As Promised – The Great Forsake and Take

My beloved Sisters,

Thanks is too small a word for the privilege to serve you. You are graces of a merciful God to me. How I pray God revealed Himself to you in an intensely personal way today. Here is the equipping that I promised in the simulcast to those who are ferociously ready to forsake fear and take courage. You will find a cover sheet for your notebook, a letter from me suggesting how to use the resource, and enough verses to keep you well immersed for a good while. They are life and liberty to any of you who, like me, have battled a stronghold of fear but they are also vastly useful when you are facing a temporarily intimidating or frightening situation, like surgery or a speech in front of your class or a hard conversation requiring you to speak the truth in love. It doesn’t matter what circumstances are tempting you to fear and to shrink back from your faith and your calling, you are invited and even commanded by God to take much courage. It is your right of daughtership, “for you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [and daughters!], by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’” (Romans 8:15)

By all means, you are welcome to openly share this link with anyone else who could use this kind of equipping, whether or not they joined us for the simulcast.

The Great Forsake and Take

You’ll need Adobe Reader to download the booklet, so if you don’t have it already, you can click here to download it for free.

Stay in the Word, Sisters! You are chosen and loved by the sovereign King of all creation and the calling on your life demands power and insight that only He can bring. Trust Him. He cannot do you wrong.

Christ is life,


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  1. 601
    Dee says:

    Wow!! What amazing experience in Tulare, California! Your prayer was answered! Jesus was present and revival is taking place in so many hearts…..mine included! Fear will not hold me back and out I go to be one of the many,many women who go out to spread the good news of the gospel!

  2. 602
    Rosemary says:

    Dear Beth, Yesterday I attended your simulcast(sp?) in Idaho Falls Idaho. While I was there my 11 yr old granddaughter, punctured her right eye and they did emergency surgery. They are still not sure if she will have any sight in this eye, but I am standing for a miracle, She is my daughters youngest biological child of 6 and she has 2 adopted children from Haiti. They have been through many trials, a month ago my husband of 63 lost his job. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of stress that our family has been under. In Feb. my mo-in-law of 93 moved into our home which has been a great amount of stress on top of everything else. It makes it hard to deal with the other things as we have no real privacy. I am standing for my granddaughters miraculous healing. Thank you for your seminar you have no idea what it meant to me. I have been Girl A all the way through Girl Z. And had lost faith, but I will again take heart and run after God. Thank you for the gift that you are to the body of Christ. Love Rosemary in Idaho

  3. 603
    Christine says:

    What an amazing day! Thank you for your words that most certainly revived my faith!

  4. 604
    Heidi says:

    Hi Beth and thank you thank you thank you for being used by God!! The simulcast on Saturday was absolutely a blessing to me and my mother. Thank you for the “faith revival” instead of “faith denial”!! Dealing with fear and anxiety all my life as well has created a tall wall between my Heavenly Father and me for too long and I’m sick of it. I’m that person that says, “I want this more than my next breathe, but HOW?!” So, thank you for helping to expose what’s holding me back. Fear. I love you dear sister in Christ thank you for sharing the good news!

  5. 605
    Lisa says:

    I took several things aways from the message you and your praise team generously gave to me. My favorite is the the wooden leg/snake story and how that applies to us as Christians. My husband and boys (hunters too) also like the analogy. I loved the message that we said at the end to our partner. My partner was my Mom and we were both so full of joy it was spilling from our eyes. Thank you and every single member of your team. I would also like to thank, Methodist Church of Mansfield, in Texas, the host church were we attended. They made everything perfect!!

  6. 606
    Betty Warmath says:

    Thank you so much for the teaching yesterday and I am beginning today the Great Forsake and Take adventure with Jesus. May He continue to anoint you as you bring His truth to women across the world! I received your prayer over and for me yesrterday with tears and faith. God bless you!

  7. 607
    Suzie Sloan says:

    Thank you for the gift of the Tool Packet of “Fear & Courage, The Great Forsake & Take” I plan on personalizing it and making it my own to give back to my Sweet Jesus, daily as I forsake my fears to take up my position to walk in obedience, daily. Thank you also,to you and your whole team, who once again poured out jars & jars of the miracles of yourselves, to fill the miracles who are the hungry ‘we’, clay vessles desperately needing the oil of God’s Spirit and Life, through this year’s Simulcast.

  8. 608
    Susan Clark says:

    Just arrived home from Reading. I do not have the words to express what the message you shared meant to me. Thank You soooooo much. Love to you Beth

  9. 609
    vanaly palmer says:

    Thank you so much… i couldn’t go yesterday to Temple Baptist to hear the video…Beth Moore, you are truly a blessing to all the families you come in contact with, one way or another… even if many don’t know it was you (guided by the Spirit) that is influencing us… LOVE YOU SISTER

  10. 610
    Linda says:

    The simulcast was AMAZING GOD MOVED through ALL the message and at the end GOD Breathed into me a Refreshing new wind into my spirit, God Is AWESOME and I will be reading for what comes ahead… God Bless You ABUNDANTLY…

  11. 611
    Que Moore says:

    Hey there,

    OMG!!! I was in Brentwood,Ca sitting in a congregation full of sister’s I did not know. But, I just knew I needed to be there and was expecting Jesus and OH MY GOSH He blessed me. Beth Moore blessed me. I was unfimilar with you until a sister friend of mine shared you with me about a month ago and I listened to your “Call to Wise Up” online and was like YES!!! That word yesterday was mine, thanks for praying for me, your sister:)I was there not knowing what to expect exactly. I even tried to get a fewother sisters to join me but it was so last minute. So I went alone. I needed something desperately and I told the Lord I was expecting.It was beyond expectations. My heart was blown open and I was just so blessed!!! Forsaking fear and taking courage. Aaaaamen!!! The Lord speaks; and many many women spread the good news. #encouraged #inspired# empowered# strengthened# #courageous #commissioned “LORD, WHO IS THIS YOU ARE MAKING ME??? WOAH!!! That They would see Jesus 🙂 <3

  12. 612
    Tina says:

    WOW! Just got home from a weekend out of town. I watched the simulcast with a large group of ladies in the small town that I happen to be at. I was by myself and almost “chickened out” because going to something like that not knowing a soul is out of my comfort zone. I felt God telling me to go…so I did. SO thankful I went. Thank you for being so honest and bringing a WORD from God. I’m tired of being “fine” and tired of being fearful of what will happen if I truly trust God even if it means suffering. Thank you for the prayer and the tools to fight fear.

    simulcast from Salado, TX
    PS…did some shopping and got me a jar… it’s open on my kitchen windowsill as a reminder :O)

    • 612.1
      Sarah Abney says:

      I was at that one. We came to Salado from Killeen.

      • Tina says:

        Fun…wish I could’ve met you. My youngest was at Peaceable Kingdom at a camp sponsored by Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas…although we are from Houston. Love your “neck of the woods”

  13. 613
    Suzanne in RI says:

    Beth, When you said that you were praying for a full on revival and asked if, “we were in?” I admit that I held back a little bit because revival means change and change is uncomfortable. I’m a Girl Z.

    However, when you prayed for me. Although I was sitting in my family room with my computer, I balled my eyes out. I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit fall on me afresh with that prayer.

    I wanted to encourage you with this because I could see that during the last worship session, many women had left already. Do not think the Holy Spirit left! Oh no.

  14. 614
    Jennifer Thrasher says:

    So good to really take in your message of faith. I am working through Believing God with college ladies from UT at Tyler, Texas. One attended a viewing yesterday with me and she was so excited (like I was) to see so many connections with our study.

    Believing God, really me believing our Amazing Holy God, has changed my life! Thank you for your obedience to teach without abandon. And the legacy continues….

  15. 615
    Jennifer Weller says:

    I attended the live event in Reading yesterday and I cannot tell you how blessed I was and how you ministered to me. I had the roughest week of my career of 19 years and I was filled with anxiety. I look forward to stepping out in faith. Thank you Beth for your obedience to Christ and your passion for women!

    • 615.1
      Jennifer Weller says:

      One other question, is it possible to get a copy of the prayer you prayed over “me” at the end? Thanks so much!

  16. 616
    Lisa says:

    Beth, I was so blessed yesterday attending the simulcast in Canada. I just moved here from the Southern United States…first of all…Yesterday renewed my faith!! I needed that! Secondly, your accent reminded me of home…I needed that too!! Thank you for your unwaivering determination to enrich the lives of Godly women and those who have yet to come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

  17. 617

    Beth, what an anointed day! I’m still processing everything the Lord spoke to my heart, and will be pondering for weeks. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to His calling!

    I was wondering if there’s any way to get a copy of the commissioning statement you gave at the end of the day. Several of the ladies from my small group were wanting to have it on paper to refer back to.

    Thanks so much!

  18. 618
    Deanna says:

    Thank you, Beth, and all others who made the life-changing simulcast Sept. 15th possible. I have been beyond blessed by your message. The “commissioning prayer” was the most beautiful and moving piece I have ever heard. Would it be possible to have that printed on your blog? I would love to re-read and share with others. Fear has been my stronghold, but no more! God BLESS YOU!

  19. 619
    Angela says:


    My childhood friend, Laura, and I were in attendance in Reading on Saturday. We both learned so much and thank God that He has equipped you to teach His Word in a way that relates to women.

  20. 620
    Linda Landes says:

    I loved the simulcast on Saturday. Our church had the best turnout ever. Is there a chance of you guys posting the commission prayer at the end?

  21. 621
    Anna Greene says:

    Words cannot express how refreshing and inspiring the simulcast was for me. We watched from First Baptist Church in Vidalia, Louisiana. I could hardly sit in my seat, the Holy Spirit’s presence was so strong and your prayer over us was everything I have been feeling and wanting to say but didn’t have the words, my cup runneth over today! I really thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in such a mighty way!

  22. 622
    Dana says:

    Wonderful time yesterday! Thanks be to God for you and your team willing to follow his leading. Would you be willing to share the commission and prayer also? All of it was powerful!

  23. 623
    mary says:

    Thank you is so inadequate. God has been moving me towards trusting Him completely over the past few months. I want to believe Him–to move from my head to my heart. I was speechless during your simulcast-b/c I could have been the only woman in the room-God spoke to me so personally–I could almost feel his breath on my face–I realize I can with Christ breathe free of pain and anxiety. Thank you for sharing the HOPE and REALITY of a mighty, mighty God. I printed out the Great Forsake–and have forwarded a few friends and co-workers.
    Thank you

  24. 624
    Sandy Kreider says:

    Yesterday was so powerful to me as well. We were blessed to be with you live in Reading at the Sovereign Center. He is so sovereign. I was with you last year in Baltimore and was ready to have God do a major work in my life then. It actually didn’t come that day and I walked away disappointed. BUT, God is always surprising me and the next morning at church He met me head on with some life-changing stuff. So, for the last year He has been setting me free left and right and I have seen His vision for me coming to life. Fast forward one year to Reading and that prayer you prayed over ME (and the others but just me). As you described what you were going to do my stomach started doing that funny thing that your grandson talks about and I knew God was going to give me something amazing. I stood to my feet and felt God washing over me the words of confirmation I have been praying about for almost 18 years, there is no way to describe it. He was speaking those words, not you Beth. And God and I were the only ones in the arena. So, I ask as well that you post that prayer so I can copy and paste it into my journal as the day when God brought my life full circle. I know the journey will continue but I have been waiting so long and He said to me that He has heard my prayers and knows the desires of my heart and has done it. I want to pray that over all my friends who are still struggling on that road. Beth, you have been my cheerleader, the one to hold me accountable to not settle for fine, and now I’m ready to go out and be that cheerleader for other ladies. Thank you!!

  25. 625
    Lori says:

    Praising God today for such a blessed day in Redding, PA! Beth… the presence of God was so real and I felt much uplifting by the word revealed and the amazing worship. Hallelujah!

  26. 626
    megan says:

    Simulcast was overpowering was the blessing at the end I could no longer listen I was so overcome. I am gathering my jars. WILL THE SIMULCAST EVER BE AVAILABLE TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD? I have so many friends that missed it and I would love a chance to review her teaching on Kings.

  27. 627
    Lindsey Beckstrom says:

    Dear Beth,
    You are such an inspiration to me and I want to thank you for that. I go to Centerpoint Church in Utah and would love to have you as a guest to our Women’s Christmas Dessert. Thank you for all you do and Please let me know if you can make it I will reserve a seat for you if so.
    Lindsey Beckstrom

  28. 628
    Becky says:

    Precious Beth,
    What an awesome time together on Saturday at Reading! What an amazing prayer for those who would receive it!!!
    I was truly blessed and praise the Lord for your faithfulness and pray in agreement for revival in the hearts of His women! Thank you dear Sister for being obedient and allowing the Lord to lead you! He alone is worthy of our Praise!!! And thank you for the Forsake and Take booklet! I know it will help refocus my thoughts and bring comfort, confidence and peace! You are a blessing!

  29. 629
    Jamie says:

    I am wondering where I can get a written copy of the prayer you prayed at the simulast on Sept 15. It was WONDERFUL!

  30. 630
    Anita Pattison says:

    Words cannot express what your ministry has done and continues to do for me! THANK YOU for your courage and faithfulness to the Lord. I pray for you and for your protection and continued hearing from God, but it is for purely selfish means, because you minister to me so often through Life Today and Wednesdays with Beth, your bible studies and writings that I would be lost without the gleanings I get from what the Lord speaks to you!! The simulcast was amazing and your prayer over us was like water, water, water to my soul. May God continue to pour into you from His spirit so that all of us may be set free by the One whose power raised Christ from the grave.
    Anita Pattison

  31. 631
    KMSmom86 says:

    I was unable to attend the simulcast, so I am extra thankful for the Scripture you shared on the blog. I printed out two copies – one for me and one for my BFF. We have walked through lots of “stuff” together, and this will be an encouragement to us both. Thanks again for sharing.

  32. 632
    Colleen Hoffman says:

    It was my great privilege to get to sit in on your simulcast yesterday at a small town church in southwest Texas (probably near where your husband went hunting and his pegleg friend got a rattler stuck to it). I was supposed to go with a friend, but the morning of the simulcast as I went to pick her up found that she had not slept all night because of her restless leg syndrome. I almost didn’t go, not wanting to go alone, but I did go. I sat all by myself in the back. I felt out of place, but not alone, for Jesus sat beside me, my always friend who sticks closer than a brother. I loved the story of the two women. Not sure which one, or where in between I am, but love that when I feel as though I have nothing I only have to collect some vessels and the little bit that I have (Holy Spirit) will fill them all if I pray and have faith. And when I feel I am fine and have no need I will remember to stay away from Holy men reminding me that I have no son. Anyway, I came to collect those fear scriptures that you promised. Fear is a real bugger. But it is for freedom that Christ does set us free, and I hope your “formula” works. God bless you for your boldness. Your courage. Your faithfulness to minister tirelessly. I am a life that is changed because of your stubborn tenacity to study and teach and preach. I admire you greatly and tell God all the time, I want to grow up to be just like Beth. Maybe, if I’m lucky I’ll get to live in your neighborhood in heaven and hear your stories for eternity. You can even tell the same old ones. They never get boring – I just love the way you tell them. Thank you so much for letting God use you. Blessings to you.

  33. 633
    Martha says:

    Please post the prayer….. I would love a printed copy of the prayer you prayed over us, to read through again and keep in my heart. Please??

  34. 634
    Nancy says:

    The Spirit was on you, Beth! My head is still spinning; so glad I took good notes! I am REVIVED!!! Thank you and thanks to Travis and his team as well! AWESOME DAY!

  35. 635
    Debbie Salmonson says:

    There are no words to describe the complete infusion of God’s power through the Spirit that I felt.

  36. 636
    Margie Smallman says:

    SO grateful…..for you, Beth, for God’s priceless truth for us, for this booklet. Thank you.

  37. 637
    Conne says:

    Thank you Beth!
    I love how God meets us right where we are. I had to work yesterday and was only going to be able to watch the first session. I shared with my son and had asked him to pray for me that God would provide a Word in that time. Well, God used my son to give me a Word – then I watched as He confirmed it through your teaching! Bless God! And I left for work without turning off my computer and when I came home was able to start it again and watch the rest of the sessions! So thankful for ALL that you do and for your making the scriptures come alive! Thank you for your sacrifice to study and bring God’s Word to us! I too would like to have a copy of the prayer you prayed for me (us)! May God continue to keep you protected and give you rest! Blessings!

  38. 638
    Barbara Olson says:

    Ohhhhhhhh, precious, beloved Beth…Travis..and all the LPL staff, where to begin. Praise Adonai, Elohim!!!! I was blessed by God’s annointing through you….to complete overflowing!! Beth, I deeply thank you for your ever-present love for…and faithfulness to our Sovereign God!! You, as always, teach all of us as God Leads you. And how amazing that 150,000 women all heard the life-changing and empowering program, yet it was just as if you were talking directly to me, my sister and every woman at our gathering at Camano Chapel in Washington state. We WERE on Holy Ground and the Holy Spirit sooo evident in your words to us!! “THE LORD SPEAKS…AND MANY MANY WOMEN SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS.” Just think how many others will be empowered by your message..if each woman would tell at least one other person…and so on….like absolute Holy Fire and all for God’s Glory. Each of your seven points resinated deeply in my soul. I had truly not realized just how much fear I had been living under for a very long time. I left all those fears at the altar…and I am excitedly anticipating God’s miracles. You said to expect BIG THINGS…we serve a BIG GOD. Your words, the praise and worship all came together to transform our lives, to put faith back in faithfulness. Faith trusts that every call for forsake is a call to take. I take God at His Word…and I can hardly contain my excitement….to become totally unrecognizable as a vessel for God to use. Beth, I have taken many of your bible studies and had the honor of seeing you in person at Overlake Christian Church. You so tenderly, lovingly and faithfully reach out to literally millions through your ministry–yet always give God the glory. Well done, God’s good and faithful servant!! Thank you just is not enough to say. May His Blessings always be with you.

  39. 639
    Dawn Barrett says:

    Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you once again! What a blessing. I would also love a copy of the prayer if possible.

  40. 640
    Christina says:

    I’m excited and greatful for the message that was delivered by you(Beth) from God himself. I have been through many struggles recently and fear was a major factor for the things that happened. I greatly appreciate that you are open and willing to share your struggles and that God uses them to impact others! My prayer is that I want to live in a way that From your message so well put said, there ain’t no jar on this lid! My prayer is that the VERY LARGE and at times seemingly IMPOSSIBLE situtations in my very recent past will be used boldly one day to impact others who can relate. Knowing that there are other Christians out there that struggle with MAJOR SINS, but have won the Victory is truely a blessing!

  41. 641
    Carolyn McMillen says:

    Saturday was an amazing day – we had 540 women at our church viewing the Simulcast together and the Spirit of God moved on many hearts – your prayer for us was very powerful – women knelt by their chairs and at the altar and wept. There were multiple rededications. As a follow-up, I asked the women from our church to pray this week about how God might want to use them in service and next Sunday afternoon we are having a ministry fair to get them plugged in at church (some might find a bigger life this way 🙂 In an obvious God directing thing – your topic of forsaking fear followed on our women’s retreat of Courage from last Spring – even the same song we used was repeated by your Worship Team – I told them when God repeats Himself it’s for a reason. P.S. – can’t wait for LPL Simulcast in 2013 in Charleston, WV – our town!!!

  42. 642
    Mandy says:

    Beth- could you post the prayer that you prayed over us yesterday?

  43. 643
    Karen Miller says:

    It is thrilling to read the comments posted, and see the impact of the day. One of my favorites and funniest on here is the one who feels like she drank from a fire hose. I was there live with the 6,000 in Reading, PA so I got an extra thrill every time I came across a post from an attendee. And thank you, Beth, for the time with us Siestas at the Sovereign Center; it was good for us to speak out those words right after (to you and ourselves) about what God did in us. For me, it was “not an old story, but a new story”. There’s more to come if I will not shrink back. Honestly, the whole day was a dream come true for those of us who’ve been promoting it for more than a year. My heart leaped back in June when I read your post about 2Kings 4…with the thought, “Could it be that this is what You’ll have her bring to Reading,” and then “Let it be, Lord, we need it so.” So yes, a dream come true for many, MANY women! This morning at church the girls were still beaming. One of them said to me, “Yesterday was the best day of my life.”

  44. 644
    jackie from MO says:

    Dear Beth and the Living Proof Live team/Lifeway Team,

    what a powerful event on saturday. we hosted our first simulcast and the spirit of God fell hard into our sanctuary. 61 women attended. 9 recommitted their lives to Christ. another 16 made other decisions in their spiritual life. it was simply amazing.
    our pastor this morning said he could feel Word and the Praise that occured an spoke of it today as our services. praise God alone!


  45. 645
    Jodi says:

    We had an amazing time in the word with Beth Moore. She an amazing women of God. Our group print off the “Forsake and Take” thank you for sharing your with all women across the world.

  46. 646
    Patti says:

    Beth, I can not thank you enough for your submission to the will of God and delivering such an immensely powerful message to 150,000 of His daughters, I being privileged to be one of them. This was the first time I heard you speak and you moved me greatly. How to turn “a few verses of the Bible” into such an inspiring and powerful message is truly a gift. We were one of the 19 in Canada! May He continue to bless you abundantly as you continue to do His work for His greater Glory! Much Love to you! Patti

  47. 647
    Taylor says:

    Miss Beth, thank you for taking the time to put this together. I am kicking myself for missing the simulcast, as it sounds like that word was one my heart needed to hear. However, after digging through the scriptures you posted, Father really spoke to me through 2 Chronicles 20:17. I’m going to “woman up” and have a scary conversation (speaking the truth in love) tomorrow. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude knowing that he is going with me.

  48. 648
    Linda from Alabama says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderfully inspired message you gave Saturdayh. It was such a blessing for me.

  49. 649
    Leah says:

    Hi Beth,

    I just wanted to say that yesterday’s simulcast was truly a healing time for me. I got to attend with my step-mom, and for the 1st half of the study, we sat on opposite sides of the room because I’d arrived late. My mom’s friend had to leave early, so I joined her at her table following lunch. So, at the very end, where you encouraged us to grab a partner and speak words of truth to one another, I got to partner with my mom. I don’t think either of us made it through the 1st statement without tears streaming down our faces. For many years, I think I’ve believed lies that the enemy’s fed me about what my mom thinks of me, and so for her to repeat the things that you had us say – to me – was like a healing balm for my soul. God must enjoy just showing off every now and then and giving His daughters something they never even realized they needed. So, thank you for being a willing vessel, a jar without a lid, for Him.

  50. 650
    Kimberly Orr says:

    GOD IS FAITHFUL! How I praise Him for sending forth His word and healing us:) His word is indeed living and active.

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