Simulcast, Anyone?? Your Mama Needs to Know

Hey, Siestas! Just a quick update to let you know that each of the ten scholarship tickets are now gone for the Lubbock location where it will be live. We would encourage you to click on the link below to see if you’re still able to join another simulcast location near you. Thank you so much!

Hey, you darling things! I’m just dying to know if any of you are participating in the Living Proof Live simulcast this coming Saturday. (Sept. 10th) God has made you such a huge part of this ministry and given me so much love for you that I wonder if you’re out there every time I serve on the road. Somehow (God alone knows how) you lend a very personal touch, giving me the sense of a close sisterhood even among many unfamiliar faces in that group of participants. It’s that feeling only God can bring where you feel loved and accepted even in all your quirks and mistakes.

SO, are any of you going? (If you don’t know anything about it, see the link at the bottom of this post to check on whether or not a host site is in your area. If so, please contact that location directly about available seating. We’d love to have as many Siestas as possible!) If you’re going, you’ll see three questions in the next paragraph that I’d love for you to answer. First, let me give you a few stats so that you’ll know what’s up. To God’s glory and purpose, there are 731 host locations in all this year. They are sprinkled throughout 48 of our 50 States and – are you ready for this??? – a whopping 31 of those 731 host locations are in CANADA! We were flabbergasted! So grateful to God. We also have host sites in 10 other countries. I’ll share those on Saturday. In addition, our gracious God is granting us the privilege of serving 3 military bases (so dear to this Army brat) and one women’s prison. I am without words to convey what the latter means to me. Many of us women know what it’s like to be imprisoned to something we feel we cannot escape. We are overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden (and grateful, prayerful, mindful) at the prospect of serving this large and very diversified group on Saturday. Our only hope is to be crucified to our own flesh and alive in Christ. Our competency is in Him. We gladly esteem every participant in the presence of Christ as better than ourselves. God alone can accomplish the task we have before us but He did not stir the whole concept up just to pull a no-show. He promises that He will be found by every person who sincerely seeks Him. Siestas, if you have ever prayed for us, pray for us now! We are trusting Jesus with everything in us to minister personally to each of those lives. We are pleading with Him for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Now, for those three questions! The insight you bring me is always gold. If you are participating in the simulcast, would you tell me …
*Your 1st Name?
*The location where you’ll be attending?
*ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? (Please just ONE and please make your description very succinct or I’ll never be able to read all of them. I want so much to look through them to gain insight toward our group on Saturday.)

Siestas, may I ask your sweet understanding and cooperation in limiting our comments to this post just to the ones attending the simulcast this weekend? You know I hate to do that but it will help immensely as I look through the comments to begin formulating a composite of the group on Saturday. Thank you so much!

P.S.ย  Be sure to hop on the blog tomorrow because I have someone really wonderful I want to introduce to you. You will know her WELL by this time next year!

I’m nuts about you.

Now, here’s that link in case you want to check on the nearest host site. Click Here: Simulcast Host Locations


P.P.S.ย  For any Siestas near Lubbock, where the live Simulcast site will be this Saturday, we are humbled to be able to offer ten scholarship tickets to those that would love to join us but just cannot afford a ticket at this time.ย  Call and ask for Kimberly or Susan at 1-888-700-1999.



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  1. 951
    Jennie says:

    I’ll be at the simulcast held in Pasadena, CA at Lake Avenue church. Oh, I am looking forward to this! The biggest thing that is going on for me right now is I might be losing my job. It has been in limbo all summer…I’m trying to rest in God’s peace and not let this completely wipe me out. I know He will take care of our family–it is just scary right now to be in the midst of the unknowing…
    Praying for you, Miss Beth, and can’t wait to worship the Lord with all you Siestas tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 951.1
      Bonnie J. Russell says:

      Dearest Sister Beth,

      I attended the Simulcast at First Baptist Church in West Plains, MO. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was blown away by the awesome love and power of our God through the ministry of the spoken Word and worship of our Lord.

      Bonnie J. Russell

  2. 952
    Angela says:

    Angela & Cheryl, Goodyear AZ Compass Community Church

    For Angela- Physical and emotional healing

  3. 953
    Tanya says:

    Tanya – Albuquerque, NM
    I am desperate for God to be my everthing. I know He is what I am craving in all areas I just struggle to let go of all the things I have put in place of Him.

  4. 954
    Jodie says:

    Name: Jodie
    Location: Lubbock!!
    Coming with 11 others from our church
    Biggest thing: Balance – balancing work duties, church opportunities to serve, checkbook, home life, family life, marriage…
    Thank you, Lord, for what you will say tomorrow. I am so ready to hear your Word from Beth!

  5. 955
    Joanne says:

    The ONE big thing in my life right now is: My group of :Study Sisters are together again to begin the new study of “David”. Oh, how I missed them during the summer and they missed each other. We fulfill each other as we come closer to our God and His Son Jesus Christ.

  6. 956
    Siesta Susan says:

    Susan, Daphne United Methodist Church, Daphne, AL:
    My husband and I have relocated to a new community and are praying and searching for a new home. We know God will lead us to the right home for us. We just have to be patient. Looking forward to hearing a fresh word from him tomorrow as my daughter-in-law and I attend the simulcast together.

  7. 957
    aimee says:

    2nd Baptist Church, Siloam Springs, AR
    Psalm 51:10 being a reality in my life. I’ve been praying this scripture for months now= I need it to be reality. Truth in my walk= evident= DAILY. But I am powerless on my own. Then= the weird thing ( God thing) is that I had no idea you were doing simulcast until THIS week = and when I heard the topic” Serving with a pure heart” I KNEW God was going to have a word for me tomorrow, so I am arriving anticipatory!!!

  8. 958
    Susan says:

    Can’t stop smoking

  9. 959
    Judy says:

    Judy, First Baptist Church Cleveland MS, empty nest

  10. 960
    Susan Hamill says:

    I am looking forward to attending tomorrows simulcast In Hamilton Ontario Canada. I received a personal response via a letter I wrote after attending the Toronto event. The scripture that was used helped to open my eyes that indeed God was going to do a new thing in my life and to forget the past. I had been thinking for so long things will never change and will always be this way, I was depressed. I relized this was a lie from the enemy and this conferense helped tremendously in the healing process. I was thankful for the compassion and concern shown by the response to my letter and for the prayers. I am looking forward to tomorrow. My marriage is still poor and lots of problems their. There is some emotional damage and its seems non stop the put downs and I have the children to thiink about. My oldest girl is 13. I have been praying and started taking a few course to do with children and youth. I know the time is getting closer and days are getting darker and children need to have the word of God hid deep into their hearts as I am sure the future will not get any easier for them. There is so many pulls and most of them are in the wrong direction. Also It would be nice to hepl them discern evil from good and lies from the enemy may try to use to pull them down. Like I always new God loves me but it took a while to sink down deeper in my heart from my head. I prayed this am and will continue to opray for this event andd that God will use , strenthen Beth , fill her with His Holy spirit and use her for His glory. Love a Ontarian Hamiltonian Siesta.

  11. 961
    Lori McKeen says:

    Attending in Manchester, Maine

    Uncertainty – in national affairs, financial issues, world issues, job market, family trials, etc. Lately everything seems to be in a state of flux and uncertainty. It makes trusting God in ALL things without giving way to anxiety more difficult!

  12. 962
    Carol says:

    First Baptist Church, Cary, NC
    It has been WAY too long since I’ve been in Bible study. When I saw the short video for this simulcast in my church a few weeks ago, it felt like receiving a big hug. I am so ready for a Saturday filled with Bible study and hugs!

  13. 963
    Tiffany says:

    Tiffany, Lubbock Texas
    I am at that place where you can either – hold onto the blessings God has already given you, and be comfortable or you can let go and allow God to move you into NEW blessings, which require TRUST and SACRIFICE! And no doubt, persecution, because some of it just doesn’t make sense if you look at it from the world’s perspective.

  14. 964
    Lisa says:

    My name is Lisa. I’m blessed to be attending from Greenwood, Indiana. Current main focus is being a single parent to a High School parent and finding ‘balance’. Looking forward to Saturday. Lifting you in prayer.

  15. 965
    Becca says:

    Peoples Church in Salem, Oregon
    I long for friendship.

  16. 966
    carly says:

    Hi! I will be attending tomorrow with a few ladies from church. We will be at new maryland, new Brunswick Canada. Currently, my husband and I are battling infertility. But it was through this that we both gained our faith in our precious Lord Jesus. My church family knows the struggles and the pain we have gone through and some can identify with our 5 year battle. It’s only through Christ that I live day by day and remember with each painful reminder of our lack of children, we don’t lack for love. All things are possible in Christ!!

  17. 967
    Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, Main Street Baptist, Alexandria, KY
    I am looking forward to deeper friendships through the event on Saturday, as well as a renewal of the heart.

  18. 968
    Valerie says:

    I recently found out my sister was sexually abused by my dad growing up. My brother refuses to believe it and won’t discuss it. Our family is broken.
    So looking forward to seeing you. I live in Lubbock, so I’ll be at the Spirit Arena. God bless your ministry!

  19. 969
    rhonda says:

    Dallas, TX

    We are financially tanking despite recent regular faithful tithing for the first time in our marriage. I didn’t expect an instant fix to our money problems, but I didn’t expect this…

  20. 970
    Yolanda says:

    1. Yolanda

    2. Live in Lubbock!

    3. Praying that by the way I handle my just beginning breast cancer journey will finally make my parents realize that God is real!

  21. 971
    Penny Henry says:

    Yes I will be attending with my daughterat First Babtist Proctorville in Ohio. We always try to ato attend. Im in such a need to be filled with the word it has been such a bad year I lost my mother in May and my husband has just lost his father. Im trying so hard to seek Gods comfort. My daughers have such a hard time loosing two grandparents in three monthe.

  22. 972
    Erin says:

    I will be in attendance in Lubbock. My goal tomorrow is to block out every other person there and consider this a personal invite to a meeting of just God, me and Beth. I have so much heaviness on my heart and am praying that God uses this time to free me and release me from this emotional pain!

  23. 973
    Margie says:

    Cathedral of Praise, North Charleston, SC
    Walking secure in what He has called me to.

  24. 974
    MaryD says:

    Attending simulcast at Christ the King Lutheran Church near my house in Charlotte… not my normal church… and I’m fairly new in Charlotte and don’t know anyone else who is attending! So I’m hoping it won’t be too awkward being by myself!

    Biggest thing on my heart these days: seeking God’s direction for this new phase of life… no more kids at home… no longer living overseas…

  25. 975
    Sunny says:


    Missoula, Montana

    Btw, I’m Texas girl who followed her man north to MT 7 years ago (Lonesome Dove, anyone?), so we don’t see family much. My mom will be attending the live version in Lubbock! I’m so excited we’ll be “together” at LPL tomorrow!!!

  26. 976
    Christie Reed says:

    Hi Beth! My name is Christie. I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak once live, & this Saturday will be my 2nd simulcast in Powell Butte, OR., which is a tiny town approximately 20 minutes from my home town of Prineville. You are such an inspiration to me & each time I hear you, I leave with a warmth in my heart & I get a little bit stronger in building my relationship with God back. I have felt for a long time that God has a special purpose for my life but I am having a really hard time answering his calling out to me.
    My mom said that she used to catch me having conversations with Jesus in my bedroom when I was just a toddler & I have never stopped talking to him but I cannot seem to find the strength inside me to turn away from the negative things in my life long enough to really hear him & be the person that I have always wanted to be. I was 6 or 7 years old when I asked Jesus into my heart & although I know he has never left me & never will, I know that he wants me to make some changes in my life because he has a bigger purpose for me in life. I have a 13 year old daughter & 8 year old son and I do tell them about God & have taken them to church a few times, but I am ashamed of myself for not giving them the opportunity to have a stronger relationship with God like my Mother did for me & my brothers & sisters.
    I am the baby of 5 kids & we are so blessed that our Mom took us to church every Sunday morning & night and Wednesday nights too! She raised us to know God’s word & I believe that is the best gift anyone can give their child. My mom is actually the reason that your simulcast’s were started in Central Oregon. She seen you live in either Portland, OR or Seattle, WA, Iโ€™m not positive which one, but your words touched her heart in an amazing way & she just knew she had to share that with the rest of the women in Central Oregon!
    I am praying that whatever it may be that God lays on your heart to speak about this weekend might be something that helps give me the strength I need to become the person I have always wanted to be & that He wants me to be & that it will open my eyes to see the path he wants me to be on.

    So to finally finish, I just wanted to say Thank You for being such an awesome human being & soldier for God. I pray that one day I will be as strong in relationship with God as you & my Mom are!!

    God Bless & I will see you Saturday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 977
    Laura Russell says:

    Laura and Janience-First Baptist Church of Welborne, Fl.

    Laura-emotional healing

  28. 978
    Mary says:

    Gray, TN Crossroads Christian Church
    New baby and heading back to work soon

  29. 979
    AmyLynn says:

    Hi Beth:) I’m going with my mom, sister, and several women from my church
    Chicago, IL

  30. 980
    Michele McCullough says:

    Place: Minier, IL. @ Minier Christian Church
    Biggest thing: Finding a church home since our previous church stopped having services and maybe help getting the our two handicapped children ready.

  31. 981
    Sheri Beersman says:

    Hi Beth.

    My name is Sheri. I will be attending with my mentor and siesta Terri at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. The biggest thing in my life right now is that my son is going through a nasty divorce and they have a one year old baby. There is wrong on both sides, but our family isn’t being allowed to see our granddaughter. It’s painful and I’m having personal trouble just keeping myself in check. I am angry–and I want to lash out. So far (It’s been going on for 10 months) God has kept me from being hateful.

    Praying for you and your team this weekend! We can’t wait to go to the simulcast!

  32. 982
    Barb says:

    Name: Barb
    Location: Cottonwood, AZ
    ONE of the biggest things in my life right now: Reconnecting with my estranged daughter who is struggling with past & present issues & she is still believing the Krishna religion but keeps reconnecting with me. Praying so heavily for her return to Jesus, for healing of her mental health, the truth to be known by all, healed relationships & wisdom to be the mother she needs me to be!! So many prayers about all of this but that is sort of it in a nutshell. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will ‘see’ y’all tomorrow! much love, Barb

  33. 983
    Stefanie McClurg says:

    Stefanie-Spring Hill First Baptist Church, Longview, Tx- My biggest thing is being a wife, mommy, and going back to college full time!

  34. 984
    Deane says:

    Trying to lead our home spiritually bc my man believes but his rel. w/ the Lord is not as deep as mine.

  35. 985
    Pam says:

    Pam, Northside Baptist Church,Wilmington NC
    some strongholds I need to let God have control of

  36. 986
    April Childress says:

    My name is April

    I am attending Franklin Christian Church in Franklin, Tn

    My daughter was diagnosed with Luekemia in November of last year and has had alot of “Scary moments” including a respritory failure in Jan. but is in maitenance and doing well. Trying to understand how to live one day at a time!

  37. 987
    April Childress says:

    Hey Beth sorry, I just left the post about my daughter being diagnosed in November with Leukemia. I wanted to add she is 3 years old….Can’t wait for tomm.

  38. 988
    LaRee Wilson says:

    LaRee–Tucson, AZ

    Biggest thing in my life right now is deciding whether or not to take a promotion at work.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow…needin’ me some Beth!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 989
    Karen hunter says:

    1. Karen
    2.Wexford Pa
    3. Loneliness and isolation….feeling it at home, at church, even with God

  40. 990
    Debbie says:

    Attending @ NorthePoint Church in Adairsville, GA. My biggest thing is discovering God’s lead as a newly retired wife- what now?

  41. 991
    Michayila says:

    Michayila-trying for Lubbock-biggest thing is HUGE transitions as I just moved from CO to Houston area by myself just a month ago not having job and not knowing anyone yet

  42. 992
    Melinda says:


    Eugene, OR

    currently visiting churches and praying

    The biggest thing going on in my life is relationships and life changes. My husband may be retiring soon and we are not ready for it. But thankful we have a retirement.

    Much love to you, Beth, family and staff

  43. 993
    Courtney Beth says:

    Courtney is going with with three dear friends to the Riverside Community Church in The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills – Still working on my Prepare notes from the Living Proof in Columbus, Ohio! and my cd’s of Beth reading her SO LONG, INSECURITY, YOU’VE BEEN A BAD FRIEND TO US! & the Group Experience. God Bless you! thanks for the insights and praying God will guide each one to spiral up in the face of life, can I quote you?xoxo page 105 Group Experience So Long Insecurity. “GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, AN EVER-PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE. THEREFORE WE WILL NOT FEAR.” Psalm 46:1-2 My fervent prayer for all the women in this group is that God has worked mightily in your lives. May you continue to challenge each other, strengthen each other, and build each other up as you rest ever more solidly in the security Christ has given you.” xoxoThank You Beth! we love you, we like you, we miss you! Siestas Courtney, Barb, Cindy, & Brenda

  44. 994
    Kay Bailey says:

    i need to know what time the simulcast will begin tomorrow morning ? i am on eastern time…

  45. 995
    Roxann says:

    Lubbock United Spirit Arena
    Oh my JELLY — so excited!
    Wanting SO badly to camp Out so that I can get right up close.
    Being obedient instead to Holy Spirit and gonna get there
    At the same time that I would any other time I was going
    To meet Jesus- punctual but not anxious for the perfect seat:)
    I think you are precious and
    Wonderful and I’m praying so hard for God to continually remind me that
    Tomorrow is about Him- not you. (I tell you this because I know
    That that is your heart as well)
    Much love seester!
    Roxann StClair
    Shallowater , Texas

  46. 996
    Jamie says:

    Jamie – Hillsboro, IN Church of the Nazarene – Biggest thing is trying to heal since my baby boy died this year

  47. 997
    candi says:

    I am Candi I will be attending this simulcast at Northpointe Church in adairsville GA. Biggest thing in my life right now. I would have to say is recentering my life. One of the best times in my life was after I did my very foray bible study at my church and it was your tabernacle study revisited. I found my relationship with God there and want nothing more than to be in that place again.

  48. 998
    Shelly McGowan says:

    Shelly, Joining you from Greenville, NC

    My big thing is Lydia Byrd (my sister’s 7 year old daughter). Lydia’s brain tumor is starting to cause significant changes in her sweet little body and we just don’t know where we’ll be in the weeks to come. I’m holding fast to the fact that my God will shelter us in this storm. “H-O-L-D-F-A-S-T. God has set his love upon me.”

  49. 999
    Clara says:

    Clara, Clinton Rd. Baptist Church, Clinton, NY – my biggest thing right now is trying to be a great wife and mother, as a military spouse, faraway from family, and homeschooling my three young children.

    • 999.1
      Robin in New Jersey says:

      Hi Clara~~My husband went to Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. We lived in that area (Utica, Sauquoit) for several years. Have you found a good homeschool support group?

  50. 1000
    Elaine Pierce says:


    Life Church, Cookeville, TN

    My wonderful, Christian husband of 30 years just filed for divorce this past Tuesday. I will be starting a new job in October after having stayed home for 27 years raising three awesome children, and looking for a new place to live. Please pray that through it all, i would know Him more, be glorified, and walk through this with His grace and integrity. I know He can and will redeem all things in His time.

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