As Promised – The Great Forsake and Take

My beloved Sisters,

Thanks is too small a word for the privilege to serve you. You are graces of a merciful God to me. How I pray God revealed Himself to you in an intensely personal way today. Here is the equipping that I promised in the simulcast to those who are ferociously ready to forsake fear and take courage. You will find a cover sheet for your notebook, a letter from me suggesting how to use the resource, and enough verses to keep you well immersed for a good while. They are life and liberty to any of you who, like me, have battled a stronghold of fear but they are also vastly useful when you are facing a temporarily intimidating or frightening situation, like surgery or a speech in front of your class or a hard conversation requiring you to speak the truth in love. It doesn’t matter what circumstances are tempting you to fear and to shrink back from your faith and your calling, you are invited and even commanded by God to take much courage. It is your right of daughtership, β€œfor you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [and daughters!], by whom we cry, β€˜Abba! Father!’” (Romans 8:15)

By all means, you are welcome to openly share this link with anyone else who could use this kind of equipping, whether or not they joined us for the simulcast.

The Great Forsake and Take

You’ll need Adobe Reader to download the booklet, so if you don’t have it already, you can click here to download it for free.

Stay in the Word, Sisters! You are chosen and loved by the sovereign King of all creation and the calling on your life demands power and insight that only He can bring. Trust Him. He cannot do you wrong.

Christ is life,


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  1. 501
    Beth says:

    Beth….you have an amazing way of speaking to 150,000 women and we all feel like you are our best friend. And now to have our friend personally pray for each one of us was amazing. I thank God for you and I thank you for being who he made you to be and sharing it with so many.

    Just printed the great forsake and take and ready for the day!

    Five Oaks Church, Woodbury, MN

  2. 502
    Karen in GA says:

    Thank you for a phenomenal day! I kept waking up during night, looking at the clock, thinking, “Is it time to get up yet? I need to print the Forsake and Take and get to it!” πŸ™‚ You guys rock!! Karen

  3. 503

    What a marvelous day yesterday! Being blessed in God’S presence. Ladies from at our event were mightily blessed. We had a marvelous turn out. We would love to hear or have a copy of the commissioning prayer so we can encourage our sisters who were unable to attend. This is a message we need to hear again to penetrate our hearts. Thank you so much Beth for your tender heart toward God and his people, especially women.

  4. 504
    Donna Cornfield says:

    I cannot express how freeing the message that Beth spoke in the simulcast was to me. I came to realize that my walk in the Lord had been taken over by much fear. I have battled with fear in my life since I was a child. Yesterday, I felt a releasing from its hold. Thank you for being willing to speak the good Word.

  5. 505
    Megan says:

    Thank you Beth and thank you to the devoted women that brought you to Reading PA, and the sovereign center. You blasted us out of there with a revived spirit. Blessings and Peace till we see you again LIVE, in the meantime, stay healthy BIBBY!
    Megan Slifka
    Allentown PA

  6. 506
    susan rabe says:

    Dear Beth,
    I can not tell you how amazing it was to hear the message God gave you and to have Him speak so profoundly to my situation. The fear factor,the mother helping but actually getting the the way of God’s miracle and ability to move. The “it’s fine” and stepping out of the extraordinary life I once embraced.
    I want to thank each and every person who lifted a hand to make this event a possibility.
    The worship was wonderful,the old hymns and the new,how wonderful to experience corporate worship. May the arena workers find Christ because of what they heard and saw yesterday.
    God Bless you and yours,

  7. 507
    Tammy Gillmore says:

    I was blessed to have attended via Simulcast in Mount Pleasant, Arkansas. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you!

  8. 508
    Anita says:

    September 15, 2012 was an amazing day! God sent His Word and Ministered to ME!

    I so desire to have a copy of that prayer to pray over my sisters but most of all to continue to pray over myself.

    Thanks to everyone for their obedience to God in regards to yesterday’s event.

    Renewed & Refreshed,

  9. 509
    Cindy Ewell says:

    Would it be possible for you to put the prayer that Beth prayed over us on the blog? I was so touched and inspired by that prayer that I would love to have a copy of it to frame so I can see and read it often to remind myself of the love and power that stands with me. On another note, thank you Beth for another wonderful event. God used you to touch my heart and begin work on some healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I thank God for you Beth and your ministry!!!

  10. 510

    Miss Beth,

    I enjoyed every minute of your Simulcast yesterday. Thank you so much for leading me again to a deeper relationship with God and helping me to open up doors in my heart I have left closed for years.
    When you first spoke on the two women i was sure I was woman a, with almost nothing but now I realize it was just me again woman z saying everything is FINE and feeling like I have just enough to not ask for ANYTHING. I see shades of both women in the mirror but my heart is closer to Z. Doing LOTs to be hospitable to others and saing no I am FINE. Dont give me anyhting I may have to lose! I know this will be something I will be working through for some time. Thank you for giving me the scriptures to go back to, read and reread until I can walk bravely to my Fathers throne. Your prayer has challenged me to be more courageous in my walk.
    Now I am going to go out and spread the Good Good News.
    I love you and look forward to walking with you down many more unchartered paths in my soul and closer to our God!

  11. 511
    DEDE TAYLOR says:

    Dear Beth…
    Thank you for pouring into ME yesterday…sitting in a room filled with women I felt you speaking right into me…
    Is there any way to have a copy of the prayer you prayed at the end? It was amazing….
    Blessings from Texas!

  12. 512
    Amy says:

    Thank you so much! I just had to share with you how truely amazing this was for me. I think my jaw litreally fell to the floor as you began speaking about fear, you see this is the very issue that has been with me since I was a little girl. It is the very issue the Lord brought to my attention 2 weeks ago. You see growing up I saw fear almost as a friend, the thing that made it possible to survive at times, it was the alarm in my head telling me when to run from danger. But now I’m 36, and it’s not my friend, its the thing that steals my joy and keeps me locked in a cage, always arms length from a life lived in faithfulness and courage. I’m not loosed from the fear yet, but Psalm 34:4 will be my moment by moment prayer until the Lord grants me complete victory !! My jar is sitting out with the lid off, bring it Lord! Thank you Beth

  13. 513
    Jennifer Ponte says:

    Is it possible to put up the words we said to our sister. I’d like to personalize it and say it to myself. I bawled through the whole thing.

  14. 514
    Angel says:

    My family and i have been going thought a difficult time. God has taken me from Girl Z to Girl A and now i am on my way back to being the Women he needs me to be in his kingdom. Through all of this i have wrestled with fear. Fear as you discribed. The message I have heard and received is that you fight the enemy with the Sword. The Sword being the word. I believe the Forsake and Take will give me more Swords to throw at the ememy than I realized that I had! Thank you! I look forward to the day when Christ will free me from my Fears – He has already started the work – I believe this is the remaining tools that i will need to bring it to His completion – His will, His Time.
    Praise God!

  15. 515
    sarah says:

    Beth and Team
    I wanted to write and let you know that you all have lead me to freedom. I lost my 1st son to S.I.D.S when he was 3 months old. I received reason and purpose for his death about 3 years ago when I was saved. I now have 2 more little boys a 9 year old and a 4 year old. I never fully trusted the Lord to protect them until yesterday. I have been given many promises by the Lord for their safety but never before believed or trusted those promises. I have chosen to forsake: the safety of a worldly mother and take: the safety of a forever loving God!!! My family leaves for the mission field of Madagascar on Oct 1st and I am at peace!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND TIME SPENT. YOU ALL HAVE IMPACTED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    LOVE Sarah

  16. 516
    Irene Fenlason says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful conference and these resources. I will be using them frequently and recommending them to others.

  17. 517
    Sheri (Paris,KY says:

    This was an AWESOME and POWERFUL event for me!!! Thank you GOD for the beautiful Beth Moore and her team!!!!”The Lord speaks and many many women spread good news!” πŸ™‚

  18. 518
    Lori Foglesong says:

    Beth and team,
    Thank-you so much for serving the body of Christ so beautifully! My jar has now been filled again,ready to be poured out as I minister to others.
    McGregor Baptist Church, Fort Myers, Florida

  19. 519
    Summer says:

    THANK YOU Beth! As a 43 year old, starting my 2nd act-in teaching secondary, I’ve been so afraid off standing up in class to teach, which I will be starting this Tuesday! I’m the type of public speaker who used to always cry-regardless of topic! And I got through my speech class my first time in college when the prof mercifully let me only do 1 of the 3 speeches! So, I’ve been very fearful to stand in front of a bunch of 9th graders.

    But, God always knows what we need! So, thank you so much!!!! The simulcast was awesome and encouraging. Blessings on you all!!!

  20. 520
    Denise Bumgarner says:

    Reading through the comments and after being at the simulcast, I am hugely impacted by the realization that only our LORD knew how many of us are paralyzed by fear. This is a very big God that can reveal to a ministry what thousands of women needed to hear and hear it together! I am so in awe at His mighty work! I’m also grateful for the intense prayer over the event and the loving work of Living Proof. May the LORD richly bless each of you!
    Denise Bumgarner, Albany, Oregon

  21. 521
    Christine says:

    Morning to Beth and all the sisters,

    First, I just want to say PRAISE GOD for one of the most powerful words ever spoken on the platform of teaching.
    My heart is overwhelmed with humility to say the least.
    God has poured out His Amazing Grace in every WORD that Beth expressed through gentlness, yet such POWER…
    Im so gratful for those who are so in LOVE with JESUS for the sake of the WHOLE BODY as Beth..
    Thank you Beth…thank you!!!


  22. 522

    I came to the simulcast as girl Z in the spiritual realm and girl A in the worldly sense of blessing and material comfort.

    Over the last few years, I have went from living a victorious life basking in freedom from Christ to living in the bondage of an unhealthy relationship with my abuser (my very last living parent). To put it bluntly, My relationship with my mother has sucked the life out of me.

    I got married to a wonderful man two years ago, and that masked the effects of this unhealthy relationship with my mother. But, over the last year that wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of the enemy in tearing down my life. (It’s funny how we always think that relationships can protect us from our crazy messed up past…how human of us)

    Since I immersed myself into scripture, I’ve known that my past would be redeemed from the dead because Jesus called me live free from the past of abuse that I experienced, and He called me to tell my story of His work in my life. But, my mother doesn’t want to deal with our past together, and gets angry if I tell my story. She wants to minimize the abuse, and frankly she wants to pretend that the damage isn’t there.

    God also called me to forgive. I want to say that I am free from the bondage of bitterness. I lived many years with a hard, cold bitter root going in my heart. But, I made the mistake of believing that forgiving my mother was grounds for reconciliation with little to no redeeming action, or modification in behavior on her part. This reconciliation has been one factor in all manor of dysfunction and constant drama.

    I was hospitalized for a month in late 2011 for PTSD and Depression. The PTSD is debilitating at times, and has changed the way I view my life. I have removed every possible trigger in my life, and introduced more Bible Study. But, over the last three months I also increased my relationship with my mother and the frequency of the episodes started to increase.

    It took such a diagnosis to analyze my life, and I’ve known for awhile that I would never experience healing without letting go of a relationship that has torn me down. I’m thankful for the PTSD at times because it helps me to measure what needs to stay and what needs to go.

    Two weeks ago, God called me to set myself apart from the relationship with my mother after she told me that I was a factor in the abuse that I experienced. In essence, she claims that I caused what happened to me and I deserved it. God revealed to me that this was a lie STRAIGHT from the enemy and that I had to remove myself from the bondage of this relationship that has been stealing my FREEDOM and blocking my healing for so long. The abuse started when I was 3 years old and continued until I was 24 years old, and included sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, physical abuse, physical neglect, and emotional abuse. I know that the enemy is working through her avoidance, and her bondage to the sins of her past. He has imprisoned her and had her believing these lies. But, you know what…I CAN LIVE FREE despite her choices!

    The simulcast triggered my thought process of the past during the entire time and I actually had an episode of PTSD during the simulcast, but…when Beth taught about fear I realized that the spiritual antidote to my illness is immersing myself in scripture and prayer to release myself of fear. My illness is because my body is overrun with fear! And that I have to remove all triggers in my life, but at times I am fearful of what my life would be like without them. I am in more bondage to fear that I am my illness. And that fear of being alone had kept me in a unhealthy relationship for far too long. If I hadn’t been right in the middle of an episode of PTSD when Beth was discussing fear I would have never noticed that fear was even involved with my illness. I praise God that in the middle of my pain, He can still show up.

    I came home and had the most precious conversation with my loving husband. I just traveled to the Faithlife Women conference in Texas and I’m gonna say that these events have helped me more than going to any therapy session (believe me, after 30,000 dollars worth of hospital and therapist bills that’s saying something!). My husband has felt the effects of it, and it’s just been two weeks. God is amazingly good in providing what we need in our time of trouble. He is our help, our healer, and our salvation.

    Y’all. I’m sorry for spewing out, but I want you to know that God is changing me. I feel like inch by inch He’s washing away my shame, fear, and healing me! I’m so glad that Beth was used in a mighty way yesterday for God to use her teaching to work in our lives right where we are. It’s amazing how He does that.

    Thank you Beth for submitting to the Spirit, and speaking the Truth in Love. Girl, just shake them haters off and teach to us! We need what you have to offer.

    But, most of all we need Jesus! πŸ™‚

  23. 523
    lucy says:

    This was the time I has heard Beth Moore speak it was amazing. A truly gifted woman of God. Every word spoken seemed as he speak directly to me! I’m now epowered and equipped for the kingdomf God!

  24. 524
    Michelle Jones says:

    I was truely blessed today by the simulcast!! This our ladies at Melbourne Community Church in Melbourne, AR are going to start your James study and we are so excited. Last year we did the Daniel study and we were all changed by it and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us through James!! God had surely annointed you and uses you to touch so many lives. You have changed mine and I count you as a SISTER!!

  25. 525
    Cindy says:

    Every New Year, I ask God to give me a word or something for the coming year. God gave me the word “FEARLESS” for 2012! I’m so thankful that He is faithful and He is MY God in whom I trust. I have been learning what it means to be “fearless” in small ways this year. Now, to “fear not & take courage” completely supports this journey I’m on. I’m thankful for His servants, like you, Beth…who diligently seek Him and bring His heart and will even closer to us. God Bless You, my sister in Christ!

  26. 526
    Lisa Younce says:

    Beth you are such a huge blessing in so many lives! I pray for you and all who are part of the LPM and your family to receive a extra portion of blessing from God !
    I attended at First Baptist Wylie, TX and we had technical difficulties and missed the entire last session. Is there any way to post the final prayer and commissioning for those who missed out? It is always so powerful, and from what I’m ready especially this time!
    Thanks also for the booklet!
    In Christ,


  27. 527
    melanie says:

    beth – you are a true servant of God and a blessing to so many! thank you

  28. 528
    Stacy says:

    Dear “Mama Beth,”
    WOW! The simulcast was AWESOME! Thank you for providing the “forsake and take” pages! As a person who has battled fear and anxiety for most of my almost 50 years,and also as one who ended my church membership last summer, the content of your message was personally relevant to me in both areas–fear and faithfulness! It was miraculous also, in that I was able to view it. In the past, I had been at host churches for your simulcasts, but I didn’t have a church to visit. Yesterday, I found that I could individually download on Lifeway. At first, it wouldn’t play, and I was so disappointed. I learned later that their server crashed–probably due to the number of participants. Then, it came right up, and I was able to see the majority of your message. I was thrilled, and I considered this to be a special gift, a personal message, from my Lord and Saviour, from Him–through you–to me! I will be keeping empty jars and reading my scriptures on fear. Thank you for your efforts!!! It was a glorious and meaningful experience for me!

  29. 529
    karla haddleton says:

    THANK YOU so much for the AMAZING words from the Lord yesterday. No words can articulate how they spoke and ministered to myself and friends. Thank you for ‘being His voice’ to us.
    We all wonder though how we could acquire a copy of the prayer you prayed over us. And the commissioning we gave one another. Is that possible somehow? It would be so powerful to read over them and reclaim them over and over.
    Thank you again so very much….
    ‘your sister’ karla

  30. 530
    Dale Yates says:

    The one thing that I keep hearing God tell me through his servants is to TELL my story! If I want anything good to come out of the bad then I have to be able to tell how GOD saw me thru it. He didn’t perform a miracle on the outside quickly like most people pray for, but he did make an instantenous change on the inside of me. I need people to know about that MIRACLE. Thank you Beth for your obedience to GOD in bringing the message, but most of all for sharing it with such passion & true love for others. I had Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2005 and one day when I was going home from a chemo treatment & my husband was driving, I was silently crying and trying to hide it from him. I couldn’t hide it from Jesus. He knew I was unhappy about the test results I had received and he said to my spirit ” Do you want to beleive what the man’s word says on that piece of paper or…do you want to beleive my HOLY WORD? I straightened up and CHOSE TO TO BELEIVE his words. Things have worked out for my GOOD just like he said! I have been cancer free ever since I made that CHOICE! BLESS the whole Living Proof team for lighting the candle in me again!
    Dale Yates
    Jackson, GA.

  31. 531
    Elizabeth Stecher says:

    Thank-you once again for an AMAZING Simulcast experience. We had over 500+ in attendance at FUMC in Mansfield, TX .. and yet.. it seemed as though you were speaking directly and personally to me!
    I follow your Tweets and was so happy to see this morning that you will be sharing the Commissioning and Prayer later in the week!

    Bless you for Blessing Others!!

    (and LOVED the cute tunic you were wearing!)

  32. 532
    Rhonda says:


    Thank you for such a powerful word on Saturday! I brought with me 10 of our Teen Challenge Ladies and they were so blessed! We love you’re Bible studies. Thank you for the words of faith that we all needed!

    We love you!

    Rhonda and Teen Challenge Freedom Women’s Center Monterey Bay

  33. 533
    shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing your blessings. I enjoyed the simulcast from Chattanooga ~ Bayside Baptist Church. I was wondering if there was a place to download and what the name of the song was that said: O, my soul….I am running a half marathon next week and would love to have on my running playlist. Thank you! Have a blessed day!

  34. 534
    Barbara Latham says:

    This simulcast was the best ever!! If anyone taped your simulcast, could you please put the segment of your commission prayer on YouTube so that we could all pray it with you again and share it worldwide! The Holy Spirit was vibrant through that prayer! It was astounding.

  35. 535
    Kathy says:

    Oh please please please may we be even more blessed with a copy of the prayer dear sister Beth prayed over us, and the commissioning. My pen just could not scribble it fast enough – I find it so powerful to pray these again, to confirm these truths in our hearts and minds, and claim them for Christ to His Glory. God always brings teachings from His Word into our lives at just the time we need them. Praise be to Him.

  36. 536

    Thank you thank you thank you. I am so delighted I attened the simulcast. I just love the ladies and we have a change to fellowship together like this, it is awesome. Beth you are wonderful and to the point. I have to admit am drained by end of session because you have so much energy. I need to take a day to process some of that energy and redirect it in my life. Thanks for all you do in the women ministry. God Bless your family.
    Louisa First Baptist Church
    Member since 1966
    Beth Moore follower since the 1990’s
    Dr K

  37. 537
    Lisa says:

    Amen sister!!! Thank you so much for your spirit and being obedient to God’s calling. The Lord is speaking and many many women are hearing the good news thanks to you and your wonderful team. My prayer is that every woman, including ,myself can say”who is this person that you are making me?” May God be glorified through our lives as we grow in a deepened relationship to our Lord and Savior.

  38. 538
    Cyndi Evans says:

    I was at the event in Reading,PA yesterday! I SO needed a Word from you! We had devasting news a few months ago from one of our children ! I have been trying not to be sad, but it is extremely difficult! Hearing the message yesterday SO lifted me out of the fog I have been in for months! PTL!

    I was thrilled to be there and see you in LIVE person! Thank you for listening to God and saying all the words I NEEDED to hear! You are a blessing to me!

  39. 539
    Radical Abandonment says:

    You may get tired of requests like this: would you post the commissioning?


  40. 540
    Brittany Kay says:

    Than you so much for teaching yesterday. My friends and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I’m looking forward to praying through these verses in the coming weeks! Fear is something my mentor has continually asked me about in my life. And our conversation always ends with her leading me through a series of “what if” questions. So, what if it did happen? Then what? Then what? What if that happened, then what?? And I always think, in the end, she is absolutely right! But, my fears creep back in and I’m reminded that it’s just not safe, it can’t be for me! I need a constant reminder, even in the throes of the change.

    I like to remember what CS Lewis wrote about Aslan (our Lord and fearless leader) in the Chronicles of Narnia, “Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

  41. 541
    Sue says:

    Thank you so much Beth for helping me end my dry season, or helping to end it. I hope now, I can find my way back to the Lord. I cryed before th Lord for the first time in years. Thanks for putting the “faith” back into my faithfulness.

    I am so gratful to all of you at LPM, and LPL for your hard work.

    Do you think you could please put on a blog the writing on….I Cors. Thanks.

    I wish I had a copy of this stimclast, you said so much, and I feel as if I missed some. Can we buy a copy of this one please.

    I also give my life to Christ again.

    Prayers, hugs and love to Mama Beth.

  42. 542
    Sue says:


    This I forgot to say. I would love to have a copy of the prayer also.

    I was at Traders Pointe Christian Church, Whitestown, In. about three hundred strong.

    Thanks again.

  43. 543
    Linda says:

    I watched the simulcast by myself in my living room in Johnstown, PA. When I opened my email that morning to get the instructions for signing on, I found two very urgent prayer requests. One was from my sweet baby sister for some very serious financial struggles that she and her husband are going through. The other was from a high school friend (we graduated 44 years ago) for her younger sister who is facing very serious medical issues. So my heart was crying out for the word I received, and God certainly did not disappoint. Thank you, Beth, for your faithfulness in ministering to us, and to all the siestas for holding each other up in prayer, support and encouragement. I am blessed to be a part of this family.

  44. 544
    Deborah Chamberlin says:

    I thank you for the simulcast event [London, Ontario CAN] and the blessing the Lord spoke to me thru you. Also many thanks for the booklet “Forsake and Take”, which I look to the Lord to work thru yet more great things in my life. Can you publish/provide the full text of your “petition” and “commission” from the end of the event. My memory is poor and I know I’ve not retained some of God’s blessing therein.
    Be blessed to know that 3 of us who would not normally have sought to attend such an event have been deeply touched by the hand of Jesus because of it. Thanks for your encouragement.

  45. 545
    Becky Henry says:

    Beth – Thank you so much for the teaching on Saturday – the Lord has been sending “sacrd echoes” for quite some time – I have been longing for the extra – something – and again in church today – the teaching was the same – my “jar” needs filling – I can”t do it in my own strength anymore. Face down – I surrender to the Holy Spirit’s control -Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in my life. Amen

  46. 546
    Cindy Thompson says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thank you just so much for the word you brought to us on Saturday. This season is new to me, this season of uncertainty and fear. I just feel like I am floating down a river without a direction. I feel overwhelmed and don’t even know how or what to pray. Sometimes we just need the obvious spoken over us to bring us to that “Duh, why didn’t I already know that” moment. I am starting my fight right now! I will settle for no less than the mighty work of my God who is able. Thank you for the loving “Hello…wake up and get moving”.

    Continued blessings to you,

  47. 547
    Dawnita Truitt-Calderone says:

    Thankyou so much for these scriptures and for your personal story regarding them ~ I’m in tears sitting here reading them… great hope & joy. This very week the Lord had been whispering “courage” to me, take up courage….its such a need. Buddy, He surely knows my level of fear has risen sharply over the years. I had felt “taken out” for some time with regard to being effective in the kingdom. Somehow I believe this is TIME ~ high time to rise in the courage of faith:-) Doesnt it say somewhere in scripture ~ “our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed”! πŸ™‚

    Bless you Beth & all your team, thank you with all my heart!

  48. 548
    Anne says:

    That glorious, supernatural, Holy Spirit-inspired closing/commisioning prayer has already made it’s way around the world to full-time missionaries in Russia. May God be glorified and many lives transformed as we learn to intercede effectvely for our sisters in the Lord!

  49. 549
    Patricia Arrigoni says:

    My dear sister in Christ Beth,
    I cannot tell what a blessing the simulcast was! God truly rained down! I had the privilege of watching individually via Internet in my jammies at home. The spirit flowed as well as the tears. God is so good I can hardly stand it. I feel like I just got a present from Jesus’s secret closet. πŸ™‚ I truly received everything your final praYer held, and look forward to more surprises from His closet. When you told that story I thought , yes, I am going to do that with my soon to be born grand daughter. Then God spoke to my heart and said, daughter don’t you know I already to that with you. He truly has! I would be here all day if I told of the wonderful things He has pulled out of His closet for me. The road has far been easy for me, it has seen a lot of heartache and distraction, but among the bombs of the enemy God has given me wonderful surprises in the middle of chaos.
    Thanks again Beth for giving us Gods word!

  50. 550
    Stacy says:

    Wow! Amazing, life changing, these are the words that come to mind. Thank you so much for this amazing simulcast.

    I attended at a host church in College Station, TX but felt like I was sitting in the audience in PA. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift and in return you and your team are blessing others daily. I prayed and agreed the commissioning prayer and like Jackson I have that excited feeling of great expectations to come.

    May God continue to bless you, your family and your LP team!

    Is there any way you can post the commission prayer so myself and others can continue to agree with it?

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