Deeper Still Birmingham Ticket Giveaway

Oh, I hate to put this post up so close to Curtis’s concerning the upcoming Passion Event but this one is super time-sensitive. If you haven’t read his post, please go back and take a look then get word to every college-age person you know. And let’s help as many of them as possible to afford the trip! We are huge fans of what God is doing through Passion and our entire family is involved. Even Keith gets totally into this one.

Now, for the quickest post in Siesta Mama history: ANYBODY WANT TO GO TO DEEPER STILL THIS WEEKEND BUT CAN’T AFFORD IT??? We’re looking for the first 15 of you to call Living Proof Ministries at 1-888-700-1999 during work hours today or tomorrow. Talk to either Kimberly or Susan.

I love you guys! Hey, how many of you are going this weekend? Whether you’re going or not, PRAY FOR US!


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  1. 51
    Ashley says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m going with 7 other ladies and a precious little baby. Can’t wait!! We’re leaving in an hour!!
    Ashley Smith
    Crestview, FL

  2. 52
    Donna says:

    I will be leaving within the hour for Birmingham. Have been to several LPM events but this is my first Deeper Still. Having to come solo. Would love to meet some siestas this weekend!


  3. 53
    Judy says:

    Yes! I am waiting for my flight right now! I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do in me this week-end.
    I am praying for you, Beth, that God will speak His words through you, Priscilla, and Kay.

  4. 54
    Dabney says:

    I am praying for you this weekend. I so wish I could be there. My husband is a youth pastor in a church that just is not very interested in events or anything “deeper.” Pray for revival. I am leading Faithful Abundant True in January-no one has signed up yet. We will, however, be bringing 15 to Passion-PTL! Thank you for everything you and your family do…you keep me encouraged!

  5. 55
    Tanya - Alabama says:

    I will be there!!! Not my first, not my last. So ready for a word!!!!

  6. 56
    Lisa B says:

    I also was gifted with 2 tickets for this event through Amanda’s birthday. Unfortunately I am very sick and have held out trying to go, but I now know I could never make it. I have been blessed to have been to so many LPL’s and Deeper Still’s in the past. I am just in a season of great pain and sickness. I never know when it’s going to be a good day. So if anyone can still use 2 tickets, they are being held at will call. You can email me at [email protected] for full info on how to pick them up. Will be praying for you all!
    From AL

  7. 57
    Emily says:

    I’m headed to the conference right now! Can’t wait, I’m in the Louisiana group that is meeting you Saturday night! Praying for you.

  8. 58
    God's not-so-little-Dutch girl says:

    Not going, but I am definitely praying! Have a wonderful time!

  9. 59
    Amy says:

    I’m going! i’m going!! I’m juggling three kids while I blow my hair dry as we speak! Soooooooo excited!

    My six yr old little lady is even excited for me. I’m sure the 4 yr old and 1 yr old little ladies would be too, but they don’t quite get it yet!

    Can’t wait to hear what God’s got for us.

  10. 60
    Tiffany says:

    I am here right now! Can’t wait to hear what God has for us all

    Tiffany- ATL

  11. 61
    miestamoose says:

    I will be there! My mama’s friend, Lavonda is bringing me. My mama wishes she could come, but she is trying not to be too piggish. We’ve both been to the Siesta Memory Team Celebration in Houston, Deeper Still in Denver and Living Proof Live in Rapid City, so she let me come to B-ham all by myself.

    Love you Beth!

    Miesta Moose 🙂

  12. 62
    miestamoose says:

    I will be there!! My mama is sending me with her friend, Lavonda.

    Can’t wait to see all the Siestas 🙂

  13. 63
    Joyce Watson says:

    Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spriritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. Colossians 3:16

    His love has changed me
    His mercy has created me
    His greatness has amazed me
    His glory has transformed me
    His holiness has sanctified me
    His grace has redeemed me
    His wisdom has taught me
    His knowledge has understood me
    His worship has healed me
    My life will never be the same
    My Lord and my God
    His resurrection has touched me!

    Keeping you in prayer! Love all my Siesta Sister!
    Praying for you Beth, Keith, Travis and friends!

  14. 64
    Michele says:

    I’m here! Almost didn’t make it, had trouble on the way down and almost turned back, but pressed on.

    Needing to hear from God in a big way.

    • 64.1
      kimberly says:

      Beth, Thank you so much! This weekend was great! So great to get to meet you afterwords! i feel like i know you so well having done your Bible Studies which is so strange! not that i’ve done the Bibles Studies, :), but that i feel like i know you and i really do love you! i love you because your love for Jesus is contagious! I do want to say though that i can almost not bare it when you talk about having been abused. the thought of that happening to you or to any child makes me so sad and brings tears to my eyes everytime. i know it is something that people need to hear and i know God has used it, it is just hard to hear!!! blessings to you! and thank you for loving us right back! now i have to figure out how to put a picture on here!! 🙂

      • kimberly says:

        michele i enjoyed meeting you this weekend!! (i sat behind you waiting in line to get in today – green sweater, black shirt). i understand that i replied as if you were beth and that was a mistake. i meant the letter to beth, just meant to type it not as a reply to you. okay i am getting clear signals that 3 hours of sleep does not do a body good as i am talking in circles! with that said good night siestas! 🙂

  15. 65
    Tiffany Cook says:

    It was awesome! Thanks for coming to Birmingham. I caught a glimpse of all three of you ladies. I even saw Ms. Amanda waiting in line with the rest of us! lol. I got some treasures this weekend! God spoke.

  16. 66
    Beth says:

    Heard great messages this weekend. Came down from Fort Payne, AL.

  17. 67
    Sarah says:

    I absolutely loved Deeper Still this weekend! My precious Savior did indeed touch the most intimate parts of my soul!

  18. 68
    Joy says:


    I am so full. I am home from DS and like my momma would say, “what a time, what a time”. I was so blessed to hear from God through you 3 warriors!

    14K women, nah, it was just me and my Jesus and how sweet it was!

  19. 69
    Snowbyrrd says:

    Thank you for delivering God’s word this weekend at Deeper Still!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 70
    Andrea says:

    I’m really impressed with your offer, it really shows your heart Beth. Its neat to know you are giving some woman the opportunity to grow in there faith. I just saw you in Rapid City, SD and you did a wonderful job of reminding me how truly loved I am. I will look forward to seeing you again when you return.

  21. 71
    Hannah Sparks says:

    Oh Beth!!!

    My two freinds (Tracey and Karen, if you must know) and I got three of the free tickets! We are from Cullman, AL. We loved every minute of it. Travis Cotrell does such an awesome job worship leading.What a blessing to Worship our Creator and the one True GOD with so many other women! Kay, Priscilla and you each hsd a Word from God for me. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to come. Some of my favorite parts were right before each speaker spoke, the chatter and banter back and forth. I felt like I was your friend in your living room. Reflecting on the weekend and pondering my treasures tonight. I am so thankful for Godly women in my life to be my encouragers in Godly wisdom and ways. Couldn’t love this weekend any more!!!

  22. 72

    I was one of the recipients of the free tickets and I can’t thank you enough! I had an incredible weekend, and definitely walked away changed and can’t wait to see what God does. I live here in Birmingham and wanted to go, but couldn’t make it happen financially. I prayed that God would make a way, and he came through because of your generosity. I’m a seminary student and work as well, and it was a HUGE blessing! Thank you!!

  23. 73
    Breanna says:

    Three sweet friends and I traveled from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Birmingham for Deeper Still, and we were blessed beyond measure! We even got to say a quick “Good Morning!” to Mrs. Beth as she headed to her seat Saturday morning. We enjoyed an incredible time of worship and just getting in God’s Word. Kay Arthur flew through the book of Matthew while we hung onto our seats and tried to soak up every word! Priscilla Shirer showed us the need and the blessing that can come from putting feet to our faith. Mrs. Beth, I will spend a lifetime treasuring the memories and pondering the truths that I can apply to my walk with my Savior! Thank you SO much!!!

  24. 74

    Loved the weekend – THANK YOU for allowing God to use you to bless us soooo –

  25. 75
    Amanda says:

    Beth, thank you for such a WORD this weekend! I am the “Amanda” you used on stage for your illustration. It has been a lifelong goal of mine to tell you what you have meant to me in your witness and teaching of the WORD. You have single handedly been the single greatest influence for me when it comes to teaching me the WORD. Getting to tell you “thank you” in the isle as you walked in was a “TREASURE” my God Almighty gave me. Then, you blessed my soul by using me! I have always wanted a picture and He rocked my world with all my friends taking excellent pics of you and me on stage! You even blessed me by playing with my hair! Thank you sister for being obedient to HIS calling. Through many bible studies, Wednesdays with Beth, books, and other events of yours He has taught me so much through you! The ladies at my church call me “LITTLE BETH.” They were shocked when I got to come up on stage with you! I have used various of your teachings with our ladies and the story you shared about your daughter’s broken engagement with me being on stage with you was precious to me. I shared that very story to the women of my church in my lesson at our women’s retreat this summer! I wrote a poem and used various of your teachings in that poem as well. It’s entitled ” I AM BELIEVING GOD” Thank you for showing me what this truly means! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

    • 75.1
      patty says:

      Amanda, I saw Beth playing with your hair and I just knew that was blessing you real good! You were precious on the stage with her, you were very animated and relaxed – good job! I am delighted to read your blog and see the intensity of your Bible study. Believe me, these faithful teachers of God’s word have been used to strengthen so many women. I am humbled to be one of them. You did great Amanda, thanks for sharing!

      • Beth says:

        Just so our Siestas will know, the Amanda that I invited up on stage was a volunteer from the audience and not my daughter Amanda. I needed a volunteer who was shorter than me so that I could see over her head while I stood behind her. She did a great job!

        • Amanda says:

          Oh Mrs. Beth now I know God made me shorter for a reason haha! I have always embraced being short and this weekend my “gift” of how God made me that way really paid off and blessed my soul!!!! Thanks again!!!

      • Amanda says:

        Thank you sister Patty! You made my day! God blessed me in such a neat way with that experience, and I will always TREASURE it! He also spoke to me as He did us all through the whole conference!!! I am still gushing! God bless you sister!!!

  26. 76
    Ruth Harrell says:

    I was blessed to be one of the 13,000 + in Birmingham this past week end and what a joy to be there to share this magnificent move of Our Lord and Savior… everything about it was PERFECT !! I am so thankful for all three dynamic sessions.. as well as the glorious music.. I have NEVER seen anything like the artist “come alive” picture of the tree.. thanks for that.. it really move me to a higher level…and helped me want to go Deeper Still…. saved at the age of 31 in 1970…. I have been on my journey now for 41 years… and I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey… thank you Beth and LPL.. BTW… I loved the simulcast that I was privileged to attend.. love to all… … “There are treasures out there !!! ” Amen and GLory.. Ruth Harrell – Flomaton , Alabama

  27. 77
    Audrey says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do the meet and greet with us at the end. It was so special and I actually ran into a fellow blogger that I had never met in person! What an incredible weekend!

  28. 78
    Lisa T. says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I was so blessed by the message the Lord gave you this weekend in Birmingham.
    “There are treasure’s out there”!
    The Lord gave us a treasure in you. Thank you for following Him and sharing your wisdom and talents with us.
    Much love to you Sister.

  29. 79
    Pam T says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us after the deeper still conference! It was such an honor to get a hug from a women who follows hard after God! May the Lord bless you, your family and your ministry over the Christmas season, TREASURE every moment!

    I am His,
    Pam T

  30. 80
    patty says:

    Dear Beth, Priscilla and Kay, what an extremely energizing time we had in Bham this weekend. Priscilla, I accept the challenge to be part of the Sisterhood of the Empty Quiver! Kay, you spoke to my heart with your concern for our great country and the judgement God will place on us for our lack of obedience and I pray hard that we get it; and Beth, dear one, your reminder to rediscover the art of treasuring spoke to some very deep, hidden away places in my soul. Every day, every person, every circumstance, offers nuggets of gold to ponder and hold dear. Our eyes must contain heart shaped pupils, just as my best friend’s eyes do, and I learn from her daily, to not just acknowledge the good, but look for it, seek it out, find and nurture the good. God is good and He surrounds us daily with so much to treasure and ponder. Thank you ladies for coming all the way to Birmingham, AL to share God’s messages with us – we love ya’ll!!!

  31. 81
    Tiffany says:

    Hey! Does anyone have the website that they gave us to look at the pictures we took with Beth at the end of the meeting? All I have is

  32. 82

    AWESOM TWO DAYS!! I coould not afford the tickets, and heard that if I worked the Bookstore I would not have to pay, but also could not enter the arena. Didn’t matter to me because I knew the benefits of sowing into a greater Gospel ministry. I was blessed beyond measure that I not only got to volunteer with Lifeway, but was grace to experience the awsom move of God in the Arena. God used you girls as you stepped asside and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak directly to my heart and others on our sinsitive issues. I was redeemed and set free in areas I did not realize I had problems(or did not want to admit to them). Keep pressing forward to deliver the packages you are annointed to bring to God’s precious women. Love you and prayfully lifting you always.

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