Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!

The day has finally arrived! Wooooohooooo! Let’s get into the Scriptures, Girls! This is our official launch where you will officially register as participants in our summer Bible study but here’s the important part: YOU WILL SIGN IN AFTER YOU AND YOUR GROUP VIEW THIS VIDEO AND HAVE YOUR DISCUSSION TIME. (If you’re going solo, you’ll view it by yourself, of course, and answer the questions succinctly in your comment as your way of discussing the subject matter.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you are participating in a small group (even on line), choose a name for it in your first gathering. It does not need to be clever although you’re welcome to do it that way. It can be as simple as “Greensboro Summer Siestas.” Mine will be “The LPM Village” because I’ll be going through it with my in-house staff and we call our merry band of sisters the Village. You will use your group name every time you leave a comment on Bible study day.

After watching the video and participating in the discussion time with your small group, appoint ONE representative from your group to sign in through a comment to this post. You’re welcome to appoint a different representative each week that we meet. The main idea is to make sure only one person signs in for your group.

This is the way your group representative will sign in:

City, State; Name of group, Number in group. *A brief summary about your group time.

(*This might convey something interesting that came up in your time together or the question that motivated the most discussion. It’s wide open. Just give us a succinct report on your time in small group. Remember to keep them short and specific so that we can read as many as possible!)

Mine would look something like this:

Houston, Texas; The LPM Village, 12. Summary: We talked most about the challenges we have this summer and specific ways we each need God to “keep steady our steps.” (Then I’d give a couple of examples that came up in our discussion time. Get the idea?)

Sisters going solo: you will sign in individually and answer the questions very briefly in your comment. (You are welcome to limit your answers to the ones that resonate most to you.) If I were going solo, mine might look like this:

Houston, Texas; Beth Moore (you can just use your first name if you prefer). Questions 5 and 6 resonated most with me because…

NOW! You are good to go. Just watch the video and proceed according to the instructions I’ll give you within it. As you’ll see below, I will always put the instructions in print in case you’re unable to view the video or if, for any reason, it malfunctions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read what follows unless you can’t watch the video.

Written instructions:

Today in small group time, read Psalm 119:129-135 together. If you have access to several translations, read it first in a formal translation – ESV, NAS, NKJ, NIV, etc – and, second, just for the richness of it, a modern translation like The Message or the New Living Translation. You know I love The NET Bible so that’s another option.

1.  List every term the psalmist uses for God’s communication/revelation to man. (Example: V.129 ESV – “testimonies”)

2.  Psalm 119:129 says, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.” Each of you (as time allows) share a specific way that you’ve come to know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful.” If you don’t have a newcomer to the Bible in your group, imagine that you do. Let your answer help explain to her why YOUR soul desires to keep God’s testimonies and why she should even consider it.

3.  Psalm 119:132 says “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” If you have placed your faith in God through Jesus Christ, you have demonstrated one titanic way of “loving His name.” Discuss the importance of trusting that God’s “way” is to deal with His children graciously. Talk about whether you tend to expect God to be gracious to you or indifferent or harsh and condemning. If you tend toward the latter, would you be willing this summer to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you.

4.  Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” What specific challenges are before you this summer that could cause you to really need God to “steady your steps”?

5.  Psalm 119:133b says, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me.” THAT, Beloved, is a prayer that could have huge impact in our lives. If you are willing, share a particular tendency of your flesh that you’re really praying will not get the best of you this summer. (By all means, get personal as the Spirit leads but stop short of really graphic specifics. Give people the idea without the mental images.)

6.  Psalm 119:134 says, “Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep Your precepts.” Look up several definitions of “oppression” and discuss the vital differences between oppression and authority. How can they be confused? Once we know for certain we’re not just resisting authority but we are genuinely experiencing oppression, realize that God’s will is to REDEEM us from it. Pray fervently for Him to do so. He is perfectly capable of redeeming us from oppression while redeeming the relationship.

7.  According to Psalm 119:135, conclude by asking God with a full heart of faith to make His face shine upon you, His servant, this summer and to TEACH you vividly through the Book of Nehemiah.

8.  Sometime today, write Psalm 119:129-135 on a note card and keep it as your prayer for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. (After the video was already made, it occurred to me that I should have suggested we all write this segment on the inside of the front cover of our Nehemiah workbooks so, if I caught you in time, do that instead of a note card. That way it will serve as a Scriptural dedication of sorts for our summer experience.)

Have Weeks 1 and 2 of your homework done by Tuesday, July 10th and we’ll have our next Mini-Session then and your group discussion.

I love you guys so much! Isn’t it fabulous to be back together again in God’s Word??

We’ll meet in two weeks! If you’re meeting over a meal, try to fix Lauri’s Beef Enchiladas on p.32 and Mom’s ginger snaps on p.33.

(Remember! Comments only after your group time!)



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  1. 151
    Debbie Scherrer says:

    We 5 are very excited about this study! 4 of us live here and 1 joins via phone from Boston!
    Should be a lot of fun and we are seeking Him with all we’ve got!

    • 151.1
      Debbie Scherrer says:

      Debbie S, Sevierville, TN, Team Obal Siestas 5, our reading and discussion led to: seeking Him and knowing in our very being that we have to have Him each and every day in order to survive. Being aware on a daily basis, especially when things aren’t working, that He goes before us. Trusting Him with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. He is faithful.

  2. 152
    Eagle River WI, Kari Maines says:

    Going solo…especially loved Psalm 119:133. Sometimes it is easy to not be aware of a sin ruling over us. A good daily prayer to have

  3. 153
    Amy says:

    We are a group of 5 Pastor’s wives and staff wives from Lyman, SC, and for this study we are calling ourselves “Baby Got Back(s)”. We took the first letter of each of our names and discovered it spelled BACKS, and how fitting that we always seek to have each others back as we become the best team we can be! We really camped out on what we are praying to steady our steps this summer, and discovered it really bonded us further, as we are transitioning staff right now and some are new to our team. I’m honored to lead these ladies everyday, and walked away today even more grateful to do so!

    • 153.1
      bree says:

      I LOVE your group name. That is awesome! Enjoy your study 🙂

    • 153.2
      Lynne says:


      My son & daughter-in-law live in Lyman, SC & are part of a new church plant. I don’t believe Lyman is very big so thought perhaps their last name might be familiar. Baldwin? Anyway, I may let her know about this study to see if she would like to join. Lyman has some exciting young Christians getting ready to turn the world upsidedown for Jesus. Yeah!!

  4. 154
    Deborah Sasser says:

    Burlington, NC/Deborah S. Question 3 and 4 particularly speak to me. I know in my head that God is gracious and attentive and cares about me, but I don’t experience that. I don’t live my life that way – I don’t “feel” it in my heart. I need God to steady my steps in believing that he is ready and willing to be involved in my life.

    • 154.1
      Kathy says:

      Deborah, my parents live in Burlington (where I was raised) at the Village in Brookwood. God bless you there. I hope to return before Thanksgiving. I miss my parents so much. Love in Jesus, Kathy in Kansas City

  5. 155
    Jill says:

    MoMaha Summer Crew: Omaha, NE, 10 people, meeting on my back deck. Today we started at 10:30 with the Moms discussing God’s Graciousness and Our Judgement and the kids inside playing Wii with my 15 and 12 year old in charge. Glorious day. We had Ginger Snaps with our hot dog/chicken salad luncheon. First summer “study” for our group; we normally meet during the school year only! Fun to dig into the word sitting in the “Sunshine.”

  6. 156
    Kathy says:

    Austin, Tx. Kathy, 1

    Questions 4 and 6 resonated most to me. It is a dry hot summer in a multitude of ways for me personally-I desperately need my footsteps directed by God and that he will redeem me from oppression- may we all receive our Lord’s light and mercy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with Beth and the Siestas.

  7. 157
    Suzi says:

    Oh Beth, this is a wonderful way to study – the video is like having YOU in our living room. Would you consider doing one in the winter too?
    I love #4; Steady my steps! Those words are so wise to us and ones that we can think on so often. Satin tries so hard to get us “off track” so we need to just keep saying “Lord, steady my steps, steady my steps”. My time with the Lord is especially wonderful on my early morning walk and now I’m going to remember to ask Him to steady my steps, not only on my daily walk around town, but ALL day every day in everything I do and say.
    I also like #7; God make your face to shine on me, and give me ears to hear and eyes to see what it is You want me to do. I want to serve You dear Lord in all ways. And “unfold” Your word to me. Beth, you have helped me SO much to understand God’s word more clearly. I went through the Lutheran school system as a child (many many moons ago – like 45 years ago) and your studies have been so much clearer than any I can remember in school. Perhaps it’s because I’m older – but I’m so glad I became familiar with your work. I’m doing your studies in our home with several friends (we took the summer off – that was not a smart thing to do though). As a memorial to my mom, we have most of your DVD’s available for people in our community to use in small groups. Thanks for doing these studies.

  8. 158
    Diane says:

    Pinedale Bible Church, Pinedale, WY – 4 (but 4 more are expected next week!)

    Today we gathered to watch the first video. It was such a sweet time of sharing and praying for one another. We are so excited to see how God is going to work in our hearts through this time. We very much enjoyed going through the Psalm 119 passage and learned a lot about one another during this discussion.

  9. 159
    Molly V. says:

    Charlotte, NC: Going solo. Question 4 resonated with me most because my family will be in the midst of major transitions with moving, my husband’s new job and schooling decisions that need to be made in regards to my 5 year old. I need the LORD to “steady my steps” through this whole summer!

    • 159.1
      Raquel Arbogast says:

      Hi Molly:
      I will pray for your move as you leave Charlotte I am going into Charlotte from Florida so I know the feeling. Please know that I will be praying for you. Psalm 48:14 says “He will be our guide even to the end”. So God is with you. I am doing this with a small group please email me if you want more information. Since you are in Charlotte we can possibly get together to discuss some of the lessons. I have been wishing to meet someone in this Great City…. Anyway! God bless my email is [email protected].

      • Crystal says:

        Hey ladies! I am in Charlotte and have been here for 8 years. Prior to Charlotte, we were living in Florida. Maybe we can meet up sometime – maybe work on the study?

  10. 160
    Lisa Pittman says:

    Murfreesboro,TN;Lisa. Doing this on my own. Looking for God to help “steady my steps” with His love and grace.Can’t wait to see how His love will move through me this summer. Thank you Beth Moore for this journey.

    • 160.1
      Lynne says:

      Howdy from Rockvale, TN. That makes about 6 of us now from this area. We could start our own small group! I’m solo too.

  11. 161
    Hedger Women says:

    We are a group of 2 – Mother (myself) and daughter. Together we have crawled through the scripture throughout her entire lifetime (she is now 26), regardless of whether we were together or separated by cities, states or continents (due to Ministry & Missions). She married on June 23 and has entered a beautiful new season of life. We are once again separated by States, but will be taking this journey together via SKYPE & Texting..:)

  12. 162
    Shelly E says:

    Portland, OR; Shelly E; going solo sitting at the kitchen island

    Questions 4&5 resonated most with me. I really want to tackle my mouth and my need for control. My prayer this summer is to really be mindful of the words I speak and the tone I use with my son and also my feelings of needing to be in control of every little thing that’s going on in my home, my family, etc.

  13. 163
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Bryan, Ohio; “Afternoon Delights” 5 ladies meeting in my family room! (We came up with the group name after Beth’s comment about how it would be a “delight” if we came up with a creative name, teehee.) Our group will be viewing Kelly’s videos each week, so we had some really good discussion about how we all need a compassionate heart….and how difficult it is in the world we live in. Loved Gloria’s statement about listening to God’s word…..”He always do the best choice for us!” Amen.
    We also had good discussion about Beth’s #3….about how we need to pray with the expectation of God’s graciousness and not indifference. Discussed how our lives and our childrens’ lives could be so enriched with just a change in attitude. We can’t wait to get started on our homework. So blessed to be a part of Siestaville!

  14. 164
    Beth says:

    Dyersburg,TN Beth
    Just me for now. Writing out the scripture verses for Psalms 119:129-135 resonated with me. I know I have read them before, but the questions taken verse by verse brought God’s WORD alive to me and this is just the first day!!!

  15. 165
    Sheila says:

    Inverness, Mississippi; Sheila I will be going solo. Question 5 resonated most with me. I need God to direct my steps so I wont make larger probkems than I have now. I need to learn to TRUST GOD TOTALLY. Have faith, listen for His voice, and follow Him.

  16. 166
    Emily Brewer Miceli says:

    Abu Dhabi, UAE & Houston, TX, Planet-Hopping Praisers, 2: Last-minute decision to do email/Skype study with the siesta who introduced me to Beth’s Houston Bible study and the blog. Our name represents our summer — literally all over the planet and praising God for the technology that makes it possible. We’ll both be in Houston for the next meeting, in fact! We need the Lord to “steady our steps” not only for the physical transitions but for the life transitions both of us are making this summer. Both of us need housing in the right place at the right price. As my siesta is preparing for her transition into marriage and her profession (PhD student), I’m transitioning into a greater faith life to serve the Lord in Abu Dhabi with my husband, after happily being laid off the job that brought us here.

    We see this study in Nehemiah as a timely contribution to the Lord’s guidance in this season and are extremely excited that we can do this together, whatever our GPS coordinates are at the time!

    • 166.1
      Emily Brewer Miceli says:

      BTW, if anyone needs a set of videos/workbooks in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain), let me know. Somehow I was sent my order twice and I have extras.

  17. 167
    Mimi of Six in Al. says:

    Solo in Al
    2.I know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful”
    He gave us his son so we can be saved. His words are full of love. When I get into His word and believe He meets my every need. My mind, heart, and soul are smiling right now just thinking about it. 3.I feel His graciousness every day. Even when I am wrong. My God’s way is always gracious. Thank you God. 4.”Keep steady my steps according to Your promise” I want to be more like Jesus. I do not want to let anything keep me from doing this. 5.”let no iniquity get dominion over me”. I need to stay in the word daily. I need to spend so much more time in prayer with my Father. When I don’t do those things I am so surprised how fast Satan can get in the cracks. I need to Stop, Look and listen to my God. I pledge to do this. 6.God you have all authority over me completely. 7.God I come boldly with a heart full of faith wanting Your face to shine upon me. Help me to understand your words and help me keep them in my memory always. Teach me vividly through the Book of Nehemiah. amen.

  18. 168
    Debbie B says:

    Debbie, Marietta, GA, 1
    Question 2 got me thinking of the wonderful things that the Lord has done for me and I have seen Him do in other’s lives!

    • 168.1
      Suzy E. says:

      Debbie – where in Marietta do you live? There are 10 of us meeting in Smyrna, and we would love to have you join us, if you would like. (Tuesday night, 6:30) Here is my email: [email protected]

  19. 169
    Sally Sheard says:

    Newport News, VA and Wolverhampton, England ~ The Gritts Girls ~ 2

    Summary: We are a mother daughter group studying the Word of God together. We learned we both have a lot for God to “steady our steps” with this summer and we are glad we have each other to help along the way.

    • 169.1
      Sally Sheard says:

      I forgot to mention that we are meeting via Skype. I love being able to see my mother’s face as we share what God is teaching us!

      • candifer says:

        oooh this just made my heart so happy! my mama & i aren’t the only ones meeting via skype, separated by oceans & time zones (: i’m so thankful for skype, and i’m glad you two get to connect over God’s Word!

  20. 170
    Lynsie Armstrong says:

    I know this probably isn’t the best time to mention that you’re hair and make up is incredible in that video, but I didn’t know how else to tell you. 🙂

    Looking forward to digging in with my friends tonight!

    • 170.1
      Sharon W says:

      I thought exactly the same thing. Beth’s hair and makeup looks great as did the rest of her, so put together! 🙂

    • 170.2
      Leah C says:

      lol I love it. We always discuss what Beth is wearing and her hair during the regular studies.

  21. 171
    Rebecca T says:

    Knoxville,TN Rebecca
    #4 and #5
    V.133. Guide my steps by your word so I will not be overcome
    By evil…this will by my prayer for now on. For our heavenly father to guide my steps…wow what powerful words…I’m a wilderness wonder …pit jumper. Praying God to guide me to my promise land.

  22. 172
    Kimberly says:

    Kimberly, Boise,ID- Idaho Spuds-it’s a mama and her three little girls at her feet while she sits at her kitchen table.
    There is a couple of difficult situations and I am looking for His guidance, I long to see healing and lives “unhindered” this summer and for God to get all the glory.
    For myself I want to become diligent-even when experiencing grief and loss. no excuses for slothfulness!

  23. 173
    Jessie says:

    I am a party of one for this study! Excited!!
    Learning to “…seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you (Me:)”

    I’m from Bryant Arkansas

  24. 174
    Robin says:

    Raleigh, NC; Robin

    I am flying solo on this study and excited to start! I am also doing the James study with a group of siestas from church 🙂 Question 4 really spoke to my heart. I pray the Lord will steady my steps as I seek his guidance. Show me your way Lord in all areas of my life. I pray that this study of Nehemiah will inspire me to listen to God and to do what he has placed in my heart.

  25. 175
    Sacha says:

    Sacha Olive, Midland, TX Going solo. I especially liked question number 4 because I have been praying for God’s guidance already and now I will be praying this even more! Thank you Beth and team for all you do!

  26. 176
    Robin says:

    NM, 1 – Question 2: Those fleeting times when I am able to live God’s commands are so rich and right and full of abundant life, even in the everyday, ordinary stuff. I am going to pray all summer to live with the grateful expectation of His graciousness to me!

    Can’t wait for this weekend in Colo. Springs!!

  27. 177
    Sharon W says:

    Sharon, Frederick, MD….. I may be solo, told my neighbor, long time friend about the study a couple hrs. ago she may join me if so I will update.
    Point 5 was significant to me. The enemy uses two things in my life, one is head games, and two, those what if conversations. Is this a sin, I am not sure but it is a distraction it can sure takes my eyes off Jesus. I pray God covers me and keeps me focused on him. PS: I need to go get my book I just decided to do the summer Bible study for sure today.

  28. 178
    Polly Stone says:

    Magnolia, Texas PJ going solo, question #4 jumped right out to me. Challenges this summer are great. I am really needing God to walk with me thru this time.

  29. 179
    Mimi & TeTe says:

    El Dorado Springs, MO; Mimi&TeTe; 2

    We are so excited to begin this journey together this summer. As teachers, we find that this a great time for us to dive deeper into God’s Word. This afternoon, we focused on our challenges and our need to delve deeper in the Word so the Lord can “steady our steps.” We also spent some time discussing God’s graciousness and what that means to us personally.

    We are looking forward to our time together and what we will discover from Nehemiah!

  30. 180
    Sheryl E. says:

    Texarkana, AR; Sheryl E.,solo.

  31. 181
    Laura H says:

    McKinney, TX. I’d love to meet other Siesta Sisters in the area to do the study with in my area.

    “Mouth open and panting” (MSG) reminds me of how my dog greets me, every single time he sees me, as if he hasn’t seen me in forever. I have been praying daily for the last few weeks “God, teach me how to love You more,” so this verse struck a chord for me. The Lord has been excited to love me forever, since before I was even a thought for my mother, and I need to run excited, panting and gasping, to love Him who loved me first and best.

  32. 182
    Kathy M says:

    Kathy M. Fargo, ND Just me!
    Psalm 119:133a is personal to me as our household is going through some changes this summer (all good) but they require me to be steady in my faith in the Lord.

  33. 183
    Jennifer Stymiest says:

    Fredericton, NB (Canada); Jennifer Stymiest

    I am going solo on this and am excited for my first Siesta Bible Study!
    I looked up different meanings of the word “testimonies” and loved this one – “to secure order; to promote happiness”. So true!
    #4 really resonated with me in praying that God will steady my steps this summer in a few different areas of my life.
    I am looking forward to learning and growing in God’s Word this summer!

  34. 184
    Val and Mimi says:

    Santa Rosa, CA Group name-“The two untrained and uneducated leaving others astonished”…and yes you guessed it, there are two of us. Our group time is in the kitchen of either one of us, and consists of a lot of “Are you kidding me?” “NO WAY!” and “Amen!” being shouted out loud over coffee and green smoothies( one of us like to drink our veggies, I wont mention her name but it starts with a V”) We love that Jesus thinks we are worth and worthy of His calling on our lives, and because of that love, live to bring Him praise. We are on a journey the two of us and He is the leader! He has brought us to Nehemiah in our trek so far and when we saw you were doing the study we jump on board! We are excited and ready to “Do the work” knowing He will equip and woo our hearts for what lays ahead.

  35. 185
    Nicole S. says:

    Nicole, Nampa ID…just me this summer.
    Question 2 made me ponder…i’ve not really second guessed God…i’m still pondering on it. And #4. “steady my steps”…i always need His guidance in everything i do.

  36. 186
    Michelle Legg says:

    I am currently doing the Esther study on wednesday evening with my church and will be doing this biblestudy on my own.I am excited about this study since I have never done a Kelly Minter study.I went through the questions and question 4 and 6 most resonated with me…..with God knowing the details in regards to why.
    Can’t wait to start week 1 and 2.

  37. 187
    Heather Jackson says:

    Harrogate, TN; Heather J-party of 1

    I am on my own with this study-being the Mom of a special needs child makes it difficult to meet at a certain time with others. That is why this forum works so well for me: I can log on anytime to view the video and do the work, and through the blog I will still feel like I am part of a group.

    All of the questions were thought provoking, but 3 & 5 really hit home for me.

    (3) It has always been my habit to feel that God was really indifferent to me. I have often felt like my prayers were going no further than the ceiling. Other times I have felt that surely God must be very displeased with me, even angry. I know in my head that these are lies; I am seeking this summer to believe them in my heart!

    (5) “Let no iniquity get dominion over me” needs to be my daily prayer verse! I am constantly bombarded with carnal temptations-too numerous to name. My sinful flesh has been strong in the past. So strong, that if I do not constantly seek the Lord’s face I slip up without even noticing until I am knee deep in the muck of sin!! My biggest battle ground (of course) is my thoughts. I feel guilty that even though I truly desire a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus, I still so strongly desire things that I know are offensive to the Holy Spirit and contrary to God’s law.

    I am praying this bible study will be a step toward letting go of the past FOR GOOD and give me a stronger desire to be in the word, not out of a feeling of obligation, but a true desire to better know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  38. 188
    Waikele group says:

    We are a group of 3 educators from an elementary school. We meet together in a home in Mililani, Hawaii. We managed to get through majority of the questions, but time just flew by and we didn’t quite finish. We had some great sharing and discussion about things going on in our lives. We look forward to our future meetings!

    • 188.1
      Pua White says:

      Aloha Waikele group!
      I am solo on this one reading and studying in Kailua Kona. I have been going through the blogs to see if there were others from Hawaii, and you were the first.
      I hope you all have a great time getting through the study and that you are able to gain a greater knowledge of our Great God, Jesus Christ!
      God Bless!

  39. 189
    Kathy Mc says:

    We are a group of 3 that met with one more who watched from home as her kids slept. We live in Waco Tx. Our prayers this summer is for us all to find purpose in our lives and the question that we talked about most was #5 and praying about being anxious and worrying about our thoughts going to places we don’t need to. That we just need to take captive of our thoughts, and we found Matt 6:34 and 2 Cor 10:5

  40. 190

    Every single question resonated with us because how and where God has taken us in the last year. Truly cannot express the timing of this study as being any thing but “All Him”

  41. 191
    Solo siesta says:

    Solo Siesta in Sherwood Park, AB Canada
    Thank you for doing this study, been looking’ forward to it since I first heard about it. Asking Gid to steady my steps and walk close to Him w/ summer holidays, change in schedules…easy to get off track and start losing ground that was hard fought for in the first place.

  42. 192
    Christina Pistorius says:

    Christina Pistorius,Chicora,Pennsylvania, 2 maybe more next week.
    “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” #3 is very moving to me. My children although growing up in the Word are rebelling just like Jerusalem did. My prayer is that they come back to God and live the life that there were meant for.

    #4. Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” Keep me going the right path and give me the strength Lord. Taking care of my 87 year old father in law is going to be a challenge. We got a hard lesson today while watching the video my father in law left the house and was trying to hitch a ride into town and fell in the street. Luckily he wasn’t hit by a car and people helped him up. We can no longer let him be unattended.

  43. 193
    Nichole H says:

    Yadkinville, NC – Nichole

    I’m doing this study solo physically, but as I have read through the comments, I’m sure I will find the bonding within my fellow siestas here! I’m stoked about this study and God opening my heart and eyes to HIS Word and Him guiding me in my next steps.

  44. 194
    AmandaJo says:

    Trinidad, CO- Mom N daughter; 2 people.
    My mom and I are doing this study virtually with one another using facetime! We talked about persevering through the “lazy” tendencies that seem to develop in the summer.

  45. 195

    Connie, Tyler, Texas- going solo. I’ve been struggling with a weight issue for years now, and it has now become a real health threat. I’m on the right track now, but will be praying that this area of iniquity in my life will not be able to ever have dominion over me again! I would love to tell a new comer that our Father God gave me hope when I had none, forgiveness for some filthy sins, and once you find Him, nothing or no one could ever take His place. He sees me right where I am, and loves me right as I am!

  46. 196
    Cindy M. says:

    Aiken, SC. Question #4 really resonated with me. Next month I am having a total knee replacement of my left knee. I am praying that God will both literally “keep steady my steps” according to His promise and figuratively keep my steps steady on the path that is this bible study. It will be so easy to become distracted by physical pain and limitations. I pray God’s gracious aid in staying focused.

  47. 197
    Marie says:

    Marie Gregg – going solo in Post Falls, Idaho. *If anyone wants to hook up via email or Facebook, please, contact me! MLSGregg at gmail dot com or facebook dot com/mlsgregg.*

    This introductory focus on God and His desire to speak into our lives…it was very tender for me. Often I can get so wrapped up in the process of learning that I forget Who it is I am learning about. I want to fall head over heels in love with my Savior this summer!

    1. Using the NKJV, I found:

    Testimonies (129)
    Entrance of Your words (130; I suppose it’s really just “words,” but I liked the whole phrase)
    Commandments (131)
    Word (133)
    Precepts (134)
    Statutes (135)

    2. Believing things contrary to God’s truth and way led me down a path of destruction that nearly ended in suicide. I continue to have doubts and struggles, but I know this: God’s word, His testimonies, really are wonderful. He has saved, is saving and will continue to save me. He shows me what is true. He teaches me to fight. He gives me shelter and lights my way.

    3. God’s timing is always perfect, because the concept of His graciousness is something that I’ve been struggling with in the last couple of weeks. My husband and I deal with certain issues in our marriage due to past sins and, while we’ve come a long way, we still have a long way to go. I got incredibly frustrated about this and began (to my embarrassment) ranting at God. I actually said, “You just want to punish me, don’t You?”

    Deep down, there is a part of me that expects God to be harsh and condemning. It is my fervent prayer that I will allow myself to be open to His truth and that I can learn to rest in His grace!

    4. Illness is a challenge that I live with daily. There is continual temptation to question the goodness of God’s plans for my life. One glance in the wrong direction could very easily lead to a train wreck. On days like today, when I’ve gone through more boxes of Kleenex than I’d like to think about and will feel the pinch of a small paycheck, I desperately need Him to be the Rock that He is. I need to feel that firm foundation. I need Jesus to steady me when I’m ready to fall into doubt and darkness.

    5. I used to think that I didn’t have much of a temper because I’m not given to being explosive emotionally. Well, lack of fireworks is not an indication that one isn’t angry. It is my continued prayer that anger and its friends – bitterness, grudges, despair, etc. – will not get the better of me, either this summer or over the rest of my life. It’s exhausting to carry around anger all the time! I’d rather have joy and peace.

    6. Authority: the power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience.

    Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

    I think that someone in a position of authority can use that authority to oppress others, but the two don’t always go hand in hand. In my experience, those who have been cruel toward me are ones without any kind of authority.

    My prayer in this area lies not in the realm of deliverance but in protection. Part of my brokenness is expressed in being drawn to oppressive people. There is a person in my life right now who has quite publicly and repeatedly engaged in awful, controlling behavior and I have to fight the urge to become her friend. I don’t understand this tendency of mine, but I am thankful that God has kept me from getting into another bad relationship and I pray that I keep listening to His guidance!

    7. Dearest Lord, it is my prayer for myself and for all these lovely women that the brightness of Your smile and the warmth of Your embrace would be a more vivid reality than the trees outside my living room window. Please, stoke the fires of desire in our hearts, that we would turn to You with everything that we are, ready and willing to learn from You, the ultimate Teacher. I thank You for the fabulous things that You are going to do in our lives this summer! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    • 197.1
      Mimi says:

      This is a Big sister, and I just wanted to tell you. I love you. There are so many other things I could say…but the most important is just that…I just plain love you!

      In His love, Mimi


  48. 198
    Paddling Duo says:

    Its my Mom and Me on this Siesta! She is in Tulare, Ca and I just moved away and am in Lathrop, Ca. Will post later our discussion after Mom has watched the video and we have done our questions. Excited!

  49. 199
    candifer says:

    Thailand & SD, SanCan, just a mother and daughter digging into God’s Word together via Skype (:

    We didn’t have much time to chat today, but we camped on #4 as both of us are in the middle of transition right now. We’re both super grateful that our God is bigger than time zones and oceans, and that spending time together in His Word draws us closer–makes the miles not seem quite so far apart.

    It’s SO encouraging to read about all the different women around the world all studying the same thing together. Our God is AWESOME!!! (:

  50. 200
    Lisa L says:

    Falconer, NY solo
    I have 2 challenging situations to face this summer so I’m praying that the Lord will help my steps to stay steady in dealing with them. And as I deal with them, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me”. Help me not to be tempted to speak poorly or critically of those involved. Praise God, He is faithful!

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