As Promised – The Great Forsake and Take

My beloved Sisters,

Thanks is too small a word for the privilege to serve you. You are graces of a merciful God to me. How I pray God revealed Himself to you in an intensely personal way today. Here is the equipping that I promised in the simulcast to those who are ferociously ready to forsake fear and take courage. You will find a cover sheet for your notebook, a letter from me suggesting how to use the resource, and enough verses to keep you well immersed for a good while. They are life and liberty to any of you who, like me, have battled a stronghold of fear but they are also vastly useful when you are facing a temporarily intimidating or frightening situation, like surgery or a speech in front of your class or a hard conversation requiring you to speak the truth in love. It doesnโ€™t matter what circumstances are tempting you to fear and to shrink back from your faith and your calling, you are invited and even commanded by God to take much courage. It is your right of daughtership, โ€œfor you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [and daughters!], by whom we cry, โ€˜Abba! Father!โ€™โ€ (Romans 8:15)

By all means, you are welcome to openly share this link with anyone else who could use this kind of equipping, whether or not they joined us for the simulcast.

The Great Forsake and Take

You’ll need Adobe Reader to download the booklet, so if you don’t have it already, you can click here to download it for free.

Stay in the Word, Sisters! You are chosen and loved by the sovereign King of all creation and the calling on your life demands power and insight that only He can bring. Trust Him. He cannot do you wrong.

Christ is life,


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  1. 251
    Karen says:

    I would absolutely love a printable version of the prayer and the commission from the simulcast today. It is something I’d enjoy reading through again and again.

  2. 252
    Gerry Blumberg says:

    Thank you, Beth. The verses are all printed out and ready to go. It was a special privilege to be there today because I had not planned to go. But a friend offered me a ticket and after a very difficult week, I thought it was just what I needed. God met me there and I got home with my heart singing in faith.

  3. 253
    Jennifer Evans says:

    Thank you so much for being a willing and able vessel for God. You are an inspiration to me and so many. Thank you for your word today. I was so encouraged. I am ready to push back fear and to move closer to my wonderful Father.

  4. 254
    Pamela Brooks says:

    Praise God for today’s event! I live in Minot, ND and we were Blessed to be able to join in with all the other women throughout our country and the world! Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team do!

    I have already downloaded the Great Forsake and Take and cant wait to find out what God has in store for me! I felt His presence in my heart and soul when you prayed for me! Now the battle is on! Get thee behind me satin!

  5. 255
    Kathie says:

    Thank you. Thank you, Beth. I have my The Great Forsake and Take printed! Today’s message was so so what I needed!! And the prayer you prayed over me (and many others), would you also put it here on the blog? I would so like to have a copy for reference when those glorious answers start popping!! Much love and appreciation to you!!

  6. 256
    Lisa says:

    How I was blessed today to be apart of the simulcast! I was saved almost year ago, however, today, I broke free of what was holding me from my walk with Him. I feel free!!! Thank you Jesus for allowing Beth to speak your word that so closely relates to us. I pray for many continued blessings for Living Proof ministries & all who help.

  7. 257
    Maria Solano says:

    Dear Beth,
    As usual, your contagious passion and faith in Christ renewes mine. Your simulcast brought me to tears as your worship team and you praised our Savior. Thank you for always inspiring me to do more with my life and believe in the power of my Creator and what He is capable of doing for me as long as I release it to Him and not try to take control. My daughter and I truly loved today’s conference and look forward to following this blog to help me demolish the evil strongholds in my life.
    Maria Solano
    Raleigh, NC

  8. 258
    Monica says:

    I feel like I just drank from a firehose! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you Beth for the WORD!
    Thank you Jesus for meeting us!
    Is there a possibility of getting a copy of the prayer you prayed over me – I need a hard copy as a stake for what Jesus will do for me that started this day, Sept 15th, 2012!

  9. 259
    Kari Souder says:

    Unbelievibly mind blowing today…we were in the second row an man o man did God show up. We are so grateful that you are an obedient servant because God uses you mightly. Would love, love, love a copy of the prayer you prayed over your sisters…we agreed and were blessed. Please consider posting it. Thank you!! Thank you !! Thank you!!!

  10. 260
    Trish says:

    What an incredible day hearing His Word! You are a true gift to others. Thank you for following the Lord’s lead in all you do. Your prayer was felt! I am excited to experience revival and say to myself, “who are you?” Thanks for making it real! As a side note: I too, am from Arkadoo and grew up in First Baptist Church, Arkadelphia. It is a blessing to hear the Arkansas stories and know God uses us small town girls too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 261
    Joyce says:

    Beth,staff & Lifeway Ministries

    Thank You, thank you & thank you. God spoke to me through you all. The music,message,prayers & fellowship. I knew there would be good teaching but i started not to come because again “no one would come with me”. But I pushed myself through that thought. Spiritually I know God is always with me & now he has shown me a stronghold that has captivated me for years-“Fear”. Thank you again my spiritual family. Keep me in your prayers.
    God Bless you all!
    P.S. Beth I recieved the prayer!

  12. 262
    Tonia says:

    Thank you so much for praying for me! And especially thank you for your heart! We heard you loud and clear down here in Irving, TX! Praise the Lord, what a wonderful experience!

  13. 263
    Sherri says:

    I have seen you in person a few times and gone through many of your Bible studies but today’s simulcast and ending was by far one of the most personal and touching moments I have experienced in my Christian walk. I really believe that with God’s word and the prayer of faith today, I can claim courage over the two major fears that I experience. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you.

  14. 264
    Melinda says:

    Praise God for this Simulcast every year. He never fails to show up and show off. I so appreciate your ministry to us all.

    This is the day I take courage and forsake fear. I fully intend to keep getting my angry praise on!!!!!

    In Christ alone,


  15. 265
    Heidi Landis says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed today more than I knew and am so grateful to our good God for your willingness to let Him use you. I asked God recently if it was possible for me to live without fear…He answered me today! I am going to use the forsake and take booklet to let Him renew my mind and transform me. I also loved the march on song and was wondering if Travis has a recording of it that I can buy.
    Blessings to you and the whole team!!
    With much love and gratitude,

  16. 266
    Sarah K says:

    Thanks SO much for your inspiring simulcast today! It was just what I needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 267
    Sandy Tryon says:

    Sept 15, 2012. Today was amazing with our Lord. I felt him calling me back to him. I recommitted my faith today with Jesus. I felt an overwhelming calling from the Holy Spirit today and my friend was me. It was great, THANK YOU Beth for the praying and making us all feel so good.

  18. 268
    Sherry Shaw says:

    thank you SO much for imparting such a powerful Word today it means more than I can convey here. Blessings on the rest of your weekend and may God fill you back up to overflowing for what you spent on our behalf today.

  19. 269
    Sharon says:

    Thank you Beth for being willing to give to us your “Fear and Courage: The Great Forsake and Take” and allowing us to print it out. The greatest blessing He gave me through you in the simulcast today was “God cannot fail to come through for you.” Considering all the battles I have been through recently and how many things I have asked Him for (not material stuff, but things in the spirit, transformation of my mind, and obedience to His word), I really needed that word of encouragement and assurance. I received your prayer for us as well. Thank you, dear servant. He began working on a fear in me after I got home that has been there for over 20 years. Praise His Name.

  20. 270
    Jan says:

    Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to hear Your Word taught by such an annointed speaker as Beth. We live in a small town and traveling to a city in order to attend a meeting such as we had today would be impossible for most of us. It was a real blessing and I know it will continue to be as we meditate on what we were given today!

  21. 271
    Teresa says:

    Hi, Can anyone give us point #6 from today’s simulcast? Our connection froze up and we missed it. Thank you!

  22. 272
    stephanie says:

    I was hoping the prayer that was prayed for this sister would be included in this material. Please let me know if Beth posts it somewhere. THANKS.

  23. 273
    Karen Wade says:

    Beth and team, today’s simulcast was profound and strong. Thanks so much for the printout and thanks for the day. So inspiring.

  24. 274
    Sara says:

    Sweet Mama! Revival indeed! For the first time in my life I feel that I’m finally on the road to FREEDOM! I cannot even fathom what it could possible feel like to be free or that I could be free, but for the first time in my life I see it as a possibility and something for me! I cannot even begin to tell you my excitement and the impact God’s Word for us today made on me and the other ladies in our small group today. Praise Jesus!!!

  25. 275
    Penny says:

    This is my first simulcast and I haven’t had the privilege to see you live. I was the host and I could feel the Holy Spirit moving from the very beginning. Thank you for the wonderful job that you do. Empowering women to take a stand for Christ! Today I will overcome fear.

  26. 276
    Wendy says:

    Thank you for your courage to speak up for us women and give us the courage to spread the good news. Your telecast was amazing. Watched you from Alaska. It was a true blessing

  27. 277
    Sara says:

    The enemy has me. I’m so imprisoned by fear I can’t move. I’m filled with doubt. I KNOW He does good for others but I, how do I say this, fear what’s ahead for me. I don’t want to live in this place of believing for others but not for myself. I beat myself up over it, I do, self hate has become so much a part of me I think I’m even starting to not recognize it anymore. I know you said if you pray for something in faith and it doesn’t happen it’s cause something is up…but it’s exhausting. I feel like He doesn’t like me enough. I’m drowning, but instead of trusting in my savior I keep treading water because, well, at least I won’t drown looking like the fool that thought He actually cared enough to make a difference. I know thats awful. And I’m the first to say to tell others of His unconditional love for them. I feel like I trusted Him with everything. I put ALL my eggs in His basket and they got cracked anyway and I don’t understand. I’m mad. And I don’t want Him to know. I don’t want anyone to know. So I just have what’s left after the fall. I don’t know how to get up. My throat aches, my eyes are raw, and I’m pretty certain I no longer have what it takes to get up. I listened. I took pages of notes. I was touched. But I’m afraid I’m too broken to risk it again. I’m scared. I still have my jar, but I’m not sure there is enough oil in it to save.

    • 277.1
      Joni says:

      Dearest Sara,
      I’ve been where you are. Can you speak three words? “Jesus, save me.” Is there enough oil in your jar for this one small prayer? He will take it from there. I know because He did that for me. He is trustworthy.

    • 277.2
      Judy says:

      Thanks for sharing your reality. I am praying for your relief of sadness and rest in Him. One minute at a time.

    • 277.3
      Paula says:

      Oh,SARA!!! God knows how afraid you are! Trusting Him is risky…but it IS WORTH IT ALL! Even if you lost everything that looks or feels important to you–IT IS WORTH IT! YOUR Abba Father purchased you with the lifeblood of His Son so that the enemy’s chains of fear could be cut loose from your heart and mind. God will never let you down. Please just honestly give all the fear and hurts and pain to God–all of who and what you are right now. HE LONGS FOR YOU TO DO THAT–YES, FOR YOU!! He is in control/in charge NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS OR FEELS LIKE! You can totally trust Him. May He open the spiritual eyes of your heart to see His Hand moving on your behalf–to see all that He HAS protected you from already! He will never let you go, never forsake you, think you are too broken or messed up to matter to Him –NEVER in all eternity! Maybe, just maybe, the eggs cracked because new life was trying to get out?? You don’t have to “have what it takes to get up.”–just sit where you are and ask Him to come to you, hold you in His Loving Embrace. Wash your mind with the water of His WORD and let that wash out all the impurities that cloud your thinking about Him. He cannot possibly love you more than He does right now!!! and He will never love you less. Jesus died so you can live. Just ask Him to show you how–He will do that for you becuase He loves you–whether you can beleive it fully now or not. Just beleive for one minute–He will do the rest! I’m praying for you!!!

  28. 278
    Jennifer Burke says:

    Thank you so much for your obedience to God’s calling! God is Faithful and provided this message the very week when my husband found out that he will be laid off at the end of the month. He was as blessed as I was when I came home and shared my notes. We face our future knowing that the Lord is Faithful.

    If there is any way that you could also post the prayer that you prayed for “me” (along with many other sisters) at the end of the conference, it would be much appreciated!

    May the Lord bless you with His peace and refreshing!

  29. 279
    Sue says:

    Sept. 15, 2012 Thank you Beth for the inspiring teaching and for your special prayer at the end. It was for me and I was truly touched and blessed by it! God bless you!

  30. 280
    Lisa says:

    The simulcast was out of this WORLD! The presence of the LORD was all around my church Baptist Temple All day today! I felt renewed! My soul, spirit, body, mind, every inch of myself to down to my toes were shaking with adrenaline! I sang, yelled out, cried, and when I say cried I mean I got down on my KNEES, FACE and literally WEPT. The enemy comes to Kill, steal and destroy! but never again! He can not kill what cannot be killed, he cannot steal what belongs to God, and I for one belong to God! He will not steal from me any longer! and He will not destroy my life any longer, because God has a purpose for my life and I intend to do as God wants me to do!
    Thank you for such encouragement to get back out on my feet, and to put the faith back in faithfulness.

  31. 281
    Jen Clark says:

    Thank you so much for today. I am sure I am not the only lady who thought you were only speaking to her! When you started talking about fear and anxiety I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, hearing exactly what I needed to be hearing. I always feel like days like today never last long enough…I could have lasted the rest of the day listening to you! Thank you again!

  32. 282
    Beth says:

    Thank you for the wonderful day filled with the Lord’s word and praise to him. What a great gift to be able to attend this in Lincoln, Nebraska! Thank you to Beth and all of the people behind the work completed to bring God’s word to women throughout the United States.

  33. 283
    Wendy McLeod says:

    What a word for me!! I could share so much, but the one thing that God really used was the jars! I have been working hard gathering jars for my daughter’s upcoming wedding reception. Mason jars in particular. I had gotten frustrated because I was having a hard time finding gallon mason jars. Just this past week I heard someone talking about gallon pickle jars. It hit me that they would work just as well and they were willing to give me all I needed! God had already used that experience this week to remind me that any old jar will do!! The treasure is not the jar, but what’s in it! So, as you can imagine, I loved the word about the jars!

    Thank you, Beth for praying over me! I received it and it has been life-changing already! Praying for you my sister in Christ!!

  34. 284
    Kathy says:

    Beth, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Forever & a day battled fear of one thing or the other, but today, In Christ, I’m pushing back my enemy, forsaking fear, dealing with the hurts, showing love & forgiveness and taking COURAGE! Praise You, Lord, for your servant, her staff, Praise Team and all of those that made this event happen. Thank you for sharing “The Great Forsake and Take”, perfect timing!

  35. 285
    Karyn says:

    I watched the simulcast today with the women from my church. We would love a copy of the prayer you prayed for us at the end. Is there any way we can get a copy or recording/video? It was so very touching, we’d like to share it with our Sunday School and Bible Class. Thank you so much for your inspiring message today. We were on our knees in prayer as you prayed for us!

  36. 286
    Julie says:

    Thank you for a wonderful message. I can’t even think of words to say. (And, like you, that is a rarity for me!)

    Would it be possible for you to share the incredible prayer you prayed of ME! today? I would love to review it and remember it. Thank you for the gift of your prayer. Even if I hadn’t had the previous several hours of wonderful teaching, it would have been worth it all for the prayer you prayed of me.

  37. 287
    Mary Jo says:

    When you spoke about being accused by a brother in Christ I was brought to tears. I have had a similar experience, by a sister,and it caused me to withdraw from ministry, thinking everything I said would be misunderstood. Today, with your help, I made a decision to forgive (I just pray that I can forget) and get involved again. I love the people of God and the church so much. Get behind me satan. Thank you so much for all you do.
    Mary Jo

  38. 288
    Carol Feutren says:

    Loved the simulcast today. I needed filling and really received it today. I deffintanly want a bigger life in God and I do not want to bait and switch my faith.

    Thank you for all that you do in your ministry to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  39. 289
    Kristine Reynolds says:

    Awesome day! Yes, Yes, Yes! This message today goes right along with our church focus, EnGaged! Being participants, not spectators. You know God is speaking when you keep getting the same message, from different sources (well, the same source-Holy Spirit, different vessels). Thank you for Living Proof Live!

  40. 290
    Cheryl says:

    What a working of the Holy Spirit today! I know it was ALL Him, Beth. But thank you for being a willing obedient servant.

  41. 291
    Jami says:

    Thank you so much for surrendering to this ministry and sharing your studies with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the study today and look forward to keeping up with you. Loved your Texas Twang!! Thanks again. Jami McGaughy

  42. 292
    Carolynn Henning says:

    I just started going back to church after at least 8 months of searching for a church to call home. Well it turns out they had already started your study on the book of James. I signed up, b’cuz I have heard such wonderful things about your classes and then found out about your simulcast, I got my ticket then called my friend who has taken many of your classes and she wanted to go too, so I went back out and got her a ticket. Thank you Jesus for your ministry. I am enjoying your Bible study just a little frantic about catching up is all. I absolutely loved the simulcast. The worship was wonderful and the teaching went right along with the faith I am learning in James. Thank you Jesus, I have finally quit smoking. I am believing God for the impossible, cuz after 40yrs I never thought I could do it. I have COPD and believe everything was orchestrated by God. (The events leading me to your class and simulcast and my freedom from a 40yr bondage. You keep going girlfriend. Your closing prayer meant so much to me, all I can say is THANK YOU. It really hit home. God bless you and your ministry Beth.

  43. 293
    Cheryll says:

    Thank you sooo much for your study on 11 Kings 4. I have lost some of my zip(which is rare for me); I found myself being rather lazy. Today you made me realize that the enemy has a hold on me instead. I am breaking that as I write this. It’s time to be brave & STOP the enemy. Praying last night & this morning; I ask God to let me absorb whatever you were teaching. I can now stand up and take charge of my life again. The last 4-5 years I have over come cancer & 5 other surgeries + things I would rather not discuss. HAHA I thought I was in pretty good shape. I was for several years; but somehow the enemy has slipped in. What an anointing you have. God bless you. Cheryll Moore

  44. 294
    Alma says:

    I came to this conference excited about the simulcast and ready to hear from God through His servant, Beth Moore, period . NOTHING MORE However, right from the beginning, Beth drove home two women in the same text and challenged US which one are we… At first I identified w Girl A, a woman who was facing losses, and had close to nothing, with very little oil in her jade. Most assuredly, that is me..bankrupt spiritually with very little oil in my jar…. But then she spoke about Girl Z, a woman who thought she had everything, had no need of anything, so she thought…..but truly, her needs, or her requests about her needs were suppressed deep down because she gave up on asking because she had not received the answer! Now that sounded like me too!Oh wretched woman that I am,,,,,, I thank God that He has delivered me! THIS CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME, LIBE
    RATING AND SO TIMELY I ALREADY TO Take and forsake! God bless you resisters!

  45. 295
    Ursula says:

    What an incredible blessing this simulcast was. My sister’s in Christ and I watched from a local church here in Tucson, AZ. The gal I sat next to received Christ and I received a word from the Spirit of God. So thankful for the way all of you allow the Spirit to minister through you.

    I would love it if I could get my hands on a copy of the transcript for the prayer that Beth prayed over each of us who were open to receive. I’d like to be able to remind myself of how God wants to work in me through tht prayer. If it’s possible to get it, can someone contact me and let me know how. My email is [email protected]

    Be blessed in the presence!

  46. 296
    Diana A. says:

    Here from Vancouver Canada


    Thank you Gracious Speaker Beth for being open to His Voice and His Direction.

    Also please pray for my friend Karen who had to leave during the simulcast.

    Thank You Father for REVIVAL!!!

  47. 297
    Casey Riley says:

    Today’s simulcast is the best one you have done by far -ALL THOUGH THEY ARE ALL GREAT. This one spoke to me and helped me know that GOD’s way is the ONLY way. Thank you for challenging us to put on a heart of courage and step in faith and kick fear in the butt!

    Thank you for the “Fear Not” notes – I can’t wait to put them in a booklet and most of all put them to use.

    The prayer you prayed over us was touching and moving -it penetrated to my deepest desires for many areas in my life – if you feel led – can a printed copy me link to the other items we have to print out? I would love to say that over and over and claim every word of it!

    Thank you for not letting fear stop you – GOD uses you in ways you can’t imagine. Keep on Keepin on!

    Casey ( Stephens City, VA )

  48. 298
    Chris D'Alecy says:

    I shared/paraphrased some of your teaching on FB today….thank you Beth for you and your team and how you make me feel like a sister and friend. I am blessed beyond measure because of your faithfulness!!

    Beth Moore Simulcast today = passionately seeking and worshiping the Lord = me ๐Ÿ™‚
    2 Kings 4:1-7 Woman A – Has nothing and knew she needed a miracle ……. 2 Kings 4:8-37 Woman Z – Thinks she has everything and didn’t know she needed a miracle
    Point 1. Personal desperation can “jar” us out of second hand stories.
    Point 2. God didn’t call us to “fine” He called us to faith.
    Point 3. Fear is
    the crippler of a walking talking miracle. (You are a walking talking miracle!)
    Point 4. Faith trust that every call to forsake is a call to also take. (He calls us to forsake “something” then to take up “something”!) Ex. forsake fear …take up courage
    Point 5. Faith faces the fact that there is no formula. (You can’t figure out a formula to keep getting to God.)
    Point 6. Faith rests its case on the resurrection of the dead. (There is nothing that He can’t do!!!)
    Point 7. The Lord speaks; many many women spread the good news. Ps 68:11 NET

    She gave us an assignment … to help overcome fear…. go to or LPM Blog!

    What the Lord spoke to me early during simulcast is …… I AM calling you!

    During time of receiving prayer a woman prayed for me as I asked for a change of being critical and replace with compassion,humility, encouragement, etc…she shared that is her struggle as well…

    At the end Beth Moore asked if you where wanting more faith, more passion for Him, etc…to come and receive as she prayed not for the group but for you individually as a blessing for you to receive. Me on my knees crying out for more of Him and receiving my blessing from the One who loves me!

  49. 299
    Avayd Ann says:

    I could hardly wait to get home to print off The Great Forsake and Take booklet. THANK YOU!! I am currently working through some very scary things that happened to me in childhood and these scriptures will help with that process.

    And I felt the presence of the Lord, as you prayed for me, Beth! Is there a way you could either email me the prayer, or publish it on line for all of us who you prayed for individually.

    I am soaking in the Word I received from Him today, through you.

    Love and Blessings

  50. 300
    Trish Fritz says:

    Dear Beth,

    I have never written to you before, but I have been studying God’s Word with your bible studies for many years. I wanted to hug you as my beloved sister today. God’s teaching through you was so deep and so convicting.

    I recently retired as a School Psychologist from a school district, where I worked for 38 years. God led me out of the school, where I had experienced a devastating chastisement 2 years ago. God led me and I not only recovered from the experience, but God led me to ministry to love, encourage and support the teachers as I had never been free enough or confident enough to do before. God also led me to forgive my boss, and to realize that my worth comes from God only.

    God began a work in me two years ago to minister to those in our church, and hopefully beyond it soon, who suffer with Mental/Emotional health issues. I had talked about this with a dear woman, whose son was diagnosed with severe clinical depression as a high school freshman. We rode back and forth to bible studies at church for ten years together talking about a mental health ministry. I had also served in youth ministry and a fellow leader, a drug and alcohol addictions counselor, and I explored a dream for a counseling center at the church. It took the suicide of a 14 year old boy, two years ago, to get us moving. We have been working on an Emotional Wellness Ministry for the last two years.

    We have a network of licensed counselors, social workers, community mental health people, a parish nurse, a retired psychiatric nurse, Stephen ministers, 12 step program coordinator, under our Caregiving Ministries pastor. We are presenting a conference on October 20 to Dismantle the Stigma of Depression, with a keynote presenter who is a Christian Psychiatrist, and presents a mind/body/spirit perspective. We also have our team of counselors presenting to family members and friends on the characteristics of depression across ages and genders, with ideas on helping and destigmatizing depression for their loved ones.

    All this has only come about through God’s power. There is a prayer team praying for the conference and amazing details have fallen into place and blessings have occurred.

    I am overwhelmed at times with what needs to be done, and I fear my own capabilities at the possibility of becoming a therapist myself. I know God equips for whatever He designs, and I will be obedient. I love the Lord. God is my life. It is so hard with family members and my husband at times, but God hears my prayers.

    I pray that I will be in God’s word more deeply, and I have heard from Him before. I expect to hear His Word in my heart over and over again, and to see His glory again and again.

    He brought such encouragement, wisdom and conviction through your prayer and teaching today. I am so grateful for the mighty equipping He provides you. I thank you for years of being faithful and obedient to God’s will.

    Please pray for our Emotional Wellness ministry and the conference. I feel like I know you and I love you as my sister in Christ. Thank you for the tools to Fear Not.

    The praise team with Travis gave a glorious praise to the Lord! Many thanks.

    Trish Fritz, Bethlehem, PA

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