As Promised – The Great Forsake and Take

My beloved Sisters,

Thanks is too small a word for the privilege to serve you. You are graces of a merciful God to me. How I pray God revealed Himself to you in an intensely personal way today. Here is the equipping that I promised in the simulcast to those who are ferociously ready to forsake fear and take courage. You will find a cover sheet for your notebook, a letter from me suggesting how to use the resource, and enough verses to keep you well immersed for a good while. They are life and liberty to any of you who, like me, have battled a stronghold of fear but they are also vastly useful when you are facing a temporarily intimidating or frightening situation, like surgery or a speech in front of your class or a hard conversation requiring you to speak the truth in love. It doesn’t matter what circumstances are tempting you to fear and to shrink back from your faith and your calling, you are invited and even commanded by God to take much courage. It is your right of daughtership, “for you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [and daughters!], by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’” (Romans 8:15)

By all means, you are welcome to openly share this link with anyone else who could use this kind of equipping, whether or not they joined us for the simulcast.

The Great Forsake and Take

You’ll need Adobe Reader to download the booklet, so if you don’t have it already, you can click here to download it for free.

Stay in the Word, Sisters! You are chosen and loved by the sovereign King of all creation and the calling on your life demands power and insight that only He can bring. Trust Him. He cannot do you wrong.

Christ is life,


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  1. 351
    Karin says:

    I’m ready to be done with fear!

  2. 352
    Sandi says:

    Thank you for the individual Sister prayer. I am healing from a ministry hurt and feelings of being wronged. Your prayer helped me forward in the needed process of forgiveness. I will conquer my fear of venturing forward in leadership again now. Today was a good catalyst in that direction. People will fall short, but trust in Christ will heal and never disappoint. Thank you Beth for teaching the Word boldly and clearly.

  3. 353
    Laura Reno says:

    Beth, thank you for making it real! Thank you for bringing our real God to light and the requirement of ALL of us to TELL people about Jesus! I participate in local jail ministry and homeless shelters and want to SPREAD out even further…. funds have become a challenge as well… I would LOVE Christian mentoring at the Women’s Forum. Can I put a request out there for prayer to God for His provisions to cover the costs of this event in it’s entirety? If this is His will for me to be nurtured and learn more about teaching His word, then I believe this could happen. Thank you SO much again for your simulcast… I met a girl that was inspired by God through God so evident in me at the event. Hallelujah to Him! That was such a blessing and so humbling… God bless you and your work again. Laura

  4. 354
    Michelle McKinney says:

    Beth, thank you so much for a great day. It was a divine appointment for me. I live in fear alot of the time. Worrying about what others think and say about me. God has done some amazing thing in my life. I truly don’t deserve them though. Thanks for the Fear and Courage booklet. I can’t wait to start.
    Love Michelle

  5. 355
    Linda D says:

    Beth – Thank you for this and today, Sept 15, 2012. The Living Proof live was life changing!

  6. 356
    Lori says:

    Thank you for the amazing message today!!On some days I felt like girl A. I had felt very lost and like a failure in some areas and thought how could I ever over come my fears and anxieties again renew my walk with Christ. then there are so many days I felt like Girl Z. Thank you again and your team so much!I have printed of the booklet and cant wait to get started on reading it! God Bless

  7. 357
    Sandy Johnston says:

    Thank you, Lord, for providing Beth with the knowledge and wisdom to teach your truth. May she be blessed for being your obedient servant.
    Thank you, Beth, for sharing from your heart today. Truly encouraging to seek revival and keep walking the mysterious journey of life in the Lord.~

  8. 358
    Courtney says:

    Beth, your prayer toward the end was powerful. I have not the words to describe how my hardened heart was softened and cracked open. Is there any chance that your prayer might be made available on the blog? I almost wish I had been a solo viewer at home so that I could have paused & taken the prayer line by line. It was too BIG to process all at once. Thank you for today. God bless.

  9. 359
    Deborah says:

    Thank you Beth for listening to God & allowing Him to use you!!! This was a much needed & timely message for me!!! Praise God that He will use this message & information to set me and so many people free!!! He had the Word I needed today & spoke through you my sister!!!

  10. 360
    Karen says:

    Thank you Beth for today!!!!:):) I did not realize that my fear was holding me back in my life with God (strong hold can be very debilitating). I let my fear stop me from achieving what I feel God wants me to do. You are an incredible teacher and I appreciate you so much and look forward to every bible study I have with you. Thank you again for helping break another stronghold!!:):)

  11. 361
    Kelly says:

    I was blessed by the simulcast today. 🙂 Thank you for allowing God to use you to help us shake that rattlesnake off our wooden leg! lol

  12. 362
    cindy sumner says:

    I have prayed and asked God to speak through me as I sit here and write to you, Mrs. Moore. Today, my precious daughter and I attended your simulcast here in Roxboro, NC. I cannot express how excited I was to be there. I knew I had a divine appointment with my Sweet Jesus today and I knew He was going to be there and I would have the blessing to sit at His feet and hear from Him and as I knew He would, He was there in a mighty way. For months, God has led me to pray for Him to create in me the woman He intends me to be in Christ Jesus and through my praying, He has asked me to become radically obedient to Him. I am far from perfect, well I will not be perfect until the day I walk the streets of Glory with my sweet Jesus. Anyway, as I was saying I am not perfect but God and I are working on this radical obedience and He is showing up in mighty ways just as He did today. God blessed me in so many wonderful ways but one of the most precious blessing that He gave to me was at the end, after you prayed over us, you asked us to stand and face the person beside us and speak words over each other. Mrs. Moore that person beside me was my 13 years old daughter and as we held hands and spoke over each other, I clearly felt God in the center of our held hands. Mrs. Moore, this was and will always be a blessing I look upon as overflowing in abundance from God. What a precious, precious gift to receive. My daughter and I holding hands, encouraging each other and God was there in the center of it. Thank You God, thank You God for showing up in a mighty and a loving way. Now, I would like to pray for you, Mrs. Moore. Oh, Father God, my heart is truly overflowing to the point of tears for the many blessings You gave to me today through Your loving servant Mrs. Moore. Father God, I thank You and praise You for all that You spoke to us today and for all the ways You manifested Yourself today. Father God, I thank You for the words You gave to this sweet, Sister in Christ and Titus woman. Father God, I come to You asking You to please send Your angels down from on high to surround Mrs. Moore and Mr. Moore and their precious family. I pray Father God, You will empower Your mighty host from Heaven with all they need to fight off each and every attack from satan against Mr. and Mrs. Moore and their family. May no weapon formed by satan ever prosper against them. Father God, I ask You to please send sweet blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Moore and their family and I pray they will see You manifested in many more supernatural ways. Father God, thank You for allowing Mrs. Moore to radiant the love of Jesus in such a sweet and mighty way. Father God, please pour a supernatural anointing of Your Holy Spirit on Mr. and Mrs. Moore and all of their precious family so they will all have Your wisdom, discernment, strength, endurance, patience, resources, words, love, hope, mercy and compassion to do all You are calling them to do. I thank You, Father God, for the generations of Jesus filled men and women, You are bringing forth from Your obedient servants, Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Father God, again thank You for the precious gift You gave to me and my daughter by showing up in the center of our joined hands to encourage us, love us and empower us. To You, Lord, I give all the praise, glory and honor. Father God, please forgive me for all the things I do that I should not do as Your child and please please forgive me for the things I should do that I have not done for You. Help me oh Lord to be radically onedient to You and may everyone who crosses my path in life see only Jesus and not me. All these I do ask and pray in the Holy, Precious and Mighty name of Jesus. Amen and Amen

  13. 363
    Sacha says:

    Wow! I have no idea what to say! But feel like something must be said! God answered so many prayers through you today, Beth! He was speaking directly to me through you. Thank you for being obedient to Him! Thank you to all the brothers that prayed for all of us today! God was listening and answered your prayers! Thank You Lord Jesus!

  14. 364
    Rose says:

    Thanks Beth Moore for all you are to us!
    The experience was wonderfully annointed today as we watched from Open Door Baptist church in Colliers West Virginia.
    11 of us ladies from Word of Life Assembly of God in Steubenville, OH accepted the open invitation to join the Baptist ladies in watching the simulcast. They were wonderful “hostesses” to us and we all had an incredible day!
    My little family laughed tonight as I told them about Uncle Walter and the rattler. And they took it in as I told them how you compared that spiritually.
    My own 22 yo daughter is preaching tomorrow at our church. She has just finished up her bachelor’s degree in theology.
    The fear I am overcoming after today is the possibility of sending my book about her into a publisher. She was our 5th pregnancy, with no living children. God promised her to us but it was a fight for her life!!! A father’s prayer, a GREAT GOD’s PROMISE, baby oil, and a daddy who wouldn’t give up on His God!!! And 22 years later the little girl who wouldn’t live through the night is a beautiful young woman serving God with everything in her.
    Yeah, it’s been a struggle along the way, but God has always been there with us, and that’s why my book relates.
    It’s been in the works for a long time, and after today, I know that’s one way God wants this woman to tell the good news!
    Thanks again Beth. If the book gets published I’ll send you a copy!
    Rose Mary Grimm – Ohio

  15. 365
    Karen Melanson says:

    What an awesome day. I have had some serious true heartbreak in the last 2 months. I could not get out of this funk I was in. I love the Lord but I just couldn’t get out of it. The message that God gave you was directed to me. In a room filled with almost 200 hundred people I felt like I was the only one there. You were speaking to me and praying that final prayer over me and I could feel God starting the healing process. It will truly be a day I will never forget. Thank you Beth for being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Travis & the praise team for leading us in some of the best worship I have been apart of in a while. Today changed my life. Praise the Lord!!!

  16. 366
    Rhoda says:

    Amazing!!! I have been in fear after the loss of our ministry, beaten down, discouraged, fearful of everything. Today I found my freedom, I am eternally thankful that it was you my sister that God used to deliver His message! I can honestly say that today is a date I ill mark in my bible! Freedom for Rhoda! How sweet that sounds!! <3 <3 <3

  17. 367
    Lynn says:

    Thank you Beth. I took my first step toward overcoming fear even before leaving the simulcast. I KNOW this was God’s word for me. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” He will keep me safe. Today was a confirmation from God on how He is working in my life. May God get ALL the glory!

  18. 368
    Rena says:

    Thanks for praying for us Women. I aways feel refresh when us Women get together I praise the Lord. I love when u talk about your Grandchilden. We just had our 1st one 18 mos. ago. What a blessing to us. I step out on faith and retired and now I stay home and watch her. Can’t wait to see u again. Love alway your sister in Christ Rena

  19. 369
    Dawn says:

    Wow! What a day for the word of God to be heard! Thanks to all that made this day such a blessing and so excited to see what God is growing me to be and used in His Kingdom! Thank you Beth for praying for me I am claiming it top to bottom. Let the Holy Spirit of God be unleashed! Thank you again for all you do and the word of God you put before us! You can really feel the love you have for us to get His word! Thanks again… Fear take a hike there is a revival in the land!!

  20. 370
    Lori T. says:

    THANK YOU, LPM for going to the mat for me in Christ’s name. You are LOVED and cherished here. God bless and keep you and your families in His sight always.

    Austin, TX

  21. 371
    Church Lady says:

    Thank you so much. This is much needed. The last few years this has been a real stronghold for me. It is a relief to know that I’m not the only one with this struggle. The key thing that I have learned over the past few years is that God is so faithful.

  22. 372

    Beth…Thank you for praying for me at the end of “Living Proof Live” simulcast. I was in such need of refreshing. You see my father is 90 and has dementia. He’s lived with my husband and I since November, 2011. His recent stroke accelerated the dementia and life is so different, now. I have become a 24/7 caregiver. Although my ministry is now taking care of my father, I so enjoy encouraging women, so I started a blog. It’s been hard and wondered if anyone out there was being touched. I almost quit posting. After today, I will continue to be obedient and let God do what He will with the blog while I care for my dad. In the meantime, God has been peeling off layers of fear, etc. Your prayer and free download were so timely. Thank you dear one. Blessings. Marisa

  23. 373
    Avis says:

    I have never experienced anything like today. I know it was done under the power of the most High God. Only He is able to bring 150,000 women together, on one accord all across nations AND make them feel they were all in the same room setting. Praise God and thank God for this woman of purpose vision and obedience.

  24. 374
    Kathleen says:

    Thankful for the verses, and would really like a written copy of the prayer prayed or me (and maybe 125.000 other recieving sisters) Would like to pray it over myself and over my children. Can that be transcribed and published soon?

  25. 375
    April Nicole says:

    THANK YOU for pouring it all out today. Words can’t do my gratefulness justice.

  26. 376
    De says:

    I can’t even tell you how much today has impacted my life. Thank you for your obedience to God and your example and courage to be transparent so that God can use you to help others. When you prayed over us individually, I felt as if you had your hand on me and were praying for me only. It was so powerful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. 377
    Paula says:

    Sept. 15, 2012–Totally wrecked by Abba Father! God has me in a healing, “digging out”, letting go, and moving on season of my life. It’s been very hard,scary,exciting and joyous all at the same time. God is freeing me from so much fear of so very many things! Today was amazing as God spoke through you to so many areas that He’d already been doing surgey on. You know, God does not offer anesthesia on his “operating table” and we can climb off any time we want to. We have to trust Him that even though it hurts, He is FREEING US from the lies the enemy had wrapped around our hearts and minds and lives with The Sword of HIS WORD!It’s SO much better to stay on His Table and get FREE! I would really love to get a copy of the powerful, personal prayer you prayed at the end. I was a puddle on my knees in a room of 500 women–KNOWING GOD WAS TOUCHING MY HEART THROUGH YOUR PRAYER! Thank you, Obedient Sister! I love you and feel so loved by you and the whole team! ABUNDANT BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL! In Abba’s Embrace together, -P

  28. 378
    Gina says:

    Today was awesome. We did the simulcast at Merlin Community Baptist Church. It was a blessing! I saw a number of women that said they heard something that had been on their hearts. I know I did. Thank you Beth for being a faithful servant and thank you Lord for giving her the inspiration that brings us to you!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 379
    Pamela Moss says:

    Beth – Thank you for what you imparted today. It edified me beyond measure. Please let the worship team know that their songs were powerful and lit my spirit on fire. Your gift of The Great Forsake and Take is greatly appreciated and will be used. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family beyond measure. Thank you for what you sowed into my life today. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Pamela Moss

  30. 380
    Gina says:

    Thank you so much Beth. I have struggled with fear and anxiety all my life, and I was girl Z times 10 until about 2 years ago when I gave my life to Jesus. I was reminded this afternoon how easily I can slip back into pretending. Praise God He sees right through it. And praise God He has already worked a miracle in me. I am a much better wife, mother, and daughter than I was 2 years ago. I will be praying through this scripture, and no matter what happens I will praise Him as long as I live!

  31. 381
    Jenna Berthoud says:

    Wow! Girl you brought it! You got what you wanted! I am walking, talking revival of faith. One that is pressing at the fallow soil to spring forth and bear fruit enough to feed the multitudes! Thank you! Thank you for believing God!

    Also, I’d love to hear the story behind the pony’s name “Pony B”!

    My girlfriends and I are working on keeping each other accountable to use our “the great forsake and take” scriptures faithfully, lest one of us have to pull out the stick!

    Bless you sister!

  32. 382
    Mary Beth says:

    Beth, today was such a life changing day. I have been in a place in my life that I have been searching greatly for answers! As I sat and listened to your message today I felt as if the Lord was sitting right in front of me speaking and answering my prayers to me personally!! Thank you for speaking with such boldness and with no fear!! I want that rip roaring change that I am even unrecognizable to myself, but full of the Spirit for other to see!!

  33. 383
    MV says:

    Thank you! I needed the assurance that God doesn’t work according to formulas, and that living in the mystery is so very much worth it. He’s not letting go of me.

  34. 384
    Kathy says:

    Thank you dear servant of God, I so enjoyed the time I spent with other sisters worshipping and gaining powerful insight to God’s word. I feel so blessed to have attended such a wonderful time in the Lord!! Thank you for praying for me Beth, I felt as though that prayer was just for me, it came through on such a personal level.I can not wait to see what the Lord does in my life , I love HIM so much and I love you Beth and thank you and all of your team for such a glorious event!!!! <3 <3 <3

  35. 385
    Angie says:

    Thank you for your message! This was my first Beth Moore seminar and I received a blessing and a renewal of faith. I pray you continue to take courage and FEAR NOT, as you continue to lead women to see Christ in areas of their lives that keep them in fear and bondage. Thank you for your transparency. I would also like a copy of the commission and the pray at the last portion of today’s session.

    Thank you and God bless!!

  36. 386
    Donna Sparks says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I just had to let you know how blessed I was by this simulcast. The enemy tried to keep our small group from joining in, and we missed most of the morning session, due to “technical difficulties.”

    BUT GOD, made sure we got what we needed because we got the 2nd half JUST FINE, and what a BLESSING. I cannot begin to tell you the miraculous things that were confirmed to me during your message. It was if God was speaking directly to me, through you!

    And, the prayer you prayed over “Me” (I receive that!) was powerfully anointed! My pastor prayed for me Sunday night, and he prayed a lot of the EXACT same phrases over me, that you prayed today (talk about goosebumps!) I just wept! Powerful, so powerful!

    God is so GOOD! He is always ON TIME. I love Him SO MUCH. You, dear sister are PRECIOUS TO ME TOO! Thank you SO much for being so sensitive, and obedient to the Holy Spirit! What a treasure you are! Breathe deeply, and rest in His loving embrace, as I’m sure He is smiling down on you, saying,
    “Well done, my good and FAITHFUL servant!”
    Your Sis,
    Donna Sparks

  37. 387
    Paula says:

    Tks so much Beth you have shown me something I have
    been wondering about

  38. 388
    Tammi T. says:

    Thanks so much for being such a servant of God. I appreciate you making this resource (“Fear and Courage: The Great Forsake and Take”) available. From the time you showed us your copy of “Fear Not”, I made the decision to make one for myself, (not knowing at the time that you had been faithful enough to do it for us).

    I was really broken and revived today. I believe you were speaking directly to me so many times, especially when you prayed at the end. Please pray for me if you think of it that my heart will stay open and that I’ll stop living through “second-hand” stories and let God work through me for a “first-hand” story and that I won’t let fear conquer the work Jesus wants to do through me.

  39. 389
    Fran Harris says:

    Thanks so much Beth, Travis and Praise Team members. What a blessing today was. I was very discouraged this week and knew God would work mighty things today. Indeed, He did. I got my faith back on. Now I’m going to download and print The Great Forsake & Take and pray a page a day.
    I am so thankful for y’all. I pray that God will continue to bless you in your ministry.

  40. 390
    Dean Jones says:

    Beth, thank you. I started praying months ago for this day and left my house with a prayer this morning expecting God to do something big. I prayed for others that needed a touch but it was me. When you shared how God showed the fear thing to you back in Jan. and you asked “does anyone know what I’m talking about?” It was like FINALLY God showed me what it was from the time I was 8 that has held me captive-FEAR- and I’m sick and tired of it!!! My dad was on his death bed in May and I prayed for God to heal Him but most of all I wanted to be one of these women who could say with such faith, it is well and have joy whatever the outcome. I was SO,SO afraid to have faith (because what if God didn’t give me what I asked for) and then I was afraid not to. I didn’t know how-still got more to learn. This has been how I have done it since I 8. I’m now 40. I took more notes today as fast as i could and CANNOT wait to print the “fear not” packet. You know that sister that you prayed over— it was me. I have never felt such confirmation from God that He meant this for me and was right there wrapping His arms around me as you prayed. I felt such love, warmth and freedom. He is good. So good. I
    love you sweet Beth.

    know that sister, the one who you prayed over, it was me. As you prayed it was like Jesus himself wrapped me up so tight and warm. I just cried and cried tears of happiness and freedom. He is good. So good. I love you dear Beth.

  41. 391
    Kathy BW says:

    Beth…. THANK YOU for your awesome message today. You spoke to my heart today over and over again. Throught the similcast and especially during your prayer, I felt very convicted to not let fear cripple me anymore. I amy ready and willing to push back that enemy of fear. I feel so excited about what God has in store for me. Bless your heart and your fabulous ministry!!!!

  42. 392

    I cannot begin to tell you how God’s word spoke to my heart today. For too long I have lived in the fear of insecurity, and settling. Why hope for more when I can’t foresee or control God? It’s time to walk on the water! It’s time to embrace what we have been called, redeemed! His word was so needed today! Thank you for sharing it!!!

  43. 393
    dawna says:

    WOW!!!! What can I say.I have never been to a conference and I was not disappointed. Beth, sister your message felt like it was meant for me. Fear has over taken my life and I have always felt my walk with Christ was lacking greatly but your message spoke to me. Satan and this world can “shalom” (move side). I am going to take God at His word and stand on His promises. I am going to take your “fore sake and take” and claim/pray them everyday. Praise God and God bless you and your team.

    Dawna (Chugiak, AK)

  44. 394
    Marlene Castle says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  45. 395
    Dean Jones says:

    Didn’t mean to repeat myself in my previous post. I thought it had been erased or something.


  46. 396
    Linda says:

    Hi Siesta Beth,

    Powerful, powerful word today – spoke straight to me – thank you for all you and the team does to prepare a word like that – whew! (Manna from heaven). Would you please post the commissioning from today’s conference it is so powerful, I want to recite it with my scriptures from The Great Forsake and Take?

    Thank you and may Father God pour out a blessing upon you and the team that you can’t get over for years to come.

    Thank you!!!

    (still giggling about the Mr Moore story of being ‘almost happy’ about the alarm going off – the men in my house would feel the exact same way)

  47. 397
    DeSha Swisher says:

    Hi Beth!

    Today from Idaho Falls, Idaho we attended your simulcast and can I just say, Praise God! your word was timely and spoke so deeply to all the women who attended. Thank you for the resources that you made available to us.
    I wanted to ask if the prayer that you prayed at the end is available in print somehow because I and many others would like to have this to constantly stand and remind ourselves of this. I felt like you were praying this directly over me personally.

    Thank you for your obedience to Him and speaking truth and freedom to us!!!

    In Him,
    De’Sha Swisher

  48. 398
    sue bueckert says:

    Attended the simulcast today in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. So very blessed! Have participated in several of your Bible studies in the past 2 years. Have changed my life! Praise God!!! Praying for you always. Thank you so much!

  49. 399
    Lisa says:

    In Christ, there are no coincidences….He wanted me there and He wanted my friend there too who accompanied me there. I have been praying for a deeper relationship with Christ and to know His presence. My prayer was answered today during this simulcast. Beth you are my sister in Christ, and thankyou for your obedience for God’s plan for your life. Awesome!!!!
    Also wondering if this simulcast can be purchased, would love my sister to see it…

  50. 400
    Jo-Ann Schultz says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than Living Beyond Yourself, along you came with today’s life-changing simulcast!!!! I cannot even tell you how wonderful it is to sit in your audience (in front of a screen in Sarnia, ON actually) and be blessed and spiritually fed by such a godly, humble, brilliant speaker….someone who allows God to use her soooooo well! Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit show you how to overcome your fear of ‘telling’ and thank you for sharing that equipment with us so eloquently. You are dearly loved by all your sisters everywhere. We thank God for you. (I have been looking forward to today for weeks and it did not disappoint!!!!) God bless you Beth Moore!

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