SSMT Roll Call

Siestas! We are less than two weeks away from our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration! In case you realized how much of a mouth full that is, that is why we lovingly refer to it as the SSMTC around here. Grin.

With Christmas, New Years and Passion 2012 behind us, we are looking very forward to the celebration, especially because of how quick it will land on us. Sometime during the next week be looking for a fun FAQ post about the weather, food and all things regarding Houston, but until then, we want to hear from you.

We are anxious to know who completed the scripture memory challenge on this blog EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING TO COME TO THE CELEBRATION. That just means that you have your spiral filled with 20-24 scriptures, posted your verses on the blog, and have hidden the Word in your heart, we want to know who you are.

If this applies to you (and you completed the commitment), we’d love for you to comment and tell us three things:

1) Name:
2) City:
3) Are you coming to the celebration? Yes or No. (Because we want to acknowledge and celebrate you either way!)

Remember, this is for anyone who completed the 2011 scripture memory challenge! When we say there is NO condemnation for those who didn’t finish please hear us loud and clear: there is no condemnation or guilt! We just love a good party here at LPM and want to celebrate with you.

So, even if you have no plans to come to the celebration, but have completed your memory work, let us hear from you!

We love y’all dearly. T-minus 11 days. We cannot wait!

P.S. Some of you have been looking for the SSMT FAQ page, here is the link to help you out.


1,316 Responses to “SSMT Roll Call”

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  1. 801
    carol says:

    Carol Houghton

    Cashion, OK

    I’ll not be able to attend. Blessings to you all!

  2. 802
    Lisa Ray says:

    Lisa Ray
    Simsboro, LA (formerly Trout, LA)
    Yes I posted & memorized my verses and YES I am coming to the celebration.

  3. 803
    Connie says:

    Connie, Chariton, Yes I completed, but I will not be attending. I am doing the James study now so I am going to try to memorize the book of James. Love God and His Word He is so amazing!!!

  4. 804
    Deborah says:

    Deborah Jurgensen
    Waco Texas

    No will not attend, but wish I could!

  5. 805
    sarah birmingham says:

    Hi ~~

    Sarah Birmingham

    Lambertville, MI

    I will not be attending , but I am continuing on in 2012 to keep up the memorization.
    Thank you for your ministry 🙂

  6. 806
    Becky Wang Scriven says:

    Becky Wang Scriven

    Dayton, Ohio

    No, but wish I were going to be there with you sisters!

  7. 807
    Kathy says:

    Kathy from Leamington Ontario Canada (the most southern tip of Canada just across from Detroit Michigan )( we still see grass and had 48 F today-heard snow on its way for Fri)

    Yes I have thoroughly enjoyed and been blessed and couldn;t live without this challenge every 2 years. It is such a part of my life now. Is such a rich reward to memorize His Word and then have it in our hearts to direct our life choices but also to pray over others as I do at least twice a week- all of them- as I excercize.

    Unfortunately I am unable to join the Houston Celebration- this has been surgery year for me but I am already awaiting the Jan 2014 Celebration and want to try desperately to get some friends on board with me- they think at this age they absolutely can;t do it as we are always all complaining ’bout our bad memories -but this year the consistent challenge of memorizing has helped my always-lacking-after-surgery brain.

    I feel like throwing a Party for the Lord and what His Word can do in our hearts and through us, while you are in Houston celebrating. Could you include us who couldn;t attend somehow in the Celebration?- maybe by sharing the sessions ? music included? That would be an honour for us as it is for those in real-live-attendance. Will be praying His Glory to shine and for you all to be touched by Him in a new way that weekend- with tears of joy and sadness-Kathy.

  8. 808
    Joy says:

    Joy. Pella, Iowa. Loved the challenge~will not be attending.

  9. 809

    1. Jackie
    2. Cypress, TX
    3. Yes, I’ll be there. 🙂

  10. 810
    sister sheri says:

    Sheri Kaetzel

    Portland, Oregon

    Yes! Joining up with Siestas I met in 2010 at the 1st SSMTC!

  11. 811
    april Lopez says:

    April Lopez


    I will be there 🙂

  12. 812
    Laura K in SD says:

    Laura K, Spearfish, SD

    I finished my 24 verses, but will not be attending the “Siesta Fiesta” in Houston.

    Since I wasn’t going to be able to recite them in Houston, I spent the week between Christmas and New Years Day typing out all my verses each morning, printing them, then correcting them so I could make sure each word was right. Then I would study the corrected mistakes for the next day’s “test”. Each day I had fewer mistakes (65, 55, 26, 10, 2). It was too time-consuming to do all of the time, but it worked out well during vacation.

  13. 813
    Lu White says:

    Lu White
    Raleigh, NC

  14. 814
    Jennifer Swift says:

    Jennifer Swift

    Oklahoma City, OK

    YES. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  15. 815
    Betsy says:


    Lincoln Park

    No, unfortunately I will miss it.

  16. 816
    Georganne Thomas says:

    Piedmont, Oklahoma
    Yes, I am coming. I am really looking forward to it!

    • 816.1
      Valerie says:

      My daughter lives in Piedmont. I’m from Shawnee, but I drive to Piedmont real often to see her. 🙂 I hope I get to meet you next weekend!

  17. 817
    Lora Pelston says:

    Lora Pelston
    Carrollton, KY
    I will not be attending but so glad to have participated!!

  18. 818
    Linda says:

    Linda, Fort Collins, Colorado
    Yes, I am coming with my daughter!
    Can’t wait to see all of you Siestas very soon!

  19. 819
    Nancy Yoder says:

    Nancy Yoder

    Stockbridge, GA

    Not able to attend. Will be thinking of you all!!! Know a blessed time will be had by all!!!

  20. 820
    cindy b says:

    Cindy from Alton NH has completed 24 scripture memory verses and yes is planning on attending

  21. 821
    texatlast (formerly texatheart) says:

    Jan Witt

    Rockwall, TX

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  22. 822
    Carolyn Benson says:

    Carolyn Benson
    Terrace BC Canada
    I will not be able to attend.

  23. 823
    Laura Sherman says:

    Laura Sherman


    Yes, I’ll be there, with my twin sister! 🙂

  24. 824
    Crystal says:


    Mullica Hill, NJ

    Yes!!! Coming on down!

  25. 825
    Karen Wondercheck says:

    Karen from AZ

    Chandler, AZ to be exact

    Unable to attend, but have fun!

  26. 826
    Pamela Payne says:

    Pamela Payne
    Bishop, Ca.
    I’ll see you in Huston!:)

  27. 827
    Karen Knudson says:

    Karen Knudson, Santa Ana CA
    So sad I won’t be there. I’ll be thinking of you all and WISHING I WAS THERE!

  28. 828
    Rosalye Baldwin says:

    Rosalye Baldwin
    Vicksburg, MS

  29. 829
    Marilyn Yarbrough says:

    Marilyn Gadsden, Al
    Yes and coming

  30. 830
    Sandy Bodin says:

    Sandy Bodin
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    YES, celebrating with my two daughters!

  31. 831
    Dennina in Chehalis, WA says:

    Sadly I will not be there. 🙁

  32. 832
    Kathy Baum says:

    Kathy Baum
    Dayton, Nevada
    No, I won’t be coming this year, but I was praying that you would do the memory verses again for 2012 because my daughter-in-love wants to do it too, and we would try so very hard to come together to celebrate next January!

  33. 833
    Groovewoman says:

    1. Hollie Rayburn
    2. Granbury, TX
    3. You better believe I’ll be at SSMT this year! I can’t wait!!!!


    • 833.1
      Groovewoman says:

      Wonder why my Gravatar isn’t showing up… Hmmm?? Well, It’s me, y’all!!

      And I can’t wait to meet so many of you Face to Face… and Hug Your Necks!!

  34. 834
    Leah says:

    1) Leah Del Signore

    2) Houston

    3) No. (Missed the registration deadline! I’ll pay more attention next year.)

  35. 835
    MK (the_go_bewteen) says:

    Gig Harbor WA
    Yes, I have my 24 scriptures plus ones on the back side of of the cards in the spiral more scriptures I would read from other siesta’s and love. Still working on those. And my girls, who were also planning on coming, have theirs too. One has all of hers plastered on her mirror!

    Sadly, and with tears, no – we are not coming. But have to testify of the love of siesta’s. Last time I met, for the first time, some lovely siestas and we have kept in contact. Had totally planned on coming this year, but because of health and finances can not. But these sweet ladies, who are from different parts of the country, offered to let me share their room at NO COST to me! How sweet is that?! Gotta love the Love of Christ shining through Siestaville. Thank you Beth, for bringing so many together. (I “know” so many more this year from twitter and facebook – praying you all have a great time!!)

    Hoping for lots of twitter updates and maybe a livestream!

  36. 836
    Christi says:

    *Christi L
    *Clinton, Utah
    *I cannot be there, but will be thinking of all you siestas. Have a blast for us Utah girls!!!

  37. 837
    RaeLeen Bustin says:

    1. RaeLeen Bustin

    2. Greenwood Indiana

    3. Praying that I can come!

  38. 838
    Carrie Hunter says:

    Carrie Hunter
    Hindman, KY
    Not able to come but wish so much that I could be there! Really blessed by doing this with fellow sisters in Christ!

  39. 839
    Deborah Harbin says:

    Katy, TX
    Yes, I will be there!

  40. 840
    Amanda Walter says:

    Katy, TX
    Yes, I will be there.

  41. 841
    Kara Walter says:

    Houston, TX
    I will be there.

  42. 842
    Allison Moldenhauer says:

    1) Allison
    2) Huntsville, TX
    3) Hoping to – as long as my kids stay healthy (grin – other young moms know what i’m talking about, and older moms- you’ve been there).

  43. 843
    1gleaner says:

    Judy Hand Littleton, NC YES!

  44. 844
    Heidi says:

    Lindale, Texas
    Yes, I am coming for the second time. Last time I came alone, but this time I am coming with my sister-in-law, Sherie…we spurred one another on this year and both finished!! Can’t wait!

  45. 845
    Nikki B says:

    Nikki Brungard
    Richmond, VA
    No, and I’m just wrecked about it! Last time was so wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, my sisters! 🙂

  46. 846
    Barb says:

    1. Barb
    2. Prescott Valley
    3. Not this time 🙁

  47. 847
    Barb says:

    2.ChiangMai, Thailand
    3.No, but I will certainly be with you in spirit:)

  48. 848
    Betsy Crawford says:

    Betsy Crawford
    Chapin, SC
    Sadly, can’t attend…

  49. 849
    Wendy Zahller says:

    Wendy Zahller

    Cody, Wyoming

    No, I will not be able to attend. I did memorize all the verses by God’s help.
    The verses I memorized this year have come back to help me time and time again over the year. Praise God for His living Word.

  50. 850
    doo-dah says:

    Kim Joyner

    Poplar Bluff, MO

    I plan to come, this will be my first Siesta event to attend.

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