Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!

The day has finally arrived! Wooooohooooo! Let’s get into the Scriptures, Girls! This is our official launch where you will officially register as participants in our summer Bible study but here’s the important part: YOU WILL SIGN IN AFTER YOU AND YOUR GROUP VIEW THIS VIDEO AND HAVE YOUR DISCUSSION TIME. (If you’re going solo, you’ll view it by yourself, of course, and answer the questions succinctly in your comment as your way of discussing the subject matter.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you are participating in a small group (even on line), choose a name for it in your first gathering. It does not need to be clever although you’re welcome to do it that way. It can be as simple as “Greensboro Summer Siestas.” Mine will be “The LPM Village” because I’ll be going through it with my in-house staff and we call our merry band of sisters the Village. You will use your group name every time you leave a comment on Bible study day.

After watching the video and participating in the discussion time with your small group, appoint ONE representative from your group to sign in through a comment to this post. You’re welcome to appoint a different representative each week that we meet. The main idea is to make sure only one person signs in for your group.

This is the way your group representative will sign in:

City, State; Name of group, Number in group. *A brief summary about your group time.

(*This might convey something interesting that came up in your time together or the question that motivated the most discussion. It’s wide open. Just give us a succinct report on your time in small group. Remember to keep them short and specific so that we can read as many as possible!)

Mine would look something like this:

Houston, Texas; The LPM Village, 12. Summary: We talked most about the challenges we have this summer and specific ways we each need God to “keep steady our steps.” (Then I’d give a couple of examples that came up in our discussion time. Get the idea?)

Sisters going solo: you will sign in individually and answer the questions very briefly in your comment. (You are welcome to limit your answers to the ones that resonate most to you.) If I were going solo, mine might look like this:

Houston, Texas; Beth Moore (you can just use your first name if you prefer). Questions 5 and 6 resonated most with me because…

NOW! You are good to go. Just watch the video and proceed according to the instructions I’ll give you within it. As you’ll see below, I will always put the instructions in print in case you’re unable to view the video or if, for any reason, it malfunctions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read what follows unless you can’t watch the video.

Written instructions:

Today in small group time, read Psalm 119:129-135 together. If you have access to several translations, read it first in a formal translation – ESV, NAS, NKJ, NIV, etc – and, second, just for the richness of it, a modern translation like The Message or the New Living Translation. You know I love The NET Bible so that’s another option.

1.  List every term the psalmist uses for God’s communication/revelation to man. (Example: V.129 ESV – “testimonies”)

2.  Psalm 119:129 says, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.” Each of you (as time allows) share a specific way that you’ve come to know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful.” If you don’t have a newcomer to the Bible in your group, imagine that you do. Let your answer help explain to her why YOUR soul desires to keep God’s testimonies and why she should even consider it.

3.  Psalm 119:132 says “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” If you have placed your faith in God through Jesus Christ, you have demonstrated one titanic way of “loving His name.” Discuss the importance of trusting that God’s “way” is to deal with His children graciously. Talk about whether you tend to expect God to be gracious to you or indifferent or harsh and condemning. If you tend toward the latter, would you be willing this summer to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you.

4.  Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” What specific challenges are before you this summer that could cause you to really need God to “steady your steps”?

5.  Psalm 119:133b says, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me.” THAT, Beloved, is a prayer that could have huge impact in our lives. If you are willing, share a particular tendency of your flesh that you’re really praying will not get the best of you this summer. (By all means, get personal as the Spirit leads but stop short of really graphic specifics. Give people the idea without the mental images.)

6.  Psalm 119:134 says, “Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep Your precepts.” Look up several definitions of “oppression” and discuss the vital differences between oppression and authority. How can they be confused? Once we know for certain we’re not just resisting authority but we are genuinely experiencing oppression, realize that God’s will is to REDEEM us from it. Pray fervently for Him to do so. He is perfectly capable of redeeming us from oppression while redeeming the relationship.

7.  According to Psalm 119:135, conclude by asking God with a full heart of faith to make His face shine upon you, His servant, this summer and to TEACH you vividly through the Book of Nehemiah.

8.  Sometime today, write Psalm 119:129-135 on a note card and keep it as your prayer for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. (After the video was already made, it occurred to me that I should have suggested we all write this segment on the inside of the front cover of our Nehemiah workbooks so, if I caught you in time, do that instead of a note card. That way it will serve as a Scriptural dedication of sorts for our summer experience.)

Have Weeks 1 and 2 of your homework done by Tuesday, July 10th and we’ll have our next Mini-Session then and your group discussion.

I love you guys so much! Isn’t it fabulous to be back together again in God’s Word??

We’ll meet in two weeks! If you’re meeting over a meal, try to fix Lauri’s Beef Enchiladas on p.32 and Mom’s ginger snaps on p.33.

(Remember! Comments only after your group time!)



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  1. 1201
    Kim says:

    Kim, here in Ohio going solo. Loving the study so far. Praying about question #3 as we are dealing with paying unwise debt down.It is constantly a battle of the flesh as we make wiser choices between needs and wants.

  2. 1202
    Linda says:

    Chester, VA; Linda (solo)
    Late signing in due to computer challenges (mine, not the computers). Questions 3 and 5 spoke to my heart and pulled me right in. Examining God’s word and my heart are a challenge well worth the time.

  3. 1203
    Paula says:

    Knoxville, TN
    Searching New Heights
    15 ladies in the group
    We talked about our desire to allow God to speak to us and teach us throughout this study.

  4. 1204
    Natalie and friends says:

    We are 3 girls from Moncton, NB Canada who are excited to begin this summer study on Nehemiah with you…very timely for each of us.

  5. 1205
    Jamie says:

    Online group 51 – There are 11 in our group. We have been encouraged this weeks as we learn about the struggles. Our group has struggles with divorce issues, learning to pray, and learning to listen to what God wants for us rather than what we want. We look forward to hearing more this week.

  6. 1206
    Shelli says:

    Shelli, Glen Allen, VA, Going Solo
    #3 speaks to my heart and reminds me to deal with others in my life in the same loving and gracious manner that God deals with me. He is always faithful, always loving, forgiving and gracious. He does not treat us as our sins deserve.

  7. 1207
    Jenna B. says:

    We are from Wilmington, DE! (Beth, saw that you mentioned not having DE as a group…we ARE here!). 6 of us are in the group. Two via the web from Sheybogan, Wisconsin and Lancaster, PA, 4 from Wilmington, DE. We are the Summer Siestas and are LOVING the study. We are taking on the challenge to have compassionate hearts first for our families and then for the suffering around us. Can’t wait to see what this Summer brings, love all you Siestas out there joining us!

  8. 1208
    Debbie says:

    Roanoke, VA doing a solo study so far. Late to the party but so need this study!

  9. 1209
    Sally Pierce says:

    Hot Springs, Arkansas;Sally Pierce: He is helping to to learn to pray more specific in regards to what is happening in my life right now. I NEED THIS BADLY!

  10. 1210
    Gail says:

    Two from WA, eager to learn From Nehemiah and Kelly and all the Siestas!

  11. 1211
    Lori says:

    Bloomfield, IN / 10
    We are Splagchnizomai. (No, not all of us are nerds…just the one posting. lol.) It’s a Greek word meaning gut-wrenching compassion (my paraphrase)…the kind of compassion that Scripture says Jesus had during His ministry. It moves you to do something. Sound familiar? 🙂

    Our group meets on Fridays, and I can’t wait to meet with again (this Fri, 7/13) to share specific needs that God has given us a gut-wrenching compassion for! Thanks Kelly and Beth for bringing this study to us!

  12. 1212
    Rhondav says:

    I’m by myself here in Southeast Missouri (Jackson). Anyone else out there? Looking forward to the study.

  13. 1213
    Sandra says:

    Doing the study alone in Calgary …In my flesh I start to feel devalued, unwanted, lonely…I want to continue to reach out to others and think of other’s needs above my wants which God has graciously shared with me will be my walk if I will commit to deliberately fousing my listening workout to His leading.

    I just love God so much, He amazes me!!!

  14. 1214

    Forgot to do this 2 weeks ago after doing my hw! oops!

    Lyli, going solo, #6 resonated with me — oppression defined as ‘the grip,’ extortion, violence, injury, defraud, spoil, anguish, taken by, force or fraud.

    True authority protects and does not abuse.

  15. 1215
    Kelly says:

    Honeoye Falls, NY ~ Kelly W. …. Going solo. Question 4 resonates with me…. That God would keep steady my steps this summer. I have 4 children….17,15,13 and 12. As they say back in my home state of Alabama, “Nuff said!”

    Looking forward to the unfolding of the powerful word of God to move in my heart!

  16. 1216
    Jessica Smith says:

    Omaha, NE; Jessica S.; going solo!
    I love all of the ways God communicates with us! I’m excited to see how the Lord leads me through this summer, specifically with knowing what my next move is in my job.

  17. 1217
    Dianne Walters says:

    Two of us meeting in Decatur, AL at a park by the Tennessee River which inspired our name: “Riverview Girls”

  18. 1218
    Lori says:

    Millersburg, Ohio; Heart of Holmes County, 12. Had a wonderful first session on June 26th. Psalm 119 inspired great discussion and sharing. We were motivated and challenged by Kelly Minter’s video lessons while enjoying her mom’s ginger snaps.

  19. 1219
    Rita says:

    Rita, Tucson, AZ.

    Learning and growing every day and praying that God opens my heart and mind so that I may walk and talk like Him. That I may teach family and friends who God is by example, not words. Great questions; very thought provoking. This is my challenge.

  20. 1220
    Charlotte Majors says:

    Big Spring Texas 1 God speaking to me about Nehemiah study before I saw this one.

  21. 1221
    SGS says:


    There’s 8 of us from Columbia, SC. We’ve decided to call ourselves “THE POWER OF EIGHT.”

    We decided to sacrifice our lunch hour to have a Bible Study. We’re meeting in a well-lit conference room.

    We’re all very excited and can’t wait to see what God has for each of us.

    Throughout the introduction there were several texts that caught our attention that led to a deeper discussion; however, the part of the text that stares us in the face is “God’s way towards us is gracious.”

    We are so thankful!

  22. 1222
    Royana says:

    There are 6 of us here in Arlington, Texas. We take turns meeting in our homes and having dinner. This will be our 3rd summer to study together. We call ourselves the WAG’s. Simply put Women’s Accountability Group.

    We meet as you do every other Tuesday evening from 6:30 until ???? It can get late!! Our discussion is rich as we love The Word and each other.

    We spent a lot of our discussion on God’s way of being gracious to us and needing Him to “steady our steps”. Most in our group are living through an “unsettled” season as it were. We also discussed at length just how “wonderful” His testimonies are.

  23. 1223
    Lakeisha says:

    Newark, NJ – Lakeisha
    Late as always! #4 Really resonates with me because of my Type A personality. Waiting on the promises of God when you season hasn’t come is incredibly difficult! I so want to do things myself because I want it done! I’m praying for God to keep my steps in the direction He chooses and not in the way I think I should go. I know his way is better than mine and I am praying that I trust Him enough to prove himself!

  24. 1224
    Cindi says:

    We are the Delighful Divas of Dallas!!

    There are 8 of us…from Kessler Community Church (the little pink church behind the Jack in the Box!) which is located 5 minutes from downtown Dallas.

    We meet in my home (my husband is Pastor) and these women are the cream of the crop–all very willing and excited to be committed to a study during the summer! I am so proud of them!

    Our church is definitely in a “rebuilding” stage…so I am excited to see what God will reveal to all of us through Kelly!

  25. 1225
    Pam Nelson says:

    I have admit with all the fires in Colorado , I forgot to post about our group the first time!
    There are 2 of us, years ago we attended the same church but even though we have gone to different churches we have stayed friends and in contact about Bible study and scripture memory . We are meeting at Allegro coffee shop in Thornton Colorado.
    We had a great discussion the first meeting. We decided on the name, On Firiah for Nehemiah. We especially had some important challenges that we shared and are praying about this summer. Our intention is to also watch Kelly’s DVDs this summer when we meet.

  26. 1226
    Wendy S says:

    Lansing, MI, Wendy S, going solo. ?’s 4 and 7 struck me most, retiring and considering move to Seattle area

  27. 1227
    Heidi Tracht says:

    Nampa, ID; Heidi. I am late in responding, but I have been participating in the study from the beginning. Question #4 resonated with me the most. I need God to “steady my steps” this summer in parenting/marriage, in building my dependence on Him, and in overcoming my fears.

  28. 1228
    Tracy Collins says:

    Just realized that I never signed in after the first session. OOPS
    Tracy Collins, one person, from North Carolina.

    Two years ago, when you did the RUTH study, I was also one person. (I continue to live and work at a ministry that is literally 24/7 in the summer with Interns, so, an alone study is nice!) The Ruth study was such a rich time that, last summer, I did the No Other Gods study. (Until Ruth, I was not familiar with Kelly Minter). This year, I began on time and have spent time daily on the study, however, since I just realized that two weeks have passed, I better kick-it in gear and move faster. I have enjoyed just soaking in the study!

    Thanks for taking your time to inspire and motivate us!

  29. 1229
    Casey says:

    Murray, Ky Casey

    4) I have a child that is making life extremely difficult. I am begging for the ability to to know how to cope with this child.

    5)Really desiring my snap reaction not be a snap at all.

    6)Oppression/Authority This was a huge eye opening concept to me…he wants to “author” over me…not oppress me!

    Grateful for this opportunity to join in with the Siesta’s!!


  30. 1230
    Loriann Smith says:

    Albany,NY, 4 of us girls at Divina’s house, calling ourselves Fiasco’s friends (after Fiasco the cat, and we are all fiasco’s anyway)! We all want to find our way and have the Lord direct our steps this summer. Sorry I posted so late!

  31. 1231
    Carrie says:

    Arlington,Tx; Carrie (solo): Questions 3 and 4 made me pause for further thought. I think in years past I took God’s graciousness toward me for granted; now I sometimes tend to act as if He is indifferent. I also need to focus on “steady steps”; I am nearing the beginning of a new phase of my life, and as I look forward expectantly to that, I find myself desiring to become lax in fulfilling current responsibilities.

    • 1231.1
      Cheryl says:

      Carrie, I am going solo and wondered what my next steps are. I watched Beth’s initial video and purchased the book, Nehemiah. Do I need to purchase the videos also or is there a download available? I know I’m getting a slow start but do I jump into day 1? Also should I sign up for Beth’s blog? How are you doing the study solo? Would appreciate guidance. Thanks.

  32. 1232
    julie weis says:

    Lexington,KY; Michelle and Julie. “Full Circle with Joy” is the name we chose for our group and we meet at Panera’s .
    Our focus landed on questions 4 and 5 and we are praying that the Lord will reveal any offensive way in us and that it will not get dominion over us.
    We also talked about how we both want to be faithful even in the smallest of things.
    The word trust came up a lot during our conversation. So we are praying that we learn to trust Him in every aspect of our lives because we know He is an all encompassing God that only wants what is best for us.
    We loved the thoughts of Psalm 119:132 and of Zephaniah 3:17

  33. 1233
    Christa says:

    Lombard, IL; Sister Siestas, 6, Summary – We talked about trusting God’s way vs. getting worked up about things ahead of time, how God’s grace to you is so much bigger even than a parent’s love for her child. This summer we are praying that we will not let impatience, financial irresponsibility, anxiousness or our jobs get dominion over us.

  34. 1234
    Glenna says:

    From Cumberland House & Big River, Saskatchewan, The Siesta Firebombs(it’s an inside joke), 2 of us….It’s hard for us to meet as we live in different communities. But we have been messaging via facebook. I(Glenna)started a little late, because I was at camp for a week. But I am getting caught up. My Siesta Joyce and I have been enjoying this study. For myself personally it’s like God is affirming things in me that I have been “wondering” about. Like so. I love praying for the saints. I want to intercede for them, I want to pray to Abba for and with them. Also I feel like a change is going to happen in my life and I need to know that the work that has began here in my small home church will still be done if God wants me to leave this place. Like the story in 1 Chronicles 17 about David desiring to build but it was someone else who would be the one to build. I could go on and on about the things God is teaching me/us. But I’m so thankful for this time and this study to really seek God in my life. To grow closer to Him and with my Siesta 🙂

    And one of us will write in new post later on this week

  35. 1235
    Karin says:

    Bowling Green, Ky. , Living Hope Singles, 6-8. We are a small group that just finished the Nehemiah study the week that the siesta summer study began. We decided to dig a little deeper and stay with ya’ll (as we say in KY.) through the summer. So, we are going back through the study again. Our prayer is that we will delight in our one true love!

  36. 1236

    Sulphur Rock, Arkansas
    Standing on the Rock for Jesus
    2 Members…so far…from Sulphur Rock Baptist Church

    We meet last week at my house…and had the enchilada recipe out of the workbook…very good! So enjoyed the fellowship with Dawn as we began our study. Very blessed!

  37. 1237
    bree says:

    Groves, Texas; (No Name Decided Yet, but we have a theme of birds.), 9. We are a collective group of friends, all in our early to mid-twenties. We are all pretty much in the same stage of our lives: graduating college, getting married, newly married, and a couple young children. The group collaborated when I asked a couple of girlfriends to join me on this venture and almost all of them invited a friend too. We have met 3 times now, the first time we met to get to know each other so we would all be more comfortable sharing when it came time for the study. We have met at my house each time and have shared meals around an antique table my grandmother in law gave us that was built in 1891. We are all having such a great time diving in and have each commented on how much we are enjoying the togetherness. During Session 1 we really enjoyed the discussion from question 4. We all have challenges in which we will need to hold God’s hand. There are children’s surgeries, wedding planning, new jobs, testing for certifications, growing in relationships with our spouse, etc.

    We all thank you for your blog and bringing us together to experience the power of God.

  38. 1238
    bobbie puckett says:

    I am going solo on this study. But I love doing the study on my own. I am recently widowed and the study fills some lonely times for me. I live in Ft. Worth Texas and Have been involved in Beth Moore studies for about 5 years now. I will sign in as bobbie

  39. 1239
    buffy says:

    Buffy, from Rogers – going solo on this. The question that impacted me the most was number 4. I need the Lord to steady my steps this year as I transition from preschool parenting to grade school parenting. It’s a little sad for me, new and scary. Both kids will be in school and the 24/7, non stop, constant, parenting job stops. At least for 7 hours a day…. I am asking the Lord to help me celebrate change and growth instead of feeling sad about the stages past. And that he will direct me in my time. (Praise God for time! I might sleep a lot that first week! That part of it is not sad!)

  40. 1240
    Marty P says:

    We are a group of 9 from Mobile, AL. We call ourselves DOKs — daughters of the King. We have been doing strictly Beth’s studies for several years but decided to take a risk. 🙂

    Looking forward to healing hurts and building GOOD walls!

  41. 1241
    Susan B. says:

    I know we are late to the gate 🙂 but wanted to be sure we could be added to the count!

    3 in SC: there are 3 of us meeting in Chapin, SC (We did not decide on a name…I just made this up!)

    We did meet last week…however it was mostly a time of catching up on our lives. We are meeting on Fridays!

  42. 1242
    donna says:

    Mt. Pleasant NC – Mt. Pleasant ladies – 12
    We are a little late getting in. Last night we read the Psalm 119 portion of Scripture aloud from both the NLT and the HCSB. We talked about how some other cultures have less stuff and more of Jesus. We also talked about how we think God sees us versus how He really sees us.

  43. 1243
    Betsy says:

    Bellingham, Washington

    8 of us, meeting lakeside in the sunshine 🙂

  44. 1244
    Pauline says:

    Hi Beth & the Sweet Team,
    It looks like I’m flying solo on tihs one!! Every once in awhile instead of following a Bible Reading Schedule I’ll just ask the Lord which of His books would He like me to read? A few months ago during my devotions I felt the Lord was leading me to read the book of Nehemiah. After reading a few chapters I kind of questioned the Lords leading but i continued reading, then right before I was about to give up totaly I asked the Lord if He could send me some help in understanding His Word fully.The next day Beth you were posting on your blog this awesome Siesta Summer Bible Study on NEHEMIAH by Kelly Minter!! 🙂 I’m beyond eexcited to see what God is going to do through this study!!
    Oh I almost forgot to mention,I’m from:
    Brookfield Nova Scotia Canada

  45. 1245
    Tracy says:

    Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico via Skype; “ZZ Girls” – Four college girlfriends who have remained in regular contact for 14 years. We discussed God’s past faithfulness through His wonderful testimonies/statutes (although sometimes painful, but good), and we shared about the need to trust him with our current challenges many of which involve raising young children. We are excited about growing closer to God and each other during this study. Praise God for dear friends willing to grow together.

  46. 1246
    Allison Keith says:

    Springdale, Arkansas
    Allison Keith

    I am going solo this time with the study. I meet in my home and I am a little late in starting but am already hearing the Lord speak to me through these verses and I am open to hearing what he has for me this summer.

    The questions that spoke to me the most were 4,5 and 7.
    Question 4 is one that I am always asking the Lord to help me with. Keeping steady my steps is always hard while raising my 2 daughters as a single mom and just trying to live according to his will and being a light for them too.
    Question 5 was one that really spoke to me also. Letting no sin rule over me. The Lord knows my struggles and he is faithful to keeping me where I need to be and guiding me during those times that I do struggle.
    Question 7 Praying for the Lord to give me ears to hear during this study and opening my heart to what he has for me. Love the verse that said “the unfolding of his words gives light” that is exactly what his words do to me.

  47. 1247
    Alyssa S says:

    I am flying solo! My first time, but we are right in the middle of moving and I feel God tugging at my heart in certain areas right now and when your Nehemiah study landed on my screen the other day I could have cried, answered prayer! I am giddy with excitement and anticipation to see my God’s face and feel his love even more and continue down this road of Him growing my faith and my heart breaking for things that His does and to continue this beautiful but had process of Him restoring me to who he intended. It is such a good-hard and encouragement from scripture and study is much needed and I am so thankful to be a part of this. I live in San Antonio, Tx but next week we move to Austin, TX. I have been playing catch up like crazy and soaking every bit of it up!

    The last two questions grabbed hold of my heart the strongest and I feel as if I am running with all that I am to know that gracious God. I know he loves me, I have felt and heard him and seen his graciousness, but I don’t think I completely believe it “in my bones” and I think that is something I have been longing for. I don’t know it in the bold way Beth speaks and I desperately want to.


  48. 1248
    amber r. says:

    solo sister from orlando, fl; amber — just finished up the questions from session 1 (just a little late). really resonate with questions 4 & 5 — praying that God would steady my steps as I seek to live out my days withOUT comparing myself to others. looking to who i am in CHRIST, rather than the daily world i walk in. side note: so excited about this study! 🙂

  49. 1249
    Mary says:

    6 Girls and A Bible! Wichita Falls, TX, 6 sweet friends living life and loving Jesus together.
    We meet in a different girls home each time and they cook us a yummy dinner and then we open the Word. Sweet times! Our take-away tonight was from v.33 of Psalms 119…”Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.” We really shared about the sins that so easily “take dominion” over us and prayed for one another to “steady our steps”.

  50. 1250
    Terri says:

    MS–Going solo on this study. My book will be here Monday!#4 resonates with me because daily challenges can be overwhelming at times. I pray for steady steps to help guide me.

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