Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!

The day has finally arrived! Wooooohooooo! Let’s get into the Scriptures, Girls! This is our official launch where you will officially register as participants in our summer Bible study but here’s the important part: YOU WILL SIGN IN AFTER YOU AND YOUR GROUP VIEW THIS VIDEO AND HAVE YOUR DISCUSSION TIME. (If you’re going solo, you’ll view it by yourself, of course, and answer the questions succinctly in your comment as your way of discussing the subject matter.)

Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you are participating in a small group (even on line), choose a name for it in your first gathering. It does not need to be clever although you’re welcome to do it that way. It can be as simple as “Greensboro Summer Siestas.” Mine will be “The LPM Village” because I’ll be going through it with my in-house staff and we call our merry band of sisters the Village. You will use your group name every time you leave a comment on Bible study day.

After watching the video and participating in the discussion time with your small group, appoint ONE representative from your group to sign in through a comment to this post. You’re welcome to appoint a different representative each week that we meet. The main idea is to make sure only one person signs in for your group.

This is the way your group representative will sign in:

City, State; Name of group, Number in group. *A brief summary about your group time.

(*This might convey something interesting that came up in your time together or the question that motivated the most discussion. It’s wide open. Just give us a succinct report on your time in small group. Remember to keep them short and specific so that we can read as many as possible!)

Mine would look something like this:

Houston, Texas; The LPM Village, 12. Summary: We talked most about the challenges we have this summer and specific ways we each need God to “keep steady our steps.” (Then I’d give a couple of examples that came up in our discussion time. Get the idea?)

Sisters going solo: you will sign in individually and answer the questions very briefly in your comment. (You are welcome to limit your answers to the ones that resonate most to you.) If I were going solo, mine might look like this:

Houston, Texas; Beth Moore (you can just use your first name if you prefer). Questions 5 and 6 resonated most with me because…

NOW! You are good to go. Just watch the video and proceed according to the instructions I’ll give you within it. As you’ll see below, I will always put the instructions in print in case you’re unable to view the video or if, for any reason, it malfunctions. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read what follows unless you can’t watch the video.

Written instructions:

Today in small group time, read Psalm 119:129-135 together. If you have access to several translations, read it first in a formal translation – ESV, NAS, NKJ, NIV, etc – and, second, just for the richness of it, a modern translation like The Message or the New Living Translation. You know I love The NET Bible so that’s another option.

1.  List every term the psalmist uses for God’s communication/revelation to man. (Example: V.129 ESV – “testimonies”)

2.  Psalm 119:129 says, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.” Each of you (as time allows) share a specific way that you’ve come to know personally that God’s testimonies are “wonderful.” If you don’t have a newcomer to the Bible in your group, imagine that you do. Let your answer help explain to her why YOUR soul desires to keep God’s testimonies and why she should even consider it.

3.  Psalm 119:132 says “Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is Your way with those who love Your name.” If you have placed your faith in God through Jesus Christ, you have demonstrated one titanic way of “loving His name.” Discuss the importance of trusting that God’s “way” is to deal with His children graciously. Talk about whether you tend to expect God to be gracious to you or indifferent or harsh and condemning. If you tend toward the latter, would you be willing this summer to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness toward you.

4.  Psalm 119:133a says, “Keep steady my steps according to Your promise.” What specific challenges are before you this summer that could cause you to really need God to “steady your steps”?

5.  Psalm 119:133b says, “Let no iniquity get dominion over me.” THAT, Beloved, is a prayer that could have huge impact in our lives. If you are willing, share a particular tendency of your flesh that you’re really praying will not get the best of you this summer. (By all means, get personal as the Spirit leads but stop short of really graphic specifics. Give people the idea without the mental images.)

6.  Psalm 119:134 says, “Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep Your precepts.” Look up several definitions of “oppression” and discuss the vital differences between oppression and authority. How can they be confused? Once we know for certain we’re not just resisting authority but we are genuinely experiencing oppression, realize that God’s will is to REDEEM us from it. Pray fervently for Him to do so. He is perfectly capable of redeeming us from oppression while redeeming the relationship.

7.  According to Psalm 119:135, conclude by asking God with a full heart of faith to make His face shine upon you, His servant, this summer and to TEACH you vividly through the Book of Nehemiah.

8.  Sometime today, write Psalm 119:129-135 on a note card and keep it as your prayer for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. (After the video was already made, it occurred to me that I should have suggested we all write this segment on the inside of the front cover of our Nehemiah workbooks so, if I caught you in time, do that instead of a note card. That way it will serve as a Scriptural dedication of sorts for our summer experience.)

Have Weeks 1 and 2 of your homework done by Tuesday, July 10th and we’ll have our next Mini-Session then and your group discussion.

I love you guys so much! Isn’t it fabulous to be back together again in God’s Word??

We’ll meet in two weeks! If you’re meeting over a meal, try to fix Lauri’s Beef Enchiladas on p.32 and Mom’s ginger snaps on p.33.

(Remember! Comments only after your group time!)



1,495 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Official Launch and Registration!”

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  1. 701
    Mandi B. says:

    San Antonio TX, Ha! Im e’ Hen!, (7)
    Does our name look familiar? Well it should, it’s Neheimah spelled backwards. Let’s just say we have some creative women in our group and you can call us Hens for short. 🙂 Our group is made up of woman from our Church, most know each other but a couple are a meeting for the first time.
    Week one we engaged a lot in question #3, trusting that God’s way in dealing with us is graciously. Also we discussed many ways we need God to steady our steps!! We are all ready for this study and ready for what the word of God has in store for us.

  2. 702
    Terry Taylor says:

    Indianapolis, IN; Terry Taylor, Questions 3 & 5 resonated with me. I know God is gracious, but coming to Him with an expectation of graciousness opens up my prayer life! Also, that no iniquity gain dominion over me. May God change my life through Nehemiah.

  3. 703
    Deborah says:

    Deborah from Nashville TN My daughter Rachel and I will be doing this study together. It will be our first summer siesta study! I’m in graduate school this summer and Rachel will be starting graduate school in August. So we are praying together that through our busy days ahead that we can stop and allow God to “steady our steps” and to stay in the word! We are so excited and will be watching the first video tonight!

    Thank you sweet Beth for your faithful servant heart! We are crazy about you! See you in Knoxville this summer!

    Deborah & Rachel

  4. 704
    Janine says:

    Spokane,WA; Janine(solo) All of the questions are exactly what I needed to get real with God this week. We just moved to a new city and I am feeling lots of stress, with massive change. As I walk through this season of my life with Christ, I will remember who He is and call upon Him to meet my needs. Just ordered my workbook and I am so thankful for this on-line study!

    • 704.1
      Lenore Diviney says:

      Janine welcome to spokane! it’s my former hometown. Calvary Chapel Spokane is an excellent church to plug into and I have a few friends names who might know of some good Christ-centered mom’s groups you could join if you are a mom. It’s so wonderful the body of Christ is everywhere.

  5. 705
    Heidi says:

    Leipers Fork TN – Heidi P. -solo. I am a new mom 40 miles from town, my church small group is on another study, so this is fun for me to do privately – my husband is doing the study with me on nights he is home. I loved answering question #1! He is so sweet to communicate in so many ways through His word! Question #2: just last night I met a challenge with a weak and fleshly response, where my husband took the time to pray and be comforted by God- he shared God’s peace with me- and I was so blessed to follow his lead. Coming from a background of abuse I SHOULD naturally resist following men in any way- but God has blessed me and is healing me through his WAY that I should follow my Godly husband and find rest! 🙂
    Excited for this study! See ya’all July 10th! 🙂

  6. 706
    LindsayN84 says:

    Bangor, Maine ~ Lindsay Neagle

    Questions 4 and 5 particularly struck me:

    4. A current challenge for me is finding new employment, as I was just notified that my current job is being eliminated. I need God to “steady my steps” and direct me to where He wants me to be. I desire His will for my life, and I am praying for His wisdom, guidance, and blessing through this job search.

    5. I am praying that I will have more gratitude and remember to thank God more and complain less. He has blessed me so much, and I need to learn to be consistently thankful and vocal in my gratitude and praise to Him. I recently started a gratitude journal, and I am determined to rid myself of complaining and taking His blessings for granted. I also pray to resist the temptation of fear. I want to live a life of believing God, no matter what.

  7. 707
    Nancye says:

    The Cinci-Siestas, Group of 5 from Milford, Ohio
    God knew that we all needed this study at this exact time. He is so Good!
    We each have very different challenges that we cannot handle alone. And as difficult and painful as our oppressions may be, I believe these are Gods gifts to us so we look to him, so he can show us grace and lead us closer to him, to “Steady our Steps”.
    We were never promised it would be easy, so let’s dig in ladies and let our Father show us the way!

  8. 708
    Maureen says:

    Maureen, St. Clair Shores, MI, one plus ONE. I’m breaking the rules and signing in prior to Beth’s instructions as I’m leaving town and will have to do the work while away. I don’t have the benefit of seeing the video as I’m going solo but did copy the pre-instructions and will follow through plus do weeks 1 & 2 lessons. I’m soooooooo beyond blessed to be a part of this amazing community of Christ followers. Looking forward to what He will do in me and hearing from the rest of you!!!!

  9. 709
    Westcoast Women Victoria 6 says:

    Just adding a gravatar to our comments (I hope!)

  10. 710
    Tara Serene says:

    Logan Lake, BC, Canada. The Living Room Sisters, 6+ members. This is our third study together- the first being Esther and the second, which we did at the beginning of this year, was Breaking Free. We each had a testimony of what God has done in our lives because of our choices to be faithful to believe his word. We each shared struggles of fear for different aspects of our children lives, which resulted in a searching for verses and sharing of our hearts. We are so excited to continue in our faith building- foundation restoring year!

  11. 711
    Lori W says:

    Brentwood, TN, Lori W, solo

    I have been wanting to bet back into God’s word, but have realized that procrastination and fear prevent me at every turn. I know there are things I need to let God heal, and I am using this opportunity to open myself to God.

    In this season, Question 3 resonates with me. I expect God to be disappointed in me and harsh over my failures. I know in my head this is untrue, and I pray that God shows me His graciousness!

    I look forward to doing this will all of you!

  12. 712
    Katie Coggins says:

    Katy, TX, Katy Waygons, 9

    All ages. New faces. Different stories. Same God.

    We are hungry for His presence. We are holding out our hearts.

    Break them, Lord Jesus.

  13. 713
    Nancy M says:

    Santa Rosa, CA, 15 will be meeting on Tuesday nights and we’re calling ourselves Bethel Girlfriends, ranging in age from young adults to senior citizens. We loved the questions based on the verses from Psalms and also enjoyed the cookies.

  14. 714
    jimmie lee says:

    Pittsburgh, PA Girlfriends Old & New SBS (6) We are a group of old and new friends meeting in the parsonage of a small local church. Most are mainly in their twenties and my momma is meeting us! Some of us haven’t seen each other since high school. We didn’t get to the video questions but we had some really good discussion. Can’t wait to get into this study with this group of women 🙂

  15. 715
    The Committed Chicas says:

    We are the Committed Chicas from St Louis, Mo. There are four women and 5 kids (all 3 and under!) meeting at my house. We certainly won’t be the quietest group but hopefully we can still get some good conversations going.

    This week we talked about our desire/struggle to be productive and good time managers when it comes to our home/family responsibilities as well as our time with the Lord. We also talked about “fleshy” struggles with hormones and emotions – we know God created us women with those things so they aren’t wrong but we also need to work had to prevent them from ruling our lives, our tongues and our attitudes.

  16. 716
    Jen says:

    Milford, Ohio; Freedom Sisters; 7 total in group. We all felt connected right away and immediately found so many things/people/life journeys we have in common. There are no coincidences and we believe we were connected in this group for a reason. Many of us feel the need to pursue more freedom in our spiritual life and let go of all the baggage that is oppressing us.

  17. 717
    Sue says:

    Kingsport, TN. Sue. Solo. Studied Kelly Minter’s Ruth with Beth two summers ago on this blog. Question 6 hit home with me. One definition of oppression from is “the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety.” Vs 134- Man’s oppression- created by me when I have such anxiety about many things. Praying for God’s redemption from this oppression.

  18. 718
    Dawn B says:

    Ridgeville, SC; Dawn B, solo, #7 “ask God with a full heart of faith” to make His face shine upon me really has me thinking. I follow this blog every day, but this is the first time I have ever commented. I’m excited about this study and that you are coming to Charleston in August. Thanks for all you do to keep us closer to Christ.

  19. 719
    Tammy says:

    Brentwood, Tn

  20. 720
    Kim L says:

    Kim L, Alabastr, AL, solo. Question 3 hits home for me. Due to baggage I carry, and am trying to throw away, I find it hard to think of God as being interested in me at all, much less being gracious to me. I’m excited about praying through this set of verses.
    This is my first summer blog study. Some girlfriends from church do two studies each year, fall and spring. So I’m glad to have this one to keep my mind in the Word this summer.

  21. 721
    Karlys says:

    Karlys, La Place, LA
    Questions 3 + 6 hit home. Oppression has nothing to do with love, and my God is LOVE. HE alone is able to save me, to keep me from my old self, to keep me in His Way.

  22. 722
    Paula says:

    Paula, Houston, TX — I’m a day late and I’m going solo, sad to say!
    Number 4 and 6 really spoke to me because it made me look at where i am right now and what challenges are before me. In the process of doing this, I also know what I need to pray for and I know that He will redeem me from these oppressions because He has always done so in the past. Thanks, Beth, for these probing questions to help me get on track!!!! Love to all my siesta sisters!

  23. 723
    Chelle Hall says:

    Stanfield, OR. Chelle

    Mine is an odd situation. I have had the book of Nehemiah on my heart for some time now so when I saw the post on my FB from LPM about the study I knew it was from our Father. I was so excited to share and be part of something. I asked many to join me. I either got no response or Im not into that. I was heartbroken. Then my darling husband said to me “Why don’t we do the study together?” So my husband and I are a team, as alway’s.

    We are however seperated, not by choice but by space and a wall. He is currently serving a prison sentence because of a lie. “A Heart that can break” seems to be very fitting to us both under our current sistuation. Lies, deception, betrayal. However, we refuse to let this wall seperate us from God’s love or eachother’s love. So I will copy the pages of the book weekly and send them to him. We will have discussion and prayer over the phone and during our visits.

    Question #5 seems to already be a big part of our study time already, Psalm 119:133 “Let no iniquity get dominion over me”. Being apart from one another for 5 1/2 years satan has played many games with our heads and hearts so now we set for the give him back doubly what he has tried to give us. Revelation 18:6-7 6 “Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her. 7 In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow.” NKJV So we praise God for what he has blessed us with for His promises he keeps, for his graciousness and His love. I know no other way to repay the enemy.

    Like Diane, from Tucson AZ. I too often struggle with the feeling that God is not gracious towards me, but indifferent and distant. I too have a desire to draw near to the Lord and see his grace in my life. I too am easily angered and frustrated and pray for true joy and to truly sense God’s face shining on my husband, myself and all the Siesta’s here is Siesta Ville (as Suzanne G, from Ohio put it).

    God bless all of the Siesta’s, Beth and all the staff at LPM who are making this Summer Bible study possible! Praise God oh my soul!

  24. 724
    Susie Lambert says:

    Susie o.H. Washington state. Studying by myself at this time. I am living within God’s total graciousness…Last fall I lost two men I loved and respecte highly, my daddy and my father in-law by the hand of my son, that I love deeply, as he murdered them brutally during a psychotic break. During these tragic times and the process of an ugly trial my heavenly father carries me. The defeated foe has meant this for evil but my gracious Heavenly Father will make it good. I know the battle has already been won. He steadies my steps as no one else can.

  25. 725
    Julie says:

    Julie M, Goldfield, IA; solo
    I know God is gracious to me but am afraid that I may doubt it as the summer progresses due to worry. Help me to pray against the sin of worry. Lord, you are in control, guide our steps, as always. This will be a good study for me this summer. Blessings to all.

  26. 726

    Nashville, Tennessee; Faith Ecklund, solo
    I lOVE Psalm 119:129, “Your testimonies are wonderful: therefore my soul keeps them.”

    August 10th 1997 was a day that changed my life forever. I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I have regained many physical abilities, but most importantly I have gained an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the grace and love of Jesus Christ I have been able to take on the daily obstacle of being in a wheelchair. It’s by no means easy and I have some extremely dark days, but I pull through by relying on God’s word and His promises.

    If I didn’t have this amazing testimony to share, I would not be who I am today and possibly may not be as passionate to increase the kingdom of heaven by being the hands and feet He calls us to. Would I trade what some say is a tragedy? Most of me says no, all things work together for good, this has been life changing not only for me but countless others.

  27. 727
    Velma says:

    Colbert, Oklahoma, Okie Chicks, 4. We are four teacher friends. Three of our group teach together at the same school and same grade. I teach elsewhere.

    We meet in my kitchen and living room–start in kitchen with food, of course, and then make our way to living room for Bible study.

    We shared some ways God’s wonderfulness had been shown to us, but Question 3 probably struck the biggest with us. Because of situations and circumstances it came up that at this point in some of our lives we don’t feel God is gracious to us but a lot of the time feel quite the opposite. Finances was one of the areas and family illness was another one. One comment was how much more can God expect a person to take. We did decide that we are going to seek God with a grateful expectation of His graciousness toward us.

  28. 728
    Faith Davis says:

    Dallas, Texas; Dwelling; Faith Davis solo-I found the second question to be the most meaningful for me. How often do I explain how I love and grow through scripture to other people? I keep His testimonies in my soul as if life depended on it, like I would drown without them. And I think I would…Praise God we don’t have to walk blindly! I look forward to this summer with y’all!

  29. 729
    Heather - On the Road says:

    BBC SIESTAS, Mosinee, WI
    We are a group of 5 (only 4 could make it this week)
    (Bethany Baptist Church Siestas – thus BBC Siesta’s for short)

    Our group has a 19 yr old, 38yr old, a 40 something, a 50 something and a 60 something, all in one group. We love the age range and generational feel to our group! We are meeting at my home in Mosinee for the summer and doing a lunch together on the Thursdays of the week you post the video. Normally we meet at our church, but we all agreed it would be nice to meet in my home for a change.

    #4 was a good one to get conversation going. Our “40 something” said her challenge is leading a “ready for college” bible study for seniors just graduated and heading to college. I am (38) dealing with working 3 days a week, kids in soccer games 4 nights a week, plus this study. Lots of schedule to juggle & I want to make it a fun summer for the kids. A lot to do and I could get stressed. The youngest is working in a factory for the summer, as a believer, working with mostly men who aren’t, she has been doing ok, but she just wants to be a good witness to them by how she acts and works.

    #5 We found that many of us struggle with time management, in that when we have down time, we spend it on the computer or other “important” things and take away from our time with God and in prayer and the Word, or don’t do time with God at all. All are realizing the need to stay in the Word over the summer and not let our flesh get in the way or tempt us away from time spent w/ God.

    We are excited to dig into the Word this summer together!

    • 729.1
      Joy says:

      Hi Heather!!! Haven’t “talked” to you in a while, but great to see you here joining in this study. Trust you and your family are well. Digging into God’s Word alongside you, while miles away.
      Blessings and prayers,

  30. 730
    Kim Zimmerman says:

    Fishers,IN; Kim (solo)Question 3 is particularly helpful to me. I love that God is gracious to me. He has been gentle in his guiding and correcting me over the years. I am looking forward to this summer in the book of Nehemiah.

  31. 731
    Katherine Callan says:

    Savannah, Georgia: Savannah Siestas! (12)

    Most of us are newly-weds and about half of us have young children. The questions that sparked the most discussion were our summer struggles and our fleshly tendencies. It was so encouraging to see how similar we are and to know we aren’t alone in this. It was a sweet sweet time. We meet in my old 1940s duplex huddled in my living room passing around sweet 2 month old twin boys as we laughed and cried. It was a wonderful night and I can’t wait for our next time! We might even have some girlfriends who have recently moved skype in!

    I am so thankful for this format and thankful for you Beth! I was going to do this solo but after hearing your plee for us to get a group together I went out on a limb and am astonished with the numbers of girls who wanted to join! Thank you!

  32. 732
    Tracie and Sarah says:

    Monticello, FL —2 Farmers Wives— We loved the first get together on our deck over looking our farm that our husbands farm together on.

    We are both working on being comforted by God’s sovereign plan of the big picture and we are both seeking to be made more like Him this summer through our current situations that are at times difficult and stressful but wanting to see God’s gracious way toward us.

  33. 733
    Theresa says:

    Humble/Tomball,Texas,Soul Sisters, 3, Tonight we meet for dinner over Mexican Food (Texas Favorite) and fed ourselves and or souls. We choose a quite table tucked away from others. During our discussion we discovered we each needed different things “to steady our steps” in areas of reacting, direction, being still, harshness, and being controlling. We also discovered the things trying to obtain dominion over us in our weaknesses of food, smoking, and giving words of encouragement. We all agreed to a cetain amount of oppression in each of our lives and thanked God for bringing us together for “such a time as this.” We are encouraged and excited to see where the story of Nehemiah leads each of us this summer. Thank you for helping us along the way!!!

  34. 734
    Paige Felt says:

    Paige Felt, Lincoln, NE ; solo
    I am doing this study alone, but I am involved in a group study on a different topic. I am most challenged by question 5. This summer has me home with my 3 and 6 year old, so my challenge is to parent my young children in a way that is pleasing to God. I pray that I will devote the time needed to love them and not spend too much time on my own selfish desires.

  35. 735
    Karen Retterer says:

    Marion & Mt. Gilead, Oh area, BFF’s, 2
    We got a late start due to technical difficulties. There are only 2 of us but we decided that maybe it was meant for just us to do together. Two verses from the message really spoke to me: 130 says “Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning” and 133 says “Steady my steps with your Word of promise so nothing malign gets the better of me”. This will be a great study!!

  36. 736
    Debbie Johnson says:

    San Diego, CA; The Morning Glories; 3. We are a small group of three women who have been friends for many years and through many different seasons of life, meeting in my home on Thursday mornings, and asking the Lord to be glorified as we seek Him together (thus, our name!). We have chosen a “theme” verse for our little group…Psalm 143:8… and are excited to see what the Lord will do in our hearts through this study. In discussing question 3, we agreed that we know the Lord is always gracious to us, even though that is sometimes played out in our lives in ways that seem to contradict that truth. It is so vital to know what God’s Word tells us about His character, Who He is and how much He loves us, so that in those times we can remind ourselves about what we know is true…we are loved and cared for by our Father, and His plans for us are good.

  37. 737
    Jessica Hill says:

    Houston, TX. The Greyburn Girls. Five. Three good friends, two new friends exploring the scriptures together. For one of our girls this will be her first bible study ever. We experienced a great time sharing and learning from each others wisdom and perspective!

  38. 738
    Cornerstone Ladies says:

    Tahlequah, OK; Cornerstone Ladies; 80+ (meet together and then break into small groups. Summary: Our collective prayer is: “Oh Lord, what do you want us to do right now, from right here?” Lot’s of ‘hungry for God’ desire in the room!

  39. 739
    Karen E says:

    Rochester, MN, Susan and Karen, 2. We spent most time on #2, as we were using 3 translations plus the version used in the question. “Testimonies” was also translated as “statutes” and “laws,” which mean completely different things to us compared to “testimonies.” We talked about the blessing of having God’s word memorized, so that God reminds us of His commands, promises and history when we need them. God’s word is alive and sustaining of life!

  40. 740
    Kelly Cotter says:

    Austin, TX. Cotter Life Group. 12. 10 “lifers” and 2 new gals. We spoke alot about the busyness of our lives and how it makes us feel anxious when we don’t invite God into it. We all agreed that life is so much better when we surrender everything to the Lord and give up control.

  41. 741
    Becky says:

    Brentwood, TN. Becky, (Solo)
    I looked up the word Oppression because I wanted to know the “actual” meaning, and not what I know it means from my own experiences with those who oppress me.
    I read Websters definition and said out lout. “Yep, that’s what it means.”

  42. 742
    Abi says:

    Ozark, MO. Solo. My prayer for this study is that the feeling of inadequacy I currently am experiencing will be replaced as I am reminded of how gracious my Father is. Question 3 reminded me that if I approach Him doubting His grace, even the slightest bit, it is impossible for me to truly experience His love and therefore share His love with those around me. I hope that He will “steady my steps” as I am a mother of two toddlers at home, and find myself overwhelmed on most days, feeling like I haven’t done enough or am doing something wrong. I am excited to do this study in this format, it’s my first time and I look forward to learning from all of you!!!

  43. 743
    Heidi says:

    Lodi, CA, Trail Blazer Babes,10 We met last night sitting by a sparkling pond, under a giant oak, with rolling grape vineyards beyond, wispy pink clouds in the sky, geese honking, and frogs croaking…listening on line via Wifi with our computer and SmartPhones:).
    We are the Trail Blazer Babes because: 1) We hope to blaze new territory for ourselves spiritually and 2) We look forward to insightful discussions on Nehemiah as we hit the walking trails, in order to improve ourselves physically.
    We loved our time together, our study of Psalm 119, and we thank you Beth for facilitating this group and Kelly for the study you wrote..

    • 743.1
      Bunny Hunt says:

      Oh how Awesome, I want to be part of your group if you meet like this every week!!! Enjoy it, Trail Blazer Babes!! Blaze some trails for Jesus from this study!!!

  44. 744
    Jo Ann Julia says:

    Columbia, Missouri, Jo Ann Julia: Summary: Each question resonates deeply, I have been reveling in Psalm 119 for some time and am so excited to soon be digging even deeper. As a new Christ follower In this past 15 months, after being absent from God for 40 years, I’ve been consuming the Word and continue to read and study, listen online, I can not get enough. This ravening hunger for God and His Word continues, in this as in all else, He is so gracious to me. Now I believe He is telling me that it is time to shift gears, to live life fully in the here and now, where he has placed me (we’ve been through so MANY life changes this past year!), and ever more deeply in the WORD. Breaking Free last fall was wonderful. Nehemiah is a blessing. Bless you all at LPM for offering this BS and for doing so in the virtual world. Thank you, Beth and all your supporters, for your love for us!

  45. 745
    Donna Cartwright says:

    I am one of the Ladies Bible Study Facilitators for the First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs Mississippi. Our Tuesday night Summer Bible Study group is excitedly participating in the Nehemiah Bible Study by Kelly Mintor. We are a diverse group of women from many churches and include women of all ages. The ladies love to study you, Beth, but we also enjoy learning from other teachers. This summer was the perfect opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. I will be passing information on to the group about joining in on your blog if the ladies are unable to join us for our weekly Tuesday night meetings.

  46. 746
    Kristy B says:

    Seattle Area, Washington, Kristy B, solo

    4. So need the Lord to steady my steps! My 7 year old has a cardiology appt on Aug 15 and if things have progressed, she will need open heart surgery, this would be the second time. Praying for God to remove the subaortic membrane! We are also praying for continued healing of my youngest daughter’s hips to develop and heal so that no medical intervention is needed. I am finding the weight of these so heavy, and it is making just the every day things hard that i feel weary and unsteady!

  47. 747
    Kay Berland says:

    Georgia, Richmond Hill; Solo Still Needs a Word, 1. I thought how I need to stay focused in the summer and keep in God’s word.

  48. 748
    Teri Beamer says:

    Lubbock, Tx, Teri Beamer, solo. God has just brought me out of a 4 year depression and oppressive marriage. Questions 2&3 were the most personal. My family marvels every day at the positive change in me. God has been faithful to restore my finances and heal me of diabetes and hypertension. I couldn’t make it day to day without Him in my life. I’m enjoying time at Church, with my family, quilting, and sewing. These are things I haven’t been able to do for years. God is faithful, all the time.

  49. 749
    Diane says:

    Atlanta, GA, Diane, going solo
    Question 3 was the one that resonated with me the most as I long to believe completely in God’s graciousness toward me, but it’s sometimes hard to believe that He wouldn’t want to be harsh and condemning with the way I act. I also want to respond to His graciousness with complete trust and surrender some recurring fears I am experiencing. I am starting this study with the expectation that He will teach me, redeem me and keep my steps steady! I’m excited to be in the Word with all the Siestas again!

  50. 750
    Lynda Harkins says:

    Carmel, CA ~ Mermaids of Carmel
    We are a group of four church staff and church staff wives who are in a small group with our spouses but felt the need for a summertime siesta group with just the girlies!

    We were drawn to question #4 and shared those specific things that we are asking the Lord to “steady our steps” according to His Word this summer. We vowed to hold each other accountable and thanked the Lord for bringing us together on another level.

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