A Few Minutes To Say Hi!

Hey, Sweet Things! I’m sorry I’m not able to check in more often during this season! It’s mostly just me on here with you these days and the balancing act of a heavy writing and work schedule with a very busy family imposes some sizable limitations. To say that we all miss AJ is a vast understatement! I’m still so proud of her for the decision she made on behalf of her family. It was the right thing but we surely do have a gap around Siestaville. Thankfully, I don’t have a gap in my heart and home where she’s concerned. We all live life in pretty close community. Her little family is unending delight to me. We have LOVED having Melissa and Colin back! Their apartment is just darling and we so hope they stick around a while. Something really fun happened last night. Melissa and I knew we were going to be out much later than usual because we were hosting guests after Bible study so she asked Colin if she could just spend the night at our house. She lives much further out than Keith and I do and, after dropping me off at my house, she would have been super late getting back to her apartment. Colin blessed her to do that then called back a little while later and said he’d just come, too. So he packed a bag and they both stayed at our house. That is one reason why we love him to no end. He is a family man to the bone. Hopefully Melissa will be able to say hi a little more often on here in the near future. We are keeping her hands full but she has a soft spot for Siestas. That’s a fact.

I’m just sitting out on my back porch having a few minutes to myself. I’ve been throwing the ball to Star and watching her and Geli chase birds and reflecting on the last day or two. God brought us another astounding group of women last night. I have never seen a larger group with a smaller feel. What I mean by that is, they participate like they’re all on the front row. If I ask them to repeat something, they do it LOUD. They stay right on point and they’re happy to tell me if I miss a blank on their handout. (I love that. That means they’re paying attention.) Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite Tuesday night groups ever. I know, I know. I say that a lot. I fall in love easy. But my worst nightmare is that I’d just keep “teaching” the same people the same thing year after year after year after year and nobody’s heard a fresh word in five years but everybody’s too fast asleep to realize it. O Lord, deliver us. This is one reason why we have to study under many teachers and why teachers have to serve different groups. Sometimes we need to shake it up. It’s so easy to grow dull of hearing even a voice we dearly love. Sometimes all it takes is a break. Other times we need a change. Knowing the difference is critical.

I am so relieved and grateful to our merciful God that, for now, He’s bringing numbers of people we’ve never seen before and even their presence there stirs up the ones who have been around a long time. I love the familiar ones and the new ones alike. My concern is that women be in the best environment for learning and living the Scriptures. When we’ve ceased hearing or changing, we need a new environment. I am also mindful that, as I beg Him to keep me fresh and thrilled in His Word, that He often uses difficulty to answer that prayer. About the time I’m feeling a little lifeless or dull, something happens to make those words jump off the page again. Most of my revivals come from survivals. I still need Him so much. I need His Word. I need His Presence. I  need His help. I need His deliverance. It’s weird to realize that sometimes our desperation for Him is an answer to our very own prayers to love Him like nothing else. He is so faithful. I shake my head at the wonder of Him again today.

Last night we had a treat that many of us are still talking about today. Kari Jobe and her band led us in worship. Many of us were first introduced to her through “Revelation Song” and are familiar with her through the Gateway worship projects. She is tremendously gifted, blatantly anointed, and absolutely delightful. Amanda had the joy of hosting Lysa TerKeurst at Bible study last night and afterward for a quick bite while Melissa, Michelle, and I hosted Kari, her mom, her sister, her coworker and several lifelong friends. By the way, you guys, Lysa TerKeurt’s book Made To Crave is flying off the shelves and into the hands of women who are being deeply effected by the power of Christ. It is one of two books I plan to read next. Made To Crave recently hit the NY Times Best Seller list and we praise God for drawing attention to this powerful message and messenger. I noticed that a number of you were reading it in your comments to the last post. We got to have Lysa at Bible study last night because she was in town for interviews all day today on our local contemporary Christian radio station, KSBJ. (89.3 FM – find it on line. You will love it.)

Here are a couple of pictures we snapped with our iPhones last night after dinner with Kari. We took several of the whole group with a regular camera but those haven’t made it to me yet. Is she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?? (Yes, single, but not presently interested in everybody fixing her up with their best single guy friend. It is a shame though, isn’t it?) I was so glad that I changed my mind at the last minute and didn’t wear my tutu. She might not be ready for us to dress alike yet. I am going to get me one of those headbands, however. Just think what a poof I could get going with one of those.

This is Kari with Michelle who did indeed wear her tutu. You just can’t see it in this picture.

Well, my man is acting like he’s hungry and I’m supposed to do something about it. I am especially taken with him right now so I’m going to hop off of here and tend to him.Keith and I ride a roller coaster…and it’s sort of on the upside right now. Thank You, Lord. I don’t know why but I’m laughing out loud.

I’m so happy to touch base with you today! I love you guys like crazy! You know what I’d like to hear this week? One thing God is teaching you right now. Just one. Do tell.

Your Mama loves you.


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  1. 751
    Becky Kiser says:

    I would pay good money to see Michelle in a tutu!! 🙂

  2. 752
    Lacey C. says:

    He’s been using many little things to show me that I need to talk to Him more, about everything. I trust Him with my whole heart, and therefore have been tending to just silently trust, knowing that He’s in control and feeling like I have nothing worth saying to say to Him. I trust Him, He’s trustworthy, whatever He’s doing is best, so I’m not panicking. So I wasn’t praying as much, because I guess most of my praying used to be giving Him my worries. I forgot about praising Him and expressing my love and thankfulness. So I got a spiritual spank and I really, desperately needed it.

  3. 753
    Tracy says:

    I have been experiencing much hardship, which has led to much freedom, in Breaking Free. God is so good, isn’t he??? He not only shows us where our bondage is, but so lovingly leads us to freedom’s door—found only in Him! Thank you Jesus!!! One of my freedom’s, recently, has been with my bondage in regards to my weight and how that has affected my mind. I have finally received the help from Jesus that I have so desperately needed to hear, but couldn’t seem to get a clearing in my mind to receive it, until now…First of all through Breaking Free (lesson 7 in fact) but also through Made TO Crave…(Thanks, Lysa). Thank you so much for fulfilling your calling, ladies! You have been treasured friends of mine for many years…I love you and I praise God for your willingness to be transparent…I love Him more because of you!!!

  4. 754
    Denice says:

    He is teaching me about His grace and mercy. I am so undeserving yet He gives it anyway. I received a good report from the doctor about a biopsy. I keep asking “Why me?” and “Why not me?”. I’m still trying to wrap my mind and heart around it all.

  5. 755
    Sarah W. says:

    I am trying to learn how to be generous. That it is not “my” money. It is God’s and if he wants me to give until I’m uncomfortable, I need to do it cheerfully. I place too much trust in my savings account and not enough in Jehovah Jireh.

  6. 756
    Lindsey Marler says:

    Hey Beth,
    Thanks for your blog. One thing I am learning right now was inspired by one of your Bible studies on King David. Example: I have been pondering the thought that maybe I have been distracted from walking WITH God because I am too busy walking FOR Him. I am the volunteer coordinator at a men’s homeless shelter, and I love my job. God’s passion for loving others through practical service has exploded in my heart. I’m so grateful that He has given me the gift of passion and the gift to serve others. But The Enemy just loves to trip us up doesn’t he? My whole job is setting people up to serve, and I have allowed service to be my god, rather than Jesus. Oh God help us to keep our focus on you!! It amazes me that good, very good, things can distract us from our God.
    I am learning to refocus my affections on Him and allow service to be a RESPONSE to His love, not a way to try and earn His love.
    Thanks again for your blog. I’m encouraged by your faith.

    • 756.1
      Nichole's Mom says:

      I love your post! I have a little plaque that a friend gave me with Hebrews 12:2 on it at my desk right in eyeball shot!

      “Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith”…

      I like to add “the author and perfector of my everything”!!!

  7. 757
    Valerie says:

    God gave me an opportunity to step up to the plate in a leadership situation this last week. I needed to address some undesirable behavior and I really didn’t want to be the one to deal with it. He reminded me of past similar situations – one even 15 yrs ago – in which I had avoided the problem instead of dealing with it and how that had all turned out. This time I so wanted to please Him and so I asked Him for the words and calmness of spirit and oh, He delivered. My moment of uncomfortableness in speaking truth to my group was nothing compared to knowing I was obedient to my God!

    Amazingly, the same day, my ten yr old son came home to tell about how he had to stand against a couple of his closest friends regarding stealing. I was so thrilled that he did the right thing and was impressed with how he handled the situation and his words of wisdom. Bless his heart.

    God was working on both of us in similar situations – standing up for the truth – at the same time. Only through His strength were we able to do the right thing. Praise You Jesus!

  8. 758
    Becky says:

    Ooopps late again…maybe I should use that as my blog name. humm :0/
    It is very encouraging to me to know that someone like you has a roller coaster relationship with their honey of many, many, many years too…and you both loved each other as my honey and I do. But what a roller coast ride we live.
    Last week the ride was going quickly down the top of a hill, today, it is leveled out and I can catch my breath and breath a little.

  9. 759
    Megan says:

    I so love it when you shout out to us Tuesday night girls on the blog! We are your homegirls lol. I answer your question with one of my own – how can I narrow it down to ONE thing? I really don’t know how…but I will just say He is moving in me right now, in a BIG WAY. I’m not sure yet what exactly that all means but that is part of the excitement of living our walk, isn’t it?!

    P.S. The parking on Tuesdays is excruciating…I’ve had to say ”Joy To You Sister!” many times haha! Thanks for giving me something positive (and hilarious) to say. Keeps things in perspective for me.

  10. 760
    Lynn says:

    Right now, God is teaching me that I cannot always “fix” my son’s problems – he’s about to turn 17. He’s such a joy and inspiration to me! At just 15 years of age, God called him into full time missions. He’s a leader in his peer group and such a good boy…not perfect, of course, but such a sweet spirit and good heart, wanting to follow God.

    I’ve noticed something’s been bothering him for a couple of days, but he won’t talk about it. That’s unusual since we are very close. God finally told me last night, to just “leave it be”. He knows if he wants to talk, I’m always there. But it’s soooo hard to watch him hurt. I feel helpless!

    From a comment I noticed on his facebook, I think he might have done something that’s drawing criticism from someone else. I really feel for him because he’s the type of guy that if he messes up, people will be shocked. And he beats himself up too. He expects to do everything perfectly.

    We know how Satan is, though, don’t we? He loves to condemn. I’m confident that everything will be fine soon. I trust the Lord to continue to watch over him and guide him …. and to teach him from his mistakes.

    I’m so thankful for a loving God, full of mercy and grace EVERY day 🙂

  11. 761
    Nichole's Mom says:

    God has put a picture in my mind lately, a picture of a merry go round, the kind I used to play on when I was younger, only now I see people stuck on it… Going round and round, going nowhere while people all around us are desperate for Jesus. We can get so wrapped up in our own issues or ministries or sin to see the people all around us going to hell…

    I don’t know about you, but when I would stay on the merry go round to long when I was little I would start to feel sick and could hardly focus. As I played the scene out in my mind I had pictured the enemy standing there pushing it to keep it spinning, then God took the black robe off so I could see who was really pushing it… It was me. The enemy might of gotten it started but I was more than happy to keep it going… I’m done pushing merry go rounds…

  12. 762
    Gaylene says:

    He’s teaching me to wait on Him while His word works on me. “…may it be done to me according to your word…” Luke 1:37

  13. 763
    Gayla says:

    He’s reteaching me, for the millionth time, that His word is life to me, my absolute lifeline in the “big stuff” and the mundane (like potty training!).

  14. 764
    Christina says:

    A few weeks ago, our Pastor challenged us not only to speak to God, but to really take the time to hear what he has to say to us. The next morning I was parked in my car and took a few minutes to just sit and listen for the message Jesus had for me. He told me again to listen and it wasnt the first time he has told me that. Listen, listen, listen. As I heard that message for the 3rd time that week, I decided I would take it quite literally and turned on my radio. Lysa TerKeurt’s voice filled my car (and my heart) as she mentioned that she had some great scriptures on her blog (which I had never been to) that would help get me through tough times of craving food (which I have been going through all my life). Three weeks ago I didnt know Lysa. I hadn’t read her blog, I didnt know she had written a book and I certaintly didnt know what an impact her message was going to have on my life. The only thing I did know was that God was clearly sending me on a scavenger hunt for His truth. Well, one thing lead to another and I now am a faithful follower of her blog and look forward to her Monday night Made to Crave webcasts, and have never felt better about my struggle with food. This reaffirms for me that our God loves to speak to us all such creative ways. All we have to do is listen, listen, listen.

  15. 765
    Beth Courtright says:

    Just thought I’d let y’all know that I love Jesus with everything that’s in me. With that said I’m going to spend more time praying, being in His Word, having church on the computer and going to church, and spending time with Him. The more I get to know Him the better. Being in His Prensence 24/7 is where I want to be. I want to be so into Jesus and He so into me wow there’s just nothing like it. I’m sooo grateful to be born again. Thank you Jesus!

  16. 766
    Cristie says:

    God has been showing me this week just how truly faithful HE is!!! He answers prayers!!! Oh Lord, bless you! Thank you Father!! My younger daughter has been dating a young man that she has seemed quiet enamored with for 5 months. All along something has seemed to be not quite exactly right even though it all looked good on paper. I’ve been praying for God to reveal anything to her that she needs to know for her protection. A sister friend has been praying with me.

    Yesterday she learned that at times when he has seemed to ‘disappear’ this young man has been hanging out with kids that are smoking marijuana and even had them in his truck with their weed. It was a deal breaker for her and she broke it off immediately. She is naturally hurting but Glory to God!! He opened those big, beautiful, blue 16-year-old eyes. She just lost her valentine and her prom date. That’s big stuff for a teenager. After she cried out the story, I couldn’t help welling up with praise and sharing my prayers with her. She is learning too and can see God’s hand!! Praise you LORD!!

    Time for a hallelujah dance!!

  17. 767
    Karen says:

    I’m learning my Father doesn’t waste anything when I bring it to His Throne. He’s teaching me to live in the results of His wonderfully marvelous grace, rather than stay chained in the repercussions of my past. Victory is God’s way; defeat is NOT. Acts 1:8–“You WILL receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…..”

  18. 768
    Sheree G. says:

    He is teaching me to be quiet in my spirit; to filter what is in our home and purge what is not needed; to filter out the chaos between my ears so I can hear Him clearly.

  19. 769
    Tina Miller says:

    Actually it’s something He has taught me through you… I am in a very small group that has decided to get together, get out of our comfort zone and do a bible study together… It is your new “Breaking Free” that we are doing and one thing I loved was how you break things down in scripture and get to the root of the word… well everyday I get sent a bible verse through a dear friend who a group of us (mixed denominations) go to her house every Thursday and we have prayer meetings… what follows is the email that transpired from that one verse…

    “”My dearest friend and who I consider the “head” of our prayer group sends out everyday without fail verses (how she comes about which to use I don’t know but there has been many MANY times when they have been exactly what I needed when I needed them) well today’s was simple enough..

    “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; (19)Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.” Romans 1:18-19

    I quickly responded back if she had a Strong’s concordance that I was interested in the word shewed. God used a word that is only used 135 times to speak to me… and I wanted to share… the verse 19 may be as clear as day to some as it is but for me it lacked conviction that is until I broke it down and applied it to myself… so it came out like this…

    Because that which may be learned to know of God, she is apparent (“phaneros” root word phainō which means to bring forth into the light, cause to shine, shed light) with herself for God hath made visible or known what has been hidden or unknown to manifest whether by words or deeds, or in any other way unto herself….

    So I know the adage that God is my light and he lights my path.. he also lights our hidden areas… areas we may not even be aware that even exist but since God has “shown” these areas to us we no longer have any excuses! WE don’t want to be one who holds the TRUTH in unrighteousness (unrighteousness of heart and life) (vs18)

    I know growth can be hard sometimes but if we are called to be like Jesus then every area of our lives has to be turned over to him even the ones “sight unseen” Because it’s not until we invite him to change/fill these areas in our lives that His power can be manifested there. Sweet sweet sisters embrace love and give love and look for God’s lights to show bright.))

    All I can say is I love an awesome God who allows awesome women to teach and guide thankyou Beth!

  20. 770
    Tabitha says:

    Oh, Mama! It has been quite a ride for me right now. I haven’t been to LPM in a while and felt prompted to check back in. I am praising God for you a LOT. I have loaned (aka given away)my Get Out of that Pit book and have just finished re-reading SoLong Insecurity. I am learning that God loves me for me. Just because He does. I am loving others (even those who don’t or can’t love me back). I have been rather extravagant about it too and it confuses people. I like that. Thanks for the prayers for those of us who read your books and are living to know Him more.
    Love you!

  21. 771
    Marilyn R says:

    What do you mean that you will miss Amanda? What is she doing now? Your post is so precious to me and I love reading about what is going on with Living Proof.

  22. 772
    Laurie T. says:

    I am going through a difficult time physically and for someone who loves to work hard and fix things and who always has some home improvement project going on…it’s very hard to be limited and to rest. God is teaching me to trust Him with not only my future, but with my present. He is showing me that what I expect from myself is most likely not what He asks of me. And He wants me to look for every opportunity to be a blessing to others, to encourage them with His Word, and to continue to memorize His Word, because His Word is life…and life everlasting.

  23. 773
    Vera says:

    He is teaching our whole community that He is in control…of everything. Health, life, the next breath we take, joy, tragedy…you name it. He is our rock, our strong tower. He is the only one we can run to when our hearts are broken and the one we should run to when our “cup runneth over” with joy and delight.

  24. 774
    Virginia says:

    Patience, faithfulness and to trust that He does know EVERY minute detail of my life and He cares. He is in control, not me. Doing Daniel with a group of women much older than I am and LOVING every minute of it! They are wise and faithful and so honest, it’s wonderful. Thank you Beth for your faithfulness to those of us “out here” in Siestaville, your joy is contagious!
    Virginia,Waco TX

  25. 775
    Andrea S. says:

    Oh Sweet Girls-
    Its been too long since I’ve been on here with you, but I have indeed missed you all! I am super busy with work…life seems to swallow me whole in the month of January and I start coming back in February! One thing God is teaching me this week is about boundaries….why we have them….what happens when we don’t and how to gently teach those to my three hurting step-children.

    In Him,
    Andrea S.

  26. 776
    Lyndsey says:

    We’ve had a tragedy with my 6 yr old this month getting third degree burns from a TREADMILL!! Being in hardship with finances anyway, we are having to travel to Atlanta once a week thru Feb (possibly), which is 3 hrs from our town of Knoxville TN, to the Joseph Still Burn Center. God has TOTALLY PROVIDED our gas $, meal $, tire $ (right after surgery, after I loaded my little guy in the minivan I looked down and had a flat!) MY GOD IS FAITHFUL EVEN WHEN I AM NOT! HALLELUJAH! Just today I was trying to help God figure out where our gas $ was going to come from for this Monday’s trip(reread that if you didn’t catch it the first time) when my husband called to tell me $ had been taken up for us where he worked! Praise His Name!

  27. 777
    Mary Watkins says:

    The most significant thing God has given me is the desire to hide His word in my heart. I participated in the Siesta Memory Verse before and I admit that I was just going through the motions of it. This time has been different. This time through prayer I ask God to show me the verse He wants me to have….cannot not wait to see what verse He has for me on February 1st. The enemy plays havoc with my mind. Everytime, I start thinking negative thoughts, unkind thought,etc. God helps me use that as a spring board to go back to my verses and to say them out loud. The last thing the enemy wants to hear is God’s word spoken in his face. God is changing my heart by His Holy Word and I am thankful.

  28. 778
    Leah says:


  29. 779
    Linda Thompson says:

    One thing God’s teaching me? I think I’m being taught so much at once that my head’s about to explode. lol 🙂

    I know one of the things the past few days that keeps coming back to me is learning more of who God really is, and why I should believe in him. I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been reading “Searching for God Knows What” by Don Miller, and that’s really been great for me. One point I’ve picked up over the past few days from it is that the Bible is not meant to be a book of formulas for how to live the perfect life. It’s not meant to be the list we pull everything from, that gets so taken out of context that we can manipulate it any way we want. That’s what we want it to be…but when we do that, we miss the true meaning of it entirely. Really, the whole of the Bible is showing us that we were created to be relational beings. We need relationship, we’re wired for it…starting as far back as Adam. We’re wired to need that relationship with our God. And I definitely know I have that spot inside me that only He seems able to fill. 🙂 Score one for God!

  30. 780
    Karen L. says:

    Beth – I adore you. :-)Connecting with you and the Siestas here is one of the best things to happen to me lately. And I ask for prayers for my dear sister’s husband and family. He has a fabulous interview opportunity today for a job. Getting this job could change their lives – for the better. He has been trying to find a good job since they moved to Utah 4 years ago – he has been under employed all this time and they barely scrape by with 5 kids. If not this job, please pray that he will not be discouraged and that he will be presented other opportunities until the right one develops. Please pray for Benito today. God Bless. Thanks!

  31. 781
    Lisa says:

    humiliation, with a small “h”

  32. 782
    Lori says:

    The Lord is teaching me it is okay to be set apart…a true calling, a powerful blessing, and an honor.

    I love you, Lord, for holding my hand, for being my security, and for teaching me how I can best serve You on a daily basis.


    Peace, Love, and Jesus

  33. 783
    Marilyn Yarbrough says:

    Patience I am in a slow down and wait season. I didn’t ask for it.

  34. 784
    Lee says:

    Ummmm….honestly, I’ve been moment to moment recently. My husband and four kids and I have all been struck down….like hands and knees down….by the stomach flu.
    I’m just busy praying my fool head off for deliverance.
    And that’s the facts.

  35. 785
    Meghan McPherson says:

    “BE CREATIVE!” I am working on Children’s and Women’s Ministry things and He is challenging me to really grab people’s attention….think out of the box. Think creatively to let people know….HE is REAL, HE is AWESOME, HE is FUN, and HE is your BEST FRIEND!
    Beth, I LOVE your blog! I love how reading your blog is like catching up with an old friend(=. God bless you for your ministry(=.

  36. 786
    Kristin says:

    God has been showing me that I have been stuck in a pit for a long time and didn’t really notice it fully until this week. He has shown me that I have been trying to do life on my own strength for too long. I can’t and I don’t want to do this without Him any longer.

  37. 787
    Elissa OConnor says:

    That my God is a HUGE and AMAZING GOD and can be trusted with any and all that tugs at my heart♥

  38. 788
    Bree says:

    He is teaching me to depend on Him ALL the time. No matter what my present circumstances look like. No matter how much the pain hurts in my life, no matter what is happening or not happening in my marriage or in the lives of my children. He only wants me to DEPEND on, CLING to and HOLD close to Him and Him alone for all that I need.

  39. 789
    Heidi Syverson says:

    God is showing me through MUCH maritial hardship and growth..that He is the one I need to long for, and let fill me. I had replaced Him with my husbands affirmation…thinking I needed it to the depth only God can give. Now I am fighting my way out of a deep deep pit and trying to cling to Jesus as I trust Him to heal my marriage and my heart.

  40. 790
    Danielle says:

    If I stay fixated on God always, I will always have the peace He promised. That is what God is teaching me right now.

  41. 791
    Debbie says:

    God is teaching me to “love my neighbor”. We need to love everyone around us at all times.

  42. 792
    Gigi Cordova says:

    To Be Still. Sometimes as a woman we feel so much in just a matter of a few seconds. And things can be hard, but God reminds so beautifully reminds me… Be Still.
    25yr old from Miami 🙂

  43. 793
    kit says:

    That Christ be formed in me – that’s all He wants and all I desire

  44. 794
    Nancy East says:

    What decision did Amanda make “on behalf or her family”? I try to follow this blog almost daily, but I obviously missed something if she’s not around, or not involved with the siestas 🙂

  45. 795
    Stef says:

    TRUST!!! God is teaching me to trust Him with everything! I tend to be a bit controlling-with three teenagers in the house it wasn’t working! I want them so badly to be on-fire for our Abba, but He very much reminded me that HE is the one who saves-not me. I must back off and be on my face praying and trust Him for the rest!

  46. 796
    sonya says:

    Just off of a painful breakup where the man I was with tried to change me….He is teaching me that He loves just like I am and so should I expect that from someone else.

  47. 797

    He is teaching me patience & I don’t have to be great I just have to listen to Him. I’m so excited.

  48. 798
    sweet anonymoous says:

    He’s teaching me how much he loves me…

  49. 799
    Lisa Shaw says:


    Before I leave online for the next month I wanted to visit and I’m so glad that I did. I enjoyed this message! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful photos!

    As for the one thing God is teaching me this moment? Not really a lesson but rather a reminder and that is that He is even in the tears just as He’s in the prayers. I’m standing firm in Him.

    Blessings to you and your family and ministry.

  50. 800
    Heather says:

    That His love really IS unconditional–even after all these years. And no matter how long you’ve been saved, His presence is still the best thing in the universe.

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