A Few Minutes To Say Hi!

Hey, Sweet Things! I’m sorry I’m not able to check in more often during this season! It’s mostly just me on here with you these days and the balancing act of a heavy writing and work schedule with a very busy family imposes some sizable limitations. To say that we all miss AJ is a vast understatement! I’m still so proud of her for the decision she made on behalf of her family. It was the right thing but we surely do have a gap around Siestaville. Thankfully, I don’t have a gap in my heart and home where she’s concerned. We all live life in pretty close community. Her little family is unending delight to me. We have LOVED having Melissa and Colin back! Their apartment is just darling and we so hope they stick around a while. Something really fun happened last night. Melissa and I knew we were going to be out much later than usual because we were hosting guests after Bible study so she asked Colin if she could just spend the night at our house. She lives much further out than Keith and I do and, after dropping me off at my house, she would have been super late getting back to her apartment. Colin blessed her to do that then called back a little while later and said he’d just come, too. So he packed a bag and they both stayed at our house. That is one reason why we love him to no end. He is a family man to the bone. Hopefully Melissa will be able to say hi a little more often on here in the near future. We are keeping her hands full but she has a soft spot for Siestas. That’s a fact.

I’m just sitting out on my back porch having a few minutes to myself. I’ve been throwing the ball to Star and watching her and Geli chase birds and reflecting on the last day or two. God brought us another astounding group of women last night. I have never seen a larger group with a smaller feel. What I mean by that is, they participate like they’re all on the front row. If I ask them to repeat something, they do it LOUD. They stay right on point and they’re happy to tell me if I miss a blank on their handout. (I love that. That means they’re paying attention.) Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite Tuesday night groups ever. I know, I know. I say that a lot. I fall in love easy. But my worst nightmare is that I’d just keep “teaching” the same people the same thing year after year after year after year and nobody’s heard a fresh word in five years but everybody’s too fast asleep to realize it. O Lord, deliver us. This is one reason why we have to study under many teachers and why teachers have to serve different groups. Sometimes we need to shake it up. It’s so easy to grow dull of hearing even a voice we dearly love. Sometimes all it takes is a break. Other times we need a change. Knowing the difference is critical.

I am so relieved and grateful to our merciful God that, for now, He’s bringing numbers of people we’ve never seen before and even their presence there stirs up the ones who have been around a long time. I love the familiar ones and the new ones alike. My concern is that women be in the best environment for learning and living the Scriptures. When we’ve ceased hearing or changing, we need a new environment. I am also mindful that, as I beg Him to keep me fresh and thrilled in His Word, that He often uses difficulty to answer that prayer. About the time I’m feeling a little lifeless or dull, something happens to make those words jump off the page again. Most of my revivals come from survivals. I still need Him so much. I need His Word. I need His Presence. Iย  need His help. I need His deliverance. It’s weird to realize that sometimes our desperation for Him is an answer to our very own prayers to love Him like nothing else. He is so faithful. I shake my head at the wonder of Him again today.

Last night we had a treat that many of us are still talking about today. Kari Jobe and her band led us in worship. Many of us were first introduced to her through “Revelation Song” and are familiar with her through the Gateway worship projects. She is tremendously gifted, blatantly anointed, and absolutely delightful. Amanda had the joy of hosting Lysa TerKeurst at Bible study last night and afterward for a quick bite while Melissa, Michelle, and I hosted Kari, her mom, her sister, her coworker and several lifelong friends. By the way, you guys, Lysa TerKeurt’s book Made To Crave is flying off the shelves and into the hands of women who are being deeply effected by the power of Christ. It is one of two books I plan to read next. Made To Crave recently hit the NY Times Best Seller list and we praise God for drawing attention to this powerful message and messenger. I noticed that a number of you were reading it in your comments to the last post. We got to have Lysa at Bible study last night because she was in town for interviews all day today on our local contemporary Christian radio station, KSBJ. (89.3 FM – find it on line. You will love it.)

Here are a couple of pictures we snapped with our iPhones last night after dinner with Kari. We took several of the whole group with a regular camera but those haven’t made it to me yet. Is she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?? (Yes, single, but not presently interested in everybody fixing her up with their best single guy friend. It is a shame though, isn’t it?) I was so glad that I changed my mind at the last minute and didn’t wear my tutu. She might not be ready for us to dress alike yet. I am going to get me one of those headbands, however. Just think what a poof I could get going with one of those.

This is Kari with Michelle who did indeed wear her tutu. You just can’t see it in this picture.

Well, my man is acting like he’s hungry and I’m supposed to do something about it. I am especially taken with him right now so I’m going to hop off of here and tend to him.Keith and I ride a roller coaster…and it’s sort of on the upside right now. Thank You, Lord. I don’t know why but I’m laughing out loud.

I’m so happy to touch base with you today! I love you guys like crazy! You know what I’d like to hear this week? One thing God is teaching you right now. Just one. Do tell.

Your Mama loves you.


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  1. 801
    Jane says:

    You daughter is so pretty!! I wish mine were closer to home. They are in NM. I will be praying for that sweet sister going to MD Anderson!! Sounds like a wonderful Tuesday night group!! I did hear about Joanne and cried tears of Joy as I read her husbands post of her coming out of the coma!! Prasing God!!!!

  2. 802
    Melanie Beam says:


    Thank you so much for living your real marriage relationship before us!! So many women unfortunately believe that marriage should always be easy & happy……NOT!!! I was in a terrible, abusive situation for almost 17 years and am now married to a wonderful godly man, Keith is his name as well & let’s just say life is always an adventure at our house but no matter what we love each other deeply ~ even when we don’t particularly like one another :-)and we are committed for the long run much like you & your man. Thanks again!

    Blessings from Mel

  3. 803
    Anne says:

    Hey Mrs. Beth! I’m a Silent Siesta (not a usual commenter) from MS, but I have a prayer need! My best friend (beside Jesus, my husband and my sweet mama) is 27 weeks along with twins. Her water broke today, and she’s in the hospital and they’re trying to stop labor. She and I met in Bible Study, and have been through four of your studies together. I don’t think it’s accidental AT ALL that we just started Believing God together! She has been through a lot dealing with pregnancy, and her heart is very tender. Would you please pray along with us? I know you don’t know us at all, but we trust that as we’re sisters in Christ, you will help us claim His promises! Thank you so much. We love y’all!

  4. 804

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I love the pictures!! I pray Jesus heals your young friend quickly. He is so true to His word and He loves us so. He is teaching me that I must begin my day with Him first and foremost. I have 3 boys 15, 13, and 12 and life is fast and full of activities. Soemtimes I get up, pray quickly and go back to Jesus later when I have more time. Well, I’ve been disciplined by my Holy Father for disobedience. I know He wants His time first and that means I must get up earlier. I just love that He wants that for me. He has been so patient with me. Praise you Heavenly Father!!! I love you so much!!! Thank you Beth for serving Him by teaching us. I love ya!!

  5. 805

    I’m not sure you care what someone has to say after 17 pages of comments! But I’m going to share anyway, because I’ve been visiting Lysa’s blog today and was so touched by her comments on Abandon. How we need to both abandon the things that rob us from God and how we need to love him with complete and total abandon. Beth, you will never know how much it means to me to read that you “love me like crazy”. It’s a miracle only God could do, but each time I read it, I really believe it. My own mom also loves me like crazy, but she doesn’t love God. So somehow knowing that you care so much about your crazy fans that you constantly encourage them to love God like crazy touches me in was you could never understand. Thank you for that.

  6. 806
    Margaret says:

    One thing I am thinking about right now is how hard it is to wait on God. I know His love for me is very great. My desire to move is also. For once my husband and I agree 100% this move is right for us, at the right time for both, that being closer to our families would bless us we miss so many things with our grandchildren. Monday we are supposed to get the news if we will move or not. Beth, my Siestas, would you pray for us? God be with you, too.

  7. 807
    Michelle says:

    Hi ladies,
    I am learning a very difficult lesson of forced isolation. My husband and I moved to plant a church and while He has blessed us with friends, I feel really lonely. Please pray for me as I am seeking Him in this season. Thanks:)

  8. 808
    Tammy Bellinger says:

    I have been reading through Romans, and I think more than anything, God is showing me that I can study His word without having to have a Beth Moore Bible study book in my hands! It is so much easier to rely on someone else to guide me through the Word. Having to take time and break it down verse by verse on my own, has taken a lot more committment on my own part. I am looking forward to our spring Bible study starting at church, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be studying on my own too. I am even writing my thoughts down, and am finding I am spending far more time and focused thoughts on it, than when I simply read and “meditate!” (plan grocery lists, menus, school work, nap) Writing it down has kept me focused. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before!

  9. 809
    Kristi says:

    God is teaching me this week, that He chose “me”.

  10. 810
    miranda says:

    I’m a social butterfly, I live for friends and socializing….but in this season God has made it very clear that He’s teaching me how to be alone. Alone and still with that still small Voice.

    I love you chicas ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 811
    Hillary (Hilly) Humberson says:

    Oh Beth how I love The Lord (!) and you so! Thank you for being the precious teacher that you are and for sharing your life with us!

    Okay the “one thing” this week….

    My precious new grand-daughter is an immeasurable gift from God! Had I not been there to see it I would swear she’d been dropped directly from Heaven! Life is wonderful for this new Nana!!

    Love you,

  12. 812
    KELLY JO says:

    God is teaching Kelly Jo that she needs to…….
    Give a lot
    Share a lot
    Love a lot
    Pray a lot and REST a little!!!!!

    I guess my eyes are being open to how things really are!! And it scares me to death!!!
    I love you my sweet siesta momma!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 813
    Melody says:

    God is teaching me just how much I can trust Him. Even when all evidence in the natural steers my heart away from trusting in Him — even when the pains of life in a fallen world are overwhelming and seem to overshadow His love for me — I can trust Him and He is faithful. Right down to trusting that He knows what He’s doing when placing me in positions I would never place myself.

  14. 814
    Barbara says:

    I am in a Bible study on Fridays and we are studying “When Godly People do Ungodly Things” It is the best Bible study I have ever done. I love that it’s practical and pertinent. The one thing God is teaching me right now is that as a Christian I have target on my back and an enemy whose name is Satan and I’d best know how to deal with him. I’m learning that God didn’t leave us defenseless nor does he want us to be ignorant. I’m wanting and needing to arm myself with the Word – the Sword of the Spirit.
    Thank you Beth for all of your studies, but especially for this one. I pray for you and I thank God often for Beth Moore. Someday, I hope to have lots of interesting conversations in heaven with you!! A sister in Christ, Barbara B.

  15. 815
    Suzanne Jones says:

    First, I just love you!! I’ve done almost all of your studies; am now in Revelation and seen you each time you’ve been here or around Lexington Ky.
    Anyway; why do we look our gift horses from God in the mouth? Really??? We have been praying for my daughter-in-law to get pregnant for a couple of years; they have a five year old, but they really really wanted another. We found out that she is now 12 weeks pregnant and we are so excited but I find myself hesistant to celebrate in case something goes wrong. Why IS that? We don’t get gifts from our parents and think there is something broken about the gift, so why should we always second-guess God’s gifts???
    I hope I can do better than this and trust HIm!
    (It’s like tonight I saw a plaque : Expect small miracles; REALLY? Why in the world am I going to expect a small miracle? I expect BIG ones!
    Anyway, love you!!
    Suzie Jones

  16. 816
    HarborMom says:

    The Lord is telling me that I am a do-er and need to spend more time “being.” As a true type-A person, I have had a hard time even wrapping my head around what it would mean to simply be. Of course, I asked the Lord to tell me what to do in order to be. I was on a plane at the time and had to control my laughter as a sat in the middle seat. I delighted in the irony of the prayer.

  17. 817
    J. says:

    God is teaching me about leaning into him and making intentional time for more prayer. That it would transform my life in ways I don’t even know yet if I would just lean in to him and spend more time with Him.

  18. 818
    RaeLeen says:

    The last two years have been severely hard on our family (broken marriage etc), God has been teaching me to trust HIM with every area of my life.

  19. 819
    Marie says:

    Sweet Siesta Mama,
    I am learning that God can put his hand lovingly over my huge mouth at the most opportune times. My first memory verse for the year was Ephesians 4:29 and he has been so faithful to use it on me since I began memorizing it, Oh How He Loves Us!

  20. 820
    Elise (Centennial, CO) says:

    I have worked at the same place for 32 years and I love my job, but this week has been one of my most stressful ever. I would appreciate your prayers for peace and reconciliation between those involved in a certain situation.

  21. 821
    Rhonda, Metter, GA says:

    I have been praying for the Lord to show me how and where I can serve Him. He is teaching me that I can serve Him right where I am, in my home, at my job, and in my community through the efforts I volunteer for. I pray to see how he wants me to serve and then to act.

  22. 822
    Gail says:

    I think one of the biggest things God is stirring in me is centered around prayer. He has given me so, so many things to pray about – of course, our Joanne, and a few days before that, a little 5 year old friend with cancer, and a few days after that a family crisis I’ll leave unspoken, not to mention issues in our home church. Some really huge things to pray about, and yet at the same time, I feel compelled to have some powerful praise prayers. So I think God is wanting me in closer communication with Him right now. He is calling me to prayer, constantly. I love Him. I’m so glad He is always there, always attentive, always has all the time I need. I’m so thankful we don’t have to travel miles away just to get a glimpse of Him. I’m so thankful we don’t have to carry our sick to Him on stretchers. I’m so thankful we can always reach Him, we can bring every need straight to Him. While I love our collective prayers, I’m also thankful that “the effectual fervent prayer of a a righteous man avails much,” and, “where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I AM.” It’s beautiful – sweet hour of prayer.
    Thanks, Beth. I love you.

  23. 823
    Pamela says:

    And we love you!! Wish I was in Houston….

    Believing him~Pamela

  24. 824
    Lynn Utley says:

    God is teaching me TRUST and WAIT on HIM. My company was recently sold and everyone has new bosses, new roles, new titles, and too many unanswered questions. God has been showing me that, like He promised Abraham, He will PROVIDE, He is FAITHFUL, HE is Who I am to depend upon for answers. Thank You, God, for the place you have me in now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. 825
    Kelly says:

    I’m with some of these other siestas….humility…thinking of king Hezekiah and his pride. He didn’t want God to use human-kindness. I want “GOD” to bless me but my pride sometimes keeps me from accepting his blessing through other people.

  26. 826
    Naomi says:

    Will tell – Complete and utter dependence upon Him every nano-second of the day.

  27. 827
    Robbie says:

    He is teaching me (again) that He is not a “split personality” Father–One Who indeed loves and embraces me, but Who also has a “side” to Him that, simultaneously, is frowning, judging, and disappointed in me. In Jesus, He accepts me, just the way I am, period, no strings attached. I have a lot of repenting to do of my view of God.

  28. 828
    Julie says:

    He is teaching me to FULLY RELY ON HIM!!!!

  29. 829
    Joan says:

    One thing God is teaching me right now? That NOW is the time for faith. Right here, right now. Not in a day or a week or a month or a year. And certainly not when we get to Heaven, where we won’t need faith ’cause we’ll have FULFILLMENT. Now is the time for faith. Big, bold, radical, “crazy-in-love with Jesus” FAITH. Oh Father, may it be so.

  30. 830
    Joan says:

    He is the answer for everything.

  31. 831
    Kelly says:

    I am so glad that I’ve found Siestaville! Right now, I am reading “So Long Insecurity” (which is how I happened upon Siestaville) and is God teaching me a few things through that book! Mainly, that I need to look to God to heal my insecurity and to stop depending on others or my current circumstances for security. God is the only certain thing and He is the only rock upon which my security should lie. Thank you so much for this message!

  32. 832
    Sarah says:

    One thing God is teaching me right now is to stop thinking of myself. I have a lot of people demanding a lot of things from me right now, and I find myself being resentful of it all the time. I am trying to stop being resentful and start serving them (and serving God through them) with a joyful heart.

  33. 833
    Sharon says:

    God is teaching me that when He asks me to do something that I do not feel ready to do, He will equip me. Being thrown into a difficult situation this week I needed to be reminded of that truth by my husband. I truly can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! His power is made perfect in my weaknesses.

  34. 834
    Debbie Kilgallin says:

    God just taught me that it is OK that my husband and I ride a roller coaster, too. We’re at a dip–rrrrr! But I love the swing up that is soon to follow!

  35. 835

    Hey Beth.

    It is delightful to see the pics of you and our Kari. I feel very blessed to be led in anointed worship by the many worship pastors at Gateway but Kari is a special girl. I spoke to her after Pink Impact a few years back and found her delightful. Her grandmother and I have become acquainted through my work in Freedom Ministries and I run into her mom and dad from time to time around the office. She is just as cute in person as she is in those pics of yours.

    I remember when Revelation Song was fairly new and the youtube vids of Kari singing it at Christ for the Nations were, yes, on my blog. I think my favorite song of hers is My Beloved. Very Sweet.

    Well, I’m blessed to know you were blessed from our neck of the woods – and concur with your sentiments about desperately needing our God is big ways. I relate. Even to the word you delivered about the difference between a break and a change. I had a talk with my good friend and a pastor in womens ministry at Gateway the other day about this very thing. She and I had become quite close in the season when God moved us from the small Baptist congregation where I cut my teeth on God’s Word in the pages of your Bible studies. She talked me through when God transitioned me away from your Bible studies. I didn’t really want the change, but when it became evident He was moving me that way, I moved along.

    I told sweet Jan that now I get to just enjoy you – your depth of insights and quick wit. I feel like you are an old friend to me even though we’ve never met face-to-face. I wonder if you feel much like Paul writing those epistles to the growing churches under His care.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love to you and yours. Thank you for always making your relationship with the Lord a priority and checking in here from time to time. What a blessing you are — Our God is so good.

    Michelle Bentham

  36. 836
    Kim says:

    God is teaching me to keep my mouth closed and listen more! It’s so hard for me to do but I’m sure trying!

  37. 837
    MelissaD says:

    Right now God is teaching me that He is in control. I have tried for the better part of a year to make something go my way and God is letting me know who is boss. I am grateful for the lesson, sometimes I feel a little frustration over the whole deal, but grateful nonetheless.

  38. 838
    Denise Cross says:

    Your blog is precious.. thank you so much. God is teaching me to let go and trust like never before. God is also showing me that HIS holy word truly is alive!! that is the absolutely amazing thing how vividly HE is speaking to me.. i want to continue to bask in that Word to hear my Savior speak… how do people without HIM get through this hard life???
    thank you for how you lead us deeper into HIS word and deeper into HIS arms.
    love you too, denise

  39. 839
    Sandra says:

    The Lord is teaching me to be still… and know that he is God… he knows all…

  40. 840
    Jan says:

    God is teaching me to “praise” Him when trials come – (which have been coming rather often lately).
    James 1:2-5

  41. 841
    Christie Busselle says:

    God has been teaching me that it isn’t all about me and that I am not all that! Also that I should not seek where I want to serve Him and place myself there but that I should look for where He wants me to serve and let Him place me there. Did that make sense?

  42. 842
    Robin says:

    He has taught me just this week something I believed in theory but never put into practice. Not only does He love me and allow me to see Him at work but now i fully comprehend that He is…..absolutely and unequivocally….. ENOUGH for me. I KNOW He loves me. I KNOW He speaks to me. And I KNOW He will sustain me as long as I come to Him with everything I have and am.

  43. 843
    caroline says:

    Sweet Beth,

    Oh how I think you and I would be fast friends if you, too, lived up here in my DFW metroplex. We would go to get coffee at your “heaven-away-from-heaven” and I would simply get iced water because I love their big, thick green straws.

    Oh, how I digress. (something you, too, can relate to!) God is so infinitely good…and so smart, that One, too! I have been flat on my back for more months straight than I’d care to count this last year, due to (another!) spinal fluid leak. The medical drama is way too long to get into all the details right now, but it all began three years ago with meningitis and has trudged through more hospital stays than someone would want to endure. But, friends, be assured that HE is showing off something fierce right now!

    And although I have been healed and am now rebuilding my strength (yes, I’m a 31-year-old walking around in an 81-year old’s body! But, Lord, I’m WALKING around!! thank YOU and amen!) Anyway, He led me to a group of people through facebook that are RIGHT now going through this exact same thing. What a blessing to have someone who KNOWS…ya know!?! These people live in some northern states, there’s people in western states (I think…my geography is awful!) and even some on other countries! It has been a community of “leakers” who can help each other through.

    And one sweet girl messaged me and was asking all about my medical case and how alike it was to hers. (this is SUCH a rare illness, so that is just plain remarkable. Again, I LOVE that He is showing off!) Anyway, the more we talked, the more He used me to encourage her through my blogging about how He’s delivered me through. I even gave her my cell phone number and we talked on the phone…and come to find out…(get ready!)…she lives about 5 miles away from me! Can you hardly stand it!?!

    Sigh. I am sitting here SO thankful and humbled that HE knows every fiber of our being, every cell in our body…and every person near and far that we need to relate to.

    Five miles away, people.

    He is good. He is faithful. He is Healer. He can be trusted. He can handle your drama. He will not waste one tear…not one. (And if you are like me, there have been plenty!)

    Sorry sweet Beth, I guess He’s taught me more than one thing lately. But, I couldn’t be more thankful!

    Caroline Holzberger

  44. 844

    that He is in Control of all things, including my brother’s alcoholism and my dad’s irrational behavior…and I am not in control of these things…it’s His to take care of!

  45. 845
    stillanon says:

    i’m relearning a lesson first inspired by Ron Hall’s bk,Same kind of different as me….Sometimes i would look around a “church/bible study gathering” and feel surrounded by wealth and ease…what were your words? “cushy and light-weight”…God then gave me His eyesight and it was like i was the pastor/teacher looking out at a sanctuary full of Denvers/homeless poor….just like your Rev.3:17 citation.In order to be a believer rich or poor one has to know where the treasure lies!

  46. 846
    jan J. says:

    The one thing? He tells me over and over: “I am your refuge, your retreat, your strength, your strong tower, your protector”.

  47. 847
    Kaungersmith says:

    When I am just living life, when I am desperate for Him, cry for Him, He is the God who sees me! Genesis 16:13 He sees, He hears, He knows, He answers. All circumstances good, hard, ugly, beautiful are working towards His glory being shown by His plans and purposes in my life and those my life touches! I LOVE HIM!

  48. 848
    Sarah says:

    So many things, but one especially……When you pray scripture, HE ANSWERS in MIGHTY WAYS!

  49. 849
    Rachel P. says:

    That He is Strong and that He is loving (Psalm 62).

  50. 850
    Tilly says:

    Hi ‘mama,’ haven’t had a mama for so many years and that tagged at the end of your update touched my heart. Just want to say thank you Beth for your teaching and your beautiful loving spirit. You have touched my heart and mind so many times. God bless you deeply!

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