My Soul Knows

Hey, my beloved sisters! I have you on my mind right now, wondering how you are and what God is presently sowing into your path. I’ve been writing to you steadily through Children of the Day but today I found myself longing for real-time interaction. I’ve been thinking about a verse that I’ve known and loved a very long time. I like it in almost any version but it’s by far the most gorgeous in the King James.


I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Marvelous are Your works,
    And that my soul knows very well.

     Psalm 139:14 NKJV

It’s the last line that I love so much. Life is hard and all our unanswered questions and unsolvable mysteries can make us feel like we’re getting sucked further and further into a black hole. We can come to the conclusion that there is really very little that we can know and, for the most part, we earthlings are victims of gravity, the soles of our feet stuck to the dirt and growing more callous by the day. Depression runs particularly rampant this time of year and darkness can be even darker for children of light. We know it’s not where we belong but we don’t always know how to crack the door to the sunshine.

We’re going to give that a shot today.

My challenge to you in the midst of all our questions is to behold what we each – individually, not corporately – really do know all the way into the dark folds of our souls. Here’s the 2-part assignment:


1. Complete this sentence: Right now I don’t have any idea… (pick only one thing, the thing that you find most confusing right now or most removed from your knowledgeable reach).


2. But these things my soul knows very well: (Write 5 things you know – really, really know – even in the black of night, even when you don’t feel well, even amid your thousands of other questions. Don’t just come up with 5 things by rote because you know they’re the right things to say and they’d be the top 5 priority pieces of information for people of our faith. What 5 things make the most difference to you right now in your circumstances?? What does your soul know very well? 5 things, Sweet Things. Don’t copy anybody else’s answers. Don’t even read anyone else’s list until you leave your comment. This is not about their relationship with your God. This is about yours. In a world of wondering, what do you know, Sister? Resist being predictable. Think about it. Don’t say it if you don’t know it to your core. For instance, don’t say, “I know God loves me” if the truth is that you doubt it every single day. Say what you know.


And those things will bridge your faith over to what you don’t.


I love you so much.


506 Responses to “My Soul Knows”

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  1. 201
    Lora says:

    Right now I have no idea how I’ll birth my 7th baby, get through the holidays, and the rest of life without the familiar dysfunction/damage from family-of-origin.

    But these things my soul knows very well: I am and always was wanted by my Heavenly Father, His unconditional love for me will never let go, He delights in me just as I am, He longs to and loves to spend time with me, Jesus is more than enough for me.

  2. 202
    Beth says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea where this journey is going. I am out on a limb of faith and cannot see a thing. I am watching and waiting but I have no idea why the ‘wait’ and promise tarries.

    But this my soul knows:

    1. God is holding me
    2. He is up to something good
    3. He is stock piling reward for those who wait on Him
    4. Though the promise tarries … it will come to pass
    5. There is nothing that is too hard for Him! He rules over ALL.

  3. 203
    Beth says:

    P.S. …
    It will be a glorious unfolding! Get ready.
    (Steven Curtis Chapman – CD “The Glorious Unfolding”)

  4. 204
    Lynne from Olathe, KS says:

    1.) If I am truly a follower and disciple of Christ, a true child after His heart and His will – seeking only Him.

    2.1) I have allowed myself to become a slave to sin and only Christ in me can overcome that.
    2.2) No matter what, Yahweh will never leave me nor abandon me.
    2.3) God continues to make me more and more in the image of Christ, as He designed me to be. He will never stop helping, healing, changing, and purifying until Christ’s return or He calls me home.
    2.4) I was designed and lovingly crafted by God for a purpose and will remain on this earth until His plan for me is fulfilled.
    2.5) Yahweh, God our Father, the King of kings, our Lord and Savior knows the end from the beginning. Nothing is EVER out of His control, beyond His notice or surprising to Him – no matter how it seems or how we feel. Praise you, Lord!!!

  5. 205
    Allison M. says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea:
    …if God realizes how much he has blessed my life despite my with so-called ‘approval addiction’, self-confidence issues, along with a tendency toward self sabatoge because of choices I’ve made throughout my life.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1. Life is hard; life is not fair.
    2. Some problems seem insoluble. That is why he challenged people to do things that seemed impossible. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to his disciples: “You love those who love you. Well, congratulations. Anyone can do that. My word to you is love your enemies. By doing this you will prove yourselves to be true sons and daughters of God.”
    3. Almost everything good can be a struggle while bad things seem to come easily. (Example: A good marriage takes time and attention. Divorce can be achieved with idleness and neglect.) The most satisfying achievements come after a long, hard struggle.
    4. Jesus challenged people to do things that seemed impossible. Matthew 7:13-14. In other words, we cannot casually stroll into the good life; we will have to struggle in order to enter that door. To achieve that level of living requires struggle.
    5. Life was just handed to us the way God made it. We have two choices: take life as it is or complain. Life is hard. But for those who have the strength and courage to follow Christ, life is also good.

  6. 206
    Jo says:

    Jo, Columbia, Missouri
    Right now I don’t have any idea what I am doing, where I’m going next, how to handle what is already on my plate. This is a time of transition – between studies, before the holidays, during the dark of the year, the turn of the year, in a season when creation groans ever louder – and I know to wait on God but I am restless. I think I am rootless but I am not. I ask him to rest me. I wait. I’m “between the rains.”
    Even though I don’t feel it right now I KNOW he loves me.
    I feel far from him but I KNOW he is right here.
    I feel unguided and unfocused but I KNOW he is guiding me, transitioning me to what he has next. I’m growing, if I listen close I can hear him growing me.
    I KNOW he is working in the hearts of my beloveds who do not believe in him and I KNOW he is using me to be his light and salt to them. I KNOW HE CAN BRING THEM. When I look over time I can see their paths have changed.
    I KNOW I’ll be with him and all our Way-following family, in the vast crowds singing his praises, as in Revelation. Here and Now There and Then, in glory!
    Praise God! Praise our King…

  7. 207
    Susan says:

    1. God listens to not just my words, but my heart.
    2. only God can fill my emptiness and give me peace.
    3. I would rather go through these hard, hard days with Him than without Him.
    4. this pain is just for a moment, it may seem like forever, but it will end.
    5. God is real.

  8. 208
    sepikmeri says:

    right now, i don’t know why i am still alone and have no family.

    but these things i know very well:
    1. God has never wasted my time before
    2. seasons always end and there is always a harvest
    3. it does not go unnoticed to him when i believe. him. anyway.
    4. he has not and will not turn his face from me
    5. what he is doing, i do not understand now, but afterward i will understand (john 13:7)

  9. 209
    flip flops says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how we are going to pay our bills and what christmas will look like this year.

    I can honestly say these things God has done in my life and it is what keeps me going
    1. He has washed me with His Word and brought such peace in the midst of horrible times.
    2. He has comforted me when I have been depressed.
    3. He is teaching me to live for today. Leave yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow.
    4. I am learning to be content and full of joy in my trials
    5. Meets with me every morning and feeds me from His Word.
    One other thing I want to share is memorizing and meditating on scripture is what feeds me and sustains me. I am hoping in Jan. to start memorizing books of the bible…..I want to be able to know His word and be prepared for maybe having a time when I don’t have access to a bible.
    Love you Beth and living proof ministries.

  10. 210
    Becky D says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea…if my grown children will marry godly spouses and be cords of three strands with God at the center.

    5 things I know deep in my soul:
    1) The Bible is God’s love letter to me.
    2) When I can’t sleep and I need someone to tell my thoughts to, He is always awake and ready to listen.
    3) My children love me
    4) My husband loves me
    5) Jesus made me a new creation. I am eternally grateful that He did.

  11. 211
    Sheila Bragg says:

    I don’t know when this pain will end or how. I don’t know what purpose He has for me on this earth…yet. I live one moment at the time.

    But this I do know:

    1. I am a child of the Most High.
    2. My name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
    3. One day, I will see Jesus!
    4. One day, my pain will completely end.
    5. I know my Jesus loves me beyond measure.

  12. 212
    Michelle says:

    1) I know that God lifted me out of the pit of the past 5 weeks of illness, heartbreak and financial tragedy.

    2)I know that I am SO grateful that I could clean my home, cook a meal and do all the little things that I have always taken for granted for the first time in weeks today.

    3) I know that losing what I believed to be the love of my life 2 weeks ago was God’s way of saving me from an even greater heartache.

    4) I know that, by connecting with God everyday, through prayer, study or church meetings is what keeps me from going back to an addiction that the evil one has used to hold me down for years.

    5)I know that I am blessed much more than I ever realized.

  13. 213
    Leah says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how I will learn to live without my oldest son in my life here on earth.

    But these things my soul knows very well:

    1. My son loved me more than the world. He said so in his birthday card to me only five days before his death.
    2. My mother loved me unconditionally and I have shared that legacy with both of my boys.
    3. I have been blessed and beyond blessed with the unconditional love of my husband of 23 years and more friends and family members than I can count on my two hands.
    4. All this love is just the tip of the iceberg of the love that my God, His Son and His Holy Spirit have for me and all those that I love.
    5. I am still here on earth for a reason, a purpose, and The Lord will eventually guide me to fulfill this purpose.

  14. 214
    Connie G says:

    I don’t have any idea how legislators who claim to be Christian can fight so hard to cut funding for programs like Supplemental Nutrition and benefits for families who are struggling and then turn around and give more money to the already wealthy.

    But these things my soul knows very well.

    1. God loves me just the way I am. I am his child.

    2. When I struggle over something, I can give it to God and not worry.

    3. My plan isn’t always God’s plan. My struggles are usually preparation for something better that God has planned for me or are so I can mentor someone else that he will soon put in my path.

    4. When I get involved I can make a difference even if it means stepping way out of my comfort zone when that is where Christ is leading me.

    5. When I follow where Christ is leading, I feel a peace about the decision. I don’t have to look back and berate myself for what later seem to be foolish decisions. They are all learning experiences and I can trust His leadership.

    6. God has blessed each of us with gifts. The trick is to be quiet in our spirit and aware enough to see what our gifts are and hear how God wants us to use them. I knew I was where I was meant to be, when I came home so exhausted and yet couldn’t wait to do it again. That is how I felt when I became part of a team that assures struggling families have food on the table. Now this shy woman is not only a leader, but also an advocate for those in poverty.

  15. 215
    Tracie says:

    I don’t have any idea what my future holds.

    1. I know God is sovereign
    2. I know God has a plan for my life
    3. I know that God loves me
    4. I know that God is good
    5. I know that I am His and He is mine

  16. 216
    Laura says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how I’m going to fix my financial issues. I have been through a terrible period and am still in it and I do not know how I am going to get through it.
    I do know this:
    1-God has used this period to teach me a great deal.
    2-God loves me.
    3-He is faithful and I need to keep believing until I see it.
    4-I am enough. He created me and knew what He was getting.
    5-I am forgiven and cleansed and renewed by the blood that was shed for me.

  17. 217
    Catherine W. says:

    I don’t have any idea what the future holds for my twin sons; they turn 18 tomorrow. One faces a wide open future, one faces a life of independence on others due to his cognitive disabilities. Lots of change is on their horizon

    But I know:
    1. My God was faithful and merciful – despite a premature birth at 26 weeks and 1.7 and 1.8 lbs. each, and near-certain death from the moment of their birth – He surely saved them. Every day of their lives has been a gift beyond measure.

    2. I know my husband came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ – Glory to God! – as a result of our sons premature birth and the miracles and wonders that we witnessed.
    He couldn’t remain a passive believer – “sure, I believe in God” – any longer.

    3. Our sons have a saving faith in Jesus Christ – they know and love and walk with Him!

    4. The uncertainty I feel about our sons future is okay; I trust that God has a plan. After many years of trying to help Him (We are studying The Patriarch’s right now – have mercy! God surely doesn’t need my “help”!), I am l blessed to say that I have learned to wait on the Lord. Now if I could only learn to be a little more patient while I’m waiting.

    5. ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just to take Him at His word;
    Just to rest upon His promise;
    Just to know, Thus saith the Lord.

    Jesus Jesus how I love Him
    How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er.
    Jesus Jesus, precious Jesus
    O for grace to love Him more.

    Yes, ’tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
    Just from sin and self to cease;
    Just from Jesus simply taking
    Life, and rest, and joy, and peace.

    I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
    Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
    And I know that Thou art with me,
    Wilt be with me to the end.

  18. 218
    Jan says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea ….where I will be living and what job I will have in a few months.

    I do know without a doubt:
    1) God is in control.
    2) God has a plan.
    3) God is ALWAYS with me.
    4) I am blessed.
    5) I am loved.

  19. 219
    Maryann says:

    Right now, I haven’t any idea what God will do with me and my daughter’s relationship but I know He loves her and watches over her far better than I can.

    But five things my soul knows really well are:
    1. Nothing is impossible with God.
    2. Losing your parents is really tough~I miss my mom’s wisdom and my father’s gentleness. However, I am grateful I have few regrets.
    3. Being married is an incredible gift from God. It’s hard, tough, crazy, and a ton of fun all at one time! I love my husband of 33 years!
    4. I long to have God tell me “well done, faithful servant” when I go to Heaven, especially with introducing my children to His love.
    5. God is truly incredible. Truly incredible. Truly incredible! I am so so so blest!

  20. 220
    Patty Swinford says:

    1. Right now I don’t have any idea…if my husband of 36 years will make it through this cancer alive.

    2. But these things my soul knows very well: I trust God to be with us every step of this path He has placed in front of us. The LORD’s glory will shine through this dark time. There will be a great and powerful testimony for His grace and mercy when all is said and done. My husband is the strongest human being I know. God has taught me much through my man.

  21. 221
    Chrsisten Walla Walla says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea if I will be healed of my depression.

    But these things my soul knows well:
    1. God works all things for good for those who love him and are called according to his good purpose
    2. All good and perfect gifts come down from the heavenly father
    3. Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding
    4. He knows the plans he has for me plans to prosper and not harm, to give me hope and a future
    5. Be still and how HE is God
    6. My ways are not HIs ways
    7. Jesus came into the world to save sinners-me
    8. Jesus is my great high priest
    9. Jesus saves to the utter most
    10. Jesus ever livith to intercede for me
    11. The Holy Spirit intercedes with groans
    12. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, they discuss what happens in my life. It is not by chance
    13. God is sovereign
    14. I am a co heir with Jesus
    15. I have a beautiful inheritance
    16.God’s word is active and alive
    17. Jesus is the Word
    18. God created me in his image
    19. God’s grace is sufficient for my need
    20. I am saved!
    21. God’s truth is greater than my truth
    22. The Word was with God
    23. God is my heavenly Father
    24. I am a child of the one true God and King
    25. I will get to rule with Jesus in the Kingdom
    26. I will be with Jesus in Heaven with a new name and new body
    27. God is only good
    28. God deposits his spirit in my as a promise that he will never leave me or forsake me
    29. God reveals his truth via his Word and the Holy SPirit
    30 When God calls he will equip me
    31. I am forgiven, redeemed and sealed and loved

  22. 222
    Spunky says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea. . .of what I don’t have any idea about.

    II. Five things I know not from remote memory.
    1.) I have felt suffering from childhood abuse and torture trauma, loss of a Dad at age 3,
    2.) I have felt freedom in being loved, accepted, believed in by a second chance Mom, my spiritual MumZ.
    3.) I have felt incontentment from wanting more, necessary losses, thwarted plans.
    4.) I have felt contentment when blessed with just enough, during moments of gratefulness
    5.) I have felt difference between taking God at His Word and not taking Him at His Word.

  23. 223
    Leona Goth says:

    I don’t know how my sister Carol and her husband Scott will be saved.But I know that God never wastes a hurt.I also know that He is smart.

  24. 224
    Tammy says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how I am going to make it through another Christmas estranged from my prodigal daughter.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1) I have made it through four others in God’s strength and if He doesn’t bring her home again this year, He will give me the strength to making through a fifth one
    2) Though I don’t understand and my heart is broken, I can trust Him to have my best interests at heart
    3) He is always good and I am always loved even when I don’t feel it
    4) I am blessed to have another daughter whom I treasure with my entire heart and who has been an absolute gift from God
    5) One day God WILL bring her home and He will restore all that the enemy has stolen from us. Amen and Amen.

  25. 225
    Tracey says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea of how to not be afraid of the future.

    But, these things my soul knows very well:
    1. I know there is a heaven that is better than here.
    2. I know life is uncertain and I don’t like that.
    3. I know my children are my best legacy.
    4. I know God believes in me even when I don’t always believe him.
    5. I know God’s word is truth.

  26. 226
    Christine P. says:

    I don’t have any idea what my life will look like when I have walked through the healing of my past abuse wounds…..but…..
    My soul knows very well…
    1. If God is for me naught else can stand against me.
    2. God created me and so I can trust Him to bring me the healing He has promised and to do it very well.
    3. His will is best for me.
    4. From the beginning of time His intentions have all been love.
    5. All the forgiveness I will ever need is mine for the asking.

  27. 227
    Judy says:

    Right now I don’t know if I will ever meet Mr. right, get married, and have children.

    I know that God loves me, He answers prayers, He wants what is best for ME, I will never be alone because I have Him, He knows how much I want to be married and my other hopes and dreams.

  28. 228
    Heather says:

    Right now I have no idea how God is going to piece together the details of my recent teaching, counseling (LPC), & global love…my heart is HUGE to reach lost souls & at times I feel so very weak, limited & insecure.

    1. GOD IS WITH ME – thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!
    2. HE has gone before me – totally can look back and see that…still with unanswered questions (LOTS) but I see Him all over my ‘story’ & those dear to me…it’s just not finished and never, ever will be ~ until I see HIM!
    3. HE IS behind the scenes…not only for my own deep personal relationship but then…when HE opens the ‘curtain’ on some issue…WOW…it is soooo much more…More…MORE for not only me but a network of people, relationships, and connections that SHINE for HIS GLORY – whew…I love that! That Truth of His timing (not mine) helps give me patience.
    4. When things don’t or aren’t going well, unclear, painful…HOLD ON TO JESUS…that is my beautiful offering and worth it all! Sometimes the ‘work’ is to learn to be “ok” with the holding of “BOTH”…both the loss/pain & the love/joy. Our God HAS made us capable of this because HE also holds both – loss for His beloved/sin & and GREAT JOY of His Child/Children ~ He is teaching me this & it is a sweet, deep journey together.
    5. I CAN let go…WHEW…because HE WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER(sounds like a Taylor Swift song!!!) let me go – wahoo!
    6….oh…I have to tell y’all to add the 5 Believing God finger points – they are WONDERFUL!
    God IS who HE says He IS
    God can DO what HE says He can Do
    I am who God Says I am
    I can DO what God Says I can Do
    God’s Word is ALIVE and ACTIVE IN ME ~ I’m Believing God
    ***That was NOT for brownie points…haha…I use it all the time for myself and with counseling – love it!

  29. 229
    Ali Key says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how my ten year old may make it through the weight of dealing with ADHD, sadness and depression, and the opposition he poses to everything each day. Frankly, I don’t know how the rest of us will make it either. It’s all we can do sometimes to make it through a day. Just the day. Full of chaos and disappointment and struggle and sadness. Another day of hope evaporated.

    But this I know. I cling to. I repeat to myself sometimes every hour on the hour.
    1. God loves me and my family. He REALLY loves us.
    2. God is here. Right now in this moment He is with us and knows all that is happening.
    3. God has a bigger plan than what I can see and feel at this moment.
    4. God is giving me what I need for this point in time.
    5. Our story does not end today.

  30. 230
    Michele says:

    I love you too

  31. 231
    Megan M. says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea…what will happen with my grandparents and whether or not my daily life is about to change with potentially taking care of them daily (among other things going on).

    But, these things my soul knows very well:
    1. My soul knows very well that God always reminds me that He is with me. (Like the 3 rainbows I’ve seen in the past 1 1/2 weeks—-when there has been NO rain!!)
    2. I know in the past it has always worked out beautifully…no matter what the situation, God was present and His work visible.
    3. I know in my soul that turning to The Word always makes me feel better (even if I don’t always do that, I DO KNOW this to be true!)
    4. I know God is a good teacher. Often challenging. But very good.
    5. My soul knows very well that God’s love is steadfast, even if I don’t feel like I deserve His love.

  32. 232
    Lacy says:

    1. Right now I don’t have any idea how to encourage an authority figure over me how to draw closer to the LORD.
    2. But these things my soul knows very well:
    -God is sovereign
    -So much life pours out of His Word, as I’ve experienced
    -God loves me/us more than I/we will fully understand
    -Jesus is my Savior
    -God is good all the time

  33. 233
    Carolyn says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea why two cars that wrecked in an intersection the other night spun out of control and into my sitting car while I was waiting at a light, driving my son and his friend home.

    But these things my soul knows very well: We were exactly where we were supposed to be as part of God’s good and perfect plans for our lives; He protected us and kept us safe, and in all of this I rejoice and give thanks; God is sovereign and was in complete control as I had none; I can fix my eyes on Him who is trustworthy and not my circumstances as I sort through insurance claims, car repairs, or perhaps a totaled car; and He has been so good to me! Praise You, Lord!

  34. 234
    June Greenstreet says:

    Right now I have no idea…now that I have finally completed the educational requirements for Biblical counseling certification at the age of 62 and a 30 year dream while I raised my 2 babies after their daddy died and a remarriage/ divorce…I have no idea if my Lord will ever use me with these feelings of inadequacy.

    But these things my soul knows very well
    1. God IS sovereign, is in total control and loves me with a passion.

    2. My God chose me to be His servant and His witness.

    3. Sanctification is a process but He has promised me my Promise Land “little by little”.

    4. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

    5. Satan is a liar!

  35. 235
    Valerie says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea how I’m going to manage the grown up things of being a chiropractor.

    But these things I know very well- I love Jesus, I have been called to become a chiropractor, God has only ever improved my life, God has always shown me the way he wants me to go and I don’t have to do anything alone (God and people wise). Oh praise Him 🙂

    • 235.1
      Valerie says:

      Right now I have no idea why I am longing so deeply for closeness with people but am having a hard time satisfying the longing.

      But these things I know very well- I always have Jesus, I only ever need Jesus, my most sincere intent is good, the unsatisfied longing wont last forever and I really am blessed with many healthy and close relationships already.

  36. 236
    Christiana says:

    Right now I have no idea what God’s purpose on my life is. But these things my soul knows very well: 1. Abba Father has been very close and sweet to me in my aloneness and isolation. 2. The Lord allows me to be angry and weep bitterly, as long as I do it in His presence. 3. Jesus heals my broken heart and restores my peace quickly in the midst of massive storms. 4. When the enemy of my soul attacks my mind and sleep, my Beloved Savior whispers that I am beautiful and spotless! 5. As my relationship with Him grows, He places on my heart more and more a desire to be obedient to His instruction, and I long for more and more instruction.

  37. 237
    Amy Beth says:

    Right now, I don’t know… if I will ever resolve my issues with my weight (which I – and my doctor – believe is key to me being able to have biological children).

    But I do know… God is capable of anything. God wants good for me. I will be a good mother. I do not have to repeat history from my family of origin. I can be free.

  38. 238
    Wilma says:

    Beth, I just love your posts. It is always food for thought and this one is no exception… in spite of the fact that these are tough questions for me right now, I am still going to try.

    Right now I don’t have any idea… what I am really doing on this earth… I feel so useless.

    But these things my soul knows very well…
    1) Even on the days when I don’t feel it, I continue to tell myself that God loves me.
    2) My Mommy is in heaven and I will move heaven and earth to see her again one day.
    3) Even though she is not my daughter and her daughters are not my granddaughters, I have a niece that I love fiercely – like she were my own. And I love her daughters just as fiercely – like they were my granddaughters.
    4) I have friends that I can count on even when I can’t count on my family.
    5) I feel like I am hanging on by a thread – but I AM hanging on.

  39. 239
    KLS says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea…when there will be a breakthrough in my family.

    But these things I know very well…God is at work even when I have felt despair.
    God is my Redeemer, my hope, my source.
    God has held me through the darkest night and will never leave me.
    Where can I go, but to the Lord? He is merciful.
    God holds my broken heart in His nail-pieced hands.

  40. 240
    Pat Westmoreland says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea whether or not it is His will I start a certain journey I have a desire to walk.

    But these things my soul knows very well:

    1. That God is in control.
    2. That God WILL without fail answer my prayers.
    3. He is who He says He is.
    4. I love my family and they love me. Unconditionally.
    5. If He brings me to it, He will bring me through it!!!

    I am so very blessed.

  41. 241
    Sarah Sykes says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea if I’ll ever know the joy of being a mom.

    But these things my soul knows very well:
    1-God made me to be a person of Hope; so, to Hope I will cling, waiting with endurance because the only way to truly hope is to be missing that for which you are longing.
    2-The foot of the cross is big enough to hold all of my troubles, longings and joys. Jesus is just enough.
    3-God is bigger than any mistake I make, especially when I don’t respond well to another person. I can’t beat myself up for well intentioned words that may have hurt another. Nothing I do is ever unable to be fixed by God.
    4-The family of God is a strong and miraculous thing, providing support that you sometimes didn’t even know you needed.
    5-We are the Autumn Leaves that make the world a beautiful and interesting place. God loves our differences and he will give me the ability to love the differences in those around me.

  42. 242
    Michele says:

    Right now I don’t know when my daughter will return to God; but this my soul knows:
    1) He created her for a purpose
    2) She needs to choose to serve God, she shouldn’t because of me – she has free will
    3) Nothing can separate me from God’s love
    4) My timing is not God’s timing
    5) She is a child of the King

  43. 243
    Sheryl says:

    1.Right now I have no idea how to plan or really think about the future. It was always suppose to be my husband and I enjoying grandchildren and retirement together but without a miracle it won’t be.

    2. Five things I know
    A. I am not alone.
    B. God, my Abba, will never leave me.
    C. Nothing happens to me that He does not know about. He will use it to bring about a good purpose in my life
    D.He will supply my needs.
    E. He gives such awesome peace in the midst of tragedy and life’s unsettling events if I will stay in His Word and listen for His calming voice.

  44. 244
    jami says:

    Shelby, NC

    I have no idea what my future holds….

    But these things my soul knows very well…
    God has always been faithful to me and my family.
    God has been and is my very best friend.
    God has sustained me in places I could not have survived without Him.
    God is in and a part of every part of my life.
    God loves me and cares.

  45. 245
    Peggy Poland says:

    Right now I have no idea where I am going, where I will end up living, home near my sons and their families or here a long way from home…
    But this I know deep in my soul honest as I can be…
    1. Jesus love me unconditionally even when I don’t feel Him near.

    2. I lack intimacy and love in my life.

    3. I can think positive and know who I am in Christ and come right back with a negative, beat myself up word…

    4. I miss my family so much.

    5. I have not been able to stand firm for myself nor see my worthiness to find joy and contentment in my life…the enemy still torments my soul in my Recovery from addiction.

  46. 246
    Sharon says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea whether I’ll finish my postgrad diploma on time this year. But these things my soul knows very well:

    1) when life gets hard, singing makes things better. Singing to God, even if it comes out gibberish that only he can understand, makes things even better.
    2) I like chocolate. A lot.
    3) God loves me more than my head or heart will ever comprehend.
    4) my sense of worth isn’t in my accomplishments or earthly recognition, and that is good news because those things will come to an end. My value lies in knowing I am back on good terms with my Creator through the sacrifice of my loving Saviour.
    5) the same Spirit who raised my Saviour from cold, unmoving death is alive in me and is all the ability I have to get through this nerve-wracking life.

  47. 247
    liz says:

    I don’t know where my new home will be
    I know that someday I’ll have my dream home here or in Heaven
    I know the Lord wants me to be obedient to his leading
    I know that if I am thankful for all the Lord has given to me I will be at peace
    I know that there is a place he wants me to be
    I know that his words are true and he takes great delight in me and will rejoice over me with song

  48. 248
    Patti says:

    Right now I don’t have any idea…if I am ever going to have a child (currently pregnant-already lost 2 pregnancies-things aren’t looking good with this one.)

    I wish I could give an answer for the 2nd part, but I don’t feel like I’m in a place right now where my soul knows anything very well. 🙁

    • 248.1
      Patti says:

      Just an update…I had a dr’s appointment this morning & I found out my baby is gone. Heartbroken.

      • Beth says:

        Oh, Patti, I am so very sorry. I am praying for you right now. May Christ hold you tight.

        • Patti says:

          Thank you, Beth. My sadness is beyond words.

        • Deborah says:

          So sad for your losses. Praying you will feel HIS COMFORT and leading. Hoping to encourage you: years ago my mentor and prayer partner’s oldest daughter had several miscarriages before ever having a child. The couple was devastated and almost gave up trying. It was a trial of faith like nothing they had ever experienced. We prayed and prayed. They were led to try again. Today they have 6 children. 5 natural and one adopted from China. All walking with the LORD. Praying He sustains your faith and renews your Hope.

        • Patti says:

          I don’t know if you will see this comment after so much time has past, Beth, but I wanted to tell you what has happened….I have given birth to healthy twin girls! They are 6 months old now and are the joy of my life! I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams!!

  49. 249
    liz says:

    Thank you Beth,
    I did as you said wrote then read
    What a blessing this post is
    God loves us all!

  50. 250
    Diana says:

    These I know
    1. God is in control
    2. Jesus died for MY sins
    3. Jesus IS coming back
    4. The enemy is defeated
    5. God wants me to live a holy life

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