Simulcast, Anyone?? Your Mama Needs to Know

Hey, Siestas! Just a quick update to let you know that each of the ten scholarship tickets are now gone for the Lubbock location where it will be live. We would encourage you to click on the link below to see if you’re still able to join another simulcast location near you. Thank you so much!

Hey, you darling things! I’m just dying to know if any of you are participating in the Living Proof Live simulcast this coming Saturday. (Sept. 10th) God has made you such a huge part of this ministry and given me so much love for you that I wonder if you’re out there every time I serve on the road. Somehow (God alone knows how) you lend a very personal touch, giving me the sense of a close sisterhood even among many unfamiliar faces in that group of participants. It’s that feeling only God can bring where you feel loved and accepted even in all your quirks and mistakes.

SO, are any of you going? (If you don’t know anything about it, see the link at the bottom of this post to check on whether or not a host site is in your area. If so, please contact that location directly about available seating. We’d love to have as many Siestas as possible!) If you’re going, you’ll see three questions in the next paragraph that I’d love for you to answer. First, let me give you a few stats so that you’ll know what’s up. To God’s glory and purpose, there are 731 host locations in all this year. They are sprinkled throughout 48 of our 50 States and – are you ready for this??? – a whopping 31 of those 731 host locations are in CANADA! We were flabbergasted! So grateful to God. We also have host sites in 10 other countries. I’ll share those on Saturday. In addition, our gracious God is granting us the privilege of serving 3 military bases (so dear to this Army brat) and one women’s prison. I am without words to convey what the latter means to me. Many of us women know what it’s like to be imprisoned to something we feel we cannot escape. We are overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden (and grateful, prayerful, mindful) at the prospect of serving this large and very diversified group on Saturday. Our only hope is to be crucified to our own flesh and alive in Christ. Our competency is in Him. We gladly esteem every participant in the presence of Christ as better than ourselves. God alone can accomplish the task we have before us but He did not stir the whole concept up just to pull a no-show. He promises that He will be found by every person who sincerely seeks Him. Siestas, if you have ever prayed for us, pray for us now! We are trusting Jesus with everything in us to minister personally to each of those lives. We are pleading with Him for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Now, for those three questions! The insight you bring me is always gold. If you are participating in the simulcast, would you tell me …
*Your 1st Name?
*The location where you’ll be attending?
*ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? (Please just ONE and please make your description very succinct or I’ll never be able to read all of them. I want so much to look through them to gain insight toward our group on Saturday.)

Siestas, may I ask your sweet understanding and cooperation in limiting our comments to this post just to the ones attending the simulcast this weekend? You know I hate to do that but it will help immensely as I look through the comments to begin formulating a composite of the group on Saturday. Thank you so much!

P.S.  Be sure to hop on the blog tomorrow because I have someone really wonderful I want to introduce to you. You will know her WELL by this time next year!

I’m nuts about you.

Now, here’s that link in case you want to check on the nearest host site. Click Here: Simulcast Host Locations


P.P.S.  For any Siestas near Lubbock, where the live Simulcast site will be this Saturday, we are humbled to be able to offer ten scholarship tickets to those that would love to join us but just cannot afford a ticket at this time.  Call and ask for Kimberly or Susan at 1-888-700-1999.



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  1. 1
    Kristina says:

    Kristina ~ First Baptist Church Allen, TX. The biggest thing in my life right has been leaving my home church for a new congregation.

    • 1.1
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Kristina,

      I attend FBC Allen and am so excited you’ll be coming to the Simulcast on Saturday. I’m not sure if FBC Allen is the new congregation of which you speak, but if it is, it would be wonderful for you to get plugged in at our church through a Bible Fellowship Group. There are plenty of options for adults down to the babies. New members usually check out the “Connections Class” led by our Education Minister and then transition into a BFG (aka Sunday School) that fits their situation best. Prayers for you as you find a new church to call home. I hope our paths cross in the future.

  2. 2
    Ronda says:

    1. Ronda
    2. Heath, Ohio
    3. biggest thing in my life right now? I’m waiting, trying to be patient and waiting on a baby – my husband and I are adopting our 2nd baby.

  3. 3
    Sherree says:

    FBC Mansfield TX
    Feeling like I’m just going through the motions with God right now.

  4. 4
    Stacey Redding says:

    Central Baptist Church, Corbin, Ky
    My marriage and raising a 5year old and a 2year old who Love the Lord and Love Others!

  5. 5
    Christy says:

    Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh, NC
    Trying to have a positive attitude in circumstances that I cannot control but effect me directly.

  6. 6
    Sarah M says:

    Port St. Joe, FL – Long Avenue Baptist Church
    The longing and desire to be in Full Time Ministry, yet at the same time growing weary in Part Time Ministry because so often I find my hands tied due to time restraints, (since I work a Full Time job in addition to the Part Time Ministry) if that makes sense. I want it all to go toward serving God!

  7. 7
    joann switzer says:

    My name is JoAnn and I will be at the Macedonia Baptist in Owensboro, KY. One thing I am dealing with right now is training my children to have a personal walk with God (2 sons, aged 23 and 21 and 2 daughters, aged 16 and 11). I am encouraging them to transfer their dependence from me to God and see Him, not just as their Saviour but as their LORD. Can’t wait to see you and hear what God has put on your heart. You are an awesome mentor for me! Praying God will use you in a powerful way on Saturday.

  8. 8
    Michele says:


    1. Michele

    2. Clinton Road Baptist Church, Whitesboro, NY 13492
    It is an hour drive (No hosts in SYR), but I am grateful to be able to go, looking forward to it!

    3. Issue – I hate going to my church and absolutely DREAD the thought of spending another winter here, but I don’t see God opening up any doors in the south yet. Do I just step out in faith and head that way? So I guess my issue is knowing God’s will -or worse case -how to wait in current frustrating situations.

    See you Saturday!

  9. 9
    Kristy says:

    Princeton Church of God, Princeton NC!
    *ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? spiritual warfare – I don’t want to get any more specific than that because it would not bring Him glory to broadcast any details out. =)

    Sorry but I also want to throw in…I think I am bringing my 10 year old daughter…she has been begging to come see you speak for several years. Funny story this week – her Sunday night class is doing your kids version of Jesus – the One and Only and my 7 year old son hollered out “hey y’all that’s Ms Beth”…like you were part of our family…the other kids were clueless but mine spotted your perfect hair a mile away! Thanks for being one of us!!!

  10. 10
    Candace says:

    Our church is hosting! Manley Baptist Church in Morrisown, TN!!
    One thing right now: I am desperate for wisdom, grace and gentleness as a mother.

  11. 11
    Dawn says:

    1st Baptist Church Covington, Georgia
    ONE of the biggest things in my life right now is dealing with the fact that I have a senior in high school and I only have a few more months with him until he goes off to college. I have many insecurities and fears like…”did we do everything we could to lay the best foundation possible for him or have we just royally messed him up?” And I am already feeling the anxiety of having a huge void in my home. He is such a presence that it’s killing me to think he won’t be around every day.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, Leonardtown, MD (still not sure if I can attend), years ago husband lost ministry, now in addiction, needs healing from so much pain. He’s such a good man who just wants to serve the LORD but can’t.

  13. 13
    Holly says:

    1. Holly
    2. Mountain Bible Church in Payson, AZ
    3. Learning to navigate the rough waters of a family member that is choosing to stuff sooooo many things into her life, except Jesus. Those decisions are affecting the tender little hearts of 2 little boys that absolutely own my heart.

  14. 14
    Sarah says:

    Yes I will be attending as long as our baby is not born! Sarah, Dungeness Community Church Sequim, Washington, aside from the above a very dear friend returning to Malawi. We hope to attend together!

  15. 15
    Stacey says:

    Location – The Church at Grace Park

    White House, TN

    One of the biggest things in my life right now is homeschooling my kids, matter of fact, that is 85% of my life!!!

  16. 16
    abby says:

    Lubbock, TX
    Patience & obedience as I wait on the Lord’s plan!

  17. 17
    Stephanie says:

    Lubbock, TX

  18. 18
    Ashley says:

    1. Ashley
    2. Halesford Baptist Church, Wirtz, VA
    3. Struggling with obedience

    Can’t wait to see you, Mama Beth, and to hear the voice of God through yours. Praying for your entire team.

  19. 19
    To Know Him says:


    Jacksonville, Illinois

    Wanting to break free from Fear for good. Redefining my faith on what is truth of who God is…Getting back to the basics of doctrine.

  20. 20
    Taylor says:

    Name: Taylor
    Location: Las Vegas
    One of Biggest things in my life: Everyday, real-life wisdom about how to interact with a very present guy who is interested in me–of whom I am not interested.

  21. 21
    Joan says:

    Hi Beth,
    I am Joan. I will be attending by myself in Roseville, Michigan. The biggest thing in my life right now is the “empty nest syndrome” and reconnecting with my husband.

    Thanks for asking!!

  22. 22
    Mary F from Houston says:

    I did not see a host location in Houston this time, so I contacted First Baptist in Willis and they are holding a ticket for me. It is just up Highway 45 a little ways, so not too far to drive to get an encouraging word from the Lord through our Siesta Mama on Saturday morning! My daughter remarried and moved with her three children to Fort Worth (Keller) over the summer. I am adjusting to having them further than 20 minutes away for the first time….

  23. 23
    Carol says:

    Kearney, Nebraska
    Sober from porn 4 yrs; still struggle with idol worship of self (self-gratification). Desire to walk in God’s will as he directs me towards ministry – speaking to women.

  24. 24
    Dee says:

    Middletown Church of the Nazarene, Middletown,IN
    health issues

  25. 25

    I was not planning to attend because we could not afford it so I wrote it off. However, I went to church this Sunday and my church that is hosting decided to offer it FREE of charge.

    That’s right FREE!! I took that as a sign from the Lord that I an supposed to be there.

  26. 26
    Karen says:

    My mom is showing some early signs of dementia and it’s just sad to see and hurts that this has started. She forgets her bills, that sort of thing.

  27. 27
    Joyce Mitchell says:

    Will be attending Gladeville Baptist Church in Gladeville, TN

  28. 28
    Cindy says:

    Can’t wait til Saturday!

    Raleigh NC
    Waiting and waiting and waiting on God to open doors.

  29. 29
    Laura says:

    Attending at Hope Baptist Church in Manchester, Maine.
    One of the biggest things in my life right now is learning how to earnestly seek the Lord’s guidance in all areas of my life, and specifically for career moves and possible relocation.

  30. 30
    Karen says:

    I will be attending at First Baptist Church in Mt. Home, Ar.

  31. 31
    Kacie says:

    CUMC Fayetteville, AR
    I’m transitioning between college and the working world and trying to find my place.

  32. 32
    Mary H says:

    Mary H. (attending with my mom who is not a siesta.)
    Jackson Way Baptist Church
    Huntsville, AL

    Teaching my 12 year old daughter to be in the world…but NOT OF the world. Teaching her Self-control when everyone around appears to have none. Then modeling this for her…this is the hardest part.

  33. 33
    Julie Plosz says:

    Simulcast location -Plymouth Covenant Minnesota I will be there by myself but not alone cause I have a friend attending at Hillcrest Ap, Moose Jaw SK Canada. love that!
    Biggest thing- another move, last one not quite 2 years ago, So from the great white north of Canada, a hop to Minnesota and now to Tampa, Florida- the unknown and being unknown

  34. 34
    Susan says:

    Name: Susan
    Location: Salem NH
    Biggest things: Learning to live in the confidence I have as a child of God.

  35. 35
    ForeverHis says:

    Lawan- I live in Lawton, OK and there is a simulcast about 1 hour away but I am going to Lubbock to see you in person! So excited!

    Have some people in my life that I am praying will submit to Jesus.

  36. 36
    Tricia says:

    1. Tricia

    2. Alexandria Ky Main Street Baptist Church

    3. Spiritual Warfare with my sweet 7 year old daughter. Discipling her.

  37. 37
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Beth,


    Bethany Community Church, St. Catharines, CANADA

    Struggling to find a job and I’ve lost part use of my left arm.

    See you, Saturday!

  38. 38
    Alice Williams says:

    Hey Beth,I will be attending the simulcast at Flint Grove Baptist in Gastonia, NC. This is my 5th one. I also came to the LPL event in Char. NC this past July. My biggest thing right now is knowing God’s leading and not my own twisted will. My deepest desire is to serve Him and please Him by doing what He desires for me. I love what I am doing, teaching a small group at work,they are great, and I just started teaching SS at my church,they were so eager and it started off with great interest but now it seems to have faded…and I am crushed. Take care Beth.

  39. 39
    Rebecca says:

    Bringing my daughter too in CANADA!!!

  40. 40
    Tiffany says:

    High Pointe Community Church, Byron Center MI
    Struggling with finances and weight issues but by the Grace of God things are getting better

  41. 41
    Rachel says:

    1. Rachel

    2. My home church is not hosting, so I will be attending at Compass Community Church in Goodyear, AZ – about 30 minutes due south of us.

    3. As a newlywed, learning how to lovingly discuss hard things with my husband, especially regarding intimacy or our own sins, and seeking God’s guidance in these areas.

  42. 42
    Mary-Ann says:

    2. Lake Park, GA
    3. Son’s divorce.

  43. 43
    Kathlenn says:


    Live in Katy TX. Attending with my daughter Melissa age 11 at Westland Baptist Church, Katy, TX. Oh, how I would have loved to be there this weekend. My husband went to Texas Tech and this is Melissa’s first Simulcast. We are very excited about this Mother/Daughter day out. Can’t wait.

    We are praying for you as you prepare for this event. Thank you so much for doing this. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy always.

  44. 44
    Alicia says:

    Kingsville, TX
    Balance. Being a wife. Being a new mother. Being HIS daughter. Being me.

  45. 45
    Amy, St. Louis, MO says:

    1) Amy

    2) Simulcast location: West County Assembly of God, St. Louis, MO

    3) Biggest Thing: Walking through divorce and all the changes that come with it. My husband of 3 years has decided to leave our marriage. Trying to see God in all of this and His plans for my life as He “recalculates” it (think GPS speak)! Jer 19:11 (my SSMT verse for Aug 1).

    I have been looking forward to the simulcast since last year’s – – and had no idea how ready I would be for a “Word from God” (given how difficult the past year has been) as I have heard from Him at every single LPM event I’ve attended!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Siesta Mama & Co.!

  46. 46
    Misty says:

    Will be attending in Lubbock!
    issue: dealing with two close family members’ chronic illnesses

  47. 47
    Christine says:

    1. Christine
    2. First Baptist Church Villa Ridge, MO
    3. Loving like Jesus and being like Him to my husband and our children. I stay at home with our 4 yr. old, twin 16 mo. olds and 2 mo. old and I love it, but I’m so thankful that “His mercies are new every morning.”

  48. 48
    Angie says:

    1. Angie
    2. First Baptist Church Richmond, Missouri
    3. Caring for elderly parents (81 and 82 years of age) and praying and believing for their salvation.

  49. 49
    Blaire says:

    My name is Blaire. I’m so excited to say I’m coming to lubbock to see you live! I am so excited to be there in person! I have already been lifting this weekend up and asking the Lord to speak through you. I’m asking the Lord to meet me there. I have been struggling with fear and I have been crying out to the Lord for a revival in my heart and for him to be ever so close! I’m expecting and believing for big things this weekend!
    In Christ,

  50. 50
    Debbie says:

    Debbie, attending at Eastridge Church in Clackamas, OR with my daughter. Whoop!!
    My fervent prayer for my children, especially my son, to desire a relationship with Jesus. My heart breaks for him.

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