Happy and Home From Birmingham

Hey, Darling Things! I have you on my mind because I’ve just seen 80+ of you this weekend backstage at Deeper Still. It made me wish for all of you. You really should see yourselves as a group. You are so adorable that you can’t even believe it and you ranged from fourteen years old (yes, one of our active bloggers) to…well, old enough to be your Siesta Mama’s mama. Many of you also really like each other which makes a mama especially happy. Seeing so many of you in one place was an overload of joy. What made it even more fun was having Melissa and Amanda jump into one of the group pictures right before Rich clicked the shot. Both the girls were with me for the weekend in Birmingham and all three of us worked our happy heads off. Melissa assisted me in Michelle’s place so I don’t have to tell you she stayed busy. She was a delightful companion. (Melissa has new highlights, by the way, and is dang near blond right now. It looks beautiful! But don’t get used to it. Melissa gets bored easily and does something different every few months. About the time you start picturing her with light hair, she’ll be brunette again. I have so much respect for that. As for me, my hair just keeps coming in blonder and blonder the older I get. I hope you bought that. Lord knows I bought it.)

Amanda helped host a dozen or so of your very favorite women bloggers – like Big Mama, Boo Mama, and Kelly from Kelly’s Korner Blog – at the Deeper Still event who are connected through their participation with Compassion International on various blogger trips. Many of you will remember when Amanda and Melissa went on Compassion trips and blogged about their experiences and helped children find sponsors. They’ve each been in the last eighteen months. All the gifted bloggers gathering in Birmingham this weekend had done the same thing in recent years or months and some on the same trips with my girls. These kinds of trips make friends for life so it was a really happy reunion. We were so honored to have them at the event. Even our Compassion buddy, Shaun Groves, came to the last part of the conference. I bet he had an eye opener. Travis could have warned him. If a man needed to find a bathroom, he had to call upon the God of Moses to part the Sea of Estrogen. I’m pretty sure Shaun also endured the question and answer portion at the end which is notoriously unsuitable for mixed company. But that’s another story. Let me simply say that our friend Kay Arthur will say absolutely ANYTHING if it’s Biblical and, well, Priscilla and I can say a few things ourselves that we might not want our mama’s to hear. Kelly Minter behaves best of all (although she’s still really funny) and has a wisdom and way about her that I find almost irresistible. (Come to think of it, her mother actually was there. That’s why she behaved so much better than we did.) I am crazy about all my team members. Kay is utterly amazing and I love Priscilla Shirer to pieces. I am just so happy to say that I hardly ever have to work with a soul I can’t stand. Grin.

Oh, man, I soaked my daughters up like a thirsty sponge. I only get to bring them along on events a couple of times a year. The Living Proof Lives are way too all-consuming for me to be able to host family members properly but since there are multiple speakers at Deeper Still, it is not as demanding. I didn’t say it’s not as much work, mind you. Whew! We are beat-like-a-drum when it’s over. And so are you, I bet. I just mean it’s not as demanding on any one speaker. Not only were my girls there this weekend, tons of their buddies were at the event, too, and just about nothing makes me happier than to be with a whole batch of young women, especially if a few of them happen to belong to me. Melissa’s dear friend from Atlanta, Heather Whittaker (also a Compassion blogger), drove over with her and we laughed our heads off with her. She’s quirky like we are so we get along really well.

I also had another really special encounter. Finally, after all this time, I got to meet Angie Smith. So many of you love Angie and have followed her blog (one of my favorites ever) and read her fabulous book I Will Carry You. I feel like I’ve known her for years because I am so familiar with her and my daughters are so fond of her. (She and Melissa went to India together.) We’d just never come face to face.We found out she was in the same hotel and texted her to drop by and see us while we were getting ready. We’d have kept her all night if we could have. It was a really sweet time. And pretty funny – a plus for a woman who puts a high premium on funny. There were so many others I got to hug and chat with briefly and think how I wish I could know them well and hear all of their stories.Β  I keep thinking about two darling young women I met and took pictures with and loved instantly and as they waved goodbye, they said, “And, Beth, each of us weaned babies to be here this weekend!” They sort of patted their chests when they said it, grinning ear to ear, and I just died laughing. I could have flat-out (no pun intended) taken them home with me. Amanda and I got really tickled about it again on the airplane home. Only in women’s ministry. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m going to try not to get too sappy here but I just want to say again that I am glad to be a woman among women who want to be God’s women. I marveled this weekend over how He ties our lives together. How much richer He’s made our lives because we have each other. How we can laugh together, pray together, and cry together and sometimes without knowing each other’s last names. Just in case it’s been a while since you’ve heard it, you are valuable beyond human reasoning, you are gifted beyond mortal brilliance, and you are loved beyond replicating. No one can do for you what Jesus can. Let’s resolve to be the excellent women He has called us to be. Let’s stay in His Word. Let’s stick together. Refuse to turn on each other or compete. Die daily to our own insatiable flesh and live life in the Spirit. And leave some margin for laughter.

And, you know what occurs to me as I reflect over the weekend? I didn’t just get to be around some excellent women. I got to be around some of their excellent men. Men like Jerry Shirer. (You are such a good sport, Brother. Thank you for loving our girl so much. She is wild about you.) Men like David Platt (pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham and author of Radical). I cannot tell you what it meant to me to spend a few minutes with him and Heather between sessions. He commissioned the entire group at the end of the conference and prayed for us. He and others like him were especially grateful for Kay’s special charges to the wives during the Q&A.

And, yes, men like Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) but, Lord have mercy, there is no telling what he’s going to say in his blog about nearly drowning in that tidal wave of Bible toting women. That man has three of the cutest girls in his life that I’ve just about ever seen. Jenny, I loved finally meeting you!

And I loved meeting Michelle. A hair stylist by trade. A Christ-seeker by heart. She was on our plane to Birmingham on Friday, determined to get a word from God all by herself at Deeper Still. Didn’t know a soul going. Oh, Michelle, wherever you are out there, I so hope you got your word. I take that back. I know you did. He did not invite you there all by yourself on a date with Him then stand you up. He never leaves us at the altar. Whether you got your word in that huge auditorium of 14,000 or in your hotel room all by yourself, I know your God sought you out. He’s just faithful that way.

He loves you so much and wants you to know it.

PS. I do not know how I managed to get home from that event without a picture of Melissa on my I-phone! We were glued together the whole time! She’s going to be getting back on here really soon. The Moore/Fitz/Jones girls love you guys.


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  1. 1
    Leigh Ann says:

    How could you mention Melissa’s hair and NOT give us a picture?!?!?? πŸ™‚
    So glad the weekend went so well…..would have LOVED to have been there!

  2. 2

    As one of the girls who received one of the tickets you gave away on Thursday, THANK YOU! I was SO blessed by this weekend and know that it was such a divine appointment for me to be there. You are a blessing!

  3. 3

    Oh, Mama Beth! You don’t understand what this weekend meant to me! I am so new to this whole blogging/internet thing and this weekend really helped me feel like it’s a home. This has to be what Heaven will feel like when we fellowship together at His feet with people we’ve never met during our earthly lives but they’re just…family.

    I want to thank you for inviting your “Siestas” down because it made me feel so special. (And not like the blog stalker my husband claims I am!) He actually came with me this weekend-isn’t he such a good man?! We did Kay’s “A Marriage Without Regrets” when we were dating and he was in awe the whole time. He said there’s nothing quite like worshiping with your wife. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling the Q & A session had a LOT to do with that. Ha! Priscilla’s message really spoke to him a lot (well, and me too) and I would beg you to please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will in our lives and empty our quivers. We need a clear, concise Word from Him regarding some decisions we need to make.

    I got to meet Julie from here who just loved on me. Thanks so much, Girl! You really helped comfort me because I was so nervous. The enemy kept telling me that I didn’t belong down there because I don’t comment on here enough or because I’m so new to the blogging community and don’t really have a place here because I don’t “know” anyone. But our God says we’re all family under Christ’s blood and you just loved on me like you’d known me my whole life. Thank you.

    I’m so pumped about SSMT 2011 and have already bought my spiral cards! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your wisdom and your courage to share it with so many of us. You touched so many fears in many of our hearts. I’m trusting God that He’ll put my puzzle pieces together as I seek His face and continue in obedience to His Plans.

    • 3.1
      Julie Reynolds says:

      It was so amazing to get to meet you in person Kristen and put a precious face with your comments. Girlfriend, loving on you was His grace to me. You keep trusting, seeking and I will be praying for a supernatural revelation to you and your sweet husband on the decisions you need to make.
      Oh, and tell him you are not a stalker, you’re just another one of us siestas who loves her family VERY MUCH!!

    • 3.2
      His Jules says:

      oh and Kristen if you twitter, I am @ginsamica.

      • Jennifer Tricarico says:

        What are spiral cards? Regular 3×5’s??? I am planning, with the Lord’s help, to be a Siesta Scripture Memory person this year and want to be well equipped! πŸ™‚

        • I got mine at Wal-mart. They’re just plain index cards but bound together at the top like a spiral notebook would be. Hope that makes sense! This will be my first time too. We can do it together. πŸ™‚

          • Jennifer Tricarico says:

            Kristen –
            YES! Let’s do this memory thing together! I’m so excited to hear of all the Siestas’ experiences at the event – and that Julie had a fresh dousing “WOOSH” of the Spirit! The Lord has not let me stop praying for her. Anyway, I’ll stop by walmart for my spiral cards this week.

      • Ha! Thanks and I will. No, I don’t twitter. I just got on Facebook about a month ago and it’s all I can do to keep up. We work with the youth at church and their pictures give me puh-lenty of ideas for teaching material. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

    • 3.3

      OH! I forgot one thing…

      This is an excerpt from my blog entry an hour before we left my house on Friday to come to Deeper Still.

      “Just go ahead and call me Peter: quick to verbalize, slow to ponder. He’s patiently teaching me what it meant when “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). She probably didn’t jump on her blog and start telling everyone how those shepards smelt to high heaven! Instead, she let God do a work in her and weave His truths in her heart to prepare her to raise such a special Son.”

      Um, Miss Beth- with all due respect, the next time you “borrow” from me for teaching material, could I at least get a LifeWay credit?

      Ha! Just kidding! But isn’t that just like our God to prepare my heart a whole day in advance?

      • Heather says:

        I just got such a kick out of this comment. A small group of ladies and I started ‘Stepping Up’ a few months ago (we’re stepping up slowly), and I am discovering the same thing.

        The other day I blogged about something and the very next day it was part of the lesson I was on in the workbook.

        I’m pretty new to all things ‘Beth Moore,’ but God has blessed my life tremendously through this woman. I’m amazed at how many things we share in common–reflections and personal thoughts, even. Guess that’s why we all relate so deeply to her ministry–she seems to be able to connect with us on so many levels.

        Sharing in the comments is almost like being there. πŸ™‚

  4. 4

    Loved loved loved the conference and it was added bonus to see and talk to you, Priscilla, Kelly, Amanda and Melissa. (Melissa shook my hand – how formal!) What a treasure :0).

  5. 5
    Beth says:

    girlfriend, I have just got to say God was moving all over the south east this weekend and I am so excited to hear the stories from Birmingham and see the pictures. I’m so thankful you siestas had such a wonderful time. =)
    My church had a night of worship tonight and..well, Mrs. Beth, you will understand this – it was like taking the whole presence of God that fills Phillips Arena to the BRIM during one evening of Passion and stuffing it into a tiny, used-to-be-mexican restaurant in a mall in NW Georgia. Tangible – goodness gracious, yes. Suffocating – just about. I was breathless.
    I worshiped hard. I realized AFTER we all left that I had been surrounded by some of the most beautiful siestas. They aren’t regular around here, but they are siestas at heart. I almost fell on the floor again..just in awe of God putting me in the middle of them. They are incredible.
    It’s like we’re all little strands in a tapestry – each a different color – and He’s woven us together. Without each other…we’d be worthless.
    SOOOO thankful that HE loved us so that we might love others.
    Love you, siesta mama, and all you siestas. You guys are precious to me!

  6. 6
    Bobbie says:

    Sounds like you ‘girls’ all had a great time. I’m so glad you were able to be with Amanda & Melissa, can I be just a little jealous (for you!!)! I’ve never been to a Deeper Still conference but would love to go to see all of you wonderful women ‘mentors’ in one place–I can only imagine what a memorable weekend that would be!

    I’m going to the Dr. tomorrow for an MRI on my crazy shoulder I fell on last Friday–getting a little anxious and am praying for sleep! Can’t wait for TTMT! Maybe that’s what I’ll concentrate on in that machine….

    • 6.1
      Donna says:

      Bobbie, I will be praying for you today. If you have never had an MRI, they let you listen to your favorite kind of music, so it helps the time go by. Take care and let us know how your shoulder is. I find out results of tests this coming Friday. I am praying for answers. Thanks for your prayers.

      • Lynn says:

        Hi Donna, I’ve had several MRIs and never had any music, maybe it’s something new! I just sang to myself every chorus and hymn I could remember! LOL

        • Bobbie says:

          I was doing that too, and went through my scripture memory spiral(in my mind)!

        • Donna says:

          Hi Lynn, it so good to hear from you! As I told Bobbie, the first one I had ear plugs and prayed alot and the next two I had ear phones with music…guess it depends on the place. Did you get my email? Hope you are not buried under snow…oh, how we would love some snow!!
          Bobbie, Lynn and I met during one of the Summer Siesta Bible studies and have stayed in touch for two years. I would love to get to know you better also.

      • Bobbie says:

        Donna, I had one about 5 years ago in Washington state & I had music, but this time they just handed me ear plugs! I prayed for a good 30 minutes, listening to the thumps and bumps. At one point I was beginning to feel a little anxiety and told the Devil to get out of this machine, there’s not enough room for the three of us! It’s behind me now so I’ll find out the results on Wed. Thanks for your prayers, I really felt comforted this morning!!

        • Donna says:

          The first one I had done I was given ear plugs then music for the next two. I guess I depends on the place. I will be praying for a good report. Please keep us posted.

    • 6.2
      Tammy says:

      I am praying for you this am siesta. We hope it will not be too serious.

    • 6.3
      His Jules says:

      praying for you Bobbie!!

  7. 7

    My mom and I were able to go this weekend. We enjoyed the time together so much. I tweeted you but my words were too limited to actually express what I wanted to say. The story about your dad was sooooo touching. My mother lost her dad on 10/22/10. They were never close but in his final months, God arranged for them to get that way. She was able to take care of him… even if he was kicking and screaming :). We were there when he passed away and she was holding her hand. She never realized that was a treasure she wanted until she had it. Thank you God for giving us what we need even when we don’t know we need it. I could go on and on about how the 3 of you spoke God’s word to us but I’ll leave room for the other bloggers :).

    Thank you for your obedience to His calling.

  8. 8
    Jessica says:

    The world is so much prettier with you guys in it! I keep running into girls from bible study and we just squeeze each other to death and shreak with excitement at the thought of getting together for the James study. Most of them I’ve only sat next to like once, but we swear we are lifelong friends!God gives good gifts.

    Also, how do you tell a person you love them when they hear that all the time???

    I love what you are up to and your enthusiasm is so contagious! I love you! goodness… I hope those words aren’t too stale.0_o Also you would still be fabulous with a head of gr…. dare i say the word? The point is, it doesn’t have to be blonde, it just needs to be amplified! and GLOSSY! πŸ™‚ You really do need your own line of hair products. and it should be called something obvious like “Amen!”

    • 8.1
      Jennifer Tricarico says:

      Jessica –
      Your post is HilHAIRious! What fun it will be when I can attend some of these events as a Siesta!

  9. 9
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Oh my goodness Beth! What a pure joy to be there with 14,000 women being led into His holy presence by Travis, Kay, Priscilla, Kelly, and most certainly, you! I was thoroughly blessed and challenged to literally, go Deeper Still! What also made it an incredible weekend was that I was able to share it with long-time friends who came from several states….two from Ohio, one from NC, and one from Texas. We’ve had this on our calendars for a full 10 months!!!!! Volleyball caused our paths to cross 12-30 years ago but we are sisters for eternity! Add 1 siesta (love you Lu) to our group and whew, did we have a grand time together. God spoke to each of us in different ways and isn’t that just so God???!!!!!!! Meeting us right where we are. Personally, He gave me additional “puzzle pieces” to ponder on too! πŸ™‚ Enjoyed seeing Melissa and Amanda and cannot wait to get our picture because I was in the one with the two of them….and Miesta Moose!

    Love to all of you and thank you, thank you, thank you for being willing to be used by our Father!

    Wetumpka, AL

  10. 10
    Amanda says:

    Mom, you will be glad to know that Shaun was NOT there during the Q&A. Thank God! Also, let it be known that he claimed to win the “my hair is higher and therefore closer to God” contest.

    • 10.1
      Bobbie says:

      It’s good to see your smiling face again! I’m glad you were able to join your Mom for a wonderful weekend & see Melissa, too! πŸ™‚

  11. 11
    LaShay says:

    Hi, Beth.
    I was in that Siesta photo with you and your two beautiful daughters in Birmingham, and I can’t even begin to tell you how God used you, Kay, and Priscilla to refresh and inspire me this weekend! Between my family with two preschoolers, my job as a college instructor, and numerous other commitments, I have been “running on fumes” for months and have felt very burdened about my time commitments and keeping God’s priorities in first place. When you shared point #4 during your lesson – “Our treasure gets lost in the same trash as our time” – I could do nothing but sob from my seat in the balcony. I’ve missed out on many treasures in the past year, but I am determined to spend more time looking for them now. I am going to start by spending more time in God’s Word so that I don’t miss the treasures he has for me in the future! Thank you so much for allowing God to use you – I think your message was meant just for me =)

  12. 12
    Colorado Girl says:

    Was not able to join you all in Birmingham, but received such a WORD myself in Denver, I was praying for all of you this weekend. You ladies can certainly touch hearts and I know Birmingham was blessed! It looks like He moved as always and I will be checking back to see all the news from the rest of the Siestas and their wonderful encounters…as well as a shot of that “blondie”…cannot believe we don’t have a photo here now?! What is up with that?

  13. 13
    Katie says:

    Dear Mrs. Beth,
    Thank you so much for being faithful to follow God’s call for your life. I know that your ministry work has caused you and your family to make MANY sacrifices. I was able to attend the conference this weekend, and the Lord spoke to me in many ways. I came ready to receive a word from Him and ready to enjoy a little time away from three of my “treasures”! Ha! It is funny how we as moms can be so ready for a break, but after being gone for a few hours, we start to miss them. I have three children ages 3, 2, and 8 months. (I know…I am crazy!) Life with them is exciting and full of sticky fingers, messes, spills, and noise. Often times I feel like EVERYONE in public looks at us like a traveling circus! I think between changing dirty diapers (and unfortuantely dirty underwear sometimes), attempting to buy groceries on a budget while pushing a cart full of kids, arriving at a nice restuarant for a date with my husband only to realize I have spit up down the back of my shirt, and folding piles and piles of laundry, I sometimes find myself a little lost. I know God hasnt forgotten about me, but I wonder if what I am doing now really means anything. I got a word from Him this weekend…and yes, it does mean something! I am serving Him in all I do because I said “Yes!” when the Lord called me to be a stay at home mom. I am determined to love my treasures with the love of the Lord!! I want them to know He is the solid rock on which they can place all their hope and trust. I needed to be reminded this weekend that while I have four treasures in my home (my 3 kids and oh, so precious husband), the Lord treasures ME! I am precious in His sight! I have been made whiter than snow! Thank you for being faithful to women’s ministry. I am just one person who has benefited from it.

    • 13.1
      WendyB says:

      Oh, Katie, what a blessed time of life you are in now! I know you’re exhausted, but trust me, dear girl, these are the YEARS. Love every second. My daughter was the age of yours about five minutes ago, and now she is finishing college, preparing to teach in Central America, and I’m in a very very quiet house wishing for the days of spit-up down the back of the shirt! Blessings on your family!

  14. 14
    April says:

    I am so upset I was not in Birmingham this weekend. My friend Sarah and I had made plans to go (since April, when we both saw you in Woodstock, GA for the So Long Insecurity Conference). But unfortunately, we were both unable to attend. However! HOWEVER we are planning to see Deeper Still in Kentucky in June.

    I was just wondering, if by chance you will be doing any kind of marriage conferences in 2011 so that I can drag my husband to one :). He was with me when I met you in Marietta last February and he loves you – but I’m just not sure he’s ready for an actual “Ladies Conference” Kay may scare him. LOL! And then again, I’m not real sure that I’m ready for my husband to get an ear full of Kay, you never know WHAT she may say (as you stated!)

  15. 15

    I have loved reading all the Deeper Still recaps. What a fun time! So happy for all of you.

  16. 16


    My heart will NEVER be the same!
    Though I’ve been able to speak bits and
    pieces about this weekend…I really cannot
    (though you know I will try)
    I mean never have I felt such LOVE in one place!
    It was my 4th event with the siestas…and finally
    getting to meet Amanda after all these years
    of writing on this blog…Beth, I love you,
    but i was also so very happy to meet AJ:) and
    thats what I will say about that before my heart
    And Melissa too! Melissa about made me pass
    out when she recognized me:)
    I also got to spend a lot of time with my close siestas
    and it was so great to spend more than 30 seconds talking,
    Fran, Jan(my Titus 2 mamas next to you Beth) Jenny, Steph,
    Mary, Becky Jo, Angela,Adrienne,
    Lavonda, Robyn, Kim, Nikki, Dori..it was a special time with you ladies:)
    And as far as all the messages go…
    Beth, I was DONE after yours…it hit me so hard
    that I did everything not to jump on to the floor
    and hit my knees and just pray.
    Priscilla was also amazing, and
    confirmed that I was holding myself back from what
    God has planned for me…
    Kay she helped me learn about preparing my
    heart in the craziness in not just this season,
    But every season.

    I also have to mention Pam and Paige…those ladies
    do as God has called them to in Lifeway events,
    But I just pray so much blessing over their lives,
    They work so hard, and I love seeing them at
    the events running around hard after Jesus to
    Help us do the same:)

    Didn’t plan on making this a blog post so forgive
    me, but I will say lastly…
    Before this conference, even up to getting on the
    plane to go…I just allowed that part of me to underestimate
    what Jesus could do in my life…

    He made sure I put that thought to rest in His name this weekend!

    Love all of you soooo much!


  17. 17

    While you were getting deeper in B’ham, my bible study girls with me were finishing up your Revelation study. We have completed about 9 of your studies together over the past 4 years and are so thankful for you.

  18. 18

    Sounds like a wonderful time. I was able to volunteerwhen you were at Ridgecrest (hubby works there) and bring my daughter-in-love with me to the session one night. What a blessing. Thank you for speaking for Him, hope and life to our souls.

  19. 19

    I am sick I HAD to miss out this time. Bummer. I know God moved in many hearts!! So glad everyone had an awesome time. I LOVE, LOVE Bham, went to college there and now my oldest is a freshman in school there too. I miss it. It would have been a great weekend for me to visit and come to Deeper Still, but the Christmas season was upon me and there were just too many commitments here at home. So happy it was a success!

  20. 20
    Lynn Benefield says:

    I was @DS this weekend:) I cried so much- I was touched by the word and the words spoken- I was desperate to receive whatever God wanted to give me-
    I was touched also by Kelly M and her song at the end- still trying to find out the name + if its on a CD- I was touched by Steven Proctors worship thru paint on the panels- it made me cry- my soul was so thirsty + I did not even realize how much- such dehydration.
    I write devo’s each week for my SS class – I have so much to share with them! Love ya’ll

  21. 21
    Becky says:

    I want to see Melissa’s highlights!

  22. 22
    kendal says:

    Smiling. I love being in this community of bloggers as well. I’ve been reading this blog a little over a year and blogging my self just under that year. I’ve “met” some flat out awesome women of God. I’m encouraged daily as I read their hearts. And now I think I’ll go laugh my head off because I saw that Jon Acuff has indeed posted about the weekend!

  23. 23
    Rita says:

    I am still on a spiritual high from the weekend. Kay, Kelly, Priscilla and Beth delivered four timely words just for me (*,*)

    I purchased one of the worship cds by Travis and listened all Saturday night. I am so blessed by the event in my hometime. I was determined to attend. This was such a meaningful experience!

    This was my first time seeing Priscilla live. She was just awesome! I have got to make sure I am not holding on to my extra arrows…

    I am renewed and will continue to stay in God’s word!

  24. 24
    Jennifer Henderson says:

    Oh, how I loved to attend the conference this weekend! I have done around eight of your Bible studies, Beth, (gosh, it feels weird to call you by your first name having never met you but feeling like we’re friends at the same time!) but have not had the pleasure of studying under Ms. Kay or Ms. Priscilla. And I have never before had the pleasure of hearing any of you Godly women at a love event. I really meant to type “live event” but instead got “love” and it fits so I’m leaving it πŸ™‚

    This weekend was such an extreme pleasure and a LOUD word from my God. He and I have had a tough road the past few years but somehow I’ve known since I was a very little girl that He has me in His back pocket. Thank you all for reminding me of that awesome truth once again.

    Many blessings to all of you and love you much!

    Jennifer W. Henderson
    Homewood/Birmingham, AL

  25. 25
    Jennifer says:


    This weekend was absolutely wonderful and I learned so so much and was so challenged. Thank you for bringing the word to us along with Miss Kay and Miss Priscilla! I was so privileged to get to sit at your feet and listen to you teach.

    It also meant so much that you took time to meet us after the conference! You are just as sweet and genuine in person as you are while you’re speaking or blogging. Thank you for that!


  26. 26
    WendyB says:

    Oh, how wonderful for all of you! I look forward to a Deeper Still when we are back in the States. (Unless you want to come over and do one for all the fab military wives in Europe!!)

    Will this event be available on DVD or cd at some point…and will it include the q and a? πŸ™‚

    Blessings on your holidays, Beth – you hold your own spot in the dearest part of my heart.

  27. 27

    I was there with a group of 13 friends, some I hardly knew. After the conference we grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the hotel exhausted, but eager to discuss what we sensed God was speaking to us. 9 or 10 of us ended up in the same room. The Lord had prepared our hearts through the Word and worship for some healing. Light met darkness. In that small room we had a load of hurts, and the Lord met with us. We cried (and laughed) with each other as we bore one anothers burdens, for about five hours! There was a variety of burdens, but the Lord had orchestrated it so that for every burden there was someone in the room who had already walked a similar path who could encourage the burdened one with the comfort she had already received from Him. The sweetest thing to witness was restoration of a mother/daughter relationship that had been strained for many years.

    Seeing the body of Christ functioning in that hotel room was something precious that I will treasure in my heart always.

  28. 28
    Whitney says:

    I wonder if you and your girls know how much you have impacted my life. I heard you the first time when I was a very young girl and throughout college at Passion and numerous other times. I still often pray that the Lord will change my “want to” πŸ™‚ Thank you for opening your life and for being vulnerable. Thank you for teaching us in a way that makes it so I understand how to apply the word to my life. Thank you was all I could see when I met y’all because I was slightly overwhelmed by how y’all are all just people and how good the Lord is to us. It was so great to hug your neck and tell you in person, “thank you.” I love y’all!

  29. 29
    Jessica Handley says:

    I had such a wonderful time this weekend at the Deeper Still conference. There has never been a more busy weekend for me where I come out of it so refressed and revived by God’s Holy Spirit. Thank you Beth, Kay and Pricilla for being obeident and faithful to God’s call on your life. Thank you for encouraging other women of faith. And also, my husband thanks you too!! πŸ˜‰ May God bless you all in your ministries and may you all have a blessed holiday!!

  30. 30
    Dabney says:

    So, as I have moped around all weekend thinking about you guys in Birmingham and plotting how I can get to the next event, my husband is in the living room watching Hank Parker on tv. He says, “Hey come in here, I think Beth Moore’s husband is on here!” Was that your Keith? I know you had a great time, can’t wait to get to hear you in person again!

  31. 31
    Tammy says:

    So glad yall had a great time. I am so anxious Mama Beth to see you in June in my neck of the woods. God is so wonderful isn’t he. He brings us all together here. I too am going to get my spiral ready for Jan. when we get to memorize together. Yall hold Jesus close today. He loves you.

  32. 32
    Lucy says:


    I LOVED what you included about your Daddy and that one treasure. It needed to be said and has touched a place deep inside me. Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit in a place of vulnerability with us so that God’s Word might go forth in the form of testimony. Glory to God! Deeper Still went there–deeper still!

  33. 33
    God's not-so-little-Dutch girl says:


    Very happy that everything went so well this weekend! I know a lot of prayers went up for all of you. I was wondering if you, and the Siestas could say a little prayer for my sister-in-law, Gloria. She had a complete mastectomy last Tuesday, and found out Friday, that 12 of the 16 lymph nodes they removed were cancerous. This was difficult news for them to take. She is a believer, but is obviously upset by the news.( I am trying to get all my tears out now, so I can be fine to work in an hour.) I know God has a plan for her and I know it is good. Thank you,Siestas & Beth! Have a great day! Joan

    • 33.1
      Lynn says:

      Praying for your sister-in-law. I have a very dear friend who got similar news earlier this year. God is able and He is in control, praise His name.

  34. 34
    Kristi says:

    Deeper Still in B’ham was AWESOME. This was my first Deeper Still event and the energy at this event was unimaginable and I can’t get the right words to even explain it my friends (other than Awesome and Amazing). I have attended a couple of other live events but this one…well it had me in knots by the time I got home. So much to think about, pray about and then sit still and listen.
    Beth, Melissa and Amanda – THANK YOU for everything that you do to share the word with us. To show us not only Gods love for us but the love of our Sisters in Christ that don’t even know our names or faces.

  35. 35
    Deidra says:

    I praise God for the deliberately wonderful and enriching weekend that He gave me. Although I have been to several LPL events, this was my first Deeper Still. My cup overflows. I knew that the Lord would have a word for me since He had already been preparing my heart through IICor. 11:3. Although that verse was not specifically mentioned, the truths that were taught by all three of you were interwoven into that verse for me. I would have loved to have been able to stay until the very end and met with you and my other siestas, but I was with friends, and I was not the driver. Thank you all very much for the time and the study and the prayer that you pour into the Word of God. We were there unti right before the end and I loved the intimate and hilarious transparency that you all shared with us. I will ponder these treasures and it is my prayer and the desire of my heart to go deeper still. Thank you so much.

  36. 36
    Marjie Scheib says:

    Thank you Beth, I am always on the look out for something new to read and because you mentioned them, I just went to “Stuff Christians Like” website and Blog, great read. I linked the post “Soft X” on my FB page already, and checked out Angie Smith. Her book just went on my Christmas wish list! Like you, I am addicted to reading! I just can’t stand not having a new book or two waiting for me to crack open.
    So happy for you and the blessings you received while on your way to from and during your time in Birmingham.

  37. 37
    Fran says:

    Oh, sweet Beth…
    My heart is mush and my brain is swirling trying to sort through every last word and Word that was spoken to me this weekend. I’m thinking one of my greatest life lessons was learned in the midst of some friends and not from a speaker.
    I could just cry buckets thinking about it.

    I love you, this community, and our God more than ever. Thanks for bringing us all together in Jesus Name!

    Hugs and blessings,

  38. 38
    rhonda says:

    Deeper Still was my first experience at a womens event of this size, and I was just blown away! At several points during worship, I just looked around and saw all the different “flavors” of women worshipping God and thought – this is what it is all about.

    I’ve already signed up for dotMom in sept! can’t wait!

  39. 39
    OceanMommy says:

    My mind and my heart is still processing everything. God spoke some very specific things to me through each speaker. There was some confirmation, some comfort and some conviction.

    The last hour of my journey home I was in my car alone and spent it in silence praying and listening to God. That was the highlight of my weekend with Him.

    But I have to say, I about fell off my choir chair when our pastor said Sunday morning, “Open your Bible to Matthew 1.” Oh mercy, he just picked up where Kay left off and honestly, each point could have been part of each of the teachings from Deeper Still. God tied my weekend together with my church family on Sunday morning. So neat.

    Thank you!

  40. 40
    Lisa Logue says:

    Dear Beth, Thank you for sharing your heart with us on Saturday in Birmingham. Thank you for sharing about your dad and the challenges you have faced and for sharing about the treasures to be found in those dark and difficult places. I could relate to you in many ways…I lived out my early years in a pit making many bad choices and then God sent you and another woman at age 39, and “Breaking Free” to direct this life on a new path of freedom in Christ. The last few years have been challenging with caring for an elderly mom – who is 85 – rescuing her from an abusive marriage – getting to know a stranger, who is mom, while balancing family and ministry demands. My friend and co-worker in ministry and I went on this Deeper Still weekend to get a fresh word from God. I can testify that He read all our prayer journals and we received words from Him through all of you!! Challenging us to forget having a plan “B” and just giving Him everything and watching Him work out His will – to preparing for His coming – and then there was looking for treasures in darkness…. God filled in some puzzle pieces this weekend and used you to encourage me to hold on to the treasures He has and is givingthrough His word and God-stops during this difficult and painful time. At 49 years young – I am able to look back and see His grace and mercy on this life and thank Him for all of you who have been His mouth-piece through the years.

    May God multiply His blessings to you and your family,

    Lisa Logue

  41. 41
    Ann says:

    Sweet Siesta Mama,
    Thank you for starting our week’s off with your wonderful post. Loved hearing about Deeper Still and you getting to hang out with your girls…special.
    My bible study group has our last day of Daniel tomorrow. Wow, that study knocked my socks off!!
    After doing Revelation with you live, I decided I’d better study Daniel. Now, I’m thirsting for more!
    James in January!! Yippee!!
    Most of all, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that your health is better this holiday season. We were so worried last year.
    Praise the Lord.
    love ya,

  42. 42
    Sister Lynn says:

    Hi Beth!

    Loved hearing your recap of the weekend. Someday I will make it to a Deeper Still event!

    Today is the Feast of St Nicholas (the original Santa Claus!)
    Hope its filled with happy surprises for you!

    Love, Sister Lynn

  43. 43
    mariel says:

    I am laughing so hard at the chics who weaned babies to be at Deeper Still…I did the same thing years ago when you came to Richmond and there was a mess up that oversold the place we had to meet in the room across the street….not sure if you remember (it was about 7 yrs ago). anyway the weekend blessed me and my sweet friend! but i still remember details of weaning my baby that i dealt with that weekend–made it all the more memorable!! heehee!!

  44. 44
    Crissy says:

    Thank you mama! So needed to hear your encouragement! Sick kids for over a week and hubby and myself sick as well! Thank you love ya’ll!

  45. 45
    Heather says:

    Beth, I had an awesome time at the conference this weekend in Birmingham. It was a GREAT and I mean GREAT break from studying from finals. I loved getting to meet you. I actually was not a fan of any of your books before the conference. But I have been reading a book of yours. I have been so far in the pit of self-destruction, whether it be physical, or emotional. I totally understood everything that you said. I can to this conference desperate and as a last ditch effort for anything good in life. I made a covenant with God at the conference that I would begin to treat myself like He wanted me to treat it. I know that I am weak. I do not know how i will keep this promise. I need your prayers and the siestas prayers. I got a ticket from this blog, so I know that it was divine appointment for me to be able to go to deeper still.

  46. 46
    Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness – this was my first event! God met me there in a mighty way! Thank you for the laughter and the tears!!

  47. 47
    Lu says:

    Ya’ll, I can’t explain the ministering to my soul that came this weekend at Deeper Still. I went there alone; but, God was my buddy. Ginger (siesta that I met back in January) treated me like I was her friend forever. Her friends included me so graciously as well. Travis is my FAVORITE! When Kay began asking if we were really “ready to hear” and “willing to do whatever” God instructs, I prayed “yes”, but not without some fear. …the ax laid at the root of the tree, not “adding” Jesus to your life but Jesus “is” your life, He is not an accessory -He Is the SON of GOD!..awesome.. BUT WAIT, she got personal (How did she know?) ch.10,”I did not come to bring peace”, families will turn on you, son won’t speak to you! (I’m a new empty-nester whose oldest son is involved with an ungodly girl, who told him not to speak to me until I “got over” my problems with their immoral behavior. It’s been 4mos now and my husband says I should put my son before God & His word.) I had such commumion of the Spirit that although Kay doesn’t know me, she comforted me specifically.
    Then, Priscilla motivated me. The enemy tells me that the promises are not for me or out of reach. She showed me that they may not be in my hand but they are “in my reach”. I cannot give up. My “little bit” is enough when God puts His hands on it. (I will pray & hold to His Word & cling to Christ alone, even when it does mean w/o family or friends.)
    And, Beth, my most intimate friend even though she doesn’t know me, encouraged me because “there ARE treasures out there-no matter what season/path of life!” and “they can bring healing.” (I will embrace the pain for the incredible treasure that God has planned.)
    So, it was a weekend! The topper was to be in the picture with the siestas backstage. When Beth hugged everyone, even me, the very last one in line, I was just 6 feet of mush! Thank you all, more than you will ever know.
    And Amanda, you get an individual thank you, because you are the epitome of compassion and grace. You speak to silly old women like me in the hall, at the elevators, wherever, with a genuiness that you make Gen.16:13 real to me. The LORD who spoke to her: β€œYou are the God who sees me.”
    Whew, well I’m sorry this is so long, I guess I just need to get this out. Blessed Christmas wishes to you all.

    • 47.1
      Yanna says:

      Oh Lu, thank you for the DS lesson. Reading your comment I felt like I was there a recap of sorts. Tears came to my eyes when you mentioned your son. How are hearts can be tugged by our love for our children and how we so want to do more to direct their paths, thank you for the Word in your recap to put our children in God’s hands and His Word.

  48. 48
    Lu says:

    Ya’ll Deeper Still folks, don’t forget to support Allison with the World Race, if you can.
    [email protected]

  49. 49

    I’m so glad you all had a great weekend in Birmingham! Let me tell all you girls something…if you don’t know who David Platt is get to Amazon and buy his book, Radical. Right now. It’ll rock your Jesus socks right off! I was so tickled to see the picture of you all together. That dude is annointed and a lover of Christ in the most passionate way, and a gifted writer and orator of Christ and His Word if there ever was one!

    Hugs, sweet girls…

    (and see you in Charlotte in July!)

  50. 50
    Tiffany says:


    Thank you so much for being a blessing to so many of us this weekend! I enjoyed so much getting to hear you speak. Thank you for allowing God to use you for His Glory! Also, it made my year getting to get a picture with you alone with all the siesta’s that were there. Wish you would have been able to sign my Bible! God bless you!

    Much love, Tiff

    P.S. Does anyone have the website that they gave us to look at the pictures we took with Beth at the end of the meeting? All I have is flicker.com/phote/siesta??


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