What in the World is a Sacred Secret? Giveaway!

*Announcing the winners of our “Sacred Secret” giveaway!*

*A little side note before I confuse you all, the number I am posting along with the name is your comment number. This way, you can check to make sure you are the winner! Also, each of the winners was chosen completely at random by the lovely website, random.org.

The FIVEΒ winners of the Small Group Leader Kits go to: (The leader kit includes two teaching DVD’s and five study journals each.)

124 – Sydney Merino
856 – Melissa Pittman
150 – Heather Smith
1893 – Lisa Golden
1238 – Amber Moon

The 20 individual “Sacred Secret” study journals go to:

1334 – Jenny Coffey
4124 – Maurice Dillard
144 – Nightingale N.
2950 – Jocelyn Russell
1929 – Cyndy Taylor
1001 – Pam
2903 – Colleen Lyons
1804 – Lisa Shaw
639 – Lisa Chapman
2059 – Melanie Connatser
335 – Kaylan Wonser
3081 – Fay Gossen
1920 – Lori Simmons
960 – Heather McDaniel
2051 – Karen Binder
3097 – Con Schafman
1667 – Sara Lindsay
4157 – Connie Worthington
261 – Alexandra Key
4113 – Debbie

Congratulations, ladies! Y’all clearly love free stuff, and so do we! We are so thrilled for you! You should be receiving an email from me (Lindsee) within the next 24 hours on how to claim your prize.

Also, for those of you that are still interested in purchasing Sacred Secrets, you can do that by clicking here to order through LifeWay. Through that link you have the options of ordering the small group kit, the study journal, the video bundle (all four teaching sessions together), or the individual video downloads. Be blessed, ladies! We love y’all!



*Good afternoon, ladies! Comments are now closed. Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the giveaway. I’ll post our 25 winners later this afternoon. Be sure to check back!

Sacred Secrets Final from LPV on Vimeo.

Girls! To enter the Sacred Secrets giveaway just simply leave a comment with your name (first and last is so helpful) and that is all. So easy! Also please make sure we have a working email address for you. We’ll leave comments open for 24 hours and announce the winners tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon!

Here’s a fun little picture from Friday as we were getting ready for the video! That table is about to be empty!


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  1. 251
    Beth Miller says:

    Beth Miller

  2. 252
    Janice, Birmingham, AL says:

    Janice Calfee

  3. 253
    Melissa Rushing says:

    This sounds great!

  4. 254
    Sarah Martin says:

    This would be such a blessing for our group! We are always borrowing or renting as we are not able to afford purchasing the studies. We do about 4 studies a year and the ladies are always anxious to know if we can do ‘another Beth Moore’ study. The interesting thing? We take whatever we can get at the time (that we have not yet done) and EVERY TIME, it has been just what I, myself (the facilitator) have needed.

  5. 255
    Andrea Miller says:

    I would love love love this!!!!
    Andrea Miller

  6. 256
    Punky Tolson says:

    Wow! I was AMENing you all the way through that video. As a woman of many words (teacher&speaker) I appreciate the need to keep some sacred secrets just between My Beloved and me. A profound lesson I learned through a season of breast cancer and boy was it life-changing. Looking forward to the “experience” of Sacred Secrets with Him.
    Thanks, Beth!

    xo – P

  7. 257
    Joy Brown says:

    The video above has already blessed and spoken to my heart. God uses anything…even a clarification and introduction! Excited for this opportunity.
    Blessings and thanks,
    [email protected]

  8. 258
    Suzanne Blocker says:

    What a wonderful concept! I can’t wait to look back over the next few months to see how I have partnered in secret with our Lord………

  9. 259
    Terry May-Bliler says:

    Love the Lord! Love you! Love LPM! Love to win so I can share with the ladies in my life <3

  10. 260
    Kim Reece says:

    Kim Reece, what a blessing this would be to receive this.

  11. 261
    Alexandra Key says:

    This is soooo exciting!!!

    Ali Key – Clearwater, FL

  12. 262
    Gloria Yates says:

    Sounds exciting! Thank you!

  13. 263
    Jill says:

    Jill Melum

  14. 264
    Lauren Thomas says:

    Sacred secrets giveaway !! yay!!

  15. 265
    Sharilyn says:

    Sharilyn Ross
    Sacred Secrets Giveaway

  16. 266
    Tami says:

    Tami Beaty, Denver, CO


  17. 267
    Becky Roach says:

    Need a “fresh fire”

  18. 268
    Carol VanderWal says:

    I am very anxious to start this new study which we will be doing on Sept. 19:) If I would win I would send this study to my aunt who goes to a church with a lot of women that can not afford even 10 dollars for a book. I have send her some of my studies and she watches all the videos but will not write in a book because of the price. So this would be a great blessing for her group. I thank God for ALL you do! Love, Caro

  19. 269
    Laura Tuel says:

    Laura Tuel

  20. 270
    Judy from Clarks Hill says:

    I saw this advertised at the Lifeway book store. Very exciting.

  21. 271
    Sarah Steidl says:

    Would love, love, love to check this out πŸ™‚

  22. 272
    Jessica Petry says:

    Sacred secrets giveaway! πŸ™‚

  23. 273
    Steph says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! Sounds like an awesome concept … I could certainly relate to what you were saying in the video.

    Stephanie Hollingsworth

  24. 274
    Loanna Hattenfield says:

    Loanna Hattenfield

  25. 275
    Karen Hicks says:

    Karen Hicks

  26. 276
    Erika Welch says:

    Thank you, Beth for all of your wonderful Bible studies! You have been a tremendous blessing to me and many other women.

  27. 277
    MrsRitz says:

    Awesome! Hooray for giveaways. πŸ™‚ Carla Ritz

  28. 278
    Diana Richards says:

    Diana Richards

  29. 279
    amy young says:

    Amy Young

  30. 280
    Susie Hoffmann says:

    What a blessing just for the chance.

  31. 281
    Ingle Lewter says:

    Ingle Lewter – Hope I win – but love the message you give out regardless.

  32. 282
    Paula Menke says:

    Paula Menke

  33. 283
    Laura Zielke says:

    I could never share with you the impact your Living Proof Live Greensboro had on my life. You previewed “secrets” for us there, and I would LOVE to do this study with my girlfriends. If you give it to me, I will facilitate a group at my house.

  34. 284
    Kimberly Edwards says:

    Diddo to Joy Brown’s comment

  35. 285
    Diann Baker says:

    So excited about Sacred Secrets study coming out. We are already planning this for next year. Thanks for blessing us with this give-away.

  36. 286
    Linda Flora says:


  37. 287
    Heather Turner says:

    Heather Turner

  38. 288
    Sarah Marinkovich-Durfee says:

    Sarah Marinkovich-Durfee win or not so happy you made this into a study!

  39. 289
    Janet Baehrel says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. 290
    Jeannie Crossland says:

    Jeannie Crossland

  41. 291
    Jeri May says:

    Jeri May

    Sacred Secrets Giveaway!

  42. 292
    Debbie in Tennessee says:

    Debbie Elrod

  43. 293
    Allison Williard says:

    Simply Amazing and clearly Blessed by our Heavenly Father!

  44. 294
    Karen Horn says:

    Karen Horn

  45. 295
    Amber Hinson says:

    Amber Hinson πŸ™‚

  46. 296
    Nancy Wilhelm says:

    As a group leader it would be an awesome blessing to have this kit. I know the ladies would love it.

  47. 297
    Nancy Overstreet says:

    What an awesome opportunity it would be to share this with my sweet home team sisters. Thank you God, for your servant, Beth Moore. May you continue to use her in a powerful way!

  48. 298
    Sarah Ripma says:

    Happy 4 day week!!

  49. 299
    Jennifer D says:


    I hope you know how much you are adored! Thank you for being such a blessing!


  50. 300
    Shannon Stephenson says:

    I LOVE Beth Moore. I was able to see her in person a few weekends ago. What a BLESSING!
    Shannon Stephenson