Thinking About A New Year

Hey, Sweet Things! I’ve been praying for you this very day. I’ve especially been praying for those of you who’ve commented about how much you want to do the Scripture memory but you’re scared of failing. First of all, I pray that God is going to give you a glimpse of what your brilliant little mind is capable of doing when doused in His Word. Second, if you spend the year meditating on 24 verses, I pray that you’ll realize that you cannot fail. It will produce a harvest whether or not you get each Scripture down word for word. The captivated mind that tears down strongholds is what we’re after. Keep that before you. Pray for a supernatural unction to internalize Scripture then thank God for it in advance. He makes a way for us to obey what He wills for us to do.

Now, on to something that I keep pondering this morning. Like many of you, I’m a thinker. Years don’t come to ends or beginnings without me getting caught up in what’s behind or in front of me. That’s good if it leads to change. That’s bad if it leads to dread. We’ve all heard this definition of insanity: doing the same thing the same way and expecting something different. Yet, for the most part,  we live life in that maddening loop. One of the things God has taught me along the way is to try to hear from Him about one area at a time that He’s pinpointing for change. Much more than that is too overwhelming. Anyway, He’s a God who’s into process with the lives of His children. We need look no further than Philippians 1:6 for proof of that. What He may begin in an instant He may complete over a lifetime. Instead of making a list of resolutions for 2011 that are broken by the time they’re spoken, is there simply one thing about us we really wish to change? I could think of a dozen things I’d like to change but this is the one I think God is pinpointing as our joint effort for the top of 2011: a mental loop I tend to get into when I get offended or hurt by someone I love. I have come to believe that my first minute’s reaction is what determines the cycle of the next (usually miserable) two days. So, here’s my specific prayer for the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

My Dearest Abba Father,

I’ve lived long enough to know that any 12-month period of time on Planet Earth winds a pathway through thicket and thorns. It’s just too long a period of time not to get hurt or offended. I also know that You have tucked many joys in the oncoming year and I don’t want to miss them because I can’t quit obsessing over what’s hard. You’ve gone to measurable lengths in the last year to show me how the enemy of my soul operates in one specific area: he can’t block You from blessing Your children so he tries to block Your children from enjoying it. I do not want him to cheat me of reaping from anything rich You send my way this year. Even the treasures hidden in darkness. As this year ends and a new one begins, I am so thankful that I have Your Spirit without limit in my life and that, with You, change in a long pattern really is possible. You’ve done it before in my life. Come do it again. I am asking You in particular, Abba Father, to run to my aid in that first moment when an opportunity for offense happens and urge me by Your Holy Spirit to head into a thought-loop that spirals upward rather than downward. Simply put, help me to get over things fast. Honestly, Lord, sometimes I just make life harder than it has to be. Some things that wound me aren’t even about me. Help me to see where I’m jumping into somebody else’s loop and to quit getting hung by my own. I choose joy in resting this petition at Your feet, Lord, and I refuse self-condemnation or fruitless regret. You never would have brought this to the forefront and called for it in prayer if You didn’t have something good in mind. You began this work. Now come and take it to the next level. I’m excited about it, Lord, and see a glimpse of liberty on the horizon. Thank You, Father.

If you also want to post a prayer about ONE THING you’re asking God to do in you toward a more victorious 2011, feel free. There’s something about writing it down in a public place that makes it memorable. A record you can go back and read can be a beautiful thing. Try to resist wallowing and writhing in these  public requests. It’s Satan who tries to make prayer a dreaded exercise in self-loathing. In God’s economy, even when our prayers are mostly pleas of repentance, they lead us to relief.

Hey, Siestas, let’s not respond to each other’s comments this time. By all means, let’s pray for each other but let’s leave the response space to God.

I’m honored to walk with you into 2011, dear sisters. We’re getting closer to the 1st! Hold your head up or you might miss your new beginning!


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  1. 501
    Brittany says:

    Abba, how I love you so very much. My heart belongs to you, but sometimes in the chaos of my life (and even in the monotany of it, too) I lose my passion. It becomes so easy to drift away. Lord, I miss the relationship we had before, and I ache for nearness to you. Please rekindle in me a fire to burn brightly for others in the new year.

  2. 502
    anonymous says:

    Dear Lord,
    You’ve shown me my REAL need for a savior this year .. In your mercy, you saved me from myself.
    In this year ahead, may I feast on your word and never forget my need for you.

  3. 503
    LubbockKristi says:

    Lord, this is the cry of my heart – Create in me a clean heart. Renew a STEADFAST spirit within me. TRUTH in the INMOST parts. Praise you Father, praise you. Amen!

  4. 504
    Kathy says:

    Beth, I just completed your Fall Forward 3 part series- it fits so well with my prayer request for the new year- to be transformed into the person God designed and to be released from the decaying false self. I highly recommend this 3 part download series to all the Siestas as we begin our new year together. Blessings and appreciation

  5. 505
    jeanne says:

    Lord, may my obsessive thoughts be a distant memory with the power of your holy spirit this year. May you take regretful thoughts far from me. In Jesus name.

  6. 506
    Melanie says:

    Lord God, I pray for your strength as I return my body to a temple for you. I know my weakness is made strong with you. It’s time for me to stop making excuses and depend only on you. In your most holy name I pray, Amen.

  7. 507
    KMSmom86 says:

    Father, please help me to be secure in your love, knowing that’s all I really need. Help me to overcome the hypersensitivity that has plagued me for so many years. Help me to laugh rather than wearing my feelings on my sleeves.

  8. 508
    Angie says:

    Father you give me so much but I know you want me to ask and you will give. I pray for acceptance. That I can learn to accept the things you do without obsessing over them. Rather it’s something good or bad teach me to just accept it. I know your works are good and I need to believe that in my heart and stop distrusting you. I love you with all my heart but now I have to ;earn to make room for acceptance and trust. In your son’s mighty name I pray.

  9. 509
    Kendall says:

    Here’s what I ask of Him for 2011….that I HONOR Him in my thoughts, words and actions. That people look at me and say, “I know Whose daughter she is….she looks like her Father!”

  10. 510
    Tami says:

    Father God,
    Thanks you for loving me in spite of me. Somedays I just plain forget all the blessing surrounding me, and that’s when the jealousy creeps in. This year and for the rest of my earthly life I want that door that allows jealousy to enter my mind slammed shut. No sneaking in windows or any of my other cracks. That if “jealousy” is knocking I recognize it so quickly and refuse entrance. May your Holy Spirit enlighten me to recognize jealousy for what it is!! Thank you Father! Praise you! Amen!

  11. 511
    WendyB says:

    My first reaction when I saw this post was that I needed to ask God which of the several stumbling blocks He wanted me to work on – was it my serious fears, my anxiety about my daughter’s future, my reluctance to take better care of my body, my concern for my aging parents, etc, etc, etc….and then post. And then I realized a day later that I hadn’t asked Him. About anything. Instead, I’d rolled it around and around in my head. So there’s my answer:

    Dear Lord and Father,
    Simple serious commitment to communication with You is what I owe you – please, Lord, make 2011 the year I can’t breathe without prayer. Lead me to run to You first, second and last. Help me to heap praises, gratitude and all of my burdens together at Your feet, and to leave the burdens there. As you help our sister Beth in the first instant of an offense to spiral upward in her thoughts, please help me in the first instant of any concern to go directly to my knees and thoroughly do the work of prayer. Help me find that the work of it soon becomes the joy of it. I love You, Abba. Help me show it by coming to You more. Amen.

    I have the feeling that only as this happens will the other areas fall into place.

  12. 512
    Robyn Smith says:

    I want to be more efficient in my daily household duties.

  13. 513
    Angie says:

    Lord, Thank you for the gift of 2010. Thank you for your faithfulness. I am amazed by the triumphs had through you. Please, help me to remember, like the Israelites picking up stones in the desert, that you walk with me each day. You never leave, you never forsake; we are richly blessed in having you to carry us through.

    I ask, Lord, for 2011, that I give you the unknown. I am fearful of so many things and am held back from experiencing life to it’s fullest. Logically, most of my fears make zero sense, but I feel frail. I need to give you my thoughts, my trust, my heart each hour. Deepen my trust in You and through Your Word help me to banish fear from my mind. Help me to walk boldly in grace in 2011.

  14. 514
    Terry says:

    Father God, please help me put to death the desires of my flesh — specifically in relation to food. Thank You for the tools You have provided me in just this last week — the opportunity to participate in Beth’s Scripture memory project, and a book titled Made to Crave. Lord, may this be the year I actually FIGHT THIS BATTLE and stop playing victim, stop hiding my addiction (Who am I fooling?! I’m 50 pounds overweight!), stop living with a divided heart. I am sick and tired of running to food instead of running to You. O Lord, just to be close to You. For Your glory, Lord, I pray. Amen.

  15. 515
    Debbie T. says:

    Dear Heavenly Father…In 2011 I seek you to remove my addiction to food. Lord I run to food for comfort instead of running to you. My health and self-esteem have been negatively impacted and Father only you can set me free. I pray that this year I will commit to my morning mediation, the weekly bible study and memorizing scripture. Lead me to the scriptures that will have an impact and not just to memorize. I love you Lord and give you all the glory. In Jesus name I pray.

  16. 516
    Rachael says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Reflecting on 2010, I see such happy times while watching the little ones grow. I see lessons we’ve learned about girls at school and other such things that girls go through. Lord, I recall a broken arm. I see a precious stuffed bunny lost. I see our baby taking his first steps. I see three little girls who fell in love with swim team. Those same sweeties loving to dance and growing up by leaps and bounds right in front of our faces.

    I see that another year has flown [*whoosh*!] right on by!

    Lord, in 2011, I’m praying that you’ll continue this good thing you started in 2010. My quiet time, Lord. It was so good between us. Now, it’s stopped dead in its tracks. Months have gone by and I’m back to old habits of sleeping until the kids wake up. The days were sweet and I was a happeier Mommy when I got up before the rest of the house and spent time with you. I miss you, Lord.

    Lord, I’m also begging you to lead us to the right church. My heart aches and longs for a real church home. If we’re there already, help us to see how we fit in. It’s been 6 years, Lord. Is it us? Show us, Lord! If we need to make a change, lead us there, Lord.

    Finally, Lord, in 2011 … please help me get out of my own way. 🙂

    Lord, I love you so much! You’ve blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I don’t want to let you down with mediocrity!

  17. 517
    Stephanie says:

    My dearest Father, I so need a fresh start in the area of my attitude. I confess to allowing Satan steal my joy and thankfullness because all I could do was focus on my difficulties, my hardships, my stresses. This only made it worse as my focus got more and more on self, me me me. Yuck! Im so tired of this battle, I surrender to you and the plans you have for me. Help me to cling to you, I love you and praise you for fresh starts, and new beginings. I praise you for the work your Holy Word is going to do on this heart. Cant wait!

  18. 518
    Faran says:

    This may seem trivial but for years I have been defeated in the area of regular physical exercise. I am one of those people who is naturally thin-framed so I’ve never “needed” exercise to stay trim. People even say, “oh, you’re not out of shape. I wish I looked like that.” Now I’m almost 42 and I still have kids in elementary school. I need strength. Literally. I am tired a lot and I need good physical conditioning to serve my family well in the next decade.

    With waaaay too many failed efforts at incorporating exercise as a way of life in my past, I’m giving this one to Jesus. Literally every day in the last week I’ve told Him “This area of failure is Yours. You will have to give me the self-discipline and desire. I am sick of defeat.”

    It’s only a week (and a vacation week at that), but He’s been faithful already. I am already thanking God that 2011 is victorious year in this area for me.

  19. 519
    Tanya Hoffman says:

    I hope it is ok that I am posted my SSMT verse early. I will not have access to a computer tomorrow.

    Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 (NIV)

    Tanya Hoffman–Warren PA

  20. 520
    Leann says:

    Father in Heaven, you know the real me so much better than I know myself and as I’ve come to really know you personally over the last 4 years, I’ve also been the living definition of insanity. Lord, slowly but surely though you are getting into the real me behind the me I want to be and showing me with my mind and heart that I really can be different. This year, I don’t want to just pray with my heart anymore, but with MY MIND AND WILL AND DESIRE, so that my mind doesn’t get the “run of the house” anymore. My mind is to be captivated with YOUR WORDS AND TRUTH. This coming year and every year thereafter you leave me here, I choose for YOU to be MY LIFE…all of it! I don’t want to just desire to live for you, but truly as I speak these words to you, you are really changing the way I see things. I’m learing to see things more like you do. Praise you Jesus- I love you so much! Thank you for all your patience with me and not letting me go. I want to be your princess warrior here on earth.

    I love you!

  21. 521
    Connie says:

    My goal for 2011, which I started in November of 2010 is to be debt free by next Christmas. We paid cash for Christmas this year, so I will not have those credit card bills coming in in January. Starting to save now to pay cash next Christmas as well. We paid off 2 of the 3 credit cards already and are working down the third. With God’s help 2011 will be a year of freedom. It is funny, but I really don’t miss the shopping now that I am more appreciative of what I already have and how lucky I am.

  22. 522
    Kathy Knoblock says:

    Dear Father, First I praise You for Your mighty care and provision in this extended period of trial. I ask that we would continue to meet all our obligations in an honorable way. We would be a blessing to others and we will live in a way that glorifies You in every situation. Help us to learn what it is You are teaching us. I love You and trust You, In Jesus’ Precious and Powerful Name, Kathy Knoblock

  23. 523
    Gretchen says:

    Father, You and I both know that there are many, many things that need to change. As I’ve pondered the challenge to consider only one thing, it keeps coming back to a renewed mind and the transformation that comes with that. Father, I have deep rooted beliefs that are lies that I have accepted as the truth and the untold damage that has done is devastating. I am asking that You empower me with the discipline it will take to truly commit to memorize the 24 Scriptures You give this year through the SSMT. I am asking that You would send forth Your Word and heal me. I am asking You, Lord, to use this discipline to heal my body, soul, spirit, and mind for Your glory as only You can do. I commit to this in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, in whose Name I pray. Amen.

  24. 524
    Melanie says:

    Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me!

  25. 525
    cassie says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Feels I’ve been to hell and back these past 2 1/2 years. I’ve landed in a place I never thought I’d be and I am waiting on You. It is no coincidence I stumbled upon this blog, this last day of the year. I wait for You Lord to pick me up, clean me off and ignite a greater love and passion for You than ever before. Give me the eyes to see the path you would like me to take. I pray for you do give me a passion and a purpose despite all the suffering that has taken place. I’m believing You for complete healing of my body, my mind, the past that continually tries to rob me of peace and freedom, and also the ability to LET GO of ALL offenses! Fill me with Your love Dear Lord. I love You and want to love you MORE.
    In Jesus Name I pray…..

  26. 526
    Bejoyfulbetty says:

    Oh Dear Lord Christ, how many times have I told you that I want that moment-by-moment relationship with you. I know I do have it as you live in me but I too often neglect to acknowledge you. Help me, Father, to keep my eyes lifted up to You and on You, instead of looking down at my self, my circumstances, food, or anything that takes my focus from You. I praise You for allowing me to know YOu and desire You. Love, Me.

  27. 527
    hokiegal23 says:

    Father, I pray that this year I would be more humble as a wife. I have a wonderful husband and beautiful young daughter, with another little one on the way. While our first 9 years of marriage have had its ups and downs, I know now that we are strong and good together. But I still struggle with submission and allowing my husband to lead, even if it means letting him make a mistake. Help me to trust you to protect us and help me to trust that you are just as much in Him as you are in me. I know he follows you and is a wise man, I just have a hard time. Help me be a better follower this year as a wife. Thank you Jesus.

  28. 528
    Donna B. says:

    Heavenly Father,

    I pray that this year you will fill me with YOUR desires not my desires so that every move I make is of your will and will flow throughout my life in everything I do. Show me your purpose so clearly this upcoming year and help me to not fall back on mine.

  29. 529
    dawn says:

    My prayer is simple to you but huge to me. I need the strenght and courage to change life-style habits and lose
    weight. Not an another New Year challenge but a real
    health make over. I pray for stength, self control, to change my mind to over come this additction. I will claim
    1Corinthains10:13 Please Pray for me.

  30. 530
    Yolanda says:


    Thank You for always loving me, warts and all. Lord, I seek You for 2011 in aiding me with my words spoken and the words that are spoken to me. That when I am offended, that it flees immediately, and when I offend another, that it would flee immediately. I truly wish to see Philippians 4:7-8 come to life in me and around me. Father, continue to soften me and keep me moldable. That my words would be few, but filled with grace and love. Amen.

  31. 531
    Lori says:

    My prayer for 2011 is to “Keep my eyes on Jesus”!
    In the words of A.W. Tozer “As we lift our inward eyes to gaze upon God, we are sure to meet friendly eyes gazing back at us and when the eyes of the soul looking out, meet the eyes of God looking in, heaven has begun right here on earth!”
    No matter what is going on around me, in my life, my family, my church or my ministry may my eyes be continually on my Father.

  32. 532
    Paula says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray this coming year that you take hold of my life and guide me to do what you want me to do. You know my weaknesses, my faults, and my needs & I ask you to lead me throughout 2011. Please lead me to make decisions according to your plan for my life.

  33. 533
    Angela says:

    God? I’m so tired of Shame and the damage it’s done in my life. I’m tired of the lies it still whispers to me that sound so much like truth. Can you please uproot it from me — all of me — and help me hang in there while you do? This process is so awful, but I trust you. I do.

    Please help ……..

  34. 534
    Jane says:

    Dear God:
    My prayer for this coming year is to learn to speak with You (not to You) and to listen for Your answer. Please help me to pray with an open mind, heart and spirit. I need help to follow through on my commitment to prayer and I know I can only do this with Your help. My husband and children need my prayers – I need my prayers. In Your mighty name I pray. AMEN

  35. 535
    Leah says:

    This year I am praying for Trust and Endurance.

  36. 536
    Kelly Jo says:

    Dear Sweet Jesus please help me to make my weaknesses my strength!!!! And to overcome fear! IOVE YOU!!

  37. 537
    Janey says:

    Lord Jesus, as I’ve just finished the book “So Long Insecurities” this morning, my prayer is “to just trust You. Period.” I thank You for Your Spirit that lives within me to do immeasurably more than all “I” could ask or imagine!! In Jesus Name, Amen.

  38. 538
    kit says:

    Lord, please grant me the desire of my heart – to know You more deeply and intimitely by being consistent to meet with You each morning and let Your Word permeate my being so that I am more like You and less like me. Thank you for never giving up on me, especially in times when I neglect You.

  39. 539
    Julie says:

    gentleness to invade our home

  40. 540
    carla says:

    Dear Lord what a crooked walk I have had with you. My prayer for 2011 is that you help me straighten the road and bless me with a servant heart, a forgiving spirit, and help me with my memory verses. This has always been hard for me but I keep remembering you can do all things……Thank you for the blessings and the stumbling blocks in 2010. Special prayer for my 90 year old Mother-in-law who fell and broke her hip over Christmas that you will ease her pain and help her find peace with the independent living she has had. I ask for special blessings to my two sisters who are her caregivers.

  41. 541
    Carly says:

    Looking forward to a new year with you!

  42. 542
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Dear Jesus,
    Please help me to get caught up in YOU this year instead of the junk Satan tries to throw my way. Lord, I pray that You would sooth my soul with Your healing, and that it would overflow into other’s lives. Please let Your light shine so brightly through me, that others would see Your glory instead of mine in every situation. I praise You Lord, for blessing me so immensely, and increasing my territory, safely and wonderfully…
    In YOUR Holy name I pray…

  43. 543
    Susannah Pizzi says:

    Oh Father,
    There are so many things I’d love to let You change in me. I hear you telling me what my anthem should be in 2011 (and eternally)- “I live my life to know you more.” Lord, show me the mechanics of putting you first. Teach me to put you before the demands of marriage, the constant struggles and delights of raising and homeschooling my two precious children, the needs of others, and the service of my church body. Father, you use me in so many ways that I often become overwhelmed by it all. Teach me to simply abide in You… to listen carefully and obey willingly. Use me. Let’s have a grand adventure together this year. At the end of it all, I just want more of YOU and much, much less of me.

    O, how I love you!

  44. 544
    Vickie says:

    My precious Jesus,

    I need your help desperately. My health is declining because of obesity. You have helped me in the past with other struggles and I thank you and praise you for that. Now I want to surrender this struggle to you also. Please help me be willing to totally give this over to you this year and desire you more than food. I truly want my body to be a temple for you and I need your resurrection power to consistently eat healthy and exercise.

    In your mighty name I pray. Amen.

  45. 545
    Miranda says:

    Lord Jesus,

    I am yearning to grow closer with You this year.

  46. 546
    Sandi says:

    More than anything Lord, I don’t want to be a lukewarm Christian in 2011 or ever again. Please deliver me from this selfishness Lord God. This ease with which I ignore the suffering of Your children and think my tithe is gonna cover me. I pray you would stir in me a passion to love and serve the way Your Word commands. Give me YOUR heart, God, for the homeless, the poor, the addicted, the sick and the orphaned. Then give me the courage and strength to get out there and DO IT. Lord, you know this is SO FAR outside my comfort zone. I’m terrified to even pray this prayer. But I’m more terrified not to because you’ve so clearly laid this path before me. I’m trusting You’ll show me how to do this. Give me wisdom—and conviction—in my finances and in the way I spend my time. Show me how to free up more to give and where to give it. Lord free me from the desire for more possessions and fill me instead with the desire to build my treasure in Heaven. I love you Lord and I want to please you. Help me become a good and faithful servant in 2011. In Jesus precious and holy name. Amen.

  47. 547
    Rebekah says:

    Happy New Year Father, Love you too 🙂 Only you my Lord know the plans you have for 2011 and I trust you to prosper and not harm me. Father as I walk each day I pray it would be by Faith and not by sight. In Jesus name I pray Amen xxxxx

  48. 548
    Linda says:

    Father, I pray that you would strengthen my heart and mind to set aside insecurity this coming year, and all the various and insidious ways it has had a hold on me. Holy Spirit, strengthen my heart and mind to claim the spirit of power, love, and self control you’ve promised me. Set me free from a guilty conscience that holds me captive and holds me back in so very many ways. Help me “forget” the former things I continually rehearse and regret, and teach me instead to look to you in faith for strength to be extra-ordinary and pleasing to you in all the moments this next year will bring, whether alone in thought, in relationship to others, or in the face of what you call me to do. Help me stop apologizing for everything and for taking responsibility for everything, as well as from wanting to excuse myself for anything and everything. Let self pity, “poor me,” and a victim mentality have no place in my heart, mind, soul, spirit, conversation, and actions any longer. Forgive my pride, Lord; it is deep and great. Break the chains of my perfectionism completely and for good. Please give me the mind of Jesus; let it reign in freedom and love and grace. Heal me, Lord. Restore, renew, establish, and confirm. I am yours, created to good works before the creation of the world. Give me the heart and mind and will and courage to do them – fearing nothing that is frightening. May I rise in your strength and power to stand and walk uprightly, SECURE IN you, your love, your provision, your faithfulness, your goodness, and your perfect plan – a daugther of the King of Kings, competently competent in all things regarding life and godliness by your grace – yet in humility considering others as more important than myself… not (and no longer) as doormat, but as a royal and priestly servant and witness of you. Come, Lord Jesus. You can do it. Nothing is too hard for you. All things are possible for you! Your arm is not too short to save. Thank you for loving me. Thank you that you hear our cries. Thank you for your faithfulness, compassion, mercy, and patience. Thank you that you ask us to commit our way to you and to pour out our hearts to you – and that you incline your ear to listen and answer. Praise your holy Name! Hear my prayer – hear our prayers – and answer in your perfect way, to the praise of your glorious grace. Amen!

  49. 549
    Heather says:

    Father God,

    For this next year, be in charge of my words. Help them to build others up, to be kind and gentle. May others be encouraged and drawn closer to You because of my words.


  50. 550
    Stephanie says:

    My Mighty Lord, As an old year pass and a new day dawns help me to trust in you for not only my every need but also to come into the darkest, loneliest places of my heart and comfort me there. I know that you want to be there give me the courage this new year to allow You in.I love you with all that I am. Your daughter, Stephanie

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