A Few Minutes To Say Hi!

Hey, Sweet Things! I’m sorry I’m not able to check in more often during this season! It’s mostly just me on here with you these days and the balancing act of a heavy writing and work schedule with a very busy family imposes some sizable limitations. To say that we all miss AJ is a vast understatement! I’m still so proud of her for the decision she made on behalf of her family. It was the right thing but we surely do have a gap around Siestaville. Thankfully, I don’t have a gap in my heart and home where she’s concerned. We all live life in pretty close community. Her little family is unending delight to me. We have LOVED having Melissa and Colin back! Their apartment is just darling and we so hope they stick around a while. Something really fun happened last night. Melissa and I knew we were going to be out much later than usual because we were hosting guests after Bible study so she asked Colin if she could just spend the night at our house. She lives much further out than Keith and I do and, after dropping me off at my house, she would have been super late getting back to her apartment. Colin blessed her to do that then called back a little while later and said he’d just come, too. So he packed a bag and they both stayed at our house. That is one reason why we love him to no end. He is a family man to the bone. Hopefully Melissa will be able to say hi a little more often on here in the near future. We are keeping her hands full but she has a soft spot for Siestas. That’s a fact.

I’m just sitting out on my back porch having a few minutes to myself. I’ve been throwing the ball to Star and watching her and Geli chase birds and reflecting on the last day or two. God brought us another astounding group of women last night. I have never seen a larger group with a smaller feel. What I mean by that is, they participate like they’re all on the front row. If I ask them to repeat something, they do it LOUD. They stay right on point and they’re happy to tell me if I miss a blank on their handout. (I love that. That means they’re paying attention.) Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite Tuesday night groups ever. I know, I know. I say that a lot. I fall in love easy. But my worst nightmare is that I’d just keep “teaching” the same people the same thing year after year after year after year and nobody’s heard a fresh word in five years but everybody’s too fast asleep to realize it. O Lord, deliver us. This is one reason why we have to study under many teachers and why teachers have to serve different groups. Sometimes we need to shake it up. It’s so easy to grow dull of hearing even a voice we dearly love. Sometimes all it takes is a break. Other times we need a change. Knowing the difference is critical.

I am so relieved and grateful to our merciful God that, for now, He’s bringing numbers of people we’ve never seen before and even their presence there stirs up the ones who have been around a long time. I love the familiar ones and the new ones alike. My concern is that women be in the best environment for learning and living the Scriptures. When we’ve ceased hearing or changing, we need a new environment. I am also mindful that, as I beg Him to keep me fresh and thrilled in His Word, that He often uses difficulty to answer that prayer. About the time I’m feeling a little lifeless or dull, something happens to make those words jump off the page again. Most of my revivals come from survivals. I still need Him so much. I need His Word. I need His Presence. I  need His help. I need His deliverance. It’s weird to realize that sometimes our desperation for Him is an answer to our very own prayers to love Him like nothing else. He is so faithful. I shake my head at the wonder of Him again today.

Last night we had a treat that many of us are still talking about today. Kari Jobe and her band led us in worship. Many of us were first introduced to her through “Revelation Song” and are familiar with her through the Gateway worship projects. She is tremendously gifted, blatantly anointed, and absolutely delightful. Amanda had the joy of hosting Lysa TerKeurst at Bible study last night and afterward for a quick bite while Melissa, Michelle, and I hosted Kari, her mom, her sister, her coworker and several lifelong friends. By the way, you guys, Lysa TerKeurt’s book Made To Crave is flying off the shelves and into the hands of women who are being deeply effected by the power of Christ. It is one of two books I plan to read next. Made To Crave recently hit the NY Times Best Seller list and we praise God for drawing attention to this powerful message and messenger. I noticed that a number of you were reading it in your comments to the last post. We got to have Lysa at Bible study last night because she was in town for interviews all day today on our local contemporary Christian radio station, KSBJ. (89.3 FM – find it on line. You will love it.)

Here are a couple of pictures we snapped with our iPhones last night after dinner with Kari. We took several of the whole group with a regular camera but those haven’t made it to me yet. Is she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?? (Yes, single, but not presently interested in everybody fixing her up with their best single guy friend. It is a shame though, isn’t it?) I was so glad that I changed my mind at the last minute and didn’t wear my tutu. She might not be ready for us to dress alike yet. I am going to get me one of those headbands, however. Just think what a poof I could get going with one of those.

This is Kari with Michelle who did indeed wear her tutu. You just can’t see it in this picture.

Well, my man is acting like he’s hungry and I’m supposed to do something about it. I am especially taken with him right now so I’m going to hop off of here and tend to him.Keith and I ride a roller coaster…and it’s sort of on the upside right now. Thank You, Lord. I don’t know why but I’m laughing out loud.

I’m so happy to touch base with you today! I love you guys like crazy! You know what I’d like to hear this week? One thing God is teaching you right now. Just one. Do tell.

Your Mama loves you.


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  1. 101
    Christy says:

    Beth, you are absolutely adorable. I have loved listening to you and reading your books for a very long time now. Thank you for being obedient and allowing God to work through you.

    I am learning to allow Him to heal. We lost our nearly 4 year old daughter almost one year ago to a devastating and incurable disease, and my heart is heavy with grief. I am learning to “sit back against him and breath.” It is hard, very hard, some days, but I am learning.

  2. 102

    I’m reading “Made to Crave” right now and so far it has blessed my socks off! I can’t wait to dig into it more. Actually dealing with some issues right now and saying to myself I might need to re read the first few chapters.

    Kari is amazing too! I’m sure you guys had tons to talk about. Thanks for the blog update. Your such a blessing!

  3. 103
    Bridgette Jencks says:

    God is teaching me to give it all to him – my thoughts, my plans, my desires – He kept putting a few verses in front of me (the two in my spiral for this week). A little more than a whisper, I do believe.

    I LOVE Kari Jobe! I was introduced to her last year during my cancer treatments – her song “Healer” – OH YES!!!! I belted that one at the top of my lungs many a times in the car. Love it!

  4. 104
    Kimberly says:


    I do so love you, Beth, and am thankful that I get a fresh word from you every time I hear you. When I was reading your post I was thinking back to the number of times I have heard you and every one has been different and each one has touched me deeply. I call the LPL events my mini-revivals and am so glad I get to share them now with my husband who is just as excited about going as I am.

    Speaking of which…what is God doing in my life? Well my mister is about to become a Dr. (EdD not MD). At this very moment he is wholed up in a hotel across town working on the finishing touches of his dissertation. This has been three years in the making and I’m frankly over it…way OVER IT!!! But the Lord has helped me keep my patience with him and the process. I keep thinking of Feb. 11 when he will defend and become Dr. Eades, and that has helped me to keep my mouth shut, smile really big and just keep moving forward. There is light at the end of the tunnel…PTL!!!

    I heard Lysa speak last year at a Women’s retreat and she was marvelous. Can’t wait to get that book!

    Blessings to all!

  5. 105
    Joy says:

    I’m learning what it means to let my suffering be used as a way to identify with Christ and to know Him more. To praise Him, trust Him, love Him even as I suffer. He’s worthy of it.

  6. 106
    amybhill says:

    so i am sort of one of those people who (when it comes to medical issues) assumes the absolute worst. this problem of mine is not helped by google. so when i found two “freckles” on the inside of my 2 year old daughter’s cheek last night while brushing her teeth, i googled it. then i cried, prayed, read the word, cried, prayed, read the word, went to bed, tossed and turned, woke up at 4 am, showered, cried, prayed, read the word, and then took my daughter to the pediatrician. the diagnosis? she bit the insider of her cheek. PRAISE THE LORD. i am seriously so thankful to the Lord that my little girl is okay (this i do NOT take lightly or for granted), but i do have to agree with you Beth that there is something very special about being desperate for God and desperate for His word <3 the words of scripture really do seem to jump off the page, His voice seems practically audible, and His comfort is overwhelming. How great is our God? Sing with me…

  7. 107
    Kathy says:

    I have been guided to develop an intimate relationship with our Lord. I am being convicted to rest in Christ in quietness and in trust daily. Trust has been an on going issue for me.

    One of my daily scriptures which encourages me is: Is. 30:15 “In returning to me and lighting down in rest is your Freedom. In Quietness and Trust shall be your Victory”.

    God Bless you, Beth for your kindness, interest, time, and remarkable ministry of HOPE. Lots of blessings to you and yours

  8. 108
    Amber says:

    Love on top of love on top of love! I feel like I’m always learning more of this one, but right now I’m swimming in love for my Lord, my husband, our two precious boys, and our brand new baby girl… and by love I mean the kind that’s absolutely overwhelming!

    And that love that is so deep and raw right now (compounded by blessed hormones I’m sure;)) is helping me to understand a little bit more about how He loves.

  9. 109
    Jennifer W. says:

    I love Kari Jobe! Jealous in a godly way, of course, of your time of worship! Our church is finally bringing back a choir and we are doing Revelation Song their first week! I have been working on the music all day to give to the choir. Can’t wait!!

  10. 110
    Linda says:

    I think He’s teaching me perseverance and patience as I’ve had tension headaches that I can’t seem to get rid of, and since He’s not taking them away, I figure I just need to hunker down into His word even harder and cry out to Him even louder (softer!) 🙂

    And, even though I don’t feel terrific YET, I figure it’s ok to do some “crazy things” while I wait. For instance, right now I am sitting here typing with sunglasses on and I just had 2 cans of enchilada sauce in my hands while I read your post!!! The sunglasses are to cut down on the brightness of the screen (does anybody think their’s is too bright too?) and the cans are a friend’s idea. She said that holding those two cans by my side will help my posture. So, I’m just doin a little multitasking here in Siestaville!

    • 110.1
      FloridaLizzie says:

      Linda, I hope your headaches get better soon. Maybe you also need to get them checked out by a doctor.
      Most computers have a way to adjust the brightness of the screen. May God provide you a computer geek friend or just an average young person to help you find the brightness setting on your control panel. You might even be able to Google it and find it in no time.

  11. 111
    Lee Ann says:

    God is teaching me HIS definition of pathetic. I have often thought “I don’t want to be pathetic”, which for me meant, “I don’t want to be needy, weak, unable to care for myself.” (granted, I can have compassion for OTHERS, just not ME in that position).God has been humbling me over the past few weeks with a diagnosis of RA. I have suddenly learned I am “pathetic” if my definition is true. This week in my Bible Study (Experiencing God) I read these words, “God’s definition of pathetic is small character in a big assignment”. Well……I have a big assignment and it is to face this disease with GODLY CHARACTER not the pathetic, irritable character I have demonstrated for my family. God’s definition of strength is the one who is WEAK so HE can be strong through me. THAT is what I am learning.

  12. 112
    Heather B says:

    Siesta Mama!!

    I am so excited to share that my dear, sweet SIL was there last night! She moved with her husband and 3 year old little boy to TX a little over a year ago and lives in Katy. Anyway, I received a text from her last night that said, “I’m at the Beth Moore bible study!!”

    She knows the Lord, but has never done one of your bible studies before. She also knows that I adore bible study and my siesta mama, so in obedient younger sister fashion, she decided she must go and find out what it was all about! I am so excited for her to go on this journey with her sisters in Christ and her Abba Father!

    Of course, I texted her this very morning and asked how it was? Her response? “It was great!! [Beth] is so cute and it was a really great study!! The worship was great too! It was really great- I’m definitely going to go back next week.”

    I know yall siestas will take good care of her since I’m in Indiana and can’t be there with her!

    Blessings and Love you!
    Heather B.

    (BTW, I’m reading ‘Made to Crave’ and so thankful for the truth that’s in it – really being challenged, in a good way!)

  13. 113
    Erin says:

    Among so many other things, I think God is teaching me to need him right now. I fill up my life with so much GOOD stuff, but still think I can do my life on my own. I especially appreciated you just now: “It’s weird to realize that sometimes our desperation for Him is an answer to our very own prayers to love Him like nothing else.” I feel quite the same, so thanks for saying it!

  14. 114
    kendal says:

    always great to hear from you! i love that you catch us up on your life. i just came home from some awesome worship and study at my church, settled onto the couch for some bloggy time, and found a post from you. what a terrific end to the day! smiles!

  15. 115
    Catherine says:

    “Eucharisto” -thanksgiving. “Charis” – grace. “Chara” – joy. He is showing me a new thing – and it is powerful! Praise God for how He has used the Farmer’s wife to speak to this city wife. She may not be fancy Ann with an “e”, but He has planted a gift in her and I know and love Him more because of it!

    Thank you Lord for the wonderful women in our lives that that yearn to know you more, to understand you more, to love you more, and share that annointed teaching with us!

  16. 116
    Sarah S. says:

    First, I love, adore, and treasure that Melissa called to ask Colin if it was okay if she spent the night at your house, and that we Siestas TOTALLY get that doing that isn’t about being “whipped” or “controlled” — it’s about love and respect. That girl was raised right. Better yet? Her man wanted to come, too!! That is the cutest thing EVER!! I love her Colin right there with you!!

    Okay, God is teaching me stuff that I do not like not one little bit. I think I am in trigonometry of life or something. I am in a waiting place. Last year we were waiting for employment for my husband and God faithfully provided that — in a city 200 miles away. I’m waiting for our house to sell so that our teenagers and I can join him. God is teaching me that there is precious growth to be had in the waiting, there is a place of full submission (as if I have a choice! :-)) in the waiting, and occasionally, when you are really still and quiet, there are whispers of His love for you in the waiting.

    Today was a hard day. I’m tired of not living with my husband when he’s having hard days at his new job, tired of wondering “when” or “how long”, tired of “keeping my chin up”. But His mercies are new every morning (PRAISE!!) and I will claim every last one.

  17. 117
    MamaJack says:

    Had the most amazing encounter with God today through a friend suffering with a teenager in the hospital with suicidal thoughts. . .my spiral. . .just up and gave it to her and my two scriptures were really for her!!! Just stood there in my mind saying good-bye to something I have carried w/me everyday for the past 3 weeks and then realized it was not for me but for my friend. So amazing!!I must stay focused on the hurting and reach out to those around me to be the most good. . memorizing is so important cause I can give it to those who need and still have it!! Love it!!

  18. 118

    Oh! He’s teaching me Thankfulness!! And I so need it. I’m half way through Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” and she is teaching me so much: thankfulness always comes before the miracle. Love it!

    I’m hearing a-mazing things about Lysa’s book. And I need to find a minute to read it too….maybe on my Kindle =) (love that thing!)

    Love you too, Siesta Mama!

  19. 119
    Stacey says:

    Life is full of choices. And God has given me the freedom and ability to Choose.(Deut 30:19 He sets before me life and death blessing and curses and says now choose life!!) No matter how I feel, or what it looks like he has provided His Word so that there is always a choice that brings life. But it is up to me to choose life.Its a choice I make. Learning To lean alot more on God’s Word rather than my own understanding.

  20. 120
    Colorado Jan says:

    God is teaching me to choose grace and rest in Him, not in “me getting it right”.

    GO PACKERS!!! We are so excited! Beth, do you still have your Aaron Rodgers jersey from LPL in Green Bay? We had so much fun watching you praise God in your Packer jersey! (we were a host site in CO – our family used to live in WI).

  21. 121
    Pezzy says:

    God is teaching me that it’s ok to be, like you and Keith, on a roller coaster ride! Hit rock bottom 2 days ago but right now my hands are in the air, hair flyin and glee in my heart! God is good!

  22. 122
    Janice says:

    I must share this with someone.
    The coolest thing happened to me tonight on the way home from Bible study. We just completed session 3 of Here and Now..There and Then. I have a wonderful group of women ranging in ages from 20 something to 80 something. I was driving on a two lane road praising the Lord for such a wondering blessing tonight in the car all by myself lifting my hands and giving God a hand. The car in front just pulled right over and almost went into a little ditch and let me go around. Maybe they thought I was having an emergency. I don’t know. I was having a blast with God. I passed right on by them and kept on praising.


  23. 123
    Erin says:

    I don’t know any other way to say it, but God is so cool! Even when things are stressful, He does the coolest things! I am so grateful for those reminders that He is in our midst, He is in control, knows what’s happening, and what’s gonna happen, and that it’s all for our good and because He loves us. Praise You, Lord!!!!

    My Dad had emergency gallbladder surgery today. We first discovered his need for surgery on Christmas Day. Since then, he has just gotten worse and worse. Sunday night as I left church, my mom called and I met my parents at the ER. He was so weak and in so much pain. His surgery was scheduled for Feb. 1st, then they moved it to Thursday (Tomorrow 27th). He ran a temp last night and was so weak that my Mom took him back to the ER. They admitted him and got him ready for surgery.

    (Trying to make this short….) Once they got in, his GB was so infected, inflamed and even had gangrene, that they had to open him up instead of doing laproscopic surgery. With all of this going on, I am thankful for God’s mercy! We found out when Dad had his ultra sound that he has a possible malignant mass on his kidney. We wouldn’t have known that without the GB issues coming up. Also, I am thankful that my sweet momma took my Dad back to the ER-I truly believe at the Holy Spirit’s urging-and they got that thing out today. God is in the details! He is so COOL!

    Isaiah 55:8&9

  24. 124

    I have been praying for God to help me prioritize and steward my time well. This past week HE tweaked that prayer and prompted my heart to pray for his help in “bringing order to my affections.” Of course He is at the top, my husband right behind, then my wonderful kiddos. The rest will follow…

    He is teaching me to listen.

  25. 125
    Lori says:

    Teaching me to see Him in everything. Teaching me how He can do great things through me for others. Just one kind act of love can turn into something beautiful and amazing. Just as He is the Light of the world, so am I, so are all of us. I can shine just the smallest light into someone’s dark world in HIs name and He will reveal Himself-He will shine! LOVE,LIGHT…these have been the themes he’s banging (gently of course!) over my head for the past year.

  26. 126
    Joyce Watson says:

    God is teaching me to be a “Mary” not so much a Martha, all though I do think Martha loved Jesus too.
    This week I meet Carol Kent who wrote “Between a Rock and a Grace Place.” She is such a blessing and a very compassion Christian woman. God put on my heart to help her with my church in her ministry and also helped some other people in ministry in Oklahmoma. I am praising God for what He did.
    it was all God Not Me, but God working

  27. 127

    One thing that God is teaching me right now in this season…is that He is. Period. He is.

    Blessings to all,

    michelle in VT

  28. 128
    Lezli says:

    “Be holy, because I am holy”

  29. 129
    Erin says:

    Hope teaching me, means I don’t have it down yet! God has put on my heart that I need to always share my opinion with my husband in a way that doesn’t make him feel that his opinion is not worthy of my listening too. I process by questioning and this isn’t a good thing to do out loud sometimes, most of the time!
    I really was blessed in this morning LifeToday teaching Beth,,, ladies if you didn’t hear it catch it at Oneplace or LightSource.

  30. 130
    Sarah says:

    God is teaching me to consider my struggles “pure joy” because they drive me to my knees and His Word.

  31. 131
    Kelly says:

    I’m becoming aware of how little I truly focus on God with my everyday activities. I felt convicted about it this week in the area of eating, after being stubborn a while gave it to God, and then happened upon an excerpt of Made to Crave online. Obviously I’m supposed to be learning something in this area. Eating’s an area I’ve never considered God being a part of except when I thank Him for it, but He’s reminded me of a familiar verse I’ve never before taken to heart.
    “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31

  32. 132
    Margie by the Sea says:

    I am learning to worship God; I mean really, truly worship Him for who He is, not for what He’s done or will do.
    What a glorious thing it is.

  33. 133
    Beth says:

    To lean on my Christian sisters more!!!

  34. 134
    Casey says:

    Holding every thought captive. I am really trying to use my memory verses to fight those –she must be mad at me or why didn’t they invite me thoughts–

    I want so badly to shine for HIM

  35. 135
    Brittney says:

    I am so excited about the things to come! God is really proving to be moving mountains in my life. The main thing I am learning is that I have to be still, and focus on God and God alone, and He can teach me in ways I have never learned. I have started studying Romans and tonight I studied Romans 2. Romans 2:24 where Paul is writing about the Jews and says that “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” has really stuck. The question in my study guide simply asks: what are you doing in your life and how are you living for the name of Jesus? It’s a question I posed on my blog tonight. And a question I have posed on myself.

    Wish I could share 100 more things, but one was enough. Follow my story and see what else questions have been posed on me. Thank you so much for the support from all of you. I know, through this blog, there are so many women like me who long to study God’s Word and to live to make the name of Jesus famous!


  36. 136
    Rebecca says:

    God is teaching me to be expectant in Him…even during difficult times.

    Prayers and blessings,

  37. 137
    Deb Weaver says:

    To go more often to the eremone (wilderness) to wrestle in prayer for my family and others who are in grave spiritual battles.

  38. 138
    Regina says:

    God is teaching and reminding me that His answers don’t always come in the form that I expect.

  39. 139
    Jessie says:

    To live step by step…that I don’t need the whole picture. Worship here and do the next right thing.

    A bunch of stuff i can’t even put into coherent sentences yet. Just waiting. I am so grateful for “Siestaville”

  40. 140
    Kim Kauffman says:

    To trust that He will bring me though the hard times (We have a 4 1/2 month old who didn’t get the memo that you need sleep to be a happy camper).

  41. 141
    Linda says:

    God is teaching me that even though I feel lonely sometimes, I’m not alone, He is always with me. All I have to do is call out to Him and He listens, He carries me, He’s there for me, 24/7.

  42. 142

    I’m one of the ones reading Made to Crave. I’m amazed at the clarity that God has given me after a tumultuous year last year. I am learning to ABIDE in His presence and His Word on a minute to minute basis and it is priceless.

  43. 143

    Just one? Well lets see…

    Once again I have found that I still try to take care of my sinfulness by myself. Covering my guilt by excuses and vowing to “do better next time”. I have been especially reminded AGAIN of the fact that my great high priest is indeed interceding for me … AGAIN and waiting for me to let go and let HIM apply his wonderful redemption to my need.

    I was especially blessed by the song “Mercy Seat” on Travis Cottrells CD “Jesus Saves” Live. Can I just say that I bawled my head off… Jesus was doing a brand new thing in me…AGAIN.

    Praise him


  44. 144
    Emily Pridgen says:

    I think 2011 is all about Committment(I need to learn how to spell it probably too!) But that seems to be the theme lately, to not only rid the bad from my life but to then committ to God (1 Sam 7:6)and stay committed, I could go on…:)

  45. 145
    Jane says:

    God is trying to convince me that I need to shut my mouth and let Him deal with my husband. Nearly impossible.

  46. 146
    Kate says:

    I am for you child.

  47. 147
    Lauren says:

    How to do what is necessary… making Him the focus and letting the stuff that doesn’t matter go. And as I am writing this, my eyes are filling with tears because since I’ve figured that out, so many things are falling into place, and I’m just so happy! Thank God for you, for this site, and for all of your Bible studies… and for others like you. Reading Made to Crave right now, too… and especially Thank God for His son, who became poor so I could be rich. =)

  48. 148
    Tina says:

    Loved last night and absolutely LOVED the tutu also! My youngest would SO love that cute outfit Kari had on plus her singing – as I did too. Wishing I could pull off the tutu but I’m a bit too old to wear that around town. I would SO embaress my teenage girlies!

    God is teaching me at this moment to “lay down those oars” in re: to a situation with one of my sweet daughters and let HIM be in control. Because the LORD knows I can’t do it and the sooner I learn that the better off I’ll be! He’s the leader and the healer!

  49. 149
    AnaLisa says:

    Helped lead worship today at a high school youth group and was overwhelmed by how loudly and joyfully and desperately they were singing! Praise the Lord! It was a beautiful sound and a beautiful reminder of God using people of all ages to reach our world. Those kids are on fire and God is using them! I love it.

  50. 150
    Tanya R says:

    He is teaching me to let things go…I worry about everything and am willing to make any issue a fight for fairness and justice. I have to learn to worry less about others and concentrate more on my walk with Him.

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