Thinking About A New Year

Hey, Sweet Things! I’ve been praying for you this very day. I’ve especially been praying for those of you who’ve commented about how much you want to do the Scripture memory but you’re scared of failing. First of all, I pray that God is going to give you a glimpse of what your brilliant little mind is capable of doing when doused in His Word. Second, if you spend the year meditating on 24 verses, I pray that you’ll realize that you cannot fail. It will produce a harvest whether or not you get each Scripture down word for word. The captivated mind that tears down strongholds is what we’re after. Keep that before you. Pray for a supernatural unction to internalize Scripture then thank God for it in advance. He makes a way for us to obey what He wills for us to do.

Now, on to something that I keep pondering this morning. Like many of you, I’m a thinker. Years don’t come to ends or beginnings without me getting caught up in what’s behind or in front of me. That’s good if it leads to change. That’s bad if it leads to dread. We’ve all heard this definition of insanity: doing the same thing the same way and expecting something different. Yet, for the most part,  we live life in that maddening loop. One of the things God has taught me along the way is to try to hear from Him about one area at a time that He’s pinpointing for change. Much more than that is too overwhelming. Anyway, He’s a God who’s into process with the lives of His children. We need look no further than Philippians 1:6 for proof of that. What He may begin in an instant He may complete over a lifetime. Instead of making a list of resolutions for 2011 that are broken by the time they’re spoken, is there simply one thing about us we really wish to change? I could think of a dozen things I’d like to change but this is the one I think God is pinpointing as our joint effort for the top of 2011: a mental loop I tend to get into when I get offended or hurt by someone I love. I have come to believe that my first minute’s reaction is what determines the cycle of the next (usually miserable) two days. So, here’s my specific prayer for the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

My Dearest Abba Father,

I’ve lived long enough to know that any 12-month period of time on Planet Earth winds a pathway through thicket and thorns. It’s just too long a period of time not to get hurt or offended. I also know that You have tucked many joys in the oncoming year and I don’t want to miss them because I can’t quit obsessing over what’s hard. You’ve gone to measurable lengths in the last year to show me how the enemy of my soul operates in one specific area: he can’t block You from blessing Your children so he tries to block Your children from enjoying it. I do not want him to cheat me of reaping from anything rich You send my way this year. Even the treasures hidden in darkness. As this year ends and a new one begins, I am so thankful that I have Your Spirit without limit in my life and that, with You, change in a long pattern really is possible. You’ve done it before in my life. Come do it again. I am asking You in particular, Abba Father, to run to my aid in that first moment when an opportunity for offense happens and urge me by Your Holy Spirit to head into a thought-loop that spirals upward rather than downward. Simply put, help me to get over things fast. Honestly, Lord, sometimes I just make life harder than it has to be. Some things that wound me aren’t even about me. Help me to see where I’m jumping into somebody else’s loop and to quit getting hung by my own. I choose joy in resting this petition at Your feet, Lord, and I refuse self-condemnation or fruitless regret. You never would have brought this to the forefront and called for it in prayer if You didn’t have something good in mind. You began this work. Now come and take it to the next level. I’m excited about it, Lord, and see a glimpse of liberty on the horizon. Thank You, Father.

If you also want to post a prayer about ONE THING you’re asking God to do in you toward a more victorious 2011, feel free. There’s something about writing it down in a public place that makes it memorable. A record you can go back and read can be a beautiful thing. Try to resist wallowing and writhing in these  public requests. It’s Satan who tries to make prayer a dreaded exercise in self-loathing. In God’s economy, even when our prayers are mostly pleas of repentance, they lead us to relief.

Hey, Siestas, let’s not respond to each other’s comments this time. By all means, let’s pray for each other but let’s leave the response space to God.

I’m honored to walk with you into 2011, dear sisters. We’re getting closer to the 1st! Hold your head up or you might miss your new beginning!


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  1. 401
    Melissa Brown says:

    Praying for an area of LONGstanding bondage to be broken. Lord, I know that You have healed me and that I am the one who keeps returning to places of exile and for the life of me I don’t know why, really Lord I don’t……but You know me lord and You love me and I pray that this year will finally be the year that my dear husband and children get to experience a mom who is living free!

  2. 402
    Pat says:

    Gracious Father, Thank you for the year that is ending and new one beginning. Father help me to focus on the good and not the bad that happens in my life. Open my eyes to see your glory in everything. Saturate my heart with your love and understanding. Open my mind to receive the good things you have for me even in the midst of turmoil and sadness. Continue to shower me with your peace that surpasses all understanding and allow me to worship you in spirit and in truth. Open my heart to receive the love that I truly deserve but thought it will never come. Thank you for your TRUE love.

  3. 403
    Lynn says:

    Lord, help me to keep the commitment I have made to read through the entire Bible this year.
    Help me also to get out of the office more,and spend much more time with You and my family.
    That will mean that we have more work for my husband to do, so he is able to fulfill his task as main breadwinner while I tend to my home more.
    Please reduce the overwhelming financial stress we have had in this past year.

  4. 404
    liz says:

    Lord Jesus, Help me with my food addiction it’s time to lean on you only not oral substance. It’s so hard to know how to begin but I know the answer and healing will only come from you. I ask this in your name Jesus Amen

  5. 405
    crystal says:

    dear Lord,the year 2010 has ended with the loss of my husband to drugs and left me with distrust in you, and our four boys to care for. however i do fear you and i promise to let you carry me while i have no hope of faith to do anything else at this time. please help me to be a good mom, and to provide for these boys you have given me.please open the flood gates of heaven to my husband and show him how to make his way back.having been through this before and believing it would never happen again has me upside down. please show me the way up lord. towards you is where i want to go, i may not trust you lord but i will follow you. all i can say at this time is, help me.

  6. 406
    Jamie says:

    I want the LORD to help me make Proverbs 29:1 my ever- present reminder in 2011. Often I have closed my eyes to criticisms that were true whether told with love or not. Often I have known the need for change in my life, yet I drag my feet and say tomorrow or never. I can’t, I won’t, I don’t want to see where I need to change.
    This year, I want to hear the criticism from others, the Holy Spirit, and even myself. I want to see the truth and make the changes immediately. I do not want to wait, I don’t want the consequences of delayed obedience! May the Holy Spirit soften my heart and make it willing to obey now.

  7. 407
    Anna McKenna says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Lord please help me this year to experience and freely give forgiveness. Please heal my heart and allow me to accept your grace and then be able to give your grace to those around me.
    In your precious name, Jesus

  8. 408
    Jarin says:

    I pray for the New Year that God will help me conquer having self-control over my tongue!

  9. 409

    Dear Father,
    Thank you for a year of blessings, I feel we are so much closer. However, I still have many generational chains that need to be broke. I pray that You carry out the good work in me that you already started. You have transformed me so much that my old self is gone and I’ve been made new. I know the last thing that you want gone out of my life is the social glass of wine that I occasionally have. Please give me the strength and courage to decline in social situations. You know I’m a people pleaser and when I get around my old friends, it’s difficult. I also know that you want me to continue Beth’s studies and journal more. I thank you for Beth and all the siesta women that read and post. This post is making me accountable, I thank You Lord for that. I just love you so much!!

  10. 410
    mariel says:

    happiness and blessing on your anniversary!! may God continue to glorify Himself in and through your lives and marriage!

  11. 411
    Cheri says:

    Dear Heavenly Father Please give me the strong desire To quit smoking again. I praise you for having me search Beth on the web. I have never gone to a blog before. But my spirit tells me it is good.

  12. 412
    Tiffany says:

    The word that comes to my mind for 2010 is restoration. The word that fills me with hope for 2011 is reconciliation. Reconciliation of so many things in His name! I am super thrilled to be a part of 2011 scripture memory! I am praying over all of the beauties that have posted their hearts. God bless and Happy New Year!

  13. 413
    J says:

    Lord Jesus, I pray that through putting Your Word in my mind and heart that it will help me to stop jumping into someone else’s loop. I pray that you give me the power through You alone to stop obsessively looking at my 2 lost friend relationships on FaceBook to “see” what their up to, or what I am missing or just maybe that they will “want” me! It only throws me into a cycle of re-living the “what ifs” and asking myself what more can I do. Or building bitterness in my heart. I can do nothing!!! I pray that this year that I commit to just pray for them. That I would release all feelings of betrayal. Realizing that their secret lives and actions towards me are not even about me. I choose to not live a life harder then I need too. I choose You! And I choose this year to consentrate on my family and the positive people in my life. To also make efforts to put myself out of my comfort zone. I will need Your help to be able to open my heart again…I lay all these things at your feet. You have held my heart in your hands through this tough year and I know I can trust You! In Jesus Name, Amen

  14. 414
    JessicaR says:

    Dear Lord,
    Help me to continue to leave the shame, guilt and condemnation for not being “enough” that threaten my joy and peace in You. You have washed me clean as freshly fallen snow and I am not required and never was required to be anyone else’s savior..I can’t even save myself! I leave it ALL to You. I love You Jesus.

  15. 415
    Maureen says:

    Dear Lord,
    You know my mind…it doesn’t retain things well! Please, please…I beg you to teach me to learn your word!! Help me to make you a priority! Your word Oh Lord is Power, Healing, Strength, Hope, Peace and so much more! Father…I want it all!! Here I am Lord!! Amen!!!

  16. 416
    WorthyofLove says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please help this to be a year of surrender in my life. Surrender to You. I pray that I will not strive with those around me, when the opportunity arises and you and I both know the opportunities arise often. Please help me to trust you, to provide all that I need. Lord, I thank you that you know where we will be this time next year. I pray that the relationships in my life will be stronger and deeper because of the peace I find in you. Please help me not to to give up on being faithful to that which you have called me to.


  17. 417
    Lee Ann says:

    Oh Lord, My God, Trying to single out the one thing You want me to surrender to You…. there are so many. This year, I ask You to help me be disciplined….so many areas of my life are affected by my failure to be disciplined. You are a God of order and I so need that in my life. Please guide me daily to put you first and seek to do the things YOU want me to do and give me the consistant discipline to carry them out. I love You and thank You for never leaving me or forsaking me! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  18. 418
    Nichole's Mom says:

    I pray you would open my eyes to see that it’s the enemy behind the issues with my daughter, that he would love nothing more than to shred our relationship and leave her out there alone… And also to continue to cover my my other children and cause the boys to seek you and find you and love you as much as the girls in this family do! I thank you for loving me. You make everything so worth it! You are so worthy, and I love you with everything!

  19. 419
    Lisa Younce says:

    Dear Lord,

    You know my every weakness, and my current struggles as well as the ones to come. My one thing this coming year is to get my food addiction controlled for good this time. I know what and how to do this, through you, but please give me the strength to turn to you in all things instead of my pretend comforter food.I love you Lord, and want you to be glorified in everything I do. Please let me be a blessing to those you are putting in my path.
    In Christ,


  20. 420
    Marsha says:

    Dear Father

    I heard your voice when you said to me “Start a women’s Bible Study at church.” I mentioned this to another woman at church and she said she had heard the same message from You as well. We took this to our pastor and he gave us the go ahead. We took our idea and moved forward thinking maybe only a few women would be interested but you had such a bigger picture of what this would be. Lord I’m so thankful that we have 23 women signed up and that we will begin on 1/10/11. I ask dear Father for your blessings on each of those women and for us as leaders. May our hearts and heads be open to you as we study your Word. Thank you for your love and grace. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  21. 421

    With tears … I needed this. When I am hurt … I always remember what you said once, Beth, about not being a victim. Shelli, quit trying to be a victim when you get your feelings on your sleeve hurt. Lately, I struggle with the opposite … wallowing over what I have said or didn’t say to someone. Did they take it wrong, Lord? What I said or wrote is played over and over in my mind. And I say to myself, “Will you ever learn to just be quiet?” But I know that is not right either.

    Father, please do help me to think before I speak … let my intentions be like yours … keep my heart gentle … let me know when to be quiet. But at the same time, I want to enjoy life … and I don’t want the enemy to quiet me in fear. Fear of rejection or hurting someone. Father, be my guide.

    Love you, Beth.

  22. 422
    Susan Stoddard says:

    God, as my Christmas cards from far away friends attest, I am ageing into a world of illness and loss. God, you know how full I am of suggestions on how to fix everyone else. I may sometimes be more grascious about it than other times, but my response is always ” if you would only just do this, eat that, stop doing whatever, you would be fine or well or better.” I need you to fill me with compassion, not answers. And I want that to be enough.

  23. 423
    bridget says:

    My Father, I come before you and humbly ask for Your leading and help to set myself aside – to crucify my “self-life” and look to Your direction and to put others first. To live by Matthew 16:24-25 that I may gain life by losing my life to You, my Lord! Forgive me for all the past meditations on my temporal stuff and responsibilities, and to live for Your priorities and to perform the service of the King! To live boldly for You my God, and to put my time and energy towards tasks that have eternal value. Bless You Jesus and Spirit for Your help to daily crucify me, and live for You!

  24. 424
    Joan says:


    Like so many of these precious women, I want victory in 2011. You know where I am so weak & fail miserably. Please gird me with your strength to overcome a particular stronghold. You know the way of escape for me, enlighten my mind & change my desires, so I follow your commands & not give into the enemy. I give you the victory & glory for the work you will do this coming year. Help me to seriously do the scripture memory & the other Bible studies that I am currently signed up for. May you tear down the stronghold in my mind that have been their Way, Way too Long. Thank you Lord Jesus for being so patient & loving towards me. Help me get stronger in You!!! I pray this in Jesus name Amen

  25. 425
    Hope Hardy says:

    Dear God,
    You know the struggle in my heart that I face concerning anger. It is not a deep rooted kind, not based in grudges. It is of the self-control variety, that first response when something goes wrong. I pray for a deep work of the Holy Spirit in my heart to control my every action, especially when my children do wrong. How much mercy and compassion do you give me, but then I get on to them for every little thing. Please forgive me for that. Work in my heart to bring healing in this area. Thank you in advance for the miracle you will do for me because I know that resolving this issue is your will for me. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

  26. 426
    chien gan says:

    We might never meet but our souls are sealed together with the same aspiration in the Holy Spirit to live a life worthy of God’s calling. Thank you for that prayer. I echo it, dear Lord, with the deepest of my being. Thank you Lord Jesus for dying for us so that your blood seals us all as sisters in you.
    Talk to you guys soon in 2011.
    Vancouver, BC

  27. 427
    Becca says:

    Heavenly father, just promise me that if I show up at my chair every morning that you will be there and somehow make your presence known to me. There is so much to overcome, but if you promise to be there I can do this. Thank you for my little family and for another chance for all of us.

    Love you, Becca.

  28. 428
    alice says:

    The mental loop of hurt: my pastor calls that “the mental gerbil wheel.” I find myself on it, and then I think of myself as the gerbil going around and around, getting nowhere but tired.

    My prayer for 2011 is that I will embrace all that is new that God has for me. I lost my mom, who was my mentor in everything–especially spiritual, in 2010, and I am left feeling so bereft and like I can’t go on without her. But I know God has a new work to do in my life and heart this year and new places for me to go. Don’t let me give in to fear and drag my feet…just let me consider Abraham and keep stepping!

  29. 429
    Kim Safina says:

    Hey Sweet Beth,



    PRAYER FOR 2011

    Help me to share Christ’s story as I mirror His Love.

    “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight.” Psalm 19:14
    May your will become my own, and my motives be pure, your desire satisfies.
    I ask for a loving spirit at all times. Because what comes from our mouth/words can bring a harvest or death.

    For I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4 (NIV)

    Happy New Year 2011 to ALL MY SIESTAS & LPM 🙂

    Green Day sings a song ~~~
    “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
    I hope you have the (safe,sane,sober) time of your life.”
    Praying safety and blessings on us all!!!

    I love and honor all of you!
    Going to my prayer bench( prayers, stairs, derriereres)
    that my man made me for Christmas.
    Cali Kim

  30. 430
    Karen says:

    The captivated mind that tears down strongholds! Wow, that’s exactly what I need in 2011. Lord, you have started a good work in me. Please do not let the enemy continue his tyranny over my mind and that I am not loved or accepted by You because of what others want to think about me. I want your approval only Lord!

  31. 431
    Sally says:

    Reading through the posts leaves me humbled and overwhelmed. I find myself ‘searching’ for the one thing I want God to work on in my life. But there’s so many! I remain grateful for my blessings, with a strong sense of hope after the long valley that was 2010. What I want, really more than anything, is to be a witness. So that the things that reveal me to be anything but an authentic child of God are plucked out for good. Again, there’s a lot that needs to go! But we serve a God who is not only able, but willing to do that which is otherwise not possible! How incredibly cool is that? Help me to seek you daily, Lord, to eat the bread you give me – no more, no less.

  32. 432
    JJen says:

    I know there are many things you are working on in me, clarifying. We are quite literally out of our home and most assured of your blessings despite it. Return our home to us but don’t put the same people back in it Lord. You’ve assured me you are doing a work in our lives, I trust and believe it but I need faith and endurance. You’ve commissioned me (out of our own Siesta Mama’s mouth at Ridgecrest :)), help me to have the faith in you and your confidence in me to believe I can accomplish what it is you set out for me to do. Help me soak up who I am in you, I want to be arrogant in that this year. I’ve never been so scared and so grateful but these I am and somehow I know this pleases you enormously. Make me the woman you want me to be, make us the family you want us to be, keep our feet from slipping. Amen!

  33. 433
    DYB says:

    ‘He makes a way for us to obey what He wills for us to do’

    I needed to hear that today, but not in reference to the scripture memory team (although I am excited to participate in that as well). God has called me to fast at the beginning of the year for 21 days and I have been so discouraged that I wont be able to do it because quite frankly, I know I cant… on my own. I have told God, ‘Father, I am 100% sure that I can not do this but I am giving this desire to you and leaving it in your hands. Your will be done with this as in everything else.’
    So its such a comfort to read this quote coming from you today. And I do know it is true in my head, but I guess God wants me to experience it as truth in my life. So here we go!

    Happy New Year Beth! And thank you for the prayer, we sisters need all the prayer we can get!

    For Him,


  34. 434
    AJ says:

    Father God,
    Help me to weed out the lies I’ve let take root in my life of being unworthy of real love and allow you to fill the holes it leaves behind. Help me to embrace your love more than anyone elses and become secure in you.

    Your daughter

  35. 435
    FloridaLizzie says:

    Dear Lord,
    Remember how much I wanted the Bible on CD last year for Christmas and I got it? But I haven’t listened to it that often over the past year. Thank you for the amazing and fulfilling job you have given me this month that has a 50-minute drive each way with mileage paid. Thank you for bringing the idea of the Bible on CD back to my memory. Lord, I want to listen to 1 CD of Your Word every day as I drive to work 3 days a week. Thank you for providing a time for me to listen to you as we ride together down the road. Let your Word transform my mind and renew me each day. Thank you that it won’t be long till I’m done with Numbers, as between you and me, it’s not my favorite book of the Bible. Thank you for giving me a goal that is do-able! Help Your Word begin to displace the other junk that is stuck in my head. Bring it to mind through the day in every situation. I love you, Lord, and want you to use me this year more than ever before.

  36. 436
    Lyndsey says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, God help me to be a woman of prayer, especially for others. So many times people share their trials or heartaches with me so that I will pray for them yet I get caught up in telling them what they need to do to correct (or help correct) the situation they are in. Lord, help me to understand that we need YOU to fix us. It is not within ourselves to do. WE NEED YOU FATHER! Help me to be a nurturing mommy, a wife who knows thru You what my husband needs are and to make sure they are met. God help me to hold my commitment thru 2011 with SSMT. So many times I give up because of busy-ness. I have to make you a priority Father. I love You to pieces!

  37. 437
    Heidi Kellems says:

    Dear God…Help me to answer the question you have posed to me for this coming year of “Do you trust me?” with an unresoundably, unhesistating “YES”.

  38. 438
    Kelly Glos says:

    Okay, here goes – I’m scared – I’m scared to ask you for the deliverance of fear – I’m afraid of what you’ll require of me. We’ve come far Lord, you and I, in spite of myself. I really want this to be the year that I don’t hear the phone ring from one of my kids and automatically think something catastrophic has happened. I really want this to be the year that when I have to go to the doctor, I don’t think she will give me a death sentence. I want this to be the year that my optimism seen on the outside truly matches what’s on the inside – I’m pretty tired of terror. Yep, I’m scared to ask you to help deal with the fear but nothing ventured, nothing gained – let’s beat this thing once and for all.
    PS – I don’t say it or show it enough but I really love you and I’ll try to be better 🙂

  39. 439
    Joan says:

    Dear Father God,

    My prayer is to first be able to remember your word. I am a late bloomer to your word so memory is hard. I know that through You Father, I can! You have also put on my heart to remain faithful to You and not be dragged into the Babylonian mentality which is where I so often find myself. I know Lord that I have asked you for what seems to me the impossible but, you are LORD! You will always remain a steady rock for me to stand on. Praise Jesus!!
    I love you Lord. I want to grow in your word so bad… Amen

  40. 440
    Sharon in Frederick says:

    Heavenly Father,
    My prayer is that I become the person you created me to be. That I hear and heed your voice. I pray for discipline in all areas of my life so I can become that woman you knew from the beginning. Thank you Lord in advance the the work you are doing in me and all the women who are seeking you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  41. 441
    Jenny says:

    May I leave this past year and all its worries and heartache in the past. Help me to lift my eyes this next year to see your face when your hand lifts my chin upward and to remember my perfectionism holds me back from you completely working in my life. May you be glorified and be seen in me. Thank you that when I grow weary I can rest in your arms. I LOVE YOU!

  42. 442
    Pauline says:

    Heavenly Father,
    This year that has past is full of new beginnings, a prayer group, a womens bible study group and the blessings that You have just poured out on me.
    I ask for the new year that the new beginning that You began in me will continue to grow. I want to be the woman you created me to be, I want to love You with all my heart, soul and mind and with all of my strength. Lord I ask that you will lead and guide my footsteps and that you would fill me with strength and courage to do Your will and go where you lead me.

  43. 443
    Caroline Schollaardt says:

    Precious Holy Father, you are my rock in times of trouble, you lift me up when I fall down –
    “I was sure by now, God you would have reached down and wiped our tears away . . . but once again I say ‘Amen’ and it’s still raining I hear you whisper through the rain ‘I’m with you’ And as your mercy falls I raise my hands and praise the God who gives and takes away. I will praise you in this storm For you are who you are no matter where I am . . . “(Praise You in the Storm – Mark Hall)
    If . . . then God – You are mighty to save and today I choose to take courage and leave our precious child with you – only you know where she is – you love her immeasurably more than I can imagine – she was yours before she ever was ours – calm our fears and remind us daily that YOU are in control – help us to walk by faith and trust that wherever she is, your hand is upon her.

  44. 444
    Julie West says:

    Lord, you know the place I spriial downward in anger and accusation over and over. I too, ask you to give me your words to memorize for these times and Your Spirit to spiral me up instead of down, to respond with humility and patience instead of prideful offense- to be like Job who praised You when you gave and when you took away and did not sin by accusing you (or someone else) of wrong doing – to really believe you work all things to good for those who love you and are called into Your purposes – to accept trouble from You as well as good and not sin in angry unbelief.
    For your sake Jesus, I pray, since You did pay for this victory, I don’t want either one of us to be cheated from celebrating it.

  45. 445
    Kristin says:

    Lord, You heard me talking to my man about this just this morning. I want so much for my tone of voice to reflect the deep peace and joy I feel in my heart. He often asks, “what’s wrong?” because of a “grumpy” look on my face. And, he told me that my daughter shared with him that I need to work on not raising my voice when I get frustrated. I honestly KNOW I cannot do this on my own. Please, God, keep me from speaking if it’s not for edifying or building up! And, can you turn my grumpy face into one that’s a joy for my family to see? I know you can. I know only you can. In Jesus’ name, I’m begging…(but with a happy face!) Amen.

  46. 446
    Christi Wildman says:

    Dear Lord, Father Almighty, savior of my soul,
    You have already delivered me out of darkness, and into the Kingdom of your dear son, Light.
    So often, I find the darkness creeping in, sneaking in, and I feel trapped again.
    In 2011, I seek YOUR face, to shine upon mine, so that the light of God will shine within and through me, that I will not hide under a basket, but will shine my light – YOUR light, and not taint it with myself, but glorify you. Help me to focus on things of YOUR Light, Phil 4:8, in Jesus’ Name.

  47. 447
    Linda says:

    Two Days ago, in my quiet time, I came to the conclusion that there were 3 things I wanted the Lord to change in me this coming year, but after your post, Beth, and thinking about it over the last day, I have concluded that all three fall into one category: trust.

    So, dear Heavenly Father, thank you for rescuing me from myself and my hideous sin prone nature. I do not deserve your free gift of eternal life, but you gave it to me at considerable cost…the cost of your son, Jesus. You are precious and trustworthy. Please help me trust you more. When those fears, anxieties and insecurities rear their ugly heads, please help me not to fall into the temptation that the situation is hopeless. Please help me not to replay those negative thoughts in my head. Help me snatch up that strength and dignity. Help me not worry. Help me take captive every thought and bring it into the light of your word and promises, to make it obedient to Christ. As I read in Oswald Chambers this morning, I love the version of Psalm 87:7 he used, “All my fresh springs shall be in Thee.”(PBV)May those words be my theme for 2011. I need fresh springs this year, Lord, and I need them to be from you and you alone. Change me from the inside out. Not just for my sake, but make the change in me so obvious that others are drawn to you, so they can have the abundant life you promise. Thank you dear Lord. Now help me and all the Siestas go forth in victory!

  48. 448
    karla williamson says:

    dear beth~
    your beautiful prayer is my prayer!!! i am so thankful for you. the Lord is good and He knows just what we need~i needed that prayer today. thank you:)

  49. 449
    Shawnna says:

    Oh, my precious Lord. You have brought me through so much this past year. I’ve conquered cancer and Your hand was with me the whole time. Yet, I’ve let my mind play tricks and get caught up in those things of this earth. I let way too many things get me down and worry about what others think of me. In the end, it’s my relationship with you that matters most. Help me to remember to place You first – always and forever. And know that You are near me through every day! Amen.

  50. 450
    jackie says:

    Abba Father,
    more than anything, Lord, I pray that this year I find contentment and self-worth in knowing I am a chosen child of the King. I pray also that this be the year my husband Steve comes to know you as personal Savior.
    thank you God, that you came to seek and to save the lost.

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