Talk To Me Tuesday! Topic One

Hey, Siestas! Thank you for such an outpouring of support in my blog break. God has already caused it to bear fruit the way I’d hoped. He’s so faithful. I miss you so much and think of you daily. I hope to see some of you Houston area girls at Bible study tonight. I’m so blessed to serve tonight with my friend, Christy Nockels. OK, here’s today’s TOPIC for Talk To Me Tuesday.

Talk to me about a time in your own life when God called you to an area of obedience that was particularly difficult but ultimately (and surprisingly) led to joy. Limit your story to one meaty paragraph so we can read as many as possible. Let’s hear it! I surely do love you girls.


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  1. 451
    April says:

    God has called my husband and I to plant a church. It is definitely HARD! We both feel so ill-equipped! And since we are both some of the most disorganized people we know, we are sure that if this thing works, it’s going to totally be God!

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      marci in amsterdam says:

      My husband and I helped plant a church 8 years ago. We felt ill-equipped too! But God was faithful to use us in our weaknesses, and I know He desires to use you too!

    • 451.2
      Delores says:

      We are also starting a church. I think God doesn’t want us to feel like “we can do this” because HE can’t be glorified when its about us. Follow faithfully knowing you are doing what He called you to and let Him shine. Will be praying for you and your husband.

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    mommyof3 says:

    When we had to leave our church in New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Katrina. We knew God was calling us and the other pastoral staff to move on (for a reason that would take too long to share),but it was hard. We were going to be moving to Florida to live with my husband’s aunt for an undetermined amount of time. We were going there not having a job lined up, I was pregnant with our second child and having complications. We went through times of bitterness towards those who had hurt us, grief of loosing our jobs and having to leave friends who had become like family to us. We knew we were following God’s will, but it took us some time to truely accept it. While living in Florida God blessed us in so many ways and used us to do His work many diffent times. We were able to serve as lay members in a church. That church ministered so much to our hearts and we received healing while attending there. As we look back on that time in our life (three and a half years), it was hard at times and we did get upset at times. But, God always provided above and beyond every time. We look at this time as such a great and joyfull time for our family and wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way. Because if it had been easy our faith wouldn’t have been stretched and we wouldn’t be the people we are today. God knows what He is doing and will always provide for His children!!!

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    Ginny says:

    About a year and a half ago, my husband and I were on the verge of seperating. To make a long story short, there had been too much hurt for me to see thru and I was just plain ole tired and was ready to give up. Days before I was ready to take that step, I found out I was pregnant with our third child. I was bitter and depressed and felt trapped. The pregnancy was hard and long, but filled with a time of healing for my marriage that we never would have had had I not become pregnant at that exact time in my life. Being obedient to stay in my marriage at this point in my life was hands down one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make.

    Six weeks before my due date, I had a placental abruption, but God’s hand was all over it!!! I had 2 previous c-sections, never before having any kind of labor, and was fully planning on having another c-section with this baby. Well, this time I went into labor that had me in and out of the hospital for 2 days. The final day, I just “happened” to be having contractions and “happened” to be in the hospital when my placental abruption occured. If the abruption had occurred while I was at home living 45 minutes away from the hospital, my baby and I would not have survived- it’s a good thing I don’t serve a God of “happenstances”!. I believe that God gave me my pregnancy to heal my marriage and then gave me my contractions to save mine and my sweet miracle baby’s life! What an AWESOME God we serve!

    • 453.1
      Jessica says:

      he’s so faithful. It’s just comforting to know that he hears us and he reacts. Sometimes we don’t know how he reacts, but sometimes we do and we are in love with him more because of it. Thanks for sharing this with us! an Awesome God indeed.

    • 453.2
      Julie says:

      So thankful the Lord protected you and your unborn baby as well as restoring your marriage. What a great testimony.

  4. 454
    Kim says:

    I know it is after Tues but I had to share still. To keep it short but meaty this will be hard because I have to cut right to the chase and guilt sets in BUT I know i have found victory in Him! Ok so major spiritual marker in my life was the day my husband was simply sharing with our boys that you will be held accountable in heaven for the things you do here on earth. God gently said to me “do you get it now? You are not living an honest life.” I was smoking marajuana with my friend on the side and was ashamed to tell my husband I was afraid he would leave me. But to think that if my husband were standing somewhere within ear shot of me and God and having to hear that through God’s lips and not confessing it on my own…I just could not handle. So….I the next morning I told him. I was afraid VERY afraid to even utter the words…he was even more afraid i think to sit and wait for me to actually get the sentence out. As soon as I said it I sobbed uncontrolably waiting for him to angry or leave the room. But he just lay there in bed. Then he did the unthinkable! He put his arm around me and prayed over me telling God what a wonderful-beautiful wife he has! Of course I cried even more. From that point forward I felt 200 pounds lighter and was never afraid to be open with my husband again, who would want to loose a man like that? What gracious joy I received!

  5. 455
    marci in amsterdam says:

    I think the hardest things I’ve had to obey this far in my life have been: Leaving a career that I loved and had worked hard to get into, moving away from my home culture an ocean apart from all my friends and family, forgiving someone that hurt me deeply. They have all been painful, but I have learned and grown in different ways from each one.
    Beth, I pray God blesses you with a special creativity and the energy to give this James bible study the intense attention it requires in these next 8 weeks. My life has been so blessed by many of your studies, your obedience in writing them has helped me to know my God better and I so appreciate that.

  6. 456
    Terri Smith says:

    In January of 08 I was diagnosised with lung cancer. I wasn’t sure if this was the end for me. I went thru surgery and had my lung removed. I was 49 at the time and although I was afraid,I was also comforted because I knew God’s promises. I stayed on my knees and my faith grew stonger. I am cancer free today, and I witness to people and have been able to use my cancer to reach out to others and share with them. When you submit your life to God completely, hang on for a ride! He will use you in a mighty way.

    • 456.1
      Tina Marie Hille says:


      I too am a Cancer Survivor. Not just once but twice and working on number 3. I have gotten through those times by holding onto his promises and knowing that I am going through this ’cause God has a purpose. 2 Corinthians 1 3 & 4 tells us that. We will be able to comfort others with the same comfort we ourselves have received of God when we were going through our trials. Praise God! Amen. He has used my experiences to speak to women that are going through the same things, to reach them for him or to comfort my Sisters in the Lord and encourage them during their treatments. It’s so incredible the good that God can bring from the trials in our lives. Praise the Lord you’re now Cancer Free!

  7. 457
    Erin says:

    I already posted on here the other day about the interview I had for that oncology job, and I GOT IT!!! I’m so excited! Thank you for anybody that lifted a quick prayer for someone you don’t even know! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    • 457.1
      Kristi Walker says:

      Woo-Hoo!!! So happy for you and praising our God with you!

    • 457.2
      Eposi says:

      Praise God for His provision! I did pray for you, Erin. Oncology is one of the most difficult (heart wrenching) specialties in nursing. I have only had limited experience with cancer patients as a nurse, but my sister worked on the oncology unit for some years until she could not handle it any longer. I pray the Lord will equip you with the power of His spirit to love on the patients he brings your way. May He be glorified!

  8. 458
    Amy says:

    My husband and I faced a very dark time at the hands of people we had been called to serve in a local church. At the time, placing blame on man was easy and almost felt justifiable. Name-calling and lies were a part of our daily life (we were on the receiving end). We felt we had obeyed God’s call to serve this ministry and wondered why it all was happening. What we learned is that God had called us to a community…to reach them for Christ, and not just serve within a church. As we continued to walk in obedience and trust that the pain and hurt was for a greater purpose, God pricked our hearts to stay in our community and begin a new work. While it seemed a tricky move b/c we wanted our integrity to remain in tact(and not appear to walk away angry), we told no one of His stirring, and began to just trust He had more for us. Today, we have a three yr. old church plant in the same town, at times working alongside our previous place of service. Oftentimes, hurt is the process to “greater things yet to come in the City.”(Chris Tomlin) Obeying His voice to go through it has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

  9. 459
    Linda says:

    Hi Beth!!

    My obedience story goes a little something like this…

    In 2001 my husband felt God wanted him to be a full-time minister. He felt that God wanted him to plant a church in Las Vegas, NV. At the time my husband had a great paying job working for a civil engineering company and I had a decent paying job working in a heavy equipment warehouse. I was so scared and unsure of the whole thing. I thought now how in the world could I be a pastor’s wife, I don’t even play the piano let alone sing. I have such a terrible background and I am just not worthy of the call. Ask my family, they’ll tell you how wild and crazy I used to be. I didn’t even know how to study my bible. How in the world could I be of help to anyone. I was sick to my stomach and just didn’t know what to do. I thought, well God called him not me. I started to resent him a little and had all kind of selfish thoughts. God told me in my heart that he would be taking caring of things and that all I needed to do was to be obedient. He reminded me that the crazy life and the things I once did would be used in our ministry. I trusted God and was obedient to him. Years later I am so thankful for where God has us. God has blessed us so much. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have been able to help many women and young girls with my past experiences. God even blessed me to where I no longer needed to work outside of our home.

  10. 460
    Beth Wilson says:

    Pray…Pray…Pray….Even when I don’t feel like it…I know that is when I need too! When my mind draws a blank, and I just ask God to speak to me…. He ALWAYS does!

  11. 461
    Jenni Atwell says:

    About 13 years ago, my husband met a Messanic Rabbi. Kevin studied God’s Word and became very good friends with this Rabbi. (I was raised Southern Baptist with an Independant Baptist twist!) I continued my “Baptist” ways. Then in 2001, after our daughter was born, we almost divorced over all of this stuff! (Long Story – keeping it short!) My Bible study leader and close friend told me that I had to do what I knew was right. Submit!!! UGH!!! So, I left my church and went with Kevin to the Messanic Congregation. WOW!!! Different in lots of ways – SAME in the issue of salvation. (Couldn’t really argue with that!) Having a new view of the scripture is amazing. Now, I have a little Jewish insight which just adds such life to scriptures that once were just words on a page. I am glad Carmen spoke truth to me that day! The story is long – 13 years of trying to submit day after day! It is not over yet! I would love to share it with anyone who actually wants to hear it!

    Shalom my friend!

  12. 462
    Shannon says:

    After the Lord began a huge restoration process in me, He called me to teach His Word. I had no formal education or training in the Word. I had limited guidance on how to prepare a message, what to read, how to speak in front of people. Countless hours were spent just me, Him and my 6 versions of the Bible sitting in the middle of my bed. My very first message was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. What if it didn’t make sense? What if I said something that wasn’t Biblically true? Even worse, what if I said something outside of the realm of His love and His thoughts and therefore it had no anointing? For weeks I put myself under complete stress. I lost weight. I neglected everything and everyone else in my life. I ate countless bottles of Tums. Here I am many messages later and I have to say that He still teaches me so much every time I prepare a message. He was so faithful to me that first time I taught, and He continues to shine His face upon me when I step into that pulpit. I don’t stress over my messages as I used to. He’s teaching me to walk in His peace and obedient fear of Him. Teaching and seeing women set free bring me tremendous joy. It is that joy that causes me to continue in His calling on my life.

  13. 463
    Rachael in O-H-I-O says:

    Dear Sweet Funny Siesta Mama,

    Let me share with you a little story about obedience.

    I had to quit Facebook. Yep. I had to quit. It was causing me to feel all sorts of “yucky” things.
    Pride, jealousy, envy, anger … just to name the top ones. I kept hearing a still, quiet voice telling me to quit. So I would put “limits” on myself. Just check it once each day, don’t post pictures, or hide some “friends” who’s posts tend to stir up the bad feelings. But, I still heard the little voice nudging me towards quitting. Finally, I had my husband log on and deactivate my account! Seriously … I had him do it for me.

    Once I knew it was deactivated … *gasp* … I FELT IMMEDIATE FREEDOM!! It was like a key just unlocked a heavy chain and it dropped to the floor. It was cool. I don’t miss it. At all. He knew I wouldn’t miss it. He knew the freedom that would follow. Just took me a little while to listen to HIM. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 463.1
      Katie says:

      I’m so glad to know someone else struggles with these issues on Facebook as well. I had to de-activate my account, after only being on for one week, for similar reasons. God has not released me to go back on, but I feel him healing my heart to the point where I hope I can participate. It’s hard feeling completely out of the loop as it seems most everyone is on there, but I would rather be obedient than part of the crowd. God Bless You in your journey to freedom :)!

      • Ginny says:

        Wow. I have been struggling with the same issues. It’s such a relief to know there are others. Thank you so much for sharing this. God has been nudging me in the same direction and you have inspired me to deactivate my account as well. <3

      • WorthyofLove says:

        “but I feel him healing my heart to the point where I hope I can participate.”

        Thank you for those words of grace. My bent is to be legalistic mostly with myself. It’s a good reminder that God can help me to do it in a healthy way possibly in the future.

    • 463.2
      Donna says:

      I recently quit fb also! I was so glad to read your post! I hated the ugly thoughts I would have and it made me feel bitter inside, to say the least. I had a few withdrawals! BUT yes I feel freedom too! Sweet glorious peace. I crave scripture more, my prayer life has come back to life bigtime, and I feel happier in general. Obedience is SAWEET! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 463.3
      WorthyofLove says:

      Had to jump on with a big me too! I have heard the holy nudge to stop, I and also put limits on myself. Then just yesterday, I was reading a post on this blog where a gal said that making compromises was not obedience with God!! I told my husband last night, “I know I have to quit FB.”

      It makes me sad in a way, but I will not miss the jealousy, insecurity, and blah’s that I often feel while reading. I will also hopefully use my time better. This post has inspired me further to just pull the plug…no more stalling.

      Big Hugs…Looking forward to freedom!

    • 463.4
      Julie says:

      Oh, me too exactly!! So glad to hear other woman feel similiar. Really feel “free” now.

    • 463.5
      Heather B says:

      I also struggled with a whirlwind of similar emotions every time I was on fb. I had my account for a little over a year and struggled almost constantly…I finally knew I had to deactivate my account and posted a short blurb that I was spending too much time and needed to close it. I left the blurb up for about 2-3 days before I actually did it. I was surprised at the positive responses and that people genuinely understood, several mentioned that they felt the same. I have been facebook free for about a year now and I feel so much better. I think that some people are just better without it.

  14. 464
    Liza says:

    My biggest test of obedience was to break up with a boy that I loved. I was a young college girl, growing in my walk with the Lord and it was clear that the relationship with my then boyfriend was a hindrance to a committed walk with Jesus. Here’s the clincher – it was a “good” relationship in every other way. He was a great guy, just not a committed believer. After fasting and praying and confessing this reality to believing friends, God gave me the strength to end my relationship with the boy that I loved. Through that experience, God showed me that His plans, His ways, and His love is greater than man’s plans, man’s ways and human love. It’s been 20 years since I trusted God with that choice, and I am so grateful to have this “stone of remembrance” to look back on when I’m challenged to trust and obey Jesus today.

  15. 465
    Shara says:

    God lead me into a friendship, mentoring relationship that hurt terribly when it had to be stopped. He began to teach me about boundaries and the signs of someone who really wanted to grow vs. someone who just wanted you to carry them. Very painful, extremely helpful! God is good.

  16. 466
    Ariel says:

    In March, my Grandmother who raised me passed away from pancreatic cancer. God called me to come to her bedside for the last week of her life. My family life is difficult and it meant being away from my husband for a week and placing my 2 year old in a caustic environment while being heavily pregnant.

    However, it was possibly the sweetest God moment I’ve ever had. The day I arrived, I watched my Grandmother be wheeled into her new hospice room. I was the only one with her in this scary situation, which God used wholly. He used me to witness to her that night, though religion is a difficult topic for my family. She accepted Christ that night. I bought her her own bible the next day, and throughout the week read to her each night literally the rest of her life. God used that time to close our earthly relationship with both my Grandmother and Grandfather (who passed away soon after she did while I was away having the baby). He also used his scripture to open my heart to the healing that it needed.

    God is so good.

  17. 467
    jill whitmore says:

    i would have to say a very difficult area i have had to be obedient in is leaving my first church. ๐Ÿ™ very hard for me to do, because its the only church i’d known as a christian. but the Lord put a situation in place that opened my eyes to the need for my husband & i to leave so we did. we found our new church home after a few visits to various churchs and are now loved beyond measure by His people. !! God’s joy just shines thru the pastoral team and staff at this church and we just love it !!!

    thanks, beth, for allowing God to use you to minister to the women of this world. you are a gift to me and my spiritual walk has grown thru your teachings of God’s word. thank you so much..

    jill in wichita

  18. 468
    Steph says:

    Fears of public speaking – phobia is really the word – since high school. And yet, this strange sense that someday God would make me face it. This Friday is my “someday” because God told me to say YES when my pastor’s wife asked if I’d co-lead a workshop at a ladies’ event. I’m truly shaking in my boots, but I want to obey Him. I WANT TO! No joy yet, just jitters. But I know the joy will come – I might be a puddle on the floor, but I’ll hopefully be a joyful puddle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 469
    Nikol says:

    I love dogs. I previously owned two adorable beagles to which I was very attached. So, imagine my dismay when a few months ago, God asked me to give one of them away. I felt Him tell me, “Nikol, I’m getting ready to bless you beyond your wildest dreams, but I have to rearrange some things first.” I asked for Him to put it in writing. In the meantime, I cried everyday and hoped I had misheard His direction. About a week later, I read in your book, “Jesus, 90 Days with the One and Only” these words: “Sometimes when Jesus is about to do something really special in our lives, He will rearrange our surroundings.” (p. 225) I couldn’t believe what I had just read. It was almost word for word! I gave Daisi away 2 days later. When I handed her to her new Mom, I was inconsolable. The next day, I had the greatest peace and I haven’t missed her since. OK, well, maybe every now and then. I’m still waiting to see that blessing God has in store for me, but I know He’ll be faithful.

  20. 470

    God has lead me into blogging about my faith. My son is the Social Media person in the family and he kept telling me that I needed to blog. So, I sat down at the computer and all of a sudden I am sharing my faith over the internet! Wow! It is a joy to share my faith beyond my walls. Something I never dreamed I would be doing!!

  21. 471
    Lori P says:

    I believe there are many times like this, but most recently, I believe the Lord called us to begin homeschooling our children. I was so torn and didn’t understand why I was feeling this pull toward homeschooling because my son was in a great private Christian school. I really fought it. I did. But then one night I had prayed for God to give me some kind of sign so I would know what to do and I went out for drive (which I never do) and K-Love was coming in loud and strong (which it never does), and first song up was ‘Voice of Truth’ by Casting Crowns. Wow, it was like a direct message to my insecurities about pulling my son out of school. I started bawling, and I knew what I had to do. It has been hard, and life changing for all of us. It has also been so rewarding and more and more our decision is validated as being the right decision. It feels good to be doing what God wants me to do.

  22. 472
    Anonymous for this one.... says:

    Hi Beth!

    Glad to hear your break is fruitful! I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do.

    You certainly picked a challenging question for this post! So here goes…

    Many many years ago, my husband had an affair with my younger sister. She was rebounding from a painful breakup at the time and spent a lot of time at our house. Turns out it was too much time…. Sigh. I should have seen what was happening, but I never did, and she was the one that (finally) told me about it. Ouch! It was a very horrible and painful time. I felt doubly betrayed, and I was so incredibly angry with both of them. What I wanted to do was divorce him and never, ever talk to her again – after I beat them both senseless, of course. But I also felt this overwhelming sadness at the thought of my marriage failing and ending in divorce, plus the rift it would have caused in my family (siblings and parents) was just too awful. So I stayed, we stuck it out, and we worked through it. And I do mean WORK! There were days when I simply could not stand to look at either one of them. It was so hard to forgive… But the wounds gradually healed.

    Hubby and I are about to celebrate our 28th anniversary, and although my sister and I live across the country from each other, we are close. My joy comes from the knowledge that I survived something I thought would do me in. God is so good. He has truly given me “…a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” Isaiah 61:3

  23. 473
    Angie Ehrenreich says:

    Right now God is calling me to go “so far” w/Him – “to move past my devestation w/Him” and let Him have every single ounce of my being, lock, stock and barrel. I have not offically pushed thru this point of surrender. From those I know who have, I know it will bring insurmountable joy. Pray for me that I break thru whatever it is that my will is holding onto. Pray that God will reveal it me. Thank you sweet Beth for your ministry. I am doing the Deeper Still study on the life of David and I know you know what I have said is directly from your section. Thank you for your words that are searing into my soul.
    Angie E
    Conover NC

  24. 474
    Kristi says:

    Beth, I’m currently in a group studying your “Living Beyond Yourself” study. Today’s message was so incredible. Talking about rejection. Well, I can certainly relate to that topic! But as I sat there and listened and was so acutely aware that you’re describing me, I could also see that God has definitely done some miraculous healing in my heart!! The pain that used to dwell in my heart at such a deep level, affecting everything and everyone in my life, is simply gone!! Praise God!!! Isn’t He just amazing?!!!!!

  25. 475
    Shiloh says:

    God asked my husband and I to move to Wyoming which is 13 hours away from both of our families. We were there for five and a half years and I was pretty unhappy for the first 4 years. However, by the last year and a half I FINALLY realized that I needed to make a conscious decision to be content with where God had sent us. Once I did that, I fell in love with where we were at and made wonderful friends there and when God asked us to move back closer to family, it was REALLY hard to leave!

  26. 476
    Jane Jones says:

    Beth and Girls,
    I’m doing Esther right now and I’m feeling called to let go of things in my life that do not keep my focus on the bible: television shows, books, blogs, etc. They, in their own right, are not bad things, but I use them to escape the reality of my life and the things God is asking me to do. If I do this, I’ll be “out” of many conversations and activities with my friends. But the call is strong. Pray ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 477
    Colleen says:

    My husband is in the ministry full time. He was called to serve at a church WAY out in the boonies. I didn’t mind at first, when we were still living our house (which was on the market) and I would drive over with our children on the weekends. Then, when we sold that house, I knew we were completely committed. Not just him…me. Committed to being in the boonies for God. City mouse gone Country. I hated it. I cried and cried. Then, one day after about 2 years, it was okay. While we were at that church, I grew more than ever before. I was even upset when God moved us back to my hometown. Bizarre! Blessedly Bizarre!

  28. 478
    FussellQueen says:

    I found Jesus when I was 24!At the time my son was 5 and so we began faithful attendance and serving in our local church. I fell in love with Jesus and His word (Beth has ministered to me TREMENDOUSLY in helping me fall in love with His word). We had a rock strong marriage and God was blessing us in so many ways! We were both excited and hopeful to be raising our son in a godly home and was looking forward to him having the “raised in a Christian home/haven’t really gone too far into rebellion” type testimony. However, starting at the end of his 8th grade year we began to see changes in his attitudes, especially towards God. By the end of his freshman year we learned he had experimented with some pretty serious drugs and was now telling us he didn’t believe the same things we did and that he was rejecting our faith. I was afraid and temporarily shattered. But God called me to trust in the truth of His word and His promises above any circumstance and He called me to believe that one day, my son would love Him (and He added NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!) There was a journey to accept both of those callings and my son is 21 now and a pretty fabulous, drug free, passionate young man. He’s come so far from his rebellion but he doesn’t love Jesus YET. But my great joy comes from the complete peace and confidence God has given me that my son will be a godly man! I don’t know when or how but I know it will happen! I could’ve fought His call to believe and trust but obedience was the only choice I could live with! Praising Jesus for the “immeasurably more” that is sure to come!

  29. 479
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    I used to frequent an internet site for mothers of twins. It had become a place that I went to for advice (not usually godly advice) and to vent or talk. I found that it consumed a huge chunk of my day. I had tried to discipline myself to get on the computer less or stop it altogether, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t spending meaningful time with God and I felt Him speaking to me that if I wanted to take our relationship deeper I needed to let the twins board go. It sounds so silly typing it out now, but I was actually crying about it one day while I was blow drying my hair, of all things. I told God, “I need your help. I can’t do it.” I felt him say back to my spirit, “Yes you can, just go do it.” I turned my blow dryer off and went straight to the computer and deleted the website. No goodbyes or hesitation. And I have never looked back. I had the website address memorized, but never felt the urge to go check it out again. It felt amazing!

  30. 480
    Jessie says:

    This one is ridiculous and not very spiritual but a lesson for sure… my sons have two pet hermit crabs, Ted and Jed. These creatures are supposed to be rather low maintenance, but leave it to my boys to complicate the simple. They have a habit of pulling these critters out of their habitat and building some sort of “new house” for them out of blocks in their room and then running off and forgetting about them. I don’t know how many times these silly little critters find a crack in the door of that new house and escape to who knows where. This particular day was no different.

    For the I don’t know how many-inth time one of the crabs was “lost” – it had to be in the house somewhere. I got out the flashlight and searched every nook and cranny in my boys’ room but no crab. A voice inside of me kept telling me to go to the other end of the house and check under a cabinet but I kept pushing the thought out of my mind – there was no way that little bitty crab could have walked all that way in such a short amount of time without somebody noticing it… no. way. I became more and more upset at my boys “negligance” as I search and search room after room. Still the suggestion to check under that cabinet persisted. I finally listened, even though it was impossible. Lo and behold there was that silly crab… practically miles in crab legs away from where he began his journey. Oh the time and energy and sanity I could have saved if I would have just obeyed that Voice the first time!!

  31. 481
    Joy says:

    Hello Beth,
    I would like to share how the Father is currently calling me to be obedient. My husband and I are on the heels of a healing, freedom, and restoration process that has changed our lives. Lately it seems there has been many “distractions” trying to get us to take our focus off this “thing” God is doing in our lives and our family. We were tested/tempted with 2 business opportunities in the same week. Normally when fall comes and all the new TV show seasons start, I get glued to the TV. I have to admit the first few weeks I had my dvr set everyday. I didn’t want to miss even one. Then the Father gently reminded me that I was taking my focus off of him. Most nights now I don’t even turn the TV on. Then just tonight I told my husband that I have to take a break from facebook. It consumed way too much of my time. As I am walking through this healing process I am finding that my desire for the things that distract me has decreased which makes it much easier to say no to. I think about the story in Luke where Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus while he is teaching. She was completely focused on Him and not distracted by Martha or the work that needed to be done. I also like Hebrews 12:2 that encourages us to throw off anything that hinders us and to fix our eyes on Jesus.

  32. 482
    Mary Watkins says:

    I guess the hardest thing I have had to do in the past five years is pray for someone who hurt me very deeply. My natural inclination was to cut that person to the quick. Everytime I thought of something ugly to say or to lash out in anger, I never had the freedom to do so. I was hurt. I wanted to hurt in return. Finally, I confessed my feelings and thoughts to God. I told Him I was sick of being miserable and asked for His help in overcoming this wound. To my surprise, He gave me the ability to forgive and the desire to pray for my former friend. God helped me to just let the hurt go. My mind and heart was free of the turmoil that bitterness keeps stirred up.

  33. 483
    Marie says:

    Yesterday was a dark day. I’ve been dealing with my CFS diagnosis for a couple of months, which has been hard enough, but then two weeks ago I came down with something nasty. They’re calling acute bronchitis, but the emergency room doctor who checked me out last night said he didn’t really know what was going on. So, strapped to my couch, undergoing nebulizer treatments and hopped up on steroids…well, I had a meltdown. For a terrifying moment, I lost all hope.

    Sick as I am, I knew God wanted me to go to Bible study last night. I didn’t want to, despite being the one in charge of the lesson. I wanted to just curl up in my hole and hide forever. I didn’t want those women to know how everything had fallen apart, how desperately lost I felt.

    I went. The only explanation for it was the movement of the Spirit. Those lovely, dear women surrounded me in sweet prayer and didn’t condemn me for a single tear that fell. The tunnel of my life right now is still long and dark, but I can see some light at the end of it.

  34. 484
    carol obenhoff says:

    I had only been a Christian for a short time & was just getting into the comfortableness of a new church. My birthday rolled around & some how a certain friend didn’t get invited to the celebration. The following Sunday at church the friend’s mother cornored me in the Nursery, proceeded to tell me every wrong thing that was wrong with me and what an awful person I was.After that experience I didnt want to return to that church ever again because of being so hurt and mortified.But I gathered my pride & returned to a Women’s conference we were having…the speaker was talking about holding people in bondage because of our unforgiveness…do you know that the woman that got so mad at me apologized to me that day…something that she NEVER did to anyone. God so had my back that day & confirmed in me that my heart was not malicious and that He would make everything ok again. I love Him so much for that!

  35. 485
    Donna Lowe says:

    Over the past few years God has, on an ever increasing measure, requested by submission to my husband. This was hard, at first, because my husband was not following Jesus. I didn’t trust that my husband would make wise decisions, if he wasn’t consulting God first. God has shown me, in miraculous ways, that my disobedience in this area was actually preventing my husband from consulting God. My husband is now frequently hearing from God and we are making much better decisions together!

  36. 486
    Katie says:

    Adult baptism.

    “Why do I need to be baptized again if I was baptized as an infant?”

    It took a month from the time I asked that question to the time I was dunked in the pool by the pastors…a month of questions, doubts, prayers, sermons and books.

    It meant walking away from the tradition I grew up in and “swimming” towards an obedience to Christ.

    And learning to swim with Jesus is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. 487
    Kristy in Okc says:

    I believe I am currently walking in the most trying time of obedience. God is giving me moments of joy to make it bearable. My Husband and myself were called to a church almost four years ago and I can honestly say it has been the most difficult season of ministry in 20 years. Our personal life circumstances combined with the huge need of healing for this body of believers has been almost overwhelming. I cannot express the faithfulness of God enough. My emotions have swung from extreme anger to extreme joy and deep gratitude. My husband who is quite possibly the godliest man I know continues to say, Christ laid his life down and we have been called to do the same. A crucified life is no easy thing my sisters…step by step with His word lighting our way we will walk in obedience until His will is accomplished. So surprisingly as James would say, I’m counting it all joy…..knowing these things will have accomplished a perfect work of a Holy God.

  38. 488
    Kathy says:

    My husband of 20 years had just spent the weekend with the “other” woman. I suspected an affair for quite some time, but this time I was sure. I woke up that Monday morning determined NOT to make him breakfast. God spoke to my heart and told me I needed to. I literally argued out loud with God listing all the reasons why he didn’t deserve my serving him breakfast. Then God quietly said the words, “If you can’t do it for him, do it for Me.” I got up and made breakfast. After the divorce, and even years later, I was able to look in the mirror and know in my heart that I had done everything God asked of me to try and save my marriage. The joy? After 11 years as a single mom, I have now been blessed to be married for 12 years to the dearest man, who loves the Lord, and who loves me more than I ever thought possible. Together we are blessed beyond all our hopes and dreams.

  39. 489
    Katie says:

    About two years ago my husband and I were part of an AG church, had lots of Christian friends, and between the two of us served the body in many ways including leading worship and Beth Moore Bible studies. I had grown up in church, rebelled as a teen, and come back to God before I met my husband. All seemed well. 2 yrs ago I began an affair with a close friend’s husband. My heart went dark. My marriage was dead and my three children suffered from a mother who said she loved them but didn’t act like it. Extremely long story short, God began to speak. Repent. Tell your husband. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to cover you. About four months into the affair, when I literally had no happiness other than the very relationship God was calling me to give up, I confessed. I know this sounds crazy and unbelievable, especially without all the details and even with them, but my husband and I were truly born again that very day. That night we slept in the same bed, our bodies close, the pieces of our broken hearts held tightly together in the healing hand of OUR GOD. He did a MIRACLE in us. Individually, and in our marriage. That was April 23, 2009. 1 1/2 years later we’re closer than ever and part of the leadership team of a church plant off the church we had been attending. And we know that this is only the beginning of what He has in store for our lives. Praise you, Jesus. Thanks you SO MUCH for making me new. And thanks, Beth. You have NO idea. Zechariah 3

  40. 490
    Jen Potter says:

    My husband and I were newly married when we joined staff of a brand new church plant. We were young and everything was new. It was a really rough patch in ministry and we actually ended up having to leave the church. We had no jobs and no where to go but we felt God calling us to move back to my husbands hometown. We did with fear and hope for a new beginning. We started over completly and love our new home. It has been refreshing, healing, healthy and fun. God always knows what is best.

  41. 491
    Martha in Ms says:

    Well.. I know it’s Friday but I have to comment on the first “Talk to me Tuesday”! Actually been struggling with this all week trying to think of a time in my life that was like that. I guess the most difficult thing has been and still is trying to obey Him in regards to letting my grown children go. I was born to be a mother and I miss my girls! I am so very blessed that they are all happily married and serving God in their churches and raising my grandchildren to love Him. And I am SO thankful… but I still don’t like this empty nest!

    • 491.1
      Patti says:

      I hear you, Martha. Our youngest was married on June 5th this year, and though I now have two beautiful daughters-in-love, there are times when I just miss my boys. Your comment resonated, so I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.
      Grace and peace,
      Patti Hayes

  42. 492
    Sharon in Frederick says:

    For a year the Lord was teaching me to pray ‘outloud’ for people. I am not shy but felt inadequate and out of my league. All of this wa for such a time as this, my daughter was in the ER with a headache and I was in the waiting area when a woman was trying to buy a soda and she ask me for money. This kind of bugged me I know that was the enemy, because what happened next was obedience. The young woman was telling me her husband was in the ER, he had brain cancer, and the doctors gave her ‘no hope’. They had a 2 yr. old child. I ask her if I could pray w/ her and for her. We prayed right there in the waiting room w/people all around. This truly the moment God prepared me for.

  43. 493
    Jennie says:

    My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last November (2009). I know God called me to be a caregiver as his wife. As I nurse I thought I could do this with ease but it was not so. Caring for a spouse is so different than caring for a patient. Also, when he was diagnosed I was dealing with the impact of caring for a friend with ovarian cancer the year before. My friend is single, no children, no siblings and no parents and although there were many friends who helped, I was her healthcare advocate. I knew that God had allowed me to be a caregiver for her and I saw her nearly die before my eyes from a GI bleed. He saved her life and she is now a walking miracle. He saved my husband’s life after 10 months of constant treatment and major surgery. God asked me to be obedient even when hard and although I was not perfect and very human, I do think I did my best to obey. Our family is 4 months out of his treatments. We have a 6 year old kindergarten daughter and my husband and I are growing in our faith daily. God is sweet in that after all that I was asked to do over the past several years, He has given me a season of rest! I am and always will be so ever grateful for Him giving me the privilege to care for my husband and close friend. Answering yes to Him is always best…a lesson I’ve learned from experience.

    sorry for the length…I will pray for you as you prepare for the James study!

    Jennie in Johnson City, TN

  44. 494
    Chesney says:

    In early October I went to a church camp in the mountains. My camera broke when I dropped it on a rock. I was so bummed and asked Jesus so many times if He could please fix it. Later that evening at dinner, my brother and I sat with someone who was lonely. It was difficult because all of my other friends were saving a seat for me with them, but I love this sweet girl too, so I ate dinner with her. I told her about my camera and she told me it was probably just a bent lens like she had recently experienced and just to pop it back out. The next day i got my camera out and tried what she suggested and it worked! My camera was fixed! Then just spoke to my heart that He blessed me because I blessed Him by sitting with this lonely girl. When we obey Jesus and make HIS priorities OUR priorities, then He makes OUR priorities HIS priorities. Oh the joy of loving others, even when it is hard, AND fixed cameras ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 495
    Sierra says:

    It is now. I am a new Christian. In the last year my Mother passed away and my family, who was my confort, has pulled away from me. I have also had to leave the few friends I have. So here I am with a family that ostrachizes me and no friends. I have kept walking and trusting that God has been best interest at heart. It does appear that my family is responding to me. In the last month two of my sister and one brother has went to church with me. I will keep praying for friend. I am so shy that this is so hard for me. But I trust my Lord.

  46. 496
    Brooke says:

    Well, Beth, you, through God’s word are all over this one.
    This summer while doing the study Stepping Up you urged us to pray about who God wanted us to pray about, talk to in order that we can bear His fruit. While praying I very unwillingly heard the name of my birth father. He never wanted me or claimed me from day one. I have struggled my whole life with this. What does he look like, where does he live (in my small hometown), does he think of me? Anyway, I knew God was saying to contact him and let him know of Jesus love and forgiveness. Then I put it off, I write and rewrite a letter. i wait and wait and am disobeying I know. At Lexington once again you spoke of bearing that fruit- listening to the LORD, eatin, prayin and lovin those words. Then you even prayed with me that God would help me to do this thing. Well I did, I dropped that letter in a few weeks ago, and have felt extreme joy and relief. Even though I haven’t heard from that father..I heard pleasure from MY FATHER! Thanks!

  47. 497
    Liz Rudolph says:

    God called me to be a pastors wife and lead ladies Bible study. I never wanted to be a pastors wife and most definately didn’t want to lead a Bible study. God has changed my heart and I love our ministry. Don’t get me wrong…I still have my days of crying out to God about my insufficiencies and struggles in the area of church planting. I never feel worthy of the calling. It’s a constant battle to combat the lies that the enemy fires at me. The spiritual warfare is constant but- God is far greater than any of that. I count it all joy!!! Praise God that he can use a sinner such as I! All that to say- yes, it is a act of obedience for me to conform my will to God’s will for my life.

    • 497.1
      Patti says:

      Liz, your comment reminded me of a historical fiction novel that I’ve read more than once, The Measure of A Heart by Jeanette Oak. It is a lovely read with a beautiful message. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
      Patti Hayes

  48. 498
    mj says:

    We decide to foster. With 3 children already we were placed with a sibling set. one having daily rages lasting 3 or more hours, it was scary. We were asked to adopt these 3 and I BEGGED God not to make me, I was barely hanging on until they went home. That God of ours I tell you, He has more faith in me than I in Him thats for sure! So, after about 2 1/2 years of being a mother of 6, I was still telling God I had to have heard Him wrong. I said “God, why does this women (bio mom) get to live a horrible life, making horrible decisions, screwing up her children and now I am the one who has to take the burden for her sinning?” “If it was my sin, yes, I will take the punishment, but carrying the burden for someone else?, that is not fair”. As I cried these words out loud in my van, God said ” isnt that what I did for you?” As I read them, my words are embarrassing, and I cant imagine the pain his bio mom must suffer daily. My son is experiencing Amazing healing. I am experiencing how to fully depend on God. When my son began writing his book, “I used to live in darkness, now I live in safey” I felt joy. When he received Jesus Christ as his savoir, I felt joy, because my child was really safe. I cried also!

  49. 499
    Shannon says:

    Okay, I have to post one more. My original post on the Lord calling me to teach wasn’t the most difficult thing He’s called me to do. Ten years ago my marriage was in shambles. We were weeks away from a finalized divorce. The Lord did a huge work in my life and brought me to a place where I would allow Him to restore my marriage. After years of gut-wrenching situations and sin upon sin (on both of our parts) the Lord broke us. It took YEARS of hard work and sacrifice to build a healthy marriage. I can honestly say that my man brings me much joy and I thank the Lord for restoring us. We stopped the curse of divorce from being passed down for generations.

  50. 500
    Kelly S says:

    God recently called me to go to Haiti on a mission trip. I’ve never ever done anything like that before. I was scared, I had no idea what to expect, and I had a husband and kids to care for, and many details had to be worked out so that I could go for 2 weeks. God worked out EVERY single detail, I went and it was the hardest, but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I learned so much about myself, but even more about God.

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