Summer Bible Study Wrap Up With Beth and a Special Guest!

Make sure you read all the way to the end, Siestas!


Hey there Siestas!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to put pen to paper (actually fingers to keyboard) and write you a post. I’ve been popping over and reading your comments for a long time now. Your community is beautiful and I’m thrilled to be able to be a part of it today.

Except…I’m kind of sad too.

See, your Siesta-momma and I had a blast shooting a video for you that we all fully intended to have up today but, lo and behold, all the wonders of technology didn’t work any wonders for us. We’ve spent the better part of three days trying to get the video from our computers in Dallas to the computers at Living Proof in Houston to no avail. My poor husband (who is the CEO and head-honcho of all things techie at GB ministries) has sat for hours upon end, staring into several different laptops and programs trying and re-trying to get that video to send sans glitches and freezing frames to no avail. It has simply refused to act right. He came home late last night with a glazed over expression and went straight to bed. . .fully dressed.

So, here I am writing to you instead…nearing midnight – as we’ve finally thrown in the towel trying to get the video to you.

But here’s living proof (you better believe that pun was intended) that we filmed something…

Ahhhhh, that makes me feel better at least.

We tried Siestas. Promise we did. And we had so much stinkin’ fun. Hate not being able to share our goofs and giggles with you.

In any case, I hope you’ll still allow me to congratulate you on a job well done in your completion of the Gideon study! I am so honored to have served you and pray that your spiritual life has been enriched and encouraged. I hope that it was as rich for you to read it as it was for me to write and teach it. Truly, Gideon went above and beyond my expectations giving me little surprise lessons along the way.

Isn’t that the way God’s Word always is – gift giving, surprising, blessing us with every page we turn?

This study didn’t disappoint.

I’m so anxious to know what most surprised you in your study of Gideon? How did God speak to you in a way that you didn’t expect?

I’ll be thrilled to read your responses!

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you. I pray that we can do it again sometime soon.


Y’all!Β  This little gem came to us this morning around 3:30a.m.Β  It is brought to you by the blood, sweat, tears…and sleepless nights of Jerry Shirer. Sometimes technology tries to get the best of us, but in the words of our Siesta Mama, he “perse-dang-vered”!Β  Jerry and Priscilla lived up to their ministry name in this little project.Β  Going Beyond Ministries. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard and frustrating work Shirers!!Β  LPM and the Siestas LOVE you guys!


130 Responses to “Summer Bible Study Wrap Up With Beth and a Special Guest!”

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  1. 51
    Melissa Grimes says:

    I like the name Wanda, it’s my sisters name. πŸ™‚

  2. 52
    Donna says:

    Donna, Athens, GA, solo

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Priscilla, Beth *and* your husbands! I echo the revelation that my weaknesses are actually God’s gift–that He can use me when I admit I need him and don’t have to control everything.

  3. 53
    Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, Thornton, CO

    We’ve met over the summer in our suburban Denver homes, always with a little sweet treat, of course! I am sad our study ended tonight, but how great was that video?! Awesome!

    Most surprising to me was how nudged I felt to give up some idols, and how much more I fell in love with our God who knows us so intimately. He’s crazy about us and even when we melt down gold and carry around our clanking, worthless “must-haves,” He tenderly shows us the better way. Love you ladies…thank you for an amazing summer study!

  4. 54
    Astrid says:

    I totally did not expect to see so much of myself in Gideon- the insecurity as far as hearing from God, doing the right thing but working in the dark for fear of rejection, the constant need for affirmation and encouragement, wanting to experience more supernatural things but not being totally transformed by them, taking things into my own hands, past pain resulting in revenge, not checking in w/ God when victorious etc.

    yet God sought him out and honored the bit of faith that he exercised and i am encouraged to do the same.

    stories like Gideon also make me want to ‘do better’ than the bible character but i have to remind myself that God is not looking for perfect people and the truth of the gospel sets me free from that performance driven mindset and that all have fallen short of grace. so now just to feel safe and gracious in my weakness…

  5. 55

    I have enjoyed the Bible study this summer. As I went back through my study guide, these are the things that jumped out at me:

    -Our effectiveness is determined by the enemy’s effectiveness in our lives
    -God’s view of us is not bound by our reality or our actions
    -Walk in the Spirit, even in (especially in) the mundane duties of everyday life
    -God’s grace in us should be clearly evident to those we come in contact with
    -Our actions reveal who our “king” is
    -It’s not a craving, it’s an idol
    -Good intentions are not enough to keep your spiritual legacy intact

    These are all great reminders about being intentional in our faith and living every moment for Christ. Thanks, Priscilla and Beth, for leading us this summer.

  6. 56
    Cheryl says:

    I have not finished the last week yet .. Not because of lack of time but because the lesson became
    So rich and so timely that God said slow down and learn . For example just yesterday God used
    Your dominio example to stop me and 1- stop me from continuing an email battle that would have caused me to lose a dear friend if I contunued and 2 – offer a peace offering to a conworker . I didn’t recognize the harm of my actions until Gideon . For we are taught to win in our human spirit and instead through All things we need to teach ourselves to check in with The Lord .. His definition of win may be different πŸ™‚ . He’s winning souls not arguments . I have loved so many lessons that 1 I took pictures of some of the hash tags so they are on my phone and 2 plan to do it again ( I did James twice too) so the lessons are savored.

    Last I did not expect to love this study and now I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through
    Summer and life challenges . I do remember crying with Beth announced we were going to
    Do an off cycle bible study . I knew it was Gods life raft . But I didn’t know it wasn’t a raft it was
    A luxury cruise ship .. So rich .. So good fun insightful tough meaningful . You get an a plus and an amen

    Many blessings – much love,

  7. 57
    Pam Seipp says:

    Pam in Texas: Going Solo

    Thank you Beth for your leadership; thank you Pricilla for your lessons and teaching.

    Discovering the study at a new time in my life, the deep study and self reflection was a blessing.

    The most important learning that will be continued is the my feelings of fear must be used to focus my faith.

    With this attitude and attention to continued reading, study, learning and sharing God’s word I will progress.

    Thanks again!

  8. 58
    Tanya says:

    Priscilla–super cool. Thanks. I love words. That last part that was about Amar (I guess) was neat. My life was spoken into so badly. But I was just talking with a girl friend yesterday (woman friend—ha ha) and we were talking about ‘growing up.’ I’m 32. she is 37. Since I was about say 26 I’ve moments on moments of realizing I was ‘all grown up’ and then something slips back emotionally and I want to be able to depend on adults for help.

    rabbit trail…Now I was fostered…so depending on adults does not mean depending on parents. It means depending on almost anyone emotionally who seems grown up to me. So that rabbit trail aside—

    Being all grown up like my friend and I were talking about (she also has moments like I say so–and isn’t it the beautiful thing about friendships–the loss of isolation!) brings with it two things that your wrap up on words just spoke so well to.

    Words are important. They shape peoples lives. People may elevate themselves and speak into a life. And it may be God’s word. Or not. But we need to be careful in what we think we know. We need to continually humble ourselves and NOT be the elevated person speaking into lives. And we need to (Oh Lord do we–Kay Arthur is a good teacher!) NEED to know what God says–for ourselves. This so much diminishes what others may have the authority to say. But there are many who do not know what God says well…and for them we must I believe be very careful that we do not play God to them.

    God bless you both.

    And Ms Beth–I had the pleasantness of having a dream that I met you. Don’t hold much by dreams but they can be nice sometimes.

  9. 59
    Becky says:

    I am not sure where to start to tell you what the study has meant to me. I have two little boys who are 3 and 4. I adore them and we have a blast at our house. But they stretch me and humble me. When I was growing up all I wanted to be was a wife and a Mama. Somehow I thought it would just be so natural to me to be able to raise them the way I wanted. That I would just be this kind of SuperMom who would always know how to discipline fairly and love perfectly and walk out my days with them full of patience. After my first arrived… and with him 6 months of colic…all those pipe dreams faded:) I realized that it is not easy to do this thing “right”. I have felt weak but was consumed by thinking about that weakness and how I was failing my imagined perception of who I am supposed to be. On p.70 in the study it was like a light turned on. My weakness IS THE KEY to unlocking His strength. If I was the mother I had imagined I would be naturally, then why would I need to turn to Him? You said “Your confidence (or lack therof) will always find its root in how you handle your key. Your weakness will stay magnified and unused as long as you are focused on it instead of the strength of God it is meant to unleash” AMEN! That word has been truth over my life these last few weeks. I have laid my weakness at His feet and say all through the day…”Lord I am weak…use it and be glorified through it…Help me” I will be a better mother because of this study. I just love you to pieces and thank you so much for allowing Him to walk you through Gideon’s life so you could share His insight with us!!!!

  10. 60
    Mary Sandifer says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just watched that video and got a word from the Lord that I needed so much at this precise moment. (Thank you Jerry!) My stubborn heart was holding onto some pain from words that had been spoken over me. Now I realize I need to let that go and listen only to the words my precious heavenly Father has to say. Oh Priscilla! Thank you for that! This study of Gideon has been amazing. I am so thankful.
    May The Lord continue to bless you both as you are used by Him to impact so many others.

  11. 61
    Joy says:

    I am writing with a quick question. Although I fully intended participating in this study and ordered my workbook as soon as the study was announced from a bookstore here, I only just received it. (I live in Canada.) Will these posts and videos remain available for someone who is going to be starting the study shortly? I had so looked forward to joining you again this summer. I know I can do the study on my own but I would love to still have access to the material here.

    Blessings and prayers to you all…and thanks for all you do,

    • 61.1
      Lindsee says:

      Yes ma’am! Once the posts and videos are up, they’re up for good. So dive on in!

    • 61.2
      colleen says:

      Hello Joy

      I live in South Africa and had the same problem. I collected my book from the book store on Friday (19th July) so am about to begin the study. Reading some of the comments on this page I reckon we are in for a real treat.


  12. 62
    Tonya says:

    So i just wanted to share that I’ve been reading Beth’s book,So Long Insecurity, you’ve been a bad friend! It’s been so enlightening! I went primitive camping a couple weeks ago in the smoky mountains with my 2 children. My son is 13 and my daughter is 11. I spent lots of quality time with my girly girl by the campfire while her brother fished. I’d read the book and share funny stories and good concepts with my Sophia. It was Beth Moore this and that all weekend In our conversations. She loves making s’mores. I really haven’t enjoyed them since I was a Girl Scout. But she insists I try one. She made the best s’more ever! It was a hot brown marshmallow that melted all of the chocolate so that it oozed through the tiny holes in the graham cracker. I ate probably 7 over that weekend! I rediscovered how much I loved s’mores! I told her with a full mouth of s’mores, this is the “best s’more ever!!” It sounded like Beth Moore ever! So Beth Moore is now what we call a perfectly toasted and melted best s’more! She said mom,
    You want me to make you a Beth Moore? We’d giggle. Sounds like a lisp. Good memories and bonding. Thank you Beth Moore ever!

    • 62.1
      Tanya says:

      This story resonated with me someplace inside. Its the things that we used to love that we rediscover and love again when we give up the security blanket of hiding our enjoyment. Maybe that makes sense. Glad you rediscovered s’mores and bonded with your baby and shared Jesus with her in such a fun way.

  13. 63
    Janet Amos says:

    God is so good. He know exactly what we need when we need it. I so needed this study at this very time in my life.

    Thank you Beth so much for doing this study. I just love Priscilla and how she teaches.

    I pray i will not forget all I have learned!!

  14. 64
    Jane-Carrollton KY -solo says:

    Just cannot thank you both, Priscilla and Beth, for this summer Bible Study. I have not completed it yet – just a couple more days to go, and have so much to think on probably for the rest of my life!

    It is such a timely study for what is going on in my life but the two truths that have been so helpful to me have been:
    “The Passion to Press On” Day 4, Week 5 – Forgetting what lies behind, reaching forward and pressing on!

    And.. the word Amar (said) from your video yesterday…Being careful, especially being critical of others when it is not our place, and on the positive side, the words we say over others that can help them..”To know the word that sustains the weary!” THANK YOU both so much! You have been streams in the desert for me this summer! May God continue to bless you, your families and your ministry richly.

  15. 65
    Dawn says:

    Dawn, Mt. Olive, NC-Solo
    Thank you Beth and Priscilla for this Bible study. I know now that my weaknesses will help me help other women. That is my heart; leading women to Christ. We struggle with so much in this crazy world that we forget who we are in Christ Jesus. This study help me understand that even in our weak moments God still in control and He has a mission for ALL of us. We don’t have to push it along, just trust Him.
    Thank you both again!

  16. 66
    Terri Morales says:

    Thank you Beth Moore and Pricilla Shirer for answering God’s call in your life. You both have been discipling me for years. It’s amazing how you both can have such an influence in people’s lives without even personally knowing them. Thank you for this Gideon study and thank you for sending us God’s word in such a real way.

  17. 67
    Bonnie Sandoval says:

    I am loving this Gideon study…took a break last 2 weeks to do Camp Onnie…that’s my name without the B :)…Grandma Onnie…and VBS with my Granddaughters!

    Wanted to share what I got from where I left off…Day 4 Wk 5 pg. 140 with Siesta Verse 12…Fixed faces FORWARD. Miss Pricilla was saying that we need to FORGET what’s behind us, REACH FORWARD + Press on to the goal of the Upward Call…Phil 3:13-14.

    When I put these together it came out like this…Our UPWARD CALL is…
    In WORD + On WORD = UP WORD. Our goal and prize is Christ our Savior!!!

    Got to go…more home work to do…just wanted to share that with you! My deepest thanks goes to you and Miss Pricilla for encouraging me in the Word this Summer…just couldn’t get better than that!!!

    Bonnie B, going solo, Florence, Colorado.

    • 67.1
      Bonnie B. says:

      Beth said…We all fixed our faces FORWARD = as if nothing in the World mattered but what was in FRONT of us.

  18. 68
    Tami says:

    Tami, Denham Springs, LA, Solo

    I did this entire study (including videos) last week; I took it to the beach with me and thoroughly enjoyed spending hours digging into the Word and praying. It was such a welcomed retreat!

    What surprised me most was how quickly Gideon forgot by whose power he had changed from a timid man to a valiant warrior. “Pride forgets. Humility remembers…Continuing a vibrant fellowship with God would have kept him on course with divine purpose.”

    The #LessonsFromGideon I hope to remember most are, “When the dominoes of life cave in, our level of steadiness will be equal to our level of fellowship with the Father.” I loved how Priscilla pointed out that in contrast to Gideon’s forgetfulness, “Jesus purposefully and faithfully sought the Father for direction, and then stayed committed to the divine purposes for which He had been sent even if it meant disappointing a crowd of people to do it.”

    Thanks, Priscilla, for persevering in writing this study. I will never forget the way the Lord used it to speak to me during that week at the beach. I truly believe it is one of those studies that has changed my life.

  19. 69
    Misty Ansted says:

    I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than two Godly women sharing together and the fellowship of the Spirit. What a gift to get a glimpse of that through this video. What grace the Lord has given us when He has given us two powerful bible teachers to get us women through the 21st century! Praising Him!!

  20. 70
    Jana says:

    Jana, Harrisonburg, Va solo

    I think what I learned most from Gideon and what surprised me was how admitting our weaknesses and admitting that we are depleted and need a break is not a cop-out or a sign of faithlessness. By allowing God to use these times His greater glory can shine through.
    Thank you for this Bible Study this summer. It has truly been a blessings!

  21. 71
    Clarice says:

    Arlington, TX/Solo Thank you for this study, Priscilla. And thank you, Beth, for sharing it via your blog.

    While there were many rich nuggets in Gideon, I think what I will remember the most is β€œThe 300.” I appreciate that Priscilla challenged me to think of my own β€œ300” – the place where I am depleted and deficient. And not to hang on, but to surrender to His purposes. I also appreciated her reference to the feeding of the 5,000. β€œβ€¦ the loaves and the fish were all the disciples could see, but that is certainly not all they had.” Remember the Unseen Supply. I love that!

    Oh … one more thing. What if my weakness is not a liability? What if my frailty actually benefits His ultimate purpose for me!!!! Praise God!!! Thank you for that!!!

  22. 72
    Jo Anne Melton says:

    Jo Anne Chicago Solo

    Thank you Priscilla and Beth! I was not really familiar with Gideon so I loved the study–seeing how God used Gideon’s weaknesses and insecurities for victory. I so related to Gideon when he wanted more signs from God. I guess that shows unbelief so I pray that God will help me in my unbelief! It’s great that we, unlike Gideon, have The Word to learn these lessons from!


  23. 73

    Thank you for ending the Gideon study in such a special way, and I know if you had time, both Beth and Priscilla had much more on their hearts to share, thanks for sharing with us through this video to close out the study this week.

  24. 74
    Hannah Hancock says:

    Let me tell you something, I did not have the opportunity to participate in this summer’s Bible study with y’all, but I decided to watch this video today. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did! What a word of encouragement it was to me! I just love you both to pieces and am so thankful for your work for the Kingdom. What a day it will be when we all get to Heaven and will get to worship Him together with perfect hearts! Love y’all!

  25. 75
    Mary Lou Smith says:

    Yes, yes, yes when I heard Priscilla speak last year in Indianapolis with Nancy Leigh DeMoss – I thought I have a new girlfriend! I like Priscilla so much and keep watching her website for information that she is coming back to my area – Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky.
    Thank you Beth and Priscilla, you keep encouraging me with your blogs and videos. Thank you, may God bless you more.

  26. 76
    lynda rickey says:

    Dear Beth and Priscilla, One of my favorite things about Jesus is how He comes to us so sweetly in the friendships He gives us. It is so very apparent in that video. Love you guys.

  27. 77
    Julie Nelson says:

    Julie Nelson, solo/ Macon, GA

    The best part about this summer study was that my best friend and I, who live hours apart, got to be in a Bible study together! So thankful for the internet at times like these.

    And one thing God taught me most through this study is how patient He is. As He is patient with me, so should I be patient with others. There is power in patience.

    Thank you Priscilla for being obedient to God’s calling on your life. He has blessed me through your hard work.

  28. 78
    Pauline Richardson says:

    Dear siestas in Christ how I thank The Lord for you both!
    Your willingness to be the tools in Gods hand to chisel away at my heart is so appreciated
    I’m posting a day late,as I received word that my dear friend went to be with The Lord suddenly !
    So as we drive to Co. I listened to your video.. I love you both! You brought me laughter and
    tears.. And even read my tweet :)) This study grabbed my heart … And God worked on this girl!
    I know (that sounds nice..”I know”) God will take my 300 and He will enable me to do what I feel He has called me to do!! I face this with joy, not fear ! I don’t have time nor do you to read all that He has taught this battered, weary pastor’s wife.. preparing, putting down, pouring out.. Giving it to God! Once we give it to God we wonder … Why didn’t we do this sooner?? Oh the joy!
    The section on Idols— wow. So easy to be critical of others and we all have idols to destroy. And the power of words .. To build up or destroy. . Oh the glorious grace and patience of my Jesus .. I learned sooo much.. I just told my husband the other day that my real joy and happiness is when I’m in the word peeling back the layers.. It’s unending joy.. Thank you both for the hours of study that you have dedicated to help your sisters see clearly!
    I hope this makes sense, typing on an iPhone in the back seat (turning green

  29. 79
    Judy says:

    This has been an incredible study! A huge thank you to Beth for suggesting it and Priscilla for writing it!

    A group of 8-10 ladies have gathered at my house these past 6 weeks and we’ve laughed, cried, and pour out all our hopes and fears, lifted each other up and hugged until our arms hurt!

    For me, there were several things that have stood out: that all has been arranged and/or allowed, that the people who are in my sphere of influence are there for a reason and entrusted to me (that scares me a little), that my weakness is the key to God unlocking God’s purpose for me, that sometimes life needs to be interrupted and redirected, that I need the right weapons to fight with, and that I need to give God the credit when I use my gifts or talents while doing His work and not try to hang on to it for myself.

    Needless to say, I found nuggets each week and they have true staying power!

    Thank you again, and may our great, mighty, magnificent, majestic, glorious and sovereign God bless your socks (or sandals) off!!!

  30. 80
    LIsa says:

    Thank you for offering the study the way you did…solo or group.

    Summer is always a challenge to stay in the word. I chose to do it solo and I was able to be diligent with the study.

    So, so many things spoke to me. Things were stirred in my soul. Things that I already knew, I was refreshed and things that I never knew about Gideon’s story, helped me be aware of so many things that I would’ve never known if I didn’t do the study.

    May you have a blessed/restful/fun rest of the Summer. I will be staying in the Word.

  31. 81
    Karen says:

    Thanks so much Beth & Priscilla for helping us stay connected with our small groups this summer! It has been a real blessing!

  32. 82
    Teresa says:

    Teresa, Chadron, NE

    Thank you Priscilla for a wonderful study of Gideon, a study of letting our weaknesses become God’s strength, of allowing our insecurities to be perfected! I can’t believe how each day’s study spoke to me as I was struggling through a particular trial in my life, the videos touched me as well. I just watched the Session 7 video and wow!! I am doing this study with my daughter and her sister-in-law though not together, just at the same time in three different states. It feels like you were talking to us! And I knelt down at the end as you prayed over us and felt so lifted up. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this study and walking with us to God’s glory!

  33. 83
    Jeanie. Nashville says:

    Thank you Beth and Priscilla! This was a God ordained encounter. It’s right where I needed to be this summer. May God’s richest blessings be upon you and your ministries.

  34. 84
    Glenda Suey Caldwell says:

    Hi Bethy, Thx much Priscilla
    Your mom Lois, and your pa Dr. Tony must be very proud of you.

    Gideon was amazing.
    1)fatherd 70 sons!
    2) explaining the fleece which is my Jesus radar experience sometimes
    3)need for affirmation etc etc
    4)how Gideon got lots of loot later in life and appears did not give the glory to God.also .the Gideon bible is the first experience i have in any hotel, is to open the Gideon bible
    5)Session 6 really got my attention
    Thank you and your hubby Jerry and your sister living next to you ha!

  35. 85
    Stephanie Volkmer says:

    Stephanie V. Tulsa Ok, solo.
    I think what surprised me the most was how much I could relate to Gideon. I’m a little behind because I had a lot happen last week, but I’m still working on it. I always thought that I was basically a fearless person, but instead I found that I have a lot in common with Gideon, being unsure of my calling, afraid to move…but hopefully still being willing to prepare, to present, to pour out and to praise. πŸ™‚ thank you so much for this study, it changed me extremely.

  36. 86
    Betsy Hunter says:

    I just have to say thank you to Jerry Shirer for persevering thru the technical difficulties. I also have to give God all the glory for encouraging me to approach my entire neighborhood to join me in this study. Even though God gave me the courage and it didn’t work out, I completed this study by myself. I shared many lessons with friends and family. I even shared some with my pastor and fellow ladies in ministry. I will never look at Gideon the same. Gideon taught me to pass the baton, always Give God the glory for everything, and the importance of continuing to tach my children biblical truths. Pricilla thank you for writing and researching -your time was not wasted, thank you for the next study your working on too. Well done. And this is my first siesta study -I loved it. Thanks y’all siestas.

  37. 87
    Lynn D says:

    Lynn, Kentucky, Solo
    It’s hard to believe six weeks have passed so quickly! I started the study on vacation and finished as I prepare to send my youngest off to college.

    I have to say, from reading other posts that I too never realized how much Gideon’s story would resonate in my own life. That would have to be what surprised me the most. Not that I didn’t think I would learn something that I could apply to my life but how much I would see of Gideon in myself. It’s scary how God works.

    The four steps Gideon went through to present his offering to the Lord spoke volumes to me, too. Years ago the Lord gave me a dream of ministry. I’ve spent several years in preparation completing a masters degree in Christian Education only to have no opportunity to use it outside my local church. I never realized how I was holding on to that dream until this study. I need to lay it down and pour it out for the Lord. Right now I just don’t know how.

    I want to offer testimony to the effect the words you speak have over others. I’ve had a forty year struggle with weight that I finally conquered this year with losing 45 pounds. In recent years I identified part of the cause for my struggle with weight, words spoken meant to deter me from eating that only made me want it more. So once I married and left home I endulged to my heart’s content to spite the words and prove my independence. The words drove a wedge between my mother and I and cost me years of obesity.I still remember them, and even the tone they were said in but they no longer have a hold on me. Thanks for letting my share my story.

    Looking forward to the next study. How about a joint study with Beth and Priscilla? I can’t wait until Charleston, I will be there.

  38. 88
    Carrie says:

    Our ladies small group so enjoyed our time in Gideon this summer that we have decided to start the study afresh in September with the video series from Priscilla so we don’t miss anything. We love you both and are so thankful for your devotion to our Lord and Savior. God bless you!

  39. 89
    Mary S says:

    Priscilla – I really enjoyed this bible study. “Enjoyed” isn’t exactly the word that describes it, but I can’t find the right word. This study opened my eyes to some things that really convicted me (I am glad it did) and I am working through addressing them or dealing with them. Thank you for the time and effort it took to bring this study to paper and sharing it.

    Beth – thank you for this study, this format, at this time.

    What surprised me the most is related to what God is speaking to me about – finishing well. When I have read Gideon’s story before I never realized “what began as a divinely ordained undertaking seems to be turning into a mission for personal retribution”. I never realized what the “crescent ornaments” implied. I never understood the issues with the ephod. This made me aware of how important it is to study in detail God’s word vs just reading it. In another bible study group we are reading through the bible and the timing of this highlighted just how many (most)of the kings did not finish well. I thank God for his grace and mercy.

  40. 90
    rhonda says:

    Put it down…..Pour it out.

    Hard things to do….

  41. 91
    Britt Causey says:

    Britt, Burlington, Solo.
    What suprised me most? 1. (About Gideon)- His downfall! I didn’t know that part of the story. 2. (About me) The perfect timing of this study for what is currently going on in my life: God is instructing me to start a new adventure in my life-one that is quite intimidating. I received the encouragment I needed to continue to step out in faith despite my weaknesses.
    How did God speak to me in an unexpected way? Day 1 of Week 2-I had a special experience with God where he answered a specific prayer for me that encouraged me to stay on my current path. Also I now KNOW how important my weaknesses are. I don’t need to fear them, they help maintain my relationship with God: keeping me dependent on Him and keeping me humble.
    To Priscilla: Thank you for your work in the ministry! You write something once (this study), and it stays alive and new through God, as He uses it over an over again to speak directlty to us in ways that are specific to our own lives. It is amazing!

  42. 92
    Valerie McFarland says:

    Wow! It’s Friday and I’m finally able to sit while my baby sleeps and the 3 other kids play quietly downstairs to finish this summer study. I have to admit that when I decided to participate in this study, I wasn’t sure that I was going to really learn anything new. LOL!!! I guess I was wrong. I had NO IDEA what God had in store for me concerning the lessons from Gideon. This study, while not as intense as some of the other ones I’ve done, has flipped my life upside down. Yeah…I needed this more than I could’ve ever imagined. #When we let the spirit of God work within us, we become God’s outfit, put on for special occasions. #A change in perspective changes everything. #We need spiritual weapons to fight spiritual battles.

    • 92.1
      Valerie McFarland says:

      Oh, that the Lord would keep these truths in the forefront of my mind as I march forward in battle! Oh, that I remember the lessons I’ve learned. Oh, that I would be different in how I act and react to the people and situations that continue to challenge my life. Oh, that I would not be held up any longer fighting spiritual battles with physical weapons. My Promised Land awaits. I’m seeing God hand in guiding me, in helping to see more clearly, and in learning to let go of things that are holding me back.

      Thank you so much Priscilla for your commitment and courage and obedience!

      Thank you Beth for your passion for our Lord. My life has never been the same since Believing God!!!

      God bless you dear ladies!!!

  43. 93
    Connie says:

    Connie, Iowa, Not finished with the study yet but will finish. I ended up doing it solo, but always lots to learn, My husband and I are in the Gideon Ministry so that makes the study special. Thank you 2 for your ministry, stay in the Word and be strong.

  44. 94
    Linda, Buckeye, Az, solo says:

    Thanks Beth and Priscilla for an eye opening study!! So thankful you both use your amazing gifts from God to reveal amazing truths from God’s word.
    Two that spoke to me:
    *My battles are more spiritual than I realize and only God’s weapons will work. It was a revelation to me that I try to use my resources and in turn below the surface the real problem stays unsolved and simmering. No wonder that simmering gets me in trouble and defeated!
    *The study about idols good or bad was an eye opener. I thought I knew what an idol was but the definition on page 151 revealed how it takes a place reserved for God! I make excuses that have tried to cover up my idols. I must ask myself ,”Is this thing causing me to crave God or is it going to take me away from God and take God’s place?”
    Thanks again!!

  45. 95
    mary from jonesborough tn says:

    I loved loved loved this study and thank the LORD, Pricilla, Beth and their staff/family, and a special thanks to my sweet daughter who introduced me to and encouraged me to do the “siesta” verses and summer Bible study. I have been studying the Word for 45 years and, as my former pastor, Adrian Rogers, said, I always get something from God’s word because it is shallow enough that even a child (young Christian) can drink from it yet it is so deep that even the seasoned believer will never reach the bottom of the depth of it’s wisdom & instruction! (or something like that πŸ˜‰ )

  46. 96
    Beth Beutler says:

    Thank you Priscilla for your ministry through Gideon. This was my first Bible study “with you” and although going solo, I listened to your videos as well. I am going through a period of realizing my weaknesses and it’s been tough. This was a good reminder that those are a key to God using me. I’m having to understand that He can work and encourage others through my humble dependence on Him rather than building a certain image (I’m a writer, speaker, consultant). It scares me some to put down the gift and let Him decide how it should be used, but it’s the right thing to do. Thanks for ministering to us. I also recently finished your book about Discerning the Voice of God. Thanks for that, too.

  47. 97
    Sheila says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed this study’s d digging deeper,in God’s Word. I am even going to go through it again this Fall with a small group that I lead.

  48. 98
    Helen Wall says:

    Helen, Crystal City, Manitoba, Canada (solo)
    I am sooo amazed with God’s timing! This has been one of my more difficult summers and realizing how relevant the lesson on Gideon’s 300 was for me, opened my eyes (and heart) to how the Lord works best and and through our areas of weakness!!! I feel like I have spent a lifetime hating weakness in me and can now appreciate the opportunity for God to show Himself big. Praying I remain faithful to give Him all the glory. . . Thank you for your ministry, Beth and Priscilla, and for your willingness to share it with us!!

  49. 99
    Kathy says:

    Kathy, Austin Solo- Thank you for that wonderful ending prayer- I am facing the end of a rough chapter in late life and have no idea what is in the next chapter- Your blessing “blessed” me-

  50. 100
    Cheryl says:

    Thanks ladies! It’s been a great study. Priscilla, I was blessed to be able to obtain the video sessions through Lifeway. Your teaching was a gift to me! Blessings to you both! Cheryl H., Huntington, WV

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