Simulcast, Anyone?? Your Mama Needs to Know

Hey, Siestas! Just a quick update to let you know that each of the ten scholarship tickets are now gone for the Lubbock location where it will be live. We would encourage you to click on the link below to see if you’re still able to join another simulcast location near you. Thank you so much!

Hey, you darling things! I’m just dying to know if any of you are participating in the Living Proof Live simulcast this coming Saturday. (Sept. 10th) God has made you such a huge part of this ministry and given me so much love for you that I wonder if you’re out there every time I serve on the road. Somehow (God alone knows how) you lend a very personal touch, giving me the sense of a close sisterhood even among many unfamiliar faces in that group of participants. It’s that feeling only God can bring where you feel loved and accepted even in all your quirks and mistakes.

SO, are any of you going? (If you don’t know anything about it, see the link at the bottom of this post to check on whether or not a host site is in your area. If so, please contact that location directly about available seating. We’d love to have as many Siestas as possible!) If you’re going, you’ll see three questions in the next paragraph that I’d love for you to answer. First, let me give you a few stats so that you’ll know what’s up. To God’s glory and purpose, there are 731 host locations in all this year. They are sprinkled throughout 48 of our 50 States and – are you ready for this??? – a whopping 31 of those 731 host locations are in CANADA! We were flabbergasted! So grateful to God. We also have host sites in 10 other countries. I’ll share those on Saturday. In addition, our gracious God is granting us the privilege of serving 3 military bases (so dear to this Army brat) and one women’s prison. I am without words to convey what the latter means to me. Many of us women know what it’s like to be imprisoned to something we feel we cannot escape. We are overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden (and grateful, prayerful, mindful) at the prospect of serving this large and very diversified group on Saturday. Our only hope is to be crucified to our own flesh and alive in Christ. Our competency is in Him. We gladly esteem every participant in the presence of Christ as better than ourselves. God alone can accomplish the task we have before us but He did not stir the whole concept up just to pull a no-show. He promises that He will be found by every person who sincerely seeks Him. Siestas, if you have ever prayed for us, pray for us now! We are trusting Jesus with everything in us to minister personally to each of those lives. We are pleading with Him for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Now, for those three questions! The insight you bring me is always gold. If you are participating in the simulcast, would you tell me …
*Your 1st Name?
*The location where you’ll be attending?
*ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? (Please just ONE and please make your description very succinct or I’ll never be able to read all of them. I want so much to look through them to gain insight toward our group on Saturday.)

Siestas, may I ask your sweet understanding and cooperation in limiting our comments to this post just to the ones attending the simulcast this weekend? You know I hate to do that but it will help immensely as I look through the comments to begin formulating a composite of the group on Saturday. Thank you so much!

P.S.  Be sure to hop on the blog tomorrow because I have someone really wonderful I want to introduce to you. You will know her WELL by this time next year!

I’m nuts about you.

Now, here’s that link in case you want to check on the nearest host site. Click Here: Simulcast Host Locations


P.P.S.  For any Siestas near Lubbock, where the live Simulcast site will be this Saturday, we are humbled to be able to offer ten scholarship tickets to those that would love to join us but just cannot afford a ticket at this time.  Call and ask for Kimberly or Susan at 1-888-700-1999.



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  1. 901
    Kristi says:

    1) Kristi
    2) Franconia Mennonite Church in Telford, PA
    3) Biggest thing? I’m on the steering team for the simulcast at our church. I’ve never been a part of something like this before, but I’m loving it! I’m soooo excited! Praying God will do an awesome work… in me and in others.

    Beth, for the past year, I’ve been asking you when you’re coming to Philadelphia! Well, we are about 25 mi. North-West of Philly and you are coming on Saturday!!! Yeah!!

  2. 902
    Marlene says:

    Franconia Mennonite Church, Telford, PA
    The biggest things in my life right now are my man and my 3 daughters, 21, 18 and 16. I am so blessed, they fill my life with joy! God has been so good to me!!

  3. 903
    Michele Smith says:

    Fairfield Church of Christ, Fairfield,Ohio

    My four year old granddaughter lives in a broken home where both parents are lost in sin. Her daddy doesn’t support her emotionally or financially and her mom has men that come and go out of her life.
    My granddaughter also suffers from Chiari Malformation.
    My heart is breaking!

  4. 904
    Kristi says:

    My name is Kristi of Abilene, Texas. I am so glad to be attending in Lubbock!!!!
    One of the biggest things in my life right now is that God is using my womb to grow a whole person! I am expecting a baby in late April/early May with almost the same duedate as a baby I lost to miscarriage four years ago. My two-year-old son is so curious about what we are talking about and keeps asking me, “Where’s the baby today?” Same place as yesterday, same place as tomorrow–in God’s hands. I trust Him so much.

  5. 905
    april says:


    His Place, Burlington Washington

    Abandonment issues from childhood that has been affecting my relationships with women.

    Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us all 🙂

  6. 906
    Elaina Tingley says:

    Praise Covenant Church, Tacoma, Washington
    To give me the strength to raise my children according to God’s word and principles and to be a Godly role model for my children as well.

  7. 907
    Theresa says:

    Alexandria, Kentucky. Coping with my husband’s continuing losses due to the progression of Parkinsons. Staying submitted to the Lord as I pray for him, yet watch increasing disabilities and injuries.

  8. 908
    Debra Funderburk says:

    Debra – Calvary Baptist Church – Many, La

    So excited – setup tonight – ready, set to go! My almost 16 yr old granddaughter – praying for protection from the evil one and for her to continue growing in her faith and love for God.

  9. 909
    Kimberly says:

    Meridian, ID!!!
    learning to trust God in the “wait”…

  10. 910
    Anne-Marie Campbell says:

    Faith Church, St. Thomas, Ontario, CANADA
    Being supportive to friends dealing with health & other issues.

  11. 911
    Gillian says:

    Westney Height Baptist Chuch Ajax CANADA
    The biggest thing in my life is my 4 grandchildren and Grade 9/10 teen girls I’ll be teaching twice a month from Sept – May. God’s wisdom to teach both groups.

  12. 912
    Melanie says:

    Melanie – will most likely attend at FUMC, Mexia, TX
    *Biggest thing I’m dealing with is teenage-hood (15 yr old son)…knowing how to keep discipling and communicating despite very limited time available and also struggling with how much to let go (freedoms vs responsibilities).

  13. 913
    Mendi says:

    Praying and crying out to the Lover of my soul for my sweet sister who is battling for her marriage and her children’s future. (and hopefully by my side at the simulcast!)

    • 913.1
      Mendi says:

      Apparently I can’t follow 3-step directions….I’m attending at Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Frederick, CO.

  14. 914
    Ann says:

    Pittsburgh, PA – Orchard Hill Church

    Biggest issue I’m facing right now? Trusting God for finances. Believing but scared.

  15. 915
    Cindy says:

    Name: Cindy
    Location: I will be in Lubbock with 23 ladies from our church in San Angelo, TX. So pumped.
    One Thing: Very rough last 5 years with my husband, lots of marriage therapy,individual therapy, not sure if he is a Christian-says yes but doesn’t show much fruit. No coincidence that Ive been doing intense BMBS (Beth Moore Bible Studies) the last 5 Years. God has carried me many days, months. He is so good to me. Still praying for my husband!!! Thank You Beth and Staff for your dedication to the One and Only!!!!!

  16. 916
    Lynn Miller says:

    Lynn. I will be live with you in Lubbock, and am absolutely giddy with excitement! My big thing right now is praying for my youngest son, who has been deeply in love with his God since he was a little bitty thing, but now, upon his recent graduation from high school, is telling us that he is doubting the existence of God, and is spending his time reading books about natural selection and aetheism.

    • 916.1
      Kelly says:

      I, too, have a son who has done the same thing. I just hang on to the fact that God has his heart in his hands. Blessings~

      • Lynn Miller says:

        You are so right, Kelly! Your comment reminded me of the verse that says that God has the names of our sons engraved on the palm of HIS hands. Yes, HE will take care of them. Thanks for your encouraging words.

    • 916.2

      Praying that the Holy Spirit who lives inside of him, as a seal and a guarantee (Eph 1:13-14), will remind your son of all the things Jesus has said (John 14:26). And that God will draw him to repentance by revealing His ultimate, unconditional, perfect, unending, relentless love (Rom 2:4).
      HE IS ABLE!

      • Lynn Miller says:

        Wow, thanks for that reminder, Courtney, to just trust in the power and the promise of the Holy Spirit! I think I will put Eph 1:13-14 to memory..that’s a great one, and it brings me peace. Thanks for your prayer! Yes, GOD IS ABLE!!

      • tiffany says:

        Thanks for the encouragement = our son who is a believer has wandered from the Lord

    • 916.3
      Ann says:

      Lynn –
      My 17 year old son has done the same thing. Even though he has let go of God, I know God has not let go of him.
      Godhasn’t let go of your son either. He is faithful. Praying and believing with you that our boys will become the men that God wants them to be.

  17. 917
    Kara says:

    1. Kara

    2. Lubbock, TX

    3. Trying to balannce being a wife, mother to an almost 1 year old, and a work at home mom with my own business.

  18. 918
    Tammy says:

    So excited to see you in Lubbock! Praying for you and so looking forward to what the Lord has for us this weekend! Biggest thing in my life is learning to parent my sweet kiddos in such a way that they will grow up to love Jesus!
    Your studies have been such a blessing in my life. May the Lord bless you for all that you have poured into the lives of others. Much love~ Tammy

  19. 919
    Sarah says:

    My name is Sarah, I will be a greeter and attending in Richland, WA, and one of my biggest things right now is trying to balance being a mom, wife, and teacher. I can’t wait to see/here you on Saturday!

  20. 920
    Pam Harkins says:

    So blessed to be attending the simulcast at First Baptist Chruch in Elgin, Texas. I am also thankful so many lives have been spared in the Bastrop, Texas fires. God is amazing.

  21. 921
    Geri Honeycutt says:

    I am attending the simulcast at The Crossing @ Birchwood in Chugiak, Alaska.

    This week has been a roller coaster. Our Pastor had a 4-wheeler accident, his daughter has kidney stones, my father-in-law had a heart attack and all my co-workers want to know what is wrong because I am so quiet this week. I am on the prayer ministry at our church and I have been praying for the simulcast all week. One thing I learned – I can’t talk and pray at the same time so I have been quiet.

  22. 922
    Cat Miglionico says:

    Yes I am attending a simalcast in Topeka KS. My biggest challenge is the finances of my husband’s business we want to honor God by being debt free but we are struggling to accomplish this honor.

  23. 923
    Ruth from North Idaho says:

    Ruth, attending at Lake City Community Church, Coeur d Alene ID.

    Where I ‘am’ right now, is learning in a deeper way how to wait on Him, abide in Him, and ‘do the next thing He tells me’, becoming a woman with One Focus, and all else eminating from that.

  24. 924
    Tammy Brinkley says:


    First Baptist Snellville,Georgia

    God is teaching me to listen better in my prayer time with Him. Ask Him what lie am I believing and “what do You want me to know about this?”

  25. 925
    Beverly says:


    Attending in Evans, GA

    My 7 year old girl is really going through Mommy separation anxiety – I just lost a close friend to ALS (one month ago today). This friend was mommy to my child’s friend — so my girl is struggling with needing to know where I am at all time. It is making school very difficult this year!!

  26. 926
    Deb H says:

    Meeting my sister who is my best friend ever in NH, driving from MA with one of my favorite siesta’s from our Bible study! Cannot wait to hear what God wants you to share!
    Safe travels for all!!

  27. 927
    Karen says:

    Birmingham, AL

    My mother was in the hospital for 19 days, discharged to a skilled nursing facility and readmitted to the hospital Thursday morning. I NEED a word!

  28. 928
    AmyB says:

    Franconia Mennonite, Telford, PA,
    Learning to commit to scripture memorization

  29. 929
    Marilyn says:


    Bethesda in Eau Claire, Wisconsin even though I’m coming from Minnesota!

    My oldest son just moved to Alaska with his wife and son (to live closer to her mom) and cannot find a job. We are praying so hard that the Lord would have mercy and be their provision. (My grandson will be one on Sept. 20!)

  30. 930
    Paula says:

    Probably too late for this but I will be attending simulcast at FBC-Arnold, MO. Sabbath. Resting in Him what I need right now.

  31. 931
    Charlene Martin says:


    “Consecrate yourselves, for TOMORROW the LORD will do amazing things among you”
    Joshua 3:5

  32. 932
    Jennifer Williams says:

    Beulah Baptist Church, Douglasville GA. (Woo_Hoo)
    The biggest thing: BALANCE! Learning how to serve the Lord, love my husband, nuture my 2 girls (5yr old & 2yr old), be a friend and keep my sanity among these and so much more:))

    P.S. Our group is so super excited to worship with you tomorrow!!!

  33. 933

    My name is Heather. I will be attending at Manley Baptist Church in Morristown, TN
    The biggest thing in my life: I am the mother of a 7 year old little boy who has an undiagnosed genetic syndrome with lots of challenges including being unable to communicate or care for himself AND a severe seizure disorder. My challenge is not knowing how to pray for my child. Should I accept him as he is and pray for strength to care for him or should I be bombarding Heaven with prayers for healing? Is my faith strong enough? What does God want from me in this situation?

  34. 934
    Debbie says:

    Richland Weslyan Church, Cresbard SD

    To raise teenagers that are godly in this world that is not, and one with special needs.

  35. 935
    Lori says:

    Lori, Austin, First Evangical Free
    Praying for husband to be spiritual leader of home… 10 year old son & 7 year old daughter.

  36. 936
    Yanna Westmoreland says:

    I am lifting LPL up in prayer as we prepare for the Lubbock Simulcast at our home church this morning. We will be making lunch for 300+ (college town so the plus should be huge). Thank You Father for this ministry. Keep all of them safe as they travel. Wash your Living Water over them and bless each and every word that comes out of Beth’s mouth, make a joyful sound through Travis and Father thank You for Your Son Jesus so that we have the opportunity to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. In Jesus loving Name I pray and praise. Amen

  37. 937
    Tanya Moore says:

    Tanya, West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, Tennessee

    I am a wife to a farmer and a mother of grown children – a married daughter in Pharmacy school, a son engaged to be married in December, and a Mom who is seemingly in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. I am also a Librarian in a public school.

    Love you Beth! Can’t wait!!

  38. 938
    Allison says:

    Anderson, SC
    Anderson University
    Struggling with FEAR and purpose

  39. 939
    Piyali says:

    Hello Beth! I am participating in a Simulcast in Albany, NY at Delmar Full Gospel Church, and I would say the biggest thing in my life right now, is that I am preparing for marriage next June. 🙂 God bless you for all that you do to inspire women all over the world!

  40. 940
    Melissa says:

    Oakdale, CA
    Major life upheaval; new season; need confirmation

  41. 941
    Pam, Pflugerville, TX says:

    I will be attending at The Fellowship in Round Rock, Texas.

  42. 942
    Corinne says:

    Bethel Church in Chehalis Washington
    My husband being diagnosed with very early onset Alzheimer’s (NO family history) two years ago at age 56 and the enormous changes in the life I once knew.

  43. 943
    Sherry says:

    Attending in Scottville, Michigan with my dear daughter-in-law. The biggest thing in life right now seems to be dealing with an unethical business competitor… it sucks the life right out of you…

  44. 944
    Carla says:

    O’Neill, NE – Yeah! First time to host a simulcast!

    My three sons. Ages 13, 10, 6. I’m loving being a full-time mom, but pray fervantly that we are raising them up in a way that pleases God and provides them a solid foundation upon which they will always stand.

  45. 945
    Kelly Rogers says:

    Struggling in marriage of 21 years….and have struggled most of that time.

  46. 946
    Susan says:

    Susan, Knoxville TN, First Baptist Concord

    Biggest challange,becoming the person God has called me to me. Stepping out of mediocrity to a place of mastery.

  47. 947
    Bonnie says:

    I saw you in Minneapolis this summer and have taken many of your bible studies over the last 2-3 years, which have had a profound influence on my spiritual growth and emotional healing. I’ll be watching your simulcast from Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN.
    At your Mpls event last summer, you offered some wonderful tools I’ve used to help overcome pride and negative thinking, including ‘zero-tolerance’. It has allowed me to move on to other issues during a most challenging time in my life. Now I am working on forgiveness and submitting to my husband who has been the cause of much pain . . . because I realize this is all part of God’s great plan for me. I look forward to your guidance and encouragement as I continue my journey.

  48. 948
    Mary says:

    Grayson UMC, GA
    Separated from my husband of 15 years due to adultery

  49. 949
    Laura says:

    I’ve already answered my three questions, but just wanted to make a quick comment that the pre-simulcast spiritual warfare is indeed heating up. And the enemy does not fight fair.

    In addition to the many accusations the accuser seems to be hurling at every sister in Christ that I know (drudging up dirt from many years gone by), a family member (sister in-law’s brother) just committed suicide yesterday. Please pray for my sister-in-law’s family – many of them are not believers and this is a blow that has stunned them beyond words. Oh that the Lord would bring the entire family to faith in Him through this tragedy!

    Praying also for all of you Siestas who will be attending. Don’t believe the lies or the distractions or reasons why you all of a sudden shouldn’t attend – stand on Truth!

    Thank you, Mama Beth, for encouraging us that intense warfare means God has something incredible planned for us at this Simulcast. We are praying for you, too!!!

    Lord, be with Beth in a special way today and tomorrow. Increase her love for you daily, even hourly. Let Your Holy Word move her heart according to Your Spirit. Let Your Word be her food, as she prepares to serve us and our sisters in faith around the world. Help us all to focus only on You and the great plans You have for us. AMEN!

  50. 950
    Barbara says:

    Struggling with overwhelming responsibility at work (having to find $13 million in budget cuts) — praying for God to do the impossible (i.e. no layoffs) while recovering from two rounds of chemo in the last year. Major struggle with energy.
    Barbara — will be watching from Kettering, Ohio

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