Any of you remember this look??

A really good, lifelong friend of mine (Kim Gannon) emailed me this picture just for grins yesterday. (Her daughter, Shannon, is well into her college years if that tells you how old the picture is.) It not only made me laugh. It also made me smile, if you know what I mean. There’s a difference between something making you laugh and something making you just-plain-old-smile. I thought it was kinda sweet. That’s why I smiled. That’s one very subtle way to bear the Name, isn’t it? But, of course, now I’m wanting to laugh about it again. It’s too bad you can’t see the jeans underneath. I bet anything they came all the way to the waist where they were tightly cinched by a narrow band then did a very unflattering, pleated poof right around the tummy. They were hideous.That’s my house, by the way. It’s terrifying that I stood that close to an open flame with all that hairspray. My courage knew no end.

Do any of you older Siestas remember when we used to make these kinds of Christmas sweatshirts?? This one was amazingly understated compared to the others. (Kim made these for both of us as I recall.) Some of mine had so many 3-dimensional trinkets sown and glue-gunned onto them that I couldn’t even wash them. I just stunk for Christmas. Surely some of you remember the applique days. They certainly were not limited to Christmas but they were overwhelmingly thematic. You know how we put out decorations on our doors and in our houses throughout the seasons of the year? This was a way of actually wearing them on your person.

You young women on here have no idea what your big sisters have been through.It’s a wonder we don’t have to take medication to talk about it.

So, here’s a fun question: What do we (or you) wear today that you think we’re going to mock and scorn ourselves for later??


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  1. 301
    Dawn says:

    I don’t personally have a tattoo, but I think they are going to be a sore spot for many women in the future…for me: stirrup pants! In older pics my daughter just cracks up and cannot believe we wore them 🙂

  2. 302
    JJ says:

    Ruffles, body piercing and deep v cut shirts.

  3. 303
    Shelli says:

    The only thing I can think of is the many animal prints that I wear today…I like it now..but in the future it might look a little crazy!!:) I also remember the Christmas sweatshirts. My freshman year of college (1990) we made sparkly Christmas sweatshirts…I have photos of the sweatshirts, but I no longer have the actual sweatshirt. 🙁

  4. 304
    Dawn Deare says:

    Love the sweatshirts. I can remember having a Christmas sweater or shirt for everyday in December back in the early 90’s. I even had a picture taken in one of them with my brother. Even had the santa earrings on! What a hoot.

  5. 305
    Karol says:

    I’m thinking some of the eyeglass frames that have been popular for a few years now might be fodder for some giggles when we look back on our photos. I wear them too.You know, the ones with the side arms with girrafe and zebra print, the big designer letters, rhinestone designs, Vera Bradley prints, dual colored, crazy colored, lacy cutouts, etc.

  6. 306

    Oh, my goodness! My sister’s hair still looks like that! Could somebody please travel to Enterprise, Oregon and tell my sister the 80’s are over!Except, umm, have any of you been to the mall lately? Apparently they’re back. I knew we were in big trouble when I went back to school shopping last summer with the girls and seriously saw high school and college girls wearing those raggedy shirts with one shoulder falling off. Do any of you remember those? That is so wrong. Nobody should have ever brought those back. I nearly fell over. Then, I told my daughters that I’d be fine as long as I never saw leg warmers again! Guess what I saw in every store in the mall Saturday? Uh-huh. They even brought back the leg warmers. I refused to wear them when they were in style. I also refused to put my finger in a light socket to do my hair every morning! Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly the popular girl in school, but I wasn’t since I was a small child anyway, so I figured what’s the point in doing all of that if nobody’s going to like me anyway? I never got into the hair or makeup thing until I got on rodeo court as a rodeo princess and they made me. Then, I thought, wow, if I’d known how fun this was (or had anyone around to teach me how!) I might have done this a long time ago. Okay, to be fair, I did have an older sister, but she hated me! But, I seriously died over the leg warmers, and then remembering that I never actually owned a pair, I actually thought about buying some. Don’t worry, I put that thought out of my head before it could make me sick! Considering all I wear (since I can’t afford to shop for real) are jeans and t-shirts. My sister hasn’t gotten over the eighties, I haven’t gotten over the nineties!

    • 306.1

      Oh, yeah. I never actually finished that thought! I’m ADD, for real, so you’ll have to forgive me. I was going to say I seem to be playing it safe and seriously doubt if I’ll regret anything. Of course, someone my age who’s given birth three times, probably should not wear low-rise jeans, which I do. Just sayin….

  7. 307
    Katherine says:

    Mark my word – SHOOTIES. Even the name is ridiculous!!

  8. 308
    J says:

    Lace, two toned hair, metallics, faux fur.

  9. 309
    Erin Marie says:

    Jeggings!!!! I’ll own up to it…I won a pair!!!

  10. 310
    Kelly Davis says:

    The Christmas sweatshirts have long been a funny topic around my house during the holidays. Of course, I still have them! Who knows? They may come back in style! Anyway, my 25 year daughter had a dress up day last year at her school and it was “Christmas Shirts Like Your Mom Wore”. Wow! That was such a hoot! She did good and resembled “those days”! I actually have some matching holiday shirts that I had made for both of us. Thanks for bringing that memory back!

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