What in the World is a Sacred Secret? Giveaway!

*Announcing the winners of our “Sacred Secret” giveaway!*

*A little side note before I confuse you all, the number I am posting along with the name is your comment number. This way, you can check to make sure you are the winner! Also, each of the winners was chosen completely at random by the lovely website, random.org.

The FIVEΒ winners of the Small Group Leader Kits go to: (The leader kit includes two teaching DVD’s and five study journals each.)

124 – Sydney Merino
856 – Melissa Pittman
150 – Heather Smith
1893 – Lisa Golden
1238 – Amber Moon

The 20 individual “Sacred Secret” study journals go to:

1334 – Jenny Coffey
4124 – Maurice Dillard
144 – Nightingale N.
2950 – Jocelyn Russell
1929 – Cyndy Taylor
1001 – Pam
2903 – Colleen Lyons
1804 – Lisa Shaw
639 – Lisa Chapman
2059 – Melanie Connatser
335 – Kaylan Wonser
3081 – Fay Gossen
1920 – Lori Simmons
960 – Heather McDaniel
2051 – Karen Binder
3097 – Con Schafman
1667 – Sara Lindsay
4157 – Connie Worthington
261 – Alexandra Key
4113 – Debbie

Congratulations, ladies! Y’all clearly love free stuff, and so do we! We are so thrilled for you! You should be receiving an email from me (Lindsee) within the next 24 hours on how to claim your prize.

Also, for those of you that are still interested in purchasing Sacred Secrets, you can do that by clicking here to order through LifeWay. Through that link you have the options of ordering the small group kit, the study journal, the video bundle (all four teaching sessions together), or the individual video downloads. Be blessed, ladies! We love y’all!



*Good afternoon, ladies! Comments are now closed. Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the giveaway. I’ll post our 25 winners later this afternoon. Be sure to check back!

Sacred Secrets Final from LPV on Vimeo.

Girls! To enter the Sacred Secrets giveaway just simply leave a comment with your name (first and last is so helpful) and that is all. So easy! Also please make sure we have a working email address for you. We’ll leave comments open for 24 hours and announce the winners tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon!

Here’s a fun little picture from Friday as we were getting ready for the video! That table is about to be empty!


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  1. 351
    NurseRae says:

    Rachel Brannon

  2. 352
    Traci Rivard says:

    Traci Rivard

  3. 353
    Denita Conner says:

    Denita Conner

  4. 354
    Kelsey R. says:

    Kelsey Root

  5. 355
    Amanda Rappe says:

    Sacred Secrets Giveaway!!

    Thank you sweet ladies!!! xoxo

  6. 356
    Barbara McCleese says:

    Thank you; sounds great!

  7. 357
    Lisa Curtis says:

    Lisa Curtis
    Jackson, MO
    [email protected]

    • 357.1
      Lisa Curtis says:


      Was I supposed to type Sacred Secrets Giveaway too with my comment. Ok, here ya go.

  8. 358
    Maria Gutierrez says:

    Maria Gutierrez

    Sacred Secrets

  9. 359
    Maxine Ruff says:

    What an awesome blessing!

  10. 360
    Kathy says:

    Kathy Hopper

  11. 361
    Beth Spencer says:

    Beth Spencer, Thank you.

  12. 362
    Carla McGlasson says:

    This study sounds great. Thank you!

  13. 363
    Glenda says:

    Glenda Niffenegger

  14. 364
  15. 365
    Caitlin says:

    Caitlin Romick
    Sacred Secrets Giveaway πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. 366
    Nitsa says:

    Sounds like an awesome study and very much needed. Very excited.

  17. 367
    Linda Bennett says:

    I am so intrigued with the idea of “sacred secrets” and I am still mulling it over in my brain and asking God to write it on my heart also. An area of my life where I am weak? an act of service? a ministry? something I could only do through the ministry of the Holy Spirit? Thank you, Beth, for placing this concept on my heart.

  18. 368
    Laura Nichols says:

    Laura Nichols

  19. 369
    Alisha McManus says:

    Alisha McManus

    Sacred Secrets Giveaway

    Whoop Whoop!!

  20. 370
    Penny Doremus says:

    How exciting!
    I love hearing about new things.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  21. 371
    Kathy Carenza says:

    Wow, ya’ll are always finding new ays to bless us. Love LPM <3

  22. 372
    Sarah Greenberg says:

    I am so excited for this new study! God has shown me so many amazing things tgrough digging into His word and I am ready to learn what He wants to teach me this time!

  23. 373
    Suzanna says:

    My husband is on course to go back into the Navy as a Chaplain. This would be wonderful tool to have for me to serve the wives of the men that my husband will work with. (Suzanna Uyboco-Sacred Secrets Giveaway)

  24. 374
    Teresa Stout says:

    Would love to have this for our Fall Bible Study at church

  25. 375
  26. 376
    Elaine Johnson says:

    Elaine Johnson

  27. 377
    Fern Massey says:

    Fern Massey

  28. 378
    Christy says:

    Christy Evans

  29. 379
    Kathy Carenza says:

    Kathy Carenza

  30. 380
    Shelly Judy says:

    Scared Secrets giveaway

  31. 381
    Kim says:

    Kim Long

  32. 382
    Debbie Curling says:

    Sacred Secrets Giveaway

  33. 383
    Melanie says:

    Melanie Smalling

  34. 384
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Sharon Meekins πŸ™‚

  35. 385
    Janice Lowery says:

    Great giveaway.

  36. 386
    Pauline Richardson says:

    Pauline Richardson
    Pastors wife of a small bi-vocational church..what a blessing this would be!
    Thank you! :))

  37. 387
    Joyce Withrow says:

    Sacred Secrets Giveaway

  38. 388
    Mollyanne says:

    Mollyanne Gurley

  39. 389
    Darlene Moorehead says:

    Shared secrets giveaway

  40. 390
    Betsy Pepper says:

    Just went to the Bossier, LA LPL conference – what an eye opener!!! I am thinking about the Accuser/accuser so differently now!

  41. 391
    Donna Alsop says:

    I would LOVE to do this study!

  42. 392
    Rebecca Stephens says:

    Thank you for being open to following God’s direction. Excited to see what this study holds for the women in my church.

    Rebecca Stephens

  43. 393
    susan nystrom says:

    Love your studies so so much. It was in Believing God that HE gave me a voice. We are just starting an oldie but goodie “David A Heart Like His”. The girls up North thank you for walking in God’s Will and purpose and letting us be a part!! :):):)

  44. 394
    Ginger says:

    Ginger Towns

  45. 395

    Yolanda Rogers

  46. 396
    Lisa Mayo says:

    We are starting a new women’s ministry in our church which will be open to all women in our community. Recently, I experienced LPL in Bossier City LA with 2 young women from my church and 1 friend from another church. We were so blessed to have had that experience together. We want to grow and share that with ad many women as possible. This will be the first Beth Moore study in our church!!

  47. 397
    Jaycie says:

    What a wonderful word! Bless you Mrs. Beth! Jesus inspired me so through the promtings of HIS Spirit. He can be so much fun. Great video, ladies, & may our LORD continue to bless the works of your hands & its fruition, an overflowing bounty to the glory of Jesus & His kingdom. Beautiful & exciting fun! Precious ministry.
    Jaycie (nj crawford)

  48. 398
    Chris Raczka says:

    Christine Raczka

  49. 399
    Jill Sharpe says:

    Jill Sharpe
    [email protected]

  50. 400
    Penny Sherwood says:

    Sounds like something I need! Woohoo!