Just Wondering What You’re Up To

Hey, Darling Things!

I’m working from home today and thought I’d take a little break and let my study-brain relax a minute and tune my heart into Siestaville. Let me tell you how proud I am of you for clocking in with the same general number of 2nd verses as you did your first verses. The hard part is not the start. It’s pressing on all the way through the year to the finish. But, then, like all runners that make it across that beautiful line, we get to celebrate a huge victory that only comes to those who sweat it out. We give all praise and glory to our empowering, sustaining God and sit back for a reflective moment, take a deep breath, and feel His glorious good pleasure. Community will become more and more essential as we realize that, without making a public commitment and running the race beside a host of others in this Scripture memory marathon, we’ll probably fizzle out. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re more successful at this together than we are separately. It’s God’s way.

Yesterday was a really fun day at LPM. I already put this on Twitter but it took about a half a dozen of our staff members to put together additional shelves for the books Melissa has acquired since she last worked within the ministry office.

I have promised Melissa my library when God takes me Home, but if she keeps this up at this rate for the next fifteen years, she’s going to pass me by and I’m going to leave mine to Curtis. (That threat won’t mean much to you but it will get Melissa and her dear brother-in-lawΒ  sparring again over who gets the books which, in turn, gives me a great laugh.) Amanda has been promised other things like what sits on my left hand. But I might spite them all and live a really long time…with colored hair and firm foundations (and I don’t mean the latter in the religious sense. Or the former for that matter. I cannot find hair color in the Scriptures unless I get to count head coverings which, to me, is not unreasonable. In that way and others like unto it, I am a very submissive woman).We’ll see how that pans out. (The timing of my demise not my hair color.)

The other really cool thing we did yesterday at LPM was preview the movie Courageous. It’s the new movie by the people that gave us “Face the Giants” and it comes out in September. (www.courageousthemovie.com) I will remind you guys about it when the release day gets closer but I can’t wait till then to tell you about it. Sisters, it was so good. I don’t want to give away the story line but I can’t quit thinking about it. They have done such a magnificent job with it. We honestly laughed out loud and cried and cheered. I can hardly wait until it comes out. I think God has something far beyond good, solid family entertainment for this film. I’ve told you guys before that, after retiring from the Army, my daddy ran movie theaters so I love few things on this earth more than good movies and great popcorn. (Yes, we popped corn yesterday. And I ate mine with a Starbucks instead of a coke which was an odd pairing and one I might not venture to combine next time.) The primary message of Courageous is targeted to our men who we all know are also targeted by our very vicious enemy. I really believe I can tell you in advance that the guys in your life will love the movie. Mine will and he’s not easy to please. Courageous scores very low on the cheese factor which we know drives most guys crazy about any form of Christian entertainment or encouragement. I dare say that we may be a tad cheesy in Siestaville but we try to keep our Velveeta loaded with jalapenos.

Lastly, I’ll tell you that we started our January Bible study on Tuesday night with one of the best groups God has ever brought our way. We were flabbergasted. May He be greatly praised and glorified in that sweet sanctuary where He’s met with some of His people so many times. We’ll be talking on here about meeting on Tuesdays but we won’t be talking on here about the material because I’ve established a gag order. Laughing. The on-site participants are previewing a (very little) bit of homework so that their experience will be richer but, for copyright’s sake and for future publishing, we’re going to keep it and the session materials low key. It’s not that we’re hiding something. It’s that it’s just a long way from being finished. I also don’t want hype. Ick. Even well meaning hype from those who are sweetly biased. I just want to study Scripture as God presents it to us in His own good time and His own good way. I won’t actually do the LifeWay taping for this series until late April when we do it with a studio audience and I’ll still write through most of the summer. I am reluctant to keep bringing up the series on here because I don’t want to build it all up in anybody’s mind. A curriculum that speaks to one person can hit another person cold. How this turns out is all up to the Holy Spirit but what I can tell you in advance is that, God willing, we will do our best to know that brief Book of the Bible by the time we’re done.Β  Whether anybody will actually “like” it or not is up for grabs. James isn’t necessarily a party bus.

Well, I’ve had about as much of a break as I can afford today. You’re on my mind every day and I pray for you often.

Oh, and this is one reason I got on here today! You know what we’re doing to stay in the Word this early 2011 but what are each of you doing? (Besides memorizing!) Tell me what you’re studying right now!

I love you guys.


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  1. 1151
    Diane says:

    It’s not directly related to my Bible study/theological open courseware classes but I’m also working on the Yale open courseware offering of Milton’s Poetry class πŸ™‚

  2. 1152
    KanduGal says:

    I’m reading through the New Testament this year. And now, tonight, began a study with a group of ladies at church – we’re doing Priscilla Shirer’s Jonah, A Life Interrupted. I’m so excited to be doing a study so relevant to my life’s present circumstances – looking forward to hearing what God has to say to me through it!

  3. 1153
    Rachel says:

    Doing one of Kay’s Precepts studies: Ephesians…..talk about some MEAT to EAT! Love it! Kay can pull all the nuggets out of the Scriptures and has a way of unfolding His Word! One of these days I’ll make it to a Deeper Still event so I can hear you both preach it at the same time. I have so much love and respect for the two of you. Thank you for spurring me on!

  4. 1154
    jody says:

    Made to Crave…at least trying to in my limited free single mom of tween and teen girls time…plus I teach 1st grade!

  5. 1155
    Texas in the Mountains says:

    My church doesn’t have a woman’s Bible Study, (!) so I usually look to a few other churches that do, and that welcome ‘outsiders’. The only one I could find was doing “Living your Life as a Beautiful Offering” by Angela Thomas. It’s a great study, I did it 5 years ago.
    I decided to do “Breaking Free” updated edition by myself. I borrowed the series from the same church, and started it this weekend. W.O.W.!.!.! Bring it on, MaMa! I am anxiously awaiting my life to be radically changed!!!

  6. 1156
    Leslie Bradner says:

    Hello Beth and Everyone!
    I have been to this blog many times but I am a newbee at commenting but felt compelled to comment tonight. To keep in the bible I am currently doing the coolest thing. Our church, as a whole, (ok, can’t guarantee everyone, but a lot) are doing the 90 Day Challenge!! We are reading the entire bible in 90 days!! Yep, cover to cover and every last work in the NIV edition. Well, that is the goal anyway. πŸ™‚ At first I thought, “NO way!” But we are on day 14 and I and my husband are keeping up. It is truly amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it. By reading the bible like this I am getting such a clearer picture of God and learning so much about Him. People, places and events connect together for me like no other study I have done. At church our classes, small groups and sermons all focus on the reading for the week. Helps with the accountability. So, if you haven’t tried this, put it on your “To Do List,” it is only 90 days and the rewards are proving to be great.

    • 1156.1
      Dana says:

      Hi Leslie,

      I have never done the official “90 day challenge” but I did read my Bible on my own in about 3 months. It was such a wonderful, life changing experience for me…so I read it again. Reading the Bible through twice in a year and being immersed in God’s Word like changed me forever. I pray you will perservere. The reward is like no other.


  7. 1157
    Kathy Knoblock says:

    Dear Beth, I am praying for you and your studies and for your family. I am working on Breaking Free. Didn’t get to go through it the first time because I was the babysitter for the Ladies Class. Also, I am going though a book entitled A 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer. It has the classic writers such as E.M. Bounds, Spurgeon, Madame Guyon and others. Focus on a chapter a month and the scriptures therein and what The Lord is teaching about prayer. It is challenging and encouraging. May you and your sweet family and the LPM ladies have a blessed day! In Jesus’ Love Kathy

  8. 1158
    Mary says:

    He Speaks to Me by Priscilla Shirer. Awesome study!

  9. 1159
    Reeder says:

    Precepts- Matthew Part 1, The King and the Kingdom of Heaven

  10. 1160
    Mary Cooper says:

    I am doing Kathleen Nielson’s study on John. It’s so great!!

  11. 1161
    Dora Chatam says:

    In my personal study, I’m reading through the Bible again and am currently in Numbers. I “cheated” and skipped over and read most of the NT after Leviticus. Our church is starting “A Heart Like His” on Feb. 6 and I’m excited about that. I’ve created a great little “Books of the Bible” guide I created in Excel to help me keep up with what I’ve read. If anybody wants a copy, they can e-mail me at [email protected].

  12. 1162
    Stacey Burton says:

    Besides memorizing scripture, I have been praying to grow in Christ like I have never grown before – and it is so exciting to see Him working. I just finished the study “Living Beyond Yourself”. I learned SO MUCH about the Holy Spirit. I am enjoying each day as I submit and bow to Him.
    I have just started the Daniel study and am very excited to see where God is going to take me.

    I read this blog frequently, but have never left a comment. Thank you Beth for being open, honest, and genuine. God reaches so many women through this ministry. All praise to Him!
    Stacey Burton

    • 1162.1
      Kimberly says:

      Living Beyond Yourself is one of Beth’s best to me. I’ve done it several times. Daniel is a great study too. I want to encourage you in the second half to stay with it. It will open your eyes to so much.

  13. 1163
    Jenn says:

    My small group just started the Faithful, Abundant, True study you did here in Orlando. On my own I started a notebook called “What God says about Himself”. I started in Genesis and as I read I write down everything God says about Himself. It has been very eye opening so far even though I am covering Scripture I have studied before. It’s a different perspective. Love you, thanks for the update!

  14. 1164
    Yanna says:

    Siesta’s, it’s beautiful to see on Joanne Heims blog the update today (1-24-11) and it will give encouragement to us who are memorizing God’s Word. Here is Joanne’s blog link http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/the_simple_wife/ There is a video attached to the post “The Simple Wife Archives Nov 1, 2010”

  15. 1165
    Cindy Allen says:

    Good morning, Beth,

    I’m not studying the word, I’m immersed in it! I am finishing “Living Beyond Yourself” which I am doing on my own, not in a group. I just started “Stepping Up” with the bible study ladies at Applewood Baptist Church in Colorado AND one of my customers loaned me her book “Breaking Free”. Unbelieveable! I rotate throughout the day. It’s not like I spend all my time on this stuff, though it sounds like it. But, it’s nice to have a rotating selection so I can grab what moves me at the moment. I do that with all books, why not when I study The Word?

    Love you!

    • 1165.1
      Yanna says:

      Cindy Allen love that you are immmersed!!! Such a great thought and reply. Love it and may borrow it no more will I say I am studying…You and I would have fun together immersing ourselves I am in James with Beth on Tues nights and her immerssion of David on Thursdays in Ladies Bible class, I can’t get enough of the Word. told my 18yr old son in my best stern mother voice, “do not cheat yourself in your lifetime get to know God personally. Just you and God study His Word (now I get to tell him immerse yourself in Him) don’t just read your Bible, or sit in a class, or listen to me talk about my findings get to know God experience Him you will be blown away.

  16. 1166
    Hannah Leigh says:

    I am currently studying Jesus, The One and Only! Absolutely loving the opportunity to draw closer to the Lover of my soul right now! Thanks for an amazing study! πŸ™‚

  17. 1167
    ncmama says:

    We’re studying your updated version of David: Seeking a Heart Like His here in NW Ohio. So very excited about this! I want to have a heart like His. Praying for God to open mine and solidify His Word in my life.

  18. 1168
    Shannon says:

    Reading thru the Bible in six months; completing before a mission trip in July. Working on in depth study of Genesis on my own. Learning to listen to what God wants to tell me thru His Word. Thanks for asking!

  19. 1169
    Samantha says:

    Right now I am doing the second session of Daniel, compliments of you. And I do have to say, information overload!! But I love it! I find that I cannot stop reading. I just want to know more. On that note, it makes me sad that I cant attend Tuesday night sessions with you, but, work calls. Oh, also doing Sheila Walsh’s ‘When a Woman Trusts God.’

  20. 1170
    Peggy Fletcher says:

    Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God by Shelia Walsh. This is an awesome book and study.

  21. 1171
    Pam Shuler says:

    Hey, Beth!
    My daughter Lisa and myself lead a women’s Bible Study at our church. We are know as WOW (WOMEN OF THE WORD). We just held a “Leadership Workshop” on Saturday the 22nd. It was based on material from the Womens Forem held in Ashville, NC in November. We didn’t get to meet you personally or your family, but have taken away much good information from all of you and the break out sessions.
    We always are lifted by the P&W time with Travis!To God be the Glory!!!

    Our next WOW Bible Study starts in February. We are preparing to do “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”. After doing the leadership workshop we felt this study will help us to see how cunning the enemy is especially to those in leadership.
    Beth, I know you have heard this a million times, but the ladies have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds through your studies. We haven’t done all of them yet, but we are working on it. We have also done other authors as well.
    It is a very cold day here in PA.about 5 degrees below zero, but staying warm in doors.
    Love and Hugs,
    In Christ,
    Oh, we are planning to come to Baltimore in September to see you.

  22. 1172
    Kelly J says:

    I finished breaking free last week. It took me 3 months to get through. Can I say…. wow?

    I have 2 studies in my nightstand that I had to postpone in the middle due to other studies! So 2 days ago, I picked up on The David study about 3/4 in.

    The first day of study shocked me in how it was relevant and perfectly applicable to my immediate situation. AS if God knew exactly what I needed at exactly the right time! Of course he knows! So amazing!

    Kelly J,
    44, Houston,Tx.

    • 1172.1
      Kelly J says:

      OMGosh! I can’t believe I got my age wrong! I put my husbands age!!!!! I am 40 – not 44. What is wrong with me? Ha!

  23. 1173
    Karen says:

    I’m studying Repostion Yourself by T.D. Jakes. Very powerful!!!

  24. 1174
    Pam Merwin says:

    I am leading a group of women at our church in “Loving Well”. For most of them it is the first time that someone has brought the ladies together to do anything to nurture and love them. Many have done studies with other church groups but not their home church. It is such a blessing to be with them and share as we seek to learn how to love well πŸ™‚

  25. 1175
    Ann Marie says:

    Oh I am so jealous you got to see Courageous!!!! My family and I are anxiously awaiting the premiere!!!!! Right now my husband and I are involved in a group study called “The Truth Project” (by Focus on the Family) and meet with a small group each Sunday evening to view the DVD and have a discussion and really dig into Scripture. It is mind blowing to say the least! Best of all, we are brought together with a group of people that we really didn’t know before and now we are brothers and sisters in Christ, truly.

  26. 1176
    Glenda says:

    I’m leading “Here & Now… There & Then” with about 20 ladies. New ladies keep coming every week, which is awesome! I’ve been leading Bible studies regularly for about 2 years now, but this “semester” at church I’m also taking one – Hebrews Precept. Kay is such a wonderful teacher and the class leader is amazing also. I’m learning so much in both studies. In fact, I was surprised in week 2 of Here & Now There & Then when Beth was talking about Jesus our Great High Priest – the night before in the Hebrews class we had gone through the entire book of Hebrews looking at the earthly priests and Jesus our Great High Priest! I never anticipated that the studies would overlap in this way! God is awesome, nothing He does is a coincidence!

  27. 1177
    Gina says:

    Gina – Fredericksburg, VA – “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIV

  28. 1178
    Tanya Moore says:

    In Bible study we are studying “Jonah – A Life Interrupted” by Priscilla Shirer.
    And of course, precious quiet time in the Word and prayer @ 4:30 every morning, along with Oswald Chambers and Henry Blackaby.

    God is so good!

  29. 1179
    Glenda says:

    I’d like to share something about scripture memory also… a group of us are doing the SSMT together. We ask each other for our scriptures when we see each other, and post about it on Facebook and Twitter. When other ladies hear us reciting our scriptures or see the cryptic “#SSMT” on a post, they want to know what’s up and then they join in!

    Friday evening a bunch of us got together and for the life of me I could not remember my 1st verse… my mind was so completely blank I couldn’t even remember the book it was from! I struggled a little bit with verse #2, but I got it. However, verse #1 was a complete blank until I got home and grabbed my spiral (I had forgotten it that morning).

    I got in bed and poured over both of my scriptures before going to sleep. Before I nodded off, I had verse #1 firmly planted in my brain again! And the next morning when I woke up, the most wonderful thing happened… my first conscious thought was, “Let me hear your lovingkindness in the morning…” – My 1st verse! (Psalm 143:8) It just rolled out of my brain and off my tongue. Verse 2 followed without hesitation! What a glorious way to wake up! And since then, I’ve had no problem recalling either verse at will.

    Needless to say, reviewing my verses before going to sleep is my new bedtime ritual. The Holy Spirit rocks! (I hope that’s not disrespectful…) While I’m sleeping, He’s firmly embedding that scripture in my brain! How amazing is that?

    • 1179.1
      Amanda says:

      Glenda–I just wanted to say that I don’t think saying that the Holy Spirit rocks was disrespectful at all! My best friend’s little girl says “God Rocks” all the time and even writes it on top of her schoolwork quite regularly! God and the Holy Spirit do rock! πŸ™‚

      also, reviewing verses before bedtime is a great idea and I hope you don’t mind me borrowing it! I’m having a hard time remembering my first verse this week!

      • Glenda says:

        Hi Amanda, thank you for your reply! I’m so glad you’re going to try memorizing before going to sleep… I’ve told all the ladies in our group to try it.

        I’ve started keeping a second spiral with the same verses in it so that I can leave it on my nightstand. I’m keeping the original spiral in my purse so I won’t leave the house without it again. Both of my verses are still firmly planted in my brain so I’ve decided to go ahead and get started on my 3rd verse a little early.

  30. 1180
    Nanette Lynch says:

    Tuesday night with the Houston home girls- and
    J. Ellsworth Kalas-The Grand Sweep 365 Days from Genesis through Revelation

  31. 1181
    Renee in Albuquerque says:

    I am trying to study deeply each verse I am memorizing as a siesta. This week Ps 27:13-14. “I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD; be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD.” Right now I’m getting a practical lesson as I wait for the surgeon to come in and see my husband who was hospitalized yesterday unexpectedly. I would have lost heart when his symptoms onset unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! And there’s wifi at the hospital…a little kindness that give a generous encouragement as I read of others who have believed, who are waiting on Him and strengthened by Him. Thank you LORD for your goodness!

    • 1181.1

      Praying for you Renee that God would be mighty in your life Lord we lift up Renee and her husband be with them give them the strength that they need to get thru this keep them close to You Lord show Renee goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
      One of my scripture verses fro the SSMT for 2011 Jan15th

      • Renee in Albuquerque says:

        So glad the Spirit led us to memorize Ps 27:13-14 these two weeks. It has saved my life while the doctors were busy saving my husband’s. Thank you so much for your prayers and the encouraging words. We hope he gets released today.

    • 1181.2
      Rachael says:

      Praying for you and your husband.

      • Renee in Albuquerque says:

        Thank you for your prayers and taking time to encourage me. The Lord heard and answered with skilled medical care and whispers of comfort from His word and His children. I have seen His goodness these last few days and found Him faithful to strengthen my heart as I waited on Him to pull my husband through.

  32. 1182
    Joni says:

    On Mission With God by Henry Blackaby

  33. 1183
    Tammy says:

    Jasmyn, my daughter, and I are going to make it through the Bible in a year reading plan. I love going through the Bible with her, we fizzled last year when we did this but this year we are using YouVersion on our phones and it seems to be working (it goes with us). I am looking forward to starting The Amazing Collection @ my church tonight. I am excited by both the ladies I will meet as well as a better understanding of the Bible (it will be a two year journey for us).

  34. 1184
    Chrystie says:

    Over the last year I realized my faith was too often not in God but in my own performance. Not necessarily in my head – but in my heart where my actions are born. So, I have immersed myself in the Gospel. That is the theme of all the verses I am memorizing this year. And can I add that I am thrilled to be memorizing Scripture with the siestas again this year?! Along with that, I am reading chronologically for the first time and I am also studying biblical womanhood as I assist my church in writing some curriculum along those lines.

  35. 1185
    Pam Houston says:

    I’m in quite a fight of faith as I have come down with Shingles. All I can say is no matter how much the anti-shingles shot costs, you best spend the money and get it! Our insurance would not cover the cost of the shot, and every avenue I sought, doors were closed to me, so I decided “to trust God”…and I am trusting God more than ever, where pain has brought to my knees without much sleep for 2 days. Lots of time for “Crying Out” and even then I think: “for crying out loud, why didn’t I just spend the $200 for the shot!” Still, the LORD is in control and I’m trusting Him. Thank the LORD we are studying “Get Out of That Pit” and I am crying out each prayer, in fervancy. On top of that, praying through with so many in Siestaville and believers around the world, for Joanne Heim, and so thrilled that she is now moving towards her recovery. Amazing grace. Her husband pirated her blog and has done the most amazing job keeping we prayer warriors updated, and God has answered with a big “YES!” We give Him all the praise and glory! Her husband Toben has compared what they are going through to what is called an “Ultramarathon”…his writings have been so very amazing and full of faith and insight. I feel like I know them personally, but I do not, yet they have so impacted my life. I’m sure their story will be used for our God’s greater glory all around the world.

  36. 1186
    Sarah Eccles says:

    Hey Beth,

    I’m studying a book by Jennifer Rothschild ( I just love this women ) called ” Me, Myself and Lies. It’s a 6 week study that I am doing by myself but it’s a really good study for me cause I can say some very harsh things to myself to put myself down. I’m learning how to say Godly uplifting things. I just started so I look forward to seeing what I learn and how God helps me change how I look at myself.
    I continue to pray for you and your family.
    Blessings Sarah

  37. 1187
    Judy McIntyre says:

    I am working on the Revelation study Here and Now, There and Then with my Bible Study group. Everytime I open it up, God reveals something new to me ….. maybe that’s why He called it “Revelation.”

  38. 1188
    lafaye tapper says:

    Dear Beth, I was unable to submit my second scripture due to the fact that I became a grandmother for the first time on Jan.15 at 12:48 am. It was my sweet daughter who is so precious to me. Her labor was 36 hours long and I did not leave her side. Her sweet husband had to return to work when little Hudson was 3 days old so I stayed to help her. Needless to say I was exhausted as I am recovering from a hysterectomy myself. I am filled with so much joy as only a grandly can bring.
    I was wondering if I would be allowed to submit my scripture. I have had it all along and I am so excited about the scripture memory team. Please let me know and thank you for being the servant of God that you are.

    • 1188.1
      KMac says:

      Congratulations Lafaye! Yes, please continue on with us in SSMT. You can submit your verse on Beth’s Jan 15th post “Verse 2”. Blessings!

  39. 1189
    Judi says:

    Our ladies Bible study group just started your updated study on David! We’re on the second week..and I better get off the computer and get to my homework!!!

  40. 1190
    Paige says:

    We will be starting the revised study of A Heart Like His, study of David. Good things are happening and our group has grown and we now have 2 studies – A monday night and a tuesday night class. We pray for God’s guidance and blessing as we daily study His Word.
    Brownfield Bloomers

  41. 1191
    Jennifer says:

    Living Beyond Yourself!!! πŸ™‚ It is EXACTLY what I am supposed to be studying right now. God’s timing never ceases to amaze me. I am also reading Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere… and Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole. I would highly recommend all 3 to anyone.

  42. 1192
    Vickie C in Houston says:

    James study by some lady named Beth Moore in Houston. πŸ™‚ Plus a few daily devotions: Our Daily Bread, My Utmost For His Highest, & … Love ya lots & looking forward to Tuesdays!

  43. 1193
    Bethany says:

    I just started your Bible study Believing God, along with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and another friend. We are a small group, but so far we are loving it! This Bible study is amazing.

    I’m also reading Secrets of a Prayer Warrior by Derek Prince – the first book I’ve ever read by him, but I’m liking it.

  44. 1194
    Vera says:

    We are studying: Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed and then will continue with Faithful, Abundant, True. Have searched in vain at Lifeway stores website, etc. so far for the Spanish version of these studies for a dear participant who is from Guatemala and is the only dear one in our congregation who speaks fluent Spanish. The rest of us…well, we had high school Spanish and remember how to ask for the ladies room, but that is about it.

    Does anyone have a source for these lesson books, translated into Spanish??
    And thank you, Beth, for having your studies translated. I promised my friend that we would offer one of yours in the fall semester, so she would fully understand the study.:)

  45. 1195
    Tiffany says:

    Beth, Thanks for the update. Also thank you for your heart for God. I am going to be “Leading” a group of about 15-20 ladies in your “Believing God” study. It will be my first time to do it…..and I can’t wait to see how God is going to work. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see this new Study!

    For His Glory!

  46. 1196
    Becca says:

    Right now I’m meditating on different translations of Hebrews and Acts.

    Oh a different note, my 5 year old daughter just told me this morning that today she wants to take notes on her Bible (although she clarified that she didn’t want to write in her Bible but she thinks it would be a better idea to use a notebook), and I need to help her… so if anyone has any really good insight on where to start with that, I’m all ears! (I’m trying to stall her until this evening hoping that I get a good word from anyone anywhere on how to do this, lol).

  47. 1197
    Ruth, Denison, TX says:

    Could I ask for prayer for our Pastor and his wife? They are foster parents for a baby boy that they brought home from the hospital almost a year ago. He was full term and weighed 3 1/2 lbs. Parents on drugs. They have gone through classes required by CPS and done everything they are supposed to do. Jordan will be going in to a home of 7th grade drop-outs, who have never worked, the mother in a wheel chair, the baby will be in day care while father works a few hours a week. They are ignorant, third gerneration people who have lived off the system. They do not know how to take care of a baby. I’m praying that God will not put Jordan in a Godless home such as this. Pastor and Tracie love this baby and want to adopt him which is what they thought would be happening when they took him into their home. Help us pray for this situation.

    • 1197.1
      Ruth, Denison, TX says:

      P.S. I should say that they are not bitter. I may be just a little bit. They understand that the birth parents want him back.

  48. 1198
    Kimberly says:

    I love to study God’s word!! Sometimes I think I take on too much, but God works all the studies together in such a perfect way. Right now I’m doing P. Shirer’s Jonah and L. TerKerst’s Made to Crave. I’ll start B. Moore’s πŸ™‚ David:Seeking a Heart Like His in February with my church’s ladies Bible study group. I’m also reading F. Chan’s Crazy Love and One in a Million by Shirer. And by the way, James is my favorite book so I am looking forward to your new study!

  49. 1199
    Krissy says:

    Here and Now, There and Then by Beth Moore
    We are on our third session, loving it!

  50. 1200
    Amy says:

    I am reading through the Word chronologically this year. I’m presently taking an Inductive Bible study course in college, which the Spirit has used to help me see things I’ve never seen before. In just a week or so, I’m joining some ladies at church as we study the Book of Isaiah inductively using Kay’s Precept study. It’ll be a long study, but definitely profitable.

    Thank you for asking, and thank you all for always pointing us to the Word and to Christ.

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