As Promised – The Great Forsake and Take

My beloved Sisters,

Thanks is too small a word for the privilege to serve you. You are graces of a merciful God to me. How I pray God revealed Himself to you in an intensely personal way today. Here is the equipping that I promised in the simulcast to those who are ferociously ready to forsake fear and take courage. You will find a cover sheet for your notebook, a letter from me suggesting how to use the resource, and enough verses to keep you well immersed for a good while. They are life and liberty to any of you who, like me, have battled a stronghold of fear but they are also vastly useful when you are facing a temporarily intimidating or frightening situation, like surgery or a speech in front of your class or a hard conversation requiring you to speak the truth in love. It doesn’t matter what circumstances are tempting you to fear and to shrink back from your faith and your calling, you are invited and even commanded by God to take much courage. It is your right of daughtership, “for you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [and daughters!], by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’” (Romans 8:15)

By all means, you are welcome to openly share this link with anyone else who could use this kind of equipping, whether or not they joined us for the simulcast.

The Great Forsake and Take

You’ll need Adobe Reader to download the booklet, so if you don’t have it already, you can click here to download it for free.

Stay in the Word, Sisters! You are chosen and loved by the sovereign King of all creation and the calling on your life demands power and insight that only He can bring. Trust Him. He cannot do you wrong.

Christ is life,


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  1. 451
    Pam Mertz says:

    Beth, today’s simulcast was amazing..simply amazing. God anointed you to equip women in such a way today that human words just don’t begin to define it.

    I have had several requests from my women’s ministry team to get that commissioning prayer in print so that we can reread it, and continue to agree with it in our team. Is it possible to get it posted onyour blog as well?
    Thank you for your obedience to our Father God, so He can use you so mightily for the Kingdom. Bless you, sister! (we watched in Otsego, MN at Christ Church)

    • 451.1
      kathleen massimin says:

      This is my request as well to get the petitoning prayer so I can reread and pray over it and digest it into the inner most parts of my being. I THANK YOU dear sister Beth for your ministry. I came praying for a word from God being in fear all this week with the events unfolding in the middle east and your words were timely and a blessing and met me where I was! Thank you God for your faithful servant, Beth.

    • 451.2
      Ellen says:

      YES my thoughts exactly!!! what an amazing AMAZING day!

      I also second the request about getting the commissioning prayer (the one where you, Beth, prayed over us individually) as well as the one we prayed directly to our sisters….PLS!

    • 451.3
      Audrey says:

      Yes!! I was just thinking this morning how great it would be to have the words of that prayer to review and to pray again over other sisters. It was absolutely life altering – PTL!!

    • 451.4
      Becky Coppedge says:

      Same with several of the women at our event site! We would love a copy of the commissioning prayer. Thanks just doesn’t do it! Becky

    • 451.5
      Tammy Wilshire says:

      It would be wonderful if we could get that prayer at the end in print. It had a significant impact on me and I have yet to finish processing all of what God spoke to me during that prayer.
      Thank you for the wonderful simulcast. I have been enjoying them very much these past couple of year, but none more so than this year’s.

  2. 452
    liz says:

    Thank you Beth and living proof team for putting the “faith” back into my faithfullness. I am a mental health therapist and I will spread the good news with my patients as part of their healing. God bless Liz

    • 452.1
      Amber says:

      I have been living gripped with fear, anxiety and worry for about a month now knowing it’s not what God wants for me, but not knowing what to do about it. I have a health issue and am not certain what to do about my career. I have been clinging to God’s word and prayer but wasn’t able to rid myself of fear. Even driving to the conference, I was filled with thoughts of going back home. PRAISE GOD HE BROUGHT ME WHERE I NEEDED TO BE! I am using the verses and will pray a page a day. On the way home I spent time out loud in prayer rebuking fear, worry and anxiety and taking COURAGE. Quite a sight to the other drivers 🙂 I am praying for your ministry and thanks to God for you!

    • 452.2
      Betty M says:

      Dear Liz!!
      Would I love to have a chat with you!! I had horrid mood swings and was once on three antidepressants at once alont with an antipsycotic drug. I am not virtually drug free. I take a small amt of Cymbalta for fibromyelgia pain. How’d I kick all the drugs?? By being in the Word! Noone can tell me God’s Word is dead and unspeaking! I have witnessed to my psychiatrist and it has been amazing. I am my third year of being drug free and though I have had some depressing situations I just don’t stay in th edepression as long or as hard any more and it was all by spending more time reading and studying the Word. I can not say it enuf it has been so liberating to me.

      • Betty M says:

        Dear Liz!
        Sorry my laptop is not being cooperative I tried saying I AM now nearly drug free! Beth was a big part of the equasion as well. Her catchy love for God’s Word just is infectious!!!Betty M

  3. 453
    Karen Shuster says:

    Such a powerful time today! Is it possible to get the text of the prayer you prayed over us at the end, and the words of encouragement we spoke to one another? Thanks!

  4. 454
    Angel says:

    Thank you for today I had the most wonderful time and praising the Lord with you and all of the other woman was just what my sould need <# God Bless xo

  5. 455
    Karen James says:

    I attended this event today at The Cove in Asheville, N.C.
    What a beautiful setting for an incredible day of worship and WORD!! Thank you Beth and Travis (and the group) for the hard word that went in making today a life changing event for over 150,000 women (and a few men). I received that magnificent prayer today. I have attended 4 live events and 2 simulcast and I cannot get enough. Every time I hear Beth speak, I come away with a renewed spirit, And today, I am ready to spread the good news. That prayer today… WOW… I have never heard Beth so passionate and on fire. That was some holy spirit praying!! What an incredible day!! Thank you for saying ‘YES’ to God!

  6. 456
    Gina says:

    As I talk about today, I end up in tears.

    I done my first Beth Moore Bible study in May of 2011, Believing God. It changed my life. So I did it again with my 2 BFF’s & my twin sis. Then again with my church family, because I NEED them to get this! To understand who God really is! And now, I am doing it with my brother & sister-in-law, as they seek a way out of their pit… it’s the only thing I knew to tell them… do Believing God. I’ll do it with you.

    I said all that for this: The most freeing part of Believing God was the explanation of God putting priority of the inward man over the outward blessings. I can’t have children, and it ruined 9 years of my life. The first time I watched the 3rd video of Believing God I sobbed my way through it and felt his healing balm apply to my soul as I cried, “Yes God! I want that too! I want what you want for my life! DO the INWARD work.”
    The second and third time I watched it… cried.
    But this last time, when I watched it, I thought, Man, I must have a lot of things wrong with me, cause God’s ALWAYS preferring the inward man… and I have been a little sad over this. (We were recently promised a child and spent months with the birth mother, and she changed her mind 3 weeks before the birth. He is good. He is loving. He must be preferring the inward man. Broken but accepting…)

    THEN you spoke today! And you reminded me He is up to something, and the fresh excitement came back. I am thankful for His work in me.

    Also you read about the woman who was told she would get a son, and she told Elisha, “Don’t MESS with me!” and everyone laughed… I’m not sure why they laughed. I completely understand her heart. Once you come to peace with things it’s so hard to hope again. I have surrendered to be open to Him doing miraculous things in my life. Terrified. Excited.

    I love you. And I’m so thankful for your obedience.

  7. 457
    Judy Toomey says:

    I attended the simulcast with my good friend and two of my daughter-in-laws. We all loved it and felt benefited by it.

    This was a perfect seminar for me, I have been a Christian for years and years, but even when I was young I always said that “fear is my constant companion.” I plan on putting all I can remember into practice and also will be using the “The Great Forsake and Take” booklet that you prepared.

    Thank you so much & blessings to you and your staff.

  8. 458
    Kimberly Pryor says:

    Thank you Beth for an amazing Simulcast today. This was my first ever Beth Moore simulcast, ok my first Simulcast ever. My church, Crossway Church in Germantown, WI was a Church host so glad to be apart of it in viewing of event as well as being part of team Simulcast Team.

  9. 459
    Lisa says:

    my jars of oil are filled! I no longer live in fear! I choose to forsake FEAR and take COURAGE!!

    “The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news!”

    A Sister in Christ!!

  10. 460
    Monica says:

    My sister was in Vero Beach, FL and I was in Waynesville, OH….We shared this special day although not physically next to one another but still so close in spirit. I know she is shedding some old skin, getting ready for something big for God to do in her life, her marriage and her family…Praise God. He can do it! She is ready! Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers!

  11. 461
    Marka Bennett says:

    The teaching and worship today were God-inspired. Thank You, God, for using Beth, Travis, and all the team in such powerful ways. Transforming…mighty…awesome. Would it be possible to get a transcript of Beth’s Prayer for A Sister at the end of the day? It was so powerful..I would love to have it written down and tucked in my Bible to reference and remember always. Several other women today at our simulcast said the same thing. Please, please…we need it again and again.

  12. 462
    Karen K says:

    Dear Team, take awesome care of Ms Beth! As we ended today and I lost all my fear and got me some carpet fibers!! Yes I sure did! Every single thing in your prayers blessed me because if I didn’t have that affliction I knew sooner or later I would meet someone who did. I am gonna tell them of the good news! A miracle has been performed with the 1 jar today that as they each were filled they are headed into the world fearless! Oh to go to Glory with Him and His goals and plans and promises! I was in the spirit on then Lords day and had a revelation of God.

    I think my God moment was when I realized I was sitting in the church I was baptized and saved in 1980 at the age of 11 and as I looked up at the baptismal I realized I was sitting approx where my precious mother had witnessed the start of my new creation and whoa!! I could’ve filled some jars with tears! Thanks for the memories old and new and the reminder of our healer! I love you for your obedience and thank God for it! God Bless us as we venture from our revived Faith in a very Fine way! Love to all!

  13. 463
    Lara says:

    This is my second post, but after posting my comment I began reading through the other comments…all 400+ so far. I just wanted to thank you for giving us a forum to share our stories with you and in turn with one another. Reading other women’s post that sound so similar to mine really makes me feel connected to the women of Christ. If anyone reading this has not yet read the other posts, I urge them to read them…all of them. And I thank those of you who have already posted…you only built on the foundation Beth laid for me today. It is an amazing feeling knowing that you (Beth) weren’t just talking to me, you were talking to us all. Other women are dealing with something I truely felt only I was. And maybe, through blogs like this we can support one another the way you support us, to build a stronger community. Taking from your book about insecurities, we need to support one another more as women. We’re all in this together, Sisters! Thank you for all of your comments, they have added to the amazing teachings Beth brought me today! God bless all who were moved by Beth’s amazing message today and I pray that each of us are able to maintain this excitement and passion far beyond today’s simulcast.

  14. 464
    Teresa says:

    Wonderful day, I gain so much from God’s teaching through you. Thank you for being able to get down to my level so that I can understand and gain a better knowledge of our Wonderful Glorious God and His Word. The words God spoke through you today have changed my heart. Thank you for continuing to serve Him so He can equip us listening and watching to do the same. Praying for the team and giving thanks that Our God is so Good!

  15. 465
    Shelly says:

    Momma Beth, the courage of Christ was very evident in your teaching today! And Travis, you always sing my heart songs that lead straight to the throne of God! Thank you both and all your team, once again, for being faithful to what God asked of you!

    There is a fear that I have dealt with for way too long. God and I have worked on it a lot, but it still rears its ugly head often. This week I was doing Kelly’s Nehemiah study and realized that in my hardship the false statements I’m believing are I am who a mean girl in my life says I am and God can’t do anything about it. Whew. I know that is not true, but I’m stuck in the fear. I desperately want to wake up in 3 months without that! My family would look different! Yes, ma’am I received your prayer…in Jesus’ Name amen!! And yes, ma’am I printed off these verses. I’ve been memorizing verses now for 4 years and have several of these under my belt, but I need to put them into practice. Thanks for the resource! And thank you for being real with struggles and encouraging that I might be victorious too. I’m pushing back!

  16. 466
    Connie says:

    Dear Beth,

    I will echo what so many other women have said–your message is exactly what I needed to hear from God. Your testimony about releasing the fear that gripped your heart gives me immense courage. I want so much to be a walking, talking, miracle of God’s love! Let us shake off the enemy and press on each and every day!

    So Cal

  17. 467
    Sharon Wildman says:

    Is there any way we can get a copy of the prayer you prayed at the end? Siesta Mama, you prayed it straight to my heart. And I want to remember completely what you asked God to do for me. And I want to receive it completely. Thank you, again, for being so obedient to Christ in giving us His word today. I’m humbled and grateful.

  18. 468
    Colette says:

    Thank You so much!! I LOVED every single minute of today!!! God had a Word just for ME!!! The prayer and commissioning were very special and the Praise and Worship was BEYOND Awesome!! Thank you for all your hard work to serve us! Sept. 15, 2012 will be a very memorable day for the rest of my life! 🙂 Thank You Lord!!!

  19. 469
    Kim says:

    Dear Beth & Living Proof team,

    Thank you so very much for the Living Proof Live Simulcast today on 9-15-2012!!! I just want you to know just how much your hard work, prayers and time are appreciated.

    I attended the conference At Oak Hill Baptist Church in Griffin Ga with my daughter and my dear friend (this was our second time and I think we will make the Living Proof Live one of our little traditions each year). Beth, your humble servant’s heart combined with the powerful prayer warrior always amaze me. We have learned so much from you in these conferences. Thank you for being obedient to God’s will, thank you for praying over us and thank you for sharing the great forsake and take with us (we will use it daily).

    This is one girl A that is waiting with great expectations to say “Who is this you are making me into”! Hope to meet you in person sometime.

    Thank you again.

  20. 470
    Cheryl Miner says:

    Dear Beth-

    What a day this has been! Three precious friends and I spent our day with you in Reading. My cup is over flowing and I pray for the opportunity to spill it on someone. I am so overwhelmed by what you brought to me. In a place filled with 8000 women you saw me and knew my heart. I WAS girl A, but no more. September 15, 2012 is the start of my “Extreme Makeover” and I look forward to the day I look in the mirror and I see Jesus, not me!

    Beth you are so precious and such a wonderful teacher. I am blessed with new understanding each time I hear you speak HIS WORD. I love that you are so transparent even sharing your embarrassment at someone finding earwax on your Q-tip! I can so relate!

    Thank you again for a wonderful day and a new beginning, Be Blessed Girlfriend!

  21. 471
    Twinsmamma (aka Kelly) says:

    Beth, I could just go on for pages about how much I got out of today’s simulcast! I just can’t thank you enough for All you bring to the table. And I can’t thank God enough for you, for your call to this ministry – I am just so grateful for all I’ve learned about Scripture, and myself, from you.
    Don’t you Ever take to heart any negative comments, teasings, mocking. Your passion is palpable! I feel your passion when you speak. And I absolutely Love Love Love your animation! These qualities are what make you who you are and what draws so many of us women to you (in my opinion) – you are who you are and you are Real!
    I lookex at your events calendar and didn’t see any appearances in Nortbern California… Wbattup wit dat?! Would be so excited if you made it over/up here somewhere between San Francisco and Sacramento.
    Again, simply, Thank You.
    Quick question: do you offer copies made of your simulcast? It’s rare that I catch everything the first time I listen to something like this. I would so very much love it if I could get a dvd copy – or even just an audio copy of today’s simulcast. Could you possibly email me and let me know?
    Let me conclude my novel (hahaha-I’m not chatty!) by asking you to not notice typos if any. I’m writing this on my kindle in the dark w/out my glasses on & of course the print is so small I can hardly see if I’m writing what I wanna say, let alone check for spelling errors in this little box!
    May God Bless you ABUNDANTLY!

  22. 472

    LOVED the message today at the simulcast! could you please put up on your blog the notes from the External Internal OT coverent cause I couldn’t write fast enough today!
    God Bless you Beth as you minister to us as women to hang in there and never give up! And shake that devil off our leg! I have already downloaded the fear and courage booklet! I can’t wait to get into it! Praying for you! OH….I loved the prayer you prayed over me! I needed it! I wish I could have a copy of that also! Love you!!!! Christe

    As a Pastor’s Wife I sure understand keeping my eyes on Jesus and not to listen to what others say about me or my husband, that can really get us down. Christians so love to tear each other down. But God is my ROCK! I am still memorizing the book of James I am on the third chapter!
    Can’t wait for you to come to Eugene in April 2013!!!!!!

  23. 473

    Lord, I’m so thankful for the work you’ve created named BETH MOORE!!!! Beth, God WORKED IT today through you. WORKED IT, I SAY!!!! Thank you for being willing and dedicated to this ministry God has so obviously called you to do. Thank you for your prayers…they were felt in the weeks leading up to today and they were felt today. God is moving mightily through our small church in so many ways…the Living Proof Live Simulcast has been added to one of those many ways. We had a small group of less than 20 ladies gather in my living room today to hear God’s word. We came to “find our inner jar gatherer” and boy did we!!! Some of us had a seed planted in us for a work He has planned, some of us realized how blessed we are, some of us have a new sense of yearning for abundant life, some of us were convicted to put our noses in His word more and one of us, Beth…one of us called on the Lord for the first time today. AMEN!!! September 15, 2012 will be remembered. Today was such a joyful day I told my friends I have a headache from crying so much and I feel like my heart is going to BURST with God’s love. Bless you, Beth…I’m going to mark January 20th in my calendar as a special day and pray for you for what He’s going to do through you in 2013. Thank you, Travis Cottrell & the worship team, everyone at Living Proof Ministries and Lifeway for your hard work putting this together. Love you, brothers and sisters!!! ‎”Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” Psalm 23:5 MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!!!!!!

  24. 474
    Gay Henderson says:

    Dear Sista Beth !!!! From Sista Gay. being 55 and at the simulcast today was so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    bless you for pouring your heart and soul out today for our LORD JESUS!!! And ME and all 150,000 women…. But even if it was just for one, I know your revealed in your message your would have the same passion…. And that was so clear today…. He puts in our path the people or person HE wants us to be servants to and be blessed by….The teaching of the Shunamite woman…and what you received was so anointing for my life….I know I need more OIL and sure am thankful I can be honest like we were today and want to RUN and get to Jesus as fast as we can.
    I will soon go to bed and get on my knees and thank Jesus for such a “time as this” that we had to day with the anointed and healing teaching he gave to you and now many, many, women to share with others….HE LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY… ALL THE TIME…I will believe it and receive it!!
    ALL THE TIME. TILL HE COMES!!!! Mercy and peace and love be multipled to you Beth!!!!
    Your Sista in Chilliwack BC Canada. Gay Blanche !!!!

  25. 475
    Nancy Waits says:

    Dear Beth,

    I wanted you to know prayers were answered. God showed up in my life Saturday. I haven’t seen a glimpse of Him in a such a very long time, but I saw Him today “peeking out of the closet”. I saw Him! I saw Him! I was the sister you were praying for. Only God could have revealed to you what I have been going through. Thank you for this blog, Beth, and for being His instrument. Thank you, Jesus, for coming to get me when I needed to be rescued.

  26. 476
    Elaine Whisler says:

    When I was invited 3 weeks ago to attend todays event via Live Stream at a church in Tacoma, WA – I cringed because I knew I would have to say no!! My life had become so full!!!! Working 45 hours during the day AND another 15-20 in the evenings!! As the days and weeks went by I kept putting off my reply to say no!! I realized that as long as I kept setting God aside in my life I would not have the ears to listen to what He was trying to tell me!! I was blown away at the words and teaching that you shared today! Thank you for resetting my compass!!! You are truly an AMAZING Woman of GOD!! Thank you for praying for all of us who came!! We are forever changed!

  27. 477
    Kathy says:

    Awesome spirit fill day… I’m going BIG with God… so watch out world I got my ‘Faith-lift’and ready to GET Out there !
    ; )

  28. 478
    Kathy says:

    I am overwhelmed to say the least after the simulcast today- my dear old dog died yesterday and I was not sure I had the “where with all” to attend My Oh My you hear from our Lord and blessed me

    I need to ask someone, why did you quote “Cinderella,yes it ends well” You have no idea what that means to me ….

    Also, I “may” have had a miracle right after I returned from the event, something that may shift my entire understanding of how God works- IFFFF it transpires next week, I will call LPM and share it- the professionals I called today reported it would be remarkable- they do not think it is possible- it would “rock my boat” after a very very long “night of the soul”

    I am an old siesta and as of today I had decided to “give up” and let a devastating situation happen to try and survive

    Beth, please know you are truly a vessel for God’s word – you are clear that you are simply a human conduit- I marvel at how this all works-

    I know I would have been very “dangerous” if any method had worked to heal, I would have had everyone I could find to “line up” You are correct he works any way he wants to work- healing and curing are very different and we need to get over “it” He does it and we do not

    God Bless you Dearest Sister in Christ- I have no way of acknowledging how much I have been blessed by LPM- Lots of love and blessings

  29. 479
    Sue says:

    Thanks Beth. I so needed to hear that. I came today asking God to talk to me, and He did. I’ve always been prone to anxiety, but for the last 13 years I’ve woken up with anxiety/panic attacks every morning. God has led me over the years to things to help with different aspects contributing to it, and things have gotten better, but I haven’t been able to shake it. Looking forward to becoming more the one He created me to be. :o) Thank you for everything that you and your team give to us. May it be returned to you, pressed down and running over.

  30. 480
    Helen says:


    Thank you for your obedience to God in sharing today. God has done so many wonderful things in my life in the past two years. He has healed and restored my broken family and marriage. My husband and I are now in ministry with Celebrate Recovery. I know that when God’s people are being effective, satan will find any avenue to try to bring us down. Sometimes it can be quite unexpected. He tried to attack me in my work (personal safety) and I’ve been in fear since Feb 2012. My main concern has been the fear of having my name in the news and it affecting my 11 year old son.
    Today, some confusion was lifted and I am now ready to take a step towards seeking legal counsel. I realize now that I’ve been trying to control the outcome and the situation by hiding. I’m excited to see “who He is making me to be” and ultimately He will get the glory!

    Thank you again,

  31. 481
    Jennifer T says:

    Siesta Momma –
    Praising God for his faithfulness today! Because I was able to tune in via Silverlight I could stop and start as my family needed me. I begged forgiveness for multitasking and trusted God for blessing the time. AND HE DID.
    I actually transcribed your entire prayer. If it’s allowed, can I share it with some Siestas? I knew when I received it that it would need to go in page protectors in my “Forsake and Take” binder. (Thank you for that.)

    Convicted of quitting because what I thought usually works failed. Confessed. Now expecting SURPASSING GLORY. Will refer back to this prayer because I don’t understand God’s record keeping system but I know HE’S GOT IT and I want to remember it so I can point back and say HERE is where the Holy Spirit prayed this (through Beth) for ME. So be it!

    Bless you, LPL and Momma Beth. I’m praying your prayer back over you.

  32. 482
    Mary says:

    Dear Beth,
    Almost every one that knows me thinks I’m Girl Z. I have everything and tell everyone I’m fine. 28 years of a marriage from hell is what friends don’t know about. I pray and ask God to bring healing or release and it doesn’t come. I’m like Girl Z when a Christian counselor tells me God will bring healing. I want to scream “Don’t mess with me.” I’ve prayed the same prayer for so many years and it feels that God isn’t planning to answer it my way, for whatever reason I’m to be in this situation.
    Thank you for giving me hope and renewed desire to try.
    I pray God’s richest blessing on you as you continue to serve our amazing God!
    I, too, would love to have a copy of the prayer you prayed over me at the end of today’s simulcast. I need to pray that daily.
    Thank you for lifting my spirit with your teaching.

    • 482.1
      Jennifer T says:

      Mary –
      Your post just got me in the gut. I HEAR YOU. I’m only about to hit 14 yrs of marriage, but every one has been a struggle. Not a pretty “Christian-ese” struggle that ladies can chat about at coffee hour in the church hallways. It’s gritty stuff that, praise God, most of my lovely Christian sisters have no idea how to relate to.
      This past summer has been pivotal for ME in this thing. The story is too much to put here, nor would I want to, but know that God is ABLE to do exactly what Beth has given us a vision for. (God CAN and does put a whole new woman in our skin we don’t even recognize as ourselves.) Never-ever-ever-ever would I have thunk I could respond to my husband in the ways I have this summer. It’s just not “me” to do this wife thing the ways God has me doing it now.
      Anyway, I’ve seen radical shifts around here that are 100 – no 300% – attributable to GOD ALONE. I am on facebook if you want to find me and message me privately. I’m Jennifer Tricarico and have the same profile pic as the gravatar you see here.

      PRAYING FOR YOU, MARY, regardless. I get it. You may be encouraged to know.

  33. 483
    Inna Ivanov says:

    I had so many things to do and events planned for this Saturday but God miraculously took away all my plans and brought me to the simulcast. God has done a lot of changes in my heart. God spoke to me. I am changed.

  34. 484
    denise sebera says:

    thank you! we enjoyed the simulcast at colonial heights baptist in va The great forsake and take .I’m going for it !! I already see changes in me!. God bless, In his care Ps. Thanks for the scriptures, denise

  35. 485
    Ingrid says:

    Sounds like it was all ‘going off’ Saturday. We are doing the delayed simulcast in October as we are an international church out of time zone. We are hoping to print pens and magnets for our ladies to take home to remember the message. For the pen we need a short phrase, and the magnet a verse … anyone who went Saturday have any suggestions that will be appropriate?

  36. 486
    Christina says:

    :). Thank you siesta mama from an individual army wife in Germany while her man is downrange. I was there in my jammies as I was watching at night and then early morning! Haha! God didn’t disappoint and delivered words as though they were just for me. I sure do love Him. Even in sharing the fear not verses, God was there giving me a gift. Thank you mama!

  37. 487
    Penny says:

    “It’s time to put the faith back in faithfulness.” Oh. My. Word. Seriously, that was my word. If you had said nothing else the entire day, that would have been enough for me. I have used so many things to fill the ‘fulness’ that the vacuum of fear leaves behind: people, relationships, activities, food. None of it worked; because it’s not designed to work.
    I didnt’ realize this was the answer, until it came out in those precious words of yours. Thank you for being God’s vessel to bring His message to me. I’m not even upset that you shared “my” word with everyone else!
    Rest up, Beth, I’m thinking that God just used you to change me. That is quite a miracle. Thank you for pressing past your fear, for us.
    I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


  38. 488
    Sue Sutherlin says:

    Dear Beth,
    This message came just at the perfect time. You have no idea what throuble has befallen me in the last two weeks from my dear sister. God needed to intervene or our women’s bible study is going to be devided or destroyed. I praise God for your message because He will see this through to victory and healing. Our church dosn’t need another tragedy! Tuesday night is the meeting with the elders and pastor and I believe God will work this out for the best. Praise God for your encouragement and puttingt the word of God out there where we can grab a hold of it and not let go. Thank you, THANK YOU!

  39. 489
    Ginger says:

    Wow, thank you so much for doing this simucast.I was so blessed. What a great word. I saw myself in both Women, A and Z. Thank you for praying over me. What a privilege I had to join you with my church as well all around the country and world to worship our Lord and Savior.

  40. 490
    Shelley Johnson says:

    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!
    Yesterday’s simulcast blew my mind with Your love, God! Thank You for proving Your love once again by showing up and inviting me/us to come closer to You. I love You so much!
    Much love to Beth, Travis, and everyone at LPL. Offering prayers for you,

  41. 491
    JoAnne says:

    Thank you always for staying completely in the word as you teach. As an avid and devoted daughter of the Word, you keep me inspired to make certain I’m checking our Father’s instructions when the world tries to pull me elsewhere. I found myself around Girl Q last night in prayer. Blessed with so much yet absolutely hungry for what God has for me yet. I’m just one year older than you Beth and God is leading me into some new opportunities with women and also into work with couples in restoration of marriages as God intended them to be. Pray that God will guide me as I continue to seek His direction in the Word. Now for some with my face in the book! Inspired by the simulcast teaching, Jo

  42. 492
    Sherri Gerami says:

    Dear Beth, what an anointing speaker you are. In your message you first spoke of the hair standing up, well I was one of many I am sure, you touched my heart like no other, I will and have put faith back into my faithfulness. I will be that one whom the world can see Christ in me. This was the first time I had the opportunity to experience you and your ministry. Please keep teaching the word, because you have an ability to touch women like no other speaker I have heard. I watched the simulcast from 1st United Methodist Church in Kerrville, Texas. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and your praise team as you bring the word to life.

    In Jesus Name

  43. 493
    flip flops says:

    Thank you so much for the download. I could not listen in with everyone but am so thankful to have a part of it. Just what I was praying for this morning….God is amazing!

  44. 494
    Kim Eshelman says:

    Kim Eshelman Lewisburg, PA

    Praise to our limitless GOD, to Beth, The Praise Team, and ALL involved in making the Simulcast happen. I was at at Reading and have been to many L Proof Lives in the past but yesterday for me was like no other… I said yes to becoming serious. I just printed the Forsake and Take. Thank you for the equipping.

    Please consider posting the Powerful Prayer and Comission from yesterday. And would you consider making a DVD and using Travis’s music as well. His music was very powerful and timely during the day.

    I am BELIEVING GOD with you!!!

  45. 495
    Linda says:

    I too would like a copy of that prayer. It would be so helpful for me to read everyday and especially when the darkness shows it’s ugly head.

  46. 496
    Christy says:

    Thank you so much! What an amazing day! Could you post the prayer here that you prayed at the end too? Would be a wonderful one to keep and pray for others or even ourselves.

  47. 497
    Tammy says:

    What a blessing we received in London, KY! Thank you to you and your team for your dedication and hard work for the Kingdom of God! You are simply amazing – to God be the Glory! Prayers for your ministry!

  48. 498
    carolyn Hostetler says:

    Beth, We at New Life Fellowship Indiana were so blessed yesterday. I have to tell you what happened at ours. The Lord impressed on my heart to bring 2 empty jars in a little gunny sack that I had made. I was gonna fill the jar first with potpourri and the Lord said no than I thought candy and the Lord said No so I took 2 empty jars with no lid. I did not know what to do with them how could I give these away. But I soon knew why he had me bring them and at the end of the day I drew 2 names from the basket to give the jars away to. God uses those 2 jars to do amazing things to those ladies. The rest of us were also so blessed with the whole day. God truly showed up. Ladies on there faces to the Lord. Please can we have a copy of that prayer. It was awesome. Thank you so much to be willing to be used by God.

  49. 499
    Merabel says:

    Thank you for being who you are and letting God use you to teach countless of people. I thank God for you and I pray that he blessess you mightily. I am so ready to have courage, get up and receive what God is calling me for.
    Love you Miss Beth.

  50. 500
    Casey says:

    Good is SO good! He has answered many of my prayers and continues to be the light of my life, for without him, I am NOTHING! Fear not the Lord, for he is my comforter, my all in all!
    For about a month I have been battling some shame from my past. I tried to blame other people like my husband thinking that if I got angry with them it would go away. I even tried trade my life in a for a new one, thinking maybe the grass was greener somewhere else. After spending much time alone and resorting to my only TRUE refuge, I began to breathe life again. I am so thankful for what HE has given me and I have a HUGE testimony to share with others. God use me to minister to others and share the good news. You are nothing but real and an AMAZING GOD! If you can change me, anyone can be changed.
    In HIS word,
    Siesta Caseey

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