Happy and Home From Birmingham

Hey, Darling Things! I have you on my mind because I’ve just seen 80+ of you this weekend backstage at Deeper Still. It made me wish for all of you. You really should see yourselves as a group. You are so adorable that you can’t even believe it and you ranged from fourteen years old (yes, one of our active bloggers) to…well, old enough to be your Siesta Mama’s mama. Many of you also really like each other which makes a mama especially happy. Seeing so many of you in one place was an overload of joy. What made it even more fun was having Melissa and Amanda jump into one of the group pictures right before Rich clicked the shot. Both the girls were with me for the weekend in Birmingham and all three of us worked our happy heads off. Melissa assisted me in Michelle’s place so I don’t have to tell you she stayed busy. She was a delightful companion. (Melissa has new highlights, by the way, and is dang near blond right now. It looks beautiful! But don’t get used to it. Melissa gets bored easily and does something different every few months. About the time you start picturing her with light hair, she’ll be brunette again. I have so much respect for that. As for me, my hair just keeps coming in blonder and blonder the older I get. I hope you bought that. Lord knows I bought it.)

Amanda helped host a dozen or so of your very favorite women bloggers – like Big Mama, Boo Mama, and Kelly from Kelly’s Korner Blog – at the Deeper Still event who are connected through their participation with Compassion International on various blogger trips. Many of you will remember when Amanda and Melissa went on Compassion trips and blogged about their experiences and helped children find sponsors. They’ve each been in the last eighteen months. All the gifted bloggers gathering in Birmingham this weekend had done the same thing in recent years or months and some on the same trips with my girls. These kinds of trips make friends for life so it was a really happy reunion. We were so honored to have them at the event. Even our Compassion buddy, Shaun Groves, came to the last part of the conference. I bet he had an eye opener. Travis could have warned him. If a man needed to find a bathroom, he had to call upon the God of Moses to part the Sea of Estrogen. I’m pretty sure Shaun also endured the question and answer portion at the end which is notoriously unsuitable for mixed company. But that’s another story. Let me simply say that our friend Kay Arthur will say absolutely ANYTHING if it’s Biblical and, well, Priscilla and I can say a few things ourselves that we might not want our mama’s to hear. Kelly Minter behaves best of all (although she’s still really funny) and has a wisdom and way about her that I find almost irresistible. (Come to think of it, her mother actually was there. That’s why she behaved so much better than we did.) I am crazy about all my team members. Kay is utterly amazing and I love Priscilla Shirer to pieces. I am just so happy to say that I hardly ever have to work with a soul I can’t stand. Grin.

Oh, man, I soaked my daughters up like a thirsty sponge. I only get to bring them along on events a couple of times a year. The Living Proof Lives are way too all-consuming for me to be able to host family members properly but since there are multiple speakers at Deeper Still, it is not as demanding. I didn’t say it’s not as much work, mind you. Whew! We are beat-like-a-drum when it’s over. And so are you, I bet. I just mean it’s not as demanding on any one speaker. Not only were my girls there this weekend, tons of their buddies were at the event, too, and just about nothing makes me happier than to be with a whole batch of young women, especially if a few of them happen to belong to me. Melissa’s dear friend from Atlanta, Heather Whittaker (also a Compassion blogger), drove over with her and we laughed our heads off with her. She’s quirky like we are so we get along really well.

I also had another really special encounter. Finally, after all this time, I got to meet Angie Smith. So many of you love Angie and have followed her blog (one of my favorites ever) and read her fabulous book I Will Carry You. I feel like I’ve known her for years because I am so familiar with her and my daughters are so fond of her. (She and Melissa went to India together.) We’d just never come face to face.We found out she was in the same hotel and texted her to drop by and see us while we were getting ready. We’d have kept her all night if we could have. It was a really sweet time. And pretty funny – a plus for a woman who puts a high premium on funny. There were so many others I got to hug and chat with briefly and think how I wish I could know them well and hear all of their stories.  I keep thinking about two darling young women I met and took pictures with and loved instantly and as they waved goodbye, they said, “And, Beth, each of us weaned babies to be here this weekend!” They sort of patted their chests when they said it, grinning ear to ear, and I just died laughing. I could have flat-out (no pun intended) taken them home with me. Amanda and I got really tickled about it again on the airplane home. Only in women’s ministry. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m going to try not to get too sappy here but I just want to say again that I am glad to be a woman among women who want to be God’s women. I marveled this weekend over how He ties our lives together. How much richer He’s made our lives because we have each other. How we can laugh together, pray together, and cry together and sometimes without knowing each other’s last names. Just in case it’s been a while since you’ve heard it, you are valuable beyond human reasoning, you are gifted beyond mortal brilliance, and you are loved beyond replicating. No one can do for you what Jesus can. Let’s resolve to be the excellent women He has called us to be. Let’s stay in His Word. Let’s stick together. Refuse to turn on each other or compete. Die daily to our own insatiable flesh and live life in the Spirit. And leave some margin for laughter.

And, you know what occurs to me as I reflect over the weekend? I didn’t just get to be around some excellent women. I got to be around some of their excellent men. Men like Jerry Shirer. (You are such a good sport, Brother. Thank you for loving our girl so much. She is wild about you.) Men like David Platt (pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham and author of Radical). I cannot tell you what it meant to me to spend a few minutes with him and Heather between sessions. He commissioned the entire group at the end of the conference and prayed for us. He and others like him were especially grateful for Kay’s special charges to the wives during the Q&A.

And, yes, men like Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) but, Lord have mercy, there is no telling what he’s going to say in his blog about nearly drowning in that tidal wave of Bible toting women. That man has three of the cutest girls in his life that I’ve just about ever seen. Jenny, I loved finally meeting you!

And I loved meeting Michelle. A hair stylist by trade. A Christ-seeker by heart. She was on our plane to Birmingham on Friday, determined to get a word from God all by herself at Deeper Still. Didn’t know a soul going. Oh, Michelle, wherever you are out there, I so hope you got your word. I take that back. I know you did. He did not invite you there all by yourself on a date with Him then stand you up. He never leaves us at the altar. Whether you got your word in that huge auditorium of 14,000 or in your hotel room all by yourself, I know your God sought you out. He’s just faithful that way.

He loves you so much and wants you to know it.

PS. I do not know how I managed to get home from that event without a picture of Melissa on my I-phone! We were glued together the whole time! She’s going to be getting back on here really soon. The Moore/Fitz/Jones girls love you guys.


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  1. 101
    Jean M says:

    What a great recap. I was following Amanda and Angie on twitter so I got to hear of some of the happenings in real time. I LOVE Angie Smith. I discovered her this summer after a dear friend lost her baby. The first night I found Angie’s blog I stayed up until 1am reading all that I could – I eventually finished the whole blog from the beginning to present, and have also read her book. When I found out she loved you Beth, I loved her all the more. 🙂

    I so needed to read the part about women needing other women. Just tonight a precious friend and woman of God in my Bible study went on to be with Jesus after an unexpected downturn of her health. Our Bible study group just finished the Inheritance series last night, and Beth wrapped it up with a summary of Rev 21:1-7. After all we’ve endured in this life, when we see our inheritance in heaven, our exclamation will be “all this?!” I know my friend touched so many lives – and I know she is having ALL THAT in heaven right now!!

    Thank you Beth for bringing us women together in so many ways! Love you.

  2. 102
    heather says:

    Once again….thanks so much for sharing your life with us, loving us and encouraging us. I love when I get on here and there is an unexpected blog 🙂 You bless me to the uttermost. I just finished Loving Well in my Bible study and thought it was amazing. I would love to purchase it personally and do it again and again. Looking forward to A Heart like His-David-next semester. Have done a ton of your studies, but never this one. Thank you for your love for Jesus…it’s so contagious 🙂

  3. 103
    Amy says:

    I was honored to be in Birmingham this weekend to hear you, Priscilla and Kay speak! I was able to attend with my Mom, sister, and a good friend and what a great time it was! I’ve followed the blog for a few months now but have never posted anything until now. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for doing what you do and humbling yourself and fighting back those fears and getting up on stage to speak the Word our Heavenly Father has laid on your heart to share with us. I SO would have loved to have had the opportunity to just chat with you and hug your neck because I truly believe that you are a person who would do that. In fact, I got a little jealous earlier tonight when I was chatting with an acquaintance who also attended the conference and she showed me a picture she got taken by Ms. Priscilla and it was of you, her and another gal. I exclaimed, “How in the world did you get your picture taken with Beth?” You know what she told me? That you guys had gone in to eat at Jim ‘n Nick’s after the conference was over and they were also there eating. I told her how I would have LOVED to have been there to meet you guys and gotten my picture taken with you and Priscilla. Oh well, maybe in Louisville next June?!?! Thank you again for all you do for us Siesta Sistas! God bless!

  4. 104

    Thank you, that was fun and beautiful <3 U

  5. 105
    Gigi Brosh says:

    How thrilling to read about so many women being moved by your event Beth! It is so encouraging to hear that the Lord is speaking to them and how amazing the experience is for all. I have never been to one of your events(hoping and praying one day!) but I just finished my 3rd Bible study of yours and I am thirsting for the next one to begin. I have learned so many things regarding the details of the Bible that I am just still in awe over. I thank the Lord for gifting individuals like you with the ability to teach in Jesus name and for having such a tender loving heart. I am grateful that you have helped me see that through all the trauma I have gone through there is always hope for me to beat my strongholds through my dedication to the Lord so He may do great things through me.
    Thank you Beth for sharing your love for our Lord with such passion it is nothing but contagious…

  6. 106
    Stacy says:

    I went my first Living Proof Live last year in Memphis alone. Now, I hitched a ride with some fabulous Baptist women that I met at the hotel after I realized I’d be flailing around downtown Memphis at 10pm Friday night by myself. And those ladies were wonderful. But I wished I had friends in my life that would come to events like this with me. This year, I have met the most wonderful, glorious heart-friends (in a LifeWay store, no less). I went to Deeper Still this past weekend with them and not only did I get to laugh with them but also had the joy of wrapping our arms around each other and badly belting out In Christ Alone while ugly-crying together. Our God is so good.

  7. 107
    Julie says:

    This weekend was LIFE CHANGING for me! I mean, in my top ten events of life (and I’m saved, married to the most amazing man, and have 2 kids – so I’ve got lots of wonderful moments)! Praise God for His word this weekend! I’m so thankful for what you, and the others do! I’m having a hard time being around others, who are not on fire right now. I’m trying to ignite them as well! Also, we’re working on getting up a road trip to KY in June!!!

  8. 108
    Village Sister says:

    Dear LL Cool B, (LOVE this!)
    So wish I could have been there- could really use some siesterly love about now.

    Jon Acuff’s “report” he posted on his SCL blog is great.

    Merry, Merry!

  9. 109
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Oh how I wanted to be there too! I was on a “mission field” here in Tuscaloosa, chairing hospitality for a state gymnastics meet all weekend. There were over 800 gymnasts, plus their families, coaches, and judges. We smiled ’til our faces hurt. It’s always interesting to work with a variety of folks, but when not all of them have a personal relationship with Christ, well, it adds another dimension to the level of interesting. Thank you for sharing your weekend on here. Hopefully, next time I’ll get a chance to go.

  10. 110
    Jincy says:

    Oh Beth! I would love to meet you and just grab some coffee. Jon is right – you do make us feel like family and we are blessed to learn from you and with you. Praise God for the healing he has done in your life and the opportunities you have to point people toward the HEALER! 🙂

  11. 111
    Hope365 says:

    I am so glad you had a great time in Birmingham!! I am looking to bring my daughter(16 in March) to the one in Kentucky! Siestas, I would like you to pray for Anna(my girl) because today she is starting a Faith group at our local public school today. She is inviting other Christians in the highschool of 1800 students to join her in prayer and Bible Study once a week after school. May Jesus be Glorified while Anna serves Him and others! The group is called LIFT(Living in Faith Together) Thank you for praying her and the other students participating!!


  12. 112
    Delta Dawn says:

    This time was different.

    I went with the same expectation to hear from the Lord, and He didn’t stand me up, but the Holy Spirit checked my attitude of getting and changed it to what I could give the Lord. Wow! I quickly thought that I needed to change my focus to giving Him praise. If I didn’t get a specific answer that was okay because just praising Him would be enough. While I believe that it is perfectly okay to come to the Lord needy and expectant,a position I believe He honors, currently He’s working on my heart in this very season of giving to focus on giving to Him my praise, my obedient heart, and my empty quiver.

    To God be the glory!

  13. 113
    Elaine says:

    Help! I thought I remembered reading of Beth telling about a cd that Curtis had put out of devotions for our men to listen to as they drive to work. I can’t seem to find it, can someone help me find it? Thanks.
    [email protected]

    • 113.1
      KMac says:

      Yes, there are a few volumes of “Drive Thru the Bible” in our online store. Go to lproof.org, then put Curtis in the online store search.

  14. 114
    Pam Houston says:

    Oh! I’m such a “hair” person, devoted my working life of over 30 years to womens hair and couldn’t wait to see a blonde Melissa. Please! Somebody’s got to have a pic of her new look….LOL!

    Love ya so ~ What an awesome weekend with God sightings galore. I’ve got to share… We saw 3 from our Celebrate Recovery group receive believers baptism, one a new babe in Christ and delivered from paganism (she had even been baptized into the pagan religion before coming to Christ), another man who struggles with sexual addictions, and one of the men, a former gang member and convict, shared out of 1 Timothy as he entered the baptismal waters. He could barely get the words out, amidst geniune tears of repentance plus faith. There was not a dry eye in the house. I have seen hundreds baptized, but never experienced witnessing a baptism like this before. “Oh, what can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus….oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow. No other font I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus.” No, I shall never forget it. To see lives lifted out of the pit and feet set upon a rock…to experience oh so great a salvation that makes life new, it’s a wonder.
    Pam H.
    Buena Park, CA

    • 114.1
      WendyB says:

      Pam, what wonderful news! That baptism is one of those “hold in your memory forever” moments – love it!
      On a completely less-important note, do you have any words of wisdom for those of us whose hair is thinning? Mine’s breaking my heart lately!

  15. 115

    Oh seriously!:) I was totally blessed by this Deeper Still recap!:) I’m so glad you got to meet so many siestas, and so many other workers in the sharing of Truth! Siestas included:) Oh how fun! I thought about going all year to this one, but I didn’t. BUT, I did think seriously about weaning my baby girl so I could go:) Too funny:) I wish I could tell those girls you met, I understand why you did it!:) I pray that you all were so blessed! I looks like it:):) Since I didn’t go, I prayed a bunch, maybe to much repetition of requests? I wanted to think of something else to pray for you all for than what I was already praying about:)


  16. 116
    Penny says:

    What an amazing weekend. I’m still trying to absorb all of it from even the cold shower on Saturday (ha!ha!). This was my 5th Deeper Still event and already have reservations for Louisville. It was a blessing to hear all of you speak. Plus, we were able to bring a friend who had planned to go, but then had to cancel due to her husband’s illness. Our hearts were heavy because her husband passed away the Sunday before DS. Even though she had asked for me to return her ticket, I didn’t. With the blessing from her family, we were able to book a flight for her to come w/us, and we were so happy because we felt like it would be good for her. It was. It just shows us that God always has a plan that we just have to be patient and wait. Again, what a blessing we had at DS.

  17. 117
    Elizabeth says:

    I’ve got to tell you. It turns out the weaning effort was NOT successful, and my dear husband and mother-in-law fed our youngest breast milk with a SPOON while I was gone!
    How’s that for sacrifice? But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I received the WORD He had for me over the weekend, and that cost is priceless.

    “The LORD announced the word,
    and great was the company of those
    who proclaimed it.” Psalm 68:11

    Amen, hallelujah!
    Thank you for proclaiming.
    Love to all of you,

  18. 118
    mbrown says:

    I was at the event this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This is my first time to post, but I wanted to personally thank you for sharing the story about your father. My father and I always had a shaky relationship and he passed away five years ago due to a massive heartattack. He was only 48. We had began to get along better and spend more time together; however, when he passed, I had to settle his estate. During that process, I learned some things that really upset me. I could not think about my father in a positive way for over two years. Finally, I was able to move on and think back to the good times we had together. Point #2 was absolutely correct. There are many treasures in life that we will never have unless we let them pass our defenses.
    Thanks so much for such an awesome testimony and being willing to open up to us!

  19. 119
    Heather Smith says:

    I LOVED this about your post!!
    “…I just want to say again that I am glad to be a woman among women who want to be God’s women.”
    Amen!!! It is so awesome the sisterhood we have!
    And I loved reading Angie’s recounting of your meeting on her blog. I guess for those of us who love and admire you so much, meeting you is one of those moments that we just PRAY we don’t make complete idiots of ourselves… Although I remember thinking the moment I met you that if I DID make an idiot of myself, you of all people would totally “get” how those things can happen!
    Thanks for loving us Beth!
    Heather from Lewiston

  20. 120
    Krista Swanson says:

    We want to see Melissa’s hair!

  21. 121
    pat w says:

    How refreshing is your lightheartedness today.
    I too have had a funny day.
    brrr… it’s cold here. 7 degrees. and snowing.
    brrr… thanks to god for funny days somedays.
    goodnight, and thanks for sharing. pat.

  22. 122
    Libby Glisson says:

    Beth, Hope you find this encouraging. God’s voice in you extends far and wide.
    Friends and family, I felt such a need to share the Christmas nugget shared this weekend by Beth Moore. I treasure each of you and wanted you to hear the message as well. With love, Libby

    Lessons from a Teenager….. and Beth Moore
    But Mary treasured all of these things and pondered them in her heart.
    Luke 2: 19
    As I entered the Deeper Still conference this past weekend, I knew I was needing some grounding in regards to Christmas, Advent and my heart. I can intellectually say I don’t want the materialism the world throws down our throats, but at the same time I struggle with the majesty of the season and the innocence of true belief. God will never fail the girls and at this point in their lives, neither will Santa. It was Divine for Mary over 2000 years ago and it can be Divine in 2010 if only I will allow it! How can I learn from her example? She was barely a teen, who, as a woman, had been given the most awesome responsibility any woman walking this earth could imagine. She gave birth to the one and only child of God. Can you fathom? She accepted her responsibility, she put her faith in God and trusted Him regarding her relationship with Joseph, she found comfort and friendship with her cousin, Elizabeth and she met the requirements of Caesar Augustus when she traveled unknown miles to be counted. Her time came and she lay in hay to endure the most frightening event a woman faces – the unknown of childbirth. Her little boy was born and after nine months of replaying the meeting with Gabriel in her mind, it came to be. Christ was here and the world changed forever. Heavenly host sang, stars appeared, angels traveled to share the news, shepherds arrived and Kings brought gifts. All of these events occurred just as God had planned and what did Mary do? Thankfully Luke stops and tells us. She treasured these things and pondered them in her heart. She took the time to rest in the events of the experience and take them all in. She slowed down enough to savor the sweet moments and to remember the sweet gift given only to her. Isn’t that what God intends this time to be – a sweet gift of treasured moments with those we love. No, we are not in a chilly stable giving birth, but we are in the midst of lots of treasures. I want to stop, like Mary, treasure up all the sweet moments and ponder them in my heart. Remind me in the years to come that there is so much I can learn from a teenager!! Until then, Merry Christmas!!

  23. 123
    Susan Rogers says:

    What a blessing the conference was to me and my sister. I had been wanting to go ever since I attended the simulcast in Sept. and saw the ad. However, I kept putting off trying to organize a group to go. Then, when I did finally send out a note to my girlfriends, no one was able to go. I still kept feeling this was something I needed, but just didn’t think I should make the trip by myself. My sister called me on Thursday and wanted to know if I was still going….she just assumed I was since I had sent the note to everyone. When I told her I wasn’t because I was unable to get anyone to go with me, she said she had a friend who had some extra tickets and she thought she would like to go. So, not only did I get to go and hear some great teaching from you, Ms. Kay and Priscilla, I got to spend some quality time with my sister.
    I so appreciate your genuine, just authentic sharing of yourself. I keep wondering what struggles you have in your marriage since you keep saying it’s a struggle and even said you wondered if you would make it through last year. However, what I appreciate most is just your passion and love for our Savior! Thank you for being His faithful servant!

  24. 124
    Esabelle says:

    Hi, Beth,
    This isn’t exactly about the subject, but it’s about the
    Deeper Still event for next June in Louisville. I happen to live in the area and of course am coming to the event.
    I was wondering if there might be some women who want to come but can’t afford a place to stay. I would love to keep a couple in my home and I’m sure that some of the women in my Bible study group would do the same. My email address is [email protected] if you would like to contact me about this. Probably shouldn’t publish this one but I wanted to contact you about this and thought this might work. Thanks and thank you for your continued work for the Lord and for ministering so well to so many of us.
    Esabelle Miller

  25. 125
    Michelle says:

    Beth, you look too skinny. Are you taking care of yourself?

  26. 126

    You know, normally I can be funny. But not with as many women waiting to hug you behind me in Spokane. I’ve actually been asked if I ever considered a career as a stand-up comedian. Yes, someone actually asked me that. If only they knew how ridiculously self-conscious I am. I couldn’t say a word, I was so nervous there in Spokane. I might have been able to prepare a little better if I’d have had a clue what was going to happen after the conference! It was a great surprise, though!

  27. 127
    rebecca says:

    Thank you

  28. 128

    OH, how I loved the Deeper Still weekend. I was expecting a word from God and was not disappointed. What a mighty move of the Spirit and a precious time of worship. You ladies sure know how to bring the house down with each message that came forth. And every one of you spoke volumes to me & I’m sure, all other 13,000+ who were there. Thanks for all you do, I can’t wait til the next conference. God has really used you, Priscilla and Kay to HIS glory!

    Now I wish I had stayed to hang out with the Siestas!!

  29. 129

    OH MY, my two favorite speakers in one room??? I had no idea. The only thing I could think of when I saw the picture was, “Oh how I wish Phoenix was Burmingham’s neighboring city!”
    I can’t even begin to tell you how you have changed my life and then David came in and tied up the loose ends. I know it was all Jesus, but through you two!
    We now have a ministry reaching the “least of these” and it all started with the Radical Series and my friend David!
    Our ministry has grown (through our R.I.C.E. Nights), and our family has grown (through adoption, we have 9 kids). God is so good all of the time. I pray for you both often and just so you know, I lead a “Beth Moore” study on Mondays and my man and I lead a “David Platt” study on Friday’s, also known as our (RICE Nights). I am going to have to think of an acronym for yours, it just doesn’t seem fair…lol.
    Love you lady, can’t wait till you come to the valley again.

  30. 130
    Sue says:

    On Dec 7, 2010, at 3:01 PM, Sue Schwendemann wrote:


    So glad your girls were with this weekend. I needed your blog at this time. I am really going through some stuff right now and want to throw my hands up in the air and stop. Runaway from it all. My husband is getting worst and so hard to care for him by my self. Not complaining just explaining. Doing “Jesus the One and Only” and that helps. Wish I had the DVDs…someday will get to watch them. Your posts mean so mush to me. Glad you had a wonderful time. Maybe see you in KY in 2011, I hope and pray at Deeper Still.

    Thanks for always being there mama.

    Have a wonderful blessed Christmas.

    Sue Schwendemann

  31. 131
    Kim says:

    Beth, thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in a mighty way at the Deeper Still Conference in B’ham. I had the privilege to go with 18 other ladies from our church (Huntsville), and the Lord really is doing a new thing in the hearts of all of us. We’ve already booked our rooms for the Kentucky conference. Thanks again, Beth, for your ministry!

  32. 132
    Emmie says:

    I received my Spiral yesterday and already put in my first verse. (Is it okay that I memorized it already?) The spiral looks absolutely beautiful, and oh how much more beautiful it will become when it is filled with God’s Word!

  33. 133
    Linda Ney says:

    Linda from Gahanna

    Psalm 71:17-18 Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds. Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come. NIV

  34. 134
    Marilyn Bundy says:

    Marilyn Bundy, Lancaster

    Jeremiah 32:27 The Living Bible

    I am the Lord, the God of all mankind: is there anything too hard for me?

  35. 135
    Sandy Elmore says:

    Sandy from Central, In
    (NAS) Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

  36. 136
    Jeanie says:

    from Jeanie in South Dakota
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

  37. 137
    Dee Dee says:

    Dee Dee, Atlanta, “I will praise You, O Lord, with all my heart, I will tell of your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in You.” Psalms 9:1-2, NIV)

  38. 138
    Twila Steiner says:

    May God who gives patience, steadiness, and encouragement help you to live in complete harmony with each other – each with the attitude of Christ toward the other. LB

  39. 139
    Sandy, Plano says:

    Give your worries to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will never let good people down. Psalm 55:22

    New Century Version

  40. 140
    Christy says:

    Christy Amsterdam,NY James 1:19-20 NKJV So then,my beloved brethern, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

  41. 141
    Yvonne, Wisner, says:

    In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old. Isaiah 63:9 NIV

  42. 142

    Vicky Overland Park: Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19 NIV

  43. 143
    Mary Constant says:

    “….It is not by force nor by strength, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. Nothing, not even a mighty mountain, will stand stand in Zerubbabel’s way; it will become a level plain before him .”( can insert your own name). Zechariah 4:6b-7, NLT

  44. 144
    Debbie says:

    Debbie Mauriceville, Texas: But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Galatians 6:14 ESV

  45. 145
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl, Rockford,”This is what the Lord says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls”. Jeremiah 6:16 TNIV

  46. 146

    “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up.” Proverbs 12:25 Holman CSB

  47. 147
    Amy says:

    Amy, Middletown, Delaware: Psalms 1:2-3 (NIV): But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on His law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

  48. 148
    Melissa Brown says:

    I am a new Siesta! So excited.

    I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Phillipians 1:6 (NLT)

    Melissa Brown
    Winchester, Tennessee 🙂

  49. 149
    VivianM says:

    Matthew 20:34 So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and THEY FOLLOWED HIM
    Today, my focus for prayer is for my oldest grandson, Matt. He is in college and I know he will face many trials and temptations. I pray this scripture over him that his eyes will be open to the Glory, Grace and Power in serving our Lord, that his eyes will be open to FOLLOW JESUS with passion! I love you Matt! Love Bibi

  50. 150
    Joan says:

    Exodus 23:20
    See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.

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