Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!

The day has finally arrived! Wooooohooooo! Let’s get into the Scriptures, Girls! This is our official launch where you will officially register as participants in our summer Bible study but here’s the important part: YOU WILL SIGN IN AFTER YOU AND YOUR GROUP VIEW THIS VIDEO AND HAVE YOUR DISCUSSION TIME. (If you’re going solo, you’ll view it by yourself, of course, and answer the questions succinctly in your comment as your way of discussing the subject matter.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you are participating in a small group (even on line), choose a name for it in your first gathering. It does not need to be clever although you’re welcome to do it that way. It can be as simple as “Greensboro Summer Siestas.” Mine will be “The LPM Village” because I’ll be going through it with my in-house staff and we call our merry band of sisters the Village. You will use your group name every time you leave a comment on Bible study day.

After watching the video and participating in the discussion time with your small group, appoint ONE representative from your group to sign in through a comment to this post. You’re welcome to appoint a different representative each week that we meet. The main idea is to make sure only one person signs in for your group.

This is the way your group representative will sign in:

City, State; Name of group, Number in group. *A brief summary about your group time.

(*This might convey something interesting that came up in your time together or the question that motivated the most discussion. It’s wide open. Just give us a succinct report on your time in small group. Remember to keep them short and specific so that we can read as many as possible!)

Mine would look something like this:

Houston, Texas; The LPM Village, 12. Summary: We talked most about the challenges we have this summer and specific ways we each need God to “keep steady our steps.” (Then I’d give a couple of examples that came up in our discussion time. Get the idea?)

Sisters going solo: you will sign in individually and answer the questions very briefly in your comment. (You are welcome to limit your answers to the ones that resonate most to you.) If I were going solo, mine might look like this:

Houston, Texas; Beth Moore (you can just use your first name if you prefer). Questions 5 and 6 resonated most with me because…

NOW! You are good to go. Just watch the video and proceed according to the instructions I’ll give you within it. As you’ll see below, I will always put the instructions in print in case you’re unable to view the video or if, for any reason, it malfunctions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read what follows unless you can’t watch the video.

Written instructions:

Today in small group time, read Psalm 119:129-135 together. If you have access to several translations, read it first in a formal translation – ESV, NAS, NKJ, NIV, etc – and, second, just for the richness of it, a modern translation like The Message or the New Living Translation. You know I love The NET Bible so that’s another option.

1.  List every term the psalmist uses for God’s communication/revelation to man. (Example: V.129 ESV – “testimonies”)

2.  Psalm 119:129 says, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.” Each of you (as time allows) share a specific way that you’ve come to know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful.” If you don’t have a newcomer to the Bible in your group, imagine that you do. Let your answer help explain to her why YOUR soul desires to keep God’s testimonies and why she should even consider it.

3.  Psalm 119:132 says “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” If you have placed your faith in God through Jesus Christ, you have demonstrated one titanic way of “loving His name.” Discuss the importance of trusting that God’s “way” is to deal with His children graciously. Talk about whether you tend to expect God to be gracious to you or indifferent or harsh and condemning. If you tend toward the latter, would you be willing this summer to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you.

4.  Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” What specific challenges are before you this summer that could cause you to really need God to “steady your steps”?

5.  Psalm 119:133b says, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me.” THAT, Beloved, is a prayer that could have huge impact in our lives. If you are willing, share a particular tendency of your flesh that you’re really praying will not get the best of you this summer. (By all means, get personal as the Spirit leads but stop short of really graphic specifics. Give people the idea without the mental images.)

6.  Psalm 119:134 says, “Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep Your precepts.” Look up several definitions of “oppression” and discuss the vital differences between oppression and authority. How can they be confused? Once we know for certain we’re not just resisting authority but we are genuinely experiencing oppression, realize that God’s will is to REDEEM us from it. Pray fervently for Him to do so. He is perfectly capable of redeeming us from oppression while redeeming the relationship.

7.  According to Psalm 119:135, conclude by asking God with a full heart of faith to make His face shine upon you, His servant, this summer and to TEACH you vividly through the Book of Nehemiah.

8.  Sometime today, write Psalm 119:129-135 on a note card and keep it as your prayer for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. (After the video was already made, it occurred to me that I should have suggested we all write this segment on the inside of the front cover of our Nehemiah workbooks so, if I caught you in time, do that instead of a note card. That way it will serve as a Scriptural dedication of sorts for our summer experience.)

Have Weeks 1 and 2 of your homework done by Tuesday, July 10th and we’ll have our next Mini-Session then and your group discussion.

I love you guys so much! Isn’t it fabulous to be back together again in God’s Word??

We’ll meet in two weeks! If you’re meeting over a meal, try to fix Lauri’s Beef Enchiladas on p.32 and Mom’s ginger snaps on p.33.

(Remember! Comments only after your group time!)



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  1. 251
    Jacque Moon says:

    We are “the two amigos”from Eldersburg Md.meeting through cell phone, text messaging and email due to our crazy schedules. We are praying God will steady our steps as we journey with him through our adventures and challenges this summer. So thankful for this study and the opportunity to do this together and with all of our new siesta friends!:)

  2. 252
    Lyndsay says:

    Lyndsay, New Castle, IN
    It’s just me and Jesus this summer for this study (and my two little boys providing the background cacophony). What really resonated with me as I was working through these questions was the overall theme of the nature of God and how that is communicated to us through every interaction that we have with Him. His testimonies are wonderful because He is wonderful…as He speaks over us and in us, it is wonderful and the results are wonderful because that is who He is. I also realized that I have been believing a lie about a certain situation that we have been walking through for a long time. Because this had been a long trial, I realized that I have been expecting God to abandon us to our circumstances instead of expecting Him to be gracious. Thank you Jesus for shedding light on that! Forgive me for my doubt, and I now expect Your gracious and wonderful testimony! Praise Jesus!

  3. 253
    Rachel says:

    Ennis, TX, going Solo. I know God is gracious and merciful to me, but sometimes my heart has a hard time believing that. I need God to help stedy my steps as my husband and I are starting our journey as Missionaries (in the support raising stage) and the next few months and years are completely uncertain. Can’t wait for what God has for me in this Bible Study!!

  4. 254
    Nancy S. says:

    We are,Us Girl, 4 in group.We were not prepared for tonite so will meet anf discuss Psalm, then go on.We are excited to be studyingthis with all of you! Love in Christ,Nancy S.

  5. 255
    Melissa George says:

    Hi! I’m Melissa from Orlando, FL. I was supposed to be part of an online small group, but I haven’t heard anything from anyone. So I’m on my own! My church is going through a very difficult time right now and this scripture is especially important to me. Psalm 119:133a really spoke to me – ‘Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.’ That’s what I’ll be holding on to.

  6. 256
    Tammy says:

    Bucyrus,Ohio; Tammy – I am doing this study solo this summer. question 3 is something i want to pray I know God is gracious to me but sometimes I forget that. I also want God to keep my steps steady; always growing. I want my relationship with Jesus to get closer every day.

  7. 257
    Judy Rowland says:

    Louisville, KY Our group name is “The Knock Out Girls!” There are 7 in our group!!

    Brief? Are you kidding? :))))))) We discovered that we all suffer from different types of oppression and we expect God’s graciousness this summer!

    • 257.1
      Judy Rowland says:

      Forgot to say that we are meeting in my best friends house each week, and bringing food cuz she just had a double mastectomy and is off from work. But she really wanted to do this and so far it has been great! We now have eight people in our group cuz it grew by one friend!

  8. 258
    Linda says:

    Bartelso, IL, Linda B., going solo. Number 5 question hit me hard, having let sin dominate me. Verse 133 had already been circled in my bible.

  9. 259
    .Nancy S. says:

    I forgot to say we reside in Little Rock,Ar

  10. 260
    Son Seekers says:

    We are 6-8 ladies from Omaha, Nebraska. Tonight we were most intrigued by getting to know each other and keeping each other accountable. We hope to support each other in our commitment to study the word.

  11. 261
    Kristy says:

    Backporch Bible Buddies
    (yeah…not very catchy…ha)

    There are 7 of us but we are advertising an extra workbook in hopes of growing to 8! 🙂

    five moms, one newlywed, and one precious very young single/dating…all having in common…we all love Jesus! (and Beth Moore!!)

    Princeton, NC

  12. 262
    Erin says:

    IL, NC, and OH; Dayton Sisters in Christ; 4; Summary: We are a group of four relatives who once met for bible studies in our living rooms. But two of us have been relocated to other states. This will be our first “across state lines” study. We are meeting long distance through emails and skype, and once on our family vacation. Today we relayed our thoughts through email. We were touched by Psalm 119 in these ways: That being gracious IS God’s way; God has shown His kindness through cancer treatment and recovery; A desire to stop looking for redemption from man, but that God would redeem us from the oppression of men; The unfolding of God’s word gives understanding to the simple-through bible study, God’s word is given new light.

    • 262.1
      MaryAnn says:

      Erin – SO crazy!! My sister in IL, and sister-in-law from NC are doing this study with me in OH!! Be blessed!!

  13. 263
    Crystal S. says:

    Shippensburg, PA; Crystal S.

    I’m “solo in Shippensburg” on this one and am loving it already! God revealed to me that I don’t trust Him to treat me with the grace I know he gives others, and that there are other areas of my life that I have trouble trusting as well. Praying I can go forward into this study and this summer with a heart expectant of His graciousness and a heart open to receive it.

    (ps siesta mama, your hair looked wonderful in the video!)

  14. 264
    Courtney Moore says:

    Friendswood, TX; The “Friends”wood 6, 6. Summary: We are meeting in the family room of one of the ladies. Her sweet 2 week old daughter is joining us (we start them young 😉 for our time together. We had a really stimulating conversation that included ways in which we need God to steady our steps this summer and some heartfelt moments of honesty when it comes to ways in which our flesh fails us.

  15. 265

    Marietta, Ohio. Mid-Ohio Valley Siesta Sisters. 18 tonight, 23 purchased books and will be here the 10th 🙂 My husband and I are planting a church in September here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. When God laid the plant on our hearts he also laid a burden for the book of Nehemiah on us at the same time. My husband has been studying it diligently and has been preaching it to our youth ministry and the launch team for the new church plant. I was preparing to go to our May Launch Team meeting and discuss women’s ministry. On my way out the door with my 3 little boys, I double checked my facebook and there at the top of my news feed was the Living Proof blurb about the Nehemiah Study! Truly sent from God just for us. We are a mixture of women, some part of the plant Launch Team, some praying for the Church plant, and this study will help us grow closer to each other, closer to Christ, and break our hearts for the city we are reaching with the church plant. Thank you for the study. We had so much fun reading and learning from Psalms tonight. Can’t wait for the 10th and the beef enchiladas 🙂

  16. 266
    Deb says:

    Fargo, ND; Dakota Dames, 3.
    Our group is made up of myself and my two grown daughters. While eating the delicious quinoa, we focused on how God is always gracious and always in control. This summer we are challenging ourselves to give our worries and anxieties to God and invite Him to “steady our steps”. We cannot wait to see what the Lord reveals to us as we study Nehemiah!

  17. 267
    Kim says:

    Minneapolis, MN; Kim

    I am going solo on this this summer. Number 5 really resonated with me because it’s been something I’ve been praying about for a couple of weeks now, and that is working on not passing judgement on others and not gossiping.

  18. 268
    Deborah says:

    Sawyer, Kansas* Mamas and their girls!* 4 of us* meeting in my home.

    My friend and I are digging into this study and our twelve year old daughters are joining us! Yay! Looking forward to what the Lord does.

    We talked the most about #2,3, and 4. We have all been blessed to grow up knowing Jesus, so we talked a good bit about what we would really say about our soul’s desire to keep the Lord’s testimonies to a newcomer.

    We also shared that we are growing in seeing God as gracious and as a loving Father desiring a relationship with us and how in the past we have too often viewed just the part of Him that is a judge and us trying to “do everything just the right way”.

    We all shared basically the same challenge. We desire to be kinder and more gracious to the family members that we live with each day, instead of getting irritated and aggravated over things they do. We want to get rid of self!!!

  19. 269
    MirrA says:

    Clearwater,FL, Sandy Feet,2,
    Question #4 Steady our steps as we walk His way this summer through this Bible study.
    Question #8 Let us feel His face shine on us as we journey through Nehemiah.

  20. 270
    Marshville, NC:No Name Yet says:

    Our group of 3 (and more later) met via Skype and love technology so that we can all be at our homes to study God’s Word. We are a group of ladies (stay-at-home, working moms, newlywed, & home-school mom) from NC who want to go deeper into God’s word. Excited about this study and what we will learn.

  21. 271
    Vicki says:

    Murfreesboro, TN
    Gal Pals, 2 in our group, me and my 28-year-old daughter

    We are so excited to do this study together this summer! We are praying for God to shine His face on us and keep our steps steady. Having this study will help keep us accountable to be in the Word this summer. God’s testimonies are wonderful because they provide wisdom, comfort, strength, peace, and hope that is not found anywhere else!!

    • 271.1
      Lynne says:

      Welcome from God’s country! We have 5 of us so far that I’ve seen from the M’boro/Rockvale area. I’m off 96 in the Rockvale area myself. I think that is so cool. I have to admit that I’m a tad jealous (in a good way) of these ladies who have 5, 6 & more ladies who love the Lord & want to study together even through the summer. I’m sometimes surprised at how few Christian ladies I meet really want to dig into scriptures. Perhaps that should be one of my prayers. Help all of us women to hunger after God’s word & soak it up.

  22. 272

    The ODBC (Open Door Baptist Church) Seeking Sistas had 10 in Harrison AR +1 from Tyler Texas via FaceTime. Our summation was “Honest, Transparent, Specific.” We’ve got some praying and caring to do right in our group! Love the study! db

  23. 273
    Joyce Harris says:

    Greenville, SC; SC “Son” Seekers (4 in our group)

    Summary: Our focus that we spent time on this week was that each of us are in different stages of life, but we all encourage and support either through experiences or support. We felt that Question 4 and 5 were our main discussion questions. We know that God is ever gracious and steady to handle all our challenges for the summer. God is ever stable with his steady feet and we can rely on his authority to guide our feet. We are all looking forward to discover another of God’s blessings to us in Nehemiah.

  24. 274
    Karen Hollis says:

    Just Me in Memphis, TN. Pastor’s wife needing some “alone” time in study. Will get my workbook tomorrow. Looking forward to getting started! Thank you for this opportunity.

  25. 275
    Dianne says:

    Crowley TX, Dianne, 1
    #4 was especially meaningful to me because just like everyone I face some big challenges this summer. My desire is that God would “keep steady my steps according to His promise” and that my faith would grow stronger.

  26. 276
    DeeDee says:

    DeeDee. Houston,Tx
    I’m expecting God to guide my steps by His Word so I will not be overcome with evil.

    I’m struggling in a dry season that I have let God down and He is mad at me. I need Him to renew my mind and to heal my heart. For God to take control over my tongue.

  27. 277
    Alva says:

    Johnstown, PA; Alva R.; 1; in my home office

    #2 – God’s testimonies are wonderful because they serve as great reminders of His faithfulness to me. When I begin to doubt and worry, I can recall numerous stories of His unconditional love and the positive outcome that came about because of His ultimate plan and purpose. We can renew our minds and gain His power and strength within ourselves when we call on all the testimonies He gives us – in our own lives, in the lives of others we know, and in the lives of those who have lived and left theirs to us (through His word and through other books or forms of communication).

    #3 – Unfortunately, I spent some time today thinking about how I actually do believe, at times, that God is indifferent and condemning. When I feel as though I am at the very end of my emotional pain threshold, I tend to look at God differently. I get angry, and upset at Him. I cry out, but sometimes I do so with very negative words. I ask Him questions about why it is that I have prayed and fasted over a particular matter for so long, and have seen little to no change in the situation. I tell Him that I doubt His grace. I say, sarcastically, that I know it’s His will for me to undergo these painful times because ‘He “wants” me to grow spiritually.’ I get torn between faith and disbelief. In those times, it is the testimonies that get me out of the pit – whether they are my own, from His word, or from others around me. However, I definitely do get caught up, from time-to-time, in feeling sorry for my circumstances, and I neglect to be convinced of His total graciousness. Do you think these occasional beliefs will ever pass – completely? Is it possible to be 100% convicted of God’s grace – through all circumstances and at all times?

    #4 – I need God to steady my steps in a few areas. I think my response to #3 reveals one of those ways. Also, I’m looking to see some stability in my marriage. It is up and it is down; that’s the only thing stable about it. I’m going to be asking God to show me how to steady my feet with keeping some consistant peace in my home.

    #5 – In addition, I am going to be asking God to give me extra support in guarding my mouth and my tendencies to overthink things.


  28. 278
    Donna says:

    Ocala, Florida; “Calagirls”

    We are a party of 2. My mother and I are traveling this road together. We are both in agreement that this summer we really need Gods help in steadying our steps. My mother is going through a lot of change personally which has presented a number of challenges for her and I am going through some big challenges and uncertainty in my career. Question 5 spoke to us in volumes, it was a great opportunity for self analysis and really making the decision that we need to change or stop that one thing that really tears us down as women of God. We are committed to moving forward beyond that iniquity, let it go! Amen

    We are both very excited about this study and are looking forward to a summer filled with the word of God.

  29. 279
    Tamela Ward says:

    Piedmont, SC; Ladies of Praise, 5 (more to join us next time). Summary: We are meeting in the living room of my home. Our group is both old friends and new so we enjoyed sharing and getting to know one another. We also watched Kelly Minter’s video together so our session was truly blessed. Excited about God’s graciousness and His love pouring out upon us! Thank you, Beth.

  30. 280
    Suzy E. says:

    Atlanta, GA (area); Smyrna Siestas; 10.

    Summary: Almost half of our discussion was taken up with the first question. We discussed how the word of God is alive, and gives life – how it is as relevant now in the situations each of us face as it was when it was written.

    God speaks through His word directly to me, whether it is reading it, hearing it spoken or singing it.

    Testimonies of crying out to God, opening scripture, and reading a word that spoke directly into that circumstance. Testimonies of how that same word and the wonderful promises, and the God who gave the word has changed our lives and continues to do so. We don’t ever want to go back – but we have our mouths open, like baby birds desparate to be fed!

  31. 281
    Saralyn Fowler says:

    Holly Springs, NC “Sista’ Chica’s” 12: Meeting in my rec-room, God hand picked this group for this season and we are beyond thrilled to watch Him unfold himself to us thru the study of Nehemiah. Have some new friends that I have just met this evening, (if they come back…Im a bit Audacious…) Is that a good thing? SMH
    We EXPECT God to be gracious to us all summer long…and we plan to “steady our steps” on the road we are traveling right know…We all summized….He wants the very best for us…even if the road doesn’t seem clear…..

    EXCITED…is an understatement!

  32. 282
    KaRetha says:

    KaRetha, Denham Springs, LA – Going solo.
    Questions #2 and #7 really made me stop first to thank God that He does speak to me and how I love sharing with others when He has been so gracious through many trails and second that I do want to earnestly pray that He will shine His face on me this summer due to many changes that are taking place in my life. I want those around me to see His glory and that He is going to take care of me through these changes. Looking so forward to this study. Can’t wait until next time!

  33. 283
    Kathy Grigsby says:

    West Plains, Missouri Kathy
    I am flying solo for this study. Question 2 and 4 really spoke to me. Sharing our testimonies and challenges that I face this summer. We all have testimonies and we all have challenges. The church I attend is really in a revival of reaching out to the community of now church goers. With our testimonies we can reach those people and bring them to God. The challenges that we (I) face are ones that holds us back. I’m praying that with this study I might find ways to deal with challenges and oppressors. Thanks Beth for giving your time. What a testimony to God that you are so giving. God Bless.

  34. 284
    Shannon says:

    Tuscaloosa, AL – the Magnificent 7. We are seven ladies in all different seasons of life coming together in a living room each week. Some of us know each other well, some were introduced tonight. We really camped out on #2, and how His testimonies have sustained us, counseled us, transformed us, and challenge us to continue on.
    Looking forward to a great summer!

  35. 285
    LaShay says:

    Saltillo, MS – Saltillo Siestas: Nine ladies meeting in my living room. My friend and I did the last Summer Siesta Bible study together and decided to invite others to join us this time. Our sharing for question #2 on knowing that God’s testimonies are wonderful quickly brought out the Kleenex!! God is SOOOOOO GOOD!! So excited about what God will do for our group members this summer! Praying that He will “keep steady our steps.”

  36. 286
    Linda says:

    Clarksville,TN, Two Generations, 2
    We are a mother and daughter duo studying the word of God together this summer. We are excited to do this bible study. We discussed the challenges we are facing this summer from question 4. Even though our challenges are different, we will trust God and His graciousness. Our prayer is that God will steady our steps.

  37. 287
    Sarah Bormet says:

    Hartville, Ohio; Sarah,just me. Questions 2 & 5 kind of got me. #2 really got me checking my heart out with how much do I know God’s testimonies and got me questioning “Do I really know who God is and what He says about himself?”. I long to fully be devoted to Him and that the desire to love Him floods my entire being. I have been struggling being single and have turned to tv, food, & internet to try to fill the void. I pray that through this my heart will turn to Him first and the ways of this world last. Please pray! Thanks & God Bless.

    P.S. If anyone else doing this solo would like to connect through email just let me know : )

  38. 288
    Margaret says:

    Kingsport, TN – The Brunette Club (we do allow blondes and redheads, but they have to do the dishes – just kidding!! )

    There are 6 of us but we expect at least 2 more to join us in the church fellowship hall.

    Great discussion! Question #6 especially – vital differences between oppression and authority. Oppression is meant to harm and control (the definition of heaviness and weight was especially evocative), while authority is about leadership – it’s meant to bring peace and help. Oppression is something we run from, while authority is something we turn to.

  39. 289
    Stephanie wall says:

    I am a group of 1 🙂 I am alone but I am not lonely, at least not at the moment. haha. I can’t wait to see what God is going to show me this time around.

    • 289.1
      Chambersburg, PA Stephanie Wall says:

      Sorry I forgot to say where I was from. This is my first online study. Hopefully it won’t take me long to get this.

  40. 290
    Valentina Friddle says:

    One on one (1)
    Trying to get registered, couldn’t view the video. I am however inspired to try and get a group together to study with! I did read it over and 5 really stands out to me! Although we must overcome the flesh, I allow mine to rise up everyday! But it’s important to face it, and be honest about it!

  41. 291
    Erin says:

    algonquin, IL and eau claire, WI; the deck girls, 2. summary: we’re a mother/daughter group doing this study via phone. this is our 5th summer Bible study together, even though we are in separate states. we enjoyed chatting about the ways we need God to “steady our steps” this summer, especially with all of the traveling and busy-ness that comes with summer.

  42. 292
    Denise J says:

    I am Denise from Poquoson, VA. Questions 4 and 5 based on verse 133 struck me the most. I so need God to direct my footsteps and not let the sin of idleness rule over me.

  43. 293
    Debi says:

    Sparks, NV

    We will be meeting in my home every other week. Two of us completed the James study a few months ago, and we are eager to dig back into the Word of God together as we grow closer as friends and closer to the Lord. So our group will be called “Closer”. We want ears to hear Him more clearly. We want freedom from any sort of oppression. Thank you for this summer study. There will be three of us, maybe more.

  44. 294
    Cartersville Siestas says:

    There are 5 of us in this group. None of us have done an online study before and we are so excited! We will take turns hosting the study in our homes and will actually start on Th., June 28 but I wasn’t sure if we should go ahead an give you this much so we would be included in your initial kick off. I will post our most discussed topic after we meet on Th.

  45. 295
    ashley moore says:

    Apex, NC; Ashley
    #7: asked God to help me see this study through this since i’m on my own, clawing my way out of a Bible study and therefore spiritual drought, and in the middle of a work/mommy negotiation with 2 needy kids at stake.
    #6: thought this was irrelevant to me until i did what i was told and looked at multiple definitions and noticed that oppression can be something burdensome (not just cruel)… asking God to show me if i need to let go even more in that work negotiation, which is scary and exciting.

  46. 296
    Melissa O says:

    Hickory, NC~Hickory Siestas~5
    After some technological difficulties and a few laughs, we had a great first meeting at our local Christian coffee shop. We are all excited to start this study. Several ladies expressed current struggles with job uncertainties, issues with children and grandchildren, etc. Our closing prayer for each other would be for God to steady our steps in various areas of our lives and that we will all be able to see God as the loving, gracious Father that He is.

  47. 297
    Breahn Royal says:

    White Oak, Texas …Breahn, Party of 1

    Hi there! I am so thankful for this study Mrs. Beth. Thank you for having it. I am going through this alone, but I will be hosting a fall study in my home with more girls later. I’m in a season of learning to SEE God for who He really is, not who I’ve believed Him to be all these years. (I’m 30) I pray that this study helps me to that end! =0) (hug)

  48. 298
    Jill says:

    Mills River, NC, Grace Girls, 4

  49. 299
    Erin says:

    Asheville, NC; The Not So Perfect Ten; and yes there are 10 of us :). We just had Bible school where we were wandering in the desert with Moses and building the tabernacle, and “The Perfect Ten” was our theme song for the week, so we had that on the brain, and we know we are not so perfect! We focused on each of us sharing what we need to make our steps steady so we can be in prayer for each other, and we committed to memorize tonight’s verses by the end of our session!

  50. 300
    Stephanie says:

    Houston, TX; Plump Ducks, 7: We talked about how negativity, not being obedient/not trusting God, and impatience are all iniquities we struggle with.

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