Simulcast, Anyone?? Your Mama Needs to Know

Hey, Siestas! Just a quick update to let you know that each of the ten scholarship tickets are now gone for the Lubbock location where it will be live. We would encourage you to click on the link below to see if you’re still able to join another simulcast location near you. Thank you so much!

Hey, you darling things! I’m just dying to know if any of you are participating in the Living Proof Live simulcast this coming Saturday. (Sept. 10th) God has made you such a huge part of this ministry and given me so much love for you that I wonder if you’re out there every time I serve on the road. Somehow (God alone knows how) you lend a very personal touch, giving me the sense of a close sisterhood even among many unfamiliar faces in that group of participants. It’s that feeling only God can bring where you feel loved and accepted even in all your quirks and mistakes.

SO, are any of you going? (If you don’t know anything about it, see the link at the bottom of this post to check on whether or not a host site is in your area. If so, please contact that location directly about available seating. We’d love to have as many Siestas as possible!) If you’re going, you’ll see three questions in the next paragraph that I’d love for you to answer. First, let me give you a few stats so that you’ll know what’s up. To God’s glory and purpose, there are 731 host locations in all this year. They are sprinkled throughout 48 of our 50 States and – are you ready for this??? – a whopping 31 of those 731 host locations are in CANADA! We were flabbergasted! So grateful to God. We also have host sites in 10 other countries. I’ll share those on Saturday. In addition, our gracious God is granting us the privilege of serving 3 military bases (so dear to this Army brat) and one women’s prison. I am without words to convey what the latter means to me. Many of us women know what it’s like to be imprisoned to something we feel we cannot escape. We are overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden (and grateful, prayerful, mindful) at the prospect of serving this large and very diversified group on Saturday. Our only hope is to be crucified to our own flesh and alive in Christ. Our competency is in Him. We gladly esteem every participant in the presence of Christ as better than ourselves. God alone can accomplish the task we have before us but He did not stir the whole concept up just to pull a no-show. He promises that He will be found by every person who sincerely seeks Him. Siestas, if you have ever prayed for us, pray for us now! We are trusting Jesus with everything in us to minister personally to each of those lives. We are pleading with Him for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Now, for those three questions! The insight you bring me is always gold. If you are participating in the simulcast, would you tell me …
*Your 1st Name?
*The location where you’ll be attending?
*ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? (Please just ONE and please make your description very succinct or I’ll never be able to read all of them. I want so much to look through them to gain insight toward our group on Saturday.)

Siestas, may I ask your sweet understanding and cooperation in limiting our comments to this post just to the ones attending the simulcast this weekend? You know I hate to do that but it will help immensely as I look through the comments to begin formulating a composite of the group on Saturday. Thank you so much!

P.S.Β  Be sure to hop on the blog tomorrow because I have someone really wonderful I want to introduce to you. You will know her WELL by this time next year!

I’m nuts about you.

Now, here’s that link in case you want to check on the nearest host site. Click Here: Simulcast Host Locations


P.P.S.Β  For any Siestas near Lubbock, where the live Simulcast site will be this Saturday, we are humbled to be able to offer ten scholarship tickets to those that would love to join us but just cannot afford a ticket at this time.Β  Call and ask for Kimberly or Susan at 1-888-700-1999.



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  1. 1101

    I didn’t post earlier because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend…but I did and I was blessed. I thought you might be intersted to know that in my notebook, I started the day off by writing one word that described how I was feeling. I wrote “unfriended”. The very last word in my notebook is “unhindered”. I love how God used an “un” to make me feel special. The We and the Also were exactly what I needed. God bless you and your precious ministry.

  2. 1102
    Kit Frankenfield says:

    Beth, thank you for serving God and our Lord Jesus the way you do. I appreciate your lovely, quirky personality, your sense of humor, your deep love and devotion for Jesus, your zeal, your ability to “get down and dirty” with us, even with your face in the gravel, to bring us up higher. I am new to this blog having heard you mention it yesterday on the simulcast in Olathe, Kansas. I am excited you will be here in April, and I would like to help if I can. How do I do that? Where can I get a boot beverage container like you had yesterday? LOL. Glad to be a new Siesta. Will ask daughters R and R to join with me. My need is BALANCE as well, but to leave a mark for the Lord on this earth. Love from KC…Kit

  3. 1103
    Judy says:

    What a wonderful day. Thanks, for the worst week at work that I can ever remember.
    I am over 5o and worked at my job full or part time for over halfmy life. The last 7yrs has been very stressful and taken a toll on me. New changes in the office have managed to make me no longer fill a part of the office.I never know what each day will bring. We had a thief in the office and I was scheduled for a polygraph at the end of the week. My week was so stressed not because I had guilt, but I felt my principles were questioned. Thank the Lord my test was cancelled.
    I just wanted you to know yesterday I realized I have lost my “we” at work and need some good company. I am going to pray and work to find my both. I have been thinking about an office bible study at my house during lunch once a week. I haven’t because I don’t fill strong enough in the word to be qualified to lead. Thank you I know the “me” is not alone.
    Sorry, for such detailed and long post,but you ask about my week.Please pray for me to find my “we”.

    I love you Beth Moore. You are a wonderful inspiration to so many.

  4. 1104
    Debra Baird Justice says:

    I attended a host site in Wasilla, Alaska (after relocating here just a month ago); Was feeling off-balance and a bit homesick (normal, right??), but spending the day with my ‘soul sisters’ in a new community AND with your awesome teaching, was JUST what the doctor ordered!!
    I will soon be moving out further in the bush to work in an underserved area, in the field of dentistry. Talking with prospective clinics now….just waiting for God to open the right door with the right team. A ‘me’ in the bigger ‘WE’! Right Beth??? πŸ™‚

  5. 1105
    Erin Boling says:

    I know this comes after the event, but I was there, at my church- Parkside Baptist Church in Denison, TX. We had over 400 women, with about 100 of them Hispanic ladies that met in our gym to experience last year’s event, translated in Spanish. We all joined for lunch and worship. It was an AWESOME blessing!!! πŸ™‚

    • 1105.1
      Erin Boling says:

      P.S. This might not have been my reply prior to yesterday, but the biggest thing in my life RIGHT NOW is GOD. With Him, all other things pale in comparison!

  6. 1106
    Rebecca Warpula says:

    I was there, in Cokato MN and was lavishly bathed in God’s goodness and grace! Elizabeth, it was amazing! You are so darling and do such a great job of leading us into the truth! I cannot wait for eternity, for the opportunity to get to know you and spend time worshiping our King together around His throne. Until them, keep the teachings from the Word coming our way!!

    Rebecca Warpula
    I do love you!!

  7. 1107
    Cindie says:

    The Live event was awesome….so blessed by Travis music and your teaching Beth…thanking God that my soul was refreshed.

  8. 1108
    Pam says:

    I went to Lubbock for the conference. it was great. beth you ministered to me greatly. i have found that my husband is addicted to porn and the sad thing is that he can get it on his cell phone. but i know that with prayer and accountability, and it is out in the open, that God can and will work miracles. my husband is willing to work on this and he found a website called “blazing grace”. please pray for him and us during this time. i’m claiming the victory through Christ! He is able!

  9. 1109
    Laura says:

    What a wonderful message! GOD so used you to speak to me! Blessings to you Beth and the whole LPM team! Love to you!

  10. 1110
    Donna says:

    Hey Siesta Mama, We had an awesome time in the Lord yesterday at TLC church in San Angelo. The only thing that kind of spoiled the event was when the live feed was lost from Lifeway the last 20-25 minutes of the program. Would it be possible to post the last two points (#6 & 7) at some point for us? I still received such a blessing from what God had laid on your heart and came away so fulfilled. I am guilty of writing or saying, “love you” but not anymore. I love you, sweet Beth!!

    • 1110.1
      Donna says:

      Don’t mean to dwell on the subject, but was our church the only one that lost the live feed in the last 25 minutes of the event? There are some benefits to attending the event live….would loved to have been there.

  11. 1111
    Lynniece Hill says:

    I attended the Lubbock conference. When you told us about the nightmare you had the night before the conference, well, that nightmare is my reality. Many of us women live that nightmare every day. The Lord gave you a small glimps of the world that we are having to live in. Unfortunatly, my story is probably repeated many times. Not only do I have to deal with being rejected by my husband, because of this situation, my time with my children is instantly cut in half. Now, I have to share my children with this “other woman”. Also, I have to share my grandchildren with her as well. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t grieve the loss of my family. So, if I could ask anything of you, please remind women to pray fervently for their husbands. Pray that the Lord will guard the hearts, minds, & souls of their husband. Ask the Lord to bring people into their lives that are good for them and keep those who are not good for them out of their lives. Pray for that hedge of protection from the Lord to circle around them as a couple. There is absolutely nothing good that can come from infidelity. I think the Lord gave you a small glimps at our world thru your dream that night. Thank you for your ministry and heart for spreading the gospel and providing encouragement to women of faith. I truly love you, Lynniece Hill

  12. 1112
    Angela says:

    Hi there Beth: I first saw you live at a Passion Conference in Austin, TX back in 97-98, then following years when I was in college. Now that I’m a stay at home momma of three, I have participated in several of your studies in local churches. It was so refreshing that when watching the simulcast yesterday that you are still very much the same. It made me smile! Everytime your voice started going, I would get a serious ache in my throat and would start lifting you up! I looooved the worship portion of the conference! We are currently at a church that doesn’t have very contemporary worship and I miss it…felt like coming home! Thank you for your ministry. I related to the having certainty of knowledge and faith that you spoke of yesterday as I was raised with intimate knowledge of Jesus…but in the last 3-5 years, I have been so bent over and can’t straighten out! Through illnesses of my children and heart break, it has been so hard to function with very litle sleep! I’ve never lost my certainty, but need some help to get unyoked whether it’s a Sabboth day or not! I felt encouraged to get some help from our church counselor and see if I can straighten up and get beyond the crisis mode my life has been the last few years! Thank you! We will be starting your Daniel study on Tuesday and I am excited to get beyond these lions πŸ™‚

  13. 1113
    Irene Talaasen says:

    Hi Beth, I was at the Simulcast in Colorado Springs, Co yesterday and was so blessed. I think you said it was on Guam too and wondered what church or location? Thanks for being you and used of the Lord,

  14. 1114
    Kayroni says:

    My 74 yr. old mom experienced Beth for the first time yesterday. When I spoke to her this morning she said, “If those folks don’t get a blessing from her, they may as well go do something else!” It was such an awesome day to share with her. Thank you Beth for continuing to inspire us to be better followers of Christ.


  15. 1115
    Karen Nicholson says:

    Hello Beth,

    I am new to your blog, but was at the event (with my sisters at Discovery Church, Orlando) yesterday!!! I share your fascination with Luke, so there was at least ONE sister who was “right there with ya”!

    I wondered if you’ve heard of or read “Dear and Glorious Physician” by Taylor Caldwell? I read it years ago and still have it on my shelf. I couldn’t get to it fast enough last night to begin a long overdue re-read!

    It is a lovingly wrought and researched novelized version of Luke’s life and ministry. It seemed good to me to share that title with you in case you were not aware of this gem.

    Wishing you a blessed remainder of the weekend.

    Your sister in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

    P.S. I love you!

  16. 1116
    Angela says:

    Several ladies from our church attended the simulcast at Westside Baptist in Gainesville, FL. What a blessing you always are! Amazing how God gives you the words I need to hear =-) The musical worship was a blessing also. Is there a place I could find a list of the songs Travis and the others touched our hearts with?

  17. 1117
    Michele says:

    God spoke to me so much this weekend! Had a great time at the simulcast. The two ladies that sat right behind me live right near me, even though we were at a host location an hour away! #Godthing

    There were a number of points in Beth’s message that spoke to me – including a key word from one of my memory verses that has been intensely on my heart.

    I went to church with my new friends today and very much enjoyed it! Henry Blackaby was there and gave a fantastic message on Isaiah 6.
    Isaiah 6:1 was constantly in my head the day I lost my job – exactly 3 years ago!! #Godthing

    And Blackaby spoke about the importance of the local church, which fit so well with Beth’s “we” message.

    One thing he said that still rings in my ears – “Are you ready to go where God calls you?” Yes LORD!!!

    Expecting God to move mightily soon! And no matter what he does, so thankful to hear His voice. So grateful for an amazing God that speaks to us.

  18. 1118
    Diana Crawford says:

    I attended the Lubbock Event and have a story to tell of just how good God has been to me in the little things and in my ignorance. I am head of the Ladies Ministry at my church. When the Conference came up I put another lady in charge of getting it together for us to go. I paid for my ticket and as usual, paid for someone else a ticket who would not be able to afford to go and would other wise not get to come. I had not thought about it in months. I got up Saturday morning and got dressed and was running a little late. I live in Andrews, 2 hours away. I asked the Lord to stop time and let me get there before it started and to help me find the ladies from my church. I drove by myself. I was having supper with my son and his fiance before heading home. I got there 30 min early and as I was walking to the building I overheard one of the ladies I was passing say that she had forgotten her ticket. Up to that point it had never crossed my mind that I could need a ticket. I had been to a simulcast at one of the local churches and we had picked our ticket up at the door. In my mind I just decided if I couldn’t get in it wasn’t meant for me to go, and I would spend the day with Will and Emily. As I got to the door the attendant asked me if I had a wrist band. I simply said no. She asked again. You don’t have a wrist band. I simply say no. She looked at the other attendant and told her to give me a wrist band. The other ladies name was Diana also. How just like God. There truly are no accidents. I walked inside the building, went to the ladies room and across from the hall was a door you could enter the coliseum. When I got to that door a young man asked me if he could help me. I told him I had a group here, but I had no idea where they were sitting so it was just me. He proceeded down the stairs to find one seat. After we walked down a couple of flights of stairs there was an empty seat on the end of the row. He asked the lady sitting in the seat beside her if it was taken. She said no, so I sat down. I had not been there maybe five minutes and I heard my name being called. Across the isle 4 seats in were the ladies from my church. I just had to smile and be so humbled at how God works in the Little things. I don’t know how many women were at that event but what is the likely hood that I would ever find them. And what was the likely hood that someone would let me into an event that they thought I had not paid for. I did go and tell the lady that had let me in that I indeed had paid for my ticket but it was inside and I did not have a number so I could call. What an awesome God we serve. I knew that I was without a doubt supposed to be at that event. I was so richly blessed. The worship was awesome. The Holy Spirit was all over that building. The Bible study was exactly what I have been needing. What an awesome God we serve.

  19. 1119
    Noreen says:

    Greetings dear sister, Just wanted to share that I was at the simulcast in Frederick Colorado yesterday and it was incredible day! As always, your teaching was wonderful, the praise music was so good and the fellowship was great too. I’ve done four of your studies in group settings and love it. Thank you for serving Him by serving us.
    May He continue to bless you and the ministry.
    In Christ, Noreen

  20. 1120
    Margaret Parsons says:

    I was in Lubbock yesterday and the Holy Spirit covered us up!!!! It was a fabulous day and lives were changed in many ways. I was so full when I left, but I could have spent several more hours hearing all that God had laid on Beth’s heart!

  21. 1121
    Ileana says:

    Was at Simulcast in Summerville SC – what a blessing! Your point #3 touched me. Extremely difficult situation in last 3 years. Was beginning to feel way out there out of God’s reach but you said “God has not lost you”. Praise God! Thank you for reminding me that I am still His child and He loves me. I will just keep trusting him. i know in due time all this will be for his Glory. God bless you!

  22. 1122
    JF says:

    New acrostic for ALSO: All Leaders Seek Others.

    I have been a lone ranger for too long. I need healthy friends.

    Thank you for your message on ALSO. God is inclusive!

  23. 1123
    Terry Hilliard says:

    Hi, Beth! I went to the conference in Lubbock and was so blessed. I came away so full of Jesus and His love for me. I cried like a baby as we sang “In Christ Alone.” Thank you and your group for coming and sharing, you were all major blessings.

    I had one question. The Praise Team led us in Just As I Am and then it went into another song. Could you find out were I can find that song so that we can do that at our church also during the invitation. I loved it.

    Once again, thank you so much for everything. God is good and when He’s not, HE’S GREAT!!!!!!

  24. 1124
    Renee Phillips says:

    Lubbock was AWESOME!!!!I appreciate Beth Moore, the whole ministry team….and especially Jesus….for all that was accomplished on saturday.
    I am the pastor of a small church in Odessa, TX and we are looking to improve on our worship, could I please have a list of all the songs that were done during the conference? I want to commend the team for reviving some of the old songs. That encouraged me it really honored all generations. The whole day was definatly a word from the Lord. THANKS BUNCHES!!!

  25. 1125
    Sheri Fobare says:

    Dear Miss Beth and all the girls and the whole huge team that produced and accomplished the Lubbock event & simulcast:
    thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I know what it takes to produce this kind of event. I’ve been in the music industry (both Christian & secular) for many years (but happily retired now).
    I had planned to see you’all in Baltimore but then heard of the cast in a little town near my home in the Adirondacks of NY.
    With all odds against me Saturday I was able to attend a little country church in Brushton NY.
    I was late, but arrived just in time for the worship – YEAH!
    …and then as faithful and precious as God is, He gave me His words to fill me up to overflowing. …and not just any words, but His words in confirming so many things, that were just perfectly for me.
    Blessings, blessings! blessings! and God’s grace and mercy to all who are serving on this tour.

    -sorry! soooo much longer than a paragraph!

  26. 1126
    Danni Marie says:

    I am responding to this blog two days late. However, I attended the simulcast myself on Saturday! It was a blessing to see you speak again, and listen to Travis Cottrell’s amazing voice (as well as worship team) as I went to the live conference in Minnesota back in May.

    My name is Danielle, and I attended the simulcast in Cokato, MN at the High School. πŸ™‚
    The biggest thing I am going through is that I am 10 weeks pregnant! πŸ™‚

    Hearing you speak again is very special to me, as the last time in May, I was praying heavily on whether it was time to conceive with my husband or not. It was about conquering my fears of uncertainty. I was so tangled up in that fear, but God is untangling me everyday!


  27. 1127
    Roxanne says:

    Roxanne, Frankfort, KY. I had such an amazing time at the simulcast! I wish I had seen this before Saturday. The word that spoke the most to me was: “God is good all the time, and when He doesn’t seem like it, it’s because He is great.”

  28. 1128
    Debbie-Can says:

    Hi Beth

    Oh my what a blessing to sit under your teaching on Sat. I was one of the ones at a host site here in Canada. I walked away feeling so enriched, I cant wait to sit down with my notes and just unravel all that you taught. God is Good.
    I am writing to see if it would be possible to get a copy of the statement we made to one another at the end.? I would so appreciate it that is for sure, was unable to write it down because I was speaking with another at the time.
    Just thought I would ask?

    • 1128.1
      Cindy Merrifield says:

      I would love to have a copy of that declaration also!!!!!

      • Deb says:

        Yes, I was also searching for the “Declaration” that we spoke over each other at the end. Please provide. Thanks so much! Once again – Beth and her teaching of The Word spoke volumes to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing God to use you Beth. I love you! πŸ™‚

  29. 1129
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Beth,

    I attended your simulcast event at Compass Church in Goodyear. It was the first time I had heard you speak, or heard anything from you period. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the event. I laughed, I cried and I felt so connected to you in this bond of christian sisterhood. Your humility, your humor, and hermenutics are wonderful! The biggest thing in my life right now is watching how the Spirit is sweeping me away with is direction after a looooooong period of wondering where was all this going.

    Thank you so much, you are a blessing!


  30. 1130
    Julie says:

    I loved the event. Thank you Beth for your teaching of Gods truths! When you shared the story about your dream I thought ok there is going to be a Word for me here. God totally led me to the simulcast. My husband did leave suddenly almost 2 years ago after 23 years of marriage. Please pray for us. I’m believing God for restoration. We remain married ( Col 1:17 has been one of my prayers) though the process has now begun as he has now filed. I’m standing for the marriage and believe that’s what Gid has asked me to do regardless of the circumstances. The circumstances are ugly but God is bigger. I’m thankful that I’m getting to know my Savior better through this trial and being alone with Him. Thank you for being a part of how He is equipping me. I saw you in May at Grace Church and have completed Daniel and Believing God. Thank you for your inspirational teaching and encouragement. You’re a gift!

  31. 1131
    Angela H says:

    Post-Simulcast note:
    Couldn’t sleep last night and was thinking about the simulcast. I think we missed some good words.

    Hermeneutia-(pronounced-hairminutia)noun; the interpretive details that a woman gives about her hair and the journey to its current state.

    Your Honorificlessness; a title bestowed upon a person who irritates one that leaves an alert recipient wondering if they have been knighted or severely demoted.

    In seriousness, besides the fact that these should be legal words if one comes by the right letters in Scrabble or Boggle-I also thought of this as I was flipping through my mental Scripture cards.
    “We also…”, “Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I too will love him and show myself to him.”(John 14:21). Jesus gave us the perfect example of learning to be a “we too”. (Also Phill 2:3-11)Let us!

  32. 1132
    Kassie Walls says:

    I am trying this again- if it is a double post- sorry.
    My question was are you going to have a copy of this I can download? I wasn’t able to go…

  33. 1133
    Jody says:

    Hey Beth,

    I watched the event at a simulcast location this past Saturday and took my mom with me. I have been a fan for awhile and was hoping that I could travel to the event in South Carolina but couldn’t make it. When I found out that a local church was hosting the simulcast event I knew I had to go. I loved it and so did my mom who is new to you. Thank you for your humility and for following God’s path for your life. Without you and your ability to teach like you do there would be a lot of women lost. You have helped me with my journey so much. I can’t wait to see you live one day soon. Come to Alabama!

  34. 1134

    If a picture is worth 1000 words, the picture of your friends riding horses with the Fire Showing up in the rear view mirror was so worth million words or books. I would love to receive a copy of that picture. When someone says that “Hell is not real.” it would be helpful to be able to pull out that picture and show them, that the unsaved person is in peril every minute of every day and that the fires of hell could be upon them at any time. None of us know when the Lord will call us home. The unsaved neighbor, co-worker or faimly member is in as much or more peril than the people running away from the fire. Perhaps this picture will insprie us to be bold and speak out about salvation rather than fearing that we will offend.

  35. 1135
    Laurie says:

    So excited to know there are fellow “milk carton shakers” and “salt-aholics” out there!
    We shake it because we grew up in a time when milk was delivered by the milk man, and it came with a little cream on top, so we shook it to mix it all up again. πŸ™‚

    As always, Jesus used you in a powerful way to delight my heart……to be refreshed by His love and Spirit. You are “good company” Beth Moore.

    Ride on Cowgirl!

  36. 1136
    Karen says:

    5 of my sisters and I came Saturday to simulcast in Wexford pa! They ALL want to know if they are my BFF! We were all so blessed by the whole day. Thank you to all of you who made it happen! I love you!

  37. 1137
    Stephanie B says:

    Psalms 92:4-6 is one of my favorite verses. Because I was 24 when I was saved. I indulged my self with Sex, Drugs, and Drinking before I moved to TN. I was invited to go to work with a co-worker and fell in LOVE with Jesus. My sister, who is a year older, is another story. She a what we call a C.E.O. (Christmas and Easter Only). And as much as I needed God to come into my life she needs it doubley so.

    Growing up with an alcoholic for a father plus aunts and uncles on both sides we have seen our share of partying. She on the other hand dabbled further than I ever got to but would have had I not met my savior. She started simply drinking, then smoking pot, to snorting cocain. On one of her party binges she had unprotected sex and is now the mother of the most amazing 19month old girl. She has stopped snorting cocain as far as I know but continues to drink and smoke pot. We live together and every night I watch her get drunk, even though she tries to hide it. I have been praying for so long for a way to minister to her to help her sober up and take care of her baby. I know she loves her and that she just can’t help it… ALONE!

    After your simulcast on Saturday my prayers were answered. Gods words in Luke 13:10-13 was a slap in my face to wake up to what He wants me to do for her. I want to Thank You for being such an amazing sister in Christ and helping Him show me what I was missing. I think now Psalms 92:4-6 will be come my sisters favorite passage if she accepts what I tell her.

    Psalm 92:4-6 You thrill me, LORD, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done. O LORD, what great works you do! And how deep are your thoughts. Only a simpleton would not know, and only a fool would not understand this.

  38. 1138
    Colette says:

    What an awesome day it was!!! I love you sooooo much!!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the Word!!! I am okay with being HIS “also”!!! And I am “straightening” up with the help of His Holy Spirit each and every day!! I love Him soooo much too!!!

  39. 1139
    Elizabeth Wood says:

    At the simulcast September 10, 2011, Beth Moore made a statement about Luke passing away at the age of 84 filled with the Holy Spirit . . . and I believe that she said he just went to sleep. I have been trying to find a reference about that and keep coming up with that he was possibly martyred. Can someone let me know where she found that information about Luke.
    We really appreciated the simulcast and the host church was great!
    Thanks, Elizabeth

    • 1139.1
      Beth says:

      It was from a second century historical writing called “The Anti-Marcionite Prologue to Luke.” As we shared in the session, when it comes to traditions and the writings of historians, we can’t be absolutely sure but one of my commentaries said this was among “the best records.” We don’t have any way of knowing for certain how Luke passed away but can you imagine the homecoming? He finally got to see the face of the one he’d investigated all his life. Hope that helps, Sister! Honored to serve you.

  40. 1140
    michelle gomez says:

    As of today-I have never \colored my hair! It naturally is red-and people are ALWAYS asking me what number I am (for a long time (since I am a hair dye virgin) I never knew what the heck they were asking me)
    On Saturday during your simulcast you mentioned you didnt know if you could trust someone who never had colored their hair πŸ˜‰ Well as of today I hope I am living proof that hair dye virgins are alright πŸ™‚

  41. 1141
    Marjo says:

    Dear Miss Beth and team,

    From the depths of my heart, I just want to thank you and your phenomenal team for an amazing experience last Saturday. Thank you all so much for deliberately living in the Spirit, for choosing to do God’s will in your lives. I see and hear Him so clearly through you. My prayer is that Jesus will continue His work through you all and I pray for Spiritual protection for you all too. May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and be gracious and give you peace!


    Marjorie Stevens

  42. 1142
    Cindy Merrifield says:

    Sweet Siesta Mama… THANK YOU! A word for each one of us? How about each session having a word for what is going on in my topsy, turvy, stressed and grieving world right now!! God has used you and your teachings mightily in my life, to bring me out of the pit, and He continues to do so!

    Watched you from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin!! Thank you! I love you!

  43. 1143
    Stephanie says:

    I was in the audience in Lubbock, and want to start by thanking you – you were amazing. My life has been flipped completely upside down in the last few months. Last spring, I was happily married, expecting my second child, loving life. Now, I’m a married “single” mother to a toddler and an infant, with a husband serving time in prison. Every single aspect of my life has been shaken. The last few weeks, my soul had become weary (along with the rest of me) and my faith was starting to show tiny cracks. After last Saturday, it is stronger than ever! It is amazing that you knew exactly what I needed to hear, and yes I recognize God’s hand in that. Thank you again for helping me find my strength to carry on.

  44. 1144
    Michelle says:

    I was at the spirit arena in Lubbock on Saturday and was so blessed to be a part of what God is doing thru you and your team. I was specifically touched when you described the time in your life that you were making so many bad choices even though you were a Christian. I have never been able to describe my own testimony as well as you did. I can remember crying and hating myself and pleading for forgiveness only to make the same choices again, and even now, 20 years later sitting in bible study thinking “none of these women would ever understand the depths of depravity I have been to”. Thank you and God bless you.
    P.S. You did mention point 7, you just didn’t say that it was 7;)

  45. 1145
    Barb says:

    Dear Beth & Siestas, I have to confess…that I allowed my feelings of rejection (just figured that out today) to take over on Saturday. I went to the simulcast alone (3rd one) & this was the 1st one that I was so uncomfortable that I left after the 30 minute break – I didn’t win the battle to go back in. It wasn’t anyone’s fault – only my own battle. I don’t think I was TCTBB because I WAS blessed!! But still feeling so alone, I couldn’t figure out how to deal with trying to find someone to pray with, the way we usually do at the end of an LPL. I just finished watching the 3rd week video of “Living Beyond Yourself” & realized what happened. So I missed the blessing of the last half of the simulcast but I believe I just received a powerful word & perhaps I wouldn’t have heard in quite the same way if I hadn’t been feeling so lonely & awful for not following God’s command to go back in.
    Thank you so much Beth for allowing God to speak thru you and for being so very REAL!! I love you!

    • 1145.1
      Barb says:

      I should have said that the Word I got this morning was that God, who is Agape, does NOT EVER stop loving us & when we give of ourselves to others & it seems like they don’t receive it, HE DOES – it never goes out un-received. That spoke volumes to me!!

  46. 1146
    Sarah says:

    Dear Beth,

    I am sorry I had miss the simulcast. God sent our little bundle, Joyce Ann to us on Friday morning. She is a very little bundle of 4# 9 oz but is full term, a few speed bumps of adjustment but we are home after 4 days. That is one reason I am very happy to miss the simulcast!

  47. 1147
    Cheryl says:

    What a Blessing to be able to watch from Wilmore, KY. The praise music and message were so full of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Beth for helping us women stay focused on the Lord.
    We are on week 8 of Esther and love God’s message. We are a group of divorced single women working hard to love God first and be great women for Jesus.

  48. 1148
    Jodene Shaw says:

    Beth, LOVED watching the simulcast from Spearfish, South Dakota…my issue was overwhelm with people…
    I just posted on my blog what the Lord taught me. I know you might not have time, but just thought I’d share my link…Thank yo SO MUCH. I love you from Jodene…siesta in South Dakota!

  49. 1149
    Diane Roth says:

    Diane, Florence Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear and will increase learning and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel. KJV

  50. 1150
    Laurie Mount says:

    Beth, I attended the Simulcast a few weeks ago and came home so filled up I thought I would burst. There are about a thousand things that I could tell you about the weekend, but we’ll save it for Heaven. But I wanted to tell you this….because it’s big…and no one could prepare me for how God was gonna use something you said (that I’m not sure you even planned on saying beforehand). Do you remember when you talked about your struggles as a teenager and blurted out what that child was screaming inside, “Can someone just help me??” Well…about a week ago we had been on a long car ride with our 5 year old who woke up suddenly as we were nearing home loaded for bear — cranky, crabby, obnoxious and unbending. She was kicking the back of my seat and would not/could not communicate what the burr in her saddle was about. I’m not sure she even knew! At any rate, my husband and I tried almost everything to get her to change her behavior. Nothing we did seemed to deescalate the situation. I know this whole thing sounds common and even silly but we were at a loss. We finally pulled in the driveway, got in the door and she immediately went to her room sobbing and shut her bedroom door. It was as if she could not pull out of it. I was standing in the kitchen listening to her from the other side of the door when your words hit me! That kid is screaming, “Can somebody help me?!” Tears filled my eyes as I gently spoke these words to her through the closed door, “Juliette, it’s Mom. Sometimes when I’m acting the way you are right now, I just need someone to help me be good. Do you need me to help you be good right now?” That door unclicked in a matter of seconds. That broken little girl threw herself into my arms and it was OVER! I held her for a long time and gave her the assurance that sometimes we all need help being good and that she could always come to me if she needed help. While she didn’t avoid the consequences for her behavior, my offer provided the way out of her sin. I kept thinking, “What if she could grasp that now at 5? What if she could continue to grasp that concept when she’s 15? and still at 55? And what if we could all start communicating that to each other in such safety and assurance that people would take us up on the offer? This experience hit me so much deeper than just handing me a solution to a fit-throwing 5 year old. It gave me a whole new perspective and compassion for those caught up in sin. There are so many bedroom doors we could be knocking on whispering those words. Oh, how I wish someone would have whispered that to me years ago! Bless you, Beth, for telling us what God puts on your heart. Ya just never know how God is gonna use it.

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