Talk To Me Tuesday! Topic One

Hey, Siestas! Thank you for such an outpouring of support in my blog break. God has already caused it to bear fruit the way I’d hoped. He’s so faithful. I miss you so much and think of you daily. I hope to see some of you Houston area girls at Bible study tonight. I’m so blessed to serve tonight with my friend, Christy Nockels. OK, here’s today’s TOPIC for Talk To Me Tuesday.

Talk to me about a time in your own life when God called you to an area of obedience that was particularly difficult but ultimately (and surprisingly) led to joy. Limit your story to one meaty paragraph so we can read as many as possible. Let’s hear it! I surely do love you girls.


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    Warm in Alaska says:

    Without going into all the “decidedly more than a paragraph’s worth” of details; the Lord had me respond to Him regarding some extraordinarily hard aspects of my marriage a number of years ago (ie. along the lines of me – with the help of a wise, Godly counselor and very supportive family members and friends – drawing boundaries for what kinds of behavior I wouldn’t accept anymore). It was so hard – because I had no guarantees my marriage would survive. But even in the midst of it (as He had all along) God showed up with amazing kinds of grace and – so weirdly – joy. I walked through that long and very dark valley being more keenly aware of His Presence than at any other time in my life. I will always love Him so much for that. Such a faithful Friend. He healed my marriage. It took time and it was hard. But God has been so real, so kind – and frankly (and I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone) so extremely funny sometimes. I love Him so much. See you next week, Sievtaville!

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      Martha Helen says:

      Just wanted to say I am IN THIS SEASON you are describing right now and it is excruciating. Thank you for sharing the hope at the end. It is so hard to hold on sometimes. And I am already falling head in heels more in love with my God than ever before. Blessings to you, sister.

    • 101.2
      Rose says:

      Did I write this?? It sounds like my story! I would add one more adjective that ‘blew me away’…his tenderness! Staying warm in TN too!

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    Kadine says:

    I am estatic to hear about the wonderful joy god has provided for you, sister! I’m actually just an high school student and I was surfing the internet for a topic for a story for my journalism class and I stumble on your blog!But age aside, I recalled a time when god called me to do his work. I was laying in my living room watching televison alone when a sudden thought told me to call my elder brother and pray over him. Now let me remind you, I’m only 15 and he’s 25 so at first he thought it was a little bizar but he went with the flow.

    After I prayed for him, he responded with a simple giggle then a thank you. Two days later my mother called me from work only to tell me that the same brother I prayed for just came out of the hospital. I forgot what the name of the illness was but the muscle on the left side of his face was numb almost paralized.I was in complete shock! After I got off the phone with my mom a voice came in my head (like the same voice your hearing in your mind right now while reading this) saying that ” Because you were obiediant to my word, I speard your brother’s life”

    The next day I went to my regular church and the pastor called my family up to pray for him, while heading back I felt something pinned me to the wall and I cried, tears soaking my face, snaught running down my nose, desprate cry for jesus. Up to today I am still grateful for his grace and murcry. I still pray that my brother will give his life to the lord and I know it will happen some day.

    God bless, Sister!

  3. 103
    Neé Neé says:

    The biggest area of obedience that I’ve submitted to with God’s strenth and assistance is a life of sexual promiscuity. I had the ‘it’s not a big deal’ mentality for some reason, but it WAS and IS a big deal. I finally had a revelation after the last time that the used/disgusted feeling I had about myself was not how God intended me to feel. And that’s WHY he was keeping it FOR me, not keeping it FROM me. I decided that night to save myself and live within the boundaries that God has set in that area of my life. Now, 5 years later, it is SO FREEING not to go out worrying about what might happen later, because NOTHING will be happening later. I will go home by myself, go to sleep by myself and wake up by myself, happily. So much less stress and so wonderful to feel whole and WORTHY!!

    Now to be obedient in other areas… health/food/fitness and financially – conviction has happened, now I need to act on it!

    • 103.1
      Siesta OC says:

      I hear ya on that conviction/acting part! I love, love, love that you mentioned, ‘nothing will be happening later, I will wake up by myself…happily!’
      I know that feeling of realizing, you are not who you used to be. And that the heart changes and the desires change. HE is so Faithful!!!!

  4. 104
    Becky Bell says:

    This is interesting because the issue of obedience is center stage in my relationship with Christ lately. Our adult son is gifted but also has ADD and recently graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. It’s been 6 months and he’s not yet found a job using his new training. Any time a child has a special need I think it’s a temptation for a mom to be overprotective and in my case I’ve sensed for awhile I might be putting his well being ahead of God’s will. Over the weekend I was reading The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias. He described a particularly coveted sari in India and said it was done by a father and son working together. The father sat up above the loom directing the son who was down below moving the shuttle and threading the colors. The son never saw the results of the design until the sari was completed. The next phrase caught my attention “Submit to the Father’s design for your life and you will be #1 in His eyes”. It was especially appropriate because of the type of work my son wants to do and it has brought me so much peace since I’ve handed the plans for my son’s future back to God.

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    Kristi Walker says:

    Homeschooling!!! The first time that homeschooling crossed my mind, I was pretty certain that God must have sent that message to my neighbor right next door, and it somehow ended up falling on our house. There was NO way that homeschooling was MY ministry! Fast forward almost 10 years later…I’ve been homeschooling my four kids for almost a decade. My eldest is in the National Homeschool Honor Society, on the national debate team and all four test substantially above the standardized testing guidelines. The oldest three all play musical instruments(the baby is only 7) and the youngest three all receive artistic accolades from the Cultural Center that they take art/drama from. BUT, the biggest joy is that they are all well rounded, happy children who love Jesus and talk about Him daily. Every year I still get a little nervous, and every year I get the same answer. Homeschooling my kids is my biggest ministry right now and God has been so faithful in providing us the money to live off of my part-time real estate and my hubby’s full time job. He shows up every day in “class” and we’ve even made it through Chemistry, and Biology, along with their lab work, and Algebra II with successful results and nobody got snatched bald headed! Let me tell you…THAT is a miracle! LOL 😉

    • 105.1
      Denise says:

      I agree with you about the homeschooling. 10 years ago my autistic son was in 1st grade. The school really didn’t know how to place him so they suggested a one on one tutor. Well I looked at them and said” then it is me”. We took him out of school the next day had no idea what we were doing but knew it was right. My son is 16 now and the greatest joy of my life. (our 14 year old daughter as well of course). Homeschooling him that first year was a reconnecting and bonding that I will never forget. He still homeschools but daughter started private Christian school this year. Homeschooling was definitely an obedience thing that brought more joy than I ever anticipated.

    • 105.2
      Patty says:

      Love it!! Absolutely love it! I’ve been thinking of this as of late also thinking that I must be getting a little crazier too. I have a 3 and 4 year old and the idea of all of the wrong values being instilled in them despite my best efforts just makes me so upset. But to be honest it seems daunting, not to mention the very very honest truth that sending them away to school for a few hours a day would be a welcome respite. Sorry other siestas, just keeping it real.


  6. 106
    Akuas Keiki says:


    First I must say that I am so glad your break from the blog is bearing fruit that is pleasing to our Father.

    The question you are asking is rather simple for me really as it is something that I just recently started in my life. God had been pressing in on me all summer to start a blog titled The Spiritual Widow. The reason he wanted me to write it is because of the fact that in my home church congregation alone, there are at least 5 Spiritual Widows. I did not listen to God all summer and kept ignoring his promptings because I didn’t want to truly acknowledge the truth of it in my own situation. You see, I am on my second marriage and I thought I was marrying a Godly man. It has not turned out that way and I have come to realize that God brought me into this marriage to protect the children that are here. My “girls” have been physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and Spiritually abandoned by their earthly mother (this happened to them 6 years ago), and although their earthly father is physically in the home, he has pretty much abandoned them as well. He does not participate in their lives and is no longer being the Spiritual Leader in our home as he is too focused on his gaming world and his sex/porn addiction. I did not want to listen to GOD because although I knew other women in my church congregation were Spiritual Widows (women who are married to men who have abandoned them and their children either by physically removing themselves from the home, or just by “checking out” mentally, emotionally and most importantly Spiritually by no longer being the Spiritual Leader in the home) I had also come to realize that all the things I was led to believe were lies put forth by my husband’s ex wife regarding verbal, mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual Abuse were actually spot on.Please see note below my “meaty paragraph” so you do not worry. Back to my meaty paragraph. I was like Jonah and did not want to go down that path. I did not want to acknowledge the truth of how my life really was and that I was being put in a position where I had to choose to protect “someone else’s” children over my own. (I have 2 from my previous marriage that are in a bad situation Spiritually- all other needs are being met) due to my biological mother and her schemes- another story for another time). I kept ignoring God’s promptings all summer. At the end of our bible study this spring, before taking a break, our women’s ministry leaders informed us we were going to be a host site for the Living Proof Live Simulcast on Sept 18th. I was sooo excited. You have always been one of my most favorite Bible study teachers and I was just tickled pink to be a part of this, not only for myself but for the ladies in my congregation and my community. What spoke to me that day has given fruit and The Spiritual Widow literally started that night. Although I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from the prep week we had from the event, I was soooo not prepared for how God would use your words for me in a mighty way that day. My obedience sprung forth from the 4th taste of Biblical Kindness. “KINDNESS LOOKS PAIN IN THE FACE”. By my being obedient to GOD, I have shared my own pain regarding being a Spiritual Widow, and how it has affected my girls in being Spiritual Orphans. I have looked my pain in the face and shared the truth of it on the blog. I have received emails from women who have been touched and greatly moved. I have gotten emails from women who have acknowledged that they are not alone and they can reach out to other women and be honest about what is going on in their own homes. I have been approached by women in my church that I did not know who were dealing with situations similar to mine, that thanked me for so openly bearing my soul in The Spiritual Widow. I have found additional support and strength for myself and others in my home church and it has been truly a blessing. THANK YOU from the core of my being, the heart of my spirit and the inner depths of my heart for YOUR obedience and doing what GOD has called you to do, as I have an amazing example and mentor to look to. Because you are so loving and gentle, and cautious but real with each of us in each event, bible study and post- I approach The Spiritual Widow in the same way. I would love your feedback on it. Blessings to you and your entire family Beth. God helping you to be the woman he wants you to be has helped me in becoming the woman he wants me to be. I love you for this my friend and sister in Christ.

    Now as to the explanation I promised you before, I must emphasize, we are NOT experiencing physical abuse. I must stay here as he has sole physical and legal custody of “my girls” and I won’t leave to protect myself as I am fearful of leaving them with a man who is addicted to sex who happens to have a porn addiction that he has had for 20+ years and refuses to get help for it.He has a history of having multiple affairs on his ex wife and has also molested his younger brother when they were children when he was acting out what was done to him. I cannot and will not leave until GOD removes me from this situation. I could not ever live with myself if anything happened to them and God has given me peace knowing that he brought me into this relationship, to be an “Esther” for “my girls”. I am here “for such a time as this”- to protect them. If I leave, there is a good risk they could end up in Foster Care should anything happen at his hands, and I know that system all too well as I work with families through my non-profit but that is for another time. This also makes it problematic for me as I cannot fight to get my children out of the current custody situation they are in and were put in by my biological mother due to the situation in my home. I can email you directly if you would like more info but I am trying to keep to your request of one paragraph. I just felt I needed to clarify why I am not leaving and why I can’t leave.

    Please just pray for God to bind my tongue when I am about to say anything that does not Glorify or Edify God, and for my patience to endure this part of my journey.

    God bless you all who read this and know that GOD can bring you through any storm he places in your path, you just have to TRUST GOD.

    Love in Christ always,
    Akuas Keiki

    P.S. I sign my posts this way as protect myself and my girls as well as those who know me personally locally so they may not receive backlash for my speaking things of truth on The Spiritual Widow.

    • 106.1
      Patty says:

      May our God continue to keep and bless along with your children and may He who is able also deliver your husband!

  7. 107
    Sarah Eccles says:

    God called my husband and I to move from our country Canada to go to the USA far away from all familiar to me friends and family. We went to NC, it was like starting life all over again. It was the best thing we ever could have done we fell in love with the American people and now God wants us to help out and minister to others who run horse youth ranches. We have started a prayer ministry to encourage others out their in their ranches. God has opened so many doors it would blow your mind away. God is preparing my husband and i to full time ministry going to different ranches and training up teams of people to go out and do barn risings, building fences or whatever these non-profit ranches need. God is using us because I opened my heart to the Lord and wow! it’s more then I ever could imagine.
    Praying for you on this journey God is taking you and Melissa on in writing James. Thank you so much for following what God wants you to do, you bless so many people.
    Blessings Sarah

  8. 108
    Deborah Menning says:

    Last Easter week, I felt the Lord prompting me to do something different in my classroom on Good Friday. I couldn’t sleep for three nights running, so I lay awake praying. Each night, He asked more and more of me. I told Him I would die that very week if it meant even one of my students turning to Him. But then . . . He asked for more: Would I give him my family . . . my sons? With many tears, I told Him yes, He could take one or both of my precious boys if it meant a student would come to Him. On Good Friday, I showed a clip of Beth speaking from the Revelation series; then, I gave each student a nail wrapped with purple ribbon, saying that Christ nailed Himself to the cross for him/her, and asking, “What will you nail to the cross for Him this Easter?” It was completely, tortuously humbling to move from student to student, asking the same question, but I did it . . . with tears and snot running down my face so that I had to keep wiping them on the scarf I wore that day 😉 At the end of class, the students surrounded me, laid their hands on me, and prayed for me. I can’t tell you how much we all felt the Wind of the Spirit blow through that room, our campus, and our lives the next few days. I now have an email file of letters from those students about what the Lord chose to do in their lives during Holy Week; it was incredible. And I still have my sons and am here to write about it! The Lord is GOOD!!!

  9. 109
    Rachel says:

    For the past year or so I have been feeling led to start a bible study for the young married couples in our small church. My husband and I are both introverts so this was a very daunting task. We talked and talked about it but nothing ever happened. Finally we decided to just go for it. We just started in September and it is going better than I ever could have imagined! We didn’t even know two of the couples but the openness and level of sharing has been blowing me away. Our Pastor is thrilled that we are helping these young families connect and we are forming life-long relationships with five amazing couples. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we walk this road together!

  10. 110
    Lindsay Winton says:

    A good friend of mine is working on writing a book. After watching your video last week, she felt called to put other areas of her life on hold for a bit to focus more extensively on what the Lord’s called her to do. She asked me if I would write on her blog once a week so that her reader’s wouldn’t feel abandoned. It’s very scary and uncomfortable for me, as I, personally, feel ill-equipped, but I’m so excited to be a vessel for the Lord to use and pray that I glorify Him through whatever I’m led to write.

  11. 111
    Alisha says:

    7 years ago I felt God calling me to spend more time home with my two boys. I mentioned this to my husband who for a month or so wasnt hearing the same thing until we were on vacation and he was reading Dr. Dobson’s book on bringing up boys (cant remember the title) and as we were sitting on the beach Jack looked at me and said you need to stay home more with the boys. Well I knew that. My husband was now on board but what about the MONEY. Could we make it on a reduced income? I like to call my husband the “Budget Man”. He asked me to prove to him that I could live on a budget. Whoo! That was going to take some adjusting. More than that God was asking Jack and I to tithe. Like, really tithe. So I was to work less and give more. What? We started tithing and budgeting first for a few months. Yes, we could do this but now I needed to find a part time job and tell my long time boss that I was leaving. Where would a get a part time job? I was so worried about what my boss was going to say. She wasn’t exactly a pro-stay-at-home-mom kinda women. God made it crystal clear I needed to do this. So I very reluctantly went to my boss and explained my desire. She never said a negative word to me. In fact a few days later she came back to me and asked if I would stay on with the agency and work part time. YES IN DEEDY! That was 7 years ago. AND I HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY THE TIME OF HAVE HAD WITH MY FAMILY!!!!! And I must say, we still live on a budget that I have actually found very liberating and we still tithe. Not all discipline or sacrifice is bad. I do sometimes struggle with thoughts of wanting more and knowing I actually could have more material things but I know deep down I would never have the peace I have come to know and money can’t buy that.


  12. 112
    Diana A says:

    Morning to Ms Beth! and maybe Melissa too? (If she is reading the responses over mom’s shoulder).

    My moment that is coming to mind is I had asked God how to draw closer, get more from our time. So He brought me to a book and out of that He prompted me to journal my devotions. It was most difficult for me, I am not a writting type. I barely do letters, and never did a diary. To say it was bringing me to a tough place – I had heard others suggest it, I had tried and just never got into it. But when God calls you to it – He walks you through it. It has been a wonderful experience, He has opened my heart/mind/eyes and our relationship is sweeter, deeper and I got a miracle from it too. It can be struggle still, but that’s when I know I am trying to do it in my strength and for self purpose. I see flesh getting in the way and with prayer He puts things back into perspective and I bow before His calling again.

    I am so glad that this break is refreshing your spirit and providing God His due time. Have a blessed week Beth!

  13. 113
    Gina says:

    Ladies! Such incredible stories! I wish there was time to write a novel about each one. Those of you in ministry…my heart bleeds for you. Many challenges but…they wil make you strong in Him.

    One year ago, I had to end a relationship after 24 years for intense moral issues. It was and always will be the hardest obedient/decision of my life. Everything changed! Today…I’m daily watching the Lord God restore many joys in my life. Friends…solitude with Him…being apart of a group… The Lord God is faithful!

    Honestly…how do people survive this life without Him?

  14. 114
    Colorado GIrl says:

    Several years ago, God required my obedience in following a call my husband received to help start a church. It was a very difficult thing to do…leave our “home” and friends of 13 years. But God has been faithful. We left, we did, we returned, and God is still teaching us many things from the experience. The one thing I will never forget is that HE IS FAITHFUL!

  15. 115

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here <3

    Earlier this summer God called me to get a group of women together in our church to do the Kelly Minter Ruth study. Since then we've experienced a lot of heartache and pain (one dissolution of a marriage, one finally escaping an abusive relationship, one moving to another city, etc), but as we've pressed on, God has faithfully revealed how each one of us has been so important to the mix. Basically answering each other's prayers before they were even known to be needs. We had one precious girl experience a panic attack at a meeting a few weeks ago, and God made sure that the two other gals who showed up that night were both experienced in how to handle panic attacks or knew the right people to call. It was pretty incredible.

    We are still going through fire, but loving Him more every day.

  16. 116
    J says:

    For me the scariest thing on earth is to talk about the Bible in front of people. I don’t mind public speaking in a general sense, but ask me to talk about my faith, No, thank you. Ask me to speak 20-30 minutes on end about the Lord, heck no. But, there are two instances where I had the courage to say yes. Both times the Lord was incredibly faithful to speak through me in spite of my weakness – and I do mean weakness. It certainly wasn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination, Lord help me, but I had a strong sense of his presence and surprisingly, a peace and joy filled me like I’d never experienced before. And somehow people were impacted by the message which was the most holy and humbling and puzzling thing.

  17. 117
    Tiffany Morse says:

    Over the course of the past 6 years we have lived in Texas, there was a period of 4 years where we opened our home to a discipleship ministry where we had 6 different college students live in our home at different times..(some two at a time)there are multiple disasterous and difficult situations that arrose during this time, lets just say I was repeatedly humbled intentionally by each of the “rebellious” younguns…it was less than delightful! Through this time though the Lord strengthened my walk with Him, and lessened my desire to “please man”…great fruit of character came in my life through this otherwise destructive time…But the greatest joy is from one of the students was a true orphan, and through this ministry we came to “adopt” her into our life as a “forever” family member…she has been a delight and a joy to us!

    Love you Siesta’s
    Special love and greeting to the Moore girls…Beth, Amanda, and Melissa…you are greatly treasured and loved!

  18. 118
    Zenobia Wise says:

    I am in the center of that act of obedience now. I am a single-mom of three and God instructed me to walk away from my job three years ago last week. It has been challenging being unemployed but also a joy. I have had an opportunity to work with other single-moms (providing encouragement to them), I’ve written the book He told me to, blessed people with my blogs and just finished your study on Esther. Love the part on chiastic structure, I know this is an appointed time of destiny and I am looking forward to a peripeteia – or sudden change. Until then, I am learning lots and enjoying Jesus every step of the way!!!

  19. 119
    eva says:

    Most recent time just happens to be a blog I started the end of August. I have felt God nudging me to do this for a while and share poems I have penned in past years. Don’t get many comments, but in my heart I heard Him say to me, “If you write it they will read!” (as in Field of Dreams:) Have written a post a week and just finished one this morning. Don’t know about any or many readers, but, I(ME) have SO much joy with it just sharing my gift with whomever happens to visit! btw- it is All are welcome!

  20. 120
    Kelly S. says:

    Hello sweet Siesta Mama. I’ll give this example because its recent, and I need the reminder myself to press on in it. This school year was different for me because my youngest, a son with Down’s, was starting a preschool from 8-1 everyday (I also have 2 girls). I had prayed for a year over what God would have me do with my “extra” time. When the school year started, I felt overwhelmed with what I needed to do at home, and what I had left undone since his birth. However, God made it clear that I was to volunteer at a center for adults with disabilities. So I did. And, it was boring. There are all these regulations I have to jump through before I can actually voluteer with the adults. So, the whole time I am there (answering the phone) I was thinking of all the stuff left undone at home. I began to ask God if I just totally missed what He was saying. Then, He confirmed it again in a HUGE way through one of my Siestas (thank you, Nesha). Its not a huge time commitment, but every week it seems (to me) that time could be better spent another way. I have need of endurance, and Im just going to show-up again this week and see what the Lord would have me do.

  21. 121
    Trish says:

    Just happened! How timely! Had a side job to help make ends meet. Long story short~my presence was unwelcome as I brought to a toxic environment the joy of Christ. Although I sensed the need to remove myself weeks ago, I convinced myself, based on MY emotions, to stay. Boy, it was difficult to walk away. But after finally relenting (you can sense my attitude then) to the move of the Lord, I was flooded with a peace “beyond understanding”. Yay! He made it clear to “shake the dust from my feet” and move on to what He has in store. He is just so so good.

  22. 122
    Donna says:

    This is difficult to share but I feel safe saying it here. For a long time the Lord has prompted me to pray on my knees. It’s hard with my back and neck problems. I didn’t obey for a long time. my life turned upside down… so I finely did as He requested. Not all problems are solved but I have a wonderful peace and I have a relationship with Him like I did when I was first saved at nine years old.

  23. 123

    I knew God was calling me to move to Michigan to pursue a Ph.D. in literature as a young woman. I also knew I’d never meet my “Southern Gentlemen” if I obeyed God and left the South. Guess what? My Southern Gentlemen also obeyed God and went to Michigan for grad school :). We met, married, and now have 2 kids, 3 cats, and serve with Campus Crusade in PA. We know that God searches out the EXACT places where you live… for His glory and our good.

  24. 124

    For the last eight months, I’ve been regularly caring for a combination of five little girls (ages 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9). Only one of the five sees her mother; the other four girls do not get to see their mothers due to choices their mothers have made. The fathers are janitors and waiters, so I often keep the girls from the time I get off work until the time I take them to school or daycare the next morning; I have different combinations of the five girls six or seven days a week. I don’t know how to put into words how grateful I am that God would let me be the female in their lives right now; it’s truly unexplainable. At the same time, it is hard. Like any “real” mother, I’ve had to rearrange my life, my time, my job, my finances, etc. to be able to be there for these girls in the way they need me. I’m 26 and single, but I use coupons each week to buy diapers, apple juice and pajamas. I use my vacation days to go on their field trips and I stay up past midnight to do their laundry. Some nights, when I’m really tired, I will tell God that this is too hard to do alone; I really, really wish I had a male in my life to help me with the girls (and with their fathers, but that’s another story). Sometimes I entertain the very plausible fear that the girls will not stay in my life forever and it makes me want to draw away from them as quickly as I can to help protect myself from being hurt somewhere down the road. But when I act in obedience to God, when I am obedient to Him in this very season of loving little girls who do not belong to me, He acts as my help with them. There is no plausible way for this to work without Him in the equation. And I’m awfully glad, because I don’t want to do it without Him.

    By the way, I miss you Miss Bethie. A lot.

    • 124.1
      karen lipford says:

      wow! what an opportunity you have to help shape these young ladies into Godly women. i am praying for God to give you His strength and also His peace. I am blown away by your compassion!

    • 124.2
      WendyB says:

      You. are. amazing. And you are surely the queen of these little girls’ lives. Bless your heart and your obedience at your tender age.

  25. 125
    Rebecca says:

    I led a tortured life in jr high, and it affected me significantly in the years to come through depression, social anxiety, etc. that robbed me of years of my life. But I finally overcame. A couple years ago, one of the ringleaders of “torturers” requested me as a friend on Facebook. I had forgiven each of those kids years earlier as part of Freedom in Christ’s steps but to actually be in touch with one of them? I didn’t want to know but felt God telling me if I really forgave her, this shouldn’t be a problem. Miraculously this turned into a very good friendship and I gained much insight into what was going on in her life at that time that caused her to treat me as she did. This helped me reframe that entire situation and I gained even more freedom from its effects, and a new friend, as well.

  26. 126
    Kathy S. says:

    It was the week before Easter, 5 years ago…I was sitting in the choir and our pastor invited us to invite someone who wasn’t in church to come to worship on Easter morning the next week…immediately God began speaking to me about my Dad…a man who was 76, unsaved, and rarely, if ever, came to church. We just couldn’t talk about church or a relationship with Christ because it always ended up in a major argument….and all week, I argued with God that “I WAS NOT GOING TO ASK MY DAD TO CHURCH…AND THAT WAS THAT.” But, on Saturday, I couldn’t stand it…I think I called my Mother & Dad’s house at least 6 times…and the last time I called, my sweet Mother said “Kathy, what do you want?” To which I replied….our ensemble is singing in the morning to open worship, and I thought you might ask Dad if he would like to come and hear us…he has never heard us sing…and my swee Mother, who didn’t want to ask him either, said..well, I reckon I can…When I hung up the phone, it was God’s audible voice I heard when He said, “Is that what I asked you to do?” I picked the phone up and called my Mother right back, and said….I’ll ask him myself! And he came to the phone, I ask him, and he said “I’ll think about it”…The next morning, we got up to sing, I looked for my Dad where my family was seated, and yes, we are Baptist, and always sit in the same place! But he wasn’t there. I had a deep peace knowing, that I had been obedient with God’s request…In the middle of the song, I spotted my Dad sitting on the very back row with someone he didn’t even know…that night, he came back to church…he came the next Sunday…and the Sunday after that…and in January of the next year, he would give his heart to Christ on a cold Monday night when a couple would visit him…my heart was filled-up, spilled out…when I called my Dad, I said “Dad, I heard that you gave your heart to Christ tonight.” He said, well, I reckon I did, but I don’t feel any different…through tears of joy, I said…well, you may not feel any different, but you are different…your choices are different…your responses are different…and tonight when you lay your head down, you can rest good knowing that your home is now in Heaven with your Savior….He would be baptized a few weeks after that…Yes, Beth, God is surely in the business of knowing the good work….He just waits on us to hear Him, and join Him in that good work! Praise His name!!! and thank you for answering the call!!! I love you!

    • 126.1
      Liz says:

      TOTAL GOOSEBUMPS!! God is so good.

    • 126.2
      Pat W says:

      thank you so much kathy for sharing of this on here. i too hear promptings of things i’m to ask and say and maybe do that i hesistate and wrestle with god over, i dont know why i wrestle -maybe its because it may not go so well, there may be laughter or rejection involved, potentially. why is it that i hesitate when god puts something to me. much crying and anquish later, i give in and just do it, and then feel so much free-er,…ever feel this way too? one reason i hesitate I think Is that whole comfort zone thing, its nearly always a challenge to something i dont think i could ever do- and then that’s the very thing i’m told to do, and i say told instead of asked, cause lately, i’ve been seeing that god just as stubborn as i am and more… i can cry about it and cry about it and fuss about it, and somehow someway god still gets his way, and that’s okay I’m not finished and god’s still working on me.

    • 126.3
      Patti says:

      Kathy, your testimony brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your day is blessed.
      Patti Hayes

  27. 127
    Kelly says:

    We loved our home, our friends, our church and just about everything else in Fort Collins, Colorado. Then God called us to move somewhere just radically different — Houston, Texas. We prayed and prayed hoping it wasn’t really what He wanted. But sure enough God was in fact calling us to move. It was so painful and we have grieved greatly. BUT – we (My hubby and I) learned some amazing things! We learned that God is with us wherever we go! We learned to stop leaning on our friends and pastors too much during tough times… and instead to lean on God. And know what? He is truly enough! Wow. I mean – I was on my own and He was with me. Confidence in our Lord is an amazing thing! And this is kind of cool…. I was facilitating the Esther study back in Colorado and timed my move date from when that ended so we could finish as a group. Then when I got to Houston – I found out I could join the bible studies LIVE at Houston’s First! That was an amazing gift! I got to attend the Revelation study in person! It helped my transition lots!


  28. 128
    Yanna says:

    I will be Falling Forward tonight and can hardly wait to worship with you, Christy, and my Siesta’s. Glory! Obedience to God with my marriage. After a very rocky 25 years I asked God to make me who He wanted me to be, and laid it all before Him. He has been so good. Focusing on “our” relationship and who I am took the focus off of the marriage “trouble” and love has doubled! I love my ?God and my man. See you tonight!

    • 128.1
      Yanna says:

      have no idea how the ? got in there before God…I have no doubts! Is there whiteout for typos? grin

    • 128.2
      annette says:

      Yanna, it was so sweet to sit next to you this evening. I’ll be looking up more Scriptures about the Holy Spirit and testing what you told me. And we’ll have to go to dinner when I’m in College Station. Love in Christ, Annette

      • Yanna says:

        annette Oh I love my new face to face sister! Yes, call me when you are in College Station anytime! I feel a sweet sweet Spirit of peace and contentment with all you shared with me. Whenever I am being still and knowing God I will think of you and the peaceful contentment God’s love brings. Love in Christ to you too, Yanna

  29. 129

    I’m square in the middle of this situation of obedience=joy right this very minute! My man and I feel that God is calling us to live our life differently, spend less, give more of our finances to God, perhaps even to the point of selling our current home and downsizing to a much smaller and less expensive one, so that we can eventually accept a different job in the service of the Lord. We’re putting it all on the line, since we felt God was asking us to do it differently. We are giving our best shot at being obedient, and though we are sort of in no-man’s land with the eventual outcome, we are joyfully expectant that being obedient can’t lead us wrong! I’ve had a lot of moments during this process where my focus was more on our “house selling/buying situation” and less on what God is really calling us to with our LIFE. But just as soon as I jerk my focus back on being obedient, I am filled with His Joy. It’s a beautiful thing! And so encouraging.

  30. 130
    lisa says:

    My husband was called into pastoral ministry as I was graduating from grad school. I literally thought, “ok you can have your career and I will have mine. We can meet somewhere in the middle!” I was excited for him but I knew I wasn’t cut out to be a pastor’s wife! Shortly after he took over the church, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that left me unable to work. All of a sudden, my whole sense of identity was striped away. No longer was I, Lisa the “Therapist”…I was just Lisa. This desert experience led to a time of falling in love with the Lord! I was at a place where I couldn’t do this life anymore on my own. He graciously took my hand has led me ever since. I was just obedient and followed! I now love that I am a Pastor’s wife and can minister to other precious women! God had me take a good hard look at my life and the things that really matter have become my main focus. At 30 years old, I had every reason to check out and become bitter. Six years later, I can look back and appreciate that I hung in there and wrestled my way to the blessing!

  31. 131
    Pam says:

    God has led me to stand for my marriage for 12 years after my husband of over 25 years left. My heart wanted to “get on with my life” and my family and friends wanted me to as well, but God’s Word stood firm for me and could not have been more clear about what He wanted me to do. I will continue to pray for my husband’s salvation and return to our family. God has used this time to grow me closer to Him and to also give me opportunity to share His truth about marriage and covenant. My heart’s desire is a restored marriage and family, and I firmly believe that is God’s will for me as well. It’s hard, but He empowers!

    • 131.1
      Anonymous says:

      You Stay Girl! 🙂 God has prospered us, blessed me and kept the children ‘holy’ as we stand in obedience waiting for the LORD (not me acting as the Holy Spirit) to save my DH as well. HE alone is faithful. Sometimes I can SEE that day, feel it and everything. Other days I know it will require a literal miracle 🙂 I will pray for you. Please KNOW that you are a blessing to the Father, He longs to reward obedience with HIS faithfulness.

    • 131.2
      Melanie L. says:

      Pam – standing with you as well!!

  32. 132

    Fall 2002. I’m the oldest of 12. Christmas in my house growing up – not a big deal. Thanksgiving – HUGE!!!! I’m living in MN with hubby and 3 princesses (4, 3, and 1). I want to go home to Virginia to be with my family for the holiday. Hubby doesn’t want to because of the cost, doesn’t think we can afford it. I’m being stubborn and non-submissive and controlling and pretty much demanding my own way. The Bible study I was doing at the time was MotherWise. I heard biblical submission explained in a way I never had before (and I grew up in church). God was hitting me on the forehead with the proverbial 2×4. One night I was doing the dishes, crying into the dishpan because I didn’t want to submit and let hubby be in charge and make the decision. I told the Lord, “OK. I’ll let Vic make the decision and if we don’t go to VA, we don’t go. I’ll be OK!” The peace I felt at that moment was indescribable. I went to hubby and told him it was alright if we didn’t go. From that moment on, being a submitted wife and letting my hubby do the job that he was given by God has gotten easier and easier. Not that it happened overnight, but that was the beginning. I like not having to be in control, not having to make all the decisions, not being the one responsible for everything. And for me, a first born, that is NOT natural. I wasn’t in charge of everything before that dishpan episode, but I sure bucked a lot. So thankful for the blessing of a husband who is gentle, kind and wants to hear my opinion and include me in all the decisions involved in being married and raising a family. I praise God for the lesson learned and the peace, joy and fulfillment it has brought me.

    • 132.1
      Pam says:

      The MotherWise Bible studies completely changed the way I viewed submission and being a godly wife! Denise became and still is, an amazing mentor to me!

  33. 133
    TheKing'sLittleGirl says:

    After learning that my husband had been living a duplicitous life and had multiple affairs spanning the majority of our 16 years of marriage. I so wanted to RUN!! But I slowed down amidst the pain and listened. It was a long, slow, and painful process but I KNOW I heard the LORD say to stay and He’d make me glad I did. It’s been 4 years and I am able to say that He is indeed true to His word. The things I and my family have gained as a result of this refinement have given us a closer version of what we wanted out of a marriage/family-life all along! Obedience to stay was NOT what I initially wanted to do, but the faithfulness of God has led to much joy!!

    • 133.1
      WorthyofLove says:

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I am encouraged so very much. God is faithful.

      • WorthyofLove says:

        I felt like I should tell you why I’m encouraged. My mom didn’t stay. They were married for 15 years. And although she had every right to leave…oh, how my sister and I wish she would have stayed.

        It may sound crazy, because I don’t even know you, but the fact that you did stay has somehow added to my life…hope.

        • TheKing'sLittleGirl says:

          This may sound like the mutual admiration society (lol!), but you have NO idea how that strengthens my heart to hear. I have 5 sons and it is my heartfelt prayer that they too will be grateful. That the whole thing will leave not a nasty scar, but a mark that will help them somehow have a “better” marriage and the determination to be faithful, even when it’s hard. Thank-you! God Bless.

  34. 134
    Cynthia says:

    I was called to start a women’s Bible study group. The starting was easy, if I could only find a leader! You guessed it, the worker bee, behind the scenes person I am was called way out of her comfort zone to lead the group. In a series of events that could only be orchestrated by the Holy Spirit I took the plunge and started and led the group through Beth’s Fruits of the Spirit study. Our group of 7 has now grown to 13 and we are on our third study! I treasure this group and have grown so much through our friendships as well as through the studies. I am so thankful that I chose to obey!

    • 134.1
      Darlene says:

      Cynthia, I can so relate as my story is much like your’s. I merged in from Youth Ministry to Women’s and like you way outside my comfort zone. When we first began 3 years ago, I had the priviledge of serving 5 ladies in Bible Study. We began with Breaking Free….as God was in the midst of “Freeing Me”. To His Glory we began Esther in Sept. with a consistant group of 40 coming from all corners of our very small community! Forty women committed to God’s Word. I’m overwhelmed with what He will do when we obey. Remain faithful. You are serving the Most Faithful of all. Dar

  35. 135
    Kari says:

    Right before I started college, I met a Godly guy. We became good friends. Going into my sophomore year, he asked if I would date him. I really wanted to, but I felt God telling me to wait. Being just friends was difficult because we both had strong feelings toward each other, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Going into my junior year, he went to my dad to ask if he could date me, and my dad said he wanted us to wait. By this time I felt ready, so it was very frustrating to both of us. I struggled and prayed about what to do, and at one point was on the verge of going ahead with the relationship anyway, but in the end I just couldn’t go against my parents’ wishes and I knew it would be disobeying God as well. The next year was even harder. Finally, the summer before my senior year, my parents said that it would be ok with them if we started dating. We have now been very happily married for a year and a half, and although it was a very difficult lesson to learn, waiting on God’s timing and honoring my parents was the best thing we could have done!

  36. 136
    Tammy says:

    For me that moment is season is right now. I have a tendenancy to stretch myself thin and so He is asking me to say no to some things and not feel “guilty” about it. This is so hard for me as I hate to let people down. So I have been going back and forth on it and God has not changed His mind. I believe he wants me to have peace but until I allow Him to dwell in my heart fully and I do as He asks, that peace will be lacking. So I am trying to do as He asks.

  37. 137
    Pat W says:

    a time in your own life when God called you to an area of obedience that was particularly difficult but ultimately (and surprisingly) led to joy: It challenged me to just step up and show up for a friend whom had been a friend to me, it was then my turn to be a friend to her, and step up and show up, and it has Changed me from the one i was to the one i am, the last 6 months. has challenged me to keep my mouth shut and my heart open- and those two together- to just Know that god held them and god held me too. and that i could not see it all that i could not see the outcome because i did not know what the outcome was nor is -that’s for god to know, i can pray but its not up to me how god answers my prayers because i can Only really pray for god to hold me and love me and for god to hold my friends and love them and for god to draw them closer to him and for god to draw Me closer to him, and the outcomes are in god’s way of working not mine because i do not know what is best for another, because the very thing that has Broken Me! has made Me reach all the More to Him, to hold me and love me and protect me in the palms of his cupped hands, and this the prayer now i pray for my friends, hold them, love them, protect them, because i cannot always keep them with me but god has them with Him just as he has me, too.

  38. 138
    Kristy says:

    Wow!! I have never had the nerve to comment on this blog. I love the blog but have always found myself to be a little chicken when it comes to putting it out there. But I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to comment on this one so bare with me.
    I am learning to walk in obedience right now in a place I don’t really want to be. God is calling me to walk in obedience in that me and my three children are going to church alone at this point and time. My husband of almost 13 years has decided that church isn’t for him, so instead of nagging him to go and trying to be his Holy Spirit, God has called me to let him go and give my husband and his salvation over to God and for right now, that means I am to walk this road without my hubby. I have to admit that it hasn’t been easy and I keep telling God that I didn’t sign up for this but He keeps telling me that He signed me up for this, lol!! It has been a lonely journey so far but God is faithful and has given me stepping stones at just the right time. It is a battle everyday but one I know will bring God the glory He deserves. I will end with a song that God keeps bringing to the forefront of my mind….
    Though none go with me, I still will follow!!!!

    Keeping it real,

    • 138.1
      Beth says:

      So glad to hear from you, Kristy!

    • 138.2
      Akuas Keiki says:


      I am so glad you posted. You may find the blog attached to my signature helpful. You are not the only woman out there who is walking in faith when they do not have a man leading the family as they should. I am trying to create a support structure for women of faith who do not have spiritual leaders in the home. If you would like to email me, please do so via the link on my blog so I can pray specifically for you and your children. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Love in Christ Always,
      Akuas Keiki

    • 138.3
      Anonymous says:

      Oh Kristy! “He signed me up for this” what a LOL moment, literally. I’m on that class list as well. Please know that you are not alone. Be strong & of good courage HE is Faithful.

    • 138.4
      Kristy says:

      You know, I talked about how God called me to this walk of obedience but I don’t think I went any further. Right now, at this point, I can’t say that I have found joy in walking this road. But I have found peace and I have found God to be faithful and trustworthy and I know joy will come.

  39. 139

    I had only been a bekiever for about 3 months and God called me to be about of our preschool minisrty called KIDS ARE SPECIAL (KAS). I tried everything I could think of to ignore it but the doors were soo wide open that I finally fell in! I have been in the minisrty for almost 10 years and I have been the Director for 7 years. GOD IS GOOD!

  40. 140
    Kathy Gerlach says:

    I have a grandbaby due within the next few weeks. I have prayed alot for this baby and my daughter. She has had alot of problems. But I remember her birth! When her daddy came home from Viet Nam I was pregnant within a month and lost that baby. Then for nearly four years I did not get pregnant. At the early age of 27 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy. That was in February; and I was pregnant in August. I have always believed God would not allow me to get pregnant again until I was rid of the cancer. She was the easiest pregnancy and delivery, and now I am going to be a grandma for the 10th time (her 3rd). God does so many wonderful things in our lives!

  41. 141
    Lori P. says:

    I wrote my first Christian song in 1998 and I had no idea what to do with it. God placed the burden on my heart that I had to do something, but I simply did what came naturally – I made up a list of excuses that I was sure God would understand. He would have none of it. My sin of disobedience became so overwhelming that I couldn’t put it off any longer. After I begin to be obedient, another song, then another song. As I planned my first concert to share these songs, I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I have never been so calm. Through my excuses and fears, God showed me He is in control. Now I hear from strangers who these songs have touched – people I would have never shared my faith with in normal circumstances.

  42. 142
    Darlene says:

    God’s call of obedience for me is to wait. He has made it abundantly clear that is what I am to do. For 4 years I have been in this season of wait. Difficult, YES! But the joy that has come from learning to TRUST GOD, HEAR HIS VOICE….I have always loved the WORD, and knew that He spoke through it…. but through this season I have learned that He speaks to me! I’ve SEEN HIM so obviously at work in my life and intervening directly into my circumstances and answering prayers. This is a priceless gift that I wouldn’t trade one step of this very long journey for. Waiting is hard… and after 4 years, even with all the confirmation God has sent, I still wondered, “did I hear You? Was it even You that I heard?” As you said, Beth in session 5 of Eshter…. don’t wait on the event…. Wait on the Lord. God truly had me and the time of my life in His mind when he directed your heart and mouth as you spoke the words of Hab. 2:3 The very Scripture God gave me that revealed His will for me four years ago. I can’t wait to see what He does next. Love you and lifting you up in prayer. I have to thank you for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit…. He spoke directly to me through you. Love you in Jesus. Dar

    • 142.1
      Patti says:

      Hi Darlene,
      I too have been in a very difficult season for some time now. This has been a season of tremendous emotional healing that is at times beyond painful, but at the same time I’ve had the unparalleled joy of hearing God speak directly to me through His Word. I wouldn’t have it any other way, nor would I want to go back to the old way of life.
      Praying for you,
      Patti Hayes

      • Darlene says:

        Hi Patty, Our God is so loving that He can take us through such a season as this and we experience a joy that is indescribable. Isn’t it great to know that our God will walk us through. Praise Him for He is so good. I will be lifting you up in prayer as well….

  43. 143
    Patti says:

    Probably the biggest area of obedience during the past few years has been God calling me to move. Several years ago, God called us to move to Central Florida. After having lived in a small town for many years, moving to Central Florida was a huge adjustment! I had to start all over with a new church, new neighborhood, etc. which wasn’t easy (esp. given my tend-to-be shy personality). My husband and kids always adjust more quickly to the moves. I knew God was calling us to move and I wanted to obey Him. God put us in a very cool place! I know He has good plans for us here, and I’m excited to see what all He has in store for me (us)! It has been so rewarding watching Him take care of so many details and seeing His provision!

  44. 144

    For me it is right now. I am a stay-home-mom and I love it yet I miss working and want to go back to work. I have a Masters degree and love using those skills and talents. However no matter what I do I can’t seem to find a job and every time I try it seems the Lord is asking me to stay where I am a little longer. I do treasure my time with my girls but feel like I am just struggling. It seems harder to be disciplined at home then it ever was working. I am still waiting to see the joy on the other side, but I know that joy comes in the morning so I continue to wait.

  45. 145
    Aveina says:

    I felt a calling 3 years ago to do a 40 day fast. God spoke to me very clearly about it and I pretended I didn’t hear him. Random radio programs, books, articles just started showing up about fasting. People I knew that I respected and admired started to bring it up in conversation. That’s when I knew my Lord was SERIOUS. I argued with him explaining I cannot do that! “I’m not a great spiritual leader, I’m nothing special, I’m just me. I have no great ministry or something that would cause me to do this extreme type of religious practice…” He told me that I was destined for great things. I started to just do small fasts. One day a week I started to fast. It started opening up my eyes. I found great compassion inside for others who suffered. I tried a 3 day fast.. then I tried a ten day fast throughout the next year.. when I realized I was capable of doing this, a 40 day fast, I committed it to the Lord. It was the hardest 40 days of my life. You wouldn’t believe the spiritual knives being thrown at me. It was a race. I was determined to finish. I was determined to be successful and complete it. During those 40 days about two years ago I read the Relationship Principles of Jesus. I memorized scripture, I prayed constantly. I learned so much. I was given new eyes. Peace beyond my wildest dreams. Sleep that was so sound and glorious and wonderful. I let go of unforgiveness, bitterness, angst that had been pent up in my soul for decades. I won’t say that I was healed of all my emotional baggage, but it was a start. I still reap the benefits from that experience. I will write a book about the experience. It was magical. I now know how remarkable I am, how strong I can be with God’s help. Miracles happen. They happen everyday. A couple months later after my 40 day fast, I learned that I was pregnant. The Lord blessed me in an enormous way. I continue trusting him and listening to him. Oh the joy of the obedient heart.

  46. 146
    Heidi says:

    After a year of sensing that God was going to do something in us and thru us, our family moved from IN to PA for a ministry position about 2 months ago. Most of our family was in the same town in IN or within a 3 hour drive. Our children were established in their schools with friends. While excited to see what God would do, this opportunity was filled with challenges. We actually still have a house to sell in IN, my husband has yet to find a job but we still believe that “we will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living”. Obedience is rarely easy. But even in those difficult times knowing that you have obeyed God’s clear calling there is joy.

  47. 147
    Erin says:

    I’m 20 years old, newly married, a brand-spanking new RN, adjusting to all these changes (which I am finding the majority of them good changes 🙂 and have been jobless for 3 months. You’d think with a nursing shortage I’d get hired quickly…well that has not been the case for me. This season of obedience I’ve just recently been in has been obeying him with patiently waiting and discerning what He has in store for me and my husband. It’s been hard, it’s been downright depressing sometimes, but He has taught me sooooo much over these 3 months. Learning how to be a wife, learning how to cook (haha I’m just horrible at it!), learning to wait. And praise be to Him only, after all this waiting, I’m just a couple days away from finding out if I get a job offer from my dream job: an oncology nurse. (So whoever reads this before 1:30 tomorrow, PLEASE be praying for my second interview!!) And if that result plus the many lessons He’s lovingly taught meis why He had me wait when I didn’t understand, then it’s been totally worth it :)And Ive come to peace that even if this job tomorrow is offered to the other person in the running for it, I will trust Him. He will provide.

  48. 148
    Becky says:

    Whoa,tough ? for me.
    My husband and I had moved from TN to VA and I wasnt’ too happy about it. As time went on I WAS NOT HAPPY BEING THERE AT ALL. I wanted to go home! Yes, I whined to God…a lot.
    I prayed that if it were His will for us to stay, on Feb 1 he would let it snow, nothing mjr,just some flurries. If it was his will for us to pack up and move back home, it would not snow.
    Feb 1,around 8:00am husbands says it snowing a little. I said to myself ‘no it isn’t.’ fast forward a couple of hrs. I’m talking to my momma on the phone, looking out the windows, it is snowing to beat the band, big O snow flurries :0(
    As she was talking I said to the Lord. “It’s snowing, I get it, I can’t go home.” We stayed for several more yrs. BUT praise the Lord, He did allow us to move back to our home in TN, in his timing, not mine. It was hard to obey in a thing I wanted sooooo badly.
    As my Sunday School teacher at that time said:
    “that proves the Lord does answer Whines.”

    • 148.1
      Pat W says:

      oh, i just love to laugh with you on here today, when i left the house i was crying and now i’m laughing. thank you.

  49. 149
    Karen Davis says:

    I realized that is was time to renew my relationship with God. A good friend was on an upcoming retreat team and invited me to come. I felt led to go. However when I arrived I started having second thoughts. I felt scared and completely out of control. Since my friend was there I stayed. The next day I prayed for help. I asked God what should I do. He told me to walk through he door he always had opened for me. I felt the Holy Spirit as I walked towards God. It shook me at my foundation. I couldn’t believe that God waited for ME!!!! needless to say the weekend which began with me being scared ended with the start of a journey with God. Still proud to say imam still on the path, sometimes walking on my own, sometimes being carried!!! God is good!

  50. 150
    44choirgirl says:

    Hi Beth!

    One of the most difficult things the Lord called me to do was move our family from a large, very structured church with a nationally known biblical pastor, to another smaller one in the area that was much less formal (but just as biblical!). I had been attending my women’s groups there for 8 years, and had a lot of friendships, but my husband and son were not thriving and seemed to be feeling intimidated. The new church was exactly the opposite of the larger one–very friendly but very informal (I call it the “Barefoot church” because all the kids would take off their shoes and run around without them! haha) It took my daughter and I a couple years to adjust…but it was wonderful to see my husband and son get involved and learn to love the Lord more! Now I am so thankful to be there, even though it was so hard to switch at the time. I love my church family now, all of them!! 🙂

    Jen N. from Ohio

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