My Soul Knows

Hey, my beloved sisters! I have you on my mind right now, wondering how you are and what God is presently sowing into your path. I’ve been writing to you steadily through Children of the Day but today I found myself longing for real-time interaction. I’ve been thinking about a verse that I’ve known and loved a very long time. I like it in almost any version but it’s by far the most gorgeous in the King James.


I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Marvelous are Your works,
    And that my soul knows very well.

     Psalm 139:14 NKJV

It’s the last line that I love so much. Life is hard and all our unanswered questions and unsolvable mysteries can make us feel like we’re getting sucked further and further into a black hole. We can come to the conclusion that there is really very little that we can know and, for the most part, we earthlings are victims of gravity, the soles of our feet stuck to the dirt and growing more callous by the day. Depression runs particularly rampant this time of year and darkness can be even darker for children of light. We know it’s not where we belong but we don’t always know how to crack the door to the sunshine.

We’re going to give that a shot today.

My challenge to you in the midst of all our questions is to behold what we each – individually, not corporately – really do know all the way into the dark folds of our souls. Here’s the 2-part assignment:


1. Complete this sentence: Right now I don’t have any idea… (pick only one thing, the thing that you find most confusing right now or most removed from your knowledgeable reach).


2. But these things my soul knows very well: (Write 5 things you know – really, really know – even in the black of night, even when you don’t feel well, even amid your thousands of other questions. Don’t just come up with 5 things by rote because you know they’re the right things to say and they’d be the top 5 priority pieces of information for people of our faith. What 5 things make the most difference to you right now in your circumstances?? What does your soul know very well? 5 things, Sweet Things. Don’t copy anybody else’s answers. Don’t even read anyone else’s list until you leave your comment. This is not about their relationship with your God. This is about yours. In a world of wondering, what do you know, Sister? Resist being predictable. Think about it. Don’t say it if you don’t know it to your core. For instance, don’t say, “I know God loves me” if the truth is that you doubt it every single day. Say what you know.


And those things will bridge your faith over to what you don’t.


I love you so much.


506 Responses to “My Soul Knows”

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  1. 351
    steph says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea what the future holds beyond this coming May.

    My soul knows very well,

    1) Who holds my future.
    2) that He makes EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.
    3) that Elohim has carved my name into the palm of His hand.
    4) no act of obedience is ever wasted before El Roi.
    5) that I am alive for such a time as this!

  2. 352
    Suzy says:

    I don’t know if my husband will become a believer in Christ.

    I know it is God’s will that he be saved.
    I know I have to have the faith that he will be saved.
    I know that I am not a good witness to him.
    I know that the Holy Spirit lives within me.
    I know I am loved.

    • 352.1
      Bettie says:

      I waited for 15 years after I got saved for my husband to come to Christ. The Lord gave me 1 Peter 3:1 soon after I got saved and I knew at that time that I was not a submissive wife. However, the Lord changed me little by little because I clung to that verse. Don’t give up. God works in His timing. Blessings to you!

  3. 353
    Shannon says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea….what in the world I’m doing; like I’m playing dressup in somebody else’s life and I am clueless how God will once and for all change the inner, secret places to match the outside image.

    I really, truly know:
    1. God used my heartbreak to save my life, and he can do it again if necessary.
    2. There is hope until the last breath.
    3. God brought my family together for a reason.
    4. God’s timing is always better and more fun than mine.
    5. God will show up in the deepest, darkest pain, and walk it with me.

  4. 354

    Right now I don’t have any idea why God allows such suffering, and what my part is *in it all* for peace and healing.

    What I know for sure…
    1. I am not lost…but my heart wanders.
    2. I struggle with fear but He is the Author of my future…yet I am still afraid.
    3. I am tired of christians attacking one another. I am tired of the gender debate.
    4. “It is Well with My Soul” is my favorite hymn right now and I think it’s because it’s more of a plea than a statment.
    5. Jesus Christ has sealed my soul, this I know full well. I have hung everything else on this cornerstone.

    (Geez I hope that wasn’t too depressing! I’m actually not very sad but just thought I’d be honest on here with my sisters…)

    Love to you all in Christ,

  5. 355
    J says:

    I don’t have a clue whether the Christian should be happy, or at least happier than the non-Christian. God’s refining fire is often hot and painful (at least for me!) and it is hard to be happy when you are in pain. If we are supposed to be happy for our witness or whatever, how on God’s green earth do we get there?

    Which leads me to what I know:
    1. Ultimately God cares more about developing our character than ensuring us a pain free life.

    2. Jesus does not treat us as our sins deserve. Even if it feels he does, he doesn’t. He is gracious.

    3. Jesus died on the cross for my sin. It is a historical fact that happened in real time.

    4. When I think I am better to my children than God is to me I remember that Jesus’ goodness is ultimately seen in his death for me. I have not died for my children and he has died for me, so, yes, self, Jesus is better to you than you are to your children. And he loves you more than you love them.

    5. When you become God’s child you never cease being his child, no matter how far you stray. It’s like the prodigal son, he ALWAYS welcomes you back. He does not forsake you.

    6. Can I add one more? The life of victory rests in the mind. And the devil in my opinion loves to attack the mind. So memorizing scripture and letting the word dwell in you richly is critical. (I know this but I don’t do it!) maybe this answers my big question! Perhaps happiness is just victory of a mind saturated with Jesus and his word. Anyone have insight here?

    Anyone genuinely happy in this life even though it is hard? How did you get there????? Especially with the reality of death chasing you very quickly? And the reality that everything good in life is bittersweet – it does not last. Y’all life is hard, but there has to be hope for the Christian in this life. Eternal life yes. But what about IN this life?

    • 355.1
      Alyssa says:

      Dear J,
      I am not sure if I am “happier” exactly than I was, but I have more peace. I highly recommend the book one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is truly transformational

    • 355.2
      Andrea Henley says:

      In response to your number 6: I think there’s a difference between happiness and peace. Happiness is an emotion, but peace is a state of being that endures bc it’s anchored in God. Peace is the goal; happiness is part of the ride.

    • 355.3
      Tanya says:

      Hey–I don’t know about happy like bubbly chippity chirpy happy. I’m not that. But I am certainly happy. And yes the mind is huge. Memorize scripture or if you are like me dwell on it. I don’t quote but I know and it’s on my mind. And when I’m saturated by the word of God in a way that reaches soul level–makes it real and renews my confidence which is a constant deal!!–then I am much happier than when I don’t. And I can say for me that when I am not happy it’s obvious. It’s just not as obvious that I am happy when I am. I’m just calm then.

    • 355.4
      Cindy says:

      I think we must differentiate between happiness and joy. We can have a deep down joy all the time and it is recognizable on the outside. I like your statement:”Perhaps happiness is just victory of a mind saturated with Jesus and his word.” Yes! I get down at times, but I guess I am genuinely happy in this life in spite of difficulties. This come from my relationship with Jesus! He is good – all the time. His love for us is great and deep, and we can count on Him – He is faithful. Praise Him! God bless you richly! Let’s get some more of His living, life-giving Word in us! 🙂

  6. 356
    JoAnn Janik says:

    1. Right now I don’t have any idea what lead my adult son to make the choices he has made and be influenced so easily (not in a good way).

    2. But these things my soul knows very well:
    a. There is a spiritual warfare going on.
    b. God is in control.
    c. Jesus wins.
    d. Prayer is the best thing I can do.
    e. In the end, it’s all about giving God the glory.

  7. 357
    mom of grown up says:

    Right not I don’t have any idea how to overcome sadness, bitterness, brokenness, loneliness, to be filled with joy and love and peace and just let go and let God, to break every family bad pattern, and set a Godly pattern in my family, to allow my children and whoever they date feel love and joy from me and me not to judge or be bitter and hurt and angry… I want to be free and filled with his love and joy and peace but I cant seem to find the way

    But my soul knows very well:

    1) God can hear my cry
    2) God will always be there
    3) God does not want me to carry these burdens
    4) He wants me to be a vessel of His love
    5) He loves me

  8. 358
    Kim says:

    1. I am very confused about Mediums right now. How/Why they lure so many people into there web? And praying for a friend.

    2. (1) I know “God is here” with me in this place. I can’t wait to share my Rock story with you face to face. My rock is God’s tangible way of saying I am your Rock and what an amazing reminder for my kids, too. Wow! God is here!
    (2) That the dance I want is God’s dance. I want to follow his lead and I know that takes practice like any great dancer. I know this will be so much more eloquent than the dance I choreograph on my own.
    (3) Holy Spirit is my muse. I just wrote a piece for my blog and when I re-read it I thought. Who wrote that? I pray God will touch someone through those words. God is here!
    (4) God is holding back the Jordan for me right now. I can just sense something huge happening. I am excited and scared. I don’t want to be left standing in the wake … I want to run across to the other side (with my Rock of course!).
    (5) God knows exactly where I am. Even when I have no idea why I am here, what I am suppose to do or say, I know God isn’t wondering what I am doing here at all.

  9. 359
    Mary Ellen Hale says:

    Right now, I don’t have any idea if my son will ever come to love the Lord and want to be involved with our family. But this my soul knows full well: God loves him even more than I do (and that’s a lot!), God is good and has a purpose in all matters, God hears my cries and prayers, NO one is outside of God’s saving reach, and God’s will is that NONE should perish without Him. All praise and honor and glory to our Father, the Creator of all good things!

  10. 360
    Jennifer T says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea what either ‘home’ or ‘school’ will look like even next September!

    But my soul knows VERY well:
    1) Our family is smack-dab-in-the-middle of where God wants us this year as we home school. Again.
    2) God way is wilder and better than anything I can guess or imagine.
    3) God is ABLE to(and often does to His great glory and out of His great mercy) make lemonade out of the lemons I serve my family daily.
    4) HE IS WORKING FOR MY GOOD right now – actively – intimately.
    5) His WORD is living, active, and the most important thing any of us Tricaricos could ever, ever, ever study. Ever. It is our life.

  11. 361
    Lisa Curtis says:

    Right now I do not know how much longer I can handle being involved in a family business with my brothers and I owners and my husband and son employees nor do I know what I would do without it.
    I know for sure……
    My husband loves me more than I can ever love him.
    I did the best I could as a mother raising our children.
    I do enjoy my grandchildren.
    I know for certain Satan is making me question my faith.
    I know I should know for sure God is who He says He is.

  12. 362
    Lori says:

    I KNOW i am chosen;
    I KNOW my life changed when I got saved;
    I KNOW agape love is the single thing that will change a person;
    I KNOW I’m a sinner saved by grace for God’s work;
    I KNOW we all need one another. People need people.

  13. 363
    Stephanie Solomon says:

    I don’t have any idea why my strong Catholic Christians sisters believe in purgatory and the praying of their souls for release. I have searched the Bible for such evidence and can’t find the place they believe in. I’m Catholic and am struggling with this belief because of my new birth in Christ. I know I’m still a sinner and always need cleansed of my unrighteousness and need to always repent of the ways & words that are not like Jesus but I don’t believe I will go to purgatory. Jesus already paid the price.
    1. My soul knows very well Jesus gives many chances to finally get it right.
    2. He is extremely patient.
    3. He cares about every detail of my of my life, big & small.
    4. He disciplines in a very loving and tender way to help me become more like Him.
    5. He loves me like a father & mother loves their children. There is nothing I can do that would change is love for me.

  14. 364
    Amy says:

    Right now I don’t know why a seemingly God honoring dating relationship ended so abruptly and terribly, leaving me very broken and bruised.

    But my soul knows this very well:
    1. He sees the big picture
    2. He makes all things work together for my good and his glory
    3. He delights in obedience
    4. His mercies are new every morning
    5. Never once have I ever walked alone. He hems me in behind and before.

  15. 365
    Susan J says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea what’s wrong with me(health), and I’m afraid.
    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1) God loves me
    2) God is always with me
    3) I am more than a conqueror
    4) God works ALL things together for good for those who love Him – I DO!!
    5) God is in control and He will use me in this time for His glory.

    Praise Him!!

  16. 366
    Deborah says:

    Right now I do not have any idea how I will complete the task of writing assigned to me or the overall destiny that THE LORD has for me.
    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1. To LOVE the LORD with all I am and love my neighbor as myself is most important in my life yet I don’t always know how to do this in practical ways daily.
    2.CHRIST JESUS overcame the world at the CROSS and I must make WHAT CHRIST DID ALL IMPORTANT PRIORITY in my life, writings, testimonies…, boasting ON CHRIST and HIS FINISHED WORK and MERCY!
    3. FAITH /Believing GOD pleases The LORD and is key to doing God’s Will. Faith comes from hearing The WORD.
    3. satan and his minions, even having used people to do his evil, have and are after my (and others) faith,joy and destiny (destinies)_but the LORD means it for good, in order to bring about saving many people. Gen 50:20. I have been under heavy warfare, even like a death sentence as Paul said in 2 Cor 1:8-12) for so long and it has been so hard that I am convinced that I must persevere and obey the LORD and surrender to His Spirit to do what I can’t do but HE can and BELIEVE HE WILL DO WHAT PLEASES HIM in my life and trust Him for the results. GOD raises the Dead! Acts 26:8 Psalm 126…REV 12:11 must be lived out!
    5. If we loved people as Christ loved them many would want to know Christ and accept the GOSPEL as it is the power of GOD to salvation….God is LOVE and Jesus came to save His people from their sins and JESUS is our salvation!

  17. 367
    Ramona says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea why some people have to suffer so much… over and over.

    But my soul knows very well:
    1. God loves me unconditionally.
    2. I can do all things through Him Who gives me strength.
    3. God listens to me, wherever I am.
    4. It is good to laugh.
    5. Jesus is the salve for my pain. The Peace that passes all understanding.

  18. 368
    Heather D. says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea why I am in this place & season.

    But my soul knows very well:
    1. God hears my prayers and my heart.
    2. I am loved more deeply and wholly than I understand.
    3. Hope never disappoints. (Romans 5:5)
    4. I will see Jesus.
    5. I have purpose.

  19. 369
    Molly says:

    1. Right now I don’t have any idea…how to start in faith what I know GOD has in me to do.

    2. But these things my soul knows very well:

    That He is in control
    THis is not a problem
    He sees me
    He is changing me and bringing me to the right motive
    That I can trust HIM. And that without HIM, its not what its supposed to be.

  20. 370
    Ali says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea where my servant heart is going to end up serving. I enjoy the ministries I am involved in, I pour my heart into them, however I can’t help but feel like I have more to give but can’t because of time hindrances and obligations that come with being a working mother with a husband and two small children. I struggle with “why does God give me the desire to serve in ministry if I’m not able to?” This can be very frustrating and even depressing. Am I being too prideful, greedy, or anxious? I don’t have any idea.
    1) I know that God will supply me with my needs, even if my true needs don’t equal what I think my needs are.
    2) I know that God has divinely interfered with my life, making a way when there seemed to be no way.
    3) I know that God doesn’t want me to be lazy or inactive, but He wants me to pursue after Him and His purpose for my life wherever I happen to be on my life’s journey.
    4) I know that I am blessed to be entrusted with the two little lives I call my sons, and that it is my responsibility to raise them the best way possible, teaching them not just good ways, but God’s ways and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman.
    5) I know I am a sinner, saved by grace, through the love of God via Jesus Christ, His only begotten son, who lived a perfect life, gave Himself as a sacrifice for my sin, rose again to sit on the right side of my Heavenly father, and one day will allow me to be with Him eternally.

  21. 371
    Christi says:

    1. I know that God is with me and that I shall fear no evil.
    2. I know that God is for me and my family.
    3. I know that God is faithful.
    4. I know that God has my future figured it and I can let go of control.
    5. I know that God has called me to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captive free.

  22. 372
    Rebecca says:

    1. God knows the outcome to every situation and even though I want to know what the future holds, I don’t have to know because He has it under control

    2. God is faithful to me!!!!!

    3. I am His child and He will never turn away from me so I will not fear the future

    4. God is complete and everlasting LOVE. When I don’t feel loved by those around me, God LOVES me. When I don’t feel desired by those around me, God DESIRES me. God pursues me….every single day!!!! Now, that is LOVE!

    5. In a world of chaos, confusion and ever changing…my God is consistent. He is the ROCK that I can firmly stand and KNOW that He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  23. 373
    Christi says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea of what God wants me to be do be doing with my time after I quit my current job on December 31st.

    1. I know that God is with me and that I shall fear no evil.
    2. I know that God is for me and my family.
    3. I know that God is faithful.
    4. I know that God has my future figured out and I can let go of control.
    5. I know that God has called me to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captive free.

  24. 374
    AnnaSue Spohn says:

    What my future holds as I grow older is the one thing I do not know

    5 things I am sure of:
    God will provide all things that I need

    My husband loves me sacrificially

    God will hold me in whatever circumstances I find myself

    A thankful heart will move me from any adverse situation in my mind and heart

    God can and will change me day by day for His glory and my good

  25. 375
    Val in KY says:

    Right now, I have no idea why my BFF has stage 4 cancer.
    But my soul knows:
    1. I can come to Him with my anger and He will listen.
    2. I can come to Him and cry and He will comfort me.
    3. I can ask Him why it seems He is silent.
    4. I can be thankful He is Sovereign.
    5. I can be thankful for each day He lets me hug and kiss her.

  26. 376
    marcy says:

    thanks for saying i love you so much. haven’t heard a person say that to me outside of my immediate family, in decades. thank you. i will have one thing to think on, to remind my soul to absorb, I know God loves me.

  27. 377
    Pam says:

    I don’t know why God is allowing a forced change in my job situation.

    1. I know that God is allowing this for a reason
    2. I know that He can do immeasurably more than I can think of or think to ask.
    3. I know if I seek Him I will find Him.
    4. I know He would say “Do not be afraid….”
    5. I know He is for me not against me.

  28. 378
    Richelle says:

    Right now I have no idea when I might stop crying over my mother’s death.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1. God speaks to me.
    2. God knows what He is doing.
    3. God is alive and active in me.
    4. My family, friends, and students need me to fulfill my purpose.
    5. The signs God has recently presented before me are no coincidence.

    • 378.1
      Shannon B. says:

      My heart just aches for you! You WILL stop crying. Your heart will start to heal. God will work it out in HIS time and HIS healing is the best there is. I am at year nine of being without my Mom, who was my best friend, and there are days that I miss her so much I HAVE to cry, but mostly, I just rest in the knowledge that she will never cry again, that she isn’t in pain, and that she is with JESUS. And I WILL see her again. The holidays are hard, but just pray for God’s peace and then go do something for someone else. It really is the best medicine. You might cry while you do it… but do it anyway. It WILL get better. Promise.

  29. 379
    Ruth says:

    Jesus loves me this I know (a song I’ve sung in the darkest night)
    The sun will rise tomorrow
    God IS good
    People need God (Jesus)
    God &His son Jesus are more than I can ever comprehend.

  30. 380
    Jennifer says:

    5 things I do know:
    God will suprise you and refresh you if you call out, cry out to him with your honest and most gut-wrenching problems. He has amazed me time and time again when I give him the full truth about my fears. He truly is able.

    I also know that my moods don’t have to ruin me if I try to turn to God, exercise, just breath, or do anything I can think of to nurture myself and don’t be so hard on myself…the song by Amy Grant: Don’t Try So Hard is a great reminder.

    I do know somewhere deep in my soul that “he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it…” I think this is in Phillipians. If Jesus were going to give up on us ever, it would have been on the way to the cross.

    I do know that without Christ this world will eat you up piece by piece if you keep trying to be somebody apart from him. He said we can do nothing apart from him…and if you want to live a meaningful and beautiful adventure, then trusting him is a necessity. And a beautiful gift.

    I do know that this life is HARD!!! But God, if you search for him with ALL YOUR HEART, will hear you, take compassion on you and give you the desires of your heart if you will let him. THis does not mean it is easy, just VERY WORTH IT.

  31. 381
    Lynn Walters says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea why I am a widow. Why is this my present situation? BUT THESE THINGS MY SOUL KNOWS VERY WELL: 1)I miss my husband 2)My God loves me, I know beyond any shadow of doubt….He has shown me over & over this past year 3)I am blessed with a loving family 4)I have been provided “for such a time as this” 5)My future is secure whether here or on heaven. May we all be able to see the positives in our lives….Love to all, Lynn

  32. 382
    Michelle Bahret says:

    1) Right now I have no idea how to navigate the process of re-establishing my feet in the counseling field after a 2 year hiatus battling cancer.

    2.) These things I know very well-

    I know that I can trust in the leading of my Shepherd. He knows the way.

    I know that one day at a time is always best.

    I know that I can look up at the starry night and feel the wonder of God. He’s in control of the Universe.

    I know that God is very interested in the small details of my life, and that always brings me comfort.

    I know that God is always with me. He never leaves me. He is faithful.

  33. 383
    Angel Varney says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea where we will have a house and a church home in the coming year.

    But these things I do know RIGHT WELL 🙂
    1) My faith made my life complete and full of purpose seven years ago. I’ve never gotten over and never will.

    2) My husband and I are fully committed and in a better place than we’ve ever been.

    3) I have two precious and healthy child gifts from God that I am so so thankful for.

    4) God is moving in our lives-He makes me aware of Him and His holy work nearly every day.

    5) He’s brought us a LONG WAY already. And for that I am thankful.

  34. 384
    Andrea Henley says:

    Right now I don’t know calculus. I just don’t have time to go back to college!

    5 things I know:
    1- If I don’t participate in Bible study, I fall. Usually it’s a sneaky fall right off what should’ve been an obvious cliff.
    2- I have been blessed beyond what I deserve. Mean that.
    3- My husband needs encouragement.
    4- Time spent in prayer by a crib is good stuff.
    5- Managing money bores me, but it is well worth the time.

  35. 385
    Andrea Henley says:

    I totally goofed part one of the assignment. Redo.

    Right now I don’t have any idea why in law relationships have to be so strained. Not. Fun.

  36. 386
    Pat W says:

    1. dont know how i gonna make it through this fearsome storm of fear i am in.
    2. do know that god helped me by not dumping ton of snow here. do know that god helped put little truck back on the road. do know that god knew that i really needed to hear from friend that i matter to them as a presence in their life. do know that god loves little animals and brings them to me for me to give them warmth and food and shelter and they give me purrs and fur and warm hearts. do know that as long as sun-sets then god has blessed the day and brought closure to it and as long as the sun-rises then god has awakened the night and has not yet left me behind.

  37. 387
    Beth says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea…….what in the WORLD God is about to lead me into.

    But these things my soul knows very well……that…
    1)..Wherever we are going it’s gonna be GOOD!
    2)..He has told me to remember the whole way that the LORD my God has led me.
    3)..ALL things are possible for Him who believes.
    4)..In Christ Alone I am saved.(technically #1, not#4)
    5)..My promised land is about to be revealed. GLORY to GOD!!
    Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One!

  38. 388
    Ellen says:

    Right now, I don’t have any idea where God is leading me to do Women’s Ministry.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    * God will show me the path to take
    * God knows the plans He has for me
    * God will open doors that need to be opened and close doors that need to be closed
    *God has began a good work in me and He will carry it on to completion
    *God’s timing is perfect (be patient and faithful in prayer during the wait)

  39. 389
    Deborah says:

    adding to post of yesterday….5: if we LOVED AND FORGAVE AS CHRIST DOES we would represent Him more accurately and people would want CHRIST!

  40. 390
    Emily says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how long this intense season of refining that I am in will last. But these things my soul knows very well:

    I need Jesus so desperately.
    God’s love is steadfast and sure.
    God’s mercies are new every morning.
    His grace is more than sufficient for me.
    He knows my heart.

  41. 391
    Susan says:

    Right now, I don’t have any idea how my son will find his way back to God and to God’s purposes for his life.
    But these things my soul knows very well
    1 that God has not forgotten nor forsaken him
    2 that God loves him infinitely more than I do or am capable of
    3 that God has a plan and a purpose to do him good and not harm
    4 that God knit him together in the womb and all his days were ordained before he breathed his first breath
    5 that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called to His purpose. AMEN

  42. 392
    Allison Ashton says:

    1. Complete this sentence: Right now I don’t have any idea…
    How much God loves me.

    What I think I know or seem to know in the darkness of my soul.
    1. Know that He has spoken to me very personally, when I was alone w/o anyeone around.
    2. Frightened out of my mind of His love for me.
    3. Know that I am obstinate, disconnected.
    4. Blown away that He would call me.
    5. Feel mechanical and not relational.

  43. 393
    Deborah says:

    RIGHT NOW…I don’t have any idea HOW to fix my worklist/feelings of drowning over my worklist, at work.

    BUT these things I know:
    1) my parents love me very much
    2) I have lots of ability
    3) He is near
    4) I can always go home
    5) This time is for me – making room – for what is to come

  44. 394
    Gretchen says:

    Right now, I have no idea if I’m going to make it through this incredibly long, dark season.

    I know very well that God has never, ever bailed on me.
    I know very well that God Himself sees me and what I’m going through.
    I know very well that God Himself promises that all things work together for good to those that love Him and who have been called for His purposes.
    I know very well that someday, I will understand what all this suffering has been about.
    I know very well that someday, I will see Him face to face and tell Him that it has all been worth it.

  45. 395
    Shannon B. says:

    I have absolutely no idea what God is doing with my future. My marriage has fallen apart and my husband actively tells me and shows me that he no longer loves me and hasn’t in years, but he wants me to make things look good to the outside world, especially our children. He flirts with a much younger woman right in front of me at my son’s basketball games. He knows what I am to do scripturally and throws it in my face and tests me with it and jumps on me as soon as I miss the mark in any way. I struggle with Why, and how long, and question God every day about the purpose and direction of what he is doing. He never answers those questions. All I know is to keep looking at God every single second and obey. A lot of the time I obey like a willful child that is fighting it all the way, but follow I will. I love my Jesus too much to not obey.

    Now for the things I DO know!

    I KNOW that my Jesus loves me. Really LOVES me. He goes before me. He has me, he’s fought- and is fighting for me, he prays for me, he looks on my with more love that I will ever understand, he desires me, he values me, and he longs for me. I am in the middle of a fierce spiritual battle right now and I know in the heavenlies not only are there angels fighting demons to protect me, but that Jesus is directing that army. Yeah, I totally get the reality of what is going on in the unseen. I believe it and I KNOW that my JESUS will not allow a hair on my head to be touched, and my trials, while being allowed, are monitored every single second by him.

    I KNOW that God values MY faith. It is all tattered and worn out and messy and has holes and in general isn’t anything I would think he would ever want or use. BUT GOD tells me in 1 Peter 1:7-8 that my faith is worth more to him than refined gold. My ugly, dysfunctional faith means everything to him. and because of that, I am filled with a “inexpressible and glorious joy”. And it is sooo true. Even in the middle of being sad, scared, worn out and stressed every day, I still KNOW this joy, and it gets me through with a smile at the end of the day.

    I KNOW that I am not alone. God has brought the most amazing women into my life, and I have always treasured them, but now, when they are crying with me, praying with me, holding me up, making me laugh, just LIVING this with me, I truly understand that friendship with godly people is the biggest most valuable gift he has given me short of the obvious things that I am not listing (salvation, grace, mercy, His written Word etc) in this list of things I KNOW.

    I KNOW that His Word is true and timely and as relevant to me as to the people that wrote it, and that HE, God, makes it move and grow and breathe life into me. I can’t tell you how many times since this whole thing with my husband came to a head that God has DELIGHTED to be extremely OBVIOUS about how HE is working his Word in my life. I have been left with my mouth hanging open a couple times. In the last couple months it has been so frequent that I am almost overwhelmed with the fact that he is so personally and intimately talking to me like this. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. I know it might not last forever, that he uses different things in different ways at different times. So I am just soaking in it and loving every second of it.

    I KNOW that God has used you in my life through this. Or, more specifically, your Bible Studies. When things started coming out almost a year ago, I was smack dab in the middle of the David study. Every night the homework was like God taking my hand and holding it tight while we walked through his will for me right at that moment. And now, when I am so lost as to how to proceed, he has brought me two friends who know I need to stay in God’s word. They asked me to start a study with them. I am now working through When Godly people do Ungodly things. I am on week three day 2 and you end it with a request for us to pray for someone that is caught in a web of seduction… my husband. So I did. And then your second request was to pray for you. so I did. With a thankful heart for your love and passion for Jesus. And then I thought, I will jump on the Siesta connection and leave a note that I had done so. And looky there, the post was about wanting to connect with us personally. Perfectly timed!

    Bonus: I was in Springfield, IL at the LPL event. I prayed over seats in several sections before the event started and I prayed for you and Travis and the entire team. While i was praying sound check started and I managed to block it out until Travis started singing one of my current favorites. So me and God had some really great together time up there in the nose bleeds. During the event I was completely washed in the spirit. I FINALLY really understand what that means because that is the ONLY way to describe what I felt. THEN, I had the almost unbearable honor of being an encourager and praying with those who asked. I knew it was going to happen because well, that’s just what God does, but one of the women that came to me is in almost the exact same situation in her marriage. THAT is God. I wish I could follow up with her, but I still pray for her. And finally, I will have you know when you had us flip to the book of Mark at the end of the last session, I was blown away by just WHO Mark was. I love you my sister. Even though you haven’t had a clue, you have been in the valley with me for some time, and you are constantly hugging me, encouraging me, teaching me and yes, sometimes kicking my booty about… all through the direction of the holy spirit, God’s loving timing, and the crazy-insane-amazing love of Jesus that we share.

    Those are the things I KNOW.

  46. 396
    Debbie says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea if we should pick up and move.
    These things my soul knows very well…
    1. God is in control.
    2. He knows what the outcome will be.
    3. He knows what’s best.
    4. He knows what He wants to accomplish.
    5. He loves us.

  47. 397
    Sandy says:

    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

  48. 398
    Anonymous says:

    Complete this sentence: Right now I don’t have any idea whether my marriage will survive the damage it suffered and be completely restored.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    I am not guilty and carry no blame because I was sexually abused by my pastor, it was not an affair and it was not my fault.
    I belong to God’s family as His precious daughter, dearly loved and righteous in His sight.
    God gave me to the world as a love gift, to be a blessing to others and to be treasured.
    I was created and gifted for a divine purpose.
    God will use the very things that hurt me to enable me to minister to others and so fulfil my purpose on earth and thus restore to me what was stolen by the enemy.

  49. 399

    Right now I don’t have any idea how the women’s ministry that God has laid on my heart will come to pass. But these things my soul knows well: God loves me more than everything I want (He told me so). God loves me so much, He wants to give me the world (He whispered that in my ear, too!). I am madly, deeply in love with God no matter what happens. He will meet me in the details of life (and He has!). He really is the best!


  50. 400
    Julie Ratcliff says:

    Julie- I don’t know what is going to happen in a certain relationship but this I know:1. God does know. 2. God is not shocked by things that are happening. 3. It’s over my head, but under His feet. 4. God can, even when He doesn’t. 5. I’m saved and that’s enough!

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