spring.


I’m here in the Mid Atlantic on the shores of the Delmarva Peninsula where the winter won’t loosen its grip and we still have snow on the ground when we should be about ready to cut grass for the first time this season.

Next time, let’s do a walk in New Zealand!!

I have been out enjoying our Spring weather too because before we know it we will be trapped indoors with the air conditioning
here in Az. (Arizona)

We are still waiting for it here in Ohio—it snowed yesterday!

My family has the privilege of owning a cabin in the NC mountains and it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.
(North Carolina)

Wave surges are shockingly high – my fair Island
will be swallowed up in the storm surges. So thank you for the glimpse of Hope in Spring.. -6 C wind chill feels like -29 just in case we thought we might like to put our face outside tonight… 
(I loved this one because I don’t have a clue where it is but it’s a “fair island” and COLD. Thank you, Iris! You took me there through your words without my even knowing where I’d gone!)

I love long walks in the country, but being from Illinois, I don’t quite have the same scenery you have (and might I say in a whining voice…I also don’t have your TexMex), especially those slithering things (except the black snakes).

l appreciated, being a California girl, all the references to various snakes, and remember the “rattlers” we used to see all the time…now living in Costa Rica, snakes have taken on a whole new meaning: we have some deadly AND aggressive snakes here, not shy, like the rattlers, but snakes that will actually “hunt you down.”

Living on the Portage River for nine years in MI, I experienced lovely spiritual moments: our giant blue heron flying low down the river, a white mother swan swimming down stream with a baby swan on her back, a shy deer family eating apples from under our apple tree. precious moments I’ll treasure now that we are living in the desert in AZ.
(She goes on to identify Fountain Hills, AZ)

Thanks for the refreshment…still feels like winter in PA…longest winter ever!

Your back woods look alot like mine up here in Central Saskatchewan – except for the fact that we’re still layered in a few feet of snow.

Loved taking this walk with you! I love your wild woods! They remind me of the woods around here in TN

AHHH where were those boots last night? We had a black snake on our porch and here in my neck of the woods in Uganda…


Come on, somebody! Give the Lord some praise! Is that gorgeous, or what??

So here’s what I want you to do if you feel like participating. Leave a comment telling us where you live and, if you don’t mind, add a description heavy on adjectives so we can picture ourselves there with you. I am looking so forward to this!

I’m so blessed to serve you, Sisters. The beauty of sisterhood in Christ is a work of divine art.  I kept thinking that last week at the Colour Conference in Sydney because my friend, Bobbie Houston, has been so phenomenally used by God to gather a sisterhood of servants around the world to aid the poor, the oppressed, and the abused. We are a part of the same sisterhood because we are also in Christ and called to do some good in this weary world.

What an honor to seek Him with you. Unity is not about lining up on 100 points of doctrine. It’s about faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, and returning to take His Throne. If that’s what you believe, you’re blood to me. I think sometimes the stuff of unity is all the sweeter to Christ – not when we already see eye-to-eye on all our doctrine but – when we don’t. Sometimes just agreeing that Jesus Christ is Lord is bond enough. When we only agree to love people and walk with people just like us, that’s tantamount to making our goal to become more like ourselves. Ick. Somebody else can have that. I’m trying to figure out how to forget myself, not make a mirror out of every woman of God I see. I want people to sharpen me, to cheer me onward when I’m discouraged or harassed, to make me think, and to keep me growing. A mirror can only make me more like me.  Give this girl a seat by the window and let her capture the features of Christ gathered from the faces of many.

OK, rescue us all before I get sappier. Let’s hear about your locations!



854 Responses to “Let’s Have a City Roll-Call!”

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  1. 751
    Wendy Bowen says:

    I am here in Jackson, TN. West TN…not the mountains. It hit 80° today!! Loved listening to the frogs last night. The birds are so happy!! The Bradford Pears are blossoming! The wild flowers in a rainbow of colors are peeping up from beneath the lifeless grass.

    What a beautiful picture Spring is of the wonderful gift of life afforded us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ!!

  2. 752
    Elisabeth says:

    California girl in Houston for her 6th month. Muggy warm rains are a very first for me. And there’s a certain bird that keeps speaking their tune to me from the trees all around. It makes me very happy. Still not used to the humidity. I know, I know. This is nothing compared to summer. Yikes….:)

  3. 753
    Shaci says:

    I live in Aztec, New Mexico. We are about 30-45 minutes from the Colorado boarder in the four corners region! It’s pretty brown right now but should get a little green soon!

  4. 754
    Ingrid Daff says:

    I’m from Nelson, New Zealand.
    A massive sheltered bay, surrounded by mountain ranges that border the region meeting at the southern end of a fertile agricultural plain.
    Summer is warm, the beaches are golden and the water is perfect.
    Winter the mountains are snow-caped, the days are crisp and sunny.
    Thankful to live in Nelson, New Zealand.

  5. 755
    Cristina says:

    thank you for reminding me the beauty and depth of unity. Your last paragraph was so refreshing!

  6. 756
    Kathy in Bear Creek, NC says:

    It’s a beautiful day in the Creek. Georgeous Carolina blue skies are streaked with the tell-tale remnant of a passing plane. Just sitting on my front porch, rocking and drinking in all this beauty. Why don’t you pull you up a chair, grab yourself a tall glass of SWEET tea, and let’s talk about how good God is and savor His handiwork? While we’re rockin and enjoyin us some good ole tea, ever now and then (if we’re lucky) we might get ourselves a whiff of a mix of chicken manure (I mean money) and wild onions that have managed to survive one of the coldest winters here in my part of NC. The old rooster across the road doesn’t care what time it is, but he’s reminding me that we all have something to crow about if we know the One who created all this beauty!

  7. 757
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    This morning, the sky outside my window is bright and white as the sun filters through some white clouds. The air is warming up, and today, the weatherman says we should be able to wear short sleeves again for the second day in a row. The breeze is light as it skims over the hilly landscape around my house. The Bradford pear trees in my neighborhood are in full bloom now, as are the daffodils, and the dandelions. The grass is wet with dew, and getting tall enough to need a good trim. I look out off my back porch and see the sparkling waters of a pond in the distant field behind the tree line of my backyard. Somewhere within a mile of my house, a horse makes his presence known. (I smile as I realize that I get to live in a place where suburbia meets the country in a odd sort of way. ) The two lane road to my home always boasts a good view of a group of these horses I hear on the way back to my house from running errands. Visibility is not for miles and miles, because the hills of East Tennessee only reveal so much from any point of view. All over Knoxville, Spring is awakening slowly, like it is trying to wake up from a deep sleep. The first flowers of Spring have arrived though, and the splashes of pink and white and purples are a welcome sight to see along the highways…Here in North Knoxville this morning, I am glad to be calling this place home. This is where God has planted me for now. I will not lie, this is a beautiful part of the country, nestled in a valley with the Smokies to the East, and within an hours drive. Even when life is rough and tough, the beauty around you here cannot be ignored…I am glad to share my view with you today, Siesta Mama Beth, have a blessed day. I love you much.

  8. 758
    Nancy says:

    Enjoying lovely Albuquerque, NM – – a delicious, sunny day. A little nippy in the morning yet but so warm and cozy in the afternoons. It’s the windy season but today looks awesome!

  9. 759
    nancy says:

    I live in central Arkansas and spring has sprung here. There is so much in bloom, the daffodils are in their full glory, and if you’ve never looked at pictures of Wye Mountain, you need to give it a look see. My Sunday was spent with my grandbabies outside all day long. We’ve increased our little raised garden patch so we had them working hard in the dirt hauling department. Watching them knee deep in the soil with their Papa made this grandmother heart of mine swell to the sky with the beauty that was before me. The spring of the day was a big deep breath to this soul. Some lovely days, very lovely day….

  10. 760
    Tammy Goodwin says:

    I live in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. We have lots of beautiful palm trees here, it’s warm most of the year – we never have to shovel snow! Fort Myers Beach is about half an hour from my home, with white powdery sand on the beach and pastel colored buildings lining it, from hotels to restaurants to homes. There’s usually a nice sea breeze blowing, and the sunsets each evening over the Gulf of Mexico are too gorgeous for words, with colors ranging from orange to pink to yellow to blue – I never tire of watching them and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation!

  11. 761
    Kim says:

    Today it was in the 50s, yesterday in the 70s and on Saturday we drove home in blizzard conditions – no joke! Coming home from our daughter’s house only an hour away, there were white knuckles, white-outs and prayers to God Almighty for safe travels. Cars in the ditches and snow covered roads.

    Until we get three full weeks of no snow, I am leaving my winter coat on the back of the passenger seat! Ohio has seen some very strange weather this winter.

  12. 762
    Carolyn says:

    Southern California is where I live, Oceanside to be exact. I don’t live right on the beach but I can see a small section of ocean from my front yard and I love it. It makes me happy just knowing it is there. I see awesome sunsets and beautiful clouds on most evenings. We have mostly warm weather all year which I love but we do have seasons but just not as dramatic as other parts of the world. The flowers in the front yard are in full bloom and I can smell the fragrance as I leave the house. I noticed 2 small birds decide to build a nest in the ficus tree and the sound of chirping is delightful. We had rain last night not something we see much of in SoCal. But as I snuggled in bed with the sound of rain on the roof I felt blessed by the Father who watches over me and you

  13. 763
    Teresa in Center, TX says:

    Here in the Pineywoods of north east Texas, we are enjoying spring to the fullest. The birds are making such a racket every morning my dogs can’t wait to get outside so they can add to the cacophany. Squirrels are busy chasing each other up and down the trees, ecstatic that spring is here. My newly adopted child (she’s 4) is excited about the litter of kittens just born yesterday, and I am nearing the end of a 90 challenge to read the Bible through. God has painted such a wonderful picture for us.

    I love your post, Beth, and the part about unity has been striking me for a few weeks. Over and over, God tells us He wants us to love in spite of our differences, to treat others as we want to be treated, and to only love Him more than we love our fellow man.

    Happy spring everybody!

  14. 764
    Carol says:

    South eastern coastal suburb of South Africa
    Humid at the moment, but there’s a promise of crisper weather in the air.
    Heard some Hornbills calling in the treetops this week…..a sign of the seasons change to autumn (fall).
    Usually pretty peaceful, and a retirement destination……unfortunately gradually become less attractive to tourists, due to economy and political tensions.
    Please pray for our country. Elections are in a few weeks, and the current forerunners are not pro Israel. In fact corruption (in the local news and word of mouth) is rife.
    God bless you abundantly, Beth and team!

  15. 765
    Kara says:

    Chickamauga, GA. A sign in Chickamuga reads: Chickamauga, a lot like Mayberry but without
    All the hustle and bustle.

  16. 766
    Crissy Wright says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but I love talking about where God has placed us. In 2012, we moved here to Kien Svay, Cambodia. Kien Svay means “garden of mangos” and my yard is the perfect representative. We have 8 different kinds of mango trees in my yard and I can’t decide which one is more delicious. I never liked to eat them in the States but these are verrry different. Our little M house reminds me of my grandma’s house back when I was little. It’s small, white and has a little porch on the front with a blue, metal, rocking swing sitting out front. Right now in April, weather is pleasant in the early mornings around 5, but the rest of the time it’s super hot. I’m attempting to endure this hot, dry season with grace, but some afternoons those July rains can’t get here soon enough!
    Oh this was fun! Thanks for letting me share. Your post reminded me of our little cabin in the Oklahoma woods that we sold, I loved those wild, overgrown, viney woods as I walked to our creek. Special memories! Hope your spring lasts for a good long while and you are able to take advantage of every second!

  17. 767
    KMSmom86 says:

    I live in Lovington, NM, in the southeast corner of the state. Today it is so windy that my second-grade students couldn’t go out for recess. Our spring break starts when the bell rings at 3:10 tomorrow!!!! I am soooooo ready.

  18. 768
    Maggie Reynolds says:

    A little late but here goes….I am from Conroe, Texas. 45 minutes North of Houston. Way up in the PINE TREES…..loving the spring weather and looking forward to the summer. Been a long winter…..Moved here from San Angelo, Texas (West Texas) where there are no real trees…..lived her for two years so far and love it. Love the area, love taking walks on the many trails in the forest, love, love, love.

  19. 769
    Lisa says:

    I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with my family. In this beautiful state is where the spirit of animals and men roam free. Currently we are in the middle of breakup. To Alaskans this is affectionely known as spring. It last about three weeks, If you blink you miss it. This is when the snow and ice breakup and we once again can see ground without falling. A lot of times at this time we almost feel like we need to build Noah’s Ark because there is so much water. It gets so bad we feel like we are living in the movie Waterworld. Everything can get messy because of all the mud. The light comes back and the sun. Summer is right around the corner.

  20. 770
    Joyce Mitchell says:

    Hello from Lebanon, Tennessee. We are having nice warm temps and Bradford pears are blooming and are lining streets everywhere I go. It was a stormy and windy overnight and expected again tonight. Still no complaints here, we are ready for spring. Most important Resurrection Sunday is coming!

  21. 771
    Jodi lee Kaemingk says:

    God has placed my family of 4 in the great white north of Canada, in Yellowknife, NWT. My husband is the pastor of a small Baptist church up here in this amazing sub-arctic city of 20,00 souls. In winter we drive, fish, trap, hunt, walk, slide, sled, and ski on the ice. We love ice and snow so much that we build castles out of them. In the warm summer (yes it does get quite hot here) we never sleep, b/c the sun never sets. This land of extreme light and dark is the land God has called us to serve in. As we wait for Spring to thaw us all out, I feel the days getting much longer and sun is high enough that it shines in every window in the house now. The heat of the sun reminds me that God IS Light and in Him there is NO darkness. When the cold, deep frozen winters set in, I remember that no matter where you are or no matter how far form your loved ones you are, God is ALWAYS the same, He never changes.

  22. 772
    Kim says:

    Hi! I’m from Denver Colo, specifically Arvada. Close enough to the foot hills to see the tops of mountains out my kitchen window. Not an uninterrupted view but looking over and around the houses in my neighborhood. A 15 minute drive and we are right there. We can always tell if weather is coming by whether we can see the mountains from our kitchen. If we don’t see them a storm is in its way.

  23. 773
    Kathy says:

    Austin texas just back from a 10 day prayer retreat with father Thomas keating, it was a silent prayer retreat- oh boy- silence is a gift to my raging ego- love ya

  24. 774
    Susan Canham says:

    I just found your blog tonight, though I have participated in many of your Bible studies over the years at my church (and I’m excited to tell you we just started “The Law of Love” this Tuesday!). I’m in Bismarck, North Dakota. It was an early and very cold winter here but fairly light on snowfall, and our snow was all gone by mid-March. Then on Monday, March went out like a lion with a “spring” blizzard, and April has brought more light snow yesterday and today. We are more than ready for spring to really arrive!

  25. 775
    Sparki2003 says:

    I am in the “cold” north; in Janesville, Wisconsin. It is approximately 15 miles north of the Illinois border. A one hundred mile drive to the southeast will get you to Chicago, IL; as a 75 mile drive to the northeast will get you to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has been a very long winter up here, with lots of ice and snow and below zero temperatures. It is 29 degrees F here right now; although we got a “glimpse of spring” last week when there were a couple of days in the 40 degree F range. Janesville is known as “Wisconsin’s Park Place”, with over 64 parks within a 10-15 mile radius. http://www.janesvillecvb.com/news/p/item/1086

    That was the one thing that I really missed when I lived in the Houston Metro. area.

    But, our winter temperatures are basically the “extreme opposite” of Houston summers; so I was blessed that I was a teacher, and could visit my parents during part of the summers. (I lived in Houston from August 1995 to June 2004).

    BUT, I sure miss my sweet Bible teacher, Miss Beth each semester !

    In Christ’s Love, Jennifer

  26. 776
    Jen says:

    Colorado Springs, CO. This time of year tends to be our most schizophrenic. Two days ago it was in the mid 50’s and I noticed my tulips starting push up through the earth. Yesterday we got 8 inches of snow in my neighborhood. I do so love seeing the snow on the mountains and the amazing beauty that surrounds me every day

  27. 777
    Diana says:

    Hello from East Peoria, Illinois…we are in central Illinois along the Illinois River, kind of halfway thro the state on Interstate 74. We have hills, valleys, and bluffs overlooking the river. We get to enjoy all four seasons here which I enjoy. We had a very cold, snowy winter. And now, if you look real closely now some trees are beginning to bud and the daffodils are starting to peek thro the ground. Spring is coming.

  28. 778
    Linda Mosbo says:

    Beth I am from Rochester, MN where we got 3″ of snow last week. You will be in Mpls next week end for a conference and my study group and I will be there too. Thanks for your studies, love of God and people. We love you. We are covering you in prayers. Linda

  29. 779
    Jayme says:

    On the Coast of NC, in the rural, quiet, one road town of Stumpy Point, NC. Just a stone throw mainland of Hatteras NC.

  30. 780
    Teri Beamer says:

    I’m in Wellington, Ks, the wheat capitol of the world. The wheat is coming up beautiful & green. Today is a little cool but we’re being blessed with some much needed rain. We have a 2 year old pear tree in the front yard that looks beautiful all budded out.

  31. 781
    Joyce Kalous says:

    The sun is shining brightly today and this week looks more like spring. I have been enjoying the birds at my feeder on my deck. I see the bright hues of cardinals, yellow goldfinch are losing their yellow gray shades and will soon be as bright as the sun. The red bellied and Downy woodpeckers scamper up and down the deck posts and the mockingbird selfishly chases others away. The chickadee is my aging mother’s favorite so I love them too. A tufted titmouse and house finish visit as well.
    However, I long for my quiet moments of sitting on my deck and being blessed with the sight and sound of darting and chattering of hummingbirds. I felt last summer that they represented the presence of God with me because they so often appeared when I was needing reassurance on something. It seemed that all summer long He made is presence visible to me thorugh them. would love to have you sitting on my deck with me. Oh the things we would talk about.
    God continue to bless you abundantly Beth!!!

  32. 782
    Kimberly says:

    Well, right now I’m on the tenth floor of a hospital in Nashville, TN. I can see and hear the life flight helicopters coming in and going out. It’s pretty to watch the sun rise and fall against the reflections of the buildings.

  33. 783
    Joni Leahy says:

    This has been a wild and wacky winter into spring here in Littleton, CO. If we went for a walk, it might rain, snow or be quite windy. the sun might shine and have some of the bluest skies you have ever seen.

    I’m waiting on the Lord during this season. In this waiting He is showing me his tender mercy, unfailing love and become my fortress in a great storm. My pastor shared that in the waiting Jesus brings greater grace, wisdom and wonder. I am confident of this, I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. AMEN!!

    I am “ruined for Him”…Joni

  34. 784
    Kristy says:

    Deep South of Louisiana…. Getting warmer and muggier already. We go from 0-60 here, no in between it seems. This week it’s been rainy, foggy, thick with gnats and a few mosquitoes already….I would take cold over hot anyday!

  35. 785
    Deborah Galloway says:

    Ooh Beth, I feel so much like that myself. I serve in a drug and alcohol treatment facility here and the sweet Lord has taught me it is about Him and not tradition.
    I live in Jasper, a small town just north of Atlanta, at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountain range. Spring steps out and retreats but its just about ready to stay.

  36. 786
    Gwen says:

    Hello, from sunny Carmichael, California! Do you remember the old western, The Big Valley? Beth, you are going to be here in June (Stockton)! We are located at the north end of the valley where some fruit/nut or vegetable is growing year round. An avid gardener, I have sugar snap peas and lettuce ready for picking in my garden already. Iris are in bloom, but what sets my heart to fluttering is the snowball bush about to burst forth. It has grown to almost six foot from the cutting that mom brought me from my native Oklahoma. As a child, my younger brother and I used to stand under the one at our granddad’s house and shake it to make it “snow” on us. Sweetest of all are the citrus trees that are perfuming the area around the state capital. All this makes our apiary (honey bees) very happy! A group of 20 women at our congregation just started your Esther study on Sunday. : )

  37. 787
    Bubby x says:

    Miss Beth,
    I cant begin to tell you how much I love and treasure you. I thank God for you always!
    I was blessed once again to hear you at Colour Conference 2 and walked away from there knowing in the deepest pit of my soul, that I am “NOT HAD” and that I have a tambourine that needs to be pulled out of its suitcase and used for PRAISE. Thank you, AGAIN, for your love for the word and the Lord, it is contagious.
    Right now Im at my home in Sydney, around 15 km from Sydney airport and outside my window I see grey clouds but no sign of rain and there is a distinct chill in the air, winter is firmly making its way through the Autumn (fall) months. The trees are losing their life but the birds are still making sweet sounds. Today, is a great day for getting snug in bed with a hot drink and spending time in the word. These really are my favourite days. I love you Miss Beth, have a beautiful day x

  38. 788
    WendyBrz says:

    So late to the party!
    Home is where the Army sends us – right now in Fort Belvoir, VA near DC – where as I play tourist amongst magnificent buildings all over the capital, I marvel at the history of our country and see such evidence of how God was so central to its formation and growth!
    Love reading all about our beautiful Siestas.

  39. 789
    Jenny Day Austin says:

    I live in NOLA ~ a city that you can’t help but love but sometimes drives you absolutely nuts. I love the diversity, the food, the music and the way we celebrate life ~ i am less a fan of the hot summers, roads full of potholes and some parts of our community that are ravaged with crime and no hope

  40. 790
    Teri says:

    Checking in from Washington DC where the pink and white cherry blossoms are trying mightily to break through, but the rain and chill have backed up their schedule a bit. Hoping they’ll appear in all their gorgeousness this week with the promise of a few sunny days not unlike God’s promises to us of better days during hard times.

  41. 791
    Lisa Braun says:

    I am here in that beautiful land of the living skies in Saskatchewan! I LOVED seeing that comment about SK in your blog cause I’m most certain I know that lovely woman who lives up in those back woods of SK where they still have all the snow. We still have a bit left but hopefully after this week, the most of it will be gone!! 🙂 We went through a very cold winter and I am really looking forward to the Spring! I totally enjoyed these two blogs you shared and especially the one of your walk through the woods. Thanks so much for sharing that with us and being so personable and relatable. God bless you sister! ♥

  42. 792
    Faye Horton says:

    Here in Clinton, MS, the spring has come like a bouncing ball, warm & sunny a few days, cold and rainy the next few. Bradford pears are beautifully white along with red bud and Japanese magnolias. Azaleas are opening up in a miriad of colors. Jonquils and daffodils were beautiful, but gone now. A car load of my Bible Study ladies look forward to seeing you in Biloxi, MS, in June. We already feel we know you because we have done so many of your studies. Hopefully we will do your new one in May. God gave you many gifts, among them the ability to speak to each one as if we were sharing a cup of tea together.
    God bless! Faye Horton

  43. 793
    Cathy R says:

    HOW FUN! We are just back from a week spent in Houston where we lived for 25yrs before moving to Orofino, ID in 2004. We hadn’t been back for ten years and to say the least, the massive growth was a huge shock to us! We were looking forward to some wonderful spring weather ~ sunny and 70’s but not so this time ~ rainy and 50-60’s. OH well, WE LOVE north-central Idaho ~ the LORD blessed us with our own hill and the 4 seasons are delightful! THANK YOU JESUS! OH the best part, there are no harmful snakes on our side of the lake! That’s the best THANK YOU JESUS! Our Bible study group just finished JAMES and we thank you Beth for being JESUS’ faithful servant! OUR GOD is an awesome God! Blessings, Cathy

  44. 794
    Carrie VomSteeg says:

    White girl in BAJA, MEXICO here… unconventional missionaries for eight years now, with no desire to head back north. 🙂 Yes, we own a hammock… no, we don’t eat tacos, beans or rice every day… and yes, I’m in a group with a bunch of other GRINGAS doing Beth’s bible studies. In the heart of wine country, surrounded by cattle, horses, sheep and goats, it’s way too hot for April, so we head west for 18 miles and hit the beach. Sometimes stressed but mostly blessed, we’re lovin’ life south of the border! Legit salsa, anyone?
    P.S. God speaks Spanish, too. 🙂

  45. 795
    Hidy says:

    A little late but here goes….checking in from Peachtree City, Georgia but originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I met you over 10 years ago through the TV screen at a new Bible study and we’ve been “close friends” ever since, more like “siestas” 😉 . Here in my “neck of the woods” is spring in full swing. Everything is covered under a blanket of green pollen! Azaleas, dogwoods and all kinds of flowers are blooming. Skies are blue and weather in the low 70’s. If you ever come my way, our walk through the woods will be more like a ride in a golfcarts through one of the most unique sceneries you will ever experience. Our entire town is connected through miles of golfcarts paths. Very relaxing and fun! Come and visit us!

  46. 796
    Lori says:

    It’s hot season in Thailand! The mangos are ripe and so delicious with some coconutty sticky rice. Thai New Years is next week and we will gear up for extreme water warfare. The rice fields are ready for harvest and we only pray that The Lord of the harvest will work in the hearts of our people to prepare them for His great Love.

  47. 797
    Becky B. says:

    Earlier this morning I sat listening to the birds sing as the day was breaking here deep in Alabama. If I look out my back door I can watch the birds having their breakfast and I can almost watch the trees that were bare just a few weeks ago sprout their new leaves. The long needle pine tress are heavy with pollen but the rain the past couple of days have helped with that problem. My parents live right next door. As they are starting to show their years a bit it’s fun to “holler” over the fence at one another, asking did you see that humming bird or do you have an onion I can borrow. As you can tell I live a pretty calm life and for that I am thankful. Later this evening my husband and I will walk along trails in a near by park, watching the water wheel whirl around pulling water up from the small lake as we walk our sweet dog Ginger around. I could just go on and on because God has provided us with so much to see each day and I am thankful.

  48. 798
    Kim says:

    Checking in late!

    Originally from California but now living in California, MD. I moved from a town in the high desert east of San Diego to a town in the woods near DC and couldn’t be happier. We’ve got flowers everywhere–poking up from the ground and in the trees. It’s an absolutely beautiful sight. For the first time in my life I’ve begun to experience four seasons and what a joy it’s been. The Lord certainly created an interesting and picturesque world for us to live in (and we’re not even in the garden–can you imagine what that was like?)

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