Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!

The day has finally arrived! Wooooohooooo! Let’s get into the Scriptures, Girls! This is our official launch where you will officially register as participants in our summer Bible study but here’s the important part: YOU WILL SIGN IN AFTER YOU AND YOUR GROUP VIEW THIS VIDEO AND HAVE YOUR DISCUSSION TIME. (If you’re going solo, you’ll view it by yourself, of course, and answer the questions succinctly in your comment as your way of discussing the subject matter.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you are participating in a small group (even on line), choose a name for it in your first gathering. It does not need to be clever although you’re welcome to do it that way. It can be as simple as “Greensboro Summer Siestas.” Mine will be “The LPM Village” because I’ll be going through it with my in-house staff and we call our merry band of sisters the Village. You will use your group name every time you leave a comment on Bible study day.

After watching the video and participating in the discussion time with your small group, appoint ONE representative from your group to sign in through a comment to this post. You’re welcome to appoint a different representative each week that we meet. The main idea is to make sure only one person signs in for your group.

This is the way your group representative will sign in:

City, State; Name of group, Number in group. *A brief summary about your group time.

(*This might convey something interesting that came up in your time together or the question that motivated the most discussion. It’s wide open. Just give us a succinct report on your time in small group. Remember to keep them short and specific so that we can read as many as possible!)

Mine would look something like this:

Houston, Texas; The LPM Village, 12. Summary: We talked most about the challenges we have this summer and specific ways we each need God to “keep steady our steps.” (Then I’d give a couple of examples that came up in our discussion time. Get the idea?)

Sisters going solo: you will sign in individually and answer the questions very briefly in your comment. (You are welcome to limit your answers to the ones that resonate most to you.) If I were going solo, mine might look like this:

Houston, Texas; Beth Moore (you can just use your first name if you prefer). Questions 5 and 6 resonated most with me because…

NOW! You are good to go. Just watch the video and proceed according to the instructions I’ll give you within it. As you’ll see below, I will always put the instructions in print in case you’re unable to view the video or if, for any reason, it malfunctions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read what follows unless you can’t watch the video.

Written instructions:

Today in small group time, read Psalm 119:129-135 together. If you have access to several translations, read it first in a formal translation – ESV, NAS, NKJ, NIV, etc – and, second, just for the richness of it, a modern translation like The Message or the New Living Translation. You know I love The NET Bible so that’s another option.

1.  List every term the psalmist uses for God’s communication/revelation to man. (Example: V.129 ESV – “testimonies”)

2.  Psalm 119:129 says, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.” Each of you (as time allows) share a specific way that you’ve come to know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful.” If you don’t have a newcomer to the Bible in your group, imagine that you do. Let your answer help explain to her why YOUR soul desires to keep God’s testimonies and why she should even consider it.

3.  Psalm 119:132 says “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” If you have placed your faith in God through Jesus Christ, you have demonstrated one titanic way of “loving His name.” Discuss the importance of trusting that God’s “way” is to deal with His children graciously. Talk about whether you tend to expect God to be gracious to you or indifferent or harsh and condemning. If you tend toward the latter, would you be willing this summer to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you.

4.  Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” What specific challenges are before you this summer that could cause you to really need God to “steady your steps”?

5.  Psalm 119:133b says, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me.” THAT, Beloved, is a prayer that could have huge impact in our lives. If you are willing, share a particular tendency of your flesh that you’re really praying will not get the best of you this summer. (By all means, get personal as the Spirit leads but stop short of really graphic specifics. Give people the idea without the mental images.)

6.  Psalm 119:134 says, “Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep Your precepts.” Look up several definitions of “oppression” and discuss the vital differences between oppression and authority. How can they be confused? Once we know for certain we’re not just resisting authority but we are genuinely experiencing oppression, realize that God’s will is to REDEEM us from it. Pray fervently for Him to do so. He is perfectly capable of redeeming us from oppression while redeeming the relationship.

7.  According to Psalm 119:135, conclude by asking God with a full heart of faith to make His face shine upon you, His servant, this summer and to TEACH you vividly through the Book of Nehemiah.

8.  Sometime today, write Psalm 119:129-135 on a note card and keep it as your prayer for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. (After the video was already made, it occurred to me that I should have suggested we all write this segment on the inside of the front cover of our Nehemiah workbooks so, if I caught you in time, do that instead of a note card. That way it will serve as a Scriptural dedication of sorts for our summer experience.)

Have Weeks 1 and 2 of your homework done by Tuesday, July 10th and we’ll have our next Mini-Session then and your group discussion.

I love you guys so much! Isn’t it fabulous to be back together again in God’s Word??

We’ll meet in two weeks! If you’re meeting over a meal, try to fix Lauri’s Beef Enchiladas on p.32 and Mom’s ginger snaps on p.33.

(Remember! Comments only after your group time!)



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  1. 551
    Amy says:

    How do I register? Can’t find page.

  2. 552
    Kathy says:

    Dover, Florida; Southern Sonshine Siestas, 10.
    We range in age from 80 to 16! Our first meeting was GREAT! We met in my living room, shared a wonderful meal, listened to both Beth and Kelly, with a dessert break in-between! We discussed the challenges facing us this summer, they include: a pregnancy with possible complications, a wife taking care of a husband with advanced dementia, a precious one in constant pain due to arthritis, the demands of moms with young children, and finally, the challenge of not being swayed by ‘the world’ but to live with God’s Word as our standard in spite of all the pressure to live otherwise. In talking about v133b, ‘…do not let any sin dominate me…’ , some of our issues were being negative, procrastinating, wasting time, no being content where God has placed you. We purposed to make this verse our prayer this week.
    After watching Kelly’s video, we loved meeting Gloria and her wonderful testimony! Her quote, ‘He always do the best choice for you.’ resonated with all of us!
    The Southern Sonshine Siesta’s first Bible study meeting for 2012 closed with prayer:
    O God turn to us, be gracious to us, as you have always been. Redeem us from those things that we’ve allowed in our lives that have us living under burdens we were never meant to bear. Free us, Lord, that we might live in the light of Your Word. Steady our steps with Your promises — the wind may blow, the storms may rage — but You are our Rock, our Fortress — we shall NOT be moved from where You’ve placed us. Direct our steps as we seek You, unfold Your Word before us, teach us, give insight, let us have ears to hear and a heart ready to be changed by applying Your Word, Your light to it. Let us seek You with our whole heart, our whole being. Be with our other ‘siestas’ , bless them, be gracious to them as they also seek You through this Bible study. Thank you for the work that has already begun.
    We praise and worship You, O Lord — You alone are worthy!! Amen & Amen!

  3. 553
    Allyaggie says:

    We are the “League City Ladies” from League City TX. There were six of us present last night, but 10 ladies have signed up! I jumped ahead and made Kelly’s Tortilla Soup. I highly recommend it…super yummy! Not all the ladies knew one another before our first meeting, but the discussion was open and full. We all shared “an iniquity” and are committing to pray for one another through this summer Bible study that it would not have dominion over us. Thanks so much,Beth,for facilitating this study for us!
    Love, Allyson

  4. 554

    Central Illinois – Susan – I’m leading a group through Nehemiah this summer with an amazing group of women from various churches throughout our community. We’re nearly halfway through, but I’m digging in with the Siestas, too, because I just can’t be in God’s Word enough! Living it out loud!

  5. 555
    Sharon W says:

    Do we need the videos or is the workbook enough? Thank in advance

    • 555.1
      KMac says:

      Our staff is doing the study with just Kelly’s workbook as well, but Lifeway does have them available as a download should you want to add those to your experience!

  6. 556
    Estero, FL ~DeAnne, solo for now, possibly a neighbor friend to join? says:

    Joining this Bible study without a workbook 🙂 I am also in a Bible study for this summer at my church…
    Beth Moore’s HERE and NOW, THERE and THEN ~A Lecture Series on REVELATION.

  7. 557
    colleen says:

    Cape Town, South Africa, Husband & Wife. Yes, I am doing this study together with my husband. I hope you Siestas don’t mind having a man along! The fact that he is willing to share this journey with me is amazing – a man who has hardly opened his Bible in ages. God is so good and so faithful. The questions that resonated most with us were 3 & 4. Not long ago Mark said he wasn’t sure how interested God is in the details of our life – so we chatted about that. We face 2 major challenges: finances & our marriage. Mark hasn’t been employed for 2 years and in 2010 our marriage suffered a major blow. We are still together but have a long way to go and need much healing. In both these areas we need God to keep us from falling and don’t want sin to have any dominion. I am so excited I can’t wait to see what God is going to do. I know we must be brief but I would love to share this. On Monday we were feeling very low as Mark heard on the previous Friday that he hadn’t got a job we were so positive about. He said he couldn’t understand why God would not talk to him. Knowing that he doesn’t read his Bible I said a good place to hear from God is in the Word. Later he had a meeting about a business opportunity that is quite positive and today he told me that it all came to him after he READ HIS BIBLE! In Beth’s words “I am so jazzed!”

    • 557.1
      Gretchen says:

      Rejoicing with you, Colleen! It is so awesome that our Lord is using the difficulties you both have experienced to draw your husband near to Him through His Word.

      Please let Mark know that I just prayed for you both! I am very much looking forward to updates on how God uses this time for you both.

      Blessings to you,


      • colleen says:

        Thank you, Gretchen. I am overcome by the concern and love I see on this blog. Thank you for willingly walking this road with us.


    • 557.2
      Mei says:


      How amazing that you are doing this Bible study from Cape Town! My family will be visiting your beautiful country at the end of July. I told my ladies group last night about our family trip and how God has allowed us to make this trip financially (two major blessings!) I also informed the ladies that I felt God has put on my heart to do some mission work while we are there. I had emailed Habitat and a church in Cape Town a number of months ago but so far, there did not seem to be anything we could participate in during the time we are in Cape Town. So I have asked the ladies lsat night to pray that God would lead us to a project that we can help serve on. Today, I think I might have found a connection to someone who is a missionary there from the USA. Then I log on to Beth’s blog and your post is one of the first ones I see! What are the odds that I would get on the blog right at time that someone from Cape Town would post her comments? Out of the 600+ comments already posted, yours is one of the first I see! I feel this is a confirmation from God about our trip. I am very excited about what He will do while we are there! I pray that God will bring wholeness and healing in your marriage and that He will answer your prayers for a job for your husband. In the proces, I pray that Mark will realize how awesome our God is and he will desire to pursue Jesus with ALL his heart!

      • colleen says:

        Dear Mei, I am overcome with emotion at all the answers and encouragement I received in response to my post. I am especially grateful for the prayers. I trust that you will have a fantastic holiday in Cape Town – be prepared for cold, wet weather. Bless you!

    • 557.3
      Yanna Westmoreland says:

      Colleen your joy is contagious! Praying God’s face shines upon the two of you and you see His Mighty works as you study His Word together.

  8. 558
    Pamela says:

    Louisville, Kentucky Pamela L (solo) Question #4 struck the loudest chord as I try this summer to overcome the death of my father, a move to a new city, new husband, lost of my beloved church, close friends and family.

    • 558.1
      Gretchen says:

      So sorry for your loss, Pamela. I want you to know that I just prayed for you that our Lord would be huge in all of your current challenges as He comforts your heart.

      Blessings to you, Sister,


      • Mary Ellen says:

        Independence, Mo – Mellon (nickname) also Solo – Pamela #4 struck a chord with me as well, as I too lost my father and am dealing with the aftermath. I will be praying for you as you endure this loss & I will pray for your move to be an easy transition for you & your husband.

    • 558.2
      Raquel Arbogast says:

      Hi Pamela:

      I wanted to say that going solo is an understatement you have us in spirit and I love you and I do not even know you… You know why? Because I am moving to From Florida to North Carolina to do what God wants that I do not yet. I will miss my family and friends. My beautiful career that took me years to achieve and I am leaving it all to Look for Christ in this City. Seeing your post sadden me but give me strength and I hope mine did the same for you. Please email me any time or rely If you want to pray together on the phone or facebook. My email is [email protected]
      Here is a verse that I have been using and claiming… “We can make our plans, but the Lod determine our steps.” With love and prayers, Raquel

  9. 559
    Stepping out in Faith~Shirley says:

    Galveston,Texas~Shirley~just me! I am so excited about the Siesta Summer Bible Study. I just moved from East Texas to Galveston 2 weeks ago. After a near death experience a while back I feel that God has so much more to do with my life so I shut 1 door and am opening another. I was part of a study group in Longview that did Beth’s studies together but being new to Galveston I haven’t met too many people yet so I am doing this summer study solo. #4 & #5 gave me direction~as I said before I am embarking on a new life. After teaching elementary school for 17 years I am heading a new direction. I am relying on God to “steady my steps” as I take these new steps. I definitely have to not let iniquity get dominion over me as I go on this journey. Some of those that I have to keep under control are: Worrying and wanting to control all the situations in my life. I definitely have to rely on God’s graciousness to take care of me.
    ♥ I am so excited to get started….

  10. 560
    Marilyn - Roanoke, IN says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful Bible study. I am walking through this workbook alone right now. Psalm 119:133 “Keep steady my steps, according to Your promise,” will be the cry of my heart this summer. My darling Mother went into the presence of our Lord on May 1, and I am now in a new season without her. Her legacy of a life well lived is my inspiration as I continue to serve Him with passion.

  11. 561
    Nikki says:

    Nikki Spinelli from Atlanta, GA. SOLO

    Praying for God to reveal Himself to me in a BIG way and to remind me that He is Love and is always gracious to me.

    God has redeemed my life from a boyfriend who went to prison, a very difficult marriage, a health scare while pregnant with my daughter, widowhood and being thrust into being a single mom of a 3 and one and a half year old, and the brokeness of not having an earthly father to raise me. This was all before the age of 30!!

    I am now 30 and He has blessed me adbundantly and given me new life! I just got remarried and now we are on a quest to have a child together through infertility treatments as my husband is sterile from chemo/radiation.

    So those are all the reasons why I would tell someone to surrender their life to the One and Only God who can and will mend broken lives!

  12. 562
    Rachel says:

    Surprise, AZ, Rachel

    I’m going solo, since I don’t have anyone here to do the study with this summer. Questions 4 and 5 resonated the most with me.

    Some of my challenges this summer are dealing with my and my husband’s chronic health problems, financial insecurity as my husband is looking for a new job, and worrying about my mom who is fighting metastatic breast cancer.

    Question 5 was especially powerful for me, because God revealed that my pride makes me sometimes cry “oppression!” or “unfair” when it’s really just that God’s will is different from my plans. I am praying that He will help me break free from my pride and submit to Him in all things, no matter whether they fit with the thoughts I had about what life was supposed to be like.

    • 562.1
      colleen says:

      It amazed me how many of us seem to be battling financial insecurity. I pray that we will learn to lean on God and that he will keep our steps steady. I will pray for you.

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Colleen,

        Thanks for the prayers. My husband is in an interview as I write this, so we are trying hard to trust God’s leading. We don’t want to take the wrong job because we’re too focused on our worldly cares. It is definitely a period of trying to teach my thick head to trust that God really cares and really will provide for us, even in a bad economy.


  13. 563
    Cindy says:

    Caseyville, IL; Flying Solo. I just ran across this bible study information this morning and I’m super excited about the online format. I’m so looking forward to sharing and learning from the Siestas.

  14. 564

    Dallas, TX

    What I took away from reading the Psalm passage was the power of God’s word in our lives. God’s words are life to me, they keep me grounded, they are the plumb line of truth in a world with no boundaries, no right or wrong, but I know God’s way is the right and perfect way and His word is our path to life! There is no missing that in these amazing verses.

  15. 565
    Kathy A. says:

    Wake Forest,NC Going solo. Even though I prefer group studies, I feel God wants me to spend some quality time with Him alone during this study. My big challenge this summer is recovering from a car accident. I am out of work for a couple months and praying for God to keep me from being discouraged as I get well and we deal with all the details surrounding this mishap. I had been looking for ways to spend more time in study…this was not my first choice for a way to do that. So looking forward to learning from you, Beth and the other ladies doing this study.

  16. 566
    Angie says:

    MS & AL via the inter-webs / We Can’t Wear Flip-Flops / 2

    Haven’t had a full meeting yet, trying to figure out how to coordinate our unpredictable schedules. I’m looking for God’s graciousness this summer. My faith is big on the big stuff but it falters in the mundane.

  17. 567
    Tracy says:

    Facebook group, SS Mosaics, 4 members, living in AL, GA, and NC. (Three generations of ages – which is so cool!)

    We’re still settling into our group and getting acquainted, but so far, a couple of us have commented on question #3 – we all KNOW that God is gracious and recognize it through His Son and through the lives of others, but it’s hard for us to grasp His graciousness in our own lives when we’ve suffered some difficult things.

    Nehemiah seems to hit home with all of us. Thank you!

  18. 568
    Lu says:

    The Woodlands, TX 13!(but we’ll have a total of 16!! next time) We are the Extraordinary Women of The Woodlands (or eww…) 🙂 We had a great time here in my home with lots of sharing and discussion. We’re a diverse group but SO alike in our struggles and fears. Isn’t it amazing that just when we start to think we’re the only one in the world slogging through something, that God plops 12 other women in our laps who are slogging through the same thing? Go figure.
    We look forward in anticipation of what God has planned to “steady our steps” through this study.

  19. 569
    Leigh says:

    Montgomery, Alabama: Leigh, Question #3 hit home with me. Do I believe God’s way is gracious? My head automatically says, “YES.” My heart/emotions, doubt. Funny, how answering #2 pointed me to God’s graciousness to me. I pray I’ll to have an expectancy of God’s graciousness to me.

  20. 570
    Carole says:

    Springfield, IL. Going it solo, too! We do women’s Bible studies at my home church in the fall and spring, but it seems like during the summer there are just too many things pulling everyone in different directions. So I’m really looking forward to participating in Nehemiah and most of all, getting into God’s word in a new way.

  21. 571
    Jan Paulk says:

    Canton, Georgia/Sunflower Girls/2 of us/Two years ago this August a sweet young lady joined our family (nothing official but I call her my “adopted” daughter 🙂 ) and we finally decided to do a Bible Study together. The Summer Siesta seems like a great format for us. We have not met as she is in Maryland with family right now and I will wait for her to find some time that we can “meet” over the phone. Thank you for doing this, Beth. ALL Because of Jesus!

  22. 572
    Meredith Sloan says:

    Greer, SC; “Precious Peaches of Praise”, 9. Summary: We talked most about question #2, God showed himself faithful through a financial situation where at times she felt God had forgotten her. During and especially when it was over she knew the only way they made it was by the Grace of God. Then one lady shared where it is just the little things as gentle reminders of God’s love for us. He brought her to a necklace and on the back was “Isaiah 46:4” that says I have always been there for you and always will be! Question #3, A lady shared that through a situation concerning her daughter that she was crying all the time and “woe is me” attitude. She realized that through God’s Grace she had to let God’s heart be her heart and that was a turning point for her. It didn’t resolve the situation with the daughter, but it turned her focus on God instead of herself. Loved, loved, loved our group of ladies. We all attend a very large church so some of these ladies I had never met. I enjoyed getting to know my new friends! We love you Beth and thank you for doing this Summer Bible Study!

  23. 573
    Amy Storms says:

    Santa Clarita, CA, 4 in our group (plus one terribly unmotivated basset hound. She’s sweet, but she didn’t seem interested in participating. She barely said a word.) We had a great discussion about verse 132’s phrase, “as is your way.” We struggle to not just know, but believe in our core, that God is gracious, and that we’re deeply loved by Him. Verse 132 will definitely be my prayer this summer!

  24. 574
    D'Edra J. says:

    D’Edra J, Texas, going solo. The question that impacts me the most is #4-My challenge this summer is to keep distractions of daily life from pulling me away from his word. I want to grow enough in my relationship with Him through this study that I will be able to minister others in my church. I really enjoy Beth and her studies and I hope to make new friends through this adventure.

  25. 575
    Katie H says:

    Katie H, Birmingham, Alabama. I am doing this solo this summer while my regular bible study is on break! #4 and #5 really resonated with me most of all. I am a single 25 year old and I am constantly struggling with living for God and not for this world. I pray that my steps remain steady in the promises of the Lord. I constantly struggle with the fact that Im single and that is my #1 iniquity. I pray that I dont let that take dominion in my life and I continue to grow in my walk. I have never done an online study and I am really excited!

  26. 576
    Erin says:

    Albertville, AL; Solo: Psalm 119:113a is such a fitting plea for my chaotic life, not only for this summer, but all year long! As the mother of two very active baseball/softball/volleyball players, everyone in our house is constantly on the go, go, go! Most of those times are never in the same direction! The psalmist’s cry to the Master for help to steady himself and direct his paths is a one that I’m very accustomed to myself when things seem to spin out of control on those crazy, busy days… So excited and ready to dig into another portion of His Word!

  27. 577
    Steadfast and Faithful says:

    Milwaukie, Oregon; Stephanie White. Question #3 resonated with me because I do expect God to “turn to me and be gracious to me” in the same manner in which I am faithful to Him. Not very consistently. As that Type A personality, I tend to rely on my self way more than I know I should. Praying for victory over self Siesta’s and to seek God with grateful expectation of His graciousness toward me!

  28. 578
    Karen, Lincoln, NE says:

    We are the Titus 2 Sisters…four in our group…Lincoln, NE. Two of our members are out of town so we won’t actually meet until next week.

  29. 579
    Becky Loyd says:

    Bainbridge, GA going solo #4 “keep steady my steps according to your promise” God has opened a new job to me and I actually start next week, very anxious about this but as long as God directs my steps I’m up for the challenge. Have waited for this study to begin with great anticipation and I know God will be there for all of us. Love LPM!!!!

  30. 580
    Ann L. says:

    Mama Beth, Siestas, and LPM Staff:
    I spoke with a wonderful woman today at Compassion headquarters about my sponsored child…
    I asked about the Colorado wildfires. She said the wildfires are very, very close to them, and several staff members have lost their homes.
    Let’s all pray for them, sisters!
    God Bless,

    • 580.1
      Yanna Westmoreland says:

      Ann, thank you for letting us know. All of us from Texas have hearts that understand and we are praying praying. May God show Himself Mighty as He answers.

  31. 581
    Michelle W. says:

    Michelle W., McKinney, TX, solo. Questions 4 &5 struck a chord with me because I have a tendency to worry. I am single with no kids. Add to that I am a teacher, so I get summers off. Most summers I go on a mission trip or family vacation, but not this year. I feel idle and useless. I have a tendency to worry, and with no distractions from work or a cool vacation, I have little to think on except my worries. Will My boyfriend ever propose? Should I buy a house? Or even, am I wasting my summer away? I pray that I spend this summer growing closer to God. Most of what I want in life right now is out of my control. I want to hand over all my doubts and worries and circumstances to God this summer. And wait patiently on Him.

  32. 582
    tattoos says:

    Great goods from you, man. I’ve keep in mind your stuff previous to and you’re simply too wonderful. I actually like what you’ve received here, really like what you are saying and the best way through which you are saying it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to take care of to stay it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful website.

  33. 583
    Tiffany Keller says:

    Loveland, Colorado; Twisted Sisters from Bent Tree Church, 4. Summary: Our fabulous group of ladies gathered this morning to begin this awesome bible study! We talked a lot about oppression and authority. We also had great discussion around God vs. man! The idea of God having a testimony really stretched our thinking! We are so excited to be part of this study!

  34. 584
    Lyndsey says:

    Telford, Pennsylvania; Lyndsey E. One enigma here! This set of verses pretty much sums up and relates to exactly where I am in my walk right now, love how God works things out even in the tiniest ways to confirm and encourage us!

  35. 585
    Lisa Younce says:

    Wylie,TX, “Just the two of us”, 2, Lisa’s familyroom
    We had a group of 4 planned from our BSF small group, but crazy schedules took 2 away, so we are now just the two of us actually meeting together. We had a great time of sharing and watching both Beth and Kelly’s videos. We will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 1,and see if we can find others to join us (East Dallas area if you are interested)
    Thanks so much Seistas for the sharing and caring for each other!

  36. 586
    Tammy says:

    Port Richey, Florida- Going solo. questions 4 and 5. This summer I am trying to deal with some financial issues while at the same time trying to get ready to homeschool my oldest daughter for the first time this fall after many years of her struggling in school.

  37. 587
    Rachel Templet says:

    Charleston,SC. – Going solo on this one but I am grateful for the opportunity to join y’all on-line. Number 4 has stayed with me today. This is due to some challenges I am facing at work right now – I really need the steady Hand of the Lord right now to guide steps, especially my actions and my words. Number 7 is something I always hope and pray for and I know He will not disappoint!

  38. 588
    Andrea says:

    Best Buds… AR….2 of us going to do it over the summer….Through fb and texting…We are bestfriends…#2 God has blessed us both with so much in our lives,and we always try to let others know just how good.
    We are both so excited about diving into Gods word…..Yay…..

  39. 589
    Lorna Leavitt says:

    Marcus, Iowa, in group 19 but think I was to do sign ups solo. Questions 5 and 6 really caused some heart searching for me. I have enjoyed reading the responses. I am working this week to accept God’s graciousness without making excuses or trying to not acknowledge His graciousness for the gift it is!
    Thanks so much Mrs. Moore for your wonderful work and doing this study for us!

  40. 590
    Barbara says:

    Houston, Texas (solo)
    Today I turned 50! I am so happy to spend it in God’s word. I am asking for God to steady my steps as I head into a new chapter of my life with my man of 25 years. ( one more year and then an empty nest ) I am doing this study sitting in bed with my dogs. They are so loving and great Bible study partners. I am in prayer for us all! Love the Siestas!

  41. 591
    Ruthann Martin says:

    I listened your message today, ordered my book and now waiting with excitement to receive it so I can get started. I live in Tampa, FL and will be studying alone.

  42. 592
    Sue says:

    Texarkana, Tx; “T-Town Siestas”; 5. Three of us have been with Beth for a very long time – have done all of her studies. We used to be in church together, but an “upheaval” has us in different places now. We met in one of our homes last spring to do “James”, and added a few new girls. We are very excited to do Nehemiah with ya’ll. Our best discussion last night came from question #2: We have found God’s word to be personally wonderful in that it is healing, calming, practical, alive, personal and “straightens things out”.

  43. 593
    Julie says:

    Cleveland, Ohio,”Soul Sisters” or you can say “Soul Siestas”,3 (Maybe 5 or 6 next time)
    We shared dinner & Coffee on the patio (GORGEOUS NIGHT) and watched Mama Beth on the laptop to kick things off! Okay, how is it she continues to look younger and younger as we are getting older? The things we felt most challenged by this summer as we begin are:
    1. Discipline/Balance
    2. Daily Time/Making it our heart attitude & not check-off
    3. Dwelling on God’s truth versus man’s lies

    We are looking forward to the light that will be imparted as we are IN the Word this summer! And……
    …. looking forward to sharing Beef Enchilada’s & Ginger Snaps with you all! (or…y’all)

  44. 594
    Melissa S. says:

    Melissa (solo) Fishers, Indiana. Question #4 really resonated with me. My temper at times has dominion over me. BUT it’s reign of terror ends this summer.
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  45. 595
    Heather says:

    Charleston, AR; Solo! I just moved here a few months ago to care for my father. My mother passed away 2 years ago and Dad has terminal illness. I will be praying, daily, that God steadies my steps this summer thru a very difficult time.

    • 595.1
      JanellS says:

      Heather, Your situation touched me deeply. My mom passed in 1998 and in 2008 I moved back home to care for my dad who had a terminal illness. He lost his battle in Sept 2009. At the time all I could feel was pain; however, now I praise God that I was able to be His comforting hands to my dad when possible. Please know that I will be praying for you as you go through this awful time.

  46. 596
    Sweet T’s says:

    Reston, VA; Sweet T’s; 6 –
    We would like to thank you for leading this study – many of us are excited and have been affected already.
    The questions for this session led us to discuss several things.
    One thing we shared was what each of us are struggling with right now, knowing that we have to learn and grow to let God do his will. It’s much easier to intellectually know then to emotionally know.

  47. 597
    flip flops says:

    Alton, LIttleton, Monroe NH
    CinDebLyn three of us
    meeting on Wed.
    Even though we are not meeting all of us together we will be sharing with each other.

    #4 Watching my niece’s 7 children. I need His help to handle all that the kids are going through with their mother leaving them and their father for another man and she is very angry and bitter and passing it on to her children. 16-3 years of age. Lyn

    So looking forward to this study with my friends. Love the book of Nehemiah
    ( I know we were supposed to wait till we met together but I wanted to check us in) 🙂

  48. 598
    Linda says:

    Grass Valley, CA; Two To Tango; 2
    My husband and I are doing the summer study together (first time doing a Bible study with just the two of us). We had a good first meeting, and were loving “Keep steady my steps”. Excited to be digging into Nehemiah!

  49. 599
    Jodi says:

    Plymouth, MN; Jodi, solo
    Questions 3 and 5 hit me most. The way the compliment of sorts – be gracious and let no sin keep me captive.

  50. 600
    Angela Silverthorne says:

    Chocowinity, NC – going solo – can’t wait to get into God’s Word and see what He has in store for us!

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